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22 WordPress Golf Themes For Swanky Golf Clubs 2022

Golf is an expensive sport. Many big business deals are closed on the golf ground. Making a website for your golf club must show the luxury and the features a user gets for the money they spend. If you are planning to revamp your old golf website or make a new website for your golf club, these WordPress golf themes will reflect the expensive nature of your club.

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music studio wordpress templates

15 Best WordPress Music Studio Website Templates For Musicians, Record Labels, Producers 2022

With the new and advanced forms of music creation and development every day, standing out from the crowd is complicated. Tons of amazing discoveries each day, and with a huge crowd of artists and creative individuals discovered, today we bring the solution to your queries. Aiming for more exposure and larger range of audience, we have enlisted a premium collection of music studio website template. These are great for those who wish to make an impactful first impression with minimal effort. Great for even beginners and novices, you do not need any experience with designing or coding. The great thing here is that each of the options below offers a unique sense of style and a list of features.

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10 Best WordPress Auction Website Templates For Selling, Buying & Bidding 2022

Let’s be honest. In this day and age, you can pretty much buy, sell, market and resell anything out there on the internet. Whether it is materials like cars, bikes, jeweleries, or real estates like lands, apartments, buildings, you can pretty much find options for it everywhere. Even if you are searching for service providers, the options online are limitless. Thus, this niche of websites are now all the rage. And even amongst these, the most profitable and popular of all is surely the reselling, auctioning and bidding websites. So much so, that even regular eCommerce stores has now also encorporated the options to enable bidding and auctioning for items that the sellers want. And that is exactly what we are diving into today! Our pick of the best possible WordPress auction website template options out there.

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25 Best Creative Multipurpose Website Templates & WordPress Themes 2022

The great thing about using a lot of premium WordPress themes and Site templates is the sheer number of features packed into it. These templates are designed to be versatile and flexible. You can blog on them, manage an eShop, market your products, create a social platform, and more; These templates let you do it all, on a single platform. Essentially, if you want to cover all grounds when it comes to online content, using multipurpose website templates can be a great idea.

But the sheer number of multipurpose website templates available on the market is just staggering. Our viewers might just get confused if they were to search them up on ThemeForest at this very instance. With thousands of premium multipurpose website templates competing with each other, making a choice can be quite tough. So, to help our readers out, we’ve compiled this short list of the best Multipurpose website templates. These templates have been added on this list based on the sheer number of features they provide. Wide range of demos, customization options, ease of use, and more; We’ve checked out multiple parameters to find you the best templates available on the market.

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25 Amazing Free Bootstrap eCommerce Website Template Options For 2022

It is no doubt, that we are living in the age of digitalization. And e-commerce has been an inseparable aspect of it. And no wonder, e-commerce has transformed our lives. Our shopping habits back up this statement. People prefer online shopping rather than visiting the stores or shops personally. Most of people have already transformed their physical shops into online stores. Creating a website for your online store to lure customers and generate huge revenues has a great appeal. After all, E-commerce is not a joke. But as we have mentioned, with the advancements in the recent years, it is no longer something reserved for only the experts. You no longer need to spend a ton of amount and effort to create the perfect platform. free bootstrap eCommerce website template designed for the purpose takes care of it all.

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40 Best Free and Premium Real Estate Website Templates For Realtors 2022

79% of real estate brokers and managers have a company website. In social media, the most active business category is real estate. On average real estate companies post 19.21 posts per week. Now you understand the competition level in the real estate field. Making a website for such a competitive industry is not simple. They need to meet the present-day user needs and also focus on property promotion and conversion rate. These free real estate website templates have a modern design and also helps you sell more properties.

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25 Thespiatic Actor Website Templates (HTML & WordPress)

Making a website for actors is quite different from other personal websites. The actor website must be able to express the talent of the actor and must have an artistic touch. In this actor website templates list, we have collected both WordPress and HTML website templates. The WordPress website template will give you more dynamic functions and updating content in it is also easy. While the HTML template gives you peace of mind, you don’t have to worry about updating it once you set up the website. Whether you are looking for a simple and easy, maintain website design or a dynamic and expressive website design, this actor website templates list has a design.

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46 Best Free & Premium Travel Website Templates 2022

Travel websites are like photography website templates, the more you add original images the more your credibility grows. Just like the restaurant website template, people must be able to see the uniqueness of your services and the booking form must be placed in an easily accessible spot. To make your job simpler we have collected the free travel website templates that almost follow the basic traits of a travel website template. All you need is to select the template, add your content, and launch your site.

If you are an agency the important thing you must see in a free travel website templates are service sections, reservation forms, and of course gallery section. In this free travel website templates list, we have collected both one-page and multi-page templates. If you are offering many services and packages it is wise to go for a multi-page template.

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30 Free Under Construction Website Templates 2022

Revamping and updating your websites every once in a while is something we all do to meet the latest standard. Whether you are changing themes, or redecorating and updating the entire site, keeping it up to date is a major task. But leaving your visitors unattended with errors or not found page can lead you to huge disadvantages. Without an explanation, you will surely lose their interest as they will be looking elsewhere for answers. This is why it is of utmost importance that you let everyone know what your site is going through and when will it be live next. This ensures that your users know exactly when to find you next and will await the upcoming updates. A glimpse of your work progress can lead you to a long way. This is where powerful and creative under construction website template options come in handy.

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30 Best Free Bootstrap Footer Examples 2022

We spend hours discussing and developing a unique design for our websites. One of the important sections we overlook in most websites is the footer sections. While designing the header section we have lots of ideas, we can use big hero images, videos, and sliders to get user attention. But when it comes to the footer our ideas are mostly blank. Your footer design ideas don’t have to be blank anymore, we have collected some interesting bootstrap footer examples in this list to unlock your creativity.

A header section generally introduces you or your services to the users in a website. While the footer section helps the user to understand more about your company or business. Now the designers are logically using designs to give users a better experience. For example, on a hospital website, the footer section will show important details like emergency numbers and opening hours.

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25 Best Hotel Website Template To Attract More Visitors, Booking & Reservations

If you are involved in hotels and resort business, you know how tough the competition is. There are possibly thousands of other competitors who have raised the bars for the clients with amazing services. Alongside customer services, there is no denying that marketing and promotion makes a huge difference. But that’s certainly not enough to own a successful business. So an online website to attract more customers and clients is a necessity. It works not only as a platform to showcase your hotels and resorts but you can make it useful for online booking and reservation services as well. And today for our readers, we have made a list of the Best Premium Hotel Website Template options out there!

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35 Easy To Customize Free MailChimp Email Templates 2022

Email marketing is an evergreen marketing strategy. Still, the return on investment (ROI) is higher in email marketing when compared to other types of marketing like social media marketing. There are several email automation tools out there to help you, MailChimp is the most famous and go-to option for both beginners and professionals. MailChimp not only gives you a free plan but also free templates to help you. If you are an insatiable person and loves to create a custom one for you, these free MailChimp email templates will help you create one easily.

Free MailChimp email templates from MailChimp can be edited easily using the drag and drop builder provided by MailChimp. The free template collection has email designs for almost all common use, but MailChimp also provides you the option to upload a custom HTML template if you want.

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19 WordPress Wiki & Knowledge Base Themes 2022

Collection of the best knowledge base and WordPress wiki themes you can use in 2022.

Nearly half of the world population now has access to the internet connection. Right from simple computer tutorials to complex electronics tutorials are viewed by thousands of users in a single day. On average, a single person does three to four searches per day and most of them are through smartphones. Hence making your wiki website mobile responsive is a must to give a better experience to the users. If you are building a knowledge base for your product or making a directory of useful information, these WordPress wiki themes will help you.

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30 Free Simple CSS Website Templates 2022

A website has become one of the integral aspects of business today. Be it a small agency or a big corporation, educational institution or a restaurant having a website is very important in today’s digital world. A website increases your online presence, it helps you grow your business in the long run. But that does not mean only having a website will boost your revenue. For that, you need a website that is not just visually alluring but fully functional.

And like the saying goes, “Sometimes less is more”, keeping your website clean and minimal can be very beneficial. A simple website with less fancy stuff means your site’s blazing loading speed, which consequently provides the best user experience to your visitors. Also, the simplicity of the site results in fewer distractions. Thus, it helps attract more visitors to your website, promote your services to them in the simplest way, and keep them engaged for a longer time.

And the good news is creating a simple yet engaging website is possible without spending a single penny. Yes, there is a wide range of free CSS website templates easily available that you can use to create one. However, selecting the one that best fits your requirement out of the pool of outstanding yet free simple CSS website templates can be daunting. So, to provide you with the helping hand and cut off the time and effort you would have to invest in searching for the best template, here’s the list of free simple website templates to craft clean and minimal yet powerful websites in no time.

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templates with video background

25 Bootstrap Website Templates With Video Background To Keep Users Engaged

A great way to ensure that your viewers are interested in your website is to attract their attention right from the get-go. Amazing and unique website designs, impressive user interface and various graphical visuals are great items to use. For this purpose, bootstrap template builders create dynamic and breathtaking Header designs. Many of them also create bootstrap website templates with Video background and even combine the two features to supplement this.

Video background headers hold a wide range of purposes. They can preview some of your products and how they work or demo your content. Animated videos can help artists preview their work to any of their viewers. Software companies and their websites use video backgrounds to show how their software is used in a presentable fashion. Landing pages and Coming soon pages prominently feature Video backgrounds for product promotion. The number of uses video background templates seem innumerable.

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