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Any marketing campaign without a landing page is an incomplete attempt. The landing page provides laser-focused content to the users and psychological triggers will help you get more leads. These free landing page templates will help you to create an effective landing page in no time.

Before getting into the free landing page templates, you must know some basic principles before making an effective landing page. Landing pages must need a persuasive design and intellectual trigger to make more leads. The landing page design completely depends on the type of campaign you will run. But the basic points you must remember are;

  • The content should be related to the campaign through which the user came in.
  • There must be a hero element that should project your product features.
  • One common design trick that works on all landing pages is the bulletins. Yes, they may be small but they greatly help you focus on the important content. I even am using a bulletin now, so you know how it works.

We collected some of the best free landing page templates that almost follow the basic traits of an effective landing page and the landing page anatomy shared by the conversion experts of Unbounce. Let us get into the free landing page templates list without further delay.

Best Responsive Free & Premium Landing Page Templates

Whether you are looking for a simple app landing page template or an interactive product landing page template, these free templates will help you make conversion-focused landing pages easily.

Sublime (FREE)

free landing page template HTML5

Sublime is one of the best free HTML5 landing page templates you can download for free and use it straight away.

As the name implies, it is a glorious and awe-inspiring landing page template. With the full-width design and clean layout, this template will mesmerize the users as soon as they land on your site. The perfect combination of colors makes this template look trendy and eye-catching.

The visual effects of this template are clean and minimal. Minimal animation effects and trendy colors synergize this template into an effective landing page. With the big footer section, you have ample space to add other important links related to the product and your site. You also can add social media profile links at the bottom.

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Inspire (FREE)

landing page template free download

If you are not a fan of the simple landing page and expect an interactive design, the Inspire is the best landing page template. This template is designed and developed for the web application-based product. But the versatile design of the template can easily bend with any type of website landing page. The best part of this landing page template is, you can use it even as an HTML website template. It also has other subpages designed and developed for you in its package.

In the header section, you have options to add big bold texts, subheading and a call to action button. The scroll animation gives an interactive feel to the users and helps you explain product features effectively. With this template, you get features like vertical tabs to explain features, neat line icons, carousels, and neat animation effects.

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functional landing page template

Digilab is the best HTML landing page template for digital agencies.

The contemporary look of this template will steal the hearts of modern entrepreneurs. Modern web elements and bright green gradient color schemes are used smartly to deliver an immersive user experience. High-quality icons in this template take the whole appearance to the next level. The creator has included all the icons and other design asset files in the download folder; therefore, you can work with this template and create your custom landing page in no time. This template uses the latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks so that you can integrate any lead capturing tools in this template without any issues.

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landing page template for financial websites

You can infer that this HTML landing page template is for financial websites from the name itself.

If you want something different from regular financial websites, this one will impress you. The creator has used fresh color schemes and trendy fonts to attract the present-day audience. A small loan calculator form is placed in the header section. You can add a multi-step form in the header section to increase the engagement rate and also to improve the conversion. Other inner page designs are also there in this template, which you can use if you want to optimize the page for any particular goal.

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classy landing page template for modern businesses

Eroo is a classic business landing page template.

The creator has elegantly balanced the classy look and modern design to deliver a unique user experience. Businesses looking for professional yet friendly designs for their landing page should look into this template. Basic animations and hover effects are used in the default design itself; therefore, developers’ work will be simple in this template, and they can concentrate on the important tasks. Another advantage of this template is it uses the latest Bootstrap 5 framework, which will keep your landing page future-proof.

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landing page template for agencies

Design is the best responsive HTML landing page template for software/web design and development agencies.

This template’s clean layout lets you explain the services and highlight your unique features clearly to the audience. Though it is a landing page template, the creator has included one inner page and a contact page, just in case if you wish to use this template to make a complete website. The code script for the entire template is given as a download file. You can edit the template and can make it fit your needs. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can handle almost modern elements and effects without any issues.

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landing page template for financial and app companies

The Easy template will help you make a powerful landing page for financial and financial-related software companies. The smart design of this template will help you collect more leads. Important information is kept as high as possible on the default landing page design so that the users don’t have to scroll a lot. Plus, you also have a better chance to hook the new visitor and convert them into customers. Right from the pricing plan to customer testimonial, everything is given in this template to help you make a proper landing page template.

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product landing page template

Bold template will help you make an interactive product and service landing page. You have space to add a video link and the product image at the top of the page. Sections right after the header sections are logically arranged so the user will get a clear idea of your product. Interactive vertical tabs and synchronized moving image sliders will keep the users engaged. Like all other free landing page templates in this list, this one also uses the latest HTML and CSS script, so you can try any modern elements on this template without any hitch. Speaking of tabs, take a look at our bootstrap tabs collection for more interactive tab designs.

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Landing is a modern app landing page template. To help you get more leads the registration form is placed in the header section. As soon as the users land on your page, they first note a warm intro about your product and a call to action button. This is a one-page template so the user can see the entire details about the product by just scrolling.

The Landing is a clean and simple landing page template without any animation effects. The visual effects are added only to the required web elements, so the user can enjoy your product without any distractions. Since it is a one-page template the navigation bar is made sticky at the top, so the user can easily jump between the sections. A call to action button is also given in the top bar for the signup. If the people wish to join the list after completely seeing your product features, this top bar button will help them join instantly at that very spot.

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landing page for agencies

Grunt is an interactive landing page template for agencies. This is the best option if you are designing a landing page for a new brand launch. Variable scroll effects keep the users engaged and help you deliver the message clearly to the audience. Smartly handled white spaces elevate the rich look of the template on both computer and mobile screens. A bright red color is used as a default color scheme for elements, which look attractive on the clean white background. Subtle animation effects are used on important sections to make it more engaging for the users.

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creative landing page templates

Landerz template will help you make a beautiful landing page. The creator has made this template ostentatiously beautiful using modern web elements. Trendy fonts and crisp looking elements will make it difficult for you to believe it is a free template — but hey, it is one of the best free landing page templates. This template is a mobile responsive one, and the creator has made sure that the user will enjoy the same fluid interface on mobile devices as well. All you have to do is to add your content to the template and launch your landing page.

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landing page for books

If you are looking for a rich landing page template for your next book, probably, this is the option for you. Since this template is specifically designed for books, you get relevant elements. For example, you get a separate section to show some of your pages and a dedicated book author section to address your audience. Images and icons used in this template are included in the download file, so you can work with this template easier. Speaking of books, making proper images for your landing page is crucial. Look at our book mockups collection to create high-res photorealistic images in no time.

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clean business landing page

Business landing pages should always highlight what makes you different from others. There are thousands of agencies; your landing page must deliver how you can change your customer’s life. The main subject of the landing page is always noted as a hero element. The hero element in this landing page template is the interactive product features page. The creator has used animated vector elements and beautiful fonts to clearly explain your product features. A testimonial card is also placed in the product feature area to improve your credibility. Look at our bootstrap cards collection for a more interactive card design that can improve user interaction.

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landing page for restaurants

Meal is the best landing page template for restaurants. The creator has used lots of images in this template, which is more than enough for you to make your audience’s mouth-watering. As soon as you land on the page, the first thing you see is a big header image with a welcome message and a call to action button to let the user reserve a table. The table reservation form is neatly designed and is placed right below the services sections. Hence, users can easily see the food menus and book a table at the time they want. The latest web development frameworks are used in this template, so you can pretty much integrate any modern reservation tool to this template without any hitch.

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construction and architecture business landing page template

Square is a professional-looking landing page template for construction and architect
businesses. With the pristine clean design and smooth animation, this template presents the content engagingly to the audience. The top navigation bar is made sticky to let the user easily jump to the section they want. Useful elements like registration forms and carousels are given to increase the chances of collecting leads. The Square is one of the best free landing page templates that help you deliver the content and explain your services clearly to the audience. Because of its professional design, you can even use this template for business websites.

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fitness club landing page template

If you are looking for free landing page templates with a trendy design, this template will impress you. Since the designer has used typography as a part of the design, you can deliver the content elegantly to the user. Line vector icons are used effectively to give a rich look to the template. Vertical tabs and carousels are used to organize the content neatly within the given space. Since this template is originally designed for fitness businesses, you get schedule sections. To give a clear and straightforward approach, you can use a calendar for the schedule section. Take a look at our calendar design collection for more interactive and creative design.

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landing page template for charity

Foundation landing page template uses a powerful and straightforward design approach. Since this template is designed for charity and non-profit organizations, it focuses on delivering the message clearly to the audience. With the big sections, animated stats counter, and video elements you can clearly show the purpose of your organization and how people can help you. A call to action button for donation is placed right above the purposes you are serving, hence it will improve the chances of collecting the donation. Overall the Foundation is one of the best free landing page templates with a well-thought-out and well-executed design.

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landing page template for law firms

If you are looking for professional-looking free landing page templates for a corporate or a firm landing page, this template will be a good option. This template is originally designed for law firms, so you get elements and icons related to it. But you can customize it easily by editing a few codes. Images and text contents are managed well throughout the template so that you can present the content engagingly to the audience. From the header itself the user can clearly understand your firm’s services and reputations you have.

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landing page template for freelancers and digital agencies

Having a personal brand-boosting landing page for a professional will improve the audience’s reach. Especially if you are making a landing page for authors, speakers, and other such professionals, free landing page templates like this will be effective. In the header, you have space to add a welcome video and text space to say show your name and profession. The default design maintains a casual tone and it is well executed. By making a few adjustments to the design you can use this template for freelancer websites. Single blog post designs are also given in this template, so you can share your thoughts easily with the audience.

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Gaas is a trendy looking landing page template with full of beautiful vectors and art images. Since this template is primarily designed for app landing pages, you et plenty of elements related to it. But still, you can use this landing page template for other purposes as well. In the header section, you have a big title space and few lines of texts to give a crisp into of your product or your campaign. Bulletins always help us convey the important points properly, in this template also you get listings, but in a more appealing way.

Tabs are used to help you more share more contents without consuming more space. Gradient color schemes are used carefully throughout the template so that they don’t look messy. Almost all type of elements like carousels, pricing tables, rating elements and lot more are given in this template. So you can set up a landing page in no time using this template.

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Appru is another application landing page. The designer of this template has followed a block style design with sharp edge square box elements. Plenty of space is reserved for the images and the video contents. Sometimes the landing page should be short and sweet, in those case images helps you to clearly explain your service or product. If you are planning to make such a landing page, the Appru landing page template is worth a try. A mini website layout is followed in this template, with navigation options at the top. By making few customizations, you can even use this template for a business website. Visual effects are used smartly to highlight the important web elements. Another useful feature with this template is it has pre-designed blog pages for you.

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Standout is a bold looking landing page template. The big bold texts easily highlight the important content. Dark and light colors are used in this template to get the user attention on the required web elements and the contents. All the web elements and the sections are made big enough so the user can interact with this landing page easily even on their mobile phone. If you will use the landing for social media campaigns, then it is better to use properly optimized responsive landing pages.

As most of the social media traffics are from mobile devices, using a mobile responsive landing page like Standout will help you get more leads and conversions. The footer section is made big enough to put all your important links and newsletter subscription form widget. As this template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, you can easily integrate this template with other applications and platforms.

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Bulkapp is a landing page template for software and mobile application. From the header to the footer you have many web elements to explain the features of your application. This template includes both promotional and conversion elements to increase the conversion rate. Video contents are in the raise, adding a video about your product will have a good impact on the users. In the default design itself, you have space to add video contents. Since it is an HTML5 website template you can even add your video directly into the template.

Neat pricing table allows you to list all the features in the particular plan. Web elements for showing app screenshot is also given in this template. Since it is a mobile app landing page template you have banners for Google play store and Apple app store. If you are having an active blog with valuable contents, this template gives you space to feature a few of your best articles.

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One of the advantages of buying a premium template you get plenty of variations and design options. You mostly won’t find these options with free templates, but Zeedapp is different. The Zeedapp template is packed with six landing page variations and for blog templates. This mobile app based landing page is the best option to narrate your application features. With modern web elements and bright colors, this template helps you create a captivating page.

Long page design with full-width layout gives you plenty of space to add your contents neatly. Smart visual effects are also combined with this template to give a lively feel. The effects are subtle but used at the appropriate spots to get user attention. In the footer you have space to add contact information and a contact form, you can use this form to collect new leads. A link for video content is given in the header to give a quick overview of your business.

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With a neat professional design, the Parson easily becomes one of the best landing page templates. Properly organized sections and bold letters help the user to easily read the contents on the landing page. Trendy fonts are used in this template to help you clearly express your content. Since we have only a few minutes to explain our product or service to the user, this bold design will convey the message to the audience. Call to action buttons are placed at the most appropriate locations to direct the user to the desired pages. Ample amount of space is given for the images to help you present the content engagingly to the audience.

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Lorahost, as the name implies this template is originally designed for hosting websites. Hosting is one of the most competitive businesses in this digital era. Your home page must be crystal clear when you launch a new brand. Without taking much of the audience time, you have to clearly explain your unique features and impress the audience. Due to this high level of precision and sensible arrangement of sections, this homepage can also be used as a landing page. Colorful icons are used in this template to elegantly list your services. Shadow and depth effects are used smartly to highlight the important call to action buttons. You can use this template for your landing page by making a few adjustments to the design.

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Iconography and illustrative designs are getting popular among modern businesses. You can easily relate to the audience and clearly explain the message to the audience. If you are planning to make an interesting landing page for travel businesses, this one is the best option for you. Since it is designed for travel agencies and other travel businesses, you get icons and images related to the travel businesses. On the clean white background, the colorful images and icons look attractive. Each section is made big enough to accommodate any web elements and contents. Forms are also given in this template to increase the conversion rate.

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Chimper is a classy looking landing page template for businesses and startups. The creator has used modern web elements and animation effects to get user attention easily. Plus, you can clearly explain your services without taking much of the screen space. As mobile users are increasing, long webpages are performing well on mobile devices. The designer has smartly handled the sections to accommodate contents and web elements in one place. As soon as the user gets into your landing page, the first thing they see is the “Hire Us” call to action button. The developer has placed the hire us button at the bottom also to increase the chances conversion.

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Edustage is a perfect landing page template for schools and educational institutions. If you are launching a new course or a new programme, this template will come in handy for you. In the header section itself, you have call to action buttons to explore new courses. You also have the elements to show the course rating and the number of students enrolled in a programme. A registration form is given in the homepage itself to easily access the form. This is a very professional looking template so you can’t expect creative design and animation effects.

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Prantokon is also a feature rich landing page template just like the Zeedapp template mentioned above. With this template, you get three landing page variation and two blog page design. Ample amount of space for both text and multimedia content is given in this template. So you can explain your product engagingly to the users. You have a blue color scheme in the default demo, but you can customize it to your brand color.

This template uses the latest CSS3 framework, so you can add any modern colors without any worries. In the top bar, you have space to add a call to action button, to increase the visibility of the button. You can use this call to action button for the main goal of your landing page. In the demo the button is used to download the application, you can set this to membership subscription or collect leads. This template even allows you to add video background in the header section. Overall the Prantokon is easy to use and customize website template.

Info / Download Demo



Web applications are now widely used in many businesses to make the workflow simple and easier. If you are also making such unique web application this SaaS landing page template is the one for you. With the simple layout and well-optimized design, this template provides seamless performance across all devices. As nowadays mobile users are increasing, most of your social media ad campaigns will bring users from the mobile devices. Having a mobile responsive landing page will improve your result. This template is made mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible. So no matter what device and browser your user has this template will perform better. Logical segmentation of the landing page helps the user to understand your business at a glance. As this template uses a corporate style design, you can even use this template for your business website.

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Startup, as the name implies this template id for creative startups. If you need a launch page for your website and collect leads before your grand opening, this template is the one for you. This landing page template gives you a clear idea of your business. The logical design of this template makes sure, what the user can expect from you. By placing the conversion elements like forms and subscription labels will help the chances of increasing your lead capturing rate. A portfolio section on the homepage shows some of your best works. Showcasing your previous work will help you curate the audience and help you get valuable leads. The sticky top bar with your logo not only makes navigation easier but also gives your logo a better visibility to the audience.

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Coffee is a one-page template for restaurants and coffee shop. The precise design of this template makes it a perfect option for landing page template as well. This template is filled with creative design and web elements to make your template stand out from the usual designs. In the top bar, you have space to clearly mention your opening hours and contact details. Call to action button is placed at the header section itself to increase the click-through rate.

A brown color scheme is followed since this template is made for a coffee shop. If you have your own color theme for your restaurant, you can use it here. Animated counters and user reviews are given to increase the credibility of your shop. Food menu section is also given in this template to help you feature some of your best foods. You can use the gallery section to showcase your foods and share some of your happy customers.

Info / Download Demo



Snipp is the best landing page template for creative agencies. This template helps you interact with your visitors engagingly with cool animation effects. This template’s visual and animation effects are smooth and fluid. This template put your work at the top and your business second. If you take pride in your work and love to impress the visitors with your work first, this template is the best option for you. This template is filled with lots of colorful web elements and background. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters, particle animation background in the header and cool scroll effects. This template is primarily a website template with multiple pages pre-designed for you. But the logical homepage design of this template can be used as a landing page.

Info / Download Demo



Unapp is a fully functional and fully loaded website template. This template’s well-thought design helps you explain your product and services neatly to the users. Making the content clear to the visitor is one of the main goals of a landing page template. With the Unapp template, you can convey your content engagingly to the users. The web elements in the homepage of this template are placed at the most appropriate spots to increase your result. Since this template follows a simple design, the visual effects of this template are also made minimal. Though the effects are minimal, they can easily draw user attention. Since this template is designed for the mobile application you have plenty of elements related to SAAS websites.

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Transcend is a creative content-rich website template. Though this is a one-page website template, you can use this as a landing page template as well. The creative design of this template makes it a perfect option for creative businesses like designing agencies. Lots of space in this template is used for the text contents. Try to be more precise with your contents and be clear with your message. As said before, this template has bulletins to pinpoint the important contents. All the navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu if you need you can move them to the regular top bar. In the header also you have the option to put navigation menu options. Visual effects are used to show more related contents within the given space. Other useful elements you get with this template are carousels and animated counters.

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Eatwell is a minimal looking template for restaurants. With the pristine clean design, this template neatly presents the food images. Modern web elements help you add more content within the given space. With the long homepage design, you can clearly show your food menu and services on one page. In the header itself, you have a call to action button to show that you are open for reservation. But you don’t have a dedicated reservation form in this template. You can customize the contact form for the reservation form or look at the registration form template collection for more creative design. In the footer, you have a map widget to show the location of your hotel so that the user can easily plan their route.

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Unlock is more than just a landing page template. This template plays a dual role, this can be used as a simple landing page template or a product website. The design of this template can’t be included in a multistep based converting landing page. But can be included in a product tour based landing page template.

The homepage of the template is neat and simple; it does not provide you many web elements on the homepage. But the homepage does provide you many options to take the users to other related pages. With this template, you get simple visual effects for the web elements and hove effects. Out of the box this template is mobile optimized, speed optimized and cross-browser compatible.

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Apps is one of the truly effective free landing page templates in this list. This template is built with all modern web elements to make the template apt for today’s millennial audience, making this template a future-proof landing page template.

The Apps template not only follows effective landing page design, it also follows the modern web design trends. This template ticks all the boxes of modern web design. You get gradient color scheme, colorful icons, three-dimensional web elements and bold clear texts. This is a one-page template with smooth scrolling effects. Since it is a single page template the homepage is made longer to fit all web elements and sections. Each section is big enough to handle both texts and multimedia contents.

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The Frame is a business class professional website template. By default, this template is a multipurpose template, so this can be used for various sites. The advantage of a multipurpose template is you get plenty of web elements, which may come handy as your website grow. As this template follows business class design, all the animation effects are clean and can be used for any professional sites.

With the big content blocks and segments, you get plenty of space to add both multimedia contents and text contents. The interactive scroll effects help you narrate your services and products effectively to the user. Since it is a one-page template the user can know all about your product by just scrolling; no switching to other pages and no loading time. Using lightweight line icons and neat fonts makes this template even more attractive.

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The Present is a classy looking landing page template. With the dark skin theme, all the web elements and the texts look appealing and give a rich feel. This template also includes multiple pages, so you if you need you can use this template as a product website. Even though it is a multi-page template you get a reasonably longer homepage to help you place all the important segments. The Present template also uses a product explore design just like the Unlock template mentioned above. To maintain the design consistency the icons in this template is customized. It is a flexible website template which can be used as a landing page for any type of product. The present template uses HTML5, CSS3, and latest Bootstrap framework.

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Glint is an album style website template for creative agencies. The full page design of this template makes it a perfect fit for the landing page templates. The biggest drawback of the album style design is the scroll effect. The user has to scroll twice or thrice to reach the next or previous section. In the Glint template, this scroll effect feature is handled very well, the user can enjoy a smooth experience with this template.

To help the user enjoy a distraction-free website experience the hamburger style hidden navigation bar is used in this template. The navigation bar is on the left side of this template, in the navigation you also have the option to include social media profile link. Overall a perfect and flexible landing page template for all products and services.

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How Is Your Design Going To Be

These are some of the best free landing page templates for your site. Some give you premium template-like features and follow the conversion-centered design. While few are simple and just do their job, select the best template for you based on your need.

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