38 Best Mailchimp Email Templates Used By Top Email Marketers 2020

Email marketing is the most effective tool for B2B businesses. There is a huge possibility that the people who are reading this MailChimp email templates list are B2B marketing professionals. It doesn’t mean that the B2C model doesn’t use email marketing, they do use it but the conversion result is quite higher on the B2B side. Here is a simple stat, only 30% of the email list customer actually bought products through email, while 86% of the business professional prefer email communication the most to talk and complete a deal.

Nowadays lots of companies and service providers let the user create a free account first and try to convert them later. A post from Easy SMTP says, in the conversion process the welcome email alone brings 320% revenue to the organizations. So when you are making your email templates, try to spend more time on the welcome email templates. MailChimp is one of the best and also easy to use tool for both developers and general users. In this list, we have collected some of the best MailChimp email templates, which you can use in your email marketing campaigns or for other transition emails.

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36 Free Keynote Templates With Interactive Design 2020

Keynotes play a predominant role in business. Even big tech giants like Apple and Google use keynote presentations for their conference and product launch. If you are in search of modern and creative free keynote templates like the templates used by big corporates, well, you are in the right place. In this free keynote templates list, we have collected some of the best templates with interactive design.

Designing a slide is the most difficult part of the presentation. We are very much limited with space, of course, we can add as much as slides as we want. But when you add more slides, your presentation becomes boring. The points in the slides are to be crystal clear and the important points must be highlighted. The free keynote templates mentioned in this list use interactive design to help you engage the audience easily.

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30 Chic CSS Hover Effects You Can Use In 2020

With the CSS we always able to create impressive declarative animations. That is you can clearly specify what you want. Hover effects are the most commonly used animation effect. You can either keep it simple or make it more interactive. Of course for the interactive complex animation, you might still need the Javascript. In this list, we have collected some of the best CSS hover effects and some complex hover effects made with Javascript. With these hover effects, you can add life to your web elements and present your content engagingly to your audience. You can find hover effects for buttons, galleries, flex boxes and for almost all major types you would normally expect.

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26 Best Famous Free Hoodies Mockups 2020

Hoodies become the mainstream of apparel in almost all western countries. Tracing back the roots, the hoodies were first familiar among the European monks during the medieval period. From the 1970s this apparel style got momentum after being used by several celebrities and pop stars. The target audience of hoodies are teens and a little bit of middle age group people. We on this list have collected some of the best free hoodies mockups, to help you showcase your design.

The hoodies are seasonal apparel, but they are also used for different purposes. They can be used for casual use, meetups, events, some early morning joggers will also use them and the list goes on. For whatever purpose you are designing the hoodie, these free hoodies mockups will help you showcase your design elegantly to the user.

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37 Best CSS Table Templates For Creating Visually Appealing Tables

Tables are one of the most common elements which are used in almost all the websites. But it is also one of the most commonly overlooked element while developing a website. Until a necessity comes we won’t remember that we need to add a table. We on this list have collected some of the best CSS table templates which you can customize easily and can use it in your existing website or ongoing projects.

CSS table is a broad category, the tables are used for different purposes. The main purpose of it is to show a list of data. If you are making a table template for a stats rich website, then make sure you have a horizontal and vertical highlighting option. In this CSS table templates list, we have also included templates that have highlighting and scrolling options. Another form of table templates which is been widely used is pricing tables. In this list, we have also included templates for pricing tables. All these CSS table templates use the latest CSS3 version so you get more natural colors and responsive animation effects.

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22 Food Truck WordPress Themes To Serve Millenials Better

When we hear the word food truck, we remember fun, interesting, and unique food experience. Having a relaxed dinner in a good restaurant with a good ambiance is a nice thing, but we can’t have it in our day to day busy life. The convenience of having our favorite on the go is loved by the present generation. Most people buying food from a food truck are aged from 18 to 34; a stat from Statista. If you are planning to run an innovative food truck with a mouth-watering food menu, these food truck WordPress themes will help you make a perfect website for you.

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36 Free Entertainment Website Templates To Give Immersive Experience

Live streaming has increased a lot in the past few years. Twitch, a live streaming platform saw an increase of 13 million average streaming hours in the past five years. Netflix, on the other hand, with more than 65 million subscribers, changing the entertainment industry. If you are looking to start an entertainment website with a revolutionary idea and unique content, these free entertainment website templates will be the best tool to bring your dream to life.

Online streaming has increased a lot in social media also, video contents tend to perform better when compared to other types of content. Not only video contents, but audio contents also has seen a big growth in the past few years. Spotify and Apple Music are always there on your smartphones and smart devices to help you relax or change the mood. These free entertainment website templates support multimedia contents out of the box. All you need to do is to make the contents and add it to your website.

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41 Free UI kits Designed For Modern Devices And Platforms 2020

We are in an era of major UI transition. When we turn back and look at the old designs, we’ve evolved a lot from a black screen with green text interface to the colorful easy-to-interact graphical user interface. In early days computers are the only devices we use, but now all of us have more than one device with different screen sizes. The smartphone industry is changing everything and big software companies like Apple and Microsoft are moving towards the goal of one operating system for all devices. Being an app developer or web developer you will be playing a crucial role in this transition. We on this list have collected some of the best free UI kits designed for modern devices.

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27 Aesthetically Beautiful Landscaping Website Templates (HTML & WordPress)

A well-landscaped yard makes a property complete. If you are in the real estate business, you will know how much the modern family loves to spend some relaxing quality time with their families. Especially on a large property, having a well-maintained landscape gives an inviting look to the property. But in the present lifestyle, spending hours of time in making a beautiful yard is not possible for all families. Thankfully there are lots of landscaping architectures and service providers to help us. If you are running a landscaping business, these landscaping website templates will help you showcase your works elegantly to the users.

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