The sidebar is a multifunctional UI element, which is used on both mobile application UI and website UI designing. The sidebars are mostly used to make the accessibility of options and features easier. Whether you are looking for a sidebar navigation menu design or a standard sidebar design to organize the widgets and secondary options, these bootstrap sidebar examples can help you.

The creators of these bootstrap sidebars have tried different approaches to make accessibility easier. Some of them use scrollable sidebar design to list multiple items. While some designer uses two-step folding sidebars and animation effects to avoid visual complications. Most of them are functional and can be used on any website and applications. Take your time and find the best sidebar that fits your need.


branding oriented bootstrap sidebar design

Steakshop is originally a restaurant website template designed entirely by keeping branding in the mind. The designer has handled the sidebar menu elegantly for easier navigation and to make the restaurant logo visible in all the pages. Shadow effects are used smartly to give an elevated look to the sidebar. Along with the shadow effect, the designer has also used glowing animation to get user attention easily. To make the letters and icons even more legible you can increase the width of the sidebar. Since it is a bootstrap sidebar design, you can use them in responsive websites.

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easy to access navigation sidebar

In this bootstrap sidebar example, you get a minimal spacious sidebar. Though the original design is made for navigation, you can add other elements in it. For example, this sidebar is used in a personal website so you can add a small portfolio widget to curate your audience. The coding structure of this template is properly handled to let the developers easily work with it. Line animation is used for the hover effects to let the user know which option they are going to select. Overall, this one is a thoughtfully designed sidebar, which you can use for navigation and also for promotions.

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bootstrap sidebar with newsletter subscription form

Running a blog isn’t easy, we have to be patient and do the right thing at the right time. If you feel like your blog has started to gaining momentum then your next step is to increase the subscribers count. In this sidebar design, the creator has smartly placed the newsletter subscription widget on the side navigation bar. Since this is a sticky sidebar, the user will see your subscription widget in all the pages. This smart placement will improve the chances of increasing the subscription count. If you are into email marketing, then take a look at our free email template collection list.

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clean and elegant looking sidebar design

If you are looking for a stylish sidebar design, this example might get you intrigued. Since this bootstrap sidebar is designed for photography websites, the creator has added a little bit of artistic touch to the design. The designer is very precise with the spacing, the sidebar neither too big nor too small. Users can easily interact with the menu and navigate to other pages. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, you get a smart sidebar that works perfectly in both mobile and desktop version. At the bottom of the sidebar, you have space to add social media profile links. Take a look at our social media icon design collection to spice up the design.

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scrollable bootstrap sidebar example

Vcard2 is a perfect sidebar design for virtual cards and online resume templates. In the sidebar, you have a majority of the portion reserved for the image. Since it is a Vcard design, the designer has used image space to add your image. Right below the image, you have a scrollable space to show the related contents. In the default design, the developer has added contact information and social media profile links. The solid code base gives you full freedom to customize the template as per your design requirements. The main design itself follows a tabbed interface, so this sidebar design gives a unique look to the template.

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bootstrap sidebar with rich dark theme

Cocoon is a stylish looking gallery template. The designer of this template has treated the homepage itself a mini gallery to curate the users. Hence, you get filter options along with the navigation menu in the sidebar. To make the sidebar smarter you can show page-related options on the sidebar. For example, you can show testimonials in the service page and related posts while the user is on the blog page. The developer has given us a solid foundation to let you build a unique website with all the features you need. Since it uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework, you can integrate any modern tools to this template.

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sidebar design for minimal websites

The Work template includes another minimal sidebar in it. In this minimal sidebar you plenty of space to add the elements you need. The creator has made the sidebar wider so that you can even add the widgets you like. For example, if you are using this sidebar in a hotel website, you can add a calendar widget to show the rooms available on each date. If you are interested in using calendars in your design, take a look at our CSS calendar collection for inspirations. Smooth line effects are used to highlight the menu options. In the default design, you can see a text space near the bottom area. This text space can be used to give a short intro to your website.

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smartly designed two-step folding sidebar

Suppablog template uses a responsive sidebar which helps you save plenty of screen space. The creator of this template has used a two-step sidebar. Normally you see a slim sidebar with icons in it and to see many options you can click the hamburger menu icon at the top. This two-step sidebar helps you to elegantly show the important options. And the user can also access advanced options whenever they want. The use of a dark grey color scheme for the tabs gives a visual break to the clean white main content area. Since it is a two-step sidebar, you can add widgets to make the sidebar more user-friendly.

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social account concentrated sidebar design

From the name itself you can understand that this is a photography website template. To show the images clearly to the users, the creator has used a full-width layout. Contents are given more importance in this design and to give a distraction-free environment all the options are given in the sidebar. Another friendly feature in the sidebar is it is a scrollable sidebar. So you can add a long list of links in this sidebar without any issue. You can use hover activated unfolding animation to show secondary options like social media profile links.

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easy to access sidebar for web applications

Adminator is one of the most downloaded free dashboard templates. This one is not only downloaded for the features but also for the user-friendly design. Though it is a free template, the designer has given us a premium quality material. In the sidebar, colorful icons and texts are used to elegantly list the navigation menus. Because of the minimal design, this sidebar manages to show multiple contents without clouding the sidebar. Fluid and swift animation effects are used in this template so that the user doesn’t have to wait for the option to appear.

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sidebar with disticntive look

Octopus dashboard has a cleverly designed sidebar. Just like in the Suppablog template mentioned above, the user can expand the sidebar when they want. Icons are used smartly used to indicate the available options when the sidebar is folded. This sidebar includes both accordion style folded menus and separate submenu bar. Both main menu sidebar and submenu sidebar are scrollable so you can list all the related options in one place. If you like you can add a little bit of animation to add life to the design. Since it is a CSS3 based dashboard, you can use any modern animation in this template.

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minimal and colorful sidebar design

ElaAdmin is minimal and colorful dashboard template. The designer has carried the same minimal design to the sidebar also. Icons are made bigger to clearly show the options when the sidebar is folded. The transition effect is handled smoothly so that the user will barely notice the transformation when the menu is unfolded. On the clean white background, the pitch black texts and icons are clearly visible. To help you manage submenus, the developer has used accordion design. The default sidebar has plenty of space so that you can add other elements as per your requirements.

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sidebar with user's profile image

If you are making a dashboard to handle multiple users, this bootstrap sidebar design would be a good option. At the top of the sidebar, you have space to add a profile image and user detail. Showing user image let the user know whether they are in a correct profile. Apart from the regular navigation options, this sidebar has a special section at the bottom. Useful options like logout, settings and full-page views are given at the special section. If the user is accessing the dashboard from a mobile device, this special section will be helpful for them to easily access the regularly used option.

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gradient-rich sidebar design

Adminty has a colorful and trendy looking sidebar design. Since the creator has used gradient colors throughout the dashboard, the sidebar also has gradient elements. On the dark grey theme sidebar, the gradient elements look attractive. If you are using color codes to organize the contents these gradient tags will come in handy for you. A toggle switch is given at the top of the sidebar to let the user completely hide the sidebar. Since the Adminty is a dashboard template, this toggle switch will help the user to concentrate more on the main contents. Icons and texts are used are fairly used in this sidebar to give a clear idea of the options. Apart from the navigation sidebar, you get a retractable sidebar to show customization options.



professional looking sidebar design

Admindek is a perfect sidebar navigation design for professional dashboard designs. If you have to handle multiple menus and submenus, this is the sidebar design for you. In this sidebar also you have a toggle button at the top to easily show/hide the sidebar. The transition animations are fluid and smooth in this template. Colorful tags are used smartly to show the notifications in that particular menu. For example, you have five notifications in the charts menu, it is indicated as number five near the chart menu. This thoughtfully designed sidebar will give a better user experience to your users.


SVG Gooey Hover Menu Concept

interactive sidebar design

This bootstrap sidebar design is an interesting concept. The developer has used interactive animation to make this sidebar unique. A small water droplet movement is a creative touch and will get user attention for sure. There is a small glitch line which appears when you move the cursor up and down. But it can be fixed by tuning the code a little bit. To make the animation buttery smooth, the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript frameworks. The entire code structure used to create this interactive sidebar design is shared with you directly. Hence, you can work easily with this design.

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Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design

sidebar concept for mobile applications

Elastic SVG Sidebar Material Design is made for mobile applications. As modern user interface has become more natural to use, designs like this will impress your users. This bootstrap sidebar example is fluid and interactive. As you pull the sidebar from the left, it bulges and bounces to give an elastic look. The animation is scaled perfectly so that your user will love using it. The entire code structure used to create this cool looking sidebar is shared with you in CodePen editor. Since it is the CodePen editor, you can easily customize and visualize the result before using it on your main design.

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React Motion Sidebar

sidebar with smooth transition effect

If you wish to access the sidebar with a single click, this bootstrap sidebar design might help you. The whole design is made purely using the javascript. Hence, you can expect only transition or motion animation in this tab example. The developer has given both folding and unfolding animation in this example. Since it is a unicode design, editing and using it on your website or application will be an easy job. The default design itself looks minimal so that you can take this framework and create your own custom sidebar.

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Sidebar Transition

transition effects for off-canvas menu

As the name implies, the developer of this bootstrap sidebar sign has concentrated more on the transition effects. The creator has given us nearly fourteen types of sidebar transition effects. All fourteen animation effects are robust and will get user attention easily. As the developer has used an off-canvas style design, the whole page is used as a part in the animation. Just pick the effect you like and start working on it. Since all the animations are done using the latest CSS3 script, you can easily utilize the code in your design.

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Perspective Page View Navigation

realistic menu trasition examples

Perspective Page View Navigation gives you transition idea for your creative navigation menu. The developer has used all four sides of the screen to show your menu options. Based on the design you follow on your website, you can pick one effect. Just like in the Slider transition example mentioned above, this one also uses the entire page in the transition effect. The developer has shared the code as a downloadable file so that you can make use of the code easily. Properly handled code structure will save you time and effort. You can easily edit the code as per your requirement.

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