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25+ HTML Bootstrap Travel Website Templates For Travel Blogging, Travel Agencies, Hotel & Flight Booking, Tour Package Providers and More

Are you an adrenaline junkie or someone who loves adventure? Do you love traveling to places and planning wonderful journeys? Or are you simply someone who is looking to get away from the daily nuisance? No matter where you are, something about traveling to places is certainly something that we all love! So much so that it has established itself as one of the major global business sectors. That’s right! Travel and tourism is certainly not an exception as technology and digitalization are taking over everything. And thus, today we present to our users, an easy way to share, broadcast and invite more people on their journey together! Whether you are a traveller or wanderer looking to share your adventures, or a travel agency looking to broaden their horizon of business, the perfect travel website template is the answer you are looking for!

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31 Online Course WordPress Themes To Easily Manage Courses And Users

eLearning is a fast-growing industry and is estimated to grow to $325 billion by 2025. That is a huge market and is constantly growing. Modern users love to find quality actionable content that they can do by themselves. Not only students but the working professionals are also investing in learning new skills to stay updated. If you are planning to make a website for such a competitive field and hungry audience, this online course WordPress theme collection will help you.

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26 Gleaming Auto Detailing Website Template

Who doesn’t like shining cars or bikes? Most of us will be very careful after our car or bike has returned from service. Black clean tires and shining coating that reflects the sunlight; is something we like to sit and see for days. But unfortunately, the dazzling look of the car gradually deteriorates, and our car cleaning schedule also slowly changes. Thankfully, many auto-detailing services are out there to restore your car’s glory. If you are helping people get back their cars and bikes’ dazzling look, the auto detailing website template in this list will help you make a gleaming website.

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26 Intricate Notary Website Template With Useful Features

Being a notary, you have to deal with lots of papers, documents, and other such administrative areas. But in this digital age, papers alone won’t help you grow your business. If you are planning to take your notary services online, the notary website template in this list will come in handy for you. Notaries being the third part of the legal professions, most lawyer and law firm website templates will meet your needs. You get the same sophisticated design that proves your integrity. Front-end customizing tools and page builders will make your customization job easier.

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25+ Visually Appealing Photography and Portfolio Website Templates for Creative Minds

Creative minds and innovative ideas, that is what that makes great things. And if you are one who appreciates amazing works of creativity or someone with visions than why limit yourself? With more and more corporations and companies or service providers taking their services online, anything creative should also not be an exception. That’s right! An online platform for your art, photography, or any creative ventures deserves a platform online. And to make that happen, today we at uiCookies have taken our time out to lend a helping hand and collected the best options for portfolio and photography website template out there.

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25 Car and Equipment Rental Website Template With Multiple Pricing Models

Equipment rental business is in existence since the late 1990s, so it is a relatively new industry. The most significant advantage of renting equipment is you can avoid massive capital investment. Instead of buying equipment that you use less, you can rent it when you want and save some money. Equipment rental is widely prevalent among construction businesses because some equipment is very costly, and maintaining the equipment also hurts your wallet. The equipment rental website template in this list is fully equipped and has a user-friendly design. All templates are powered by WooCommerce so that you can easily use different pricing models. For example, users can easily pick a per day or per hour pricing, based on their requirements.

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26 Car Dealer Website Templates For Zippy User Experience

Car is a dream for everyone. Some want a compact car to maneuver in busy city traffic easily, While some need a big seven/eight seaters to have a fun family weekend. Car dealers help you find the best car and comparing it with other models. In this busy world, taking your business online will help you reach more potential customers. Users can easily book an appointment via your website and can easily arrange a test drive car beforehand without taking your customer’s precious time. The modern car dealer website templates should be smart enough to answer all the basic questions that a customer looks for. These car dealer website templates are equipped with the proper tools to improve the user experience.

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21 Pest Control WordPress Themes To Give Worry-Free Experience To The Users

In our day to day busy life, taking care of our home is quite a difficult task. Even though we do regular cleaning and maintenance, we have to deal with pests now and then. Hiring a professional pest control service saves our time. Plus, we might get a better result than handling the pests by ourselves. If you are running a pest control service then these pest control WordPress themes will help you showcase your specialties and let the user easily contact you.

Most pest control service providers schedule their plan based on their customers’ likings. Hence, these pest control WordPress themes are equipped with calendar booking plugins to easily schedule an appointment. Another area where the user hesitates to hire a professional pest control service is the cost. Maintaining transparency in the pricing will help the user know how much to pay. Most pest control WordPress themes in this list have pricing tables to let you clearly mention the features in each package.

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20+ Best Premium Wedding Website Templates For Couples, Event Planners & More

For every couple in love about to tie the knot or someone who wishes to be different from everyone else, owning a stunning website or online platform is a must. Especially with everyone competing to become unique and stand out from the crowd, making memories has taken a whole new turn! Thus, today we have made a list of the best premium wedding website template for you to check out!

Perfect for you to start an online platform to share memories with your loved ones, you can create online invitations, share details, information, and media files the easy way. Not only is it easier to manage the guest list and confirm their arrival, these templates are also a modern and stylish way to let everyone know your story. However, the list does not end there. These hand-picked templates are also suited for professional use. That’s right, if you are someone related to the niche of business, whether you are an event planner, venue decorator, bakery, florists or more, these options can be the ideal choice. So why not check them out today and start out elegant and stylishly only with this list of premium bootstrap based wedding website templates?

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26 Cleverly Designed Lead Generation WordPress Themes To Grow Your Business

In our conversion centered HTML landing page template, we have mentioned how a properly designed landing page can improve the conversion rate. This post is the WordPress version of the landing page to improve the lead generation. The biggest advantage of WordPress is you can customization easily. Since most lead generation WordPress themes in this list support drag and drop page builder, you can easily place the elements where ever you want.

Hero elements, that is the elements that highlight and show your product/service feature must be the center of your design. Don’t hide the conversion elements in-between the sections or at the end of the page. Try to move the conversion element as high as possible to improve visibility. The conversion element can be a registration form, a call to action button to direct the user to the payment page, or an app download link. Based on the nature of your product and the goal of your landing page, the conversion element on your website varies.

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