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eLearning is a fast-growing industry estimated to grow to $325 billion by 2025. That is a huge market that is constantly growing. Modern users love to find quality, actionable content that they can do themselves. Students and working professionals are investing in learning new skills to stay updated. If you plan to make a website for a competitive field and hungry audience, this online course WordPress theme collection will help you.

Users choose e-learning platforms not to know the basics but to find a step-by-step process to achieve something. Some themes support LMS (Learning Management System) in this online course WordPress theme collection. You can run a quiz, assign materials, and show the users the real-time progress. One of the biggest advantages of choosing an online course WordPress theme over HTML education website templates is fully functional options. Everything is functional in the WordPress theme, from the registration form to the user dashboards. Hence, you can easily set up a website and concentrate on important tasks like customizations and integrations. All online course WordPress themes mentioned in this list are premium themes. Hence you get proper updates and support from the theme creators.

Best Online Course WordPress Themes with built-in LMS options


online course WordPress theme for life coach and personal tutors

DotLife is a future-ready online course WordPress theme. The creator has understood the present-day user needs and pre-bundled all the basic functionalities into the template. As a result, you get a fully-loaded WordPress theme that can help you launch your website straightaway.

This pack includes nearly ten demo versions, all of which are perfectly optimized for online course selling. This template’s default design makes it a perfect option for a life coach and personal tutor website. The built-in LMS feature allows you to create courses and quizzes and manage them easily from the dashboard.

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feature-packed online course WordPress theme

Courselog is a powerful online course WordPress theme. The creator has combined the best tools like the LearnPress for course managements, WooCommerce to manage online sales, and Eventin tools to easily manage the events; separate demos are given for each tool so that you can pick the ringtone and start making your website in no time.

All demo versions are perfectly optimized to work smoothly on WordPress. So you can install them on your WordPress website with just one click. Overall, Courselog is a practical online course WordPress theme that will meet all types of user needs.

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online course wordpress theme for fitness and education websites

Colead has covered all types of online course WordPress themes. Whether you need to make a fitness or interactive online education course website, this theme pack has a perfect ready-made template for you. All you have to do is install the demo and start building your website.

The Elementor page builder tool is integrated neatly into the theme so that users can change the looks without even touching the code. Since this template is purely designed for online coaching, it has plenty of personal-brand-boosting designs and elements in its templates. If you are launching your first website, this theme will be a good choice.

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colorful and fully equipped education wordpress theme

Masterstudy is a fully functional and fully equipped online course WordPress theme. This theme not only allows you to showcase the course and sell it but also gives useful options to make interaction and learning experiences better. For example, you can run quizzes with your students to make the classes even more interesting. To help you manage all the courses and user activity, the developer has made a powerful dashboard. Since it is an LMS type WordPress theme, you get all the necessary option to manage the courses and the materials.

Different course types are given in this theme, which allows you to use video contents, slides, and normal text contents. The WPBakery Pagebuilder is used in this theme and is well integrated into the theme so you can easily drag and drop the elements you want. Or you can use the shortcodes to call the custom elements. Design-wise, all nine demos are unique and have a trendy look. The present-day audience will enjoy using this theme, plus the useful features make the admin’s life a lot easier.

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easy to handle website template

Smarty is also from the creators of the MasterStudy theme mentioned above. All online courses features and options are included in this theme as well. The only difference is this theme is made for schools and universities. Hence, you get a clean, professional design in all six demos in this theme pack. Apart from the regular LMS features, this theme also has some unique features like Google Classroom integration and Zoom conferencing option. With all the built-in options, you can easily communicate with your students and make interactive online classes that present-day students will love.

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education wordpress theme optimized with learning management system

From the theme name itself you can understand that the creator has given us the learning management system power in the WordPress form. This theme is packed with 24+ demo versions and each one is unique. Whether you are running a big course website like Udemy or a single instructor sharing your knowledge, there is a website design for you in this theme. The dashboard for the instructors and the students is made attractive and eye-catching. At a single glance, the user can see their activities and their performance. The WP admin dashboard is also equipped with useful features, so the website admins can handle users easily. This theme is equipped with bbPress, Buddy Press, Events Calendar, and the list go on.

This theme supports both Easy Digital Downloads and the WooCommerce tool. You can pick one eCommerce tool based on the type of product you sell. Plenty of layouts are given for the course page and user profile page. With all these options and features, you can quickly create a unique online course website.

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Education WP

online course wordpress theme for students

Education WP is a thoughtfully designed online course offering WordPress theme. Right from the course page to the course commission rate, everything can be managed in this theme. To give you a hassle-free experience, the creator of this theme has given plenty of premium plugins along with this package. The LearPress, a WordPress learning management system plugin is used in this theme to manage the courses easily. Nearly 15+ demo variations are given in this theme and all of them look professional. Elements like registration forms, countdown timers, and rating stars are used in this theme to help you easily convert the new users. Just like the WPLMS, this theme also supports both Elementor and WPBakery page builders.

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modern futuristic website template

Turitor is a modern multipurpose education website template. All types of website designs, from kindergarten websites to online education websites, are given in this pack. The in-built LearnPress plugin will help you easily manage the online courses. Plus, you get a synchronized environment. All eight demo variations have a clean, contemporary style design that present-day students will love. An ample amount of spacing and the smart use of modern elements deliver an impeccable user experience. All demo variations can be edited easily using the Elementor page builder. The creator has also added ElementsKit in this theme to make your customizations even simpler.

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user-firendly WordPress theme

Edumodo WordPress theme is a well-thought-out and well-executed website template. This template supports major LMS plugins like LearnPress, Sensei, and LearnDash. Plus, dedicated demo versions are given for each LMS platform. Hence, you can easily work with the platform you like and finish the work faster than you think. Using well-equipped online course WordPress themes will reduce your background work. This template has ten homepage variations and all basic inner pages pre-designed for you. Numerous payment gateway options are given in this theme. It supports famous gateways like Stripe and Paypal. By spending a few hours, you can set up a proper website in no time.

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clean Online Course WordPress Themes

iAcademy is a fresh and clean looking education website template. If you are making a website for an upcoming brand, online course WordPress themes like this will be a good choice. Plenty of customization options are given in this template. Plus, the flexible code base makes the developer’s life a lot easier. You can easily integrate your custom features and designs without breaking a sweat. Swift animation effects are used on all pages so that you can elegantly distinguish the important elements for others. This template has twelve homepage variations, and each one is unique. All layouts are neatly integrated into the WPBakery page builder. You can do all front-end customization easily via the WPBakery page builder.

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interactive Online Course WordPress Themes

If you want a website that clearly explains your services, this is the best option for you. The creator of this template has given you both creative and professional designs. Modern web development frameworks are used effectively to deliver an immersive user experience. Another advantage of these modern frameworks is the mobile user also can experience a buttery smooth interface as they get on the desktops. As modern users start their search from mobile devices, using a perfectly optimized online course WordPress themes will help you reach more audience. This template has six pre-made demos, and each one is unique. This template uses not only modern designs but also uses modern plugins to make the website owner’s job easier.

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Education Learning

easy course handeling education wordpress theme

Educations Learning offers online course WordPress themes for education and for fitness websites. This theme allows you to easily compare the features of each course and pick the best one. Dedicated account dashboard is given for the learners so that they can easily manage their courses, materials, and interactions with other members. Nine pre-made demos are given in this theme and each is based on a different concept. The Revolution Slider plugin is used in this theme, hence you can create interactive slides within minutes. All other basic optimizations are done properly in this theme. Hence, you can concentrate on what matters the most to you. WPML plugin is used for translation and the theme supports RTL to let you reach global audience easily.

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clean and easy to use wordpress theme

Skilled is a clean and colorful education website theme. The creator of this theme has used banners and bright colors effectively to promote courses easily. All you have to do is to add the courses you want. Like in the Master Study online course WordPress theme, this one also has the quiz and result features. Course analytics tools are given for you to easily track the course performance. The powerful dashboard makes user management and activity management simpler for the admins. If you wish to create a custom user-friendly dashboard for your users, take a look at our free admin templates list. This theme uses the latest web development frameworks, hence you can use any modern template in this theme.

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feature-rich website template

Guru is a feature-loaded contemporary style education WordPress theme. If you give more importance to functionalities than the looks, this template is worth a look. This template uses the Sensei LMS tool and gets all the latest and greatest features that Sensei has to offer. Plus, this theme is updated periodically to deliver a better user experience. Online course WordPress themes like this make life easier for both site owners and users. The Sensei will help you manage your courses, track student progress, manage results, and lot more. Instead of using famous page builders, this template uses its own front-end customization tool. Since this template uses the latest web development framework, you can also change the look via the coding.

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Language School

simple boxed width wordpress theme for education

Though this Language School theme is primarily made for online language courses, you can use it for other course websites as well. In the boxed width layout, all the elements are properly organized and they are easy to access. Plus, this boxed design easily fits on small-screen devices. Mobile optimizations are also done properly hence your audience can access their courses on the go. Only one homepage variation is given in this theme, which might be a deal-breaker for some users. The Events Calendar plugin is used properly to let the users easily book and organize their classes. All the basic options are given in this theme. But still, you have to do a little bit of customization manually if you want additional features.

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Kalvi Education

user-friendly online course wordpress theme

Kalvi Education is a multipurpose education website theme. You can use this theme for schools and universities as well. Nine demo variations are given in this theme, each with a different concept. You even get a dance school website theme in this package. All nine demo variations follow a professional design that suits all types of websites. Card elements are used to organize the courses on the homepage. Plus, the designer has used tags and icons to show the best courses. Presenting the course time in the card helps the user to guess the depth of the course and the time they have to spend. Events Calendar plugin presents the course schedules neatly in the desired calendar format.

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online course wordpress theme for professionals

If you are making a course offering website for a fresh new entry, this is the theme for you. This theme has five homepage variations, all with a promotional homepage design. You can clearly explain why your site is different and what the user can expect from it on the homepage. A separate page is given for the courses and you even get a single course page to give a brief overview of a particular course. Neat tables are used in different parts of the website to organize the contents. On the inner pages, you have space to add promotional banners. Overall the Eduhub is a well-thought-out design with lots of customization options.

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online course wordpress theme with lms options

The default LMStudy design uses a clever approach. As soon as the user gets into your site, they can understand what they can expect out of your website. The logo is placed at the center of the top navigation bar; which will increase your brand visibility throughout the website. Neat, professional-looking colors are used in this theme. If you wish to use only your brand color, then you can easily customize the color scheme. This theme uses the WPBakery Page builder, hence minor customizations are very easy. Even if you have to make any major customization, professionally handled CSS3 script of this template can handle it flawlessly. Other useful plugins in this theme are Slider Revolution for slides and Essential Grid for the gallery.

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conversion centered education wordpress theme

Reptro is a colorful online course WordPress theme. All four homepage variations in this theme use a conversion centered design. Smartly arranged home sections clearly explain your services and the courses you offer. Different elements are used in the homepage header section. You get a video player, an image slider, a carousel, and a parallax image. All five variations follow a pink color scheme, but as usual, you can use your color scheme. Colorful banners are in between the main content area and the footer to promote your courses and offers. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, you can easily customize and place the element you want.

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basic theme with flexible design

Eshkool is a bold and straightforward online course WordPress theme. Nice homepage variations are given in this theme and you get two separate one-page variations. Right from the online course offering website to a single instructor site, this theme has a demo design for you. In all demo variations, you get plenty of space for the text contents. All the contents are broken and given in a bite-sized format so the user can easily digest the contents. Basic optimizations that you would normally expect in a present-day WordPress theme is done perfectly in this theme. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use this theme for any online course offering websites.

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easy to maintain course and user

LMS is another best selling education WordPress theme with learning management system features. This theme offers you plenty of customization features, most of which can be done with a click. The creator of this theme offers you both a full-width design and a boxed width design. By default, you get a dull color scheme, but there are 30 color schemes pre-made for you in this theme. All you have to do is to pick the color scheme you like. Feature-wise, you get Sensi LMS used in this theme; which works seamlessly with WooCommerce and is designed especially for the online course offering websites.

This theme easily allows you to assign courses manually, take quizzes, and dispatch course materials. It also includes useful basic plugins like form plugins, maps, and other widgets. Hence, LMS is a properly equipped online course WordPress theme that will make your job a lot simpler than you think.

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simple and elegant looking wordpress theme

Elysian WordPress theme is designed for educational institutions and online course websites. So, you get a perfect blend of professional and commercial design in this theme. In the course offering a website demo, you get a search bar in the header section. Giving a useful tool like the header search bar helps the user easily find the content they want. Plus, it also helps keep visitors on your website for a little longer. If you wish to have a more powerful and user-friendly search bar design, look at our bootstrap search box collection. Since this theme uses the latest web development framework, you can easily incorporate any new designs in it.

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online course wordpress themes for working professionals

Scrate is a clean and professional looking education WordPress theme. All the colors and the fonts are balanced smartly throughout the theme. Hence, you get proper branding plus, you can also highlight and show the important content easily. Mostly font awesome icons are used in this theme, which works perfectly on all browsers. But, if you have your own set of icons, you can add them manually by editing a few lines of CSS code for effective results. Four homepage variations are given in this theme. You can either choose a simple homepage that says about your website and the courses in it. You can also choose a long homepage that gives a quick overview of all your courses and offers.

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classy looking education website theme

EduBox has a traditional online course website design. If you are not interested in trying a new design and wish to stick with what works perfectly, this theme is worth a look. Text contents and images are balanced well in this theme. Hence, you can deliver the message clearly to the audience. This theme uses KingComposser page builder, which is also a famous and easy-to-use page builder tool. The developer has integrated the page builder well with the theme, hence the customization part will be very easy with this theme. Though it misses the advanced features you have seen in the WPLMS and LMS themes mentioned above, it can still make a basic online course selling website.

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Course Builder LMS

modern and minimal looking online course WordPress theme

Course Builder LMS is another feature-rich WordPress theme with a learning management system. Right from course categorization to payments, everything is given in this theme. As a default, you get only Paypal payment solution. But you can integrate other payment solutions like Stripe easily into this theme. The developer has used WooCommerce store for this theme. Hence, you get plenty of integration options and third-party tool support. For course management, the creator has used the WP LMS plugin. The WPML plugin is used for translation so that you can reach the global audience without any issue. As you can see, this theme is equipped with all the necessary options to make a proper online course website.

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multipurpose education website WordPress theme

Bridge is a popular multipurpose WordPress theme. This theme covers almost all the major categories in the industry, and you will get a dedicated demo version for online course websites. Clean and interactive design is used for the course offering website. Since it is a multipurpose WordPress theme with plenty of pre-made elements, you can make a user-friendly website using this theme. To make customization easier, the creator has used WPBakery page builder. Though this theme has many useful features, you will miss some niche-specific features. For example, you don’t get the course management option. You also don’t get dedicated dashboard designs that allow users to easily manage their activities. By making few customizations to the theme you can make a proper online course website with this theme.

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classic looking wordpress theme for colleges and online course websites

University is a traditional education website with modern web elements. You get big sections with lots of text contents and images. The developer has used animation effects smartly to present the contents engagingly to the users. Nearly nine homepage variations are given in this theme. Based on your requirement, pick one and start working on it. For course management, this theme uses the Learn Dash tool. Other useful plugins included in this theme are bbPress, WPML, and Revolution Slider. All the basic pages are also given in this theme so setting up your website won’t take much time with this theme.

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feature-rich online course wordpress theme

Eikra is another hardcore online course WordPress theme. The creator of this theme has given us all the necessary features and pages to make a proper online course website. Multiple demos and inner page variations are given in this theme which will help you set up a website easily. Like a few other online course WordPress themes mentioned above, this one also uses LearnPress plugin to easily manage the courses and course materials. The WPBakery page builder is well integrated into this theme and you can call custom elements easily via shortcodes. WooCommerce store is used in this theme and you also get a shopping page in this theme. If you are selling books for your courses, these shopping pages will come in handy for you.

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online course wordress theme for present-day audience

eSmarts is a modern clean WordPress theme for educational institutions and websites offering online courses. Whether you are making a course website or a single instructor website, this theme has a design for you. Nearly nine homepage variations are given in this theme, and all of them have a clean, simple design. Subtle animation effects are used for elements to give a lively feel to the theme. You get a dedicated page for courses and a page for the tutors, so the users can easily find the course they want from the tutor they prefer. The developers of this theme have handled the code carefully so that you can customize and integrate third-party tools easily.

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