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21 Best Restaurant Website Templates For WordPress 2023

As a restaurant owner, it’s important to market your business on the online platform as well. There’s a lot to profit from using a dedicated website for your restaurant. You can easily set up online delivery services and online reservation. Allow customers to enjoy your hospitality without even entering your restaurant premises. But that’s not all, it’s also great to market your restaurant using your website, through an advertisement approach. Showcasing your features through galleries and portfolios is a great idea too when it comes to restaurant websites.To that extent, it’s also important to pick a way to implement your restaurant website too. This is where we introduce you to Restaurant website templates.

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40 Best Free Restaurant Website Templates 2023

Restaurant websites are one of the few niches that receive all types of audiences. At the same time, making a website that best suits all types of audiences is also not an easy job. Restaurant websites must be able to serve the target audience and reflect your restaurant culture. These free restaurant website templates will help you create a site that attracts all users and reflects your restaurant culture.

Restaurants have their unique taste, but they also have their own culture. Based on your target audience, the culture of your restaurant varies. One of the major factors that influence your restaurant sales is your location. There are lots of factors that decide the style and culture of your restaurant. The free restaurant website template you will select must have the features that your target audience expects and reflect your restaurant’s unique features.

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46 Best Free Bootstrap Hotel Templates 2023

Summer and fall are the best time to travel around the world. Especially if you are planning a trip to Europe and the US, the fall season is the best with decent weather and long enough daylight to enjoy. If you own hotels in vacation spots and wish to book all your rooms, these free bootstrap hotel templates will help you. Travelers use the internet a lot to know about the places. Taking your hotel online will increase your visibility and chances of getting regular customers.

Digital assistants are being used extensively by present-day people. Google Assistant is already smarter and Alexa is getting updates to add local businesses. Taking your business online will help you stay a step ahead. All the free Bootstrap hotel templates mentioned in this list are perfectly optimized with industrial web standards. You can easily integrate this template into your platforms, reservation tools, and other related tools. Without further delay let us get into the free bootstrap hotel templates.

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39 Best Free Bootstrap Education Templates 2023

Successful people always believe in one thing, learning will help you keep earning. Learning new skills is no longer a tough job. For beginners, several YouTube channels and blogs help you start with. But if you need to become a professional and love to learn professional tricks, you need something more than watching a YouTube channel. Online education websites help you learn many new skills; even if you are a teacher, you can share your knowledge via these educational websites. In this list, we have collected some of the best free Bootstrap education templates where you can share your courses with people worldwide.

If you are expecting features and designs, just like in the top online course offering websites like Udemy, Skillshare, Lynda, and a lot more like that, then these free Bootstrap education website template can help you. All these templates use the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, so you can integrate this template with any modern tools. You can even add video tutorials in this template, which supports multimedia content.

Here is the best free bootstrap education templates to help you easily share knowledge and grow.

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36 Best Free Contact Forms Templates For Download 2023

Are you bored of the same old boxy contact form designs and looking for a creative contact form? Well, you are in the right post now. We have collected some of the best free contact forms in this list. You can use these free contact forms directly on your next web development project or you can use these as an inspiration and develop your custom form. All these forms use the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, so working with these form templates will be easy.

All the forms are in a complete working condition from the front end. Even most of the template supports field validation and is also mobile responsive. As a developer, all you have to do is to download the template and start doing your backend works.

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16 Best Python Website Templates 2023

Python is a darling for many backend and full-stack developers. Creating dynamic applications and tools is easier in this friendly framework. Some even prefer Python over PHP for its extremely synchronized environment that improves productivity. But practically speaking, PHP always has an upper-hand when compared to Python. WordPress, the platform that powers nearly 43% of the web is developed using PHP. If you don’t want to use the well-explored PHP path for some reason and want to pioneer the Python platform for web development, these Python website templates will help you.

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26 Best HTML Technology Website Templates 2023

With the growing age of technology, there is no surprise that the demand for it is also growing. Since the internet is one of the major factors for technological advancements, it plays a big role in technology. However, it would’ve been impossible to know about these technologies through the internet without tech websites. Therefore, we have listed several WordPress and HTML technology website templates here. They can be easily used to create any technological website template you want. 

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38 Best Free Hotel Website Templates 2023

Hotel websites are almost like restaurant websites, in which users prefer online services. As most of the users seek online community and Google ratings to choose a hotel, taking your business online is a must. These free Hotel website templates will help you create an effective website that improves your online presence and as well as your conversion rate.

Ok, just the template alone won’t help you create an effective hotel website. Here are some of the basic tricks that could help you create an effective website.

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33 Best Yoga Website Templates For Studios [Free & Premium] 2023

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of fitness activity. Even the top fitness tracking brands are including yoga in their list. From watchOS 4, Apple Watch will automatically detect yoga activity like running and walking. If you run a business on this widely spreading fitness activity, these free yoga website templates will help you reach more audiences.

Yoga requires fewer instruments, a mat will do, that’s it, you don’t need big instruments. This is one of the reasons why 43% of the people do yoga at home and 40% do in the Yoga studio; a survey shared by the yoga journal. If you are running a yoga studio then you have the highest possibility of getting more students. The free yoga website templates in this list will help you create an effective template that clearly shows your schedules, services, and training.

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24 Free Under Construction Website Templates 2023

Revamping and updating your websites every once in a while is something we all do to meet the latest standard. Whether you are changing themes, or redecorating and updating the entire site, keeping it up to date is a major task. But leaving your visitors unattended with errors or not found page can lead you to huge disadvantages. Without an explanation, you will surely lose their interest as they will be looking elsewhere for answers. This is why it is of utmost importance that you let everyone know what your site is going through and when will it be live next. This ensures that your users know exactly when to find you next and will await the upcoming updates. A glimpse of your work progress can lead you to a long way. This is where powerful and creative under construction website template options come in handy.

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salon and spa-website templates

33 Free Bootstrap SPA & Salon Website Templates 2023

When it comes to beauty and health-based websites, Visual presentation plays an important factor. It is essential that your blogs and product advertising portray the point that your website itself is beautiful. There are tons of elements and designs you can use for this purpose. Parallax effects, Retina-ready elements, High definition images, Videos, and Nifty blog layouts. You can use many things to make your resort, relaxation centers, Spa, and Beauty salon websites visually better. This includes using a well-made Spa and Beauty Salon website template.

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40 Free Boutique Website Templates 2023

The fashion industry is one of the most competitive and lucrative industries. Online stores help small business owners with creative ideas make their fashion products reach a bigger audience. Statista estimated that the average revenue per user in online clothing stores to be $301 by the year 2025. After the growth of online stores, the rate of direct sales to the customer has increased from 3% (2007) to 11%(2017), which helps the small brand to get direct customers easily. If you are running a boutique shop, these free website templates will help you gain more customers.

One of the major concerns user experience in online shopping is the payment process. There are several payment services out there to help you, these free boutique website templates are flexible enough to integrate with any payment services. Another biggest concern online brands face is the death of brand loyalty due to market fragmentation. Taking your business online helps you to minimize the effect of fragmentation, as your consumer volume increases considerably. All these free boutique website templates are properly optimized for SEO from the coding side. With a proper digital marketing strategy, you can improve the reach of your website.

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40 Best Free Personal Website Templates 2023

The personal website template is a broad category. For each professional, the needs vary. Some might need a simple template to showcase their works and experience. Some people might need a template to promote their business; for example, solopreneurs and freelancers. In this list, we have collected creative modern free personal website templates for professionals of all levels. Whether you need a simple template or one that promotes your business, there is a design for you in this list.

While choosing a personal website template, you must consider certain criteria. The template should have a design that revolves around you. Personal website template for singers, speakers, and authors The template must have elements and spaces to boost their image. On the other hand, for freelancers, more emphasis must be given to their work to attract clients. We have managed to collect both types of templates in this list. Make sure you check them all, as they all have unique features.

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30 Best Free HTML5 Website Templates 2023

With the invention and advancement of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets along with the easy access to the internet, the expectations of people have risen to a whole new level. The use of the internet has been growing rapidly year after year and in such a scenario not having a proper website means losing your online presence through which you can reach out to your global targeted clients. No matter what kind of business you are involved in, having a website does wonders to help you and your business grow! Hence, today we have the list of the best free HTML5 website templates for you!

With the usage and the rate of creating online platforms increasing, the demand for quality and equally competent websites has also heightened. And to meet their demands and expectations, just appealing content and images are not enough. You need to make a website that is steady, feature-rich and visually stunning to leave a lasting impression on all your users. To compete in the long run, winning over many loyal customers is vital. And now thanks to the responsive HTML templates you no more have to hire any designer to create a website nor do you have to make that extra effort to learn how to build one from scratch.

With the availability of free HTML5 website templates, you can now create an outstanding website easily on your own without spending much of your time and effort. With these free ready-made templates, you don’t have to worry about what your site will look like. But what is HTML5 and how the templates relies on HTML can be beneficial for us? Let me explain it to you in a nutshell.

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40 Best Free Real Estate Website Templates For Realtors 2023

79% of real estate brokers and managers have a company website. In social media, the most active business category is real estate. On average real estate companies post 19.21 posts per week. Now you understand the competition level in the real estate field. Making a website for such a competitive industry is not simple. They must meet the present-day user needs and focus on property promotion and conversion rate. These free real estate website templates have a modern design and also helps you sell more properties.

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