Being a passionate videographer, you will love to share your stories engagingly with the audience. Your new perspectives can help people see the world in a different way. Whether you are making commercial videos or videos that trigger emotions, videographer web templates in this list help you clearly deliver the message. Each artist is different, and their work differentiates them from others. A videographer web template also should be able to distinguish your website from thousands of websites. As a creative professional, we always love to add our unique touch. The videographer web templates in this list give you endless customization options. Adding your personal touch to your website will be easy with these templates.

In this best videographer web templates list, you get;

  • Freelance videographer websites templates
  • Filmmaker website templates
  • videographer portfolio website templates
  • video production website template

Any creative professionals and content creators will accept that the combination of social and digital media has helped them reach a wide range of audiences. Social media not only lets you share your works but also helps you receive people’s feedback in real-time. The videographer web templates in this list have pre-integrated social media options. Your audience can share your works and also can stay in touch with you. We tried to handpick the template that every passionate professional will love. So take your time and enjoy all the themes listed in this post.

Snapshot (HTML)

html videographer web template

Snapshot is a budget-friendly HTML videographer web template. Those who want more freedom in development and an affordable option can go for this template.

The dark theme layout of this template lets the audience fully enjoy your content without any distraction. Plus, videos and images look vibrant on this template’s clean dark layout. Sensibly designed homepage sections help the site owners clearly explain their services, experience, and showcase their work in one place. In a nutshell, Snapshot is one of the best one-page videographer web templates.

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professional videographer web template

Billey is a colorful website template for creative professionals. The creator has given readymade videographer web templates, creative agency web templates, and digital agency web templates.

Since this WordPress template has a separate demo for each category, you can set up a website in no time. The default videographer web template can be used for all types of videography professionals; whether you are working in films or creating unique videos, this template will help you promote your business. All demo versions in this theme are equipped with the Elementor page builder. Therefore, you can edit any demo and can convert it into a website you like.

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filmmaker and videographer web template

9Studio is a classy filmmaker and videographer web template. The uncomplicated layout of this template makes the interaction easier. All elements and functions are placed at an easily accessible spot. As a result, this web template can deliver a better user experience on both computer and mobile devices. Animated sliders and video sections liven up the design. You can control the animations and other sections using the built-in WPBakery page builder. Web templates for directors, review blogs, and agencies are given along with the videographer templates making this template a good option for web development agencies handling creative professional websites.

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filmmaker website templates

Filmic is one of the best videographer and filmmaker website templates. Since this theme is primarily designed for film and movie-related websites, movie professionals and cameramen will love this template. The clean design lets you elegantly showcase your works and your awards. More than ample space is given between each space. As a result, you get a visually stunning website and a website that is easy to use on both computers and mobile devices. This WordPress theme pack has three videographer web templates. Each demo is different and has different sections. Pick one based on your needs and start making your website. Separate pages are given for gallery and project pages; hence, you can clearly share your project experience with your audience.

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freelance videographer website template

Pelicula will be the best option for both freelance videographer websites and video production companies. The bold layout and fonts with a little more spaces between the letter than usual make this template stand out from the crowd. Users will see your featured videos and your services as soon as they land on your website. Videos and other elements look crisp on the clean white layout. Since it is a premium WordPress theme, you can easily change the looks using the Elementor page builder. Plus, the WooCommerce pages let you sell your videos and other gadgets easily on your website.

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video production related website template

Ftage is another movie and video production related website template. What makes this template unique is all demo versions are available in both light and dark skin versions. Pages are not simply converted into light and dark versions; color schemes are changed accordingly to make the content clearly visible for the user. Plenty of useful plugins are pre-bundled in this pack. For example, the Revolution Slider plugin will help you create interactive slides within minutes. Overall, Ftage is a well-equipped and well-designed website template.

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videographer web templates with useful features

SOHO website template is designed purely to showcase your work. The creator has given different homepage designs, and all of them try to present your photography and videography elegantly to the users. The first thing a user sees when he or she gets into your site is your work. On the dark theme layout, photographs and videos look livelier. This simple straightforward approach gives a distraction-free environment to the users. All navigation options are shown at the top bar. This template has not only different designs for galleries but also has different designs for other pages as well. Hence, setting up a unique website won’t be a tough job using this template. Separate gallery designs are given for videos and photographs, which makes this one of the best videographer web templates.

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videographer web templates with essentional elements

Novo is a multipurpose photography related website template. The creator has covered all major categories in this template. With this template, you can create any websites right from simple freelancer sites to complex agency websites. Another unique feature of this template is it has both light and dark skin versions for all demos and pages. Using sensibly designed videographer web templates like this save you plenty of time and money. In the default videographer website design, you can clearly explain your services and showcase your works. Bold letters make readability easier and also balance the visual aesthetics of the website. Additionally, WooCommerce powered shopping pages are given to let you sell your works easily via your website.

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agency style videographer web templates

Blacksilver is a modern content-focused website template for creative professionals. Since this template is designed for photographers and videographers from the ground up, image spaces are treated as a part of the design. This template has more than ten ready-made demos, and all of them concentrate on presenting your work elegantly to the audience. If you are looking for videographer web templates that stun the user, at first sight, this is the best option for you. Plenty of niche-specific options are pre-built into this theme to make your job simple. For example, this template supports password-protected galleries so that you can easily protect your content. Purchase links are also given in the image galleries. If you are planning to sell your photographs, these online purchase options will come in handy for you.

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Photography WordPress

videographer web templates to showcase your works

You can infer that this is a WordPress website template from the name itself. This template has 24 pre-made professional-looking demos. All demo variations have a clean layout so that you can use them for both personal and business purposes. Subtle animation effects are added here and there to add life to your website. In the videographer website template, you have a big video background homepage section. This template uses both traditional navigation bar design and hamburger style design. If you want the user to fully experience your work, you can opt for the hamburger menu design. For more creative and user-friendly menu design, take a look at our bootstrap menu design examples.

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website template with different homepage layouts

Reflector website template is also designed for professional use. You can set up any agency and business websites using this template. Thoughtfully designed homepage sections not only showcase your works but also promote your services. This template has 25+ demos pre-designed for you. Each homepage is unique and uses different layouts. Based on your needs, you can pick one demo and edit it as per your needs. Premium plugins and pre-made slider designs help you easily manage your gallery. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and HTML5 framework, you can add any modern design elements and animation effects without any worries. For more gallery design inspirations, take a look at our bootstrap gallery design collection. Minor customizations can be done easily via the WPBakery page builder. Using a well-equipped videographer web templates makes life easier for both website owners and developers.

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Drone Media

website template for drone video and photography service websites

Drone Media is a micro niche website template. This template is designed for drone photography and videographers. Drones have helped us enjoy the beauty of nature from a bird’s viewpoint. Many impossible shots are also made easily using a drone. If you are specialized in making drone photographs and videos, this template will impress you. This template has three homepage variations and one eCommerce store design. Interactive image sliders and modern color schemes draw user attention wherever required. All the inner pages are also pre-designed for you to easily set up a website in no time. The built-in WPBakery page builder will make the front-end customization easier.

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creative videographer web templates

Ashade is a dynamic photography and videography website template. Sleek animations and modern interactive elements will leave your audience awestruck. Each and every element is designed with extreme care to deliver an impressive user experience. For example, the dynamic mouse pointer directs desktop users smartly throughout the website. This template has three homepage variations and one maintenance page. All these modern livelier pages can be handled and edited easily via the Elementor page builder. If you want a more precise result, you can always opt for the code editing. Creators of this template have followed the professional code standards; hence, any developers can easily work with this template. For the gallery page also this template has different variations. All you have to do is to pick the styles you want and make your unique website.

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interactive videographer web templates

Arven is a clean and professional-looking creative website template. The versatile design of this template demos makes it not only a good option for photography and videography websites but also a good option for portfolio websites. Even you get an online resume website template in this pack. Hence, you can use this template to meet all types of audience needs. Carousels and image sliders are used extensively in all demos. The creator has used many creative transition effects to add life to your photographs and videos. Take a look at our bootstrap carousel design collection for more interactive design inspirations. Lightboxes are neatly integrated into the galleries for better user experience. Since the creator has carefully taken care of the basic options, you can concentrate on the custom features.

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videographer web templates with different gallery designs

Kotlis is another interactive portfolio-centric photography and videography website template. In this template, also the creator has used different image slider and video background homepage designs. Using videographer web templates with a sensibly designed homepages help you get more customers. Error pages are also included in this template along with other pages; hence, this template is ready for all major occasions a website will have. If you like to be creative with your error pages, take a look at our error page templates collection. Like a few other videographer web templates in this list, this one also offers you both light and dark skin versions. By making a few changes to the design, you can make a proper videography website using this template.

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clean and simple website template

Odry is a fresh new entrant in the photography and videography website category. You can expect more modern designs and stunning visual effects in this template. Though this template has only two homepage variations, both of them are interactive and easy to use. The creator has balanced texts and images in all the pages so that you can clearly explain your services. Plus, users can also easily interact with your website. It is a mobile responsive website template like most other videographer web templates in this list. You can expect the same level of friendly interaction on mobile devices as well. If you want a professional-looking website that focuses on the present-day audience, this template is the best option for you.

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portfolio-centric website template

Wiso is not only a beautiful looking template but also a goal-focused website template. This template has 33+ demo variations. Each demo is unique and is designed for a different purpose. Some homepage designs let you neatly showcase your designs, while some focus on conversion. For example, one demo in this template pack has a booking calendar in the header section. Carefully designed code architecture lets you easily integrate any modern plugins. Plus, it is a WordPress website template; hence, you can easily manage your plugins. Based on your needs and the features you want, you can pick a demo and customize it. This template also uses the premium The Grid plugin to let you easily create custom post time within minutes.

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website template to impress users at first sight

Phoxy is another showcasing type videography website template. This template has nearly 38 demos, and all of them focus on elegantly showcasing your work. Different image gallery styles and menu designs are used to differentiate each demo. Menu designs are interesting in this template, and we’ve already shared a few of the designs in our design inspirations category. If you also want to try creative stuff in your menu design, take a look at our bootstrap menu design collection. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap framework, it can handle any modern designs easily. Like a few other videographer web templates in this list, this one also gives a password protection feature for your photos.

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videographer web templates for wedding videographers

Solene is a micro-niche website template. This one is designed specifically for wedding photography and videography. The creator has designed this template beautifully to give an impressive visual storytelling experience. Big images and smooth animation let you relive your beautiful memories. Plus, you can also share your special moments with your beloved family members and friends. This template has ten homepage variations as of writing this post. The creator has given equal importance to typographies as well, so you get a stylish looking website. If you are planning to use this template for your personal wedding website, the photo proofing and password protection option will come in handy for you. Videographer web templates like this will be a perfect option for both personal and business websites.

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simple and elegant website template

Kordex is a thoughtfully designed fullscreen website template. The creator has made this template to meet all types of user’s needs. For example, you get separate event gallery page designs. The WooCommerce powered event gallery page lets you easily sell tickets via your website. In the latest updates, the creator has given a dark theme layout to this theme. This template has not only multiple demos for homepages but also has multiple designs for inner pages. Plus, the Elementor page builder is also given in this template for easier customization. With all these endless customization options, you can create a unique looking website within minutes. If you are planning to use your website to sell your photos and videos, this template will be a good choice.

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agency style website template

TwoFold is also a full-screen photography and videography website template like the Kordex template mentioned above. The creator has used different animation effects and transition effects to give an immersive user experience. Like most other videographer web templates in this list, this one also has light and dark skin versions. Separate pages are given for photo collections and shopping pages. Hence, users can easily interact with your website. This template uses the premium Events Calendar plugin to let your users easily book your appointments. With all these pre-designed pages and premium plugins, this template gives good value for your money.

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website template for fashion photograpers and videographers

Azalea is another micro-niche website template. This template is a perfect option for fashion photography and videography websites. The clean, versatile design of this template makes it a perfect option for both personal and business websites. This template has 12 homepage variations, and all of them use a full-width layout. The creator has used the screen space effectively to deliver a top-notch user experience. Since it is a mobile responsive website template out of the box, you can expect a buttery smooth user experience on small screen devices as well. This template uses only light skin design, so your photographs and texts are clear and easy to read. For more fashion-related websites, take a look at our free fashion website templates collection.

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content-focused website template

If you are a minimalist lover, this template will impress you. This template has twenty-plus demo variations as of writing this post. All 20+ demos are available in both light and dark skin versions. Only necessary elements are used in the website design so that the user can easily find what they want. Plus, user interaction also increases because of the straightforward design. Images are used extensively throughout the website. Even on the blog layout, you have images on the blog list page. Right from the contact page to the maintenance page, everything is pre-designed for you. Hence, setting up a proper website will be an easy job for you.

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website template to elegantly showcase your works

PhotoMe is a portfolio-centric website template. The creator has given eleven homepage variations and tried to cover all types of audiences. For example, you get an interactive parallax scroll effect demo and a simple photography & videography blog design. All demos are straightforward, and elements are placed at an easily accessible spot. A live customizer and custom style script adding features are given in this template. If you want to make only a few changes, the given customization option is enough. But for complex customizations, you have to touch the cod. Basic plugins are pre-bundled in this template to make your day-to-day tasks easier. Overall, PhotoMe is a decent package.

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