Directory websites are best passive income generating sites, but also the most competitive website category. To make your directory website successful, all you have to do is to make your website unique from others. These free directory website templates help you to create a successful directory website.

The most common types of directory websites are hotels, travel, food, city, real estate and job listing. In this list, we have collected free directory website templates for all these famous directory website categories. Starting a directory website is not that easy, you have to manage a huge amount of data. Using a CMS is the best option to create a directory website as all the functionalities are pre-made for you. The free directory website templates mentioned in this list are just HTML templates, in other words just frameworks. You have to manually convert this template to make it a fully working directory website. Saying that let us get into the free directory website templates list.



Job boards or job directories are one of the evergreen directory websites with great demands. Whether you are letting the user post a job or you post the jobs based on requests, the Jobfinder website template will come in handy. The smart interactive design makes the user experience great on this template. In the homepage header section, you have a big parallax image with a search bar to easily find a job. Just below the header section, you also have the category sections.

Minimal vector icons are used to represent the job category and space is given to show the number of jobs posted in each category. In the top bar, you have a call to action button to submit the new job posts. Take a look at our free admin templates to easily manage the user requests. Forms and other useful elements are also given in this template so that you can set up the website in no time.

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Jobstart is another job directory website template just like the above-mentioned Jobfinder template mentioned above. The simple design of this template makes it a perfect option for other types of directory websites as well. Visual effects are used smartly to give a better user experience. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework, which gives smooth and clean animation effects. The long homepage design of this template lets you not only to list the jobs but also to add business elements like testimonials and how the process work.

Having a proper content strategy will increase the chances of driving more traffic to your directory website. The designer of this template has given you blog templates pre-designed for you. In all the subpages you have a newsletter subscription form to grow your email list. The footer section is made big enough to list important links, disclaimers, and widgets.

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Educature, as the name implies this template is designed for online course offering websites. With a neat simple layout, this template helps the user to easily find the courses listed on your website. Since this template is designed for the commercial purpose you have plenty of promotional elements. From the homepage, the user can get a clear idea of your services and why other users recommend your service. Visual effects and animation effects are used throughout the template to give an interactive feel to the users.

This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, so you can add multimedia contents easily in this template. Another advantage of this modern frameworks is you can easily integrate this template with other platforms and applications. You can use this template as a base to create your own custom template. As all the major optimization are taken care in this template, the only thing you have to do is to take care of the customization and integration part.

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Dorne is a creative modern directory website template for travel and hotel. If you are interested in making a listing site for the travelers to make their journey better, then this is the template for you. With the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework this template is able to give you lively colors and modern web elements. The long homepage is neatly segmented with modern web design, the intuitive homepage design helps the user to get an overview of all categories.

The color scheme of the template is another worth mentioning feature. Designers and developers have perfectly balanced the color scheme of the template. The template uses two colors violet and green, in which the violet is the primary color. Use of line icons makes this template even more visually appealing. It is a multi-page template, so you get all the necessary features you need to make a professional listing website.

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Job Listing


Job Listing, as the name implies it is a job board template. The default design of this template gives more emphasis on the text content. Since this is a content focused website, this template gave you enough space to add more text contents. The modern web design elements manage to give users the content in a more engaging way. Though the visual effects are minimal in this template, it is used at the right spots to improve the user engagement.

The job categories are elegantly shown using the colorful line icons. In the right sidebar, you have the option to add top jobs, categories, and latest post. This template is also designed from the business perspective, hence you get plenty of elements to promote your business. It is a multi-page template, hence you get more than enough space to list the jobs. You also get pricing table with this template for premium plans. This template uses two colors as its color scheme, the primary gradient color makes this template look more modern and trendy.

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Listed is a directory website template for places and tourism. Lots of white space is given in this template to present the contents neatly to the users. Images are used effectively to organize the contents and present them elegantly to the users. Carousels and visual effects are used effectively to show the more contents within the given space. Texts are also treated as a part of the design in this template. So the designer has used fonts which look trendy and also have good readability.

In the homepage header section, you have a big hero image with parallax effects and a search bar. Since it is a tourism-related directory website template, you can monetize your website by showing offers and deals related to tourism. Another useful feature of this template is the pre-designed blog pages. Running an active website will increases the chances of bringing like-minded people. This template gives a basic structure of a listing website, you can use it as a base to create your own custom website template.

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Bluesky is a property listing website template. This template can also be used as a real estate website template. It has all the options to promote a property and explain its features elegantly to the users. With modern web elements and trendy color gradient, this template will meet the present-day audience taste. This template also has an advanced search bar in the header with filter options to easily filter and find a property. Icons are used smartly to show the features of a property within the given space. It is a multi-page template, so you can use a separate page to explain the property in detail to the users.

Ample amount of space is given for the image contents. The big image holders of this template can handle images of any size and orientation without any issue. In all the subpage you have an advanced search bar at the top and a newsletter subscription form at the footer to improve the chances of collecting new leads. The footer section is also used effectively to show the latest properties along with their price tag. You can use this template for other listing sites as well. A few customizations will make this template a perfect option for any type of listing website.

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Sel is an interactive website template with minimal design. The simple minimal design of this template helps you list as many contents as possible without making the website look clouded. Enough space is given between each segment and web elements so that the users can easily read and interact with the template even in a small screen device. The designer of this template has given equal importance to text and image contents to help you create engaging contents. A bright red color scheme is used for the web elements and hover effects, which looks attractive on the clean white background.

In the homepage header section, you have a big property finding box with interactive sliders. All the elements in this template are perfectly working from the front-end, the only thing we have to do is to integrate this template with the corresponding tools and platforms. As this template uses the code standard followed by professional web developers, you can easily integrate this template with modern web tools.

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Leramiz is almost similar to the Bluesky template mentioned above. This real estate website template is designed to manage multiple contents smartly at a time, hence you can use it for a listing website. So no matter how many contents you throw at this template, it can easily manage it. With the flat style design and flat color scheme, this template follows a professional look throughout the template. In the top bar, you have a quick access link for users like login and register option. If you are using this template for a community website and let other users post their property, this login and register option will come in handy for you.

Take a look at our admin template collection to manage multiple requests at a time and also to monitor user activity on your website. Again, this template is an HTML template, all the options are functioning from the front-end only. We have to manually take care of the backend process to make this template into a fully functional website. Mostly font awesome icons are used in this template, so you have plenty of well-optimized icons options to choose from.

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South is a premium looking website template for the luxury property listing site. Since this template is primarily designed for luxury property listing sites, all the web elements and color schemes in this template are rich looking. The homepage of this template is treated as a business website page. So you get plenty of promotional elements and web elements to explain the business neatly to the users. If you are expecting a straight listing page as a homepage, you can use the “listings” page with a few customizations as your homepage.

In all the subpages you have a big search box with plenty of filter options, to help the user easily find the property they are interested in. The footer section of this template is also made big enough to handle all the page links and widgets. Other useful features in this template are the mega menu option and cool visual effects. Overall the South is a business class listing website template with a premium look and finish.

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Listing is one of the best free directory website templates you get with the fresh new design. This premium quality template gives you an outline of creating an effective modern directory website. With the full-width design, you get plenty of space to list many contents neatly and elegantly to the users. The mild color scheme gives users a distraction-free experience on the website and also helps the colorful images look more vibrant.

Bold texts improve the readability and also highlights the important points. Visual effects are another big advantage you get with this template. This template follows a neat subtle animation effect which makes this template a perfect pick for professional websites. Card design is used to show the places and its features, line icons are used in the cards to depict the features. At the top of the cards, you have the option to show ratings of the places. Overall the Listing is a perfect directory website template which you can use as a base to create your own custom website.

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Places is a clean looking website template for travel places listing. With the pristine design, this template helps you to add more contents elegantly. The smart design of the template handles both the multimedia contents and text contents effectively. Big content blocks give you ample amount of space to tell more about the places.

This template is built from a corporate point of view, hence you get elements to support brand image and business promotions. The line icons used are closely related to the travel niche. With this beautiful line icons, you can depict the places elegantly to the users. It is a multi-page template, hence you can use separate pages to promote your services. In the header you have the option to include booking form, it is in a complete working condition from the front end. Since you have to manually take care of the back end part, you can use this template as an advanced search option to help the people search the places they want.

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Haus is a real estate website template by default. With the features and the options that are closely related to the directory template, this template will help you create an effective listing site. With the clean design and modern web elements, this template easily impresses the present-day audience. Since this template is made for a business purpose the visual effects used are minimal and meet the professional website standards.

This template also uses card interface for listing the places. Since it is a real estate website template, you have the option to add features about the property in the list card. You also get badges to highlight the category of the property. Apart from the homepage, you also get a separate listing page with this template. In the header along with the image slider background you also have the option to include an advanced search option.

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Travelix is a colorful directory website template for tourism. This template is a complete package, which helps you to list transport, hotels, events and much more. For travel agencies who offer travel packages, this template will be very helpful. The intuitive design of this template effectively manages to show both images and text contents. This creative template treats both the text and image contents equally and also keep the user engaged.

The unique feature of this template is its color scheme and visual effects. Trendy color scheme attracts the millennial audience and the logical layout helps the audience to get more out of your website. Though yellow and violet gradient is the primary color scheme, yellow colors are used for the web elements, especially for tags. Line icons are used to elegantly depict the categories and features of the packages. Since this template uses font awesome icons, you get plenty of icon options to choose.

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Destino is a colorful multimedia rich directory website template. This directory template is also for the travelers. With the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework this template gives you a more vibrant template with lots of useful features. On this clean template design, the red color looks attractive and easily draws user attention to the required spot easily.

With the full-width design, this template gave you big content blocks and fully stretched widget to add multimedia contents. In the default design itself, you have the option to add videos, being an HTML5 template add videos to this template is an easy job. It is a multi-page template, provides you important pages like about, offers, and contact. The texts are bold and neat to read in both the small screen devices and desktops. In all the subpages you have the option to include an advanced search bar at the top to help the user filter the places and offers easily.

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Onetech is a directory website template for electronic gadgets. With the simple clean design, this template provides you plenty of options not only to list the products but also to sell the products. The default design of this template, make it a perfect choice for eCommerce websites as well. Not only with the design, but also with the color scheme this template follows a minimal tone.

At the top bar, you have the option to add contact detail and user login option. If you are intended to make a membership site, take a look at our dashboard template collection to create a user-friendly user dashboard. In the header itself, you have the space to add category option so that the user can filter the products they want as soon as they land on your site.

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Karl is the best directory website template for deals and lifestyle items. On the pristine design, the web elements and the content blocks are clearly distinct from each other. The font selection is also excellent on this template, the texts are bold and clear to read. With the bold texts and big web elements, interacting with the template is easy in both the small screen devices and desktops. The template uses HTMl5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Out of the box this template is also made mobile devices, so all the web elements are scaled to perform better in all types of screen sizes. Red color scheme on this template is used to highlight the best deals and new arrivals, which not only looks visually appealing on the clean white background but also get users attention easily.

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Magnews template is a news website template by default. The advantage of news website template is it can handle any number of contents you throw on it. With the mixed big and small content blocks, this template shows all the contents at one place. Plus the big content block helps you to project and show the important news. These features make this template the best choice for the directory website as well. In order to help you manage different news category, tags are used. This template does not use different colors for different tags, the designer tends to keep this template more professional. In the homepage itself, you have the option to show the number of comments and view option, which encourages new visitors to view the contents.

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Electro as the name implies this template is also a directory website template like the Onetech template mentioned above. When the clean design combines with the neat visual effects, you get an interactive user-friendly website. With thin the given space the developers gave you all the important features via visual effects, thanks to the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Sinc the template uses universal code standard, working with this template will be an easy job for the developers. The designer has made use of the given full-width design with the full-stretched banners and big content blocks. This template lacks a header section, instead, you get an advanced search bar, wishlist and cart icons. Another advantage of this template, is you get cart page and product page. So you can use the Electro as an eCommerce website template as well.

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The Estate


Thes Estate, as the name implies it is a real estate website template. The real estate website templates are closely related to the directory website templates. All the features and the layout you get with this template will also help you to set up a directory website. Since this template is designed for commercial use, you get plenty of promotional elements to boost your sales. This template ticks all the boxes of a modern website template. It has bold texts, neat color scheme, plenty of white space, and neat icons. The longer homepage has logically arranged sections, which helps the user to get a complete overview of the categories you have listed. Hover effects are used to highlight the required contents and other visual effects are also neat in this template.

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TheGazette is also a news and magazine website template like the MagNews template mentioned above. This template also follows a similar layout of the Magnews but has its own unique elements. The blog-like design help you to list the products neatly along with the content. You also have the option to add the product in a separate page. In the homepage, you can show the products images and excerpt. Since it is a magazine template, you have plenty of space to space to monetize the website with ad banners. In the top bar, you have live feed bar, that shows stocks. Just below the header image slider section, you have flash scroll section to show the latest news. This HTML5 template also allows you to add video contents easily.

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Course is a directory website template for educational courses. This template can also be used as an education website template. The intuitive design of this template helps you to list the courses of different categories elegantly to the users. With the bright yellow color scheme, this template this template easily get user attention and also to highlight the best courses. It is a multi-page template, so you have a separate page to list all the courses from different categories.

Below each course, you have the option to add course author, details, and the pricing. To match the neat professional design of this template, line icons are used. The line icons are customized to match the overall design of this template. This template also provides you the option to list the educational events. Overall the Course is a complete directory website template for the educational related sites.

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Luxehotel is a directory website template for luxury hotels. Since this template is designed for listing luxury hotel, the layout of this template also reflects a rich theme. On the clean design, the modern web elements and colorful line vectors look even more attractive and visually appealing. With this template, you also have the option to mention the food menu provided by the hotels. The food menu block is intuitively designed in a split screen style, on the left tabbed interface is followed to show foods in different categories. The long rectangular list card has enough space to add images, star rating, pricing, features, and call to action buttons. In the header, you have the option to add image slide with texts and call to action buttons.

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Tour is the best directory website template for tours, offers and package listings. With this template, you get plenty of premium template options. Most of you would be surprised with the design and the option you get with this free template. With the pixel perfect design and premium template coding standard, this template is definitely one of the best free directory website templates in this list.

Not only with the design, the visual effects are also great in this template. Since this template needs to handle many types of contents, the user interface has been done with extreme care. All the user required options are placed in the reachable position, so the user need not waste their time. Each segment in the homepage is elegantly separated by full stretched image banners. Parallax effects between different sections give this template a lively feel.

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Sasha is a blog template by default. Like in the premium templates, the Sasha template provides you five homepage variations. All five templates follow a simple clean design. With the minimal design, this template completely focuses on the content of the template. This template is the best choice for sites that are just starting. Since this is a blog template, the texts are clean and legible. The reading experience is great in this template, both in the small screen devices and big screen device. At the footer, you have a full-width widget for adding Instagram feeds. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, hence customizing and integrating this template with other platforms would be easy for the developers.

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