20 Envelope Mockups For All Occasions And Purposes

Envelopes are a part of the packaging and postal services from ancient time. Based on the type of content, the envelope design varies. From the envelope design itself, the recipient can get a rough idea of the content inside it. Another advantage is the paper envelope is they are available in different sizes. If you are making striking wonderful envelope designs for invitation cards, businesses, or for general purpose, these envelope mockups will come in handy for you.

Printing technology and postal services were not that reliable in the olden time. People use a double envelope to make sure that the contents on the card or the paper are not affected. Wax seals are used to secure the package and also add an identity. Some of the envelope mockups have elements like wax seals in its design to help you give a personalized look.

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20 Billboard Mockups To Showcase Your Head-Turning Designs

When it comes to designing billboards, the sky is the limit for your creativity. Designers use their creative ideas to get the user attention on the busy street. If you are designing such creative head-turning billboard designs, these billboard mockups will give life to your design.

Previously only words and creative arts are used in the billboards and poster designing. Now we have digital boards, with which you can create interactive ad designs. Big brands now use sensors along with the billboard to create interactive ad campaigns. For example, Reebok has placed a bundle of new shoes inside a glass billboard box, which is connected to a speed detector. When the people manage to run to the specified speed, the box opens and they get a new pair of shoes. This is one smart way of running an interactive ad campaign, you can check the video here.

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20 Book Mockups For All Types Of Book Covers

Nearly 40% of the Americans read printed books exclusively and only 6% of the US people are digital-only book readers. No matter how quality your device screen is it can’t replace the original book reading experience. Famous motivational speaker Simon Sinek has added a special scent to his book “Together is Better”. The scent can be felt only with a hard copy, not in the digital form. If you are designing some interesting head-turning design for your book, these book mockups will help you present your design elegantly to the users.

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20 Highly Customizable Spiral Notebook Mockups

Spiral notebooks are one of the favorite stationeries for journalists, people who always take notes, and artists. If you are a DIY lover you can create your own custom spiral notebook that reflects your personality. All you need is a bunch of properly punched papers and a spiral binding coil. You can add as much paper as you want and can choose any spiral coil color. If you are designing your own custom spiral notebooks and love to share or to sell them, these spiral notebook mockups will come in handy for you.

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20 Designer-Friendly Invitation Mockups

Invitations are there in the practice from very old time. Before the invention of printing equipment, monks with calligraphy skill used to handwrite the invitations. Later lithographic methods and engraving methods are used to print hundreds of invitations at a time. In modern times we can create beautiful calligraphy style invitations with computer printers. If you are designing such beautiful invitations, you can use these designer-friendly mockups to showcase your designs.

Minimalistic designs are not only a trend in web design and app design, but it is also a trend in invitation designing. The invitation mockups in this list have high-quality images with realistic textures so that your minimalistic design can felt for real by the audience.

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25 Best Premium & Responsive Blog Templates Suited For All Niches

A blog being an informational platform to publish and share your ideas and knowledge to a wider range of audience is now one of the major part of the World Wide Web. With more and more people opting to start their online journey, we can simply put blogs as the pillars of the internet. Today there are more blogs on the internet covering a wide variety of topics now more than ever. And with the growing popularity and usage, there are now tons of ways to start and manage a blog online.

According to various researches done over the years, blogs have also become one of the popular content marketing strategies. And by 2018, the percentage of people and companies using their online blogging platform as a way of marketing and promoting has increased to a substantial amount. Even the buyers or potential customers researching the product and services before investing rely on blogs, e-books as well as third-party analysis reports online. Another similar research also shows that over 6.7 million people publish posts on a blogging website on a regular basis and over 2 million blogs are published each and every day. And as we have it, Blogging continues to make an impact on the digital landscape more and more each day.

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20 Magazine Mockups For Niche Specific Magazine Designs

“Digital killed the magazine industry”, really!? The answer is no. Cygnus Business Media CEO Jhon French has noted an interesting behavior. People in the age group of 20 to 30 years are showing interest in reading magazines than ever before. Especially the independent and niche related magazines are loved by the people in the age group mentioned above. If you are making a magazine design, especially for the mass audience in the age group mentioned above; these trendy looking magazine mockups will come in handy for you.

The sudden surge in the magazine readers rate is related to several factors. One of the most important factors is that people are aware that false and fake news are spreading fast in social and other digital media. For example, several problems faced by Facebook in the past few months show the trustworthiness of the contents we see and share. Readers are now ready to pay for original and trustworthy contents. Niche-specific magazine with authentic details and articles written by field experts is gaining momentum among readers. When authentic details are combined with visually striking designs you can grow your reader count. These magazine mockups will help you showcase beautiful and lively design of yours.

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20 Ready To Use Logo Mockups For Logo Designers

People nowadays go to a free logo creating websites, put some shapes or vectors and add their company name. Those who are following this path is clearly destroying their company future. A logo is a part of the company’s marketing arsenal, which represents your company 24X7, even in the places you can’t even imagine. Taking an expert solution is a wise thing to do. When a customer comes to a professional logo designer like you, you will need these logo mockups to present your designs elegantly to the customer.

The first-thing every professional logo designer keep in their mind is “keep it simple”. Logos are something which will be used in different parts like billboards, packagings, watermarks, ad banners, and the list goes on. No matter how many tortures you do to your logo, it must withstand everything and represent your company. The logo mockups in this list give you different types of textures and materials, with which you can clearly show how your logo look in day to day life.

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25+ Stunning Premium HTML5 Bootstrap Restaurant Website Templates 2018

If you own a restaurant, cafe’s, bars or any other businesses, the best way to keep the business going is surely the quality service you provide. We have mentioned this over and again before in our article about business website templates! But that is not enough! With more and more creative and innovative ideas brought to reality, there is a huge competition in the market. But along with it, there are also lots of potential customers out there looking for something to soothe their taste buds!

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20 Vintage And Modern Sign Mockups For Commercial Stores

Signboards are a part of marketing right from the ancient period. The signs not only help you reach a mass audience but also help the people to identify and reach you. Signboards are not only used for commercial use but also used by government organizations to show about a place and also to show directions. If you are in search of good quality mockups for your stores or to help people, these sign mockups will help you.

In the 16th-century exterior signboards were a prominent feature in London streets. Store owners used different types of signboards to get people attention on the street. Later creative part also joined in the signboard design to make the stores stand out from the rest. As signboards are getting bigger at that time, so governments have to make regulations on the size of the signboards in front of the store. After that, we got flat signboards on the walls and in storefront glasses. In this list of sign mockups, we have managed to collect some of the most commonly used signboards. Hence, you can use it for all types of business.

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