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In our healthcare website templates list, we’ve mentioned that 42% of the patient prefer online booking options. This online booking feature trend is not only raising in the healthcare industries but also increasing in other industries as well. As most users can access the internet easily, online booking option is expected by most users so that they can book appointments on the go. There are plenty of appointment scheduling software tools out there to help you. In this list, we’ve collected appointment scheduling website templates that have premium booking tools pre-integrated for you. From the budget point of you, these templates give you more value for your money.

There are thousands of appointment scheduling tools to help you. Some of the best tools are;

Take a look at this post to see a wide range of free and premium WordPress booking plugins. Since the appointment scheduling website templates in this list support the latest WordPress version, you can easily integrate any plugin into these templates.


ppointment scheduling website template for booking classes

As many classes are moving online, this appointment scheduling website template for booking classes will help you meet the present-day needs.

Total learning management system tool is given in this WordPress template along with the online classes booking option. Hence, the site owners can manage their entire online classes from their website. Like all modern WordPress themes, this one also supports lots of useful third-party plugins allowing you to make a proper website in no time. Different types of online course options are covered in this theme, allowing you to create both academic and professional course websites.

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WordPress appointment scheduling template for doctors

Remote patient monitoring and providing virtual consultation has grown in the last few years. Whether you want to accept direct appointments or virtual appointments, this WordPress appointment scheduling template for doctors will be a good choice.

Since the MindCare template is originally designed for psychology counseling, you get a pleasant design with a soothing environment. Another advantage of this template is its trust-building nature. You can see lots of positive vibe images & elements throughout the template. If you are making a website for an upcoming practitioner or hospital, you must shortlist this template.

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business website template with appointment booking options

Shared working spaces are becoming popular among many small businesses and freelancers. This website template will help you attract many modern entrepreneurs, and the built-in options will help you serve the users better. Plenty of useful features are there in this template, and the pre-bundled Booked Appointment calendar plugin is one of them. This theme pack has more than nine demos as of writing this post. All nine of them have a clean layout with lots of white spaces, which goes well with the spacy shared workspace theme of this website. If you are looking for a youthful and feature-packed appointment scheduling website template for your business, this one might inspire you.

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appointment scheduling website templates for small businesses

The Entrepreneur template is designed by keeping the booking and scheduling features at the core. As soon as you land on any demo in this template, you will see a booking/scheduling calendar in the header section. The creator has used the flat design effectively so that all the elements and sections are neatly arranged. This template has nine demo variations, and all of them have a tidy design. This template supports the booked plugin along with the Events calendar plugin. Hence, you can easily manage your appointments and scheduling in this template. This template has multiple booking forms and layouts. Customizing the forms and the webpages are made simpler by using the Eelementor page builder. Appointment scheduling website templates like this will help you save lots of time and money.

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appointment scheduling website templates with useful scheduling options

OnSchedule is also a simple and straightforward appoint booking theme. The creator has given importance to the booking, just like in the Entrepreneur theme mentioned-above. Appointment booking forms and calendars are shown on the header section itself. Hence, regular users can easily book their appointment without navigating to other pages. Seamless performance and friendly interface will deliver a top-notch experience to your users. This template has ten homepage variations, and all of them have a professional look. All your schedules will be automatically synchronized to famous calendars like Google Calendar and Apple calendar. Plenty of useful appointment scheduling features are added in this template via the Booked Calendar plugin. Appointment scheduling website templates like this will help you organize your work across multiple devices.

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appointment scheduling website template for spas and salons

Jacqueline is an elegant looking bootstrap spa and massage salon website template. Most spa users like to have online appointment booking options nowadays so that they don’t have to wait when they get to the salon. This template is bundled with the Bookly plugin to let your users quickly book their appointment. The clean layout and warm colors will give a relaxing experience to your website users. Smooth animations enhance the overall user experience. Another unique feature in this theme is it also has Events Calendar plugin along with the Bookly plugin. Therefore, you can pick the plugin that suits your needs and can provide a clutter-free booking experience to your users.

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medical website with appointment scheduling options

IPharm is a smart medical website template that allows users to easily book appointments on the go. Since regular checkups can be easily booked via the website, your service team can easily concentrate on emergency cases. This theme pack has six demo versions. Online medical store demos are also included along with the hospital/doctor website designs. Therefore, you can make a proper website with this template. On the appointment scheduling page, you get a big neat calendar that clearly shows the available slots. You can edit the calendar and show the available slots for each doctor to make the booking experience even more fluid.

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Hotel Booking

hotel booking website template

From the name itself you can understand that this theme is a fully functional hotel website template with booking options. Since it is a WordPress theme, the included plugins are neatly integrated into the theme. All you have to do is to do the final calibration and launch your website. This template’s creator has clearly understood the niche users’ needs and created all the necessary inner pages. Right from the hotel features to the payment page, everything is included in this pack. Appointment scheduling website templates like these are the best option for first-time hotel website owners.

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appointment scheduling website templates with useful features

KALLYAS is a brilliant WordPress website template made for all types of websites. With the 70+ pre-made demos, this template can help you make websites for almost all major niches. The template creator has understood the present generation user tastes and created this template. There is plenty of space for images and text content. All 70+ demo variations use a full-width layout, so you get not only a tidy looking website but also an easy to interact website. This template supports both Events Calendar and Events calendar pro versions. So you can handle recurring events easily in this template. The Zion page builder is used in this template to help you do front end customizations quickly. If you require lots of scheduling options, appointment scheduling website templates like this will come in handy for you.

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appointment scheduling website templates for app development companies

Impreza is a content-friendly website template. All demo variations are designed in a way that design elements won’t hinder the reading experience. Fonts are also chosen with care so that users can read your content even on small screen devices. This one supports only the Events calendar version. You can do all the basic appointment scheduling tasks in this standard version. Later you can upgrade to the pro version as your demand grows. For customizations, this template uses the WPBakery page builder. You can customize almost everything using the page builder tool. This template has a crystal clear knowledge base so that any users can easily handle this template. Take a look at our Wiki themes collection if you also want to create a strong knowledge base for your products.

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minimal and simple website template

Brooklyn is a versatile website template for creative agencies. This template has 45+ demo variations, and all of them follow a clean design. The creator has balanced the clean look and premium finish in all the demos. Since it is a minimalistic website template, the creator has used modern fonts and subtle animation to grab user attention. Some demo variations even have light and dark skin versions to make this template truly for everyone. This template uses the WPBakeery page builder for minor front end customizations. Core customizations are also made easier by keeping the code script simple and neat. In a word, this is a friendly template for both developers and general users. Like the Kallyas template, this one also Event calendar pro version to give you more appointment booking options.

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appointment scheduling website templates with multiple demos

With a huge array of pre-made templates, TheGem remains one of the best selling WordPress website templates. Since this is a multi-purpose website template, the creator has given you all basic functionalities. If you don’t have any custom needs, you can simply launch your website once you installed the demo you want. All demo variations follow a straightforward design; hence customizing and maintaining them over the course of time will be an easy job for the site owners. Gravity forms and Events calendar pro plugins are combined smartly in this template. You can easily design your appointment booking form and integrate it into your system. Using appointment scheduling website templates like this will help you make any business website with an online booking option.

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Phlox Pro

colorful and creative website template

Phlox Pro is a budget-friendly multi-purpose website template. If you want to make a visually striking website for modern business, this is the best option for you. This template has nearly 80 fully completed demo versions, and all of them have a jaw-dropping design. The creator has smartly balanced the creative design and accessibility in all demos and on all pages. Hundreds of elements and sections are added to the Elementor page builder. So if your favorite demo misses one or two important sections you want, you can simply drag and drop the elements on the page you want. This template supports the Easy Digital Downloads and the WooCommerce platform out of the box. So you can sell both digital and physical products easily using this template.

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appointment scheduling website templates for modern entrepreneurs

Werkstatt is an intuitive creative-agency and creative professional website template. If you are a busy freelancer, portfolio website templates with scheduling options can help you easily manage your clients. This template has 30+ demo variations, and each has different layouts. Interactive image sliders are also used effectively to give an engaging user experience. This template doesn’t have the revolution slider plugin in its bundle, but it supports the plugin. You can buy the plugin separately and use it on your website if you want. The creator has not only made the customizations easier in this template but also made the updations easier. You can easily update the theme and the pre-bundled plugins in a single click. Overall, appointment scheduling website templates like this are the best option for creative professionals.

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website template with learning management system

From the name itself you can infer that this is a learning management system website template. The creator has loaded this template with tons of features so that you can run a simple online course website easily. Plenty of premium plugins are bundled in this template to give more value for your money. Appointment scheduling plugins are one among the bundled premium plugins. The built-in LMS system will help you manually assign courses, curriculum details, certificates, and a lot more. This theme also supports the famous Sensei LMS plugin. If you have already bought the Sensei plugin, you can integrate it easily on your website. If you are looking for an appointment scheduling website templates for your online courses website, this is the best option for you.

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creative website template with multiple demos

Ave is a voguish website template made for present-day users. Beautiful designs and colorful elements will help you get your user’s attention as soon as they land on your website. Purposeful animation effects and visual effects give a distraction-free environment for the users. All 100+ pre-created elements are integrated neatly into the WPBakery page builder. This template uses its own appointment scheduling and events plugin. Hence, you can expect a smooth and synchronized experience. Basic optimizations are done by the creator itself. All you have to do is fine-tuning your website and add the custom features you want. As this template is developed by experienced professionals, all theme-options have neatly meshed into the WordPress dashboard. Overall, Ave is one of the best friendly appointment scheduling website templates for both audience and site owners.

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multipurpose website template

Avada is the best WordPress website template for both beginners and professionals. Simple straightforward controls of this template let general users make their dream website easily. For developers, this template is a darling. Flexible code structures and professionally handled frameworks make the developer’s life easier. This template gets better and better in each update. The creator has loaded this template with lots of third-party features and in-house developed features. This theme’s preparatory Fusion builder will give you a buttery smooth experience. Since the page builder is developed by the theme creators, it works flawlessly. This template has designs for almost all types of websites. With the help of the Event Calendar plugin, you can create an online appointment scheduling website for any business website.

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website template for all types of businesses

The7 is another best selling website template for its friendly features. This template meets all current web standards. For example, it is GDPR ready and supports WordPress 5. If you are someone who likes WordPress’s Guttenberg editor, this template is the best option for you. This template is pre-bundled with tons of useful plugins. Plus, it also supports all famous WordPress plugins. Hence, if this template one or two plugins you need, you can install it manually without any hitch. Each and every element in this template is customizable. Useful plugins like Slider revolution, convert plus, and GoPricing is also given along with the appointment booking plugin. This template has 40+ demos, and you can install any demo with just a click.

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appointment scheduling website templates for directory websites

Wyzi is a feature-rich website template made for business listings. Since this is a directory website, you get lots of interactive elements like maps and range sliders. Users can easily search for the service they want and can book the vendor they like via your website. All the features and options are fully functional in this design. Plus, it is a WordPress website template with all the back-end functions fully working as expected. Booking calendars and subscription packaging features are pre-built into this template. Hence, you can easily manage vendor subscriptions and let the users book an appointment on the eligible vendor’s page. If you are looking for an appointment scheduling website templates to help local businesses, this is the best option for you.

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Service Finder

directory website template with booking options

Service Finder also based on the same concept of the Wyzi template mentioned above. Local businesses can list on your website and showcase their services. The powerful search tool lets the user easily find the best service near them. Users can book an appointment for the service they want via your website. Payment options and subscription models are also included in this template to help you easily monetize your listing website. This template supports both Paypal and Stripe services out of the box. Like most other appointment scheduling website templates, this one also uses the Booked plugin. Since all the features and options are in full working condition, you can easily launch your website using this template.

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appointment scheduling website templates for educational websites

Edubin is designed for online courses offering websites. This template supports both LearnDash and LearPress plugins, famous plugins for learning management systems. The default design of this template makes it a perfect option for educational websites. If you are planning to give online appointment booking options for your students, this template is the best option. This template uses the Event calendar plugin for appointment booking and scheduling. The Elementor page builder is well-integrated into this template. You can simply drag and drop the booking form in the place you want. Later you can configure the form with your appointment booking software. WooCommerce features are also given in this template to help you sell your products and services easily on your website.

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appointment scheduling website templates for hotels

Bellevue is purely designed for hotel and restaurant websites. The neat design of this template not only help you to neatly list your rooms and foods but also helps the user to book rooms on your website. This template has nearly ten demo variations. The designs vary based on the demo you pick. Since all demo variations are made with care, users can easily search for the food or room they want and can book on your website. For room booking and scheduling, this template uses both the Event calendar and the WPBooking plugins. The creator has used smartly used the calendar elements so that users can easily understand at what date and day they are booking. This template has lots of image spaces and carousels to let you elegantly showcase your hotel facilities.

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multipurpose appointment scheduling website templates

Crocal website template has designs for multiple niches. The creator has covered all major website categories so that you can create any website using this template. Specifically, the medical website template has a more sensible design so that the patients can easily book an appointment from any part of the website. You can make the appointment booking form as a lightbox popup to avoid page loading. Take a look at our free medical website templates collections with premium design if you are in a tight budget. In this premium template, you get webpage builder tools, Gravity forms, and booking system. By spending a few minutes, you can easily link the Gravity Form to your booking software.

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website template for small boutiques and online stores

North is a simple and elegant WooCommerce website template. The versatile nature of this theme makes it a perfect option for both small stores and big online stores. If you are a small boutique store or fashion store, you can use the appointment booking option to let the user schedule a concierge service. Since it is an online store website template, full-page layouts are used effectively to showcase your products elegantly. Hover effects are used smartly to increase user engagement. Though this template has a handful of demos when compared with other appointment scheduling website templates in this list, all demos are neat. You can pick any demo and use it to make your website. Speaking of boutique stores, take a look at our Boutique Shopify themes collection.

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modern appointment scheduling website templates

Koral is a fascinating multi-concept website template. This template has eleven homepage variations. All demos have an appealing look which most modern users will love. Properly calibrated animation effects and cool color schemes will give a visual treat to your users. Plus, you can also neatly highlight the important content from others. This template has designs for both personal websites and corporate websites. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like, import it to your WordPress server, and start working on it. Since this template provides the one-click installation option, most common users will find this template easy to work with. Take a look at our free freelancer website templates collection, which also has pixel perfect website designs.

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appointment scheduling website templates for modern businesses

Cesis is also a creative website template like the Koral template mentioned above. This one has a peppy business website design, whereas the Koral has a colorful, eye-catching design. Based on your needs, you can pick the template you want. Since both templates provide friendly customization options, you can set up a website in no time. This template also supports the famous Event Calendar plugin; hence you can easily manage your clients and appointment easily. bbPress and BuddyPress plugins are also included in this bundle to let you easily handle your online users if you are letting your users create an account on your website.

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