Admin dashboards are significantly important part of any web application based sites and the membership websites. Mostly the users of the admin dashboard are not aware of what’s happening behind the screen. What most user care is the what they see and what they can access. These best free admin dashboards in this list will help you create an effective dashboard. If you are a developer looking to create an awesome on-trend admin dashboard then this list will help you get great inspirations.

Some of the admin dashboards give you the option to customize the dashboard. But when you are developing for the user is it important to provide a customizable dashboard? The answer depends on the customization options that you are going to give. Options to drag and arrange the blocks, changing the colors, dismissible notices all are fine. But providing a completely customizable dashboard is not a must. Because it takes time and resources to create such a customizable dashboard.

Before going to design or develop your dashboard make sure what are all the options you need. The next important thing is to understand your user. Always try to develop any design by keeping the user at the center. Brand consistency is another major factor which we mostly forget. We develop sites and customize it to make it reflect your brand, in your dashboard also maintain the same brand consistency. Jan Losert has given awesome pieces of advice on creating an effective dashboard design take a look at it to know more.

In this free admin dashboard list, we managed to collect dashboard design of all kinds. Some are even customizable, based on your needs select the one for you. Now let’s get into the list.



Adminator is a premium feel admin dashboard. The clean design and elegant look of the template will make the people raise their eyebrows when you say it is a free admin dashboard template. It has all the features you need in a dashboard, some of the features of this template are rare to see even in a premium dashboard template. For example, the animated icons and the quick chat feature.

The developers have not only spent their time in making this template look elegant but also put equal effort to provide you many useful features. With this premium quality admin template you get features like calendar, chat, charts, UI elements, forms, multiple levels, maps and the list goes on. It is better you take a look at this template to know more about the features, I will drop the link below.

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If you are a busy website admin, who always wants to keep a tab on many things simultaneously then Sufee is the best choice for you. The intuitive design of the template helps you to follow profile activities all four famous social media namely Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google plus. You also have the option to overview your site traffic details on the homepage. Overall the Suffee is a best free admin dashboard for solopreneurs who own websites and for business webiste templates.

The flat design of the template helps you to visualize more stats and values in an interactive way. UI elements you get with this dashboard template is call to action buttons, badges, tabs, tables, and forms. This template also provides you plenty of chart variations to help you see data in your most preferred form.

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Gentelella is a professional admin dashboard template. This dashboard follows a text rich, content-focused design. But it doesn’t mean that this template lack visual elements. Gentelella also has modern web elements to provide the web stats elegantly to the admins. The to-do list block at the bottom helps the user to stay on track and also helps them to focus on the nest most important thing.

The small icons and bold texts are used in right proportion. Even if you are in a hurry you can see the important stats at a glance. Other useful features you get with this template are recent activities and task completion indicator. The sidebar can be collapsed to get a better view of your dashboard. With this free admin dashboard, you get web elements, forms, charts, layouts and multiple level menus.

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Metis is a bold retro style dashboard template. It does not have any modern visually well-polished web elements, but it has all the features you need in an effective dashboard. The unique feature of this free admin dashboard is the style switcher. The style switcher gives you the option to customize certain looks of the template. For example, you can change the background color of the dashboard and the font color. Metis give you nine background colors to choose from, even if you messed up with the look, you can easily switch the look with a click of the reset button.

The fully stretched calendar give you ample amount of space to preplan your work and also helps you to organize your work accordingly. Feature wise you get all the UI element options, chart variations and maps you get in all the free admin dashboards mentioned above.

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ANTD Admin


ANTD admin is another premium feel admin dashboard you get for free. It is an ultra-modern admin dashboard with trendy colors. The right amount of spacing between each block gives a clean look to this admin dashboard. By default, this admin dashboard best suits for ecommerce website templates. All the web elements provided are given by keeping an online store in mind. But you have the option to customize these features.

Since this admin dashboard is built with the Javascript the visual effects and the instant cursor response when you hover over the charts is neat and clean. One drawback of this free admin dashboard is you don’t get many UI elements and blocks, you only get a handful of chart variations. To view the demo use the password and login name as “guest”, the link is below.

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Monarch (premium)


Monarch is not a free admin dashboard, but worth to take a look. With the Monarch, you get a collection of dashboard developed on different platforms like Angularjs, HTML and Bootstrap 4. You also get an HTML website template along with this admin dashboard collection. Coming to the design part the template follows a modern and trendy look. It is quite an opposite to the Metis dashboard mentioned above.

The clean design of the dashboard helps you to visualize even large volume of stats without any difficulty. Instead of using a solid color this template uses a cool gradient. If you are not a fan of gradient colors don’t worry, Monarch dashboard gives you the option to change the colors to solid colors. With gradient colors also you get different color options. The use of trendy line icons combined with modern colors and cool visual effects gives this template a unique look.

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Vali Admin


Vali is a simple and bold looking admin dashboard. This admin dashboard suits for people who love to see only important data on their screen. It is super simple and clean with the limited amount of blocks. Since only a few data are shown in the dashboard, the blocks are big and manage to utilize the full-width design. Visual effects on this template are clean and you can see the stats easily by hovering over the charts. The elements you get with this free admin dashboards are; cards, Bootstrap elements, widgets, six variations of charts, tables, and forms. Charts are the only elements that use animation effects in this template. If you are not interested in animated charts then you can change it with few lines of codes.

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Vuestic, as the name implies this template is built with the Vue js. If you are a developer you might be knowing how flexible the Vue JS is, its the same case with this admin dashboard also. The Vuestic admin dashboard is clean and flexible. Use of drop shadow effect to distinguish the blocks from the dashboard background is a well-thought design idea. The shadow effects give a three-dimensional feel to the users. By default, this template is designed for the event website templates, it shows the stats of users, profiles, commits, and signups. You can customize it easily based on your needs. The charts are also designed well to help you show different data distinctively. Overall a professional looking dashboard which offers almost all the web elements similar to other free admin dashboards mentioned in this list.

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Lumino is a freemium style admin dashboard. There are both free and premium dashboard options available with this template. The features you get with the premium version are different color schemes, different types of charts and pagination. In the free version, you only get the default options and you cannot customize them. Based on your need select the version you like.

Coming to the design part this template is clean and professional looking. It uses a clean white background and professional light blue color as the color scheme. Each block in the admin dashboard is big enough to show you all the important detail neatly. The tradeoff for this big blocks is you can’t add many blocks. The best features are to-do list and right from the dashboard itself you can chat with other users. Since it is a freemium model template you get plenty of dashboard elements with restricted access in the free version. Below I have added the demo link for the free version of the Lumino admin dashboard.

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Bootstrap 4


Bootstrap 4 as the name implies this free admin dashboard is developed with the bootstrap. It is also a freemium style dashboard template just like the Lumino mentioned above. In the pro version, you have the option to customize the color scheme and have different variations of charts. Since this dashboard uses the latest version of the Bootstrap you get all modern web elements with this template. This well-coded template is easy to use and customize.

The dashboard follows a smart design layout which gives you ample amount of space to add as many elements as you want. By default in the dashboard, you have a chart, to-do list, timeline, calendar and user profile. All these setups are best for site editors, who need to manage a number of writers and articles.

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Novus is the most colorful free admin dashboard on this list. With full of modern material colors, you can easily distinguish each element on this template. The Novus follows a structured design, hence all the blocks and elements in the dashboard are in proper order. By default, this template feels like a more refined modern version of the Google analytics dashboard.

The primary color scheme of this template is violet and the yellow, which looks vibrant but at the same time retains the professional look. You also have the option to hide the side navigation bar in one click. Since the template uses a hamburger style menu bar the users get a similar interface in both the desktop and mobile devices. And yes, this template is mobile optimized out of the box.

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Modern Admin Panel


The Modern admin panel is a contemporary style admin dashboard. The default options you see in the demo version best suits for the websites providing online services or selling online goods. With the full-width design, you have plenty of places to add more web elements and charts. The sticky sidebar gives users a better navigation option. At the top right corner, you have the profile icon and the chat icon. Instead of providing a separate option for notification, the profile icon itself acts as a notification indicator. The animation effects on the chart are minimal and clearly shows appropriate data when the user hovers over the chart.

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Easy Admin Panel


The Easy admin panel is a grid style free admin dashboard. When I say grid style, don’t think it follows a classic style. This template uses modern design with all the web elements and the dashboard options neatly arranged. In the top bar, you have notifications, emails, task manager, and the social media followers count. Each dashboard elements use different colors so the user can clearly identify which category they are viewing even if they are in a hurry. Productivity options you get with this template is chat options and the to-do list. With this template, you get working dashboard elements and options. You can use these elements to customize the template if you need.

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Monster Admin Lite


Monster Admin Lite is also a freemium style admin template. But the features you get in this free version is a bit higher than the other freemium style admin dashboards mentioned on this list. With the full-width design, you get plenty of space to add more dashboard elements. The default design of the admin dashboard is focused on the conversions and the revenue of the site. At the bottom, you have the options to add recent posts from your site. The best part of this admin dashboard is you have the option to add project list. At a glance you can see all your project lineups for each month, you also have the option to filter the months.

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Modular Admin


Modular admin is a pure HTML admin template. It is one of the free admin dashboards that give you the option to customize the look of the dashboard. The Modular admin allows you to change the color scheme of the template. As of now, you have the option to choose from six available colors scheme. Another customization feature you get with this free admin dashboard is to make the header, footer and the sidebar sticky.

At the top right corner, you have the option to include the profile settings and notifications. To the top left corner, you have the search option. The admin dashboard blocks are designed with ample amount of spacing between each block. Fonts used are also are big and easy to read.

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Keen is more than just an admin dashboard. It is a developer kit with plenty of useful codes. In this kit you get four different admin dashboards, each dashboard follows different concept. Since you get dashboard elements that serve different purposes. The Only drawback with this template is it is a starter kit, hence you don’t get any jaw-dropping designs and cool effects. But you can use this template to learn more about the dashboard elements and how to combine with different functions. Overall the Keen is the best package for new users and beginners.

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Metro Panel


Metro Panel is a flat style admin dashboard. With big content blocks and bold texts, this template manages to make use of the full-screen design. The unique feature of this admin dashboard is you have the option to dismiss the cards on the dashboard. So when you are done with a block you can clear it and can concentrate on rest of the tasks in front of you. By default in the demo, you have charts, todo list, your site performance stats, calendar, and blog post options. The metro panel gives you only limited amount of options and features. If you are looking for a simple dashboard to show less amount of data then this template would do.

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Dashboard Page


The dashboard page is the only dark-skinned admin dashboard on this list. Dark theme lovers, this admin dashboard is for you. The reason am mentioning this admin dashboard almost at the last is you can only use this template as an inspiration. Charts and other stats options are not in full working condition. You don’t have the hover effects to show the exact value as you have seen in many of the free admin dashboards mentioned above. The coding used to create this awesome looking dark skin admin dashboard is shared by the developer Icebob. You can use this as a base and can create your own custom admin panels from scratch.

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Materialize is a concept model. If you ever wanted to create material design base admin dashboard, you can use this template as an inspiration and develop your own custom dashboard. For the most part, icons are used on the template. This is the only admin dashboard in this list that is free of graphs and charts. The unique feature you get in this admin dashboard is the options. To the bottom right corner, you have a plus icon which user can use to add activity they like, this option is very much close to the Google fit app. To create this materialize dashboard the developer Tirth Patel have used HTML, CSS, and few lines of Javascript.

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Boxly is a floating style admin dashboard. To make the web elements and other admin features to stay in order the developer has followed a boxed width style. For navigation this admin dashboard uses a classic top bar navigation, it makes this template stand unique from the rest of the sidebar navigation style dashboards. Drop shadows are used in order to make the admin block elements stand out from the background in this floating design.

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These are some of the best free admin dashboards you can make use of for your sites and projects. Some of the free admin dashboards like Adminator will give you plenty of elements and customization options that you get in a premium template. Each dashboard follows a different style, so based on your needs select the best template.

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