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No matter what kind of service you provide, if you offer a login for your users, Admin Dashboards are the integral aspect. Simply put in words, Admin Dashboards is a way for the users to interact with the service or website through their login credentials and account. Another simple definition would be an extended settings page where users are provided with all of the customizing, setting options and details of their pages in one place. Just like any other eCommerce website or online service provider, thousands of business websites whether large or startups use Dashboards providing their users a way to interact with their services. And if you are one who is looking to do so, the best way to start off is with Angular Admin template.

It provides you with all the features and ease of usage within a few clicks. No need to spend your time and effort creating and designing one as these templates make sure that all of your requirements are kept in mind. With a clean and well-organized User Interface as well as tons of web elements that are useful when increasing your conversion rates, today we have hand-picked the best premium Angular admin templates for our user’s convenience. Each of them has been selected for its high performance and best user experience as well as equally amazing features. So feel free to check them out and select the one that best suits your needs!

ArchitectUI – Angular 7

dynamic admin dashboard made using angular js

Angular 7 based templates are also the best option for dynamic dashboard designs. Especially if you love the material design or making a dashboard for Google environment, the Angular templates are the best option. Because of the native support for the material design, the Angular 7 can make your design work lot simpler. On the clean white background, the colorful elements are used smartly to highlight and show the important contents. To let you easily organize the menus and options, the developer has given you two hamburger sidebar menu. Screen spaces are used smartly so that the user can see more content in one place.

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ArchitectUI – ReactJS Admin

reactjs based dynamic admin template

In the modern world keeping a track of live events is one of the biggest tasks for the admins. Especially if you are in marketing, live data helps you to act timely. If you are making a dashboard for such crucial admins, the ReactJS dashboard is the best solution. The developer of this template has given you lots of stats and chart elements to visualize the data easily. All the charts are easy to interact and you can see the stat value precisely by hovering over the charts. Along with the elements and charts, you also get pages like login and registration pages pre-designed for you. One-click customization options are given for you change the admin dashboard color and the header section.

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ArchitectUI – Vue.js

light and fast loading vuejs admin template

If you like the previous design and don’t want it in a React version, this VueJS version might impress you. Because of the dynamic nature, the React templates are bit heavier. If you want a light-weight fast loading template with the same design, then you can opt for this VueJS version. As you can see, both the templates are from the same creator. Hence, you can expect the same level of design and code quality. Through this template uses the VueJS, you get the same level of dynamic and interactive elements. Another unique feature in this template is you get few additional pre-made dashboard concept designs for product management, statistics, and helpdesk.

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Kero – HTML5

ready to use premium admin template

Kero is an HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 based admin template. As this template uses the latest basic frameworks, you can easily convert the design to the format you prefer and the integration part will also be simple. A unique feature in this template is you get both vertical and horizontal type designs. If your users are going to deal with lots of stats and values, it is better to go for the horizontal version. On the other hand, the vertical layout is the best option to deal with long lists and multiple users. Shadow and depth effects are used smartly to differentiate each element from the other and from the background.

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ArchitectUI – HTML

responsive html based premium admin dashboard

This is also an HTML and Bootstrap based dashboard design. All the basic optimization for today’s demands like mobile responsive and fast loading is done properly in this template. As a developer, you can easily work with this template. Right from basic elements to charts, everything is predesigned for you in this template. Hence, working with this template will be an easy job for the developers. Apart from the developer side customization, you also get an easy front-end customization option for changing colors and header settings. Two main navigation bars are given in this template, so you can prioritize your menu list and can place it on the menu bar you like.

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Next Angular admin dashboard we have in line for you is Smart. A professionally crafted versatile template ideal for any type of online website projects. Modern and based off the advanced material design, this theme is designed especially with college and university sites in mind. It relies on a structure of Bootstrap framework alongside the SASS and jQuery support. For personalizing, you get access to 7 different color schemes. And you can also choose from 2 different designs. Compatible with AOT, this theme also offers lazy loading to boost your page.

Other mentionable features here includes professional validation forms as well as login and membership options. You can also choose from 7 unique charts libraries to implement throughout the site. Useful components like tables, datas, Google fonts, Range sliders are also placed at your disposal. Cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly and validated with latest web standards, this is the most easy way to get started from scratch.

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Treo is another professionally crafted Angular admin template or starter kit to jum start your next project. With multiple layout styles, design elements and useful components, this theme is sure to aid to all your requirements. It is content-rich in a sense that it comes ready with built-in apps and components. The flexible structure it features is based on the Angular, Angular Material and the Tailwind CSS. Completely responsive, it loads effortlessly throughout all the major hand held and other electronice devices. The best thing however is that for a secure and easy usage, this theme requires no NodeJs on production application. Each line of codes are also well-commented and clean.

Getting into the details, this theme features both light and dark template variations to choose from. As previously stated, the package also offers multiple layout styles and page variations. You get access to flexible and fully functional calendar, contacts, eCommerce inventory, Mailbox andt tasks applications. From authentication pages to coming soon, error, pricing, help and more, you get access to all the pages you can use. This theme is also cross-browser compatible and overall super fast loading as well.

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Designed with professional and efficiency in mind, the next name on our list of Angular Admin templates is Skote. Visually engaging and appealing, this template relies on the advanced Bootstrap framework. Not only this, but it is a pure Angular 9 template and has no dependency whatsoever on jQuery codes. This ensures a smoother and more user-friendly user-experience. There are multiple layout styles to choose from. Not only with the home but there are variations for other inner pages to choose from as well. This includes options for Projects, ECommerce, Customers, Chat, Checkout, Shop pages, Tasks, Invoices and more. Each of these are custom and carefully crafted to be fully responsive. In addition to this, you also get options to either go for light or dark template variations.

Powered with SASS, there are also plenty of styling elements. From the color schemes to the fonts to the design, this theme has it all. There are also 3 different vatiations of charts. Not only this, but you get access to tons of other useful components like bars, grids, pricing tables, calendars and more. It also support Google fonts offering users a tons of creative typography options. Completely cross-browser compatible, RTL friendly, fast loading and SEO friendly, this template is sure to kick start your current or future projects effortlessly.

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Universal Premium Angular 7 Admin Template

Built and designed with efficient and optimal performance in mind, Universal is an awesome Admin Dashboard template you can find out there! Multi-purpose, flexible and surely one of the most powerful options, it is built using Angular 7 and the Bootstrap framework. With a huge collection of reusable blocks and UI components, this template offers an incredible interface for the users to work with. Perfect for any type of web-applications, app backend, custom admin panel and more, it provides the users with the flexibility they are looking for. Visually impactful, the template is also designed to be responsive and retina-ready with amazing graphics. Not to mention all of the amazing variations you get to choose from. All of the codes used are undoubtedly seamless and well-commented.

User can choose from multiple Dashboard layouts and modify each element according to their necessity. And the process is pretty easy as well. You also get access to tons of table examples, calendar designs, gallery options and more. With creative Google Fonts, over 3000 icons and other rich components, coming up with something efficient is a breeze. The clean and professional design also gives the users access to data visualization with creative charts, graphs, and tables. In addition to this, you can also customize the color scheme it presents. Other mentionable features are the Form Wizard, advanced UI cards, multiple menu and navigation style, Range Slider, Sticky note and more.

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materialize Premium Admin Template

As the name pretty much defines this template, Materialize is a clean and professional looking HTML Admin Dashboard template created with the material design in mind. One of the best selling option and designed with developers in mind, it is a wholesome package of everything you need. Based on the MaterializeCSS framework, the overall outlook is pretty impressive. Froma responsive interface to the pixel-perfect graphics, every little detail is taken care of. Perfect for any type of web-applications, dashboards, admin panels and any websites, the layout easily customizable and versatile. With awesome variations for Home Pages, Inner Pages, and other creative elements, adding your own custom touch is a matter of minutes. You can choose from multiple Dashboard styles, and templates to start with.

There are also multiple menu styles you can choose to use. For Inner Pages you get access to creatively designed Contact, Blog, Search, Knowledge, FAQ, and even a blank page. For the media sections, you get a stunning gallery, as well as creative media, hover effect. From graphs to timelines to tables to buttons, everything is taken care of. You can even add in other useful elements like Carousels, Sliders, Tooltip, Tabs, and waves to keep things interesting. But that’s not all, users also get access to tons of amazing Google Fonts and icons. Other mentionable features of this admin template are UI cards, plugins and apps integration, creative analytic section and more. Summing it up, a pretty great option to opt for, this template hands down gives the users an easy head start on any of their current or future projects with ease.

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just do Premium Admin Template

A clean, responsive and professionally designed Admin dashboard template, JustDo is a creative solution to all of your needs. Feature-rich in every aspect, it makes sure that all of your requirements are taken care of and that too with absolute amazing perfection. Not to mention the awesome UI the users get access to. The fascinating collection of UI components and reusable blocks, it helps you build highly functioning websites within a matter of minutes. Built using the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is up to par of all the web standards. The layout is flexible, multi-purpose and versatile. And as it is designed with even beginners in mind, it is extremely user-friendly and easy to use. To start off, you can choose from either the dark or the light version. Then one-by-one adding all of the necessary elements is a breeze.

There are also variations for either vertical or horizontal layout with simple and intuitive design. It comes with over 10 amazing pre-built widgets as well. UI elements like accordions, buttons, badges, dropdowns, progress bars and typography and tooltips are available. Not only these, but other advanced options for Sliders, Carousels, Loaders, Context menus and colcade are also included. Add in creative charts, graphs, tables and more with extreme ease. It is also built to be cross-browser compatible and extremely fast-loading. Overall a pretty great option to start your web project opt for JustDo today and you will never look back!

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Piaf VueJs

Piaf Vue 2 Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

Another one on our list of the best Admin Templates available out there, Piaf VueJs is one of the best options. Why? It is a stunningly beautiful and professional looking template that is perfect to aid all your requirements for your next web project. It is basically a combination of good design, quality coding and strong and efficient elements. Unlike most of the admin templates we have mentioned today, it relies on the powerful VueJs. Designed with the mindset to provide the users with something that is easy to use, yet versatile enough to meet the requirements, this is a pretty great option. The layout is responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect. Not to mention the array of awesome customizing options to choose from.

This template is also applicable for international viewers and buyers as it is designed to be translation ready. You can choose from 10 different color variations that you can use to match your theme design. There are tons of UI elements and components that make up the overall template. In addition to this, it also includes the efficient applications formail,, survey and chat. Tons of variations with the layout and structure with and without the menus are also included. Another detailed element are the charts, and graphs that are created with superfine design to make it look more appealing. The smart menu structure with 2 panels also works great to make the interface less complicated and easy.

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Pragmatic Vue js Admin Template

Another great option that falls under the VueJS admin template niche is Pragmatic. Superfine, interesting and stunningly gorgeous to the view, this design is sure to catch anyone’s attention with ease. Jam-packed with features to take your admin panel to the next level, it is suited for any web-applications, admin panels, dashboards and more. And just like any other templates on this list, this template comes with amazing array of reusable blocks and components. Not to mention the design and the style variation one can choose from. It is also super-responsive and readily adjusts to every device screen-size with ease. All in all there are over 80 amazing Page templates including ones for niches, home pages, and other useful inner pages. Based on the powerful VueJs framework, it has no jQuery dependency.

Choose from 5 beautiful color schemes to match your theme design. In addition to that, one can also choose whether to go for light or the dark version of the template. Users also get access to over 2000 font icons and tons of creative font styles as well. From validation to registration to contact and mail forms you have it all. For easy navigation, you can also include multi-level drop down menu or opt for simpler designs. Another great thing about this template is that it is also translation ready. This ensures that reaching out to even international users are not complicated. Furthermore, it comes with various charts, graphs and tables options to implement on their site. There are also built in apps for chats, mail and surveys. Once installed and activated, users are also assured of a lifetime free updates and great support!

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Able Pro


Another awesome bootstrap angular admin template we recommend our users is the premium template Able Pro. Fully responsive as well as clean and organized layout, this template is crafted with the Bootstrap framework and Angular material. With a sleek and professional look and feel to the dashboard, it gives you tons of amazing features that you can use and customize to build a quality and high-end dashboard for your users.

Choose from the 4 different Dashboard versions and add necessary widgets from over 100 choices. You also get various Page Layouts that you can use! Not only this but the UI elements like- lightbox, color, button FAB, nestable, breadcrumbs as well as the tree view and cards and typography options come integrated. Other major theme UI elements include- Contact Card, Animation, Dynamic grid, Portlets, Sticky menus, icons, maps as well as charts adds the extra touch. What’s more is that you also get tons of Authorization pages like Registration/Sign up Page, Login Page as well as Forget Password Page.

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Admin Press


Admin Press is yet another powerful angular dashboard template. This template is built using Angular 5 along with CLI. It includes 3 dashboards and 5 different and unique demo variations. More than 50 powerful plugins are fully compliant with this template. Furthermore, the inclusion of more than 25 UI elements and 200+ Page templates adds more power to it by creating unlimited customization possibilities.

As an addition to its customization options, it offers 6 predefined color option accompanied by wide range widgets and 3 level drop-down menu. And to get you the preferred look and feel of your site it has two shades of sidebar- dark and light! Multiple selectors allow selecting multiple files to upload it once. Its intuitive interface makes it super easy to customize this template. To make the task even more convenient it comes along with a detailed and thorough documentation.

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Apex is a powerful Angular admin template package that is built on the Bootstrap framework. Built with the Admin Gradient UI templates for next-generation applications in mind it features amazing and creative Dashboards that you can use. Packed with tons of advanced widgets options and premium quality, this template is the best pick on our list. No doubt this is the top-rated and the fastest selling template of the particular niche.

This premium admin dashboard template includes the advanced functionalities that most other miss out on. With Mailbox and Chat Application with audio and video options. integrated, build a reliable and fast way to interact. The colorful and organized aspect of the template is one that certainly stands out! And a touch of creativeness and efficiency is further added with the mega menu, charts, advanced cards, statistics cards and other innovative features. The gradient effect on the menu gives out tons of color scheme options that you can choose from further enhancing the attractiveness.

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One of the top rated and the best selling product, Stack is a super flexible and powerful admin template. With a clean and modern responsive layout, you have unlimited possibilities of what you can achieve. It includes clean and well-commented HTML codings that are also easy to customize. This amazing angular admin template provides the user with over 1500 different pages as well as over 1000 different components. In addition to this, you also get RTL support so that you can reach out to a global range of users.

You can choose from 8 pre-built admin templates that you can further customize giving you the option to opt out from the hassle of starting from scratch. The developer kit also gives any of you the heads up when starting out. With various amazing features like- Maps, Charts, date/time picker, tables, charts, sweet alerts, cards and tons of typography and components options, this template is the perfect way to let your users have the full control. The Horizontal mega menu is another appealing factor alongside the organized folder structure.

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Mega Able


When competing against your rival companies and service providers, having a user-friendly and effective admin dashboard on your website is vital. And to sort out your necessities, Mega Able is the perfect bootstrap angular admin template with all your necessary ailments ready to use. Built with all the latest technology and updated for the best performance, Mega Able is the ideal platform for your users to get in touch with all the features of your websites.

With tons of UI elements like accordion, button, label badge, panel-wells, cord, nestable, box shadow, tooltips, animations, icons, a contact card and contact details, get everything you need in one place. Choose from 4 different Dashboard versions to get started and add over 100 amazing widgets for an even better performance. The eCommerce ready pages let you add your products as well as their details, listings and editing settings. Moreover, this angular admin template also features the apps like- Todo, Advance Chat, CK Editor and Ace editor. You can even allow the users the email options like- inbox, compose, read email and provide over 10 different email templates that you can use!

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Built with the Angular material alongside the stunning and modern layout Egret is a premium admin template to help you start your project! Unlike most of the template of the similar niche, this template does not use the Bootstrap framework. Instead, this template is built on the flex layout as well as the Angular CLI. Super easy to use and featuring tons of amazing features and UI elements, your users are sure to find your admin dashboard useful as ever!It features 4 pre-built themes that you can use or start from scratch. With styles written in SASS, you can either add or import the files easily.

In addition to this, the dynamic breadcrumb data is also provided through the route definition. Furthermore, this template also supports multiple languages giving you an easy way to translate your app. Another amazing feature is the User Tour that you can use to give out instructions for your new users pointing out the function of each element when pointed at. The layout is also responsive and features tons of UI components like- Charts, data tables, CRUD tables as well as Git repository. Get more advanced features with the admin template like- Lockscreen Page, Sign Up Page, Plans and Pricing Page, File Uploads, Google Maps, Datatable, notification system as well as theme switch dropdown.

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A powerful and creative front-end angular admin template, StartNG is built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. With a responsive, unique and modern this template using the powerful tools like Angular CLI is easy to maintain and use. The codes being developer friendly and well-commented are also fully customizable and provides tons of variations you can choose from. Create the perfect dashboard for your users to use this angular admin template!

The template features the Lazy loading which ensures that the elements are fast loading. It contains many examples or dummy pages with ready to use UI elements that you can start with. With a flexible component-based layout, this template offers tons of advanced features like- maps, ngx data table, ng2 smart table, nested routing, angular form wizard and full calendar and forms. The easy drag and drop builder adds the comfort of creating the perfect dashboard for your users with ease.

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Decima is yet another amazing Bootstrap Angular admin template that features an out of the box and modern layout. With a choice to either go for the Light or Dark version, this template also offers tons of customizing features. The template is also fully responsive and visually stunning. Giving you all the elements that you may need to start working on your SAAS, CRM or CMS Dashboard, this template is always updating and pushing out more advanced features.

The template is built on Angular support. All the codes used are well-commented and can be easily customized. In addition to this, the template also supports multi-language making sure that your international users are not left out. Furthermore, you also get tons of reusable UI elements. This allows you to create the perfect and effective dashboard for your users to access the settings on your website on their unique profile. To avoid any issues when it comes to it, it provides thorough documentation both online and offline!

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A powerful Angular Admin template, Gene is built with material design and professionalism in mind. Developed with an approach towards developers to provide a hassle-free development experience, this template is the ideal choice. Super flexible built on the Angular material, it offers tons of amazing options that you can use. It is also fully responsive which makes it adjust and fit any device screen size. Choose from over 85 different Pages and templates you can start with.

You also get over 2600 Font Icons that you can integrate for a more creative look. Get infinite possibilities with tons of pre-made widgets! The template also includes an integrated File manager that gives you a more organized feel. The advanced features and UI elements include- CKeditor, Database, Google Maps as well as Leaflet Map, Email Pages, Chat Pages, Full Calendar, Easy pie Charts, Login, Signup Pages, as well as Gallery Pages. Certainly, worth the investment, Gene is probably one of the best angular admin template choices for you.

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A cool and engaging layout for your backend and frontend management, Electric is a stunning Angular Admin template. Start out your project with an easy to use and customize the template that is the ideal choice. The all-purpose framework offers tons of elements as well as energetic and useful features. Choose from various customizing options to match your preference and create a stunning HTML admin dashboard with ease.

Get over 60 fully developed pages and 4 different Dashboard styles. In addition to this, you also get over 20 functional widgets that add to the effectiveness of your site. View various Live Stats Updates systems and stay updated about everything that goes on with your site. It also offers the user with a Live Chat facility making sure that they stay interactive. Furthermore, various useful UI elements are integrated and are ready to use at your dispense. Making your online experience a little more easier, Electric is a great Angular admin template to start with.

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Guru Able


Built on the powerful and advanced Bootstrap framework, Guru Able is an amazing Angular Admin Dashboard template. With an elegant and clean look and feel to the interface, it is also really easy to use and customize. Offering tons of awesome features it offers a responsive and retina ready design. Choose from the 6 different color schemes to start with and keep on building to get the perfect end results.

Guru Able offers over 200 Pages, as well as 25 different Demo Variations. To make it more advanced and functional, the template comes with over 1200 UI components as well as over 300 widgets. In addition to this, it is also integrated with more than 100 different Plugins including Maps as well as eCommerce making sure that you get all your requirements met. The Live Style customizer further gives the users the option to create custom dashboard style to their own preference with ease.

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Mash Able


Another amazing Bootstrap framework based Angular Admin template is Mash Able! With an impressive and modern outlook, this template offers a lot more than what other templates of the same niche provide. With various UI elements as well as advanced options there is unlimited possibilities of what you can create with the responsive Mashable Angular admin template. Create User membership system, inventory management system, e-commerce project, social networking project or even HRM applications or freelancer project tool all with one!

Optimized for speed and high performance, Mash Able is flexible as well as easy to customize. You can use the template with or without any dependencies on Grunt, Bower or Sass. Furthermore, you get over 24 menu variations as well as over 50 different forms. In addition to this, you can choose from over 500 Form elements as well as over 1000 UI components. The widgets included are useful and makes your template more effective. A great start for you, start out with Mash Able Angular Admin Template today!

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Built on the material design and the advanced Bootstrap framework, Oreo is a stunning Angular Admin Template. Fully based on the HTML and CSS3 standards, Oreo is a responsive and clean template. With tons of elements that you can integrate, create any type of functional Dashboard for your projects or websites with ease. Being cross-browser compatible this template is also fast loading no matter which browser you prefer to use. You can even choose from the Light or the Dark schemes whatever you choose.

The template supports RTL, which means that your Dashboard can be multilingual. Choose from over 110 useful HTML pages to start with and add interactive and creative fonts from over 3000+ choices. It also integrates over 300 UI components that make your task so much effective and easier. The 5 different Dashboard styles you can choose from are all responsive and retina ready featuring amazing design. Other advanced features include- Calendar integration, Chat App, Inbox app, Sweet alert dialog, Messenger Notifications, as well as the IOS type switches.

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Material is a clean, professional and unique Google Material design inspired Angular Admin Template. Featuring a fully responsive and retina ready interface, it is built on the powerful Angular as well as the Bootstrap framework. It features a material design UI kit with tons of components that allows you create an awesome platform for your users to interact. The high-resolution images and colors add the extra appealing factor. The clean coding from HTML5, CSS3 as well as Sass are well-commented and easy to customize.

Choose from 18 different color schemes as well as the Light and Dark themes. In addition to this, you also get to choose from multiple layout options that this angular admin template offers. The lazy loading ensures a fast performance making sure that only what is needed is displayed. And once you get the template package, the users are ensured that they are provided great customer support as well as lifetime free updates! Topping it off, the template includes internalization as well as localization support.

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Creative and innovative, Azimuth is a premium Bootstrap and Angular Admin template that allows the user a front-end access. This means that every element that you display is mocked with Javascript so that you can use the backend of your choice with no limits. Aimed to provide you with all your necessities with tons of components and UI elements, Azimuth is the ideal choice we recommend for large enterprise applications which require a modular component setup.

It features lazy loading which makes sure that only the important contents load making it function better. Not only this but you also get Angular Dynamic view alongside the Form Wizard as well as Nested Routing. Choose from 5 different color layouts that are fully responsive as well as retina ready. With tons of components including Maps, calendars, charts, cards, tables, as well as forms to use, this template also features high-resolution. But that is not all, get tons of features that you can use for creating the best Dashboard for your users!

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Admin UX


Responsive, modern and professional HTML Angular admin template, Admin UX features a fully responsive as well as retina ready interface. Aimed to provide a creative, unique and scalable template that is also flexible, this admin template is the perfect way to get started. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is also powered with Angular material alongside the HTML and CSS3 coding. With tons of customizing options as well as components that you can utilize, there are unlimited possibilities with Admin UX.

Choose from all the amazing and visually stunning Pages to use and customize the layouts. You can even choose the color theme whether Light or Dark. The fully responsive layout makes sure that the Dashboard adjusts to any screen size no matter which device you choose to use. It includes tons of UI elements including Mailbox, File Manager, Social Profile, Pricing, Gallery, Contact, Maps, Charts, Popover, Switch, Notes, Buttons as well as Accordions and much more. Get started with the premium Angular admin template today!

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Primer is an Angular material and Bootstrap framework based admin template built with the creative modular material design. It features an amazing professional looking and well-organized layout that is both flexible and fully responsive. This means that no matter which device you choose to use, the Dashboard changes and adjusts to the screen size. Choose what you prefer from the Light and the Dark theme and tons of other customization options. Get the ideal Dashboard that is easily customizable and flexible with Primer.

The Angular admin template features lazy loading support which makes it more efficient. In addition to this, you also get RTL and LTR support so that none of your global users feel left out. Get integration with Google Maps as well as eCommerce and choose what you require from the range of UI elements available. Furthermore, it also includes the Git Repo to gain access simply through the profile page with your login credentials. The documentations are thorough and sorted and available online or offline.

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Packet is an awesome HTML and Angular admin template or web app page that features a fully responsive layout. Designed and built to make your content management system more attractive and flexible, it provides you a suitable layout for every kind of project you are thinking to start on. With the classic Built with the classic combination of HTML and CSS, it offers you 6 different templates you can start with. And you can switch between them within a matter of seconds. What’s more is that each of the templates provides you different color schemes you can choose from.

The CT-Crop directive allows you to easily crop images using the Angular Awesome Slider functionality. In addition to this, you also get a highly adaptive interface which uses the modern innovations to give you high performance as well as the field of navigability and usability. This fully customizable Angular admin template also features CSS3 Page transitions as well as stunning loading bar. Get tons of useful components and widgets that add to the amazing functionality of the template!

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Minotaur is a classic, unique and effective Angular Admin template that lets you create a feature-rich and easy to use Dashboard with ease. After years of experience with the Angular material, this template is the perfect end result. Using tools like Bower, Gulp, and Sass, this admin template is easy to use and customize. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework Minotaur is fully based on the HTML and CSS3 standards and features a fully responsive and clean interface.

Choose from the multiple layout choices you have and start customizing the elements to your preference. You can either choose the pre-built layout to start building or start from scratch adding elements as you go. It also includes the Dashboard PSD with it alongside the CRUD Demo Application. There are also tons of icons from Fontawesome that you can use. Simply put, this is yet another amazing Angular admin template we recommend. So try it for yourself today!

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Slant is a multi-purpose Angular admin template that is built on the modern and advanced Bootstrap framework. This template is definitely the one for you if you are looking for a template with which you can create easy to use dashboards of various type. Be it for social media, e-commerce, university, blog or a hospital, it is suitable for any type. In fact, it comes along with 9 unique and amazing demos to ease up things even more for you. It also has many such features at your disposal to further enhance the look and feel of the dashboard.

Slant offers 9 aesthetically beautiful color skins and more than 250 inbuilt pages. Moreover, lazy loading helps you optimize it, improve its usability and performance to a greater extent. It is also fully responsive and mobile friendly that makes it adaptable to any screen size. Additionally, it seamlessly integrates Morris charts API, Angular File Uploader, text Angular editor and other JQuery plugins.With all these jaw-dropping features that Slant has in store, you will have the easiest and most amazing experience of creating a dashboard till date!

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Modern Admin


Modern Admin is a developer friendly and highly customizable Admin Dashboard template based on the latest Bootstrap framework. And with the latest update, this template is better than ever! Thanks to the Gulp system that automates and improves your workflow so that you don’t waste your time and effort on something unnecessary. It features multiple demo pages that you can easily choose from to match your overall website as well. Packed with useful elements, get a huge collection of UI and UX components to power your site. It is also fully responsive and pixel perfect so that it displays an amazing visual. Additionally, as each codes used are completely developer-friendly, clean and well-commented, you can easily create the admin panel that suits your requirements.

Talking about the flexible features, it executes all the useful tools that you might require. Get pages for email application, chat application, scrum board, todo and more. There are also tons of layout variations to choose from. But that’s not all! Get amazing looking cards that you can use to display important contents like stats, analytics, charts, forex and more. You can even mix and match the fonts and colours for an attractive surface. The template also supports RTL and is translation ready. Powered with HTML5, SASS, GRUNT, Pug and Bootstrap, an admin panel cannot get better than this! Once you invest, get assured of premium theme support and lifetime free updates!

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Looking for something lightning fast to kickstart your project? Pages is an ultra lightweight and fast loading Admin Dashboard template that is sure to help you out! With an interactive and carefully crafted Dashboard UI framework, this package is filled with awesome Angular pages and components. Each layout is flexible and you can easily style it however you wish. Even the codes are well-commented and clean ensuring a developer friendly experience. Get 5 useful Dashboard layouts to fit any niche and requirements. Additionally, it even includes pages for 404 and 500 error, Invoice, Gallery, Login, and more. But that’s not everything, because it is also equipped with the best interactive calendar app in the marketplace.

Choose from 6 colour themes whichever you prefer. Furthermore, the quick layout builder it features makes the whole process 10 times easier and less time-consuming. As it supports RTL and is translation ready, you also get a language switch bar. To make it more efficient, get tons of UI components like- models, animated notifications, charts, font awesome tools, stripped tables, custom widgets and more. To meet your form requirements, this template is also equipped with Form Wizard, Advanced form validation, various form layouts and custom form components. Completely responsive and optimized for the optimal performance, try it out for your project and you will never look back!

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Crypto Admin Dashboard Template is a fabulous package of everything that you might need when starting a new project. Complete with a responsive layout powered with the latest Bootstrap framework, it is inclusive of features that makes this template outstanding. Lightweight and easy to use, it is fully customizable and developer friendly. Designed especially for the admins and developers developing apps for ICO, Bitcoin and similar niche, it comes with a huge range of options that suits your requirements. It has 5 unique and creative niche based Dashboard styles that you can choose from. In addition to this, you also get extra pages that you can use like an invoice, profile, login, register, lock screen, 400 error, 500 error, pace page and maintenance page. Talking about style variations, you also have the option to choose from light or dark sidebar.

It includes over 3000 stunning looking icons to keep things interesting on the panel. Adding to it, you also get access to over 450 UI components, and over 600 HTML pages. If you want, you can also include interactive charts, data tables, stock charts and more. Another great thing is that you can easily switch the colour schemes and choose from 6 pre-defined skins. Getting into the form options, you get tons of options there as well. Get pre-made forms as well as options to create a custom one. You can use the plugins included getting the perfect one that comes in handy for you. It even has widgets included for the statistic, social media, weather, calendar, pricing table and even coming soon pop-up.

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Light Admin


A clean, simplistic and extremely lightweight admin dashboard template, Light Admin is yet another effective option for you to try out. Spending countless hours of effort, the creators have made sure to get only the best of features so that you have no complaint when using this premium package. As it powered with the latest Bootstrap framework, you are assured of a great interface. With incredible attention to details, this package is inclusive of stunning elements and features that will give you a head start. As it is extremely light-weight, it even executes blazing fast speed.

Get awesome page designs for your Dashboard, and other pages like- login, register, invoice and more. You can even include your team member lists for others to see. The template also comes with plugins for the calendar and file upload. You can also choose from 2 different table styles, 7 distinct menu styles and even the skins to display. In addition to this, you get all the SASS files included. Add amazing charts, lines, pies all using the powerful tool Chart.js. Furthermore, get multiple form layouts that you can easily switch to and from according to your needs. The template is completely responsive and pixel perfect. Another great thing is that it also has gorgeous user-profile options.

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Adminca, as the name suggests, is an awesome Bootstrap powered admin dashboard template. Backed up with powerful and efficient codes, this template also assures a user-friendly and developer-friendly interface. The whole template is completely responsive and retina-ready as well as highly customizable. This ensures that the end result ends up looking exactly how you want it. Another great thing is that this template package comes with detailed documentation which takes care of any queries that you may have. With beautifully designed pages and multiple variations to choose from, the possibility is limitless. That’s right you can choose from the various dashboard layouts that are pre-built and packed with the theme package. Each of these is completely responsive and retina-ready.

The template is integrated with the best build tools including CSS pre-processor, Gulp toolkit, and more. Furthermore, you also get multiple menu styles and tons of amazing components. It is also integrated with Google Maps. The calendar app, mailbox, charts libraries all add up the effectiveness of the dashboard. Add creative fonts, icons, charts, pies and more with ease. You also get the advanced tables and form option which you can modify all to match your requirements. Start off your project effectively and manage it all from one place with this amazing admin panel template!

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Ample Admin


A popular open source Admin dashboard template option in line for you, Ample Admin is a premium choice to opt for. Powered with the Bootstrap and Angular components, this template is completely responsive and retina-ready. The consistent design it features is amazing to look at and also highly customizable. Not only this, but the modular structure based on the CSS, HTML, jQuery codes are developer-friendly and easy to access. And the with the latest update, this template is improved more than ever! It includes 3 different Dashboard styles and layouts that you can choose from. Each designed with extreme attention to details, all of the components ensure an optimal performing site. You even have 7 different demos that you can easily install and choose to use.

You get over 600 HTML pages that you can use and more than 500 stunning UI components. But that’s not all, it even has over 3000 Google Fonts that you can easily change to your preference with ease. It supports RTL language as well and is even translation ready. The PSD files and the landing page displayed are also included with the package. What’s great is that you can also choose the colour schemes to choose from. Not only this but you can also switch the skin and go for either dark or light version. Add creative charts, bars, pies, and more strategic and analytic data for others to see. Moreover, it even has options for mega-menu, Range Slider, SummerNote, and other useful widgets and plugins that you can use. But that’s not all, you also get forms, calendars, gallery and creative pages for login, registration, treeview and more!

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Admin Pro


Creative, modern and effective in getting your site to the next level Admin Pro is yet another stunning Admin Dashboard template. Powered with the latest Bootstrap framework, it comes with a range of amazing features, plugin integration, and a responsive interface. There are 6 fabulous color schemes that you can choose from. In addition to this, you also get Dark and light variations for sidebars. With over 800 Page templates that are at your disposal, editing and modifying each element is simply amazing. Amongst them 7 demos and over 120 pages are included. Making it more effective, you also get access to over 500 UI components. All of these are completely responsive and features an excellent imagery.

Talking about other amazing features, you also get a range of useful plugins integrated with the package. This includes Google Fonts, Sliders, Google Map, Validation forms, Calendar, Galleries and more. Thanks to these, you get a range of fonts, icons, styles and more to switch from. Another great thing about this template is that you get an unlimited range of colour palette to match your overall theme design. Furthermore, you get various charts, tables, graphs and other euseful elements to keep track of your site with ease. Additionally, it is also designed to be RTL friendly and translation ready as well.

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Xtreme Admin


Designed and created with the mind set of aiding the ones looking for a powerful admin dashboard template, Xtreme Admin is yet another option in line for you. The design and the overall styling is also appealing and at the same time gets everything done for you. That’s right, no matter what you are looking for, this template package is perfect with every element included. One of the feature-rich and user-friendly interfaces out there, this powerful template is based on the Bootstrap & angular framework. It is completely responsive and pixel perfect. Each and every little element is based on the user requirements.

Get 10 uniquely designed demo variations that you can use straight off the bat! Or if you wish, you can also start entirely from scratch and get the site looking as per your preference. Talking about the styling and the personalizing, get awesome colour palette, fonts, icons, menu and layout variations to choose from. Adding to the effectiveness, you get easy to use applications and widgets that makes your life easier. You get everything from email, chat, calendar, ticket, tables, charts, and more. What’s more is that you get awesome UI elements like Panels and wells, Range Slider, List and Media object, Horizontal timeline, Grid, Tabs and even notifications and carousel.

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Klast is a fully responsive and retina-ready Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard template. One more in our list of amazing templates for those looking for an effective and easily manageable dashboard! The overall template package is complete with amazing range of elements and components that makes it the ideal choice. It works seamlessly with all the major internet browser that makes it load fast and easy. Each codes used are super-clean, well-commented and developer friendly. Talking about advanced features, it includes over 1600 ready-to-use HTML pages with tons of pages variations as well. You also get to choose from 5 different Dashboard variations!

Another great thing about this template is that you get over 35 useful and effective plugins included. For a modern and stylish intake on the dashboard, get a stunning colour palette that you can choose from. Get awesome widgets that you can use to add tables, calendar, fonts, icons, message chat, time line and more. The Image Gallery are neat and simple adding the professional touch. It is even integrated with Google Maps so that you can add custom Maps as well. Get a head start no matter what your next project only with KLAST!

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