Collection of the best knowledge base and WordPress wiki themes you can use in 2020.

Nearly half of the world population now has access to the internet connection. Right from simple computer tutorials to complex electronics tutorials are viewed by thousands of users in a single day. If you are building a knowledge base for your product or making a directory of useful information, these WordPress wiki themes will help you. On average, a single person does three to four searches per day and most of them are through smartphones. Hence making your wiki website mobile responsive is a must to give a better experience to the users.

Understanding the contents preferred by the users is also a must while making a wiki website. As of now, video contents are consumed a lot by the users and images play a vital role in the day to day communication. These WordPress wiki themes support all your modern-day user needs. The properly organized and categorized structure will let your users easily find the topic they are interested in. Most of the Wiki WordPress themes in this list give you powerful search tools. Since the wiki website has lots of content in the archives, searching and finding them would be a difficult task. The powerful search tools given in this wiki WordPress themes list will help the user easily narrow down the search and find the topic they want.

Docly WordPress Wiki Theme

modern WordPress wiki theme

Docly is a modern WordPress wiki theme. The creator has given both helpdesk and knowledge base demos in this pack to make your job simple. You can see a friendly search bar on all three demo’s homepage header section. Since it is a working WordPress theme, the search bar works smoothly without any issues. In a content-rich site like the knowledge base site, sensible animations will make things livelier, and it is used smartly in this template to deliver an immersive user experience. The creator has given special attention to the search functions and the navigations. For example, you get app-style mobile navigation, which will help your audience easily access your knowledge base easily on the go.

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Sentric Forum WordPress Theme

forum and support WordPress theme

Sentric will help you make a professional WordPress wiki and support forum site. This template’s clever design will make the job easier for both forum admins and forum users. The Forum monitor page in this template lets the admins easily view the unresolved issues and forum activities from one place. Since the bbPress plugin is configured right out of the box, you can manage the users without any issues. If you want a simple and straightforward forum website for your product or service that can handle all types of content like audio, video, and documents, this is the best option for you.

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knowledge base WordPress theme

Knowledgedesk is a feature-rich WordPress theme. The creator has loaded this theme with tons of useful customization options. All custom elements and widgets can be accessed easily via the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag and drop the elements in the place you want and can create a custom page in no time. All six demo versions in this theme pack are properly optimized and have all the basic pages. Unless you have any special requirements, you can use this theme straightaway to make your knowledgebase. With all these friendly features and theme options, you can make a proper WordPress website for documentation.

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KnowHow Knowledge Base Theme

wiki and knowledge base WordPress theme

KnowHow is a fully functional Wiki and knowledge base WordPress theme. If you are a software related company or a web application company, this is the best theme for you to help your users. All the related articles and topics are categorized and neatly arranged on the homepage itself. The user can easily pick the topic they want to know and can read about it. Apart from the category arrangement, you also get a powerful search bar at the top. Related articles are suggested in the search bar as the user type in the words. If you want some unique search bar with different functionalities, take a look at our bootstrap search bar collection. Though the design looks simple and plain, it gives a distraction-free easy to search environment.

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Knowledge Press Theme

wordpress wiki themes with video background

The Knowledge Press gives you a landing page and from there the user can go for the knowledge base and the forum pages. A video header with an advanced search toolbar is given on the homepage. The search bar characteristic is almost similar to that of KnowHow wiki theme mentioned above. But the search suggestions in this theme is bigger and easy to interact. Since it is a mobile responsive theme, this bigger search suggestion bar will make interactions easier on the small screen devices. Since you get a separate page for the forum, new users can easily find the solution for their issue. Though the overall design looks great, the default icons don’t seem so appealing. But hey, it is a small issue and you can customize it easily. Plus, it supports Visual Composer, so you change the icons with few clicks.

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Manual Help Desk WordPress Theme

simple and elegant looking wordpress wiki themes

Manual will be your one-stop destination for helpdesk and support forum needs. The creator of this theme has given us both simple classic design and modern color design. Nearly twelve types of pages are given in this theme and each one has a different design. Feature-wise, this theme is loaded with tons of useful features. Right from the search bar to the file attachment, everything is designed carefully to give a better user experience. This theme is bundled with WPBakery Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, WooCommerce, and BBPress. A proper business website theme is also included in this package. Overall the Manual theme worth the money you pay and also greatly saves your time.

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trendy and modern knowledge base wordpress wiki themes

Flatbase is one of the best WordPress wiki themes for multi-lingual support forums and knowledge base. In the previous WordPress wiki themes, we get only one theme variation. But the creator of this theme has given us seven theme variation. Each theme variation is different and has the same features, so you can pick one and work on it easily. The search bar in this theme doesn’t show the search suggestions quickly as in the Knowledge Press search bar; it takes a few seconds, but it is ok. On the forum page, you get user login options in the sidebar, which is a thoughtful touch. The original login form looks simple, if you want to spice up the design, take a look at our easy to customize login page design collections.

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Knowledge Base

wiki theme with customization options

Knowledge Base is a simple and traditional looking WordPress theme. Though this theme doesn’t have an awe-inspiring design, it has its basics done properly. The developer has used the latest web development framework and has shared all the scripts directly in the download file. Hence working this theme and doing hardcore customizations will be an easy job for the developers. Along with the knowledge base and forum pages, this theme also offers you blog pages. If you are periodically publishing useful articles for your users, this blog option will come in handy for you. Space for video contents are also given in this theme, hence you can be more precise and clear with your support articles.

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multipurpose wiki theme

Lipi is a customer-friendly knowledge base WordPress theme. The creator has given dedicated demos for separate businesses. For example, you get a demo for hospitals, products, universities, and a lot more. Since it has a dedicated demo for each niche, you can make a proper knowledge base for your customer. All demo variations are powered by the WPBakery page builder so that you can make minor cosmetic changes easily without even touching the code. If you want a powerful knowledge base for your product where a user can find all the answers for his/her question, this one will be your best choice.

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knowledgebase theme for businesses

Wikb is a contemporary style helpdesk and wiki theme. Many card elements are used throughout the template to neatly organize the content. Because of this theme’s organized layout, users can easily find the information they want. Plus, the use of the same colors and combinations helps you easily brand your knowledge base. Useful plugins like the bbPress plugin are pre-integrated into the theme so you can easily manage your users and their requests. If you are looking for modern WordPress wiki themes that give more value for your money, this one is worth the consideration.

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simple wiki theme

Tikidocs is also from the same creators of the Wikb theme mentioned above. The creator has used different design language in this theme with all the friendly and useful features that you have seen in the Wikb theme. Each element and section is made bigger and bolder so that interactions will be a lot easier. Since it is a modern WordPress theme, it is also mobile responsive. Therefore your customer/audience can easily access your support files on the go. If you are planning to use this theme for corporate purposes and product support purposes, you can add chat functions into this theme to engage with your customer directly.

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widget style support desk page design

TechDesk follows a widget style design which might remind you admin dashboards sometime. Each widget has different colors, hence the user can easily identify the widget type. Chunky borders and dull colors give this theme an outdated look. If you prefer practicality and functions over the looks, this theme is worth a look. Mostly font awesome icons are used in this theme, which gives you a wide array of icon collection to choose from. All the basic optimizations like speed optimizations and mobile responsive optimizations are done in this theme. By making few changes to the look, you can use this wiki theme in your modern website.

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modern and user-friendy wiki theme

iKnowledge uses a fixed sidebar design which gives you space to add useful elements like latest articles, recent tweets, and social media profile link. On the main content area, you get an advanced sidebar with options to filter category and date. The sidebar content changes according to the pages you are in. For example, on the forums page, you get the user login option and forum quick links. Though it is a premium WordPress wiki theme, it misses user registration form. But don’t worry, we got you covered and you can add a registration form without spending a penny. Take a look at our free registration form template collection to easily add the registration form that fits your design.

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wordpress wiki themes for image rich sites

Wikilogy is a fully equipped Wiki WordPress theme. This theme has multiple faces and as a result, you get plenty of elements and features to give a better user experience. The default design of it makes it a perfect WordPress theme for directory and magazine websites as well. Special care is given for category archiving and indexing so that managing contents will be easy on this theme. All the custom features and customization options are well integrated with the WPBakery Page builder. Which makes this theme even more powerful and easy to customize. Just like the Flatbase Wiki WordPress theme, this one also supports WPML to make translations easier. Overall, if your Wiki website is completely focused on the contents and end-users, the Wikilogy is the one for you.

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product or service konwledge base website design

Lore is a well-thought-out and well-executed Wiki WordPress theme. Small detailing makes this theme complete unique and also give a buttery smooth user experience. In the search bar, you have the option a select the category and search in it. A quick color swap control is given in this theme to change the elements and icons color. Two types of archives are given in this theme, a category archive, and an article archive. Both archive designs have a different layout and are easy to use. More than enough space is given for the articles, where you can add big images and videos without any worries. This creator has given us login and registration pages, so you no need to create one unless you have special design needs.

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clean and modern wordpress wiki themes

Kbase is a unique Wiki Theme which comes with bbPress and BuddyPress pre-integrated. Hence managing users and managing conversation will be an easy job for the admins. Another feature which you don’t expect a lot in a Wiki theme is WooCommerce support. There is a fully functional shop page and cart page, which you can use if you want. Seven homepage variations are given in this theme and each has different sections and elements. Based on the one which closely meets your needs pick one and start working on it. This theme supports WPBakery page builder, hence arranging and adding elements will be an easy job. Plus, you get shortcodes to easily place the custom elements wherever you want.

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neatly categorized wordpress wiki themes

Helper is a concept design for helpdesk page. The big bold straightforward design makes the content organization and content searching easy on this theme. What makes this Wiki theme unique is it supports two famous page builders, WPBakery and Elementor. So customization is flexible in this theme, based on the builder you prefer you can choose one. Forum pages follow a table-like design to organize and present the contents neatly to the users. If you are into table design and like to tuneup the design a bit, take a look at our CSS table collection.

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wiki theme for product support and ticket archives

Ticketrama, from the name itself you can understand that this theme is designed for support and help desks. If you are making a wiki page for your product or service, this theme might help you. The creator of this theme has not only given options for support articles but also give the option for submitting new tickets. It is not integrated with any helpdesk platforms like Zendesk, Freshdesk or Help Scout, which might be a wired omission. But the code base of the theme is kept simple for you to easily edit and add the features you like. If you want a properly optimized solid base to start your custom wiki page development, this theme is worth a look.

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interactive and animated elements rich design

Tessera is a modern and colorful wiki theme which has pages like support forums and knowledge bases pre-designed for you. In the forum page, tables with thick borders are used to neatly distinguish each entry and data related to it. The creator of this theme has given us a modal login page, which helps the user to easily without leaving the page they are in. The single post page is treated like a blog with sidebars and an ample amount of space for texts and elements. You have the option to add videos as well to give a clear idea of your product. Along with the wiki pages, you also get a landing page in this theme.

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Discy WordPress theme is designed for forums and knowledge bases. The creator has used the three-column layout smartly to organize the contents, quick links, and widgets. Tags and badges are used to highlight and show the important topics. If you are looking for modern and clean looking WordPress wiki themes, this theme will impress you. For login and sign up options, the creator has used the modal window concept, so the users can easily login without leaving the topic they are seeing. With periodic updates, this theme is running on the latest WordPress engine and is made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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wodpress wiki themes with powerful search options

HelpGuru is neat helpdesk wiki theme which you have seen in most WordPress wiki themes in this list. You get a proper search bar, neatly organized archive page, and a forum page. You can show the number of views and likes for a particular answer or article; this will help the new user to easily find the best solution for them. The sidebars are used effectively to provide useful links and information. Colors are handled properly to differentiate each element from the others. This theme is bundled with the bbPress plugin, WPML, and Gravity form.

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wiki theme with forum support

InfoCenter theme is designed to serve different purposes. The theme contains pages for help-desk, forums, user panel, FAQ and blog. Since most of the basic options are given in this theme, we can concentrate on the most important tasks. Mostly font-awesome icons are used in this theme which works perfectly with all famous browsers. Both login and registration pages are given in this theme and both of them open in a modal window. Using a modal window help the user to understand that the process will be quick and they can resume their work from where they left on your website.

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Live Support

neat flat style knowledge and help desk wordpress theme

Live Support is a simple and neat looking wiki theme for product support and forum. The creator of this theme has integrated Buddypress plugin, hence you can easily manage your members in the forum. If you are looking for a powerful dashboard to manage multiple users and contents, take a look at our free admin dashboard template collection. WPML is also integrated with this theme to make it translation ready. The only bummer with this theme is it is last updated in 2017. Since WordPress has had a major Guttenberg update, you have to tune this theme a bit to make it meet today’s standards.

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card style listing site with advanced search options

The directory websites also share the basic functions and characteristics of the WordPress Wiki themes. You get more modern looks and eye-catching elements in the directory websites when compared to the Wiki themes. If you want to make a unique and modern knowledge base with the same powerful search results and user engaging options, you can go for the directory website themes. Definitely, you get more features and options that you normally want in a Wiki theme which is good and will come in handy as your demand grows. The ListingPro is a powerful listing website that allows you to manage users and entries. Star rating elements and user reviews are used to show the best results for the users; you can use the same options to show the best result for a topic.

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design concept for a wiki website with modern web elements

Numismatico is also a directory and listing WordPress theme by default. But the default design closely resembles WordPress wiki themes. You get an advanced search bar with a filter option to narrow down the results. Near the topic itself, you have space to show the topic rating and familiarity. Another unique feature you get in this theme is animated counters, which you can use to show the number of questions answered and active topics. At the top of the page, you have user login option and it also has a registration form. By making a few adjustments to the design, this theme will become one of the best WordPress wiki themes.

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listing wordpress theme with features for a wiki website

Cariera is primarily a job listing website theme, hence you get a neat professional design in this theme. With accordions, user discussions, and ratings, this theme becomes the best option to make a wiki WordPress theme. Tags with different colors are used easily organize the contents. Both login and registration forms are given in this theme. Nearly seven homepage variations are given in this theme. This theme supports WPBakery page builder, hence customizations will be easy with this theme. All you have to do is to add the features you want and make this theme a perfect fit for your needs.

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  1. Thank you for this comprehensive post. I read everything and actually went ahead and bought the Wikilogy theme. Honestly, it is a very powerful theme.

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