20 Best Free Fashion Website Templates With Vogue Design 2018

The fashion industry is one of the fast growing industry. After the growth of online shopping, they fashion industry sales are reaching new heights. The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, which is nearly 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. These free fashion website templates will help you set up a fashion store for the millennials and help you run a profitable business.

The fashion industry has many sub-industries like menswear, womenswear, sportswear, and the list goes on. Among all the category the womenswear is the most trending and this alone values around 621 billion dollars. So in this free fashion website template, we have collected website template for all categories and also for the fashion professionals.

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21 Best Free Real Estate Website Templates For Successful Realtors 2018

79% of real estate brokers and managers have a company website. In social media, the most active business category is real estate. On average real estate companies post 19.21 posts per week. Now you understand the competition level in the real estate field. Making a website for such a competitive industry is not simple. They need to meet the present-day user needs and also focus on the property promotion and conversion rate. These free real estate website templates have modern trendy design and also helps you sell more properties.

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21 Best Free Education Website Templates With Premium Features 2018

Education website templates is a broad category. The templates can be used for educational institutions, course offering companies, personal training providing companies, and the list goes on. The tricky part here is, based on the category you choose the design of the layout changes completely. Here in this free education website templates list, we have managed to get the perfect templates for all possible education related sites.

Since the category is very wide, let’s split them into two major categories; institutional sites and course offering sites. The institutional sites need to be more professional and should follow a clean layout with proper navigational options so that the students can know more about the institutions and the features that are offered. On the other hand, the course offering companies are for commercial use, where the sales and conversions are given priority. The course offering sites need to have promotional elements, review elements, and credibility building factors.

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25 Best Free Bootstrap Landing Page Templates With Modern Design 2018

Landing page templates always need to meet the current trend and its goal. Finding a template with such premium features for free is not an easy job. Even though there are hundreds of free Bootstrap landing page templates are out there, most of them won’t give you a present-day design. We in this list have collected some of the best free Bootstrap landing page templates after trying more than hundreds of landing pages.

Following are the most important elements you must use to make any landing page effective.

  • Make the heading of the landing page as same as the campaign name.
  • Use subheading to support the main heading and give extra information about the product.
  • Highlight your unique selling point and make few points revolve around the unique selling point.
  • Make special video or images of the product which acts as a hero point on the landing page.
  • Clearly note the features of the product via interactive diagrams or by simply using bulletins.
  • Use credibility elements. Testimonials are the most effective elements to increase your credibility.
  • Call to action buttons are need to be provided in the header and footer.

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20 Free Portfolio Website Templates For All Creative Professionals

Portfolios help us to keep track of our best works and also helps to scale our professional growth. For many creative professionals, online portfolios help them to easily convince their clients to get a project. When applying for a job, owning a personal portfolio site helps you to gain an edge over your fellow competitors. For such a potential source, isn’t it important to select a best creative website template? Yes, we have to make our portfolio look unique. But the problem is to find a creative unique template you have to go for a premium version, in the free version you always get a dumb old design.

In this list, we have hand-picked some of the best free Portfolio website templates with creative design. All these templates give you pixel perfect design with a well-written code standard followed in premium templates. Make sure you check each and every free portfolio website templates in this list, as each one of them has their own unique design and functionalities.

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20 Best Free Blog Templates With Reader Friendly Design

With the increased demand for contents many companies, right from startups to big enterprises incorporating blogs in their websites. Apart from the commercial use, many of us own personal blogs to share our knowledge and thoughts. In this free blog templates, we have collected templates for both corporate blogs and personal blogs. We know many professional bloggers will also be reading this list, so we have also collected free blog templates that have better monetization options in its design. You can run ads without disturbing the contents of your blog.

Before selecting a free blog template, make sure which design suits you better. If you are an influencer choose a blog template that has many personal branding elements to improve your followers count. For corporate blogs choose a template that has elements to promote your services and products. All these templates use best fonts that give user better reading experience on the site. Saying that let us get into the free blog templates list.

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23 Best Free Hotel Website Templates Built For Modern Businesses 2018

Hotel websites are almost like restaurant websites, in which users prefer online services. As most of the users seek online community and Google ratings to choose a hotel, taking your business online is a must. These free Hotel website templates will help you create an effective website that improves your online presence and as well as your conversion rate.

Ok, just the template alone won’t help you create an effective hotel website. Here are some of the basic trick that could help you create an effective website.

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25+ Best Free Personal Website Templates for Professionals of All Level 2018

The personal website template is a broad category. For each professional the needs vary, some might need a simple template to only showcase their works and experience. While some of the people might need a template to promote their business; for example, solopreneurs and freelancers. We on this list, have collected creative modern free personal website templates for professionals of all level. Whether you need a simple template or a template that promotes your business, template for all needs is there in this list.

While choosing a personal website template, there are certain criteria you must think of. The template should have a design that revolves around you. Personal website template for singers, speakers, and authors the template must have elements and spaces in its design to boost their personal image. On the other hand, for freelancers, more emphasis needs to be given to their work to attract clients. We have managed to collect both types of templates in this list. Make sure you check all of them, as all have their own unique features.

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25 Best Free Simple Website Templates For All Famous Niches 2018

Simple website templates help you to stay focus on the content and also improves user experience tremendously on your site. But simplicity is always a complex thing. In this free simple website templates list, we have collected some of the beautiful website templates that are simple and elegant.

In order to use a simple website template, you have to be precise with your goal, content, and what you expect the user to do on your site. Because arranging web elements and contents play a crucial task on a simple website design, even a single misalignment may make your whole effort end in vain. Fear not, all these free simple website templates are designed specifically for different niches, so you get all the web elements and content blocks placed at the most obvious spots. All you have to do is to add your content and enjoy the simple website. To help people from different niches get a simple clean design, in this free simple website templates list we managed to get templates for all famous niches. Try it out and enjoy a clean website.

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20 Best Free Medical Website Templates For Present-day Audience

Medical industry is drastically embracing the online world. Since more and more people seek internet for medical related issues, taking your medical services online is a must. These free medical website templates will help you create an effective medical website that meets present-day needs. A survey from Search engine watch reveals that people from 18 to 24 years of age said they would trust medical information shared by others on their social media networks. Another survey says that 19% of the smartphone users have at least one health-related app on their phone. Since the smart wearable technology has matured enough for general public use, the number of mobile users will grow in the upcoming years.

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