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23 Best Creative Multipurpose Website Templates 2024

The great thing about using a lot of premium WordPress themes and Site templates is the sheer number of features packed into it. These templates are designed to be versatile and flexible. You can blog on them, manage an eShop, market your products, create a social platform, and more; These templates let you do it all, on a single platform. Essentially, if you want to cover all grounds regarding online content, using multipurpose website templates can be a great idea.

But the sheer number of multipurpose website templates available on the market is just staggering. Our viewers might just get confused if they were to search them up on ThemeForest at this very instance. With thousands of premium multipurpose website templates competing, making a choice can be quite tough. So, to help our readers out, we’ve compiled this short list of the best Multipurpose website templates. These templates have been added on this list based on the sheer number of features they provide. Wide range of demos, customization options, ease of use, and more; We’ve checked out multiple parameters to find you the best templates available on the market.

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21 Best Video Website Templates & WordPress Themes 2024

Video Content is a crucial part of how the entertainment business runs these days. We’re at a standpoint where content-based websites and video blogging has taken over conventional medium as the premium form of entertainment. Vlogging, Video magazines, Video content aggregation; The core idea is in creating and popularizing websites capable of taking advantage of all of these elements. As such, the competition has risen up to match the industry’s needs as well. When you’re competing with large video websites like YouTube, Twitch and Dailymotion and such, it’s important to ensure that the quality of your website matches theirs. And the easiest solution to this is using dedicated Video website templates.

Now, many of these premium video website templates come with a shared idea in mind. Usability and convenience for your viewers. It is all about making it comfortable for your viewers to actually view your content or interact with each other and upload in more content. For this extent, you will need tons of important features like account systems, video uploading mediums, comments and like systems and more. Social media sharing is also a key factor. So is the area of advertising and marketing.

Thus, we’ve compiled a list of amazing video website templates to cover these areas and much more. Enjoy this wide range of WordPress themes and HTML themes dedicated to helping you create video collection website, movie and tv show streaming services, video blogs and video magazines. So, without further ado, let’s get right into our list then!

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20 Best Parallax Website Templates & WordPress Themes 2024

There are possibly thousands of websites online each dedicated to the various niches whether it is for blogs, educational sites, or even corporate and business sites. So what can you do to create a site that stands out from the crowd? The design and overall styling undoubtedly have a huge impact on the impression your site can leave on your targeted audiences. Thus, the use of creative solutions with animations, effects, page transitions, page loaders, sliders, and more are getting more popular by the day. So today, we wanted to give you a variety of options to get you started. We have a list of the best possible creative parallax website template and WordPress themes you can use to add that unique flair to your site.

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25 Best Materialize Templates To Make Website 2024

Material design is the best option to create a user-friendly website. All the elements and layouts are designed by keeping user interactions at the core. No matter what device you are using, the material design will deliver a better user experience when compared to other designs. Since the physical world elements inspire this design, you get a more natural look. In this materialize templates list, you get both simple material designs and sophisticated designs. Professional designers and developers have designed these templates. Hence, you can simply pick the template you like and make a pixel-perfect design without spending much time.

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25 Best Podcast Website Templates 2024

Podcasting is becoming more and more popular these days. With the advent of audio and video podcasting, people enjoy listening to their favorite podcasts in their free time or while multitasking. Thus, if you are a podcaster yourself, you definitely need a website to aggregate all your podcasts videos and publish them onto a single, well accessible platform. Depending on web services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube just don’t seem enough these days. Thus it makes sense to make use of well-built podcast website templates.

Podcast website templates are dedicated website template that helps you publish your podcasts and enable your podcasts better. Integrate multiple services onto your podcasts, such as social media sharing, blogs, merchandise sharing, etc. It’s all about keeping all possible avenues. Therefore, UI Cookies presents you with this nifty article on the best podcast website templates available for you. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of both WordPress and HTML podcast website templates. These website templates are quite diverse and are useable for various purposes such as audio blogging, church sermons, video publishing, and more. Feel free to choose your pick from this vast list and if you feel like it, comment about them. Moreover, if you have any noteworthy additions to this list, don’t shy away from listing them out in our comments section!

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26 Best Acupuncture Website Templates

Though acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicinal practice, it has a wide variety of techniques depending on the country and philosophies followed. Since acupuncture doesn’t have a solid history, its origin remains unclear, leading many people to believe it is quackery. Often, acupuncture is given as a combination with other types of treatment. Therefore, the acupuncture website design must deliver confidence and prove your services’ credibility. All these acupuncture website templates are designed to clearly explain your services.

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15+ Elements You Must Check Before Choosing Business HTML5 Website Templates

Either you are heading to create static or dynamic websites, it’s essential to find best HTML5 templates combining all features that can make your online presence successful and fruitful.

It’s essential because visitors seldom cares how a site performs, but they do get impressed with the clean interface of websites and the site features that can communicate with them accordingly.

As HTML5 and CSS3 define the website frontend and can create catchy animated interaction, you have to find well-equipped beautiful HTML5 business template so that you can engage your visitors extensively.

If you don’t have prior experience of finding website templates, don’t worry. Reading my today’s write-up, you can get enough guideline.

In this article, I’ve put together all the must-have key features of best HTML5 website template that you should consider before purchasing or free downloading.

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Free Bootstrap Portfolio Templates

40 Premium & Free Bootstrap Portfolio Templates 2024

Portfolios are important for freelancers, content creators, and graphic designers. Portfolios say who we are and what we have achieved. Showing your best of the best works will help your client understand the quality of your work and experience. Many online tools and sites allow you to create a profile and add your portfolio, but they have limitations. For beginners, portfolio sites and online tools will be more than enough. But for a professional approach, owning a personal website will give you a notch over your fellow competitors. Here in this list, we have collected free Bootstrap portfolio templates with the most modern design.

These free Bootstrap portfolio templates are designed intuitively to get user attention and make them stay on your site. Since it is an HTML template, installation and site maintenance are completely different from Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress. You can use these free Bootstrap portfolio templates for your projects if you are a developer.

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40 Best Free Simple Website Templates 2024

Simple website templates help you stay focused on the content and improve user experience tremendously on your site. But simplicity is always a complex thing. In this free simple website templates list, we have collected some of beautiful website templates that are simple and elegant.

To use a simple website template, you must be precise with your goal, content, and what you expect the user to do on your site. Properly aligning web elements and contents is crucial in simple website design because even a single misalignment may make your whole effort end in vain. Fear not, all these free simple website templates are designed specifically for different niches, so you get all the web elements and content blocks placed at the most obvious spots. All you have to do is add your content and enjoy the simple website.

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36 Best Bootstrap Calendar Examples 2024

Calendars are a very personal element. Some want their calendars to be neat and clean to organize their goals—some love to use the calendar as a decor element with crazy designs and stylish fonts. There is one for you in this Bootstrap calendar examples collection, no matter what purpose you seek in a calendar. All these bootstrap calendars are completely editable so that you can add your element easily by adding a few lines of code.

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21 Best Auto Detailing Website Template 2024

Who doesn’t like shining cars or bikes? Most of us will be very careful after our car or bike has returned from service. Black, clean tires and a shining coating that reflects the sunlight are things we like to sit and see for days. But unfortunately, the dazzling look of the car gradually deteriorates, and our car cleaning schedule also slowly changes. Thankfully, many auto-detailing services are out there to restore your car’s glory. If you are helping people get back their cars and bikes’ dazzling look, the auto detailing website template in this list will help you make a gleaming website.

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35 Free School Website Templates 2024

Collection of the best premium and free school website templates that use modern web development frameworks to make your development work simple. 

89% of students born after 1993 begin their search from a search engine, and nearly 83% of the students in the age 12 to 17 have at least one social media account; welcome to the millennial world. Students embrace the online world more than the physical one, so taking education online is necessary. We on this list have collected some of the best free school website templates you can use for school and university websites.

Previously school and college websites showcase the infrastructure, best faculty members, and recent events. But now technological advancements have taken us to the next level and the school websites will need many functionalities to meet the millennial students’ needs. The school website must be able to manage all the students, track their activities, and student-teacher interactions. We on this list have collected free school website templates with all these advanced features. As these are all HTML templates, all you have to do is to take care of the back end work.

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25 Unique Creative CSS Page Transition Effects 2024

With more and more competition rising in the internet world, the need to be a step ahead and unleash the innovative side is more than ever. This in mind, many site owners have now adapted to adding CSS page transitions to keep things interesting. These provide a modern and fresh outlook to any basic website and can also make a great first impression. It is also the most straightforward way to animate any component on your site without much hassle. With a transition, you can change any property value and tell the CSS to change it according to your set parameters. You can animate almost all of the properties like the background, colors, size, width, radius, shadow and borders of an element to mention a few.

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35 Best CSS Card Flip Animations 2024

Collection of best CSS card flip animations. Whether you are looking for CSS animation flip horizontal design or CSS flip animation on click, there is a design for you in this list.

Card designs are one of the trends in web design followed by modern web developers. The cards help you group and share the related content easily with your audience. For example, you can show a product’s quick specs right behind the product’s image so that you can save screen space and communicate the message effectively to the user. Regarding card flip animation, developers use different types of animation. As modern HTML5 and CSS3 help us to make unbelievable animation effects easily, the sky is the limit. In this list, we have collected some of the best CSS card flip animations you can use on any part of your website.

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30 Bootstrap Datatable Examples For Web Tables 2024

Collection of friendly bootstrap datatable design examples that you can use in your project immediately.  

Datatables are widely used in many industries and by many people. Students use datatable for simpler tasks like organizing the data and visualizing the results. Professionals in marketing and data management do more complex tasks like combining two fields, visualizing the results from tons of tables, and finding new solutions through the data. Whether you are making a simple datatable or a complex datatable with different functions, there is a design for you in this bootstrap datatable example collection.

While designing a bootstrap datatable, make basic things clear. Whether you are going to make a regular vertical scroll table or a horizontal scroll table. Make a note on what are all the functions the user is going to expect from your table. If your field will have a lot of data related to a particular data, then make sure whether you need a single modal window or a multi-modal window. Functionalities for the rows and the columns, plus, decide whether you need a resizable column and rows.

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