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35+ Best Free Personal Website Templates for Professionals of All Level 2020

The personal website template is a broad category. For each professional the needs vary, some might need a simple template to only showcase their works and experience. While some of the people might need a template to promote their business; for example, solopreneurs and freelancers. In this list, we have collected creative modern free personal website templates for professionals of all levels. Whether you need a simple template or a template that promotes your business, there is a design for you in this list.

While choosing a personal website template, there are certain criteria you must think of. The template should have a design that revolves around you. Personal website template for singers, speakers, and authors the template must-have elements and spaces in its design to boost their personal image. On the other hand, for freelancers, more emphasis needs to be given to their work to attract clients. We have managed to collect both types of templates in this list. Make sure you check all of them, as all have their own unique features.

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21 Tempting Shopify Restaurant Themes To Get More Customers

With the subscription food box models, online food orders, and quick door deliveries, Restaurants have evolved a lot over the past few years. Most restaurant owners think that it is a purely local business, but it is no more. With the power of the internet, you can take orders from any part of your location. Taking your business online not only improves your sales but also makes your income more stable. Shopify has powered lots of online stores; when you make a restaurant website with Shopify you get plenty of in-built options to easily manage your orders. These Shopify restaurant themes will help you make a beautiful restaurant website with useful options.

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17+ Shopify Blog Themes To Build Brand Awareness And Loyalty

One of the obvious reasons to run an active blog is for better SEO ranking. It’s a no brainer, more content means more indexing, which automatically leads to more organic search traffic to your store/website. HubSpot has found that websites with active blogs get 434 percent more indexed than websites without a blog. Blogs not only increases your SEO results but also improves your brand trust. 46% of the users say they read blogs to know about the product. Shopify blog themes in this list will help you build brand awareness and brand loyalty.

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25 Premium Consulting Website Template For Financial, Marketing, Legal, Personal & Business Consulting Sites

Why use a premium consulting website template? Relying on professional designer and developer to help create an efficient and amazing website might sound appealing. However, these options might sometimes cost and take more effort than you prefer. Then you decide to start from scratch, but the thousands and thousands of options available is surely another headache. And we have to admit choosing one, it surely is a hefty task. However, with the need of options to create professional design and styles of websites increasing, there are now more than enough variety of themes and templates available that makes the whole process a breeze.

To make this even more effortless, we are here today with our hand-picked list of the best premium templates and themes out there. And today, we are focusing on the Consulting niche of sites. Trying to broaden our spectrum, anything that relies on consulting, we have that in line for you. If you are an expert on anything and wish to serve that as your business then go right ahead! From law consulting, marketing, HR to finance and even business consulting, you will find everything covered right on this list. But that’s just mentioning a few. So let’s move right onto our list and their descriptions so you get a better idea.

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20+ Fabby Shopify Jewelry Themes To Improve Brand Credibility

There is no doubt eCommerce is a fast-growing business and it will continue to grow in the forthcoming years. If you are selling clothing, shoes, and gadgets online, there aren’t any bigger hurdles for you. But for jewelry online stores, it is a different story. People do hesitate in doing online jewelry purchases. There are several reasons for this hesitation, for example, trust factors, authenticity, and lot. Despite all these hesitations, online Jewelry businesses started to get momentum after 2016, and it continues to grow rapidly from 2018. In this competitive world, omnichannel business (selling on both online and in physical stores) is a must. The Shopify jewelry themes in this list will not only help you showcase your jewels but also improve your brand credibility.

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27 Single Product Shopify Themes With Effective Storytelling Design

Running a single product store is less cumbersome when compared to running a store with multiple products. If you are planning to run an online store as a part-time business, a single product store is a good idea. You can concentrate more on the product with the time you have. Plus, you can also concentrate more on your marketing without any distractions. The dropshipping business model is becoming popular among new entrepreneurs who want to break into eCommerce. Because of the less capital investment and as you don’t have to keep track of your inventory, the dropshipping model is gaining momentum. Whether you are making a Shopify website for your product or dropshipping business, these single product Shopify themes will come in handy for you.

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15+ Easy To Customize Shopify Real Estate Themes

So you are planning to run a real estate listing or selling website on Shopify, right? In simple words, Shopify isn’t designed for real estate platforms. So you can’t expect any ready-made solutions and properly equipped Shopify real estate themes like you’ve seen on other CMS platforms like WordPress. You have to work your way through if you want to set up a real estate website on the Shopify platform.

One thing you could do is you can install a plugin like the Multi Vendor, which is originally designed to manage multiple vendors on marketplace websites. With the help of the Multi-Vendor app, you can let the user post the property details, and then you can use the draft order feature to charge your realtors.

If you are a developer and it is an experimental project for you, pick a free HTML real estate website template. Add custom features you want and try it on the Shopify platform. If the experiment doesn’t work the way you want, you still have the base design. By spending a few hours you can convert it to a comfortable platform.

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20+ Responsive Shopify Themes For An Exalted Mobile User Experience

There are nearly 6 billion mobile users in the world and obviously, it will grow a lot in the future. Most of us start our search from our mobile devices, this is one of the main reasons why Google has started the AMP- Accelerated Mobile Page project. When it comes to mobile website design, each second counts, and every pixel is considered. Because when your website takes an extra second to load you will lose nearly half of your potential customers. It is delicate and hence you have to be so precise in your mobile website design. In this list, we have collected responsive Shopify themes that will help you deliver a desktop-quality mobile user experience.

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20+ Retina Shopify Themes To Make Crystal Clear Online Stores

Display technology has evolved a lot. Pixel density is always higher in the retina devices, hence the images and the texts are sharper. When your users view your non-retina ready website on a retina device, the content will look blurry. To avoid this it is better to adopt a retina-ready theme. In this list, we have collected retina Shopify themes to help you make crystal clear online stores where your users can clearly see your products.

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38 Best Free HTML Contact Forms With Fresh New Designs 2020

Contact forms are one of the web elements that exist in the web design and development right from the earlier days. In the early nineties, the internet is not as fast as we are using now. You might have read stories that a pigeon could carry a message faster than an email in the earlier days. Every search and queries need to be requested via web forms and have to processed individually. Though the forms are ancestral web elements, the forms have evolved a lot. Now marketers and conversion experts are speaking on how a form should be designed to improve results and conversions. In this list we have collected modern free HTML contact forms, to help you use it in modern websites. Some basic rules for creating a proper contact form are

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