27 Free Home Builder Website Templates To Build Your Online Business

Whether you are giving constructional services alone or providing a complete construction service as a package, these free home builder website templates will help you create an effective professional website. In this list, we have collected website templates which have both creative designs and minimal designs. If you are planning to make a website with a video intro about properties or decided to give a simple welcome with image slider, these templates can handle it easily. As all the template are made of the latest HTML5 framework, they can handle multimedia contents effectively.

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24 Content Focused Free Magazine Website Templates

Magazines are full of contents, they include all types of contents on their site. The magazine website must be able to handle all these types of contents and also must be able to present them elegantly without hindering the reading experience. Starting a web design and development process with so many criteria will be a time-consuming job for you, so in this list, in order to help you, we have collected some of the best free magazine website templates.

All these free magazine website templates help you to organize the contents elegantly so that the user can find the important content easily. To give you a fresh inspiration we have also collected web design templates with modern design trends, make sure you check all of them.

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27 Free Minimal Website Templates For All Famous Niches

Minimalism is the ultimate complex thing. In the minimal website design, we must take immense care of the design as well as on the content. We in this free minimal website templates list have reduced your work by taking care of the web design part. These templates are not only minimal but also creative so that you can compete with big modern websites easily. To satisfy audience in all the niches we managed to collect free minimal website templates for all the famous niches in this list.

Each template in this list is unique from one another, some will excel in visual effects, some will excel in the creative design and few give you more useful options. Make sure you check each one of them to get a better idea before landing on a template. As most of them are customizable you can even create your own custom template by keeping these free minimal website templates as a base.

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22 Free School Website Templates For Millennial Students

89% of students born after 1993 begin their search from the search engine, and nearly 83% of the students between age 12 to 17 have at least one social media account, welcome to the millennial world. Students embrace online world more than the physical world so taking the education online is a must. We on this list have collected some of the best free school website templates that you can use for your school website as well as for university websites.

Previously school websites and college websites are used to showcase the infrastructure, best faculty members, and recent events. But now the technological advancements have taken us to the next level and the school websites will need lots of functionalities to meet the millennial students need. The school website must need to manage all the students, track their activities, and students teacher interactions. We on this list have collected free school website templates with all these advanced features. As these are all HTML templates, all you have to do is to take care of the back end work.

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22 Free Hosting Website Templates To Attract Modern Website Owners

Hosting is one of the most competitive industry in the online business. Being one of the most essential things for a website, in hosting you can expect more customers. At the same time, you will be having more competitors as well. We do a lot to stand out from the crowd; on this list, we have collected some of the best free hosting website templates to make your website stand out from your competitors.

Some of these free hosting website templates even provide you advanced search options. If you are planning to run domain registration services these search options will help the users search for the required domain easily. WHMCS is one of the widely used hosting automation platform. Since these free hosting website templates are built using the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap framework, developers will find it easy to work and integrate the template with the WHMCS.

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27 Free Web Design Templates With Trendy Design For 2019

Websites have evolved a lot from black and green interface to colorful lively interface. A few years back, one of the main problems which webmasters and content creators have is to make the website interactive. Storytelling is the backbone of the homepage and as well as for the landing pages, to achieve this we use animation effects. But with the latest updated HTML5 and CSS3 framework, we are able to create more lively animation effects without making the template heavy. In this list, we have collected some of the finest free web design templates which follow latest design trends. Most of these free web design templates give you a pixel perfect design and well-written code base like you have seen in a premium template.

Before getting into the list of free web design templates we must be clear about what are the design trends we are following now. I don’t wanna dive deep about it in this post, but I will mention the trends below.

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23 Free News Website Templates That Follows Leading News Site Design

Have you ever wondered what really happens on the internet for every one second? Here are few stats on what happens in one second in major platforms when I write this post.

  • 66,521Google searches
  • 73,516 YouTube videos viewed
  • 8,009 Tweets

For every fraction of seconds, thousands of news are spreading throughout the world. The news sites must enable the new channels to share news at a blazingly fast pace. These free news website template will help you create a website that can share news then and there as they happen.

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28 Best Free Fitness Website Templates With Fresh New Design 2019

Bored by the same old design and the same templates repeatedly mentioned in all the free fitness website templates list? Well, we managed to collect some of the fresh new website templates that you can make use of for your fitness website. All these free fitness website templates use latest web design and web development framework. So with these free fitness website template, you can easily create a future-proof site. Before getting into the free fitness website templates list let us see what are all the important elements and the features you must see in a fitness website template.

When we speak of the fitness website template, both personal website templates and business templates come in the list. If you are a trainer and looking for a fitness site make sure you have the features to brand yourself (one of the main principle of a personal website). Second, the template must have interactive web elements to share your experience. Since most the fitness services can be explained clearly with the visuals, make sure the template you select supports multimedia elements.

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28 Free Bootstrap Business Templates To Create A Signature Website

Looking for some creative professional Bootstrap business website templates for your site? Well, you are at the right place. We have curated this list of handpicked free Bootstrap business website templates for you. Most of these templates not just make a business site for you but will also help you create your own unique style.

The basic functionality of a business website is not only to showcase your work but also to promote it. Some of these free Bootstrap business website templates follows conversion centered design to help you get better conversion result. If you are a startup, these conversion focused free bootstrap business website templates will help you grow your business.

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28 Free Bootstrap Blog Templates That Transforms Your Blog To Next Level

A platform started for bloggers now powers almost 26% of the websites on the internet. Many of the top companies, especially marketing companies use blog as a key tool to transform their business to next level. Not only the contents but the blog design also must go inline with your content strategy. We in this list have collected free Bootstrap blog templates that will be a part of your content strategy.

If you are planning to run a blog to boost your personal branding, the blog design must revolve around you. On the other hand for corporate and commercial blogs, the design must promote the content and your services or product. These free Bootstrap blog templates are easy to use and customize, some of these templates give you more than one variations in their package just like the premium blog templates.

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