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Revamping and updating your websites every once in a while is something we all do to meet the latest standard. Whether you are changing themes, or redecorating and updating the entire site, keeping it up to date is a major task. But leaving your visitors unattended with errors or not found page can lead you to huge disadvantages. Without an explanation, you will surely lose their interest as they will be looking elsewhere for answers. This is why it is of utmost importance that you let everyone know what your site is going through and when will it be live next. This ensures that your users know exactly when to find you next and will await the upcoming updates. A glimpse of your work progress can lead you to a long way. This is where powerful and creative under construction website template options come in handy.

Instead of wasting the time and effort creating or coming up with a new one, these templates lend you a hand to help you concentrate on your websites. So today here at uiCookies, we have made a list of the best free under construction website templates that you can find out there! Each of these has been hand-picked so that you have the best results. Built on the Bootstrap framework, each includes a set of unique features and a range of options giving the user the flexibility to work with.

Colorlib Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode (Free WordPress Plugin)

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Coming Soon V1

Coming Soon 1

Let’s start this list by one of the most visually pleasing and stunning looking HTML under construction website template. This is version 1 by Colorlib, which is innovative and pretty unique compared to the likes of the ones mentioned below. Completely responsive and retina-ready, the split screen design is what makes the whole design come alive. On one side there is a newsletter or email subscription option that will update any of your users about any details you wish to share. And on the other side is an animated count-down timer that adds to your users’ excitement, keeping them engaged in all the right ways. The ample space available gives you the freedom to add in any extra details or custom element if you wish.

Using simple HTML and CSS, the creators have also added a hint of an interesting element with animations. The count-down timer we mentioned above in animated with a creative hover effect which follows the cursor around. Even the Subscribe button gives way for a color transition on hover and click. Another great thing implemented here is the colorful social media icons below the subscription form. This way, you can easily link your social media platforms for your users to find. This is a pretty impressive example of what an under-construction website template can do for you. So why keep your users waiting while you can make the wait more engaging? Download it now for Free!

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Coming Soon V2

Coming Soon 2

If you want to opt for a more subtle and simple design, this version of the under construction website template is just for you. Unlike the one above, this is a pretty plain and neat design for a more professional look and feel on your site. A translucent image slider as the background keeps things interesting here while the rest of the elements are placed strategically atop it. And the transition with each image is smooth and clean. The design is responsive and easily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. So it does not matter whatever device you users prefer to use as your site will look amazing on it all. Making a lasting impression on anyone who lands on your site while under maintenance is much easier.

While the count-down timer is not animated in any way like the one we mentioned before, it sure is pretty appealing to the eyes. The subscribe button with the email address holder is also included. This allows you to continuously grow your email list despite you not being there. Based on the latest Bootstrap, HTML5, and CSS3 framework, everything is up to the latest coding standards. And because the codes are all clean, neat and well-commented, adding any additional line of code is also a breeze. Because of the slider background we recommend this for photography or portfolio-based sites because of the slider background. However, that does not necessarily we need to stick to only that niche. Unleash your creativity, edit and modify the elements to your preference, and use it for almost any type of site you wish.

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Coming Soon V3

comolrlib coming soon 3

Talking about minimal and simple design structure, another version by Colorlib is also a great option. If you want to focus on your brand and the services you provide and not include distracting elements, this is surely the ideal choice. The black and white color scheme further enhances the minimal aspect of this template. Spaces to add in your choice of logos and other smaller details are also included. And because it is pretty simple, the whole template is also extremely light-weight. The absence of lagging elements also aids to the fast loading speed. However, all of the necessary elements are included with the minimal styling in effect.

Responsive and retina-ready, the template also readily adjusts to every device screen size with extreme ease. The dark-colored round-edged count-down timer also stands out from the white background giving the users something to focus on. There is also placed for the newsletter and email subscription option. This enables you to easily manage and collect the details of your users with ease. Elegant and beautiful to look at, this template is also cross-browser compatible. The subscribe button here depicts a color transition when hovered over adding a more interesting element for your users to enjoy. As it is based completely on CSS and HTML, adding any additional coding components is also easy if you want.

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Coming Soon V4

Coming Soon 4

Now for a more colorful and eye-catching alternative, this awesome under-construction template version 4 is another great option. It is ideal for people looking for something subtle yet engaging for their users to enjoy. A generic design and style, you can add in your own custom touch if you want. Or you can just use it as is. The gradient purple background is eye-catching and captures anyone’s attention in all the right ways. Pretty simple to understand and work with, this is even perfect for beginners and novices. The lines of codes are all well-commented, clean and organized. And because it relies on the CSS3 and HTML5 framework, it surely meets up to the latest standards.

The countdown timer with the white color scheme also pops up on a colorful background. It is a simple timer which holds information for the date, time and day. There are plenty of space too if you wish to add in a custom logo or extra details. Under the count-down timer, you will also find an animated subscription button that executes a stunningly smooth hover effect. When clicked on, an additional pop-up appears which includes the option for the users to fill. The pop-up, however, uses the field validation which makes sure that your users miss out no information when filling up the form. The template is cross-browser compatible and loads fast and easy on all internet browsers no matter which you prefer.

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Coming Soon V5

Coming Soon 5

Another one under the gradient background niche, this version by colorlib is an outstanding choice for those looking for a simple and effective under-construction website template. Built on the powerful HTML5 and CSS3 framework, all of the elements are creative and innovative. The template is also designed to be completely responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that your site looks stunning no matter what screen it is on. Best suited for the eCommerce or app landing niche, the design is created especially with the niche in mind. The gradient background with the pink and peach is eye-catching.

In addition to this, the template also includes creative font and style for adding the details and texts. The plain and simple count-down timer is pretty effective for your users to count down the time your site will next be available. There is also an option for subscription newsletters and email. Various round-edged boxes are there for users to add in their details. And because they all follow the support field validation, the users will be notified if they miss out on any fields. The subscription button on the side also executes an amazing hover effect.

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Coming Soon V6

coming soon v6

Another amazing free under construction website template by Colorlib is this visually impressive variation. Following a simple and generic style, it is pretty straightforward and purpose-oriented. It features a stunning visual with an engaging background image with color gradient as the overlay. The template is fully responsive to fit every device screen sizes effortlessly. Whole design is best suited with travel websites in mind it seems. But it is also pretty versatile and flexible making it easy to personalize according to one’s requirement. The standard option for newsletter subscription form is available. It consists of the basic name and email fields and the animated submit button.

Another stand out is the stunning count-down timer that it features. With CSS implementation, it executes the classic card flipping animation. The fonts and typography options are also pretty attractive and perfectly match the theme. At the top right corner you will find creative social media icons where you can add in links to your social platform links. From facebook, twitter, and even YouTube, there is options for it all so that you can stay in touch even while your site is under construction. And the best part is that this template is completely free of cost, just follow the link down below.

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Coming Soon V7

coming soon v7

The seventh version of the Colorlib under construction website template is focused on site conversion. The overall structure is pretty eye-catching, and engaging for the users. And it surely is a great way to inform your users when your site will be up and running while still making contact with them. It is also fully responsive, retina-ready and overall graphically advanced. Not to mention the use of vibrant color backgournd along with the image overlay. The top left corner features the logo while the top left section features the creative social icons. You can add social links to the platforms where your users can stay in touch with you.

And with the implementation of forms wherever possible, you get easy access to collecting user details. The newsletter subscription bar features a single field for email and submit button. Great thing about this is thatm the subscription form suports validation which makes it less likely for users to add faulty emails. In addition to this, below the bar is an animated count-down timer. Making use of the simple design with circular dial border and efficient animation, you can inform your users on the details about when your site will next ne live in. As it relies on the professional HTML and CSS code structure, it also allows for a smooth performance overall.

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Coming Soon V8

Coming soon v8

This is a more interactive and creative alternative to under construction website templates. And one certainly worth a try is this template version 8 by Colorlib. With a patterned and gradient background alongside a fully responsive interface, this is a great way to add that creative touch to your site. All the while, you can also let your users know that your site is under maintainance mode. Not only this, but this template also allows you to add in details for your users to see when your site will next be available in the most efficient manner. There are various creative components that makes it stand out from other as well.

And the best part is that it relies on the advanced HTML and CSS framework which provides a flexible interface. In addition to this, the template comes with animated counter and subscription forms that adds to the efficiency. The animations and hover effects is implemented with smooth running codes. Not to mention the overall highly customizable features that enables you to add that custom features. There are options for the title, detail, animated counter, subscription form, and even social icons. Simply follow the link below to access the full structure and demo files.

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Coming Soon V9

coming soon v9

This is a free under construction website template featuring a image slider design and is pretty unique. Another variation by Colorlib, this stands out in it’s own creative way. It features bold and stylish approach with the overall styling and the elements designed to match the requirements of the niche. Perfect for any type of websites to let their users know about the whereabouts the site and when it will next be available. The background is basically image sliders that changes automatically to the pre-set images. And to add in that creative touch, the image also executes a purple hue overlay. The bold and huge text sizes is pretty eye-catching and appeals to the users instantly.

Not to mention the use of the vibrant white color palette throughout the texts and the icons that is super attention grabbing. Several attractive social icons are also implemented for you to link your social profiles. The forms is animated to be displayed when clicked on the button on the top right corner. Complete structure of this template relies on the advanced CSS and HTML code options. This makes way for a smoother running interface that is upto par with all the latest web-standards. All in all a pretty awesome way to get a head start while letting your users know your site in under construction, this version is definitely worth a try.

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Coming Soon V10

coming soon 10

The next option for free under construction website template by Colorlib is their version 10. More of a design oriented interface to capture the attention of your users while leaving a lasting impression, this template is another awesome option. It is fully responsive, retina-ready and all of the components reveals a pixel perfect graphic. The background features an attractive rose image with a subtle hint of color that adds to the appeal. Even the fonts, typographies, and the overall styling is kept to clean, elegant and chic design. But the design is not the only great thing here. Useful components are all packed into the theme so that you have the best performing interface as a whole.

The count-down timer is set on the right side of the site template in a vertical manner, while the social icons are set on the left side. The title and the subscription bar remains the focal point with an attractive font style. In addtion to this, the template is cross-browser compatible and loads effortlessly throughout all the web-browsers as well. Perfect to accomodate your audience before your site is up and ready, focus on the major project while this template takes care of your users for you.

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Coming Soon V11


Now this particular version of the coming soon template by Colorlib that is primarily focused on the theme of winter and white. And this is pretty much made clear with the use of the stunning snowflake and snow based background. All of these are presented in a slider type way which transitions in and out of focus with each transition from one image to the other. Even the color scheme with the fonts, icons and overall logo compliments the theme. Just like with any other coming soon template, this features options for functional count-down timer and calendar. The super huge Coming Soon text resonates with the overall styling as well. You will also find other useful components implemented throughout to add that extra appeal.

It is also fully responsive which means that is readily adjusts to every device screens with ease. On the top right corner you will also find option for a CTA button where you can direct your users to sign up. The button also displays a subtle hover and click effect. You will also find clickable social icons on the bottom of the page where you can add in your social media links. Each of these also depict a similar effect on hover and click like the sign up button. This theme is definitely cross-browser compatible and fast loading as well.

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Coming Soon V12


A simple, minimal, clean and elegant under construction or coming soon template, this variation by Colorlib is another stunner here. It is pretty appealing with the visuals and is also designed to be completely responsive. Great for anyone looking for something sophisticated to represent your upcoming site, there are plenty of components that stands out here. The vertical split screen design features an image slider on the right hand side, and smartly organizes the rest of the elements on the remaining side. Here, you will also find the Coming Soon text, alongside the newsletter subscription option where your users can enter their email.

Designed more with a lead generation purpose, you can add in glimpse of your future projects onto the slider. Even the transitions each image features is sure alluring. You will also find option for social media icons on the bottom where you can add in the links to your social sites. To avoid spamming, this template pretty much validates the email’s legitimacy before your users submit. All in all, another great way to add that extra edge to your upcoming projects or your current one; this template is definitely worth a try.

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Coming Soon V13


Next one on line by Colorlib, is yet another creative addition to our list of the best coming soon or under construction website template. Simple, edgy and modern with all the little details, you get pretty much everything you need to get started. It is completely responsive and represents it’s own sense of unique styling that makes it stand out. The use of trendy fonts, icons and overall design is pretty out of the box. The full-width template readily adjusts to all device screens with edge, and there are plenty of space one can utilize to get that impactful online presence. It features a functional and smooth running image slider as the background where you can choose to add in custom images to your liking.

Not to mention other useful components all placed strategically throughout the site for an absolute powerful performance. You will find a super edgy looking count-down timer on the top right corner, followed by a animated sign up button. In addition to this, you also get access to creative social icons you can link your social media sites with ease. The stunning slider is accompanied with amazing transitions using the means of CSS. It is cross-browser compatible and pretty much super fast loading as well.

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Proximity is one of the best free under construction website template you can opt for if you are looking for one. Built using the Bootstrap front-end framework, this template offers a professional and modern edge with a captivating interface. It is lightweight, optimized for high-performance and is sure to make your users wanting to stay. So lead your visitors to what they are to expect in an impressive manner only with Proximity. It includes a fully responsive design structure backed up with amazing components. The template is completely compatible with all the major internet browsers as well. Furthermore, the HD imagery it features also add to the alluring factor. What makes it even great is the dynamic and stylish design.

Tailored with the intention to make your users want to stay for more, Proximity is also cross-browser compatible. Each and every little element integrated is placed strategically for optimum results. Get an amazing layout fit for your website landing page equipped with all the latest features. The amazing countdown timer to help the user know when you will be available can add to the functionality and engagement. Additionally, the option to add a newsletter subscription or notification works amazingly. You can collect the details of your users to connect with them easily later on. This ensures that every one of your loyal followers knows exactly when you are available for service. Another amazing thing about this template is the refined and high-resolution visuals it features. Additionally, the image or video background adds to the extra appealing factor.

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Classy as the name suggests is a clean and graceful theme based under construction website template. Fully compatible with all the major browsers, the template is simply one-of-a-kind. Built with the latest Bootstrap framework, the design is professional and standard. Perfect for even someone looking for a minimalistic or simplistic landing page or coming soon page, it is visually attractive. Use it for your upcoming project of renovating or updating your website with ease. And also for absolutely free! It is completely responsive and retina ready making way for a more flexible layout structure. Furthermore, you also get tons of amazing features included in the package. Not only will you be able to keep your users engaged and informed, you also don’t have to worry about losing followers. In addition to this, you also get amazing fonts or typographies that you can choose from.

The template is compatible on all devices and all the internet browsers. This ensures that no matter what your users use, your site loads fast and easy without any errors. The template is also integrated with social media which enables easy social sharing. To keep your users connected as well as informed you can also include subscription newsletters. In addition to this, you can also modify different elements to suit your requirements and needs. With the amazing CSS and HTML coding structure, this template offers a ton of advanced features as well. You can add custom backgrounds, animation, hover effects and more. The user-friendly interface is extremely easy to understand making it fit for any beginners as well. A stunning count-down timer also adds to the essence of the overall coming soon website theme.

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A free website template built to tailor the needs of an under-construction theme, Magnificient lives up to its name. It is completely responsive and visually advanced. With a creative, flexible and interactive design, this template is simply awesome. The template is built to automatically adjust to all the device screen size with ease. Additionally, the imagery it features is all HD and high-resolution. This means that this template offers an impressive interface for the users to visit. While you renovate and make changes to your website, leave it up to this amazing template to take care of it all. Sure to make your site stand out from the crowd even while you are gone, this template is the perfect choice to opt for. The template is built on the latest Bootstrap front-end framework.

Ensuring a high-performance and compatibility, this template is probably one of the best out there. Talking about the modifying and customizing options, this template has a lot to offer. You can add your custom background, change fonts, add images and more. The end result is completely up to you and your unique idea. For your convenience, you can also easily add a functional count-down timer or calendar. Furthermore, to make sure you never miss out on any potential follower or your regular visitors, add a subscription newsletter for them to sign up. Collect their details, share the information and more. It is also completely compatible with all the major internet browser so that no matter what your users prefer, your site loads fast and easy.

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Flat is a modern and stylish looking under-construction website template fit for websites of any niche. If you are looking for an ideal page design to leave for your users to visit while your site goes under construction then, this is it. It is built on the advanced Bootstrap framework and comes completely equipped with everything that you might require. Following a simplistic flat design, it is professional looking and effective. The template is also completely responsive and retina ready. This ensures that no matter which device your site is on, it still looks amazing. Get amazing results without losing your traffic only with Flat.

The template is also designed to be completely flexible and easily customizable. For your users, you can add a sign-up form for newsletters, subscriptions and more. Making sure you do not miss out on anything, you can also add your contact details including your email and phone numbers. For a more convenient and professional feel, you can also add countdown timers, and calendars. You can enhance the appearance by changing the colour theme, custom backgrounds, typography and fonts. It is easy to work with and beginner-friendly as well. Concentrate on what’s important and leave your site in the hands of this awesome template.

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Impressive is yet another simple, elegant yet professional looking under construction website template we definitely recommend. Like the title itself, it is indeed one of the very impressive templates you can find on the internet licensed life time free. It is also a cross-browser compatible system which makes the users to find or explore this template easier on any internet browsers. it also has all the features ready for one to use it instantly. it is retina ready and it also features an excellent resolution.

The beneficial parts of using impressive is that you can freely download the responsive templates, free responsive templates accessible on your mobile phones and free fluid responsive themes. Furthermore, the impressive also includes the resources like style sheets, images, plugins, photoshop sources and fonts as per the user’s convenience. With just a click, you are eligible to make your life convenient and a lot easier with impressive.

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This website template is simply the coolest and the effective under construction website you might be looking for. Cool is also one of the highly recommended under construction website template. It offers a range of amazing options for customizing options as well. Yes like our other template this template is also retina ready for your users. This free template is also prepared as a cross-browser compatible web template for the convenience of the users. This ensures that the template works fast and efficiently on all the major internet browsers.

Being prepared as a mobile template it is, in fact, one of the convenient web templates you might have been seeking for. However, it also has some really amazing features as it is complete with HTML and CSS coding. It is also cross-browser compatible web template enabling the users to browse through almost all the browsers. Get advanced font options alongside the colour schemes you can choose from. The interface is stunning enough and is sure to leave a lasting impression. So leave it up to cool to take care of your users while you are busy working on your site with ease. Having all these features summed up in just one template sure makes it one of the best responsive template you could find on the internet or your mobile devices.

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Quirlish is here to blow your mind with all of its extravagant features. It is also here for your users to give you a better and easier life, holding the lifetime free license. As it is also a cross-browser compatible web template, it’s so much easier for the users to get access to this template through any of the preferred browsers present to till the date. Complete with the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is visually amazing and feature-rich. So if you are looking for something to leave for your users to redirect to, then this template is the ideal choice. Featuring a very high resolution, this smooth working web template is also fully responsive.

This under construction template will help you through a lot of things in the easiest way possible. Quirlish under construction flat responsive web template features a fluid responsive layout system. You can also add newsletter subscription option to stay connected and update your users of the changes. With the source files HTML files, style sheets, images, JQuery plugins, photoshop sources and fonts included you could change the image or the fonts of your web template as you wish. Getting all these in one web template sure feels great, doesn’t it? What’s more is that you also get amazing looking animations and effects. Simplistic, clean and minimal, this template is sure to help you keep track of your users with ease!

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Road Way


Roadway under construction web template is brought to you by W3layouts. This web template features a fine and elegant layout structure in its own way. It is retina ready and features a high resolution. Being cross-browser compatible, your website loads fast and easy on any almost any given internet browsers. You get a professional and interactive workspace to leave for your users to see while you work on the important parts of your site. Make sure that you never leave your site unattended while your users try to find you with ease. What’s great is that for the ones who wish to stay connected you can also integrate the subscription newsletter! In addition to this, it also features the option for easy social sharing complete with all the icons.

You can set up the calendar and time on the front. This ensures that your viewers know how long you will be gone and when you will be back. Having the source files included as HTML files, images, style sheets, photoshop and fonts you can change the images and fonts anytime you want. The template is based entirely on the Bootstrap framework so that you meet the standards. It includes the exclusive HTML and CSS coding structure that gives you the option for amazing effects and animations. Roadway for sure on its roadway to your convenient living. The unique thing about this is the option to display your tweets and links to it. So keep your viewers posted and informed only with this amazing under-construction website template!

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Comix is yet another web template we have for our users. Modern and made for excellence, this template is sure to make your users want to stay. With the option to add a custom Logo and choose the fonts, it gives away a more professional look and feels. Additionally, it is retina ready and fully responsive. This web template is also cross-browser compatible so that it loads amazingly fast on all internet browsers. The gradient colour background is also customizable so that you have the full control over what you end up with. Based completely on the latest and advanced Bootstrap framework, this template is unique in its own way.

It also features an excellent resolution and is free fluid layout system. This web template is freely downloadable and consists of source files like HTML files, photoshop sources, images, style sheets and fonts. In addition to this, the template includes the option that lets you set up the calendar and the time pop from your own region. You can use these to set the date for when you will back for service. Get advanced fonts with Google Fonts, custom background options, and more. Furthermore, it is alo easy to stay connected with the users by adding the newsletter subscription option. Collect emails, send out informative contents and never have to worry about losing traffic only with Comix. With all of the cool features included, we surely recommend it to the users for their convenience.

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Although the name of this template is Dark, it is, in fact, one of the brightest and very handy under construction website template. It is based entirely on the powerful Bootstrap framework and meets the latest standard required. The template with an attractive interface is simply stunning to say the least. it is function rich and provides options for tons of features. Furthermore, this template is completely responsive and retina ready. Integrated with the email newsletter feature, you can easily set up sign up forms for your users to fill up. This ensures that the users are updated about the recent changes around the website.

Additionally, choosing to work with dark, you can also set up your calendar and clock within a matter of minutes. This enables the users to interact with and anticipate the changes the site has undergone. Because it is also a cross-browser compatible it enables you to get an access through almost any given web browsers. It also includes easy social sharing as it is integrated with various social networking sites This web template features a free fluid layout system. Besides that, it also lets you change the font, images, you can customize your own background and there’s a lot more to it than you can imagine. Like we said earlier, your users would for sure not be regressive of using this web template. Make your life choices easier and better with this mobile web template “DARK”.

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Needless to describe, just with the title itself, you can know that Soon is an absolutely well-thought under construction website template. Get your works done faster with this SOON web template and never look back again. The template with the attractive set of features and amazing visuals is sure to keep catch your visitor’s attention. Additionally, as it is based on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it is updated to meet all the latest standards. With the creation and development of this web template, you can expect it to be very fast and handy as it is pure HTML designed and responsive CSS and jquery timer used for the time representation.

This web template also let’s you set your own creative and preferred fonts, images and customised background as you wish. It also consists of free fluid layout system and is high in resolution. With soon, you can also set up your wall clock and calendar for the easier usage. It also comes with various features and you can choose to customise your web template. The unique feature of this template is that it lets the users stay logged in while getting all the regular updates. With all the amenities provided to you with this web template sure makes you want to try it on your own. Furthermore, as it is integrated with most popular social media sites, you also have the option for easy social sharing. This template having the life time free license you can make use of it as long as you wish to.

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construction-under-construction-website-templates Another amazing under construction website template we would like to talk about is Construct. The look itself speaks for it as it is an amazingly professional and elegant web. Created to be fully responsive, you can get to load it on all devices including tablets and PCs. The visuals it features are amazing and also highly customizable. The HD and retina ready interface is simply stunning, to say the least. Customize the template as much as you want and end up with a perfect end result. The template is built entirely on the latest Bootstrap framework giving you the flexibility you are seeking. So say no to redirecting and losing your viewers and stay connected with them only with Construct.

The well-commented HTML and CSS codes enable the user to easily customize your web template later if you wish. Additionally, you can also change the fonts and color schemes. Furthermore, it is also fully compatible with all the major internet browsers. This web template is also very efficient and beginner friendly. With this web template being pure designed HTML and consisting of JQuery timer for the representation of time, it is indeed very modernised. If you want, you can even enable the newsletter subscription option to connect with your followers while you are away. Completely effective complete with the amazing list of options, this template is a must-try!

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Coming Soon

This coming soon under construction web template is all here for your users to give you a better and convenient life. Like the other under construction web templates, this under construction web template also has a life time free license. Chosen as one of the smartest and fastest working under construction site it has a lot of things to offer you. It is built using the powerful Bootstrap infrastructure giving the users the standard and modernized feel. In addition to this, the template is completely responsive. This means that the attractive and stylish template fits all the device screen size with ease. Leave fully assured to concentrate on your site renovation only with Coming Soon under construction website template to take care of it all.

This web template being retina ready, you can have your HD quality images. As many of the users might be willing to change the themes and background as their wish this template gives you the option for custom backgrounds. Furthermore, Coming soon is cross-browser compatible which means that it loads fast and easy with almost all the present browsers. Get a range of awesome looking fonts you can implement thanks to the integration with Google Fonts. Even collecting user details is a piece of cake! You can easily add newsletter subscription options for your users to sign up if they want to. Backed up with powerful CSS and HTML coding structure, this template also includes stunning animations and hover effects.

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Fresh Coming


Fresh coming is yet another of our recommended under construction site providing you with various of modernized features. It is clean, sleek and professional to look at and follows the minimal and simplistic approach. Designed and crafted using the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template offers the effective and flexible interface you are looking for. Furthermore, it showcases and HD imagery and retina-ready layout structure. This ensures that your site looks amazing no matter when your users decide to visit. Licensed life time free, you can make use of it in the best way possible as long as you prefer. Get the best results while your site is under construction!

The template is completely cross-browser compatible and works great with all the major internet browsers. Additionally, it also gives you the option to add calendars and countdown timers to let your visitors know exactly when they can find you. With fresh coming, you also have the benefit of changing the fonts, color schemes, and background as you like. Add subscription newsletters, provide easy social sharing, customize the overall outlook, it is completely up to you. What’s great is that you can even add your company details so that you never miss out on any potential customers and clients. With the powerful HTML and CSS coding, you also get amazing looking elements that you can readily implement if you prefer.

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Magnetic as the name suggests is a simply gorgeous looking under construction website template that is sure to keep your users hooked. Built using the powerful Bootstrap framework, this template is competent and flexible. It perfectly matches the elegant and beautiful aesthetic with powerful background images and design. The template is also fully responsive and retina-ready. This ensures that your website looks amazing no matter which device it is on. Talking about the appearance, this template also features amazing looking fonts that you can easily modify as well. Additionally, with the option to add a custom logo and whatnot, this is the ideal choice for you if you are looking for one.

Backed up with the advanced technology of CSS and HTML coding structure, it comes with a ton of handy elements. For the convenience of your users, you can also enable the feature for subscription newsletter by letting them add their email address. Kep things updated and informed so that your users know what your site is going through. Even social sharing is extremely easy with the integration of popular social media icons. Get stunning animations alongside the hover effects. You can even add count-down timers or calendars at your disposal. It is beginenr-friendly and easy to use. Ensuring an amazing experience for your user, this template is definitely the right choice for you.

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Clean Under Construction


Clean Under Construction website template comes with an amazing interface that is not only visually advanced but also feature-rich. That’s right! With the option for custom elements like background, texts, typography and more, it is the ideal choice of many. Leaving your site and yet connecting with your users has never been so easy! The responsive and retina ready visuals are striking and aim to catch the attention of your visitor’s instantly.

Additionally, the template is flexible as well as highly customizable. This ensures that whatever purpose you aim with this template is easy to achieve. The template is also compatible with all the major internet browsers and ensures a fast loading time. Furthermore, it uses the powerful Bootstrap framework, that gives in to an amazing performance. Get the option to easily add subscription newsletter. The bold and attractive texts included is more than enough to let your user know.

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