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37 Sensibly Designed CSS Loading Animations For Websites And Applications

When Google launched the offline video download option on YouTube, they created an impressive ad showing how annoying the loading symbol is. Yes, in the fast world no one wants slow connection and slow web pages. But sometimes we have to deal with this loading issue. Rather than simply showing a loading message with an animated circle, we can do something creative. In this list, we have collected some of the best creative CSS loading animations. Most of the effects are designed using the CSS3 script so it won’t make your web pages heavy. Some designs have minimal look, while some have really interactive designs.

Top brands even care about the loading symbol on their website. Logos and elements related to the business are used on the loading animation to clearly brand their website. In this list there are some loading animation designs for brands and business websites as well, so make sure you check all of them.

To make this CSS loading animations list useful for all types of users, we’ve included — CSS loading bar designs, CSS loading spinner, loading text animations, unique CSS loading concepts, and many more.

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45 Best Mailchimp Email Templates Used By Top Email Marketers 2021

Email marketing is the most effective tool for B2B businesses. There is a huge possibility that the people who are reading this MailChimp email templates list are B2B marketing professionals. It doesn’t mean that the B2C model doesn’t use email marketing, they do use it but the conversion result is quite higher on the B2B side. Here is a simple stat, only 30% of the email list customer actually bought products through email, while 86% of the business professional prefer email communication the most to talk and complete a deal.

Nowadays lots of companies and service providers let the user create a free account first and try to convert them later. A post from Easy SMTP says, in the conversion process the welcome email alone brings 320% revenue to the organizations. So when you are making your email templates, try to spend more time on the welcome email templates. MailChimp is one of the best and also easy-to-use tools for both developers and general users. In this list, we have collected some of the best MailChimp email templates, which you can use in your email marketing campaigns or for other transition emails.

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43 Ready to Download Free Contact Forms Templates You Can Make Use In Your Next Project

Are you bored of the same old boxy contact form designs and looking for a creative contact form? Well, you are in the right post now. In this list, we have collected some of the best free contact forms. You can use these free contact forms directly on your next web development project or you can use these as an inspiration and can develop your own custom form. All these forms use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so working with these form templates will be an easy job.

All the forms are in a complete working condition from the front end. Even most of the template supports field validation and they are also mobile responsive. As a developer, all you have to do is to download the template and start doing your backend works.

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30 Professional and Advanced News Website Templates To Keep Your Users Engaged

Choosing just another template you come across to start up your news website is not an option. Especially when technology and advanced features are making an impact on a global scale. That’s right. The online accessibility and the ease of getting what you want in a matter of minutes have surely raised the bar high. Just getting the facts out there is not enough. Creating business websites that are appealing and engaging are of utmost importance!

However, the task of creating an entire website from scratch for the editorial purpose is no joke! Keeping in mind the design, elements, and features required, it surely is a hefty task. Not to mention the cost you need to invest in developers and designers you hire. But what if we tell you we have an easy way out? You heard that right! Avoid the time, effort and cost you spend entirely with a much easier solution; Premium HTML News Website Templates! Built and designed especially for the purpose of creating effective and engaging news platforms for you and your company, these templates act as the building blocks for the perfect websites!

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37 Digital Agency WordPress Themes With Effective Storytelling Design

Digital Agency websites always set the trend of web designing. In previous years, digital agency websites are very spacious, clean, and present the contents neatly to the users. Due to the development of web development frameworks, modern agency websites are interactive and colorful. But, they still maintain simplicity in their design. If you wish to create a modern and stylish digital agency website with effective storytelling design and animation effects; these digital agency WordPress themes could help you.

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37 Bootstrap 4 Carousel Examples To Give A Better End User Experience

Carousels are like it or hate it elements in Web designing, just like MacBook butterfly keyboards. Some love it for the ease of sharing new features and products easily to the users. While some users see the carousels are distractions that hinder the overall performance of the website. The truth is when we handle the carousels as one of the parts of the website and strategize them properly, then carousels can give you the result you want. In this list, we are going to see the best bootstrap 4 carousel examples that can give a better end-user experience.

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24 WordPress Golf Themes For Swanky Golf Clubs 2021

Golf is an expensive sport. Many big business deals are closed on the golf ground. Making a website for your golf club must show the luxury and the features a user gets for the money they spend. If you are planning to revamp your old golf website or making a new website for your golf club these WordPress golf themes will reflect the swanky nature of your club.

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42 Bootstrap Cards Examples For Natural And Fluid User Experience

Right from the Google Assistant search suggestions to the online food delivery apps, cards are extensively used in modern interface designing. The simple and versatile nature of the cards, helps the designers to easily use it for any purpose. Whether you are looking for a small card design to show bite-sized contents or a full-length expanded card to give brief information, there is a design for you in this bootstrap cards examples list.

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28+ Stylish HTML Music player With User-Friendly Features 2021

Nearly 75% of the music industry revenue is from online streaming. There are several subscription-based streaming platforms that allow you to listen to any music at any time. Unless you are in a no coverage area, you don’t need to download and store them on your smart devices. As smart speakers and smart home devices are increasing, the streaming services will increase their share in the music industry revenue. If you are planning to make a beautiful music player for your streaming website or mobile applications, these HTML music player designs might give you some inspiration.

Some of the HTML music players are practical and you can use them as such on your website or application. While some give you some crazy prototypes, which will help you make a unique looking website. As most of your online streaming users are going to spend their time with the music player, making it unique, and keeping the options at easily accessible positions is a must. This HTML music player design collection will help you find a unique player.

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