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List of flexible insurance agent website templates that can help you make proper health insurance websites, car insurance websites, life insurance websites, and any insurance-related websites.

Some of the key characteristics you need to become a successful insurance agent are — better communication skills, persistence, maintaining transparency during the sales process, and providing good after-sales service. These characters apply to the insurance agent website templates as well.

For instance; We always say “Dress for Success,” the same thing applies to the insurance agent website as well. Your website must have a refreshing look that inspires confidence. Old traditional design with chunkier buttons and a boring layout won’t help you get present-generation users’ attention. Hence, we have picked the best insurance agent website templates with contemporary looks.

Suppose you are an individual insurance agent handling different types of insurance policies like — health insurance, car insurance, general insurance, and lot. You must categorize the policies neatly on your website. Therefore, when a new user comes, they can easily pick the type of insurance they want.

As an insurance agent website, your site must be able to receive payments, issue policies, and should have online support tools so that your clients can get in touch with you easily. When you make a custom website, adding all the features mentioned above will be a time-consuming job. So, we have picked WordPress insurance agent website templates in this list. These templates let you easily sell policies on your website; you can even add a chat tool to engage with your audience directly. If you manage lots of policies and want to avoid answering the same questions, you can add a knowledge base to your website.

Insurance Agent Website Templates


insurance agent website template for all categories

BiziPress WordPress website template is purely designed for insurance and finance-related websites. There are nearly nine demo versions under the insurance category; health insurance template, car insurance template, life insurance template, all major categories are covered. You can pick any demo and can use it as an insurance agent website template.

Being a premium WordPress theme, it supports the WooCommerce platform out of the box. Therefore, you can sell policies easily through your website. If you are looking for a smart insurance and financial service business website template, this one will be a good choice.

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life and health insurance website template

Exponent is a multipurpose WordPress theme with a dedicated demo for insurance websites.

The default insurance website template has a clean layout that helps the user to easily understand the policy benefits, making it the best option for health insurance websites and life insurance websites. This template uses Tatsu — a fully visual site builder tool, which means you can edit the template by simply dragging & dropping the elements in the place you want. Those who are looking for a different WordPress website template with tons of customization options must shortlist this template.

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personal-brand boosting insurance agent website template

Nifty is a consulting WordPress theme. Insurance agents who want their websites to boost their personal branding and highlight their success must consider this insurance agent website template.

This theme pack has eight homepage designs as of writing this post. You can either choose a creative swirl-like design or can opt for the regular square shape sectioning. The creator has cleverly balanced the professional look and the touch of creativity in all pages. As a result, you get a visually stunning website template that can meet the present-day audience’s needs. This WordPress theme is running on the latest WordPress version and is periodically updated by the creator. Therefore, you can install any plugins and extend your functionalities as your demand grows.

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Insurance is a perfect website template for both insurance agents and insurance agencies. The versatile nature of this template lets you use it for all types of insurance like — travel insurance, health insurance, life insurance, car insurance, and a lot more. Since most insurance agents try to cover all types of insurances, this template’s versatile nature will come in handy for them.

Though this template has only one homepage design, it is a near-perfect design. Every section and elements are carefully designed to deliver a better user experience. For example, the callback service section right below the header section is a thoughtful touch and will help your new customers get in touch with you easily. Overall, it is a proper insurance website template. Insurance agent website templates like this will help you deliver a professional experience.

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Credibility is one of the important factors in the insurance business. This template’s straightforward design would highlight your credibility, which will help you get more new customers. If you are making your first website, insurance agent website templates with the direct design would be a good choice. For starters, this template clearly shows the types of policies you offer. Plus, you get quick contact options on the agent profile page. Since it is a multipurpose insurance website template, it has options for both agents and agencies. You can customize the web pages easily by using the WPBakery page builder. Though this template has a dead-simple design, elements are handled cleverly to give a friendly user experience.

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Consultix WordPress theme is purely designed for consultants and consultancy businesses. This template has nearly 25 readymade demos. Each demo is unique and is designed for different consultancy business websites. The biggest advantage in this theme, like in all other WordPress insurance agent website templates, is it has a drag & drop page builder. Even if a demo you like misses the sections you want, you can add them easily by simply selecting and placing them on the place you want.

All demos in this template use a content-rich layout. Therefore, you can explain your services and policies clearly to the audience. This template’s sensibly designed inner pages and portfolio pages will help you elegantly highlight your works and share interesting client stories with your audience, respectively.

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Alico is an interactive insurance website template with a contemporary design. This template will definitely attract younger audiences into your website because of its modish look and friendly interface. All elements are placed at an easily accessible spot; therefore, new users can easily navigate through your website. There are five demos in this pack, and you get one dark version as well. No matter which demo you pick, you can edit it quickly using the Elementor page builder. Most minor customizations and little complex tweaks can be done via the Elementor itself. Unless you need any hardcore customizations needs, you no need to touch the code.

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Instive is a clean and professional-looking insurance website template. The clean layout not only makes the interactions easier but also gives an upmarket feel. Inner pages in this template are designed carefully, just like its homepages. Therefore you get a consistent design quality throughout the template, which is important to build your brand-image/personal-branding.

Animation effects are kept as simple as possible to make this template appeal to all types of audiences. But you can add your own custom animations to spice up the design a bit. Take a look at our CSS animation examples collection for more fresh and interactive design ideas. Since this template uses the latest CSS script, it can handle all modern effects and design elements without any issue.

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You can infer that this one is also another consultancy business WordPress theme from the name itself. This template has nearly 50 premade demos as of writing this post. Each demo is unique and is designed for different types of consulting business. A dedicated demo is given form insurance & financial services — which you can use to make an insurance agent website. This template is loaded with different types of designs and loaded with tons of useful features. For example, this is one of the few insurance agent website templates in this list that supports Zoom extension out of the box. The Zoom extension needs to be purchased separately. You can use other video conference tools if you don’t like Zoom.

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Avante WordPress website template is made for business websites and for professional’s websites. Hence, a neat layout is used in all nine demo variations. Interactive layout and modern web elements are combined elegantly in this template to deliver an impeccable user experience. The pixel-perfect design and the precisely done animation effects itself show the code quality of this template. This template’s developers have given us a strong-code base with flexible nature. Teeny tiny micro-interactions on this template make it stand out from the rest of the insurance agent website templates. If you want your website to be interactive and communicative, you must shortlist this template.

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The clean layout and refreshing green color schemes of this template will give a positive vibe to the audience. This WordPress theme pack has four demo variations. All four demos have a professional design, so you can pick any demo and use it for your website. Useful forms like the call back request forms, registration forms, and similar such forms are smartly placed on the homepage itself. Hence, users don’t have to jump to different pages for frequently used options. The pre-integrated bbPress and BuddyPress plugins will help you manage online users easily. If you like to give your online users a personalized dashboard to manage their policies, take a look at our bootstrap dashboard templates collection.

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Neatly organizing the insurance categories will make navigation easier for the audience. Plus, organized design helps you effectively use the web page space. This template’s organized design will halve your initial arrangement work. Instead, you can use the time to create engaging content and custom features. This template has three homepage variations and one boxed-width layout. All layouts are almost the same with little change in the section arrangement. So, you can pick any demo and start creating your website. The WPBakery page builder will make the front-end customizations easier. At the same time, the flexible code structure will make the hardcore customizations easier.

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Finacia is a multipurpose finance niche website template. You can use this WordPress theme for all types of financial websites. The creators have even added demos for bitcoins websites — can you now understand how wide they have covered the finance niche in this pack. With the help of the 80+ premade pages and unlimited header design options, you can create your dream website in no time. All demo variations follow a content-rich layout, which will come in handy for you in both explaining the policies and for the SEO purposes. Like all other insurance agent website templates in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce straight out of the box. Hence, you can sell products and receive payments via your website itself.

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Financity is one of the sophisticated financial website templates. This template has advanced design and user interface that will keep your website a notch higher than your competitor’s site. This template has three demo variations. Each demo is designed cleverly to boost your sales and conversion rate. Right below the homepage header section, you have space to list your USP and services. Logically arranged homepage sections show the most important information at the top and the less important information near the footer section. As a result, your website will get more dwell time, and user engagement will increase drastically. If you are revamping an existing website with lots of clients, insurance agent website templates like this will be a perfect option.

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The Consultancy WordPress theme is a perfect blend of simple design and complex features. You can take your entire business online with this template. Since it is a WordPress theme, you can add custom features easily by simply installing a plugin. All demos in this template use a friendly tone, which will be a great help for first-time web owners. Most customizations can be done via the Beaver page builder itself. Hence, site owners don’t have to get help from developers too often, unless it is necessary. Another unique feature in this template that you don’t see in other insurance agent website templates is you get all stock images in the download file. Therefore you can set up a website easily without wasting your time searching for the apt images. Speaking of stock images, take a look at our mockups collection to create photorealistic images.

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Reobiz is a multipurpose consultancy business website template. All demos in this template are available in both multi-page versions and in one-page versions. People looking for a simple template that is easy-to-maintain in the long run can opt for the one-page templates. The default insurance website design is friendly and futuristic. You can see lots of vector images and characters in the demo design. Adding micro-interactions to the vectors and subtle animations to the vector characters will make the website even more engaging. The creator has given you a strong base by using the latest web development frameworks. Hence, you can add custom effects easily without breaking a sweat.

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Broker is a professional website template made by professionals. You can feel how classy the design is. Everything is direct in this template. Nothing is out of place, and all sections are organized logically. For example, in the Londo demo version, you can see that a testimonial from a big client is placed at the top, and then you have space to list your services. Carousels are utilized smartly to list all your insurance partners. Speaking of carousels, check out our bootstrap carousel design collection for more interactive carousel designs.

Chart elements are vital in a finance and insurance website. This template’s creator has understood the niche needs and has provided charts in this template to let you clearly explain the investment plannings. Still, you have to manually set the chart, but having an in-built element will make your job simple.

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Finoptis is a colorful multipurpose business website template. The personal website demo version in this pack will be a perfect option for an insurance agent website. Since it is a personal website template, the creator has maintained a first-person design and content style throughout the template. As you can see, there are plenty of vibrant color elements in this template. The funky colors may look unorthodox, but it goes well with modern web design trends. A timeline section is given on the homepage to explain the career growth in the default design. You can use the timeline element to mention the awards you received to improve your credibility.

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Flatsome, this template uses modern flat-style design, as the name implies. If you want your website to have both professional look and online store features, this is the best option for you. The clean layout gives a business-like look, and the built-in WooCommerce gives the online store functionalities. Hence, you can sell policies easily on your website. Plus, you can also manage recurring payments to keep your customers’ policies valid. Or you can give renew options separately so that users can renew the policies when they want. All basic features are built into the core of this template; therefore, you can experience a snappier performance.

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BeTheme is known for its wide range of readymade demo collections. This template pack has almost 500+ demos as of writing this post. Almost all major website categories are covered in this pack. Under the people & service category, you can find many website templates for professionals. The default financial advisor website templates will help you make a proper insurance agent website. BeTheme is one of the few WordPress themes that has demos for both WPBakery and Elementor page builders. If you are a web development agency, WordPress themes like this will save you time and money. So relax, check all demos and pick the best option for you.

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Only two words come in mind when you see the demos in the Bridge theme pack — clean & creative. This template has more than 500 demos. Each demo is unique and has niche-specific elements to deliver an impeccable user experience. Like a few other insurance agent website templates in this list, this one also has both WPBakery and Elementor page builder supported demos. Hence, you can pick any demo and can convert it into your dream website without even touching the code. This template’s creators are releasing new updates frequently; therefore, it supports all the latest plugins and has the latest WordPress features. In a word, it will deliver a worry-free experience to website owners.

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