19 Easy To Integrate Shopify Subscription Themes

Irrespective of the sector, almost all companies are moving towards the subscription model. The biggest advantage is you get a regular flow of income in the subscription model. When Adobe moved from the traditional cost per product pricing model to the subscription model, everyone was skeptical about the success. But, the end result was amazing. After implementing the subscription model, Adobe was able to streamline the income flow and also able to bring big improvements to its software lineup. If you are also planning to bring a subscription model to your business to your Shopify website, these Shopify subscription themes will come in handy for you.

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20 Shopify Marketplace Apps For Easier Multi-Channel Retailing

Research states that 76% of customers use multiple channels in their shopping journey. As eCommerce is seeing triple-digit growth every year, making your product available in all the touchpoints of the customer shopping journey becomes important. Most eCommerce store owners come in with a single channel marketing strategy, but as time goes they will understand the need for multi-channel retailing. If you are owning a Shopify store and planning to sell your products in different marketplaces, these Shopify Marketplace apps will make your job easy.

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25+ Best Podcast Website templates and WordPress Themes To Engage & Increase Listeners

Podcasting is becoming more and more popular these days. With the advent of audio and video podcasting, people are enjoying listening to their favorite podcasts both in their free time or while multitasking. Thus, if you are a podcaster yourself, you definitely need a website to aggregate all your podcasts videos and publish them onto a single, well accessible platform. Depending on web services like Soundcloud, Spotify, and Youtube just don’t seem enough these days. Thus it makes sense to make use of well-built podcast website templates.

Podcast website templates are dedicated website template that helps you publish your podcasts and enable your podcasts better. Integrate multiple services onto your podcasts, such as social media sharing, blogs, merchandise sharing, and much more. It’s all about keeping all possible avenues. Therefore, UI Cookies presents you this nifty article on the best podcast website templates available on the market for you. We’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of both WordPress and HTML podcast website templates. These website templates are quite diverse and are useable for various purposes such as audio blogging, church sermons, video publishing, and more. Feel free to choose your pick from this vast list and if you feel like it, comment about them. Moreover, if you have any noteworthy additions to this list, don’t shy away from listing them out in our comments section!

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25+ Best Selling Bootstrap Hosting Templates To Attract Website Owners

We aim to always provide the best possible options for our users readers and help them find exactly what they are looking for. And today we have in line for you, the best premium Bootstrap Hosting Template options available out there. While creating an entirety of fully functional website from scratch might sound intimidating, these templates will give you a head start with any of your existing or future website project. Keeping in mind that your users will need more than just an appealing interface, we have made sure to include templates that comes with an array of useful features.

From powerful Bootstrap framework, to the advanced CSS and HTML code structures, these templates are all truly unique and efficient. Ideal for any type of hosting you offer, whether it is shared, dedicated or cloud, these are all very flexible and versatile. And to broaden the horizon of flexibility even more, today we have listed both WordPress Hosting Themes as well as Bootstrap Hosting templates. So enjoy our list of hand-picked template collection and take your business to the next level today!

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15 Shopify Bookstore Themes To Attract Millennial Readers

Technology has evolved a lot and it has changed almost everything. The way we communicate, we dress, we eat, and even the way we read has changed. Yes, am talking about eBooks. eBooks didn’t have a big audience base until 2018. In 2016, there were 26% eBook readers in the US and in 2018, it had grown to 34%. Most of the readers are in the age group of 18 to 29 years, obviously, they fall under the Millenials category. If you are planning to run an eBook store or sell an eBook version of your book on your website, these Shopify bookstore themes will help you make a captivating website for your target audience.

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19 Single Product Shopify Themes With Effective Storytelling Design

Running a single product store is less cumbersome when compared to running a store with multiple products. If you are planning to run an online store as a part-time business, a single product store is a good idea. You can concentrate more on the product with the time you have. Plus, you can also concentrate more on your marketing without any distractions. The dropshipping business model is becoming popular among new entrepreneurs who want to break into eCommerce. Because of the less capital investment and as you don’t have to keep track of your inventory, the dropshipping model is gaining momentum. Whether you are making a Shopify website for your product or dropshipping business, these single product Shopify themes will come in handy for you.

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20+ Awesome DJ Website Templates For Beat Producers, Event Management and Music Websites

Today we have a collection of awesome premium DJ website template for our users. And if you are a musician, band member, artist, own a recording studio, production company or simply a DJ, you have come to the right place! From a collection of hundreds and hundreds of options out there, we have hand-picked the specific ones out just for you! And if you don’t think we have taken care of every little details, then let’s take a closer look at what we kept in mind while selecting each theme and templates! From broadcasting contents, to amazing visuals, to powerful structure all of these are surely worth a try!

Purpose Oriented features: For music based websites, the one thing that is extremely necessary is a fully functioning music player, option to create and share playlist and not to mention highlight the featured content in an attractive manner. Thus, our collection today all has a set of unique features whether it is creative Sliders and Banners, variation of music players, playlist options and more incorporated.

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40 Free Bootstrap Portfolio Templates To Spellbound Your Clients

Portfolios say who we are and what we have achieved. Showing your best of the best works will help your client understand the quality of your work and experience. Portfolios are an important factor for freelancers, content creators, and graphic designers. There are many online tools and sites that allow you to create a profile and add your portfolio, but they have limitations. For beginners, portfolio sites and online tools will be more than enough. But for a professional approach, owning a personal website will give you a notch over your fellow competitors. Here in this list, we have collected free Bootstrap portfolio templates with the most modern design.

These free Bootstrap portfolio templates are designed intuitively to get user attention and make them stay on your site. Since it is an HTML template the installation and site maintenance are completely differ from Content Management System (CMS) platforms like WordPress. If you are a developer you can use these free Bootstrap portfolio templates for your projects.

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30+ Free Bootstrap Based IT/Software Company Website Templates for 2019

Having a professionally built and creatively designed website to represent you and your business has tons of advantages. So much so that you might no realize that it holds more that you can imagine. While it serves as an alternative for users to know more about your services, the additional features you add will also add the effectiveness. In addition to this, it is also a proven fact that more people tend to visit a website of a page before actually being there in person. While these are only some of the benefits of owning a professional website, there is no denying that an online profile or online platform is of utmost importance when it comes to all niche of business. So today, we present our users with a variety of hand-picked free IT/Software company website template options.

If you are one from the IT business, then you probably know why you need to create a website worth visiting. And keeping those exact things in mind, we have picked out only the best to suit your professional standards so you don’t have to. Now, talking about creating a website is definitely a huge task. Although it used to be reserved for professionals and experts, it’s no longer the same case anymore. That’s right, with tons of amazing website templates designed and styled to serve the purpose of providing you with an easy way out, you can too join the online entrepreneurship today!

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21 Sharp Looking Shopify Bootstrap Themes

Bootstrap become the default standard for websites. The ease of development and the flexible nature of the bootstrap makes it a go-to option for many developers. Gradually eCommerce stores also took advantage of the bootstrap due to the increased used of mobile devices among present-day users. Even though many online stores have their own mobile applications, new users won’t install an app straightaway. Thus having a mobile responsive and fluid website becomes an inevitable option for the store owners. In this list, we have collected sharp-looking Shopify bootstrap themes with friendly options.

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