20+ Stunning Premium HTML5 Bootstrap Restaurant Website Templates 2018

If you own a restaurant, cafe’s, bars or any other businesses, the best way to keep the business going is surely the quality service you provide. We have mentioned this over and again before in our article about business website templates! But that is not enough! With more and more creative and innovative ideas brought to reality, there is a huge competition in the market. But along with it, there are also lots of potential customers out there looking for something to soothe their taste buds!

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20+ Best Responsive Bootstrap eCommerce Website Templates 2018

With digitalisation taking over all the media platforms, more and more businesses have broadened their horizon to online marketing. No matter what service you provide and what products you market and sell, it is of utmost importance that you are available online! Like we have mentioned before in our article about business website templates, the major key to a successful business now comes hand in hand with a functioning and effective online website to reach more audience.

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20 Best Free eCommerce Website Templates To Make Visitors Splurge More In 2018

Last year eCommerce made a whopping growth of $2.3 trillion and is expected to double in 2021. Many say that they use their smartphones to shop at least once a week. In such a competitive and steadily growing industry having an effective site is a must. These free eCommerce website templates will help you create an effective eCommerce site.

eCommerce platform solely depends on the application and the websites, so making it effective is a must. Before getting into the list of free eCommerce website templates lets us see how to make an effective eCommerce website in the present year.

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20 Best Ever Free Restaurant Website Templates of 2018

Restaurant websites are one of the few niches which receive all types of audience. At the same time making a website that best suits for all types of audiences is also not an easy job. Restaurant website created must serve the target audience and must also reflect your restaurant culture. These free restaurant website templates will help you create a site that attracts all types of users as well as reflect your restaurant culture.

Restaurants not only have their own unique taste, they also have their own culture. Based on your target audience the culture of your restaurant varies. One of the major factors that influence your restaurant sales is your location. There are lots of factors that decide the style and culture of your restaurant. The free restaurant website template that you are going to select must have the features that your target audience expect and also reflect your restaurant unique features.

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25+ Best Premium Bootstrap HTML Business Website Templates 2018

One of the major tools to establish and promote your business to a larger range of audience is through a website. Whatever niche your business falls under, having a website gives access to thousands of users online from all over the world to get a hint of your products or the services you provide. And as more and more businesses opt to take a step towards online marketing, the demand for effective and appealing sites are increasing each day to compete in the already cutthroat industry!

But building an entire website from scratch is something that is not feasible for everyone. Especially when it comes to business, a well-designed and functional website is a must to represent your corporation in a convincing and approachable way. And this is where the HTML5 & CSS Website templates come in. A quicker and easier way to create the innovative, feature-rich and stunning website you wanted, it consists of HTML, CSS, JavaScript code as well as UI components to help you get started.

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20 Best Free Fitness Website Templates With Fresh New Design 2018

Bored by the same old design and the same templates repeatedly mentioned in all the free fitness website templates list? Well, we managed to collect some of the fresh new website templates that you can make use of for your fitness website. All these free fitness website templates use latest web design and web development framework. So with these free fitness website template, you can easily create a future-proof site. Before getting into the free fitness website templates list let us see what are all the important elements and the features you must see in a fitness website template.

When we speak of the fitness website template, both personal website templates and business templates come in the list. If you are a trainer and looking for a fitness site make sure you have the features to brand yourself (one of the main principle of a personal website). Second, the template must have interactive web elements to share your experience. Since most the fitness services can be explained clearly with the visuals, make sure the template you select supports multimedia elements.

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20 Free HTML5 Bootstrap Industrial & Construction Company Website Templates – 2018

Industrial and construction company website templates are the key tools to create an incredible platform to represent the construction business itself. With these free HTML5 bootstrap templates, you don’t need to think about your construction site design and content flow, because, these are available with all possible content elements that can easily fit with your business concept.

If you’re here to download construction business HTML5 template for your personal business or client website, you’re in the right place. The bootstrap html5 templates are easy to use, highly customizable, most popular, lightweight, responsive, cross-browser compatible, and load inside any of platform swiftly.

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20 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboards To Get Better Data Insight 2018

Admin dashboards are significantly important part of any web application based sites and the membership websites. Mostly the users of the admin dashboard are not aware of what’s happening behind the screen. What most user care is the what they see and what they can access. These best free admin dashboards in this list will help you create an effective dashboard. If you are a developer looking to create an awesome on-trend admin dashboard then this list will help you get great inspirations.

Some of the admin dashboards give you the option to customize the dashboard. But when you are developing for the user is it important to provide a customizable dashboard? The answer depends on the customization options that you are going to give. Options to drag and arrange the blocks, changing the colors, dismissible notices all are fine. But providing a completely customizable dashboard is not a must. Because it takes time and resources to create such a customizable dashboard.

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Top 100+ Free HTML5 Responsive Bootstrap Themes & Templates For Business Portfolio, App, Event, Restaurant and Blog Website – 2018

The website is the front face of a business. It represents the business professionalism and seriousness. Expert says the presence of stylish and stunfning design can keep site visitors engaged and give them reason look no further. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed many of corporamasssivete agency owner, couldn’t prioritize the such a crucial aspect. can’t select the best bootstrap templates while there are plenty of free Bootstrap themes available over the web.

To simplify your template selection steps, uiCookies team has made an enriched collection of free HTML templates. The list is well curated and researched, picked out each theme individually based on sleek interface, UX, and cutting-edge features.

Furthermore, every website theme is readily responsive and mobile friendly supports modern browsers and SEO friendly. The amazing fact of this list is that most of the templates are powered by Bootstrap 4, optimized for W3C validated, blazing fast speed, well documented and comes attributed under Creative Common License. Let’s have your desired responsive Free Bootstrap themes in you bucket.

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Top 10 Free Bootstrap HTML Online Resume Templates To Build Professional & Simple Responsive CV Website

Resume / online CV / Portfolio / Professional vCard / personal curriculum vitae website is an awesome tool to impress the employers or recruiters remarkably. If you are here in search of professional online resume templates to be ahead of the job competition, you need look no further. In this roundup, I’ve created a handpicked collection of best free HTML & Bootstrap resume templates.

The free responsive portfolio website templates come packed with simple, intuitive, element, enchanting, mindblowing, SEO friendly, lightweight, fast loading, and ships packed with extraordinary design interface which helps you convince your interviews and give you an opportunity be get unbeaten priority in the applicant shortlist.

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