23 Bootstrap Studio Templates For Photography & Creative Studios

Bootstrap studio templates must always be able to bring the visuals to life. Big imageries and space for video content alone won’t do the job. Studio website templates must help the audience feel the art in your work. The smart and elegant designs of these studio templates will showcase your designs elegantly to the audience. Since most of these templates are made using the latest web development frameworks, swift animation effects are used. With these animation effects, your images look lively.

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37 Free Industrial Website Templates To Make A Global Reach In 2020

People used to produce goods and products in a small community, where growth and income are very limited. In order to meet the supply needs and global expansions, factories are made. The industrial revolution started after the development of the spinning machine by Sir Richard Arkwright in England. Hundreds of people work together to complete a product and effective transportations is used to reach the global market. Nowadays the internet has shrunk the world, global reach is made simple via social media and effective content. To stay innovative and help you reach more global audiences, these free industrial website templates will help you.

The first-ever factory in history was a shipping-factory in Venice, which almost had 1200 workers and will complete a ship in a day. Later, industrialists in several parts of the word used innovative methods in the factories to improve productivity, for example, moving ramps in Henry Ford’s assembly line factories; which is cost-effective and also improved productivity. At present, there are several computer programmed machines to increase productivity. If you are into innovative solutions, then these free industrial website templates will help you showcase your innovations and well-equipped factories.

This free industrial website templates list has:

  • manufacturing website templates
  • oil and gas website templates
  • mining website templates
  • steel company website templates and a lot more

take your time and pick the best template for your website.

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40 Best Free eCommerce Website Templates To Make Visitors Splurge More In 2020

Last year eCommerce made a whopping growth of $2.3 trillion and is expected to double in 2021. Many say that they use their smartphones to shop at least once a week. In such a competitive and steadily growing industry having an effective site is a must. These free eCommerce website templates will help you create a shopper-friendly online shopping eCommerce website.

eCommerce platform solely depends on the application and the websites, so making it effective is a must. Before getting into the list of free eCommerce website templates lets us see how to make an effective eCommerce website in the present year.

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23 School Management System Templates To Manage Student Data

School management systems are widely implemented in many schools and universities. Every year millions of students are enrolling in colleges and schools. In the US it is expected that nearly 15 million students will enroll in public colleges by the end of 2028. Managing all the students and academic activities will be a difficult task. During admission time teachers also have to work with the management team to complete the work within the time frame. Having a school management system will reduce the daily chores. Enrolling students and managing their data will be an easy job. You can also save lots of manpower. In this list, we have collected the best school management system templates that could make your school management work easier.

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blog website templates

30+ Best Premium & Responsive Blog Templates To Engage Creative Minds & Build Online Presence

A blog being an informational platform to publish and share your ideas and knowledge to a wider range of audience is now one of the major part of the World Wide Web. With more and more people opting to start their online journey, we can simply put blogs as the pillars of the internet. Today there are more blogs on the internet covering a wide variety of topics now more than ever. And with the growing popularity and usage, there are now tons of ways to start and manage a blog online. Hence, our list of the best possible blog templates based off HTML out there!

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30+ Bootstrap HTML5 Premium Real Estate Website Templates For Brokers, Agents, & Realtors 2020

With the increasing progress in technology, everything is getting more and more advanced day by day. Especially with the help of the internet, the life of the people are getting more easier. They can perform almost anything with the help of online sources like shopping, official payments, booking, reserving, learning, applying for jobs and so on. One of the other reason why people use the internet is to look at information on the things that interest them.

You can get information on anything on the internet nowadays. Each and every business niche has now moved on to digital business as well. This is why the people involved in real estate are taking their steps towards business online by creating their own business websites or landing pages. If you are a real estate manager and you want to grow your business from the online market, you must make sure that your website is packed with exciting features with a very beautiful design that can really make your website stand outside the crowd. So here is some premium real estate website template that will help you to boost your real estate business through your websites. However, if premium is not your cup of tea, you can very well start from a free template as well. If you want to check that out, click right here.

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bootstrap portfolio templates featured image

25 Visually Brilliant Bootstrap Portfolio Templates & WordPress Themes To Entice Targeted Users

Portfolios provide you with several opportunities to charm your customers and website viewers in a matter of seconds. The combination of absurdly creative portfolio designs, high-resolution images, and dedicated single portfolio pages serve as the perfect medium of self-advertisement without it ever feeling in-your-face or annoying. Today’s topic on UICookies tackles the issue of finding the best portfolio templates available on the market but with an important tag to take note of. This list only includes bootstrap portfolio templates and bootstrap WordPress themes; Of the highest caliber nonetheless!

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35 HTML Bootstrap Free Simple Website Templates For Blogs, CVs, Professional and Personal Websites

Website designs by no means have to highly complex and filled with intricate details. Sometimes it’s better to choose web templates that highlight your own blogs and content. Instead of promoting all the fancy elements, sometimes you’d like to use templates that put your own content in the center of the room. In a lot of cases using Free simple website template that provide an easy to use interface and comfortable experience to users is a much better choice.

Thus we at UiCookies have made a list of great free website templates you can use for your websites. These templates are extremely orderly and as clean as possible. They are free from clustered elements and items for your website. These templates can help you promote your own content and put it at the center of your website’s showcase.

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25 Engaging React Website Templates For Dynamic Websites and Web Application

React.js has changed the way we are using the website now. Without react.js, website interactions on mobile devices will be very tough. We have to keep on loading the pages to see the updates and actual counts. As all of you know, react.js is designed by Facebook engineers to fetch rapidly changing data without loading the page and improve user engagement. To date, the react.js is open-source and is maintained by Facebook. If you are planning to create a user interactive website that dynamically shows information, these react website templates will help you make one.

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35 Bootstrap Free Beautiful Website Templates For Every Website Category (Blogging, Business, Photography, eCommerce & More)

Most people are very intrigued by beautiful things because they catch their attention very fast. They even want all their belongings to look really nice. It is one of the most common human nature to select something based on the appearance at first. So, this trend has also had its fair share on people’s interest in technology with its increase in development. They want to own or get involved in technologies that are attractive to look at. It is one of the topmost priority for them most of the time. If it looks interesting to them, then only they will look forward to the features of it. And that is what we are focusing on today, so we have for you a list of the best free beautiful website template options. 

One of the most common areas where we see people’s interest based on beautiful looks are mobile phones and smartphones. They first check out whether it looks good or not. Then they look at its features only after they like its looks. Similarly, it’s the same case with the websites too. There are more chances of people viewing and scrolling down a website if it looks beautiful. So, everybody wants their websites to look attractive nowadays. A visually attractive website can bring more audience than a simple looking website.

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