29 Easy To Navigate Pagination CSS Designs In 2020

Pagination plays a major role in the SEO of your website. It helps the search engine bots to easily index the articles and rank them. When it comes to pagination design we can be creative but have to keep the basic functionality undisturbed. For our own good, it is better to follow the proper pagination system and design. In this list, we have collected some of the best pagination CSS designs, which have proper functionality and good design. Some creative developers have used animation effects smartly to give a better user experience. To ignite your creativity there are some cool conceptual designs, which need proper tuning before using it in a professional design. Overall, there is a design for all your needs on this list. So make sure you check all of them before settling on one design.

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29 CSS Card Flip Animations For Communicating Quick Stories

Card designs are one of the trend web designs followed by modern web developers. The cards help you to group the related content and share them easily with your audience. For example, you can show a product’s quick specs right behind the image of the product. So that you can save the screen space and also can communicate the message effectively to the user. When it comes to card flip animation, developers use different types of animation. As the modern HTML5 and CSS3 help us to make unbelievable animation effects easily, the sky is the limit. In this list, we have collected some of the best CSS card flip animations which you can use on any part of your website.

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22 Jquery Confirm Plugins To Double Check The Selected Option

Have you been in a situation where you spend hours to complete a process and dismisses it accidentally? It will be so frustrating, some of us even shut the computer and go for a walk. If this accidental deleting or dismissal happens in productivity software like designing software, think about the designer’s mood. As a developer, it is our responsibility to reduce these accidental deletions or dismissals to the best of the limit we could. To help you in this process, we have collected free to use jQuery confirm plugins in this list. You can use this jQuery confirm plugins in your website or web applications to let the user double-check on the options they are selecting.

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30 Ready To Use Logo Mockups For Logo Designers

People nowadays go to a free logo creating websites, put some shapes or vectors and add their company name. Those who are following this path are clearly destroying their company’s future. A logo is a part of the company’s marketing arsenal, which represents your company 24X7, even in the places you can’t even imagine. Taking an expert solution is a wise thing to do. When a customer comes to a professional logo designer like you, you will need these logo mockups to present your designs elegantly to the customer.

The first-thing every professional logo designer keep in their mind is “keep it simple”. Logos are something that will be used in different parts like billboards, packagings, watermarks, ad banners, and the list goes on. No matter how many tortures you do to your logo, it must withstand everything and represent your company. The logo mockups in this list give you different types of textures and materials, with which you can clearly show how your logo looks in day to day life.

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29 Magazine Mockups For Niche Specific Magazine Designs

“Digital killed the magazine industry”, really!? The answer is no. Cygnus Business Media CEO Jhon French has noted an interesting behavior. People in the age group of 20 to 30 years are showing interest in reading magazines than ever before. Especially the independent and niche related magazines are loved by the people in the age group mentioned above. If you are making a magazine design, especially for the mass audience in the age group mentioned above; these trendy looking magazine mockups will come in handy for you.

The sudden surge in the magazine readers rate is related to several factors. One of the most important factors is that people are aware that false and fake news is spreading fast in social and other digital media. For example, several problems faced by Facebook in the past few months show the trustworthiness of the contents we see and share. Readers are now ready to pay for original and trustworthy content. Niche-specific magazine with authentic details and articles written by field experts is gaining momentum among readers. When authentic details are combined with visually striking designs you can grow your reader count. These magazine mockups will help you showcase the beautiful and lively design of yours.

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30 Designer-Friendly Invitation Mockups 2020

Invitations are there in the practice from very old times. Before the invention of printing equipment, monks with calligraphy skills used to handwrite the invitations. Later lithographic methods and engraving methods are used to print hundreds of invitations at a time. In modern times we can create beautiful calligraphy style invitations with computer printers. If you are designing such beautiful invitations, you can use these designer-friendly invitation mockups to showcase your designs.

Minimalistic designs are not only a trend in web design and app design, but it is also a trend in invitation designing. The invitation mockups in this list have high-quality images with realistic textures so that your minimalistic design can felt for real by the audience.

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30 Packaging Mockups For Sensory Packaging Designs

Creating sensory experience packaging is every smart brand’s dream. A stat from Perception Research Services (PRS) states that 80% of the new brands in the retail business fail because of the poor packaging. Equal importance has to be given to the packaging as much as you give to the product design. If you are making such a beautiful design that helps you to make a connection with your customers, this Packaging mockups will help you elegantly present your design.

Do you know, Apple has a separate executive whose only job is to open the boxes and report its experience. We all know about Apple, they took each and everything carefully, which makes the brand so successful. Every user out there will remember their first Apple product unboxing. From the taglines to plastic covers everything will be stored in the user’s sensory memory. This is what something every brand’s packaging needs, sensory experience.

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30 Trend Looking CSS Contact Form Designs That Saves Your Time

Whether you are a small blog getting appreciations emails from your readers or a big company getting new requests from your customers, having a proper contact form is a must. Many big opportunities for small websites came through their simple contact forms. Hence, you can’t treat your contact forms as yet another web page on your website. If you are a growing company, placing the contact form at an easily accessible position is a must, Because it is through the contact form you will get the suggestions and new opportunities. These CSS contact forms will help your audience clearly express their thoughts and offers.

The contact forms must reflect the nature of your business or website. For example, if you have more than one division in your company, giving the option to select a division on the contact form will help you serve better. To make a CSS contact form with all these options, you don’t have to spend much of your time. Simply pick a CSS contact form given in this list and tweak it to your needs. These trendy CSS contact forms will help you save time and make beautiful functional contact forms.

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29 Vintage And Modern Sign Mockups For Commercial Stores

Signboards are a part of marketing right from the ancient period. The signs not only help you reach a mass audience but also help the people to identify and reach you. Signboards are not only used for commercial use but also used by government organizations to show about a place and also to show directions. If you are in search of good quality mockups for your stores or to help people, these sign mockups will help you.

In the 16th-century exterior signboards were a prominent feature in London streets. Store owners used different types of signboards to get people attention on the street. Later creative part also joined in the signboard design to make the stores stand out from the rest. As signboards are getting bigger at that time, so governments have to make regulations on the size of the signboards in front of the store. After that, we got flat signboards on the walls and in storefront glasses. In this list of sign mockups, we have managed to collect some of the most commonly used signboards. Hence, you can use it for all types of business.

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30 Interactive Range Slider CSS Designs To Quickly Explore Contents

Range sliders are widely used in the UI design for different purposes. One of the main purposes is to filter and explore all the related content. Nowadays, range sliders are used in the control and settings options. You might have seen many sliders in your smartphone for adjusting brightness and controlling volumes. In iOS, you get big rounded rectangles in the control panel for adjusting brightness and volume. Whereas in the Android devices you get thin line sliders to adjust the settings.

Whether you are using the slider to filter the data or to control the settings, there is a range slider CSS design for you on this list. We have collected range slider CSS designs for both websites and mobile applications. Speaking of mobile application design, take a look at our UI kit collection to make your app designing work simpler. Without further due, let’s get into the list of range slider CSS designs.

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