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Admin Dashboards are one of the major parts of any professional or personal website. Here you can view the overview of your site statistics, analytics, and other settings and controls. However, not all templates offer what you are aiming for. Too much or too little of the components you require might be the deal-breaker. So today, we have collected the Best Free Admin Dashboard template list out there, so you don’t have to!

The templates we have offered are not only free of cost but are premium-like when it comes to the features. All of them are hand-picked by us to ensure that our users find exactly what they are looking for. The designs are professional and clean, built with the powerful Bootstrap framework. Most of the templates provide a range of customizing options and elements that will come in handy to make your work more efficient. So feel free to browse through and pick out the best that suits your preference!

ArchitectUI – Angular(Premium)

dynamic admin dashboard made using angular js

This is an Angular based admin dashboard template. The creator of this template offers both a free and a premium version. This one is a premium version and the free version is mentioned later in this list. Since it is an Angular admin dashboard you get a natural-looking material design dashboard. In the premium version, you get nearly nine premade dashboard concepts. Each dashboard is unique and has different elements and charts. Since this one is a premium version, you get lots of elements and charts. Another advantage of using an Angular website template is you can easily maintain and update the code in the long run.

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ready to use premium admin template

Kero is a simple and easy to edit HTML dashboard template. Since it is an HTML template, you don’t get the dynamic and interactive elements you have seen in the Angular template mentioned above. But the solid code base gives you the full freedom to customize this template as per your needs. This one is also a freemium-type admin template. In the premium version, you get horizontal and vertical templates. Though it is an HTML dashboard, the developer has used the code fully to give you interactive elements and charts. Using the template itself you can understand the level of optimizations done in this template.

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ArchitectUI – ReactJS(Premium)

reactjs based dynamic admin template

If you love ReactJS, then this admin dashboard template will impress you. The one-direction character of React JS helps the developer to make stable code. The creator of this template has given us plenty of dynamic elements. On the clean white layout, the colorful dynamic element looks attractive. There are plenty of live elements throughout this template. If you are making a dashboard for users who have to keep tabs on several real-world stats, then this is the dashboard for you. This one is a premium dashboard template, but the author has also given you a free version to give you peace of mind before buying this template. The free version of this template is mentioned below in this list.

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ArchitectUI – HTML(Premium)

responsive html based premium admin dashboard

ArchitectUI – HTML is another HTML admin template, just like the Kero template mentioned above. The design of this template is the same as the ReactJS template mentioned above. Since both template are from the same creator you can expect the same level of code quality. If you like more freedom and like to give a personalized touch to the template, this HTML dashboard is the one for you. A one-click customization option is given for you to change the color of the dashboard and the header settings. The creator has smartly used shadow and depth effects to differentiate the widgets from one another. If your needs are less, then you can go for the free version of this template, it is mentioned later in this post.

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ArchitectUI – Vue.js(Premium)

light and fast loading vuejs admin template

Some developers prefer VueJS for its simplicity and ease of use. The simple and clear code structure of VueJS makes the development process easier. Even first-time users can easily work with this VueJS template. Design-wise, this template is identical to the Angular 12 template mentioned above. You can choose any of these templates based on the code script you prefer. The developer offers this template in both free and premium versions. This one is a premium version and the free version is listed below in this list. You get the same premium quality design and code in free and premium versions.

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Concept is a free admin dashboard template that can help you easily manage and change your admin dashboard. It has a lot of elements and features to help you manage and create an awesome dashboard for your website. It is built with Peity Charts. So, you can have different data and statistics about your website on your dashboard. They are designed to give you the best appearance and usability as well. The statistics displayed can be viewed properly without congesting any texts, images, or elements. You can also add multiple colors to these charts to make your dashboard more self-appealing.

Concept is also packed with other useful elements like data tables. Your required data can be easily managed and displayed to yourself the way you want. Everything can be easily customized and displayed according to your needs. You also get incredible scrollbars with this free admin dashboard template. This feature can help you with the smooth navigation of your website dashboard. This dashboard template also features a PDF Viewer. So, you can effortlessly view the PDF files on your website without any problem. This is a very useful feature on your website if you deal with many PDF documents.

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ArchitectUI Angular

free version of the architect angular admin dashboard

As said before, it is the free version of the Angular template mentioned above. You get the same premium design quality and code quality for free in this template. In this free version, you get only one pre-made dashboard concept model and limited elements. Basic components like tabs, buttons, forms, and tables are given in the free version, making this free version a better choice. Another option you miss from the premium version is the one-click customization option for changing colors and header. If your requirements are less you can go for this free version and upgrade whenever you want.

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ArchitectUI React

react based dynamic free admin dashboard template

You get the same dynamic design you have seen in the premium version mentioned above. Like in a free Angular template, this one also has all the basic elements and charts to set up a proper dashboard. The developer has given you more than enough elements in the free version so that you can understand the quality of the template and the ease of use. Though it is a free version, the developer hasn’t made any compromise with the code quality. Still, you get flexible and easy-to-customize codebase in this free admin dashboard template. If you have the resources and time to develop your own custom dashboard, you can opt for this free version.

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ArchitectUI HTML

simple and elegant looking HTML admin dashboard

If you want the one-click customization option in the premium version, this free admin dashboard template is for you. The developer has generously given us the one-click customization option in this free version. As a trade-off, you have fewer elements and fewer charts pre-designed. You still have the premium quality clean dashboard design, hence you can use this template in all websites and web applications. The well-written code base will be a strong foundation for your custom dashboard design and can handle all types of additional functions you add to it.

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ArchitectUI Dashboard Vue

premium quality light-weight free vuejs admin dashboard

To let you have peace of mind before buying their template, the author of the VueJS template mentioned above has given us a free template. You still get the basic components, elements, and charts to better experience the dashboard. Plus, you can also have hands-on experience with the code. Since it is a template, you get plenty of elements to make it the best option for all audiences. You can remove the others and make this lightweight template even lighter based on your needs.

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If you want a free admin dashboard template for a multipurpose website, SRTDash will never go wrong. It is everything a dashboard template needs to be along with all the features you’ll ever want. It is built with Bootstrap 4 Framework, HTML5, CSS, and jQuery. So, you can expect nothing but the best from this dashboard template. But, it will be most suitable if you want to kick start your web app. It is a fully responsive template. So, you can use it on any device of any screen size. With this, you also don’t have to worry about anything as it is guaranteed to work without any problems.

SRTDash is also packed with a lot of other awesome features. It has 3 different home versions designed specifically to suit your website. The dashboard is where you’ll spend most of your time on your website. The appearance and the functionalities of the dashboard are equally important as that of the website. So, it is important to have a perfect dashboard as well. With the help of this free admin dashboard template, you will get just that. Just check out the demo, install the template, make few customizations, and you are ready for your own dashboard.

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Nalika is a great admin template for those looking for a dark-themed option. Right off the bat, a vibrant color scheme throughout the site makes it visually engaging. The purpose it is designated towards is pretty similar to the previous one and is perfect for a functional eCommerce site. But instead of focusing on the site admin, it is aimed more towards the online shoppers or in other terms; your audience. If you want to start an online community that wishes to contribute to the site, this template is ideal.

It features amazing elements from page statistics, interactive analytics, easy browsing sidebar, and professional contact forms. Because of the dark scheme, all of these certainly stand out. And with the widgets for social media, product listings, creative fonts, icons, and more, it is more than enough to get a head start.

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Next in line, we have the free admin template Cooladmin; which is simple yet professional. Great for online site management and marketing, everything here is designated towards the purpose. From a minimal, clean, and organized interface; to be completely responsive, the visual aspect is amazing. There are plenty of pre-built components you can use from advanced charts, animated web elements, interactive bars, and more, you have it all. Using various color schemes to represent the statistics is pretty engaging, ensuring the analytics are as focused as they should be. Each distinct component stands out from the specifics of users online to the engagement to the revenues and sales.

This template is also designed to be super fast loading and fully responsive. And keeping you and your users in mind, even the browsing experience is user-friendly. Other mentionable components are the tables, calendars, maps, and more!

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Kiaalap is one of the most feature-rich free admin dashboard templates that you will find in the dashboard template. It has so many useful features that you can create your own unique dashboard for your website. To start, it has over 50 pages that you can use for your dashboard. They can be helpful to add a lot of useful information for ease of access on your dashboard. The limitation to add your items and elements for your ease of access on this dashboard template is quite far.

Kiaalap is also developed with valid HTML5 and CSS3. so you can expect very few compatibility issues with this free admin dashboard template. You can also have google maps embedded on it. This can be helpful for you if you need to travel a lot depending on the business your website handles. It can also be useful if you need to travel with the related information of the users of your website as well. A good example of this feature is on eCommerce websites and delivery service websites. It can also be useful for sports and event websites.

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As mentioned in the name itself, ElaAdmin is a free admin dashboard template that will certainly succeed in its purpose. Its main purpose is to provide you with the best navigation and arrangements for your website’s dashboard. And with the help of such marvelous features like these, this dashboard will surely not disappoint you. It is built with amCharts to provide the best statistical data and appearance to your dashboard. Having a well-organized and beautiful website dashboard can help stress relief as a website owner.

ElaAdmin also has Font awesome icons to help you provide the best font icons for your dashboard. The icons can be used for easy navigation of the dashboard as everything will be kept crystal clear with visual representations. This free admin dashboard template also has a wide range of jQuery attributes that can be very useful. It has a jQuery scrollbar, Knob, Line Progressbar, Validation Plugin, and many more. These features can help you get the best efficiency out of your dashboard while using it. If you still don’t believe it, see the demo from the link below and be prepared to get your mind blown.

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Notika is a fantastic-looking free admin dashboard template to fulfill all your needs to obtain your flawless dashboard. It has all the features you would want on your admin dashboard template. Its features are rich with ease of use and functionalities as well. Undoubtedly, this dashboard template can be praised by everyone who uses it. It can showcase website traffic, impressions, and total online sales on the dashboard itself. The email statistics and overall visitors can also be displayed here. This can make your tasks very easier as everything is present on the same page of the website dashboard.

Notika has a lot of features as well. Starting this free admin dashboard template has a beautiful and well-designed menu bar on the top. It consists of an inbuilt search form where you can search for the different components of your website. A message section then follows the inbuilt search. Here, even the name of the message sender and message previews can be displayed on the popups. It is followed by notification, task, and chat sections to keep you updated about your dashboard and website.

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A stunning example of a fully functional and effective website Admin Dashboard template, Adminator is surely one we recommend. The layout is extremely flexible and adaptable, so you can use it for multiple purposes. Additionally, it is also fully responsive and retina-ready. It gives in a way for a more adaptable surface that fits every device screen size. This includes laptops, mobile devices, tablets, and more. It is packed with all the features that make it as awesome as it is. Built with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it meets all of the standards required for the modern feel. It is also compatible with all major browsers, making your site load fast. Adding to all the features, it is coded using clean and valid HTML and CSS coding.

It is integrated with all tools necessary like web packs, Eslint, Stylepint, Chart.js, calendar, and more. This ensures that you that it is easy to add elements like charts, tables, grids, as well as calendar. In addition to this, you can also add creative fonts from Google Fonts and Font Awesome. Get a huge selection of customization option that gives you the power and full control. Not only this but this template also features stunning menu and navigation options. Integrated with MailChimp and AJAX you also get working contact forms, newsletters, and pop-ups options. You can review your site, work on your project, use it for your mobile app, and more with Adminator. There are tons of possibilities with the free HTML admin dashboard template!

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Sufee -Admin-Template

Sufee is yet another free HTML admin dashboard template that provides users with various creative and innovative ideas to get results. This template is fully responsive and built with the amazingly advanced Bootstrap framework. It is extremely customizable and provides users with a user-friendly environment. This makes it suitable for even novices and beginners. The perfect start to control and manage your projects and website, the possibility is tons with Sufee. The layout is amazing, but the range of UI components adds to the template performance. Optimized for speed, this template loads fast and easily on every cross-browsers. You can also use the creative and innovative fonts from Google Fonts and Font Awesome.

Talking about Google, you can even add and integrate interactive and customized maps and locations through Google Maps. This template package also includes many UI components that add to the efficiency. Not only this but you also get a range of plugins and widgets that enable the user to add whatever they need. You can keep track of your website, its functions, modify elements, and more. Not only this but be it charts, tables, graphs, pies, or anything else, it’s all a few clicks away. What’s great is that this template also supports CSS animations and effects to keep things interesting!

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CoreUI Pro-Admin-Template

CoreUi is an amazingly useful and effective Admin Dashboard Template that helps you create an amazing user interface. An open-source Bootstrap-based template is designed and tailored to meet all your requirements. The design is intuitive, modern, and user-friendly. Optimized for speed and high performance, CoreUi has all the advanced components you will require. It is also fully responsive and retina-ready. This makes sure that it automatically adjusts to every device screen. For your convenience, this template offers two editors- Code Editor and Rich Text Editor. It is also highly customizable so the end result is always up to you.

Get standard forms with tons of variations like horizontal, input, inline and more. It also includes the whole button package that you can easily integrate. Add other elements like charts, icons, graphs, tables, and more within minutes. You can even add notification options for Alerts, Badge, and Modals. What’s great is that it is also compatible with plugins, so you can add additional features if you want. But that’s not all, this template also includes tons of other useful components like paginations, list groups, pop-overs, tabs, tooltips, carousels, cards and so much more. Get an amazing and effective start to manage and control your site with this amazing free Admin Dashboard template CoreUi.

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard


Light Bootstrap Dashboard is a responsive and efficient admin dashboard template that enables the user to easily manage one’s site. The interface is stunning to look at and also easy to understand. This makes it suitable for even beginner’s to use. The HTML, CSS coding are all clean and well-commented. In addition to this, the layout structure is fully responsive and adjusts to all the device screen sizes. It comes with a big collection of elements that adds to its effectiveness. You can easily implement them to your preference if you require. You can use this template to start your admin panel, your new projects or even for application backends. Designed with careful attention to details, this template is enriched with tons of options.

Light Bootstrap Dashboard is also cross-browser compatible. Not only this but you also get to choose from a range of color schemes for the sidebars. In addition to this, it is extremely easy to add charts, tables, graphs, and more. It also includes a variety of optimized plugins that enhance the functionality But that’s not all because it is packed with tons of front-end developer tools that make managing the site easier. Take your website to the next level with this premium-like free mobile app template. You can even add locations and interactive maps with the integration with Google Maps. Switch from various typography and icons to keep things more interesting.

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Lumino is yet another stunning Admin Dashboard template that is clean, flexible, and crafted with all the modern standards in mind. Built on the powerful framework of Bootstrap and SASS, this template will take it to the next level. On top of this, the layout is also fully responsive. It comes with all the amazing functional and effective elements to get you the results. However, you can also customize it however you want as this template is developer-friendly and highly modifiable. Furthermore, it also uses advanced HTML and CSS coding that adds various useful components. All of the codes are also well-commented and clean. In addition to this, it is also compatible with all modern browsers. Ensuring an amazing user experience, this template has kept every need of the users in mind.

Get amazing typography from Google Fonts that adds a creative touch to the interface. You can easily use this template to stay in control of your site, start your next project, and also for mobile apps. The design is clean and fresh and features vibrant and attractive color schemes. Not only this, but you also get dozens of useful widgets that easily let users add whatever they want. This includes interactive charts, panels, graphs, UI components as well as panels, tooltips, and menus. Some built-in functions and menus make the navigating process easier. Other awesome features of this Admin template are the progress bars, to-do lists, chat windows, calendars, timelines, and more. If you need additional features and updates, you can switch to their premium version within minutes.

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Material is a free Admin Dashboard template with an impressive fresh and modern outlook. It is also inspired by Google’s Material design and is built using the innovative Bootstrap framework. This template has made sure to leave nothing out in the sense of being interactive and effective. In addition to this, the template is fully responsive and automatically adjusts to every device’s screen size. Not only this but to make sure that the template loads fast and easy it is also compatible with all the major browsers. This includes Safari, Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Get more control and power over your site with Material, a sleek and professional Admin Dashboard template.

It includes around 60 different and unique elements that you can use to add any additional features. Each of the elements has been designed and arranged in a way that adds to the essence Furthermore you also get plenty of color schemes that you can choose according to your preference. Additionally, this template is also packed with 2 different innovative plugins that you can utilize. To help you get started this template package also includes 3 demo pages that you can use. Add locations, maps, tables, graphs, charts, and more within minutes. Not only this but you can also integrate Google Fonts and icons to keep the interface fresh and stylish.

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Now UI

Now UI-Admin-Template

Crafted and built using the powerful Bootstrap framework, NowUI is an amazing Admin Dashboard to opt for. Get more power and control over the site and manage the content more easily. The codes used are based on HTML and CSS that provide clean and valid usage. It’s packed with tons of amazing features and options at your disposal. Additionally, variations for typography and icons are provided using Google Fonts. The layout structure is clean and professional, making it easy to interpret and work with. Adding a touch of creativeness, it also features stunning CSS animations and effects. It is also fully responsive which makes it appropriate for almost every device screen. Compared to most other templates, it will make the process easier.

Furthermore, the free package includes many UI components that let the user add additional features if required. Not only this, but it also features three amazingly useful plugins. You can easily integrate and use the features to enhance functionality. For your convenience, you can also choose from the 7 different example pages. This option allows the user to get a head start without wasting time and effort. It loads fast and easily on every major browser as it is cross-browser compatible. However, if you still want more, you can also easily switch to the premium version of the template. Get a step ahead from your competitors and focus on the important details only with the free admin dashboard Now UI.

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AdminLTE 2-Admin-Template

Yet another amazing choice if you are searching for one, AdminLTE is a free and responsive admin dashboard template. Given the stunning layout structure, you might think all the details and effort have been put only on design. But don’t be fooled, because this amazing template has amazing functions and abilities to help you out. It is built on the powerful Bootstrap framework and advanced CSS and HTML coding. The design is also easy to understand and work with. However, you might be surprised if we say this template is also lightweight. This helps to load the site fast and easy. Enhanced for printing and featuring tons of options, this template takes care of all your admin needs and requirements.

What’s great is that this free template offers a feature almost premium-like. It includes over 1000 icons and typography that you can easily add. It also has variations for 6 color schemes that you can choose from. Not only this, but this template is cross-browser compatible. Including over 8 useful plugins and additional 3 custom-made plugins, this free template package is a great bargain. The active community and professional template support are always available no matter what query you have. Give your site and dashboard a modern and effective modification, try this template out for absolutely zero cost today!

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Metis is a powerful and advanced admin dashboard template that is amazing to work with. It is built using the modern Bootstrap framework. This template is visually stunning, representing a clean and professional interface. Even the color schemes perfectly compliment the layout. It is fully responsive and is retina-ready. It automatically adjusts to every device’s screen size, featuring an HD imager. It has tons of amazing useful UI components that will help you get a head start.

The template is amazing and also features exclusive HTML and CSS coding. Get a range of variations to customize the template however you wish. Add interactive forms, change color schemes, change menu styles, add tables, countdowns, calendars, etc. To ensure that your site opens up fast and easily, it is also compatible with all the major browsers. In addition, you also get stunning hover effects and animations that add to the appeal of the template. It is also integrated with Google Fonts gives you an array of beautiful and elegant fonts to work with. Add charts, graphs, tables, accordions or any elements you might need with ease. This template will take your site to the next level, so why not try it out today?

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Gentelella Alela-Admin-TemplateA free-to-use and download, Gentelella is a fully responsive HTML admin dashboard template. It is flexible and automatically suits your needs according to your preference. This template is built using the powerful Bootstrap framework and gives out a creative and innovative interface to work on. It also includes a variety of jQuery plugins that enhance the performance of the template. In addition to this, the template is fully responsive and retina-ready. Optimized with retina-ready imagery, this template is visually amazing.

It includes Full Calendar, Chart.js, data tables, and more. This ensures that it is extremely easy to add useful elements. You also get stunning typographies and icons you can add. In addition to this, the template is also cross-browser compatible. The template is efficient with advanced CSS, HTML, and jQuery coding. Furthermore, adding imagery and media files is also a piece of cake. Keep things under your control and manage your site easily only with Gentelella.

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Modular Admin


Modular Admin is one of the best and ideal admin dashboards you can find out there. Keeping in mind that it is free, this template is an amazing package. Packed with all of the features you might require, this template is everything you need! It is 100% responsive and automatically adjusts to every device screen size. No matter which device it is on, the dashboard works amazingly. With the Bootstrap framework structure, it meets all the modern market standards.

It provides analytics and stats to keep track of your progress. In addition to this, the items manager included is helpful in managing things. You can easily add charts, tables, graphs, and more. Furthermore, you also get access to the theme docs to modify them with ease. Get tons of UI elements that you can integrate. With AJAX and MailChimp you also get useful forms options. Ideal for anyone to start their project, Modular admin is just stunning.

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