Hotel websites are almost like restaurant websites, in which users prefer online services. As most of the users seek online community and Google ratings to choose a hotel, taking your business online is a must. These free Hotel website templates will help you create an effective website that improves your online presence and as well as your conversion rate.

Ok, just the template alone won’t help you create an effective hotel website. Here are some of the basic tricks that could help you create an effective website.

  • Focus SEO for each and every page. Most of the hotel websites (except the small hotels) have more than one page to explain their services. Give equal importance to each and every page so that when the user searches for a service, your hotel website may appear in the result.
  • Engage visitors with your images. In the hotel website templates, images play a major role, as it is the only medium through which the users can experience your hotel virtually.
  • Don’t just show the rooms, show their features as well. If you take a look at the real estate website templates, you will see special web elements used to explain the features of the property. The same approach is needed on the hotel websites as well.
  • Make short and sweet videos. Video content is becoming more and more powerful elements in the online world. A short video about your hotel gives an additional chance of converting the visitor.
  • Show how people feel about your hotel. Always include a review section in your hotel website template. At least show the star rating given by the users for the rooms and packages.

Here in this list, we have collected free hotel website templates that almost follow all the basic criteria mentioned above. To give you a better idea, templates from other niches are also included in this list, they too have the web elements and features which is mentioned above. Find the best template for your site and share your thoughts in the comment section below.



Atlantis is a complete hotel website template from the core to the skin. The premium design of the template helps the visitors feel the luxury of your hotel. Smart design of this template helps you to elegantly promote your services in an interactive way to the users. You are provided with multiple pages in this template to elegantly explain your services and features.

Since it is a multi-page template the homepage of the template is reasonably long enough to handle big content blocks and sections. The logical design of the homepage helps the user to get a complete overview of your hotel at a glance. Call to action buttons are also placed in the right spot to improve the chances of conversion. The violet color scheme of the web elements look elegant on the clean white background and easily get user attention at the required spot.

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clean looking website template

The Sogo hotel website template ticks all the checkboxes of a proper hotel website. It has big image sections to show the beauty of your hotel, rooms in your hotel, and the services you offer. The Sogo is one of the best free hotel website templates made for luxury and five-star hotels. With the clean design and proper spacing, this template will let the user feel the luxury in your hotel. Animation and other visual effects are kept very simple in this template, which makes it a perfect choice for all types of business websites. The creator has made use of the full-width design effectively so that you can present the contents engagingly to your audience.

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luxury hotel website template

Deluxe is a conversion-centered user-friendly website template. Balancing the user experience and conversion elements in the design is not an easy job, but the creator has done an excellent job in this template. Without annoying the user, you can promote your services gently and let the user feel the quality of the service you provide. On the homepage header section, you have a widget to check available rooms. Calendar entries and drop-down options will make the filter process easy on the search widget. If you are looking for more interactive search widgets, take a look at our bootstrap search box collection. Lots of space is given for the images, plus, we also get an Instagram widget near the footer to show the Instagram feeds. Using free hotel website templates like this will reduce your work.

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interactive multimedia content rich website template

At the beginning of the post, we said that using videos will increase user engagement. In this template, a huge space in the header is given for the image slider and you also have an option to add a video link. Using free hotel website templates with a powerful header section like this will keep the user engaged and also impress them as soon as they land on your site. Apart from the header section, you also get video background sections to give a lively feel to the website. Background patterns are used to distinguish important sections from others. For example, in the food menu section, background with food images are used. Overall, Roxandrea is an engaging content-rich website template.

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hotel website templates for hotels in holiday spots

If you are looking for a free hotel website templates with a brand-focused design, this template will impress you. The top navigation bar is designed smartly so that your brand logo will have better visibility and also helps the user to easily navigate to other pages. Each section is made bigger and has enough space to accommodate big images. On the light background, the texts are clearly visible and images look vibrant. A modal window is used for the room reservation, which is a thoughtful design because the user can easily resume their work once they are done with the registration process.

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best hotel website template to showcase your rooms

The creator of this template has tried a new design for the menu to increase the accessibility of the options without hindering the contents on the main webpage. Big header design is used at the top of the web page and it neatly transforms into a hamburger menu when the user scrolls down the page. The hamburger menu is smartly masked with a white color scheme to make it easily blend with the webpage when the user scrolls down. If you are looking for free hotel website templates with unique design, this one might inspire you. Just like most other free hotel website templates in this list, this one is also made using the HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, you can easily work with this template and add the features you want.

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For the hotels located in holiday spots, this template is the best option to let you connect with your audience’s thought. The warm color scheme and beautiful layout help the user to feel the relaxed environment in your hotel. Typography is also used as a part of the design, so you get some beautiful text with good readability. Subtle animation effects are used to present the contents engagingly as the user scrolls down the pages.

The full-width layout gives you an ample amount of space to list all your services and rooms in one place. It is a multi-page template so you can show detailed information about a room along with their images. Just below the header section, you have a room reservation widget so that the user can get quick access. Restaurant menu and foods you served can also be shown in this template. In fact, you get a separate page for the restaurant food menus.

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Radisson is a clean looking pristine website template for luxury hotels. The spotless design let the user feel the richness of your hotel. Throughout the template, you have space to add images and videos to help the user have a better idea of your hotel. A light color scheme is followed in this template, on which the texts and the web elements are clearly visible. The typography used in this template is very beautiful and also matches the professional standard of a website.

In between sections you have big banners to promote the best offers and rooms in your hotel. User review can also be shown in this template which increases the credibility of your hotel. If you are organizing special events and functions for your guests you can showcase them in the gallery page. A grid style layout is followed in the gallery page with enough space between each image. You can add both portrait and landscape images to the gallery page.

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Marimar is a classy looking website template for hotels and resorts. If you are making a hotel website for hotels at tourist spots and vacations, this is the best option for you. Smooth animation effects and big sections let you clearly explain your services. In the homepage, the designer has followed a split screen style design to show related contents and images side by side. With this split screen style design you can highlight and show your best rooms. In the header section itself, you have a quick room reservation widget with filter options. The designer has sensibly placed important elements at the most easily accessible spots.

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As soon as you land on this template you can feel the luxury in the design. With the pristine clean design and precise color combination, this template will stun the user. If you are making a website for a luxury hotel, this template will be a good choice. With big image holders and modern web elements, this template presents the content engagingly to the users. This template not only has a trendy design but also has many useful features. For example, you get room availability checking widget with filter option. A separate page is given for the rooms so that you can clearly explain the features in each room.

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Redplanet is a simple and elegant looking one-page website template for hotels. If you are not into digital promotions and digital branding for your hotel, you can always use a one-page template like this. Though it is a simple website template, the designer has never compromised with the quality of the design. You get all the trendy elements and modern design in this template. You can easily maintain this template and customizations will also be simple, if you have a developer. Overall if you don’t have resources to maintain the website but still you want a cool looking website template, Redplanet is the best option for you.

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Sogo is another fresh website template for luxury hotels. Though it is designed for luxury hotels, you can use it for other types of hotels as well. The designer has made use of the full-width design effectively so that the user will have a great experience on your website. All the navigation options are added behind the hamburger menu icon and open in a full page view. Smartly designed elements and animation effects make this template easy to access even on small screen devices. Logically designed homepage let you give a brief overview of all your services and foods you offer in your hotel.

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TheRiver is almost similar to the Marimar template mentioned above. But this one has a different design approach compared to the Marimar template. The designer has given equal importance to both text and image contents to give an engaging experience to the user. On the clean white background, the texts are crisper and easier to read. In the top bar itself, the designer has thoughtfully added the reservation desk number and call to action button for online reservation. In all the pages you have a smart room reservation budget so that users can easily book a room, no matter on what page they are in.

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Casahotel is almost similar to the Radisson template mentioned above. But this template has its own unique design and features. Visual effects are used effectively throughout the template to give a lively feel to the users. Equal importance is given for both the images and the texts so that you can explain your services engagingly to the users. To give you more screen space all the navigation options are given behind the hamburger menu icon.

Different shades of light colors are used in this template to differentiate each section. Big image holders and image sliders are given in this template so you can add big size images to this template. Along with this template, you also get a room reservation form pre-designed for you. The form is perfectly working from the front-end, all you have to do edit the form fields you want and integrate it with your reservation system.

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Samira is a perfect hotel website template for luxury hotels. The creator of this template make it responsive and adjust smartly based on the interaction with the template. In the top bar, just below the logo, you have space to show the stars. You can use this to show whether yours is a five star or three-star hotel. Since this template is designed for the luxury hotels, the color scheme used in this template reflect the richness of the hotel. In the top navigation bar itself, you have space to add a call to action button for room reservation.

Just below the header image slider, you have an advanced search bar to help the user to find the room availability. Calendar entries and drop-down options are given in the search bar for faster interaction. Lots of image holders and image sliders are given in this template to show the features of your hotel. User testimonial along with their star ratings are shown on the homepage to encourage the new visitors to try your hotel. In the footer, you have space to add your contact details to let the user reach you directly for further query.

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Cozy is a fully functional clean looking website template. If you are offering everything from travel to food in your hotel, then this template is the best option for you. The smart homepage design of this template, let you list all your services and features in one place. New visitors can have a quick overview of all your features and services. In the header, you have a big image slider with bold texts and call to action buttons. Spaces for video contents are also given in this template to show an impressive coverage of your hotel. Apart from the image slider you also have a booking form in the header to help the users directly check availability and book a room.

Price card like design is followed in the room section, in which you can show the room images and its features along the price for the room. A separate section for food menu section is also given on the homepage to let the user know the foods you serve. The big footer section helps you to add quick page links, opening hours, and newsletter subscription form. A fully stretched Instagram widget is given above the footer section to share the Instagram feeds and also to increase your follower counts.

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Bright Hotel


Bright Hotel is a simplified version of the Cozy template mentioned above. If you are not offering that much services, but you need a clean design like the Cozy template, then the Bright Hotel template is the best option. Big bold texts and customized line icons help you to deliver the contents engagingly to the users. This template also provides room reservation form in the header for quick access. The reservation form supports calendar entry and drop-down options; it is a completely functional form from the front-end. All you have to do is to integrate the form with your reservation system. As it is an HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap website template, you can easily integrate this template with the modern web application and tools.

The designer of this template has given equal importance to both images and text contents. So the users can clearly understand the services you offer and what they can expect when they visit your hotel. The food menu section uses carousels and tabbed interface to help you list more foods within the given space. Parallax images are used in between sections to give a lively feel and also to add promotional contents. It is a multi-page template and all the subpages follow the same clean pristine design.

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Royal Hotel is an image rich website template. As we said at the beginning of the post, images are the only medium through which the users can feel your hotel. Image holders in this template allow you to add images of all sizes and orientations. Rich visual effects are used in this template to give life to the images of your hotel. Like all other free hotel website templates in this list, this also provides a room reservation form in the header. The form supports five form fields and all have drop-down options and calendar entries to make the reservation process as quick as possible.

As this template uses the latest HTML5 framework, you can easily integrate this template with any famous gateway services you want. The creator of this template has made it easy to customize the template. Though there are several image holders on the homepage, this template includes a separate page for the gallery. In a full-page view, the images open in a lightbox so that the user can have a clear view of the images.

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Luxury Hotel


Luxury Hotel, as the name implies this template is primarily designed for the luxury hotels. Neat design and clean segmentation of this template help you explain all your services in one place. Logical design of the homepage, helps the user to have a quick overview of all your services and features. Ample amount of space is given for both images and text contents. In between section, you also have space to add video contents. Since it is an HTML5 website template, you can add video contents directly into the website. The golden brown color scheme of this template gives a rich look to the template. If you have own color theme, you can easily customize this template. As this template uses the latest CSS3 framework, it supports all the modern colors.

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Instant is a restaurant website template. This clean looking simple minimal website template helps you to create an effective and elegant website. The clean white background adds more richness to the template, which helps the web elements and content blocks appear neatly. If you are in search of minimal one-page website template for your hotel, then the Instant is the template for you. The sticky top navigation bar helps to give a better user experience.

Since it is a restaurant website template you get a separate food menu section with a tabbed interface. If you need you can use this spot for showcasing your best rooms. A few lines of code editing will help you achieve it. This simple website template is best for small hotels and hotels which offers only a few services.

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Luxe Hotel


Luxe hotel is a modern free hotel website template designed and developed for the millennial audience. Since it is a hotel website template you get all the features pre-made for you. What do you expect in the free hotel website templates? Elements for rooms, neat food menu or a review section, everything is there in this template.

If you offer more services and different packages, then this the template for you. On the clean white background, the colorful web elements look more vibrant. In the header section, you have image slider with a call to action buttons. Just below the image slider, you have an advanced search option for selecting rooms. The template is in a complete working condition from the front end, all you have to do is to take care of the backend work of the template.

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Tour is a more than just a hotel website template. This template comprises lots of useful features to create a travel website template, food website template, and hotel website template. If you offer a complete package of services right from travel to food, then this template is for you. Since this template includes lots of features you get plenty of supportive web elements. Solid blue and yellow colors are the primary color scheme of the template, which looks attractive and visually appealing on the clean white background.

You get web elements with drop shadow effects here and there on the template. Which makes this template look unique and also avoids the user from getting bored by the usual pattern from header to footer. You also get promotional elements like banners in this template to highlight your special offers. For each service you get separate pages, so the user can search and find the details they want easily.

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Villa is another feature-packed free hotel website template. This interactive website template helps you to create an effective hotel website in no time. This full-width website template makes use of the given space with bold texts and big content blocks. The fonts used in this template are not only stylish but also easy to read. Visual effects in this template are sleek and minimal, so even the animation effects are repeated every time you scroll, it is not annoying.

To give users a distraction-free experience the hamburger style menu is used. The navigation menu bar opens in a separate full page in which you have the option to include contact details and social media profile links. Bright red color strokes are used to indicate the user in which page they are currently present.

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Adventure is another creative website template for travel lovers and hotels. With the full-width design, you have plenty of space to add your web elements and services. The drop shadow effects make the web elements feel like popping out of the screen. We usually call it as floating web design and it is becoming more and more popular among the modern web designers and developers. This template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework to create this modern looking website template. Since this template follows universal code standards, working with this template will be easy for the developers.

This is one of the few free hotel website templates on this list that uses one-page design. As we have already mentioned in our one-page template collection, the single page template helps you to create a goal focused website.

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Travelasia is one of the best free hotel website templates out there for some time now. The trendy gradient color scheme makes this template unique and also matches the taste of the present-day audience. Drop shadow effects are used to highlight the important web elements. In the header section, you have static hero image with bold texts and call to action button.

Just below the header image, you have a cluster of forms arranged in a tabbed interface. All the forms are in a perfect working condition from the front end, once you integrate with your booking system it is ready to serve. Since this is a one-page template all the sections are arranged logically so that the user can get the most features of your hotel easily. In the contact form, you have the option to add interactive Google map to help the user reach your location easily.

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Platina is almost similar to the Travelasisa template mentioned above, but this template has minor changes. Use of gradient overlay is the unique element of this template. In the header, you have a big static hero image. The text rotator helps you to give an interactive intro about your services, you also have the option to include a call to action button. You can use this button to direct the user to your service page or you can use it for your booking form. The sticky top navigation bar helps the user to switch between section easily whenever they want. To give user same interface experience in all the devices, hamburger style menu is used. Just above the footer, you have the option for adding booking form.

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Course, as the name implies it is an education website template. The flexible design of the template makes it a perfect fit for the hotel website template; with this template, you have plenty of elements to promote your services and highlight the best packages. Instead of a usual full-width navigation bar a rectangular box is used, in which you have the option to add your contact details. The template uses a bright yellow color scheme for this template, which is attractive and also looks professional.

If you have your brand color you can customize the template easily by editing a few lines of code in the CSS files. Talking about the coding, this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. This is a multi-page template, so you get plenty of sub-pages pre-designed and developed for you. Like most of the modern HTML templates, this template is also mobile optimized and speed optimized.

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Redcayenne is primarily a restaurant website template. The layout of the template closely resembles a hotel website template, which makes it a perfect choice for a hotel website. Speaking of the features and options, this template has all the options in a perfect working condition from the front end. Any developers will find easy to work on this template because the code quality of the template is top notch as you expect in a premium template. The Redcayenne template uses latest HTMl5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework.

In the top bar, you have the option to include contact details, booking form call to action button and call to action button. The booking form for table and events are designed separately with the required fields. Apart from the homepage, you get two about page variations and two food menu page variation. The only thing you might need to change is the color scheme of the template. The template uses a bright red color, as we have said before in this post the hotel website template must have a soothing color scheme, so this is the only change you have to make.

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