If you are involved in hotels and resort business, then you obviously have an idea about how tough the competition is. There are possibly thousands of other competitors who have raised the bars for the clients with amazing services. Alongside customer services, there is definitely no denying that marketing and promotion makes a huge difference. But that’s certainly not enough to own a successful business. So an online website to attract more customers and clients is a necessity. It works not only as a platform to showcase your hotels and resorts but you can make it useful for online booking and reservation services as well. And today for our readers, we have made a list of the Best Premium Hotel Website Template options out there!

Our hand-picked collection has been tailored carefully to meet all your hotel needs and requirements. Tested for quality and high-performance, these templates are sure to take your site to the next level So, showcase your hotels, resorts and grow your client numbers remarkably starting today! Each of these also support booking and reservation to make it easier for you to manage your business efficiently. Other unique features are listed with the descriptions down below. So without further ado, let’s get right to it!



On the top of our list of the best premium hotel website templates is Hotera. A clean, minimal and simplistic approach towards promoting any hotels, restaurants, resorts, lodges and similar range of businesses. Complete with amazing visuals, it is packed to the brim with features that are pretty efficient and smooth running. Whether you are looking to promote your businesses, start a blog, offer online booking services or more, this template is definitely a great start. Amazingly flexible and versatile it makes use of the advanced Bootstrap framework. As it offers a huge variety of customizing options, you get the custom look and feel you are looking for.

In total there are 5 different Home pages that you can start with. Not only this, but you also get access to unlimited useful inner pages like services, contact us, about us, blog, shop, register, and more. Apart from this, it also offers unlimited sidebars, a collection of stunning widgets, and integration with Google Maps. You also get access to retina optimized design for the sliders, galleries and pretty much anything you showcase online. The detailed oriented listing and amazing typography option is definitely one that stands out as well.

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Another amazing template for hotel based websites is Jetrips. Created especially with the purpose of serving the users an easy way out, the template is creative and visually amazing. It relies fully on the latest Bootstrap framework. Furthermore, it is flexible and adjusts to every device screen size. But, that’s not all because you also get tons of amazing features you can work with. Whether you want to go for One-Page or Multi-page variation, you can create both with Jetrips. Not only this, but you can also choose from the Homepage variations to start with. The template is fully responsive and retina-ready.

It is cross-browser compatible as well as fast loading. You can even use this template for travel based websites as the design is versatile. The template gives you access to functional booking, subscription as well as contact forms. Thanks to the multiple styles and layout variations that you can choose from, we are sure you will end up with the perfect platform. Get a range of stylish fonts and icons that you can easily integrate with the site. Choose a custom background pattern, image or change the color schemes. Grow your audience and the business with promotional pop-up box, hotel guestbook and other features added especially for the purpose.

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The ideal template to use for motels, hotels, inns, travel agencies and businesses of similar niche, Stetho is a creative hotel website template. It is flexible and versatile so that you can make it into whatever you prefer. Relying fully on the latest advanced Bootstrap framework, this template represents everything that you might need to create the perfect platform. The visually advanced graphics are also retina-ready and fully responsive. This makes the template automatically adjusts to every device screen size with ease. In addition to this, the template works great with almost every internet browsers. The premium template package includes tons of useful UI components that you can utilize to add additional features.

Get a range of creative HTML files to start with in addition to the PSD files. It is built on the rock-solid foundation of CSS and HTML coding. And each of these codes is extremely secure, clean and valid. This makes the template developer friendly and easy to customize. Get control over each and every customizing and end up with the perfect end result. Integrated with most of the popular social media networks, it is extremely easy to share your contents with them. Furthermore, you can also add interactive and useful contact forms, subscription forms as well as login forms as per your need. But that’s not all, it is also easy to add any media files, Google Maps, fonts, and icons to your preference. One of the most flexible templates out there, Stetho is sure to take you and your business to the next level.

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Atoli is a mesmerizingly elegant and creative HTML hotel website template featuring a clean, professional and high-quality design structure. It relies entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework and is ideal especially for hotels, resorts and websites of similar niche businesses. The layout structure is fully responsive and features an HD resolution for the imagery. It is tested on all the major devices and looks incredible on all the screen size. Visually stunning to say the least, it is built entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework. In addition to that, the template also offers an array of awesome features just for the users to help create the perfect platform to start your site. It is designed to be cross-browser compatible and is also fast loading.

What’s more is that you can customize or change to beautiful and elegant typography to enhance the features. Choose from 3 different Home Page variations and pick out the one that best suits your needs. Furthermore, it is also easy to add media files and create galleries, sliders, and carousels. Not only this but since it supports all the file type, you can easily add video files as well. Adding to the essence, this template also lets you add custom Maps to let the users know exactly where you are based. The AJAX and MailChimp integration also allows the user to add forms for login, contact as well as subscriptions and bookings. Get amazing parallax sections, CSS animations and effects that make your site look extremely professional as well.

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Litho is a creative, visually advanced and features rich hotel website template that is built with the multi-purpose concept. This means that in addition to the hotel website you wish to create you can use it for almost anything. Compatible with all the device screen size, this template is just stunning, to say the least. Following a minimal and simplistic approach to display your contents in an attractive manner, this template is surely the answer you are looking for. The template relies fully on the advanced Bootstrap framework and follows all the standards of the modern market. Whether you are looking to blog, promote your business, start an eCommerce or more, with this template, the options are limitless. Furthermore, this template forms the starting point to a static or CMS website whether One-Page or Multi-Page.

There are tons of variations for HomePages and Demo versions that you can start with. It also includes all of the PSD files that you see within the demos so that you don’t come across any problems later. Get over 230 unique and useful HTML pages you can use to add features and options. The best part is it gives you the choice of either light or dark versions to choose from. Not only this, but you can add a touch of creativeness with fonts, icons, media files, galleries, sliders and even carousels. With the integration of AJAX and MailChimp, you can add contact forms, subscription forms and more. Ensuring a high-performance and fast loading, this template is compatible with all the major browsers.

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Next in line, we have the incredible hotel website template Vauraus. A organized, detail oriented and niche based template ideal for our list today. Great for all niche of hospitality services whether it is for promotional or professional purpose, it is amazingly flexible to say the least. Responsive, retina-ready and with a versatile design that is open to amazing possibilities, this theme is definitely a great options. And that also applies to beginners and novices considering how easy it is to set up and customize the template. It is also amazingly fast loading throughout all the major web browsers as well.

Getting onto the details, you will find 3 different Home Pages dedicated the various niche you can start with. The modern design, further complimented with the range of amazing fonts, icons, and smooth running animations, effects and more makes for an amazing performing site overall. It also includes professional AJAX contact form, parallax effect, Google Map integration, and more. All in all, great for all those who wish to start with minimal effort and time, this template is definitely the one.

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Another great variation for those who are looking to start a directory and hotel website template is Rica. Equipped with plenty of amazing elements and features, it is pretty efficient to say the least. The visuals are stunning to say the least offering a range of customizing options and excellent graphics. Unlike the other options here, this template is also ideal for travel and tourism sites alongside the hospitality businesses. It is completely responsive and works great throughout all the major devices. The template package is a great deal considering all the variations of layouts, homes and pages you get.

In total, there are over 15 amazing home layouts, alongside there are over 300 other HTML pages. Not to mention, the powerful Bootstrap framework with CSS and HTML code structure it is relies on. It is also cross-browser compatible, RTL ready, SEO friendly and overall fast loading. Not to mention the integration of the advanced search panel, sticky menu, contact form,  CTA buttons, Google Maps and more that adds to the efficiency.

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A clean and pretty professional looking hotel website template, Sparta is an amazing option to start with. Why? Because not only are the visuals stunning, but the features packed into the template are exceptional. This is ideal for hotel and restaurant based business sites whether you own a hotel, resorts, bnb or more. The template offers a beginner friendly interface that is pretty easy to work with. Not only this, but with a range of amazing personalizing options, the possibilities you could end up with is limitless. It relies on the Bootstrap framework like the other templates on the list making it pretty upto the latest web-standards. And to back that up, it makes use of the powerful HTML and CSS code structure. The whole structure is pretty focused on the hotel theme offering options to start reservation booking services and more. 

For variations there are over 90 creative HTML pages to start with. These also includes 4 luxurious looking Home Page styles you can opt for. And to accommodate your other requirements, there are also options for various blog, shop and gallery pages. The best part however are the 45 amazing mobile layouts in total. Every page is fully layered and uses clean and secure coding. It is pixel perfect, and retina-ready which makes sure whatever you add on the site executes an HD imagery. In addition to this, Sparta also offers easy to access menu, custom logo option, and a huge collection of free fonts and icons to use. The template is also cross-browser compatible and overall fast loading as well.

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Another hotel website template designed especially for the niche of hotel and resort based websites is Lakecious. And the overall purpose is designated towards the category whether it is the visuals or the stunning range of powerful features. Featuring an ultra-responsive interface, this template is great for accommodation businesses whether you own a hotel, resort, bnb, motel, or even travel agencies. Packed with all of the necessities one might need to get a functional site started, this template package offers tons of personalizing options as well as other useful components. It makes use of the professional Bootstrap framework which in turn makes for a pixel perfect structure. Lakecious is also designed with the latest of the HTML and CSS codes to make sure that each aspect of the template is up to par. Overall the template design stands out with it’s unique sense of styling.

With the use of CSS, the users also get access to amazing effects and animations including sections for parallax. This adds the engagement factor in keeping your users hooked onto the site. It is also fully compatible with all of the major web-browsers so that it loads effortlessly throughout it all no matter what you and your users prefer to use. In addition to this, the implementation of Google Maps makes it a breeze when it comes to adding custom maps and locations.  Each line of codes is thoroughly checked to ensure that it is valid and secure. RTL friendly, SEO optimized and overall pretty fast loading, it makes sure that the users experience nothing but the best performance.

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Country Holiday


Country Holiday is a premium holiday and hotel website template designed perfectly to suit the niche. It is perfect to start a promotional site to represent your business while handling the booking and the reservation, this template is one of a kind. Visually stunning, it features a responsive and retina-ready surface that easily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. To add to the versatility, it offers the users numerous variations with everything. From the layout design to tons of pages variations you get access to over 40 amazing HTML pages. This includes options for multiple Home Page designs along with other useful Inner Pages. All of these are designed to be fully responsive and retina-ready. This makes sure that whatever you decide to add on the site looks absolutely flawless.

Whether it is the creative design, or the stunner of a gallery, sliders and other creative elements, all of it also relies on the professional Bootstrap framework. Choose from 3 different Home Page styles; one with video background, one with Revolution Slider and one with working booking form with autoresponder. The package also includes the premium plugin Revolution Slider for free that enables you to get creative. You can even choose the layout styles whether you want to opt for boxed and wide layout or full-width. The whole template is supported by all of the major browsers. And for the purpose of starting a booking and reservation site, you also get access to booking form, registration and login pages, review/rate submit form along with contact form with anti spam protection. It features a full-screen gallery that features amazing animations and effects through CSS.

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If a simple yet professional looking website template to represent your business is what you need, then Chondo is the perfect option for you. Efficient with the features and visually stunning, this template is sure to stand out as a breath of fresh air. Pretty straightforward with the design, it is ideal for any of the hotels, motels, resorts, bnbs, and anything related to the niche. It is fully responsive and no matter what device your users are on, the template looks flawlessly perfect. With a clean and modern interface, there are plenty of space you can use to add in your contents. Whether promotional or for branding purposes, users can make use of the ample amount of space to their preference. The huge image header is great for grabbing your users attention right away.

You can even use this to add in creative CTA buttons, promotional links or even direct access to search bars and more. Chondo is also highly customizable with options to personalize the template according to your preference. Users will get variations for layout styles, color schemes, overall structure design and more. Thanks to Google Fonts, you can also switch between various of fonts, and typography options. It also features a fully functional search bar with filter to make it easier for your users. In addition to this, you can choose from 2 different Home Page styles along with the option for animated text and parallax version. Each of the pages is designed in a way to load effortlessly throughout all of the major web-browsers. Not only this, but the lightweight package makes for a fast performance that you can enjoy. 

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Canvas as the name gives away is a blank canvas that you can pretty much use for everything. Designed and crafted with all the focus on multiple niches, this premium HTML template can also be used as a hotel website template. Relying on the powerful Bootstrap framework, there are tons of amazing features and variations that you can make use of. Integrated with the popular social media sites, this template is pretty awesome to promote your online presence. In addition to this, it is built to be extremely customizable and fully-responsive. The layout structure is also rock-solid with the advanced CSS and HTML coding. Be it business, hotels, blogs, restaurants, portfolios, CVs or any other niche, it is flexible enough to meet all of the requirements.

Get an amazing range of niche-based demos that you can choose to start with. The possibilities are limitless as the control over the end result is completely up to you. It also includes the premium plugins Revolution Slider and Visual Editor that is a plus. In addition to this, it includes over 850 HTML templates that you can easily. The PSD files showcased is also included with the package so you have no issues. It is also RTL friendly and translation-ready. The unlimited Header and Footer styles can also easily be switched within a matter of minutes. What’s more is that you get over 10 functional and useful UI components, over 50 shortcodes, working AJAX contact forms, light and dark versions to choose from and so much more. With this premium HTML template, we are sure that your site is another level!

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Yet another amazing multi-purpose and functional HTML website template, it is flexible and adaptable, to say the least. Built with a creative and modern design, this template features a clean and professional interface to work with. It is fully responsive and automatically adjusts to every device screen size with ease. And if you are looking to promote your hotel business, then this template is perfectly suitable. The engaging and interactive website is visually stunning and is sure to keep your users wanting more The plus side about this template is that it is packed with tons of amazing features and options to help you get where you aim. The power structure is built using the powerful Bootstrap framework and is backed up with the advanced CSS and HTML coding.

It puts the reusable HTML and the CSS first enabling the users to blend the styling of the site with the markup throughout the template. Ensuring a high-quality, quick and fast user-experience, this template also has tons of demos that you can try out first. Even if you wish to start entirely from scratch, this template includes a Variant, Front-end Page Builder that easily allows you to create a website with ease. Additionally, you get access to over 140 pre-made HTML pages, over 240 modular interface blocks as well as Header and Footer variations. The design is fully responsive and retina-ready. Not only this but you have the option to add creative fonts, icons, media file and more. It is integrated with MailChimp and AJAX that gives out the option to easily add useful forms. Get the perfect hotel website only with Stack.

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BeTheme is a vibrant, creative and innovative HTML based website template that is the solution for everything. We say this because it is designed to adjust and fit every business and website niche with ease. The template is visually amazing to look at and tons of features come packed within the template Built with the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is extremely responsive and retina-ready. In addition to this, the template is an ever-growing theme, which means that new features and updates are added to the package every now and then. Get tons o pre-built demos that you can easily start with. This saves both your time and effort if you prefer to get a head start.

Being multipurpose you can use this template however you want You can start a corporate website, personal websites, professional, freelancer as well as personal websites. Get a range of customizing options that you can use it to get the perfect end results. It includes over 350 ready-to-use websites that each represent a niche. In addition to this, you also get multiple layout options as well as Header and Footer styles. You can add creative galleries, sliders, interactive sections and more. Furthermore, the wide and boxed layout adds a professional touch. Even the PSD files displayed are included within the package. For your convenience, you can also add custom Google Maps to match the theme. Other awesome features of this template – CSS animations and effects, menu variations, working contact forms, smooth and parallax sections, extensive documentation and much more.

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Let’s travel

One designed especially for the hotel, resort, inns, and similar niche of businesses. Let’s Travel is a powerful and flexible website template. It is even ideal for booking, travel and tour based sites. And because the layout structure is pretty flexible, this template easily fits every niche with extreme ease. Getting into the details, the layout structure is neat, organized and professionally crafted. Each and every sections are completely responsive and adjusts automatically to every device screen size with ease. There are 17 different Home Pages to choose from. However, that’s not the only variation you get. There are plenty of Inner Pages and other useful components included inside the package. This includes Listing Pages, Booking pages, Registration and more.

Apart from this, there are also multiple header and footer styles to choose from. To make things more interesting, you can add in images, videos, sliders, carousels and more. The customizable menu styles also makes it easier for users to navigate. It comes with a fully integrated booking system that helps users organize and manage the template easier. Cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized as well as powerful with all the features, it offers a pretty efficient interface for the users to enjoy. Other mentionable features include premium plugins like Layer Sliders, AJAX Photo gallery and forms, FontAwesome icons, Google Fonts, 9 different skins, parallax effects and more. As it is relies on the HTML and CSS3 codes, there are tons of animations, effects and transitions integrated as well.

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The Supreme

A luxury and elegant theme designed to help you and your business flourish, The Supreme is a premium HTML template. It is best suited for hotels, resorts, inns, motels and similar niche of business sites. Complete with features designed especially for the purpose of booking, rentals, event management and more, this template is pretty purpose-focused. The layout in itself is responsive, retina-ready and readily adjusts to every device screen size. It is in itself a pretty decent start to any professional site and can be customized to meet the users requirements with ease. The template is further designed to be cross-browser compatible, SEO optimized and ensures an optimal performance. relies on the advanced and powerful Bootstrap framework, this template provides the flexibility you are looking for.

There are tons of easy customizing options you can opt for. From color schemes to fonts to the overall layout styling, you have it all in line. You can also add in custom fonts, icons and more. For the creative element, you can make use of the Isotope Gallery, Revolution Sliders and filterable portfolio sections. Various useful and reusable components like charts, pricing plans, tabs, accordions, buttons, parallax sections and more are also included with the template package. For added engaging elements, you also get smooth transitions, effects, animations as well as parallax sections. Users can also add in custom maps thanks to the Google Maps integration. To make you stay connected with your users, there are tons of social media icons that you can link to your social media platform.

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Milenia Home

Milenia is yet another amazingly responsive and extra appealing website template. relies on the powerful HTML and CSS structure, everything about this is an amazingly flexible and versatile. It is designed for the hotel and resort based businesses although it can be used for pretty much any corporate sites. There are tons of layout and style variation you can opt for as it comes with easy customizing options. And the best part about it all is that these layouts are completely responsive and retina-ready. Which means that your site will easily adjust to every device screen size effortlessly. Furthermore, it is also cross-browser compatible and SEO friendly. You can also reach out to international audiences as it is completely RTL friendly and translation ready. Users also get access to tons of amazing features that is designed specifically for the niche.

There are 5 premade Home Page layouts you can choose from alongside 11 different Header and footer options. The micro-niche design also offers 38 pre made inner pages that will give you a head start on whatever project you are working on. Valid and working Contact and Subscription forms from MailChimp adds to the effectiveness of the site. The drop-down and mega menus makes it easier to add stylish navigation options. There are also tons of social media icons and site integration for you to add in that extra touch of creativeness. In addition to this, it also offers Google Fonts, FontAwesome icons you can use throughout the site. Other mentionable features include Slider Revolution, various shortcodes, over 190 custom travel icons and excellent support to back it all up.

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Panagea is a responsive, and visually attractive travel and hotel website template. It is built especially to facilitate resorts, hotels and travel agencies with everything that may require. Although new in the market, this template has already managed to make a name for himself. Built using the advanced and creative Bootstrap framework, this template is also backed up with premium features. It is also fully responsive and features HD imagery. The interface is designed to be extremely user-friendly so that even beginners can easily use this template. Integrated with most popular social media sites, even sharing and promoting yourself is a piece of cake. Additionally, the template comes with over 65 HTML pages that you can utilize to your needs.

Get amazing CSS animations and effects. You can also choose from 6 different Home Page variations each representing a different styling. There are also variations for sidebar and menus that you can use according to your preference. It is also easy to add creative and custom Google Maps. Make it more engaging for your users by adding creative fonts, icons, media files, galleries, sliders and more. For your convenience and the efficiency of the site, it features tons of amazing components like weather widgets, owl carousels, responsive table, password strength checker, cookie bar disclaimer, mobile app menu as well as date picker range selection. Additionally, there are also 4 different color schemes that you can choose to match your company logo and the aesthetic you are going for.

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Just as the name suggests is a clean, professional and minimal hotel website template that follows a simplistic aesthetic. Visually, it is amazing to look at and offers a flexible and versatile interface to work with. The perfect design with the content-focused design is sure to take your business to the next level. It is built entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. This premium template is an all-in-one solution with all the major plugins backing it up. Get tons of customizing options so that you have the full control over how the site ends up looking. What’s more is that this template offers a variation of ready-to-use demos that you can start with. Get a head-start and save both your time and effort while doing so.

The template is also compatible with all the major browsers including Mozilla, Google Chrome, Safari and even the internet explorer. The process of creating and building from scratch is also extremely easy. It features the unique feature of copy and paste to build different sections. It also supports all the file type and you can easily create engaging galleries, sliders, carousels and more That’s not all, you can even add creative video files using the file uploader or embedding them on your site. Additionally, you can add to the creativeness by integrating beautiful typographies and icons. It includes over 125 unique pages that are all built with extreme attention to the details It is also optimized for speed and ensures a high-speed performance. Promote your hotel, add details, grow your business, and leave a lasting impression only with Minimal.

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Hotel Master


Hotel Master is a creatively crafted HTML hotel website template that suits every resorts, hotels, inns, and restaurant. It features an amazingly professional and modern look and feels and is ready-to-use with tons of stunning features. The powerful and versatile structure is based entirely on the Bootstrap framework. Backing it up, you also have the advanced coding using CSS and HTML. The template is fully responsive which means that no matter which device you are on, the site looks absolutely amazing. As it is optimized for speed and cross-browser compatible, this template also loads fast and easy on all the major internet browsers. It is flexible and versatile and suits everyone’s requirements.

Making the process of creating and building a website easier, this template offers over 350 HTML files included. In addition to this, you also get tons of shortcodes you can implement to add features according to your needs. All of the codes are secure and clean so that modifying them are also easy. Add creative fonts and icons using Google Fonts and Font Awesome. Get massive and stunning looking portfolios and galleries. If you wish you can even add sections for Sliders, Carousels and more. In addition to this, you can also add custom Google Maps that match the theme of the site. Built especially with hotels and resorts in mind, this template is sure to take your website to a whole new level. Moreover, it offers a high-quality and responsive theme support baking you up.

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Hotel Himara


Hotel Himara is yet another amazing HTML hotel website template created to ease the owners of the hassle of creating an entire website from scratch. The design and layout are carefully created with attention to detail. It is visibly amazing and is sure to capture anyone’s attention in an instant. Leave a lasting impression on anyone willing to visit with this amazing website template. Take control over how you want your site to look in an easy way with Hotel Himara. It is extremely responsive and automatically adjusts to every device screen size. Not only this but it is also built to be retina ready and mobile-friendly. To ensure that the users have the optimum online experience, this premium template package is enriched with almost everything that you might need. One of the major element is surely the cross-browser compatibility.

Get over 70 HTML files that you can integrate with ease according to your needs. The pixel perfect design also features amazing CSS animations and effects. But that’s not all, if you want to keep it more engaging then you can also add creative media files including images and videos. You can even add custom fonts and icons to add to the appeal. The template also offers tons of useful UI components. As it is integrated with MailChimp and AJAX you also get working contact and subscription forms and newsletter. The template is well-documented and provides a clean and user-friendly interface to work with. One of the best options to choose, Hotel Himara is sure to help the reach the potential you are aiming for.

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Jasmine Hotel and Travel


Do you own a hotel, resort or a travel agency? Want something to make your site stand out from the crowd? Well, your search ends here. Jasmine Hotel and Travel is a stunning HTML travel and hotel website template to opt for. Built with careful detailing and innovative design, this template is visually advanced. However, the looks is just not the appealing part as this template is also packed with a tons of useful features and functions. The structure is flexible and adaptable as well as fully-responsive. While it automatically adjusts to every device screen size, it also features exclusive HD imagery. The template also includes a range of styling and customizing options to help you get the website to look as you want. The template is furthermore compatible with all the major browsers and loads fast and easy

Manage your corporation or agency in an easy and user-friendly manner with Jasmine. Get an option to add theme category for an easier navigation. Not only this, but you can even add booking options complete with the forms and all. The simple and clean UI design is easy to understand and work with. Get a range of typography to match you and your corporate taste. If you prefer you can boost your business in a gallery, sliders or carousels. What’s great is that the template is RTL friendly and translation friendly. In addition to this, the template has been tested and optimized for maximum speed and loading time. Probably one of the best choices out there, try this premium hotel website template out today!

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The Royal


The Royal as the name suggests is an elegant and beautifully tailored HTML hotel website template that is suitable for resorts and hotels of all types. The design and even the typography add to enhance the visuals. A complete package with an amazing variation to the design and styling, we are sure that this template is the key to your flourishing business. It is fully responsive and retina-ready. Inclusive of HD imagery, your site will look absolutely flawless once you get this template for yourself. It is built using the powerful Bootstrap framework and meets the standards of the modern day market. Even the structure is well-commented and coded using the advanced CSS and HTML.

The template is fully compatible with all the major internet browsers and loads fast and easy on all of them. It includes over 45 HTML pages that each serve a purpose. You can easily include them on your site within a matter of minutes. What’s great is that you also get variations for Home Pages, Admin Dashboards as well as the Inner Pages. In addition to this, the template also offers premium Register and Login forms, booking forms, contact forms and more. There is also the advanced option for your potential clients to quick reserve and book any available services. Furthermore, you can add the location with a custom Google Maps that match the theme of your website. With easy social sharing, you can keep in touch and easily share the contents on your site as well.

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Hotel Zante


Hotel Zante is a stunning and efficient HTML based hotel website template that is suitable for hotels, inns, restaurants, bed and breakfast and services of similar niche. It is built with the intention of making the process of website creation and adding features a piece of cake. That in mind, the template has been built using the powerful Bootstrap framework as a foundation. In addition to this, each and every element on the site has been placed strategically for optimum performance. It is fully responsive and retina ready. This means that the template automatically adjusts to every device screen size with ease. Furthermore, there are also plenty of customizing and modifying options for you so that you have the full control over how the site ends up looking.

Choose from over 4 awesome HomePage variations and pick out the one that best suits your requirements. The template is cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all internet browsers. In addition to this, you also get to add creative fonts and icons to add a touch of creativeness. Get AJAX and MailChimp integration that easily enable the user to add contact and booking forms. To keep things more engaging for your users, this template offers creative Isotope filters and sort galleries, Slider and Carousel options as well. Not only this, but the pixel perfect design is well-documented and provides excellent theme support. The pixel-perfect design features a clean and professional looking surface for the users to work with.

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Sunset Hotel


Sunset Hotel is another amazingly professional and modern looking hotel website template that is efficient is getting you results. We say this because this template is designed specifically with hotels, resorts and similar niche business in mind. The visuals are attractive as it is, but it is also enriched with tons of amazing features. It is fully responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that your site looks absolutely flawless no matter where you load it. The entire template is relies on the powerful Bootstrap framework as well as the advanced CSS and HTML coding structure. It includes 12 unique and stylish pages you can choose from that enlists all the features that you might possibly need.

Get a clean and professional interface to work with tons of useful sections for blogs, galleries and more. You can also add forms, images and videos within a matter of minutes. In addition to this, the template is cross-browser compatible as well. You can also add creative fonts and icons to add a touch of style and edge. Choose from the 4 different Home Page variations. You also get exclusive and stunning CSS animations and effects. If you prefer you can create galleries, add sliders as well as carousels with Owl Carousel, Isotope and Lightbox plugins as well as filtering gallery option.

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One of the versatile and flexible HTML templates out there, Porto needs no explanation as it’s features speaks out for itself. Perfect for every niche of website, Porto is simply an amazing solution for anyone looking to make a mark for themselves and their business. It is completely responsive and retina-ready and packed with features that will leave you stunned. With extensive documentation, well-commented codes, easy personalizing options, this template comes with everything that you possibly require. It is also completely responsive, retina-ready and cross-browser compatible. You also get access to an unlimited range of Header variations. Apart from this, the exclusive Style switcher makes the overall process much easier to work on.

Talking about easy customizing options, it also provides variations for boxed and wide layout, light and dark versions, unlimited color and schemes. It is also designed to be SEO friendly, extremely fast and translation ready. Developed on the basis of the advanced Bootstrap framework, Porto is powered with the best of components. There are also tons of demo versions that you can easily install with one click. It also consists of 6000 HTML template files that are all ready to be used. Other useful elements included in the template package are Revolution Slider, Free Google Fonts, AJAX Contact Form, and more.

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Polo is yet another responsive and multipurpose website template that is perfect for almost every niche of sites. And as the theme is versatile and highly customizable, you can easily use it as a HTML hotel website template. It comes with over 600 ready to use HTML templates and reusable elements that comes in handy when creating an effective website. It is completely responsive and retina-ready. But the great thing is that even though it is loaded with amazing features, it still is lightweight. And this helps with the speed optimization and features an excellent loading speed. You also get to choose from over 200 niche based demo layouts that implements amazing elements.

Another amazing thing about Polo, is that the codes are secure and is developer friendly. Powered with the latest Bootstrap framework, it is highly secure as well. This premium hotel website template is also features Slider Revolution with visual editor. You can also choose from 19 stunning Header styles and go with the one that best suits your preference. In addition to this, you can also choose the page layouts, darker or lighter skins and so much more. With over 40 unique and useful shortcodes, adding elements that you require is completely taken care of. The unlimited color scheme options as well as the Free Google Fonts and icons are also a cherry on top. SEO friendly, cross-browser compatible and completely versatile, this template offers so much more than you can want!

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Kallyas is a responsive, creative and versatile addition to our list of best premium hotel website template. The gigantic package of premium components and elements is ideal to create every niche of websites. Whether you want to start a blog, online store, business or agency sites, this template is versatile enough to get the results you want. Completely responsive and retina-ready this template makes use of the latest Bootstrap framework. It features an unlimited range of color pallette, styles and variations to choose from. This includes the unlimited Header and sub header styles, Home Pages, and Inners Pages. Among all of the amazing reasons to make Kallyas stand out, it comes with built-in features and integration with powerful plugins. It is also completely compatible with all the major internet browsers.

Stay in touch with your users and alway deliver the best content with newsletters and subscription thanks to the functional MailChimp integration. In addition to this, Kallyas also has a huge variety of Sliders both free and premium included. This ensures that you can create amazing looking Sliders and Carousels with your galleries with ease. The spectacular Hero Section is another great addition to the already stunning design. With multiple blog, gallery and portfolio layouts to choose from, the end result is completely up to you. Other advanced features included with the package are pricing tables, photo galleries, custom page design option and more. Enjoy the all in one package and generate revenues you wish easily with this amazing multipurpose hotel website template!

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