20 Easy To Edit Publisher Websites Templates

For many bloggers, Microsoft products would have played a significant role in the initial stage. One of the most commonly used tools is MS Word and Microsoft Publisher. The biggest advantage of Microsoft Publisher is you can do more comprehensive template editing. Plus, the text editing features are far better when compared to the MS Word. The “Publish To Web” option helps users to publish their articles on their website with a push of a button. Once you setup the server connection, with a single click, you can post the article on your website.

Because of its comprehensive layout editing options, the Publisher tool is also used to create some simple web pages. For beginners, the MS Publisher tool would do the job. But, for more precise results, it is always recommended to use HTML editors for web designing. For those who are looking for publisher websites templates to make simple websites, the templates in this list could help you.

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20 Eloquent Website Header Design Templates To Make Strong First Impression

“You will never get a second chance to make a first impression” American actor Will Rogers’s famous quote. The quote applies to modern web designs as well. As current users are very fast and we’ve only a few seconds to grab their attention. Striking header design is a must for a website. The header must accomplish two crucial tasks; one is to clearly establish your brand and the other is to say how you can help them. You can either choose a simple straightforward approach or choose a creative approach to make a header. In this list, we’ve collected eloquent website header design templates to clearly communicate with your audience.

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20 Responsive HTML5 Templates For A Perfectly Tailored User Experience

After the launch of smartphones and iPads, the web design field has changed dramatically. As present-day people use different devices to access websites, websites need to be smart enough to fit on all types of devices. In the earlier time, developers used to maintain distinct sites for each and every platform and device, which involves lots of testing efforts. Since codes are forked differently by different developers, therefore there isn’t any universal standard. Responsive designs saw a major breakthrough when Twitter made its Bootstrap framework as an opensource platform. With the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, you can create a responsive website that easily fits on any modern device. The responsive HTML5 templates in this list will help you make perfectly tailored websites for all types of modern gadgets.

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20 Electrified Dynamic Website Templates To Attract Present-Day Users

Though static websites are easy to maintain, they are becoming rare nowadays. Simply showcasing your products on the website and asking the user to call and book order is a cavemen style now. Not only the product based websites but even business websites and blogs must need to be dynamic to meet present-day user needs. PHP and MySQL plays a significant role in the user-friendly dynamic website design. When you hear PHP and MySQL websites, the first thing that might strike in your mind is WordPress. Yes, the world-famous CMS platform helps you make dynamic websites effortlessly. We have mostly listed WordPress dynamic website templates because of the familiarity and ease of use.

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20 Materialize Templates To Make Website That Ages Well

Material design is the best option if you want to create a user-friendly website. All the elements and layouts are designed by keeping user interactions at the core. No matter on what device you are using, the material design will deliver a better user experience when compared to other designs. Since this design is inspired by the physical world elements, you get a more natural look. In this materialize templates list, you get both simple material designs and sophisticated designs. Professional designers and developers have designed these templates. Hence, you can simply pick the template you like and make a pixel-perfect design without spending much time.

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12 Efficient Property Management WordPress Website Templates To Get Your Business To The Next Level

Online presence can do wonders for your businesses, and with the relevancy of more and more online sites set up each day, you cannot say otherwise. Whether you are a business owner, enthusiast about anything, freelancer of any kind or any creative indivisual as a whole, a website to explore your field of interest while luring in more exposure to you and your business is a must. And that is why, we are here yet again today to get you started right off the bat without any previous experience with codes. Thanks to the contribution of various professional developers and designers today creating a functional business or personal site is a breeze. And to make the process even quicker, today we will be dwelling into the specific niche off the best property management website template options out there!

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20 Basic HTML Templates – All That You Would Ever Need

Designing a website or an application is no longer a simple job (it has never been). It would be even more complex in the upcoming years. Instead of simply saying brand stories, we’ve to make BELIEVABLE brand stories. Designs have to even more authentic and cause-based to easily connect with the audience. Being designers and web developers, yes, we’ve to take a lot more caffeine to meet our client’s creative needs. Between all these busy schedules, we can’t spend time on making regular elements. If we can skip the basic chores, we can increase our productivity. We’ve collected basic HTML templates with all types of trendy designs to help you easily make your initial design. Once you have finished the initial designs, you can concentrate on improvising the design.

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20 Smart Academic Websites Templates Designed For Modern Educational Systems

The reason why I said smart academic websites templates is it has built-in automation functions. Academic and educational websites can not be the same simple websites as before. As the number of students is growing every year, mundane tasks must be automated to manage other tasks easily. Most academic website templates in this list have a learning management system pre-integrated into them. Managing courses and student activity will be an easy job. To make your job, even more, simpler, we have included some WordPress website templates as well.

Those who want ready-made solutions and want to launch the website as soon as they install the template, better for the WordPress website template. Detailed single course pages are given so that you can easily explain your course features to your audience. Video contents can be managed easily in these HTML5 academic websites templates.

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20 Database Website Templates To Make Valuable Directory Websites

In the early internet era, database websites or directory websites were very influential. Google algorithm at that time gives more value to the websites that have links on directory/database websites. But now the Google algorithm has evolved a lot. A link from a directory website that simply lists the websites isn’t considered as a valuable link by Google bots. Links from directories with proper reviews, user interactions, and high-level of traffic are valued by the Google bots. For example, the Yelp website, with more than 170+ million reviews and 69 million monthly active users it remains the best site for local businesses. Making an SEO friendly database website will not only improve your income but also helps the websites in your listing to get good results. In this list, we’ve collected database website templates that follow modern trends as mentioned above so that you can make a valuable director/database website.

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20 Bootstrap Studio Templates For Photography & Creative Studios

Bootstrap studio templates must always be able to bring the visuals to life. Big imageries and space for video content alone won’t do the job. Studio website templates must help the audience feel the art in your work. The smart and elegant designs of these studio templates will showcase your designs elegantly to the audience. Since most of these templates are made using the latest web development frameworks, swift animation effects are used. With these animation effects, your images look lively.

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