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Last year eCommerce made a whopping growth of $2.3 trillion and is expected to double in 2022. Many say that they use their smartphones to shop at least once a week. In such a competitive and steadily growing industry having an effective site is necessary. These free eCommerce website templates will help you create a shopper-friendly online shopping eCommerce website.

eCommerce platform solely depends on the application and the websites, so making it effective is necessary. Before getting into the free eCommerce website templates let us see how to make an effective eCommerce website in the present year.

  • Visual effects are going to play a major role in the eCommerce store. Combining the visual effects with gamification will be the next challenge the web developers will take hereafter in the future. Catt Small senior product designer of Etsy believes that the eCommerce industry will take lots of hues from the gaming industry.
  • Use high-quality images and videos, and the expert’s advice is to stay away from poor stock photos. Original photography of the products tends to get more views from the users.
  • 39% of online shoppers say that social media helps them shop better, so taking your store to social media is a must.
  • As voice search is becoming more powerful, people are using it a lot than before. So making your products easily findable through voice search is a must.
  • As said before shopping via smartphone is growing and experts predict that it will grow even stronger. Rachel Jacobs says that about 40% of the eCommerce revenue will come from mobile in the current year.
  • People are expecting easier checkout. One-click purchasing will make online shopping faster and more convenient.

There are even more trends you must be aware of for the current year. Shopify had made a detailed list of eCommerce trends, take a look at it 2to know more. By keeping all these points in mind, we have collected the best free eCommerce website templates made of the latest Bootstrap and HTML frameworks that will make the shoppers spend more on your site.


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feature-rich eCommerce website template

Fashi is a feature-rich eCommerce website template. This template’s sensible design will help you neatly highlight the products and improve sales.

Images and banners are used as part of the design to help you elegantly showcase the product. And the mobile responsive design of this template makes the product interactions even more simple. Basic pages are there in the default design itself. You can use the given web page design as a base to create your custom pages if you have any special needs. All elements work smoothly from the front-end side. Once you have taken care of the backend work, you can launch the eCommerce website.

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product-focused eCommerce website template

Product is a pure product-focused eCommerce website template. If you are making a store for an upcoming online store, this template will be a good choice. Since the creator has perfectly balanced the branding and product delivery, the shopping experience will be impeccable on this template. The most important factor in an eCommerce website template is the loading speed. The creator has made this template load quickly using a light-weight code script and a simple design. Once you optimize the backend work, you can expect the same level of performance on your final website as well.

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stylish eCommerce website template for furniture stores

Furn is a stylish furniture eCommerce website template. Creators can show their unique furniture collection to the whole world and expand their business with the help of the internet. This template’s stylish design lets you showcase your contemporary style furniture collection elegantly to the audience. Each and every page on this eCommerce website template is designed carefully so that users can understand the brand and feel the product before they place the order.

If you are into the subscription model and plan to use the Shopify platform for your eCommerce store, look at our Shopify subscription themes collection. Or you can simply convert this HTML template into a Shopify theme.

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feature-rich website template

With big imageries and bold letters, this template will help you make a proper modern eCommerce store. Products images look crisp and attractive on the clean layout. The creator has maintained this same clean design on the mobile version as well. Hence, users can easily access your online store from their handheld devices and computers. eCommerce websites usually have lots of hover effects, but this template has only a few hover effects. In order to make this demo appeal for all types of audiences, the creator has kept the animation effects simple. This template’s simple code structure gives you more than enough room to add your own custom features and options.

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conversion-focused estore template

Fashi website template is primarily designed for online apparel and accessories websites. This template is purely designed from the commercial point of view. As a result, you get plenty of promotional elements pre-designed for you in this template. All you have to do is to download the template, work on the backend functions, and launch your website. This template is running on the latest web development frameworks. Hence, developers can easily work and integrate any modern tools into this template.

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Pillow Mart

free online pillow store website template

Pillow Mart is the best template for selling pillows online, online pillow covers & online pillow printing stores. The brand-focused straightforward homepage design improves the brand image and also delivers a friendly user experience. Animations are handled carefully to match the overall clean layout. Right from the product list page to the order confirmation page, this template has everything to give a complete shopping experience. Because of this template’s clean coding, you can use it to develop WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento themes. Plus, the well-optimized code script lets the developer skip the basic chores and concentrate on the custom features with a peace of mind.

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free online watch store website template

TimeZone is an online watch store website template. Whether making sports watches or luxury watches, this template will help you elegantly present your watch designs. Plus, the smooth animations add life to your watches and let the user feel your product. Since it is an HTML template, all elements work perfectly from the front-end side. Basic pages are also included in the pack to help you make a proper website. All you have to do is link the pages in the shopping cycle order and make the back-end functionality work as per your needs.

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fashion store website template

Ashion is an interactive store website template for small fashion stores. Images are used effectively in this template so that the audience can clearly see your products. Hover effects are really engaging and help the user access the quick action buttons easily. Though it is a free template, the creator has given premium quality design and code in this template. Hence, developers can straightaway build a website using this template.

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online liquor store template

As the name implies, this template is for online liquor stores. The classy design of this template does give a rich-look. Placing the shipping cost and money-back offers right below the homepage header sections is a thoughtful touch — this will make most new users comfortable and encourage them to try your store. All animations are sleek, and you can expect the same buttery smooth experience on small screen devices as well. This template has everything you need to make a proper online store. Therefore, you can forget the basic chores and concentrate on custom design needs.

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online shopping website template with big imagery

If you are looking for free eCommerce website templates that display your product elegantly to the users, then this template will impress. The creator of this template has given lots of space for images. Big image holders will show your product images clearly to the users. Plus, the hover effects are used smartly to show useful options and product details. For example, in this template, you can see quick actions like add to cart, user ratings, and pricing. On the clean white background, the colorful products look even more vibrant and lively. All the basic pages are given in this template, so you can concentrate on your custom needs.

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feature-rich website template

Minishop will help you make a properly branded website template. The creator of this template maintained the same design consistency throughout the template, which gives a rich look to your website but also help you brand your website. All you have to do is to add your brand color and the font you prefer. Like most other free eCommerce website templates in this list, this one is made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence, it can handle all modern fonts and color schemes. The thoughtfully designed homepage helps you showcase your best products and share a few words about your brand. If you are making an eCommerce website for a new brand, free eCommerce website templates will help you make a pixel-perfect website.

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clean and neat looking website template

Winkel is a modern and trendy looking online apparel store website template. Especially, if you are a lifestyle blogger and plans to sell your own products, free e-commerce website templates for bloggers like this will be a good choice. The creator has used modern web elements smartly to promote your products and highlight your best products. On the clean white layout, the orange color web elements look attractive and draw user attention easily.

This thoughtfully designed website template will help your audience understand your brand easily. On the top bar, you have space to add delivery and return days. Since it is an eCommerce website template, you have to show lots of policies, terms, and conditions to the users. The creator has made the footer big enough to list all your links in one place. In a nutshell, free eCommerce website templates like this will make your job simple and let you concentrate on the integration part.

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clean website template with big imageries

Dealers is another minimal looking eCommerce website template. Lots of white space is used in this template which gives a roomy feel even on the small screen devices. Since it is a mobile responsive website template out of the box, all the elements are well-calibrated for small screen devices. If you are looking for mobile responsive free eCommerce website templates, this is the best option for you. On the shopping page, you have interactive sliders and multiple filter options to narrow the search result. In the download file, you can see that the user has given you all the basic page pre-designed for you. By spending a few hours, you can make this template into a fully functional eCommerce website.

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shopmax website template image

The Shopmax website template has a well-organized layout so that you can arrange the products according to their category. On the clean white layout, the pitch-black bold letters are clearly visible and improve this template’s visual aesthetics. Below each product, you can see the product star ratings so that the user can pick the best product easily. If you like to make the star rating experience even more interactive for the users, take a look at our CSS star rating design examples. The creator has made the code structure simple and neat for easier customization. Like most other free eCommerce website templates in this list, this one is also made using the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, developers can easily work with this template.

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sensibly designed ecommerce website template

Divisima is a fully-equipped free eCommerce website template. The creator has given you features and options that you would normally expect in a premium template. Using free eCommerce website templates like this will help you save time and money. On the homepage, interactive sliders, and colorful elements are used to promote the best products. Well-calibrated animation effects are used in this template to improve user interaction. But still, you have lots of space to add your own custom elements and effects you want. The creator has kept the code structure simple and flexible for you to easily edit the template.

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eiser website template image

Eiser is a simple and fresh-looking eCommerce website template. Because of this simple layout, you can showcase your products neatly to the users. In between the sections, you have big banners to add promotional content and offers. Along with all the basic eCommerce pages, you also get blog layouts in this template. If you are planning to make useful content for your audience, this blog layout will come in handy for you. An order tracking page is also given in this template, all you have to do is to integrate the page with your order tracking tool. Free eCommerce website templates that are made using the latest web development frameworks, will make your development work simple and easier. And, the Eiser is one such free eCommerce website templates with a well-written codebase.

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website template for electronic stores

Aroma is a unique eCommerce website template in this list. This template is primarily designed for online electronics and gadget stores. If you are looking for a computer store site template, this template’s trendy and clean design will help you attract the present-day audience.

Still, you can use this template for other types of eCommerce websites as well. Like in the Winter template mentioned above, this template also uses hover effects to show some quick actions like add to cart and add to wishlist buttons. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, all the necessary pages are given in this pack. So you can set up a proper website in no time.

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Modist, as the name implies this is a modish website template with trendy web design. The designer of this template has used all modern web design in this one. If present-day audience ranging from age 18 to 30 years is your target audience, this template is your goto option. One of the major hindrances felt by online shoppers is the inability to feel and try a product. The best way to compensate this shortcoming is to provide a clear image and video of the product. Using a custom original images will increase the chances of getting user attention. If you are on a budget, you can use mockups for your products. Take a look at our mockup collections for your products.

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fashion website template

This template stands out from other free eCommerce website templates with a unique color scheme and fresh layout. Every element is designed thoughtfully by keeping present-day eCommerce store needs, and user needs in mind. For example, the little info bar right below the navigation bar clearly shows the offers and shipping charges. Images play a major role in this template’s design. You can elegantly showcase your products in this template and genuinely promote your offers to the users. If you don’t feel the default gray color scheme to be attractive, you can also use your own custom color schemes and patterns. Take a look at our CSS background pattern design collection for fresh ideas.

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Karma online store website template is primarily designed for apparel stores. But, you can use this template for other eCommerce websites as well. If you are running a brand focused online store or your own brand store, website templates with this design will not only promote your products but also will increase your brand identity and visibility on your website. The creator of this template has given you all the pages and options you would normally need in an eCommerce website. All you have to do is to take care of the back-end and integration work.

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Fashiop is the best online store website template for brand-focused stores. If you are running your own store, this template will also help you increase your brand visibility. The big hero image in the homepage header section gives a quick intro of your store with a call to action button. Just below the header section, you have category section and the brands you offer in your store.

In the homepage, you only have space to list a few of your best sellers, but you needn’t worry; it is a multi-page template with all the basic pages you need in an e-commerce website. The clean white layout of this template gives a fresh look to your products and the colors are vibrant. In the shopping page, you have options to change the number of products you see in a product. Since it is a free template, you only have limited options. We have to manually work to make this template fully functional.

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Astar is a unique website template with creative design. With a static sidebar, this template gives user-friendly navigation options. The sidebar not only makes navigation easier but also increases your brand visibility throughout the template. Even after leaving your website, users will remember your brand logo and name. The designer of this template has used images a lot on this template. Users can feel the product in this image-rich website template.

Most of the online buyers feel the inability to try a product before buying it as a shortcoming in online shopping. By using an image rich website template you can compensate the physical feel. As this template uses the latest HTML5 framework, you can even add video contents easily in this template. The flat design of this template makes it fit perfectly in both the desktop screens and mobile screens. A small icon is used in the sidebar footer to show the total price of your purchase, this helps the users to keep track of their bill amount as they shop.

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Wish is a bold and easy to interact e-commerce website template. This template is the best option for fashion stores. If you are already a famous lifestyle and fashion blogger and planning to launch your own store, this template will be the best option. This template includes all the elements you need to promote the latest products and offers. With big image sections and lots of white space, this template presents the content elegantly to the users. Texts are made bigger and bolder to make them visible among the big image holders.

Below each product image, you have space to show related product review rating. So the users can make an initial filtering easily. The shopping page looks a bit different from the rest of the shopping pages on this list. All the category and filter options are added at the top and the products are listed below. The same alignment is followed in the mobile view as well so the user will have the same interface across all devices. Cleverly your special features like return policy and refund policy are highlighted and shown in the category section itself. When a user buys a product for the first time from a new online store, the first thing they hesitate about is the return and the refund policy, by making things clear in the shopping page itself will help them shop without any worries.

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Coza Store


Coza Store is a must-have collection if you are a web developer. This template includes premium features and pixel perfect design for free. The creator of this template has included three homepage variants. All the three have a different layout, so you have different design option with this template. The image sliders used in this template has some cool transition effects and the best part they made it in the core file itself, so you need to add a third party plugins.

All the three variations follow the same simple clean design with an elegant look. Your products will look clean and vibrant in this template. Apart from the separate product page, this template also gives a quick overview option on the shopping page. With this intuitive design, the users can overview a product without going to other pages. Product image interactions given in this template is almost similar to the effects you normally see on an eCommerce website. Users can clearly see the product image before they place the order.

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Persuit is another must-have website template with tons of useful features. This template also includes different homepage variations. The creator of this template gives you six homepage variations with different layouts. Each variation has their own unique design. If you need a simple homepage look with less product, there is an option for you. Or if you need a homepage that shows your entire products, there is an option for that as well. All you have to do is to pick the one that fits your need and customize it to your requirements. In the top bar, you have the option to include customer support email and helpline number.

Chat support is increasing a lot between online businesses. After introducing chatbots, all the basic inquiries can be easily managed by the bots itself. This template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework so you can easily integrate the template with modern support tools. The cool transition effects in the image sliders are used in this template as well. There is a lot you have to explore in this template, the link is below, enjoy the template by yourself.

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Essence is a simplified version of the Coza store template mentioned above. With this template, you get all the clean design and basic features, but you don’t have the variation option. You can install the template and kick-start your website right away. The designer of this template has included all the pages you need to set up a proper online store. Right from the shopping page to the checkout page, everything is included in this template.

A quick overview of your cart can be seen on the right sidebar. Visual effects are used smartly to show the related contents, within the given space. Small thumbnail images of the products are shown in the cart quick overview, from there itself user can remove the product. The creator of this template has used the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework effectively so that you get fluid animation effect and responsive design.

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Store is a minimal looking website template for online apparel stores. The creator of this template has included creative design elements to highlight the important products and special offers. On the clean white background, the bright yellow color scheme of the web elements looks attractive. Texts of all sizes are used to neatly highlight the important text contents. On the homepage, you have sections for testimonial and blog. If you are running your apparel online store, then these testimonial elements will help you improve your credibility. Cost strikeout elements are also given in the shop page to neatly show how much the user save on a particular product. Tags are also used in this template to neatly organize the contents and show it the new arrivals and offer products. Apart from the shop page you also get blog page in this template to help you run an active website.

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In the clothing industry, women’s clothing is the most competitive and profitable business. If you are planning to start an exclusive store for women apparel, then Karl is the best option for you. You can use the default design as such without making any changes. With the flat style design, this template manages to show multiple contents in one place. Ample amount of space is given between the web elements and the sections. Big image banners are used to show the promotional offers and categories. Zoom effects and scroll effects are used in the template to give a lively feel to your product. The designer of this template has used bright red color for the web elements and tags, which looks attractive on the clean white background. To give you more screen space, all the navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon.

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Footwear, as the name implies this template is designed primarily for the online footwear store. All the web elements in the shopping pages are designed for footwear stores only, we have to customize it to make it a perfect fit for other online stores as well. Images and the texts in this template are made big enough for easier interaction. Below the top navigation bar, you have a flash news element, just like in the news website template, to show latest offers. Colors used in this template are also mild to match the overall simple look of the template.

The full-width design of this template is used effectively using big web elements. For product image holder, rectangle holders are used so that you have enough space for image and texts. The checkout page is designed like a wizard element wizard element to clearly show what detail the user has to provide in the next step. The footer section is made big enough to list all the important page links and contact details.

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It is the tech season and you can see several release events. Big brands are launching their new brands so that the users can buy it for the holiday sales. For those who are running online electronic stores, the Sublime is the best template to boost your holiday sales. The creator of this template has made it a trendy looking website template. Boxy content blocks on the clean white background make big white borders and neatly distinguish each element. Other pages included in this template are shopping page, cart page, and the checkout page. Visual effects are mild and are used only on the web elements to draw the user attention on the required web spot. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework so you can customize the template with new features based on your needs.

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Shop is a brand new fresh eCommerce template on the field now. With the fresh new design and trendy layout, this template easily attracts the millennial users. This template ticks all the boxes of a trendy website template for the current year. It has gradient color scheme, bold and clear texts, mild but attention-grabbing animation effects and shadow effects to differentiate the web elements from the background.

With the clean white background, the images and the texts are clearly visible. The developers and designers have used the shadow effects perfectly, which makes this template minimal and appealing. At the top bar you have the contact bar and to the top right corner, you have the user login option. All the basic pages you need to run an effective eCommerce store is included in this template. The subpages also follow same clean look and the consistency of the design is followed throughout the template.

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E-Shop is a feature-packed eCommerce website template. If you are about to set up an online store with lots of categories and weekly offers for different products then this the perfect template for you. The intuitive design of the template helps you to promote a particular product and also to highlight the offers.

Right from the header to the footer you have all the options to run an effective eCommerce store. This template is not only designed to promote your product; this template is also designed to make the navigation easier for the user. In between the product section you also have the option to include banners. This template includes all the pages right from the product page to the checkout page pre-designed for you. Since you get all the pages, all you have to do is to integrate this eCommerce website template with other related eCommerce software.

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Fashe is a premium feel, free eCommerce website template. Only a few free eCommerce website templates like the Fashe will give you multiple homepage variations. The Fashe template gives you three homepage variations, all three variations follow different layouts. Ultra clean design of the template helps you to elegantly display your products to the visitors.

Primarily the Fashe is an apparel store, so all the features are designed to support its core features. But the versatile design of the template is flexible enough to fit in any type of online store. The visual effects of the template are also simple and clean. The biggest advantage of the clean minimal design is the colorful products will look more vibrant on the site. At the top bar, you have the option to show promotions and offers, which is a handy option for online stores.

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Colo Shop


Coloshop is a full-width modern eCommerce website template. The template is designed in a way to promote your sales. With this template, you get sales-boosting web elements like countdown timer, badges, and offer indicators. The layout of the template is flexible and can be used for any type of online stores.

Like the E-Shop template, this template also follows a clean design with the light skin. The pricing and the offer elements use red colors which looks attractive on the clean white design of the template. In the header section, you don’t have any carousels, you get only a static image with an option to add a call to action button. Out of the box, this template is mobile optimized and speed optimized, so you needn’t worry about the performance of your site. Since this template uses latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework customizing and working on this template is also not a difficult task for the developers.

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