Have you ever wondered what really happens on the internet for every one second? Here are few stats on what happens in one second in major platforms when I write this post.

  • 66,521Google searches
  • 73,516 YouTube videos viewed
  • 8,009 Tweets

For every fraction of seconds, thousands of news are spreading throughout the world. The news sites must enable the new channels to share news at a blazingly fast pace. These free news website template will help you create a website that can share news then and there as they happen.

Another big issue news websites face is organizing tons of contents. Being a news website they need to publish content for every single minute. Without organizing the contents the site looks clumsy. Grouping the contents alone will not solve the problem, there will be contents which need to be highlighted. So the default layout must have the option to highlight trending topics. In this free news website templates list, we have managed to pick templates that almost gives you major options to create an effective news website.

Running a news website will require lots of tools and custom functionalities. All these free news website templates take care of the basic features and as a developer, you can concentrate on making advanced options. Saying that letā€™s get into the free news website templates list.

Tech News


Tech News is one of the best free news website templates out there on the web for quite some time now. The 2000+ downloads will vouch for the quality of the template. The smart design of this template keeps all the content in line, so you get a well-structured template. With the plenty of white space, this template present news contents elegantly without any disturbances.

Tags of different colors are used to easily identify the content category even in a crowded area. In each content block, you have the option to add share counts and number of comments. In the header, you have the option to include featured contents. Since Instagram is becoming a trendy medium, in the footer you have a widget option to include your Instagram feeds.

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Sports News


Sports news is a free template designed exclusively for the sports news lovers. With the clean engaging design, this template highlights the hot news. The visual effects are also kept simple to meet the professional website standards. But the developer has used the visual effects at the right spot so that the subtle animation effects catch user attention easily. This well-coded website template is endorsed by several users and developers, the 3000+ downloads are the example of it. In the default design itself you have space for adding ad banners, so you need not waste your time in organizing the ads.

The segmented news sections in the homepage is a time saver for the users. The visitor can easily find the news they are interested in and directly jump to the particular news from the homepage. Since it is an HTML5 template, videos and audios can be added easily.

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World is an interactive news as well as magazine website template. With neat animation effects and clean design, this template helps you to share world news in an attractive way. Visual effects help you to highlight important news among hundreds of other news. To help the user easily find the important news in the category they like, all the news are categorized neatly on the homepage. This template gives equal importance to both images and text contents. White spaces are used smartly to display the contents neatly, no matter how many articles you share on the homepage. Like most other modern free news website templates, this template is also mobile optimized, so the readers can see the news on the go from their mobile devices itself.

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Magnews is the best news website template for sharing current event as they happen. If your news site is well known for sharing timely news, then you will find this template helpful. With the big bold content blocks and texts, this template easily highlights the important news among the hundreds of other news. The Magnews template does not follow a uniform size in the content blocks. This mixed size content block is the advantage of this template, you can easily highlight the important news in the bigger blocks.

In the header, you have the option to show the featured news in an image slider. The image slider is wider and taller so that it can handle both landscape and portrait images. Along with the image you also have the option to add news title, date, and the category tag. Zoom in hover effects tries to give an interactive feel to the user.

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The Gazette


The Gazette is a premium class news website template, you get for free. The default design of this template helps you to create a versatile news website. It gives you the option to share headlines, stock market values and highlight featured news. You can find all these options easily in a premium template. But in a free template, it is quite difficult to find a template with so many features. We did the difficult job for you, you can use the comment section below to thank us šŸ˜‰

At the top bar, you have the option to include live stock market values. In the header, you have image slider with the option to include news title and date. Just below the header section, you have a flash news slider. Visual effects are done exceptionally well with this template. The effects are simple and neat, thanks for the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

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Stuff is a modern news website template which does not follow traditional news website design. With bold texts and neat categorization of contents, this template will help you create a unique looking news website. Content blocks of various sizes are used to help you easily highlight important news. This HTML5 website template also allows you to add your own video contents or videos from popular platforms like Youtube and Vimeo. It is a multi-page template, so you can explain each story in separate pages without any worries.

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Bold is a simple website template for agencies and small news sites. Minimal website design lovers will love this template, with only few props and web elements this template helps you to set up a news site. With the full-width design, this template gives you ample amount of space to add web elements and contents. The plenty of white space manages to show contents elegantly, no matter how many contents you add. Bold clean texts improve the readability of the template in both the small screen devices and big desktops.

Though this template gives you plenty of options, you canā€™t run a big news site on this template. If you are a developer you can customize the template to meet your needs. The Bold template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Since the template uses global code standard working on this template will be easier for the developers.

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Original is a magazine style blog website template. With the creative design and modern web elements, this template will help you create a news site that stands different from the rest of the news sites out there. The Original is a brand focused website template, with a consistent design flow and clear branding this template will make a strong impression on the visitor’s mind.

At the top bar, you have the option to include attention-grabbing scroll message, which you can use to show the latest news. This template reserves a separate big row to add your logo, just below it you have the option to include navigation menu option. The smart navigation bar remains sticky as the user scrolls down. You also have the option to include subscription call to action button in the navigation menu bar. The featured image slider helps you to highlight the trending news. If your news site is about of fashion and lifestyle, you can use this template as such without changing any options. At the footer you have a full-width Instagram feeds widget.

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Sasha is more than just a magazine website template. With this template you get five homepage design, each one of them follows a different layout. One variant among the five is a perfect fit for creating a news site. With the Sasha, you get a minimal looking news website layout and subtle animation effects. Another advantage of this template package is you get many web elements, so these elements may come in handy as your site grows.

With the big bold fonts, this template easily highlights the important texts. Being a blog website template the font selection is great in this template, the user will have a great reading experience. The sidebar gives you plenty of space to add promotional contents and ad banners. The only thing you will be missing in this template is ad-banners within the content. Different post formats allow you to add gallery contents, video contents, and audio contents easily.

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The Article is a perfect news website template for emerging news sites. If your news site gradually moving towards a big news site mark, then this is the template for you. With the interactive web elements, you can engage your readers effortlessly. To make the content reach larger audience base, social share options are given to the sides in both the homepage and in the single post. By keeping this template as a base you can create an effective news site on your own. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Like most of the modern HTML5 template, this template is also mobile responsive. From the developer point of view, all the basic work are already taken care in this template, all you have to do is to add the elements you need.

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Blogger is a feature-rich potential news website template and a travel website template. With this template, you get only the basic framework. By keeping this template as a base you can create your own custom news website template. Hence this template is only recommended for the developers. This template packs all the necessary features and options to create an effective news site. You featured news section in the header with image slider, hot topic action to highlight the trending news, and neat carousels. In the homepage, below each content you have the option to show likes count and comments count. Use of gradient color scheme gives this template a lively feel.

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The Yummy website template is basically designed for the food industry. Though this is a food website template, you get a flexible layout that closely matches the news site. In the homepage you have image slider, contents are organized based on the category, big content blocks are provided to highlight the important news. The right sidebar reserves you space to share promotional contents and ad banners. Since this is a food template, more weightage is given to the image contents, hence this template also becomes a perfect fit for photography website templates as well.

Visual effects play an important role in this template, as the default design gives more importance to the images, hover effects are used to show the text contents. Another unique feature of this template is the background option, you can either choose a clean background or an image background.

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Bona is a news board website template. With the grid-like interface, this template shows the maximum amount of contents on one page. The Pinterest style design allows you to add images and contents elegantly. In the homepage you not only have a regular sized grid, you also have split content box to show images and related contents side by side. Each content box shows the number of likes, comments, and views, you also have space to add author images. At the footer, you have the option to add social media profile links and subscription form. Since it is a news board template, it does not follow pagination. Instead, this template uses load more option to show all the contents on one page.

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Dorne is a directory website template. Since this template is basically designed to manage any number of contents effectively, this can also be used for news websites. The default website template makes it a perfect option for news and review website. To help the user to easily find the content they want, all the contents are grouped into different sections. With the help of latest CSS3 cod, this template gives us more realistic colors. With this template, you get more options than you expect in a normal news website. Hence it will be easy for developers to customize and develop their own news website over this template.

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News Times


News Times is a proper professional news website template. The intuitive design of this template helps you to share news as they happen. This is a content rich website template and concentrates more on the text contents than the images and the video contents. Because of over emphasis on the text content, in some parts, the template looks clumsy. The news story in the homepage is listed by the story image thumbnails.

Below the header, you have the option to list the news category and top story in each category. Hover effects on this template look a bit outdated, but fear not this template uses the latest CSS3 framework, so you can customize it easily. At the footer, you have the option to include Twitter feeds, contact forms and about us.

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Express News


Express news is a bold clean news and magazine website template. This template gives equal importance to both text contents and multimedia contents. Wit big content blocks and bold texts, this template make use of the gives full-width design effectively. At the top, just below the navigation bar, you have the flash news section. The animation speed in the flash news section is faster, which donā€™t even gives you ample amount of time to read the content. Other than the flash news element all the other features are neat and fully functional. The sidebar is used effectively to show the popular posts, tags, and trending videos.

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Motive Mag


Motive Mag is the best website template for the site which shares news in different categories. The full-width design gives you enough space to add contents and also to group them under different categories. In the header, you have the option to add big static hero image and text rotator. To separate each segment in the homepage parallel scrollers and labels are used. Visual effects are clean and simple. In the sidebar, you have the option to add social media profile widget with a number of followers count. Other options you can add in the sidebar are top posts, subscription form, and gallery section. It is a multi-page template, hence you get separate pages to explain the news in detail.

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The News Reporter


The News Reporter is a classic retro style news website template with the boxed-width layout. The layout of the template is its pro and con as well. The plus point is the contents are arranged in a proper structure so searching and finding contents is easy. Well, the con is the boxed width layout makes this template look clumsy. Since all the contents need to be displayed within the grid, at some spots the template looks overcrowded with contents. The news reporter template actually follows a three column design to show more contents on the homepage. For this three column design, you have to sacrifice big content blocks.

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Cinema is a movie review and news website template. This is the only template in this free news website templates that follow a sidebar navigation. Since this template is designed to multimedia contents, this template has plenty of space and elements for multimedia contents. The Cinema template falls under the entertainment category so the template also follows some design hues to make the template entertaining. The template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. Out of the box this template is mobile optimized, speed optimized and also made cross-browser compatible. As a result, you get a well-optimized website template.

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Info Share


The Info Share is another feature rich news website template. This template follows a full-width clean design template. On the clean white background, the orange color scheme looks attractive. For category tags, different colors are used so that the user can easily identify the news category. In the header, you have the option to include image slider with bold texts and it also shows the post stats like the number of views, likes, and share. On certain image background, the texts are not visible, that may be one tiny issue that users will face. The template uses light ash color scheme on which the texts and the web elements look distinctive from each other. Like most other free news website templates in this list, this template also provides you the option to add video contents.

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Movies Pro


Movies Pro is also a movie news and review website template like the Cinema template mentioned above. In the header you have image slider with interactive visual effects, this template does not use revolution slider addon. With the CSS itself, the developers provided you this interactive image transition effects. Below the header section, you have a bar to show the user login and signup options, you also have the option to add social media icons to encourage users to follow you. The news contents are grouped under a different category in the homepage for better user experience. Since this is a multimedia-focused site, by default you have the option to include video and audio contents.

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One Movies


One Movies is a neatly segmented news website template. The template gives equal importance to both the text contents and multimedia contents. On the clean white background, the images and the texts are clearly visible. In the header, you have image slider with autoplay option. Since it is a movie review site you also get star rating elements with this template. To the bottom left corner, you have the option to include social media profile links. The animation effects on the social media bar are neat, but a bit slower, it can be fixed easily.

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