40 Best Free Travel Website Templates With Full Of Colors 2020

Travel websites are like photography website templates, the more you add original images the more your credibility grows. Just like the restaurant website template, people must be able to see the uniqueness of your services and the booking form must be placed in an easily accessible spot. To make your job simpler we have collected the free travel website templates that almost follow the basic traits of a travel website template. All you need is to select the template of your choice, add your content, and launch your site.

If you are an agency the important thing you must see in a free travel website templates are service sections, reservation forms, and of course gallery section. In this free travel website templates list, we have collected both one-page and multi-page templates. If you are offering many services and packages it is wise to go for a multi-page template.

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46 Best Free One Page Website Templates For Goal Focused Sites 2020

One Page website templates are almost similar to landing page templates. It helps you to create a concept focused content that completely helps you to promote your products and services. These free one-page website templates help you to create an effective website for the present-day audience. If you are still in a dilemma about whether to go for a one-page template or multi-page template, here are some of the pros and cons of the one-page template.

In order to use the single page template you have to be sure who is your target audience. Since you are going to use only one page for your site, you got only one shot, so use it wisely.

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34 Shirt Mockups For All Types Of Men And Women Shirts

Different types of dressing are followed on different occasions. But there is one type of garment which you can wear for professional events, casual parties, functions, and the list goes on. You might have guessed it by now, the garment am speaking is the shirt; they are the best versatile garment that can be used for all types of events and functions. After the globalization, we now adopt different shirt styles from all over the world. For example, the mandarin collar shirts, they are now available in both casual shirt format and formal shirt format. Whatever be your shirt type or shirt design is, these shirt mockups will help you showcase your shirt design or to create product images for your shirts.

Using original custom images in online stores will increase the chances of your product ending in the user’s digital cart. But making custom images and having photoshoots is not an affordable option for small store owners. Using shirt mockups will give realistic rich images at a more affordable price. In this list, we have collected highly customizable shirt mockups for all types of shirts. Some of the shirt mockups in this list even let you customize the color of the buttons and the stitchings. Make sure you check all the shirt mockups as each has its own unique features.

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37 Elegant Looking Hand Holding iPhone Mockups 2020

With more than one million active devices around the world, the iPhone is a big market for app developers and accessory makers. If you are making products exclusively for iPhones, these hand holding iPhone mockups give a realistic touch to your design presentation. The present OLED screens in iPhone X lineups and liquid LCD screens in the cheaper models are brilliant. Images in this mockup show the iPhone screen clearly if you are an app developer this will help beautifully showcase your app design or screenshots.

The new glass back design of the iPhone is beautiful, but still, it is glass and can break easily. The number of iPhone users using cases has grown due to this glass back design. That is very obvious, no one would like to take a risk with a $1000 product. Some of the hand holding iPhone mockups in this list show the backside of the iPhone elegantly to let you showcase your case design clearly. All the images in these mockups are high-quality images so that you can use them to create eCommerce store product images. If you are making products for Macs as well, take a look at our iMac mockups and MacBook mockups collections to beautifully display your products.

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38 Best Ever Free Restaurant Website Templates of 2020

Restaurant websites are one of the few niches which receive all types of audience. At the same time making a website that best suits all types of audiences is also not an easy job. Restaurant websites must be able to serve the target audience and also should reflect your restaurant culture. These free restaurant website templates will help you create a site that attracts all types of users as well as reflect your restaurant culture.

Restaurants not only have their own unique taste, but they also have their own culture. Based on your target audience the culture of your restaurant varies. One of the major factors that influence your restaurant sales is your location. There are lots of factors that decide the style and culture of your restaurant. The free restaurant website template that you are going to select must have the features that your target audience expects and also reflect your restaurant’s unique features.

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45 Best Free Landing Page Templates With Conversion Centered Design 2020

Any marketing campaign without a landing page is an incomplete attempt. The landing page provides laser-focused content to the users and psychological triggers will help you get more leads. These free landing page templates will help you to create an effective landing page in no time.

Before getting into the free landing page templates there are some basic principles you must know before making an effective landing page. Landing pages must need a persuasive design and intellectual trigger to make more leads. The design of the landing page completely depends on the type of campaign you are going to run. But the basic points you must remember are;

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30 Intriguing CSS Mobile Menu Concepts For Modern Mobile Devices

As more than 50% of internet traffic is from mobile phones, making your websites and applications compatible with mobile devices is a must. A study by Fortune states that 75% of the users open an application once and never come back. There are several reasons for it, but one of the main reasons is complex navigation and the cognitive process. Cognition is good, but people use applications to finish the job easily. So we have to keep the process and the navigations as simple as possible. We are in the era of complete change over of hardware designs. Both computers and mobiles are started receiving major breakthrough hardware designs. We have collected interesting CSS mobile menu concepts that you can work flawlessly on modern devices.

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43 Best Free Construction Website Templates For Modern Creative Builders 2020

Construction is a global business. The same way audiences for your construction website is also from various parts of the world. Making a business website for the global audience isn’t an easy job, there are a number of factors need to consider. While designing your website your business model also needs to be considered. Here in this free construction website templates list, we have collected a website template for construction companies of all sizes.

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30 Flyer Mockups To Showcase Your Eye-Catching Designs

Flyers still play an effective role in marketing. Even though digital marketing is the trend to reach a mass audience, print and media advertisements are still the best to reach the locals. If you are organizing an event or having a brick and mortar store, flyers are the best way to let the audience know about you. But flyers are tricky unless you do it right you can’t expect a good result. If you are making a creative flyer design to reach a mass audience, these flyer mockups will come in handy for you.

Multiple channel marketing is a must for current businesses to be successful. Make your flyer design versatile enough so that the business owners can use it as printed flyers and digital flyers as well. Foldings also play a major role in the printed flyer design to demand user attention as soon as they get a flyer in their hand. A flyer designed for the opening of “WING” (a US network of community and workspaces specifically for women) in Australia has made use of origami-style folding to get user attention. There are more such design inspirations here in this Creativeblog post, take a look at it to get cool design ideas.

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30 Postcard Mockups For Postcard Marketing And Invitation Designs

Postcard marketing is one of the most effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies. The tech giant Google still uses postcard marketing to generate millions of revenue. Why a tech giant making everything digital follows an old traditional method?. Actually, the direct mail via postcard gives a sensual bonding with the customer and they tend to remember your company longer. If you are planning any creative marketing strategy via postcards with impressive designs, these postcard mockups will give you a clear idea before running your campaign.

70% of the consumers feel more valued when a company sends them direct mail. Google sends direct mail to new Adword business owners with a quick start guide and $100 free campaign card. This encourages the owner to make their small store reach globally via digital ads.

Google kept the postcard design really simple with neat typography and a quick message. In this postcard mockup, you get an extremely customizable postcard to help you try any type of design. Some of the postcard mockups even give you the option to customize the texture to give you a real idea.

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