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The fashion industry is one of the fast-growing industries. After the growth of online shopping, fashion industry sales are reaching new heights. The global apparel market is valued at 3 trillion dollars, which is nearly 2% of the world’s Gross Domestic Product. These free fashion website templates will help you set up a fashion store for the millennials and help you run a profitable business.

The fashion industry has many sub-industries like menswear, womenswear, sportswear, and the list goes on. Among all the categories the womenswear is the most trending and this alone values around 621 billion dollars. So in this free fashion website template, we have collected website templates for all categories and also for the fashion professionals.

Best eCommerce Fashion Website Templates

Before getting into the fashion website templates list, here are some of the interesting fashion website trends you must be aware of being a fashion store owner.

  • 53% of fashion shoppers say convenience is the biggest draw when shopping online.
  • Shoppers aged 50+ are increasingly tech-savvy. 44% of this audience owns a tablet and 60% have a smartphone.
  • 70% of internet users buy clothing and footwear online, making clothing and footwear the most purchased item online.
  • The plus-size womenswear sector has the potential to grow by 6.2% in the forthcoming years.

As we’ve seen some interesting facts, now let’s get into the free fashion website templates list.

Capitalshop (Bootstrap 5)

eCommerce fashion website template with friendlier design

Capitalshop is a customer-friendly eCommerce fashion website template.

This template’s clean layout and cool color scheme will attract the present-day audience. Products are neatly categorized on the homepage so that the audience can easily jump to the product type they want and start shopping in no time. The brand-oriented homepage design in this template lets the site owners share customer testimonials, highlight unique features on their shopping platform, and show the best offers to boost their sales. Since this template uses the latest Bootstrap 5 framework, it can effortlessly handle all modern features right out of the box.

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well-organized women's clothing website template

Ashion is a product-centric eCommerce fashion website template.

The default design of Ashion makes it a perfect women’s clothing website template. Product categories are placed at the homepage header section so that the new users can get a clear idea of the types of products available on your site. There are many small design touches that make the interactions easier in this template. For example, you have the option to show the number of products available under each category, which will help the audience quickly understand the range of collections you have on your site. If you are making a website for an upcoming women’s clothing online store, this is the best option for you.

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stylish eCommerce fashion website template

Those who are looking for a stylish eCommerce fashion website template will love the Shionhouse template.

The smart design of this template helps you sell clothes and fashion accessories for all types of users. No matter on which page you are, you can see lots of images in this template. This image-rich layout helps you showcase the product elegantly to the audience. You can add smart actions like quick product preview, 360-degree images, product video, and a lot more to make the interactions even more engaging for the audience. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS 3 script, it can effortlessly handle all modern designs and animations right out of the box.

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modern fashion website template for tailors and fashion designers

Tailor is a unique HTML fashion eCommerce website template. This template is made for tailors providing custom-fit designs.

The creator has clearly understood the needs of custom-fit designers and tailor website needs and made this template. As a result, you get a stylish website template that elegantly showcases how your design process works and how you help your customer look sharp. A big video section is given on the homepage section, which will help the site owners to showcase their brand videos and explain their services neatly to the audience.

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free fashion website template with online store options

The Product is a fashion and accessory online store website template. The straightforward homepage design lets you showcase your best selling products and let the user shop right from the homepage itself. Since it is an online store website from the core, you get shopping pages and a functional cart page pre-designed. All elements and functions on this template work smoothly from the front-end side. Hence, developers can work easily with this template and concentrate on the custom features without any worries.

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men's fashion website template

MaleFashion is a perfect blend of creative design and user-friendly design. The creator has used the creative element only at the required spots, and a familiar design pattern is used for frequently used sections, which makes the website friendlier for all types of audience. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, all necessary online fashion store website pages are given in this pack. You get Instagram widgets and flash shale sections with a countdown timer to boost your sales and user interaction. Precisely calibrated animations improve the overall user experience on both computer & mobile devices. Overall, MaleFashion is a complete package that will reduce most of the developer’s work.

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fashion and tailor website template

Tailoring is one of the oldest fashion business and is continuously evolving over time. The creator of this template has tailored the design to perfection. Every element fit perfectly within the given space and give a visually appealing look. The creator has gone with a dark theme and gold color fonts to give a rich look to the template, and it works well. The sensibly designed homepage lets you clearly showcase your services and some of your best works. A gallery page and a history page is also given in this template, which will come in handy for family businesses who have been in the businesses for several years.

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modern fashion website template

Hazze is a unique website template. This one is designed for fashion designers and custom design providing fashion stores. This template also uses a dark theme like few other free fashion website templates in this list. Images and texts look crisp on the dark theme, so your users can easily interact with your website. Trendy fonts give a fresh look to the website, and the modern colors help you neatly highlight the important sections from the others. If you are looking for a voguish website template to power your website, this one will definitely meet your needs.

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online fashion store template

Fashi is an online fashion store website template. This template’s homepage is full of offers, promotions, and new collections, which will improve user engagement. Because of this template’s straightforward design, users can easily find the product they want. Smooth animations and modern elements are used to neatly categorize the products. In between the sections, you have space to add promotional banners and ad banners to boost your sales. Since it is an online fashion store, you have a dedicated shopping page, product pages, and checkout page. The creator has taken care of all your front-end needs so you can concentrate on the backend work with a peace of mind.

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clean website template

Violet is another unique fashion store website template with a distinctive color scheme. The default store design will be a perfect fit for small stores and brand stores. User login options are also given in this template. If you are planning to give personalized offers to your customers, these user login features may come in handy. Since this is an HTML website template, you have to take care of the backend functionalities. If you want a ready-to-use online store theme, take a look at our boutique Shopify themes collection.

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online store website template

eStore is a clean, trendy looking online fashion store website template. The creator has loaded this template with all the necessary front-end elements. Unless you have any special needs, you don’t have to spend your time making an element. You can simply download the template, customize it, and work on the backend functions. Because of the straightforward design of this template, users can start their purchase as soon as they land on your website. As a whole, this is a premium quality template that will meet all your needs.

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Shopmax is a simple and clean looking website template for fashion and apparel stores. The homepage of this template is kept simple so that you can easily showcase your best selling products. Texts are made bolder and bigger for better readability and easier interaction. As this is a mobile responsive website template, these big elements will make interactions easy on the small screen devices. Visual effects are used only at the required spots, which makes this simple template a lot lighter and easy to load. In the cart page, you have the option to add quantities and remove products with a single click. Overall the Shopmax is a thoughtfully designed fashion store website template.

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If you are a small store owner and want a simple website template that is easy to maintain, the Selling is the best option for you. Though it is a simple website template it has trendy web elements and modern design trends to impress your users. With this template, you can neatly showcase your products and clearly explain your brand to the users. If you wish to make it a fully functional online store with plenty of options, this template can handle it easily. The creator of this template has kept the code structure really simple to make future customizations easier.

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Eiser is a perfect commercial website template which will help you sell your products easily. With user-friendly features and neat segmentation, this template elegantly showcases your best design. The first thing comes in the user’s mind when they try a new brand is the return policy, shipping options, and payment options. Right below the header section itself the designer has given you the space to add your return policy and shipping features. This sensibly designed website template will give peace of mind to the user and will boost your sales. If you are an emerging brand, you must consider this template for your website.

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fashion model agency website template

Instylr is a dual-purpose website template made for fashion model agencies and fashion brands. With a creative modern clean layout, the creator lets you deliver the content engagingly to the audience. On the homepage header, you get a nice big image slider to show the latest fashion apparel or event photos. In all the pages the creator has maintained the social media icons on the top left corner to increase your social media followers count. A separate page for the portfolio is given in this template, where you can showcase your fashion model in an interactive image slider. Like all other free fashion website templates, the elements work only from the front-end side. We have to fine-tune the design a bit as per our needs.

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fashion website template with video background

Stylistic is a dark theme model agency website template. Lots of space is given for the images and the hover effects are used effectively to show the related content. To add character to this modish looking template, the creator has used stylish fonts. On the homepage header, you have a video background to show your latest fashion events. The dark theme layout makes the contents and elements clearly visible. Just like in most free fashion website templates, this one is also a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you. Using free fashion website templates like this will reduce our work and let us concentrate on our unique needs and customizations.

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fashion model website template

In the default design, the creator has followed a monochrome style design, which gives a classy look to the template. Lines and patterns are used in the background to give a unique look to this template when compared to other free fashion website templates with usual designs. Since it is a monochrome design from the beginning, the creator has used only white and black in this template. But like other free fashion website templates, this one is also made using the CSS3 framework. If you like to add some colors to this template, you can do it by editing a few lines.

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fashion website template with a creative design

If you are making some polarizing fashion designs and want your website to reflect your designs’ creative character, ingenious templates like the Fashion will be the one for you. Vertical lines are running from the header to the footer, which improves the visual aesthetic of the website and helps you align the elements on this unorthodox layout. The creator has kept the animations minimal in the default design. Because of this template’s creative layout, you can try some bold animations, and it can handle it effortlessly. Basic pages are there in this template, but you might need to add a few pages if you are planning to run an online store.

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Aroma is a trendy looking website template. If you wish to have something different without making any compromise in the features, the Aroma template is your best option. With the simple clean design, this template let you list your products neatly to the users. Hover effects are used smartly to show friendly options like add to wishlist, add to cart, and quick product overview. Full-width banners are used in this template to let you promote your new products and season sales. All the basic online store pages are given in this template, plus, you also get an order tracking page pre-designed for you.

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Divisima is a straightforward and bold looking website template. All the elements and sections are made bigger in this template. If your website gets lots of traffic from mobiles and tablets, this template will perform better. Colorful tags are used in this template to mark the new products and offers. Right from the product page to the checkout page all the pages are pre-designed in this template. All you have to do is to take care of the backend integration and adding products to the website.

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Little Closet


Little Closet is the best website template for small online fashion stores. The homepage of this template is straightforward; the first thing the user sees is your new collections and products. A big image slider is placed at the homepage header section to keep the user updated about new offers and arrivals. On the homepage, you also have space to add featured products and categories. Big product blocks are used in this template so that the user can clearly see the product image along with its ratings and its pricing.

From the shopping page itself, the user can add a product to their wish list and to the cart, which saves their time. All the navigation options are given behind the hamburger menu icon; in which you also have space to add your customer support number and social media profile links. Right from shopping page to the checkout page, everything is pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to take care of the back-end work.

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ThePlaza is a bold looking website template, designed primarily for fashion and apparel stores. Modern web elements and the neat layout helps you to list as many products as you want without making it look cluttered. Spaces for big banners are also given in this template to help you promote your products. From the homepage itself, the user can have a quick overview of your best selling products. Hover effects are used effectively to show some user-friendly options like quick-view and add to wishlist. Other pages like cart page and product description pages are also given in this template. The creator of this template has made this template flexible enough for quick and easier customization. Since this template uses the latest uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 framework, you can easily integrate this template with other tools.

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Coza Store


Coza Store is a fashion and apparel store website template. With the full-width trendy new design, this template helps you to create an effective online fashion apparel store. To make the colorful fashion elements even more vibrant, clean background and a mild minimal color scheme are used in this template. Perfectly scaled animation effects make this template interactive and also helps you to promote your newest arrivals and offers.

In the homepage, you have an image slider at the header section, category banners, and product listing. The developers have used the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks effectively to give a lightweight template with full of eye-catching visual effects. Without using premium add-ons like the Revolutionary slider, the developers have provided you the same premium quality transition effects in the image slider.

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Fashiop is a best fashion website template for a brand focused online stores. If you are selling your own apparels on the store, this template not only helps you to sell goods but also improves your brand awareness. With the simple clean design, this template let the user enjoy the products on your site without any disturbance. On the clean white background, the products look vibrant and clear. The shop page of this template gives you the filter options in the left sidebar as you have seen in many famous online stores.

Paginations are given at the top and the bottom of the shopping page so that the users can easily navigate to other pages. In the filter options, you even have a slider to adjust the price range. The Fashiop template is completely functional from the front end, all you have to do is to take care of the backend integration. At the top bar, you have space for user login and register option. The creator of this template has included pre-designed login and registration forms to reduce your work.

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fashion magazine website template

Erase is another modern corporate style fashion model and event agency website template. With the trendy-looking bold design, this template stands out from other free fashion website templates in this list. Since this template is also designed for fashion magazines, lots of space is reserved for the text contents. Texts are made bigger and bolder to give better readability on both desktop and mobile versions. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use this template for business websites as well. Like all other latest free fashion website templates, this one is also made using the HTML5 and CSS3 script. Plus, the creator has followed the industry code standard followed by the professional developers to make this template easily customizable.

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Astar is a fully functional and a proper e-commerce website template for online apparel stores and fashion stores. The homepage of this template is straightforward and takes the users directly to the shopping experience. In the header of the homepage, you have a big image slider to feature the latest offers and products. Image holders are made bigger so that the users can see your products neatly before they buy. Many online shoppers feel that the limitation of not being able to try a product before buying it as one of the inconvenient factors they face in online shopping. Providing different views of the products will help the user to overcome this limitation.

As this template is an HTML5 and CSS3 template, you can use modern animation effects to present the products engagingly to the users. All the navigation options are placed to the left sidebar of the template. In the sidebar, you also have the option to choose your language and currency. If you are running a global store, this selection options will come in handy for you. Again this is an HTML template, so you have to manually take care of the translation and currency switching functions.

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Footwear, as the name implies this template is designed for the online footwear selling stores. Since this template is designed specifically for footwear stores, you get all the options and features related to it. For example, you get foot size selection options on the shopping page. With few customizations, you can even use this template for cloth stores. The designer of this template has used a pretty much direct approach with a simple design. Big image banners are used in this template to highlight the latest offers and new arrivals. Texts are also made big enough to make readability easier. Visual effects are kept mild and simple to match the overall simple look of this template. In the homepage, above the image slider, you have a flash news like element to show the ongoing offers.

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Essence is a minimal looking pristine website template for all types of online stores. As images are the only medium through which the users can feel your products. The designer of this template gives you plenty of room for images and product images. Call to action buttons are also placed at the most appropriates positions to take the users directly to concerned pages. In the homepage, you only have space to add category image banners, offer banners, and feature few of your products. This homepage is a perfect option for the brand stores or for stores which concentrates only on a particular product.

Mega menu options are becoming a mandatory one in all e-commerce store template, this template also provides you the mega menu option. Texts are bold and easy to read in both the small screen devices and desktops. The designer of this template has included almost all the pages you would normally expect in an online store website. Tags of different colors are used in this template, to let the users easily find the category they are interested in.

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Wish website template has a bold looking design. The designer of this template has made use of the full-width layout of this template with big web elements and image holders. Lots of white space is given between web elements to display the products elegantly to the users. The creamy brown color scheme of this template adds richness to the overall design of the template. Options are given for the user to directly add a product to the wishlist and the cart from the homepage itself.

Below each product, you have star ratings to help the users select the best product before getting into the single product page itself. It is a multi-page template, so you have all the basic online store website pages pre-designed for you. In all the subpage you have a big image banner section for newsletter subscription form. If you are serious in email marketing, take a look at our email template design collection to impress your customers.

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Listashop is a modern website template for e-commerce websites. With a light color scheme and modern web elements this template helps you to present the product elegantly to the users. Shadow and depth effects are one of the most used web design trends in the modern web design. The designer of this template has used use the shadow effect to make the important content blocks stand out from the rest of the web elements. Apart from the homepage and shop page you also get blog templates with this template. If you are interested in content strategy and drive in more potential customers into the site, then this blog template will come in handy for you. Though this is a business blog template, you get promotional elements to make your products reach a larger audience base.

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Shop as the name implies it is a free e-commerce website template. If you are building your own brand in the fashion industry then this template for you. This template not only provides you the option to showcase your products but also designed to improve your brand reach. With the consistent use of color scheme throughout the template and right placement of the logo, this template helps you brand the website.

The top navigation bar is sticky with the option to login and contact information. This free fashion website template only provides the homepage design since it is a one-page template. You can use this template as a base and can create an effective website. The Shop template uses HTMl5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Developers can start a project from a scratch and can finish it within no time with this template.

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Karl Fashion is a clean looking modern fashion website template with store options. With big banner sections and bold texts, this template becomes a perfect fashion website template. The full-width design of this template is properly utilized with big content blocks. Red color schemes for the web elements looks attractive on the clean white background and also draws the user attention at the right spot. In each banner you have the option to add a call to action button, to take the users directly to the corresponding section.

To give users a distraction-free experience hamburger style menu navigation is used. The left side navigation bar not only acts as a page navigator but also as a filter to help the user to select the proper category. With this fashion website template, you also get checkout and cart pages pre-designed for you. Since you get the front end of all the required pages with this template, you can concentrate on the backend work with a peace of mind.

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Persuit is a simple yet elegant looking fashion website template. If you are not a fan of fully stretched web elements and like to keep all the contents at the center of the page, then this template is for you. Though this is a full-width template all the web elements and sections are arranged neatly within an invisible confined boundary. Bold bright texts are used to highlight the important texts and the bright red color is used to show the offers and pricing.

If you are not convinced with the layout of the default homepage layout, the developers have generously given you five more homepage variations. The best part is you get all these features and options in a free fashion website template. All the six homepage variations use different layouts, hence you get different options to try out before settling on a design. Overall the Persuit is a complete package of fashion website templates with premium features.

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Store is a fresh looking minimal website template for fashion sites. On the clean white background with plenty of white space, the colorful web elements look attractive and easily gets people attention as soon as they land on your site. The designer had wisely used bright yellow colors for promotional contents which draws attention even if there are other contents on that page. Like most other fashion website templates with this also you get banners to promote new arrivals and options. Use of clean white circular elements to highlight the texts gives an artistic touch to the template.

With the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework this template gives you more natural colors and web elements with rounded corners. With this multi-page template, you get other pages like blog, shop, about, and contact page. If you are in search of creative form for your site, check out our forms collections.

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E Shop


E Shop is a lifestyle accessory shop website template. From the design of the template itself, you can understand the experience of the designer of this template. All the web elements and options are placed in the most appropriate places. With this template, you can surely impress your new visitors at first sight. The content blocks and the image blocks are sized properly so that it can show the contents neatly to the users. Using free fashion website templates like this will reduce your work.

At the top bar, you have the space to add a welcome message and currency switcher option. The options are used for only demo purposes. If you wish to use it you have to add a few lines of code by yourself. In the header section, you have the category option right next to the image slider, so the user can easily select the category they want. With this template, you also get cart pages and checkout page pre-designed for you.

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Fashe is a proper eCommerce website template. The flexible layout and the web elements that are closely related to fashion websites, which makes this template as one of the best free fashion website templates. Just like the Persuit template mentioned above, this template also has different homepage variations. With the Fashe template, you get three homepage variations. All three homepage variations follow same clean white background and minimal look. With this template package, you get two layout options.

Member login options are given in all the three homepage variations. Check out our free dashboard template collections to create an effective membership dashboard. Out of the box, this template is mobile optimized and speed optimized. Developers will find this template extremely useful to start a project from scratch since most of the basic options are pre-build. All you have to do is to customize the template for your personal needs.

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Modelo is the best website template for fashion models and other professionals related to it. Throughout the template you have image holders to showcase your images. Though this template is primarily designed for modeling agencies, it has features for personal website templates as well. As a fashion model, you can showcase all your event images and videos neatly in this template. Big sections give you an ample amount of space for all types of contents; this also helps the user to see all the related contents in one place without scrolling the pages. The designer of this template has used both light and dark colors to elegantly highlight the important web elements and sections. It is a multi-page template so you can always add your own page if you want. If you are looking for personal brand-boosting free fashion website templates, this template will impress you.

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Coloshop is a free Bootstrap fashion website template out there in the market for quite some time now. The developers have already made use of this template o many of their projects. Premium quality design and well-written code make this template a first choice for the developers. With the flexible design layout and clean color scheme, this template can be used for any commercial sites and online shops. Tags are used to indicate the special offers and new arrivals. Tabbed interface is used in the homepage to help the user to filter and see the product they want. Visual effects are also neat and simple to meet the minimal design of the template.

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beauty and fashion website template

Akame is a dual-purpose website template. It is designed for fashion websites and women’s beauty salon websites. You get elements and images related to both the niches. Before using this template for your fashion website, you have to tweak the design a bit. The creator has used a pristine clean layout for this template on which the contents are easy to read and interact. Right from portfolio pages to the single blog page layout, everything is given in this template. All we have to do is to edit and customize the pages as per our needs. Like most other free fashion website templates in this list, the code script is made simple and easy for quick customization.

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Studio is again a fashion website template for professionals and influencers related to the fashion industry. The creative design of the template gives more preference to the image contents than the text contents. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 framework adding multimedia contents like the video is not an easy job. On the homepage, you only have space to add photographs. Other pages you get with this template are about portfolio, contact and blog pages. Overall the Studio is the best option for fashion agencies and designers. If you are using this template for agencies, the only page you need to add to this is a service page. In all the subpage you have the option to add social media profile links to the bottom left corner and contact details at the footer bar.

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Sonar is the best creative website template you get for free. The premium quality pixel perfect design of the template is combined elegantly with the visual effects to create a mesmerizing website template. The creative modern design of this template makes it a perfect choice for the fashion website. This template is the best pick for fashion brands and trendy apparel brands. By default, this template does not include a shopping page or cart page. If you wish to set up an online store for your fashion website, you have to add it by yourself or you have to try other templates in this list.

The homepage is long enough to give an overview of your products and services. But the creative design of this template restricts you to add all your services in the homepage directly. Luckily you also get other subpages pre-designed and developed for you.

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Foto is a photography website template by default. The creative and flexible website template makes it a perfect fit for influencer websites in the fashion industry. Fashion models and designers will find this template extremely useful, which makes this template as one of the best free fashion website templates in this list. In the homepage you can only add image slider, the animation effects in the image slider will help you create an effective storytelling. Since this template uses a creative layout you also get subpages pre-designed for you.

In the header, you have the option to provide navigation links and contact information. You get a separate portfolio page to showcase your shows and events. The layout of the Foto template makes it a perfect fit for only personal use not for professional use. At the footer, you have the option to add social media profile links to improve your follower count.

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Blanca is a blog website template for lifestyle and fashion bloggers. Since this template is primarily designed for bloggers, you get plenty of elements to boost your personal branding. With the pristine clean design, this template gives readers a pleasant experience to read on your site. In the sidebar, you have the option to add author bio with social media profile links, trending posts, and categories. At the footer you have a full stretched Instagram widget. The template is not in a perfect working condition, you have to make several tweaks to work on this template. Since this template uses universal code standards by using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, developers will find it easy to work on this template.

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Evento is an event and conference website template by default. If you are about to create a website for fashion event then this template would be the best choice. With the full-width design, this template gives you plenty of space to add more about your products and events. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are clearly distinct from each other. The use of the bright red color scheme for the web elements easily manages to get user attention at the right spot. The full stretched gallery section can be used to show your products and the models in the event. Other useful features you get with this template is pricing table, event calendar, subscription form, and Instagram widget.

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Wear is one of the best free fashion website templates that are out there in the market for quite some time now. With the solid color scheme this template highlight the important sections and options on the homepage easily Though this template uses latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, the web elements used are with sharp edges and the colors are also not that lively as you have seen in many free fashion website templates mentioned above in this list. So if you are a developer you have to really spend some time in working with the CSS file of this template.

It is a one-page template with sections like about, services, portfolios, models and contact. Since this template uses font awesome icons you get plenty of icon options to choose from. As a whole, the Wear template gives you a base template for the homepage or with this template you can create a simple website or a landing page.

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