25 Mesmerizing Church Website Templates for Ministry and Outreach for 2018

It is no secret that technologies and digitalization are taking over almost every niche of service providers as well as the market for everything. And in this scenario, online websites have made a place for themselves as one of the major and necessary tools for promoting and reaching out to a global audience. Moreover, promoting a specific belief or making a statement is more effective and convincing when delivered in a wider range of people.

Thus, even religious edifices have opted to take the step further advancing to the trend of owning a website. Reaching out to more followers willing to listen, spreading their messages, more and more websites are created every day. You can reach more people who are willing to get a glimpse of your church, publish sermons, share messages of the holy spirit, gospels and grow your community even more. But that is not the only benefit, with easier access to features, you can also accept donations, schedule events and update any users of latest additions or community news.

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30 Best Responsive HTML5 Fitness & Gym Website Templates for 2018

Fitness and health have become one of the major aspects of concern nowadays. With new ideas and evolution in the sector of living healthy, and exercising, there is now the unlimited possibility of what we can do. And the best part about being in this digitalized era is that you have access to almost everything online.

That’s right, now there is no need to wait for health tips, gym memberships, reserve and book for personal trainers or even shop for gym equipment the old-fashioned way. Because a simple solution has taken over the mainstream way of doing so! A  simple effective and appealing Fitness and Gym website that allows you easy access to all of these.

So today we have prepared a list of the Best Premium HTML5 gym website templates that make the process of setting up a website super-easy! Each of the templates that we have chosen features exclusive, responsive and stunning design as well as plenty of awesome elements you can choose from! Simplifying the whole process, take a look at our list of the Best Premium HTML5 fitness website templates down below! We have also included a few of multi-purpose business website templates as well that you can use for the similar purpose. So feel free to browse through and find the one that suits your needs best!

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30 Creative Premium HTML5 Construction Website Templates 2018

When it comes to being competitive and making a place for your own in the online world today, having a business website no matter what niche you deal with is a must. Big or small any businesses now have ensured that they have their foot in the cyberspace. And you find it all- restaurants, corporates, online shops, educations, everything online in a matter of seconds. With an ease of access and with a lot to offer, these online platforms are now the major element of any business.

And the construction companies are surely not an exception. Much like the others, construction companies rely heavily on their official sites to reach out to a wider range of clients and projects. Even at this exact moment, there are thousands of construction and industrial websites out there who have already managed to take that step further. So if you are in the business, why wait? Start up your very own construction business website offer your services to potential projects and clients from your firm with ease.

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20 Must-Have iMac Mockups For Designers 2018

There is nothing like having a 5k iMac screen on your desk. The all in one design makes your desk clutter free from the wires and gives you plenty of desk space. Engineers at Apple has made the machine minimal and it gives an artistic touch to your workspace. In this list, we have collected some of the best iMac Mockups to reduce your presentation and design showcase work.

As of now, in every Apple product lineup, consumers most favorite color is the space grey. With the iMac Pro, we get the space grey color, but the regular iMacs still have the aluminum look. In this list, we have also included the iMac Pro mockup for those who love the space grey color. The razor-sharp edges with the wedge-shaped design give a powerful machine in an elegant form factor. When it comes to the screen, there is nothing like the iMac’s 5K retina display. Colors and the details can be seen clearly on the screen. The iMac mockups on this list show the screen clearly and your content can also be seen neatly. All you have to do is to add your contents and showcase your inspiring designs with your audience.

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20 iPhone Mockups For All iPhone Models Till Date

For the past few years, the iPhone design remains the same. Last year we got the new all edge to edge screen design with a notch. Now we have the plus size phones as well, so technically there are four types of iPhone designs. In this list of iPhone mockups, we have managed to collect the mockup of all the designs.

With the introduction of cheaper iPhone XR, it is clear that the notch screen design is going to be the design standard for the next few years. But still, there are millions of customers who are comfortable in owning the big chin previous generation phones. If you are an app developer, you have to consider both types of audience. In this list, we have included iPhone mockups for all the famous sizes so that you can showcase your designs elegantly.

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20 MacBook Mockups To Elegantly Present Your Designs

Apple has a wide range of MacBooks that fit the needs and budgets of all people. Currently, we have the new MacBook Air with retina display, old MacBook Air, MacBook, and MacBook Pros with touch bar and without touch bar. If you are looking for high-quality mockups for all these MacBook models, this MacBook mockups list will help you.

The design engineers in Apple always give an artistic touch to their products. This artistic touch gives a fresh look to our digital products, websites, and applications. Even if you are a case or accessory manufacturer for MacBooks, these mockups will help you give a natural look to your product.

In this MacBook mockups list, you will not only find the device mockups but you will also see the workspace mockup to give a realistic view. As these are all premium mockups you needn’t worry about the quality and the ease of use. All you have to is to replace the layers with your objects and elements. In order to give you more options and also to save your time, we have collected mockups for the most used 13-inch, 15-inch, and 12-inch screen sizes.

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25+ Amazing HTML Education Website Templates for Schools, College and Universities

According to different researches done over the years, owning a website makes any business sky-rocket! Instead of waiting in a queue to get things done, and having an easier access to the services is something that we would obviously opt for. Not only this but owning a website also provides an outlet to share information and details in a much easier and effective way. However, the trend of setting up a website is now not only limited to the business based websites or eCommerce websites.

While the internet now has the ability to make everything possible, more and more people now have chosen to establish an online website. And this includes a rise in institutional websites as well. With an influence of E-learning taking over the mainstream educational platform, many College & Universities now use an online platform to provide students with more than just educational materials.

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27 Easy To Use Free Countdown Timers With Cool Effects 2018

Visual effects and animation effects have become a part of the web design. Developers use these animation effects to create engaging contents. Marketers are very keen in using these effects to get a better product reach and good conversion rate. Countdown timers are one such element which is used to create a sense of urgency when the users land on the page. In this list, we have collected the best free countdown timers with cool effects.

You might have seen countdown timers mostly used in e-commerce websites and event websites. In e-commerce websites, the countdown timers are used just near the special offers to make the user feel the scarcity of the product. This marketing trick mostly works on the customers with a dilemma, whether or not to buy a product. Product launch and events are the second most common places where the countdown timers used the most. Many creative startups have used inspiring coming soon page design to get leads even before they start.

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27 Free Bootstrap Admin Templates That Saves Your Money And Time

Bootstrap admin templates are high on demand in the market. They are easy to use and all the basic web standards will be taken care of by the template creator. In this list, we have collected the best free Bootstrap admin template that saves you money and time.

Some creators of this template have shared the complete downloadable files, which you can incorporate into your existing projects easily. Either if you are starting a project from scratch or about to revamp your web application, these free Bootstrap admin templates will come in handy for you. As most of the free Bootstrap admin templates in this list uses the latest version of the framework you can integrate them easily with the latest tools and platforms easily.

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25 Free Bootstrap Hospital Templates With Patient-Centric Design 2018

There are many free Bootstrap hospital templates out there in the market. All have a full-width layout, big images and web elements spread all over the pages. But if you are looking to make a hospital website with patient-centric design, where all the elements are placed in the most appropriate position. These handpicked free Bootstrap hospital templates will help you.

In most templates, you get a beautiful web design but not a properly designed template for that particular niche. Most top brands not simply design their website, they incorporate a strategy along with the design; the strategy that will lead to their goal. For example, Ann & Robert H.Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago, not only provide health care service to the children but also collect donations to help them.

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