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Though acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicinal practice, it has a wide variety of techniques depending on the country and philosophies follow. Since acupuncture doesn’t have a solid history, its origin remains unclear, and it also leads many people to believe it as quackery. Often acupuncture is given as a combination with other types of treatment. Therefore, the acupuncture website design must deliver confidence and must prove the credibility of your services. All these acupuncture website templates are designed to clearly explain your services.

Most actual acupuncture websites follow a relaxing and soothing design that you might see in many spa and wellness websites. Some acupuncture therapists want their website to have a proper medical website design. To meet all types of audience needs, we have included both wellness and medical website template designs on this list. All these acupuncture website templates provide you with tons of customization options. Changing the looks and adding the functions will be a lot easier.

Acupuncture (HTML Template)

HTML acupuncture website template

As the name implies, this one is a ready-to-use HTML acupuncture website template. Since the template is purely designed for acupuncture treatment, you get icons related to the niche. Unless you have any special requirements, you can use this template as such for your website.

This template uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework. Therefore, you can expect all the latest features and can also try any latest functionalities on this template without any issues. The creator has taken full advantage of the full-screen layout and gives more than enough space for each element to make the interactions easier.

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WellSpa (HTML Template)

spa and acupuncture website template

WellSpa is a health and wellness website template. The relaxing calm ambiance of this template makes this a perfect option for acupuncture websites as well. Animations are kept as simple as possible to maintain the soothing atmosphere of the website.

Since this template is made for all types of health and wellness websites, the creator has included many services. You can edit the template and can use it for acupuncture websites. This one is also an HTML5 website template which gives you enough freedom and a solid base to create a custom website.

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acupuncture website templates

Accu is one of the few acupuncture website templates that is purely designed for acupuncture purposes. Right from the icons to the menu options, everything is related to the acupuncture theme. Hence, you don’t have to spend much time in the customizations unless you have any special needs. The soothing color scheme and smooth animation effect give a pleasant and relaxing environment. This template has two homepage variations. Both demos are properly equipped with the WPBakery page builder tool. When you need an element or a section on a homepage, all you have to do is simply drag and place it on the webpage you want. The Event Calendar plugin handles online booking features. Basic options are taken care of by the creator, so you can concentrate on the custom features.

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natural medicine website template

Avicenna is a unique website template. This theme has readymade demos for unique medical websites and natural medicine websites that offer services apart from the regular medical institutes. The clean layout with smooth animation provides a relaxing atmosphere throughout the template. Plus, the leaf theme is used smartly to add a realistic touch to the website. All four demos in this template have the same soothing design. Online booking system is pre-integrated into this template; hence the users can easily book your services, and you also can manage your schedules. Being a medical website for unique services, the creator has given special importance to the blog pages. If you are producing useful content and educating your audience, the included different blog post types will come in handy for you.

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Grand Spa

image-rich website template

Grand Spa is the best option for brand-focused websites. The narrative style interactive design of this template lets you clearly explain how your treatment can help people. Parallax scroll effects and smooth animation effects keep the user engaged when they scroll through the pages. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, shadow effects give a natural look to the website. The Booked plugin gives a casual calendar design on which the user can easily book their appointments. One of the biggest advantages of using calendar design is users can quickly find the date they want. For more interactive calendar designs like this, take a look at our bootstrap calendar design examples.

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interactive acupuncture website templates

Aviana is a multipurpose wellness and spa website template. This template has ten homepage variations. Each homepage variation is unique and uses a full-width layout effectively to give an immersive user experience. Though this template is a multipurpose wellness website template, you can use it for acupuncture websites without any worries. Images are used extensively In all nine demo variations. Hence, you can explain your services clearly in this template. WooCommerce powered pages are also given in this template to let you easily sell your services and products easily through your website.

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modern website template

Jacqueline is a feature-rich website template. The clean elegant design of this template makes it a perfect option for both wellness and acupuncture websites. Cleverly designed homepage variations show your services as soon as the user lands on your website. You can see that call to action buttons and links are used in the image sliders to direct the users to the corresponding pages. Since this WordPress template uses the premium Revolution Slider plugin, you can easily manage image sliders. Premium plugins are also given for other useful features like appointment booking, gallery, and front-end editor. If you are looking for well-equipped acupuncture website templates, this is the best option for you.

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multipurpose wellness website template

The Oaza template is designed purely from a commercial perspective. With the built-in options, you can comfortably sell both services and your products on your website. Though this is a multipurpose spa and wellness website template, it can be used for acupuncture websites. Flexible layout and solid code base of this template let you create any type of website. Images and videos are used extensively in all demo variations. Like most other acupuncture website templates in this list, this one is also a WordPress theme. Hence, you can manage images and videos without any hitch. Basic inner pages and blog layouts are pre-designed for you. Once you install the theme, you can straightaway get into the work.

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easy to customize acupuncture website templates

Though the Physio template is originally designed for physiotherapy services, it can be used for other health and wellness websites. The content-rich website design answers many questions. Your users will get almost all basic information from your website itself. Credibility building elements like the testimonial and awards carousels shows how well your services will be. Since this template is designed from a medical website perspective, you get icons and elements related to it. Most of the minor customizations can be done through the built-in page builder tool. An appointment booking plugin is given in this template also. Once you have finished the fine-tuning, you can simply launch your website.

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acupuncture and psychotherapy website template

MindCare is a pleasant looking psychology counseling and medical website template. Thought this template is primarily made for psychotherapy websites, you can use its soothing design to make an acupuncture website as well. Lots of customization options are there in this pack. You can either use the WPBakery page builder to customize the look or use the code script for more precise customization. The simple code structure will make the core-level customizations a lot simpler for the developers. This theme also has online appointment booking options right out of the box. You can use the WooCommerce shopping page to sell your books and other products easily on your website. Speaking of books, look at our Shopify bookstore themes if you plan to make an online bookstore.

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website template with friendly options

MediCenter not only gives a premium looking website template but also a feature-rich website template. If you are looking for acupuncture website templates that give the best value for your money, this is the best option for you. This template has seven homepage variations. The creator has kept the design as simple and flexible as possible so that you can use this theme for all types of health-related websites. A unique feature in this theme is it has a dedicated timetable section/page. Users can easily see your hospital schedule before visiting you. The premium icons and neat video sections elevate the premium look of the website. Quick customization tools let you easily change the web element colors and header styles. Overall, the MediCenter is a thoughtfully designed template. If you wish to tweak the default table design, take al look at our CSS table design collection.

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multipurpose health care website template

Medin is a multipurpose medical and health website template. The creator has given separate demos for major medical website categories. Even if you don’t find a default demo for your category, you can easily edit any demo and can make your website. Customizations are very simple in this template. Even first-timers can easily work with this template and can make their dream website without touching the code. The professional look of the default designs brings-in confidence as soon as the user gets into your website. The use of modern web elements and animation effects make this website stand out from other acupuncture website templates in this list.

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medical website template

Mediz is one of the best selling medial WordPress website templates. Since it is a WordPress template, you get plenty of customization options. Plus, you can extend the functionalities by simply a plugin. The creator has kept the code architecture as simple as possible to improve the template’s modularity. You can easily swap any elements and sections without even touching the code. Like in the Medicenter template mentioned above, this one also has a timetable page. Separate depart pages and basic pages are also given along with the timetable page to help you easily set up a proper website. By making a few changes to the design, you can make a professional-looking acupuncture website using this template.

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acupuncture website templates with useful features

HouseMed gives you eight patient-centric modern medical website templates. The creator has used modern web design effectively to deliver an impeccable user experience. You can find a registration form and services list block in all eight demo variations. Modern colors look poppy and get user attention easily on the pristine clean layout. Each and every page on this template is made mobile-responsive so that your users can easily access your website and book an appointment on the go. This theme is periodically updated, and it is running on the latest WordPress engine. You can expect all the latest and greatest features WordPress has to offer.

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Wellness Spa

spa and wellness website template

Wellness Spa is a multipurpose wellness and massage website template. This template also gives you a soothing and relaxing experience, like in the Accu template mentioned above. Useful inner pages are given along with different homepage variations so that you can set up a complete website without spending much time. This template is not only properly designed but also fully equipped. You can pick and install any demo with just a single click. With the help of the Live Customizer tools and the WPBakery page builder, you edit the pages as per your needs.

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physiotherapy and acupuncture website templates

Doxwell is another physical therapy and medical website template. The conventional style of this theme gives a familiar interface to the user. Logically arranged homepage sections let the user easily find the service they want and book an appointment via your website. This theme has three homepage variations, and all of them have a neat, professional design. Images and videos are used in all demo variations so that you can clearly explain your treatment. Animation effects are simple and swift to maintain the businesslike look of this theme. If you want your website to clearly explain your treatments, this is the best option for you.

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Chiropractic service website template

From the name itself you can understand that this theme is designed for spine-related medical websites. This theme can be used for both acupuncture and physiotherapy websites. The simple layout shows the content clearly to the audience. Basic pages and plugins are pre-bundled in this template to help you make a proper website. For online booking, this template uses the Booked plugin. All you have to do is to configure the plugin with your website and launch the website.

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traditional looking acupuncture website templates

If you want a versatile website template, there is no other better option than the BeTheme. With more than 500+ demos, this theme has powered thousands of websites. Friendly customization options and flexible code base made this template a go-to option for both developers and general users. Thousands of elements and pages are pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to add the pages you want and launch your website. Each demo is unique and uses a different design style. Hence, you get a huge variety of templates with which you can create a website that present-day audiences will love.

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website template with warm color scheme

Bridge is an elegant looking modern multipurpose website template. Like the BeTheme this one also has a wide range of pre-made designs. You can pick any demo under the health and wellness category and make your acupuncture website. It is one of the well-equipped website templates which gets both the WPBakery page builder and the Elementor page builder. Using acupuncture website templates with two different page builders gives you more flexibility. Plus, you can easily switch to the demo with the page builder you like based on your needs and workflow. Modern text fonts and colors will make your website stand aside from your fellow competitors’ websites.

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conversion-focused website template

Jupiter is another best selling WordPress website template. This theme gives more than what you would normally expect in a premium WordPress theme. The creator has given nearly 300 demos in this pack. All demo variations are properly equipped so that users will find your website extremely easy to interact with. Plus, website owners can also easily manage their website. Basic plugins are included in this theme to make your job simple. Some of the plugins are premium plugins. Hence, you get more value for your money. If you are looking for a straightforward website template that provides endless customization options, this is the best option for you.

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professional medical website template

If you are not into creative designs and always want to stay professional, the Porto theme will be a good choice. The clean design of this theme will give an upmarket feel as soon as your visitor gets into your website. This template has nearly 100 demo variations, and all of them have a logically designed homepage. The pixel-perfect design looks crisp and sharp on all high-resolution screens. Using a responsive and retina ready theme is a must in the current day scenario. Even small handheld devices get an HD screen. Hence, using pixel-perfect acupuncture website templates help you deliver the content neatly to the audience.

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Phlox Pro

bold and interactive website template

Phlox Pro is the best option if you are looking for something unique and contemporary. It is a multipurpose website template with more than 80 demos. The creator has tried to cover all major website categories in this pack. Since it is a multipurpose website template, you don’t get any niche-specific options, but you get tons of customization options. You can edit almost everything in this template. Phlox Pro is one of the few acupuncture website templates in this list that supports both the WooCommerce and the Easy Digital Downloads eCommerce platforms. Hence, you can sell your services and products easily using this template.

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multipurpose medical website template

You can understand that this is a multipurpose medical website template from its name itself. The creator has given 15 homepage variations. Each demo is unique and is designed for a particular medical website category. All demo variations are designed smartly to explain your treatment clearly to the audience. If you are specialized in a particular treatment, logically designed acupuncture website templates like this will take your service fully to the audience. Useful plugins are also pre-bundled in this pack to make your website friendly for both the users and the site owners.

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professional-looking website template

Pearl website template is a business website template. All types of business website designs are given in this template pack. If you are planning to revamp your existing design, this template will be a good choice. The creator has balanced the modern look and features smartly in this theme. Hence, you get a friendly and familiar website that users will find interesting to use. Under the health and wellness category, you get tens of website templates. You can pick any demo and customize it as per your needs. Premium plugins like the Booking plugin, Revolution Slider, and lot more are given in to make your job simple.

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