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26 School Management System Templates To Manage Student Data

School management systems are widely implemented in many schools and universities. Every year millions of students are enrolling in colleges and schools. In the US it is expected that nearly 15 million students will enroll in public colleges by the end of 2028. Managing all the students and academic activities will be a difficult task. During admission time teachers also have to work with the management team to complete the work within the time frame. Having a school management system will reduce the daily chores. Enrolling students and managing their data will be an easy job. You can also save lots of manpower. In this list, we have collected the best school management system templates that could make your school management work easier.

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30+ Best Free Bootstrap Mobile App Templates And Landing Pages Perfect For Your Next Project

Mobile App templates have gained much popularity over the years and there is no denying, they have helped the developers skip the hassle of starting entirely from scratch. Coming up with a concept and focusing their attention on the functionality of the app is already time-consuming. This is why the huge time-saver mobile app templates can be their best friend. However, it can also be a great learning tool for novice developers. They can use it to study the building blocks of an application and develop their coding skills nonetheless.No matter which category you belong to, you have landed in the right place if you are looking for a free bootstrap mobile app template!

Here at uiCookies, today we have made a list of the best ones out there that you can try out and use for free. But to deliver the mobile app you build, you will also require a landing page to share your work. So for your convenience, we have also enlisted the Best Free mobile app landing pages for you to choose from as well! So if you are one looking to sharpen their skills at designing and developing apps and landing pages, the templates we have chosen provide the best ever online interface for you to work with.

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25 Engaging React Website Templates For Dynamic Websites and Web Application

React.js has changed the way we are using the website now. Without react.js, website interactions on mobile devices will be very tough. We have to keep on loading the pages to see the updates and actual counts. As all of you know, react.js is designed by Facebook engineers to fetch rapidly changing data without loading the page and improve user engagement. To date, the react.js is open-source and is maintained by Facebook. If you are planning to create a user interactive website that dynamically shows information, these react website templates will help you make one.

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33 Bootstrap Slider Examples For Modern Versatile UI Designing

Sliders are an important element in UI designing. And, they have evolved a lot in the past few years. As our way of interaction with devices has changed immensely, the UI elements also need to adapt to it. For example, we now swipe a lot than clicking and designs are now mostly thumb-friendly than mouse-friendly. Sliders are one of the few elements that are able to adapt to both touch and old-school mouse interface. If you are planning to make a versatile slider that fits for both mobile and desktop interface, these bootstrap slider examples could help you.

In this bootstrap slider designs collection, you can find inspirations for :

  • carousel card sliders
  • bootstrap testimonial sliders
  • slider transition/animation effects
  • bootstrap image slider for gallery
  • bootstrap 4 carousels for multiple items

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21 Shopify Bookstore Themes To Attract Millennial Readers

Technology has evolved a lot and it has changed almost everything. The way we communicate, we dress, we eat, and even the way we read has changed. Yes, am talking about eBooks. eBooks didn’t have a big audience base until 2018. In 2016, there were 26% eBook readers in the US, and in 2018, it had grown to 34%. Most of the readers are in the age group of 18 to 29 years, obviously, they fall under the Millenials category. If you are planning to run an eBook store or sell an eBook version of your book on your website, these Shopify bookstore themes will help you make a captivating website for your target audience.

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21 Martial Arts Website Templates For Martial Arts Schools & Trainers

Here you will find the best martial arts website templates for your gym, martial arts school, or personal trainer. 

When your mind & body work together, the end result will be stupendous. Martial arts is one such art that demands both mental and physical strength. Whether you are running a martial arts school or conducting a martial arts event, these martial arts website templates will come in handy for you.

One of the most important features of a professional martial arts website template is the schedule options. Showing your weekly schedule lets the user easily pick the class they want. Most martial arts website templates in this list have a neat table that shows the schedule and other details clearly to the users. We have included WordPress themes in this list to make the website owner’s life a lot simpler and HTML templates to make the developers’ work easier.

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Pure CSS Button (animation with clip-path) css button animation

30+ Stunning CSS Button Animations To Add Subtle Hints Of Creativity

One of the most common things that you see on a website are their buttons. Buttons are mostly used to perform specific tasks like sign ups and logins. They are also used to redirect the buttons to other pages or different sections of the same page by just clicking on the button. They are mostly developed with the help of CSS. As we’ve already mentioned, these CSS buttons are quite useful as well. They are one of those small details that can bring a big change and difference on your website.

The CSS buttons have important tasks to redirect your users to another page or within the same page. So, you need to make sure that you have a very attractive detail for your CSS button. A small touch of animation on the button can be a great help for your website. These CSS button animations can be really eye catching for your users. You can also get a lot of user attraction from these buttons. So, we have listed a number of the best CSS button animations for your website. All you need to do is find the correct location on your website files and add them. So today here at uiCookies, we have managed to collect quite a list of creative CSS button animations for you to try out and implement! Check it out for yourselves!

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33 Flamboyant Color Palette CSS Designs For Pros And Casual Users

Looking for fresh CSS color palette designs that can help you easily copy hex values or generate colors for you? We’ve picked the best Color Palette CSS for you on this list.

Color palettes are the tools mostly used by the creatives and the artists in the earlier days. With the advancement of the modern digital world, everyone can design with beautiful colors. Color palettes have evolved a lot from simple boxes to interactive color circles. Tools like iPad pro, help the user to sketch on the go. Now the drawing apps have completely redesigned the color palettes for easier access and accurate color picking. If you are trying to bring out the creative artists inside your users through your drawing applications, these modern color palette CSS designs will come in handy for you. Some developers have even given you color palette generator tools and color picker from image options. Most color palette CSS in this list lets you copy hex color value easily. Make sure you check all of them.

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20 Joomla Real Estate Templates For Easy Property Management

Looking for Joomla real estate templates? We have got you covered with this comprehensive list. 

If you have read our Shopify real estate website template, we would have told you how much you have to work your way to make a real estate website using Shopify when compared to WordPress. In the case of Joomla, it is a tad simpler than the Shopify platform. There is a handful of good quality Joomla real estate templates out there. We’ve handpicked the templates with modern designs that most present-day users will love.

Functionality-wise, Joomla supports plugin extensions like in the WordPress themes. So you can add the functionalities as your demand grows. For example, if you want Joomla website templates for property management, you can install plugins like the Real Estate Manager and OS Property Real Estate to add property management options. All these templates are running on the latest Joomla version. Hence, you can add any latest plugins without any hitch.

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Subtle Quote CSS Blockquote

29 Unique and Creative CSS Blockquote Inspirations For Text-Heavy Sites 2022

Blockquotes are now one of the staple elements that various text-heavy sites have come to implement. Whether for the purpose of adding visual impact or to indicate an original quote source, there certainly is a surge of its application. And this too comes in many variations. From tame, simple designs to animated and advanced ones, with innovative ideas, these little details have come a long way ahead when it comes to their structure, design, and styling.

When talking about various CSS design elements, today we wanted to curate our best picks for the best possible CSS blockquotes to try out. Why start from a blank canvas when there are plenty of free options online? Keeping in mind the user-friendly aspects, all of the examples are CSS based and easy to replicate or change to your own custom result. If you are interested, we have also made a list of creative CSS button hover, cards, and spinners you can check out as well.

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bootstrap portfolio templates featured image

25 Visually Brilliant Bootstrap Portfolio Templates & WordPress Themes To Entice Targeted Users

Portfolios provide you with several opportunities to charm your customers and website viewers in a matter of seconds. The combination of absurdly creative portfolio designs, high-resolution images, and dedicated single portfolio pages serve vanceas the perfect medium of self-advertisement without it ever feeling in-your-face or annoying. Today’s topic on UICookies tackles the issue of finding the best portfolio templates available on the market but with an important tag to take note of. This list only includes bootstrap portfolio templates and bootstrap WordPress themes; Of the highest caliber nonetheless!

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22 Best Books Website Templates For Bookstores & Publishers

In this list of books website templates, we’ve collected designs for all major categories. Whether you want a book author website template or a book store website template, there is one for you on this list. To make your job simpler and easier, we’ve picked both WordPress templates and HTML templates. If you want convenience, you can go for the WordPress version. Or if you want more coding freedom, you can opt for the HTML version.

The book store website templates in this list are powered by WooCommerce, so you can sell your books and also do book rental services. Since it is WooCommerce, you can add subscription services and handle recurring payments easily. For those who are into the Shopify platform, check out our Shopify bookstore website templates collection.

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35+ Properly Groomed Free Hair Salon Website Templates 2022

Online and artificial intelligence are becoming the next big thing. Many top brands are using chatbots to help customers with basic queries. The AIs and smart assistants get feeds from the ratings and websites to give a better suggestion to the user. Having a website for your salon help you reach more audience. These free hair salon website templates help you create a proper professional salon and other fashion-related websites.

In a Google I/O meetup, Google demonstrated an AI calling a salon and book an appointment. AI interaction with humans via voice is the next thing and will take a few years to mature. AI assistants are giving you suggestions based on your needs and location; All these suggestions are given based on the data found on the internet. The more data the AI gets, the better the chances of your visibility to the users.

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22 Hair Salon Websites Templates To Deliver Seamless Online Booking Experience

Here you will find the highest-rated and most popular hair salon website templates that you can start using today.

Taking the business online has become mandatory even for the brick and mortar stores. Having a properly optimized website for your salon will help you hit the top local search result and make your business thrive. Imagine when a user searches for hair salons near me or the nail salon near me, and Google shows your store in the top result — your online booking rate will be skyrocketing. Two things you have to keep in mind when you choose a hair salon website template are — it should provide a seamless booking experience, and it should be easy to access on all types of devices. The hair salon websites template that we’ve picked in this list gives you both a seamless booking experience and an excellent responsive design to access your website easily on the go.

HTML hair salon website templates might be cheaper, but you have to work a lot to add functionalities to them. Hence, we have picked the best WordPress hair salon website templates on this list. All options in these templates are fully functional. Right from the booking options to the payment options, everything works flawlessly out of the box. Salon store owners and professional hairstylists who are new to websites and online businesses will find these hair salon websites templates extremely easy to use. Salon website builder tools are there in these templates so that you can change the looks without even touching the code.

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37 Poster Mockups For Attention Grabbing Creative Poster Designs

Posters are the ancient form of advertising and are still evolving to visually communicate your ideas. Though the posters are in existence from the 1700s, it was widely spread in the mids of the 1800s, especially in European regions. In the earlier time, only three colors were used in the poster designing. But in the modern days, we can make colorful posters in no time. The poster mockups in this list will help you present all your colorful lively designs elegantly to the users.

Making posters was a time-consuming process in the earlier days. After the invention of three stone lithographic process, mass production can be done easily. In the present computer era, we can make thousands of posters in no time. The poster mockups in this list are designed for the present-day audience, all you have to do is to add your contents.

We have collected all types of PSD poster mockups in this list, such as –

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