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20 Brilliantly Designed Photo Gallery Website Template & WordPress Themes To Appeal To Your Audience At First Glance

Today at uiCookies, we have gathered the best possible options you can find for photo gallery website template and WordPress themes. These are best suited for photographers, creative personnel, digital influencers, illustrators and designers to showcase their work. Responsiveness and pixel perfect graphics are the highlights here with all the options. Not only this, but each and every one of these templates has an exceptionally designed gallery, sliders and other unique features that will help you get the best of an online website. In addition to this, we have carefully hand-picked the ones that are most versatile and highly customizable as well as beginner-friendly.

While this is not the first list of the photo gallery website templates we have in line for you, we have made an exception here by also adding a list of premium WordPress themes. So feel free to browse through these options, and if you like you can also find the list of free photo gallery website template options that are just as great as this right here. Taking a step towards showcasing your work of art while capturing your viewers attention has never been so easy! Pre-packed with all the awesome features that help with the overall outlook, get the perfect site up and ready within a matter of minutes.

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20 Music Website Template & WordPress Themes For Easy Event & Playlist Management

An online website is not always limited to a single purpose. And now that more and more people are taking their business online there are possibly thousands of websites out there. It has been a great outlet for creative people to share their work, while some use it as a perfect means to organize and manage their businesses. Some wish to channel their inner artists whether through blogs, arts, music and more to their audiences through their site. And today, we wanted to dwell into something that reaches out both into the business and artistry. Music and event mnagement. Since both of these go hand in hand especially with musicians and artists constantly performing concerts and events, we have a made a list of best HTML Music Website Template that fit both the niche.

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20 Personal Branding WordPress Themes To Shape Up Your Online Image

Personal branding is crucial for any professionals. Marketing yourself and your career as a brand helps you find new opportunities. 93% of employers said they search their applicants’ social media profile during the interview process. We can’t scrub the entire internet to change our online image. But, we can change what people see about us on the internet. Personal branding websites play a crucial part in shaping up your online image. For example, when people search your name in Google, your personal brand website will come first (if you use your own name as your website domain, chances will be more). As usual, people will click the first result in the search and you can market yourself on your website. In this list, we have collected powerful personal branding WordPress theme to shape your online image.

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20 Online Course WordPress Themes To Easily Manage Courses And Users

eLearning is a fast growing industry and is estimated to grow to $325 billion by 2025. That is a huge market and is constantly growing. Modern users love to find quality actionable contents that they can do by themselves. Not only students but the working professionals are also investing in learning new skills to stay updated. If you are planning to make a website for such a competitive field and hungry audience, this online course WordPress theme collection will help you.

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25 Best Hand-Picked List Of Free HTML Website Templates For Every Niche (Blog, Portfolio, Business, Shop & More) 2019

It is the age of technologies and internet so if you haven’t yet jumped on with the trend, what are you waiting for? If your answer is the right website template, then consider your problem solved! Today here at UiCookies, we are here with our hand-picked collection of the best Free HTML website templates available out there. And the best part is, we have covered each and every niche of websites. From multipurpose, business, eCommerce and even to blogs and portfolios, we have it all. However, if you are looking for one particular niche, feel free to check out our blog for more of our collections of premium and free website templates, CSS templates and WordPress themes. But without further ado, let’s get onto our list today.

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16 Pest Control WordPress Themes To Give Worry-Free Experience To The Users

In our day to day busy life, taking care of our home is quite a difficult task. Even though we do regular cleaning and maintenance, we have to deal with pests now and then. Hiring a professional pest control service saves our time. Plus, we might get a better result than handling the pests by ourselves. If you are running a pest control service then these pest control WordPress themes will help you showcase your specialties and let the user easily contact you.

Most pest control service providers schedule their plan based on their customers’ likings. Hence, these pest control WordPress themes are equipped with calendar booking plugins to easily schedule an appointment. Another area where the user hesitates to hire a professional pest control service is the cost. Maintaining transparency in the pricing will help the user know how much to pay. Most pest control WordPress themes in this list have pricing tables to let you clearly mention the features in each package.

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20 Awesome Marketing Website Templates & WordPress Themes For Effective Content Marketing

Digital marketing can be mean the success or failure of products in this age of the internet. With so many users focusing on capturing leads through online marketing and SEO optimization, a wide range of SEO and online marketing tools have become more and more popular. Whether you’re releasing a mobile app or working on a Kickstarter project, it is essential to make sure your website is perfectly primed and ready to generate leads for your products.

For this purpose, you can choose to use premium Marketing website templates. These templates are designed to use the best lead generation elements to help you gather attention to your content instantly. Expect Premium standard optimization, responsiveness and user-friendliness with this list of WordPress themes and HTML templates. Creating landing pages, startup websites, and SaaS service websites has never been easier and with these templates, you can ensure that your business reaches the highest levels of success.

However, we can always use addition to our list of website templates and we certainly won’t shy away from using your recommendations. If you have any ideas for the best marketing website templates that are not present on this list, comment down below and let us know about your experience with them.

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32 Free Simple CSS Templates For Beginners And First Time Users

Simple CSS templates are the best place to start your website experience. Either you are a developer or a general user about to start a website for the first time, simple CSS templates are easy to use. In this list, we have collected some of the best free simple CSS templates for you. All these templates use CSS3 framework with industry code standards, so editing and customization will be easy.

Another big advantage of simple CSS templates is they are easy to maintain. Even if you have messed with some of the codes, you can easily fix them in these templates. As said before, this template follows the industry code standards, so all of these templates are properly optimized. Though these are free simple CSS templates, these templates give you pixel perfect design. Functionality wise also these template gives you a handful of options, but you have to manually take care of integrating them with your other tools and platforms.

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19 Cleverly Designed Lead Generation WordPress Themes To Grow Your Business

In our conversion centered HTML landing page template, we have mentioned how a properly designed landing page can improve the conversion rate. This post is the WordPress version of the landing page to improve the lead generation. The biggest advantage of WordPress is you can customization easily. Since most lead generation WordPress themes in this list support drag and drop page builder, you can easily place the elements where ever you want.

Hero elements, that is the elements that highlight and show your product/service feature must be the center of your design. Don’t hide the conversion elements in-between the sections or at the end of the page. Try to move the conversion element as high as possible to improve visibility. The conversion element can be a registration form, a call to action button to direct the user to the payment page, or an app download link. Based on the nature of your product and the goal of your landing page, the conversion element on your website varies.

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25+ Elegant Free Bootstrap Wedding Website Templates For Your Special Day

Weddings are no doubt a huge deal as it is the day you vow your lives to the one you love. And to celebrate the ceremony, there is a ton involved. No matter how or when or where you decide to tie the knot, managing the event is a huge task. From invitations to the venue to the participants, we expect everything to be perfect. And with the advancements of the internet and devices, there is now an easy way to manage the tasks! A simple, elegant and chic wedding website! Inviting people over the traditional way is much more of a hassle so why not switch to online invitations; the trendy and modern way? A website to display important details including the venue, time, and the dates is a great way to let everyone know about your big day!

Additionally, a website can also work as an event management tool where you can keep count of your expected participants. Even updating them about any changes is easier. Sharing the news with everyone on one virtual platform simply makes the whole process manageable and easier. And the best part is that you no longer need to hire any help for a professional and elegant wedding website. There are tons of amazing wedding website templates or themes available that you can easily use.

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