Live streaming has increased a lot in the past few years. Twitch, a live streaming platform saw an increase of 13 million average streaming hours in the past five years. Netflix, on the other hand, with more than 65 million subscribers, changing the entertainment industry. If you are looking to start an entertainment website with a revolutionary idea and unique contents, these free entertainment website templates will be the best tool to bring your dream to life.

Online streaming has increased a lot in social media also, video contents tend to perform better when compared to other types of contents. Not only video contents, audio contents also has seen a big growth in the past few years. Spotify and Apple Music are always there on your smartphones and smart devices to help you relax or change the mood. These free entertainment website templates support multimedia contents out of the box. All you need to do is to make the contents and add it to your website.



As the name implies this website template is designed for audio entertainment. Online music streamers count has increased from 80.5 million to 87 million in 2018. If you are creating entertaining contents in the form of audio, this template will come in handy. The header section of this template is quite different, you have a music event search bar. Right below the header section you have an audio player to keep the audience engaged with your music. At the top, you have the user login and signup option. Since it is a free entertainment website template, you have to take care of the login and registration forms.

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Gaming is one of the most favorite entertainment segment for all age group people. This website template is designed for game review websites. Out of the box, this template has supports for video contents, so you can share your videos easily on this template. Not only the video contents but the text contents are also given importance in this template. You can give a detailed in-depth review of a game or a game console via a blog post. Smooth animation effects are used to present the contents engagingly to the users. The creator of this template has designed several web pages for you, so you can easily set up a website in no time.

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One Music


One music is a colorful website template for music collection websites and music band websites. The designer of this template has given you spaces for album arts to elegantly list your music. Tags are also added in this template to neatly mention the price of the album. As it is an HTML5 template, you have an audio player pre-bundled with this template. In the demo version, you already have ready to play music albums. If you add a centralized music player, just like in the streaming service website like Spotify and Amazon Prime music, the users can easily listen to your music collections.

In the homepage header section, you have a big image slider with cool transition effects. You can use the image banners to show the latest releases and new music in your library. All the basic optimizations are done perfectly in this template. Users can access your site easily from their mobile devices itself. Events pages are also given in this template, if you are making this template for a music band, these pages will come in handy to list your next tour and events.

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Musica as the name implies this template is also a music website template like the One Music template mentioned above. The designer of this template has made this template completely for commercial use. With this template, you can list your music, sell tickets for your next event. Widgets are also given in this template to give a sneak peek of your upcoming albums. Call to action buttons are placed at the most prominent places so that the users can easily navigate to required pages easily.

Mostly trendy colors and gradient colors are used in this template to gives a party-feel to the users. This template also has a big image slider in the homepage header section with sleek animation effects. Mega menu options and galleries are also included in this template to have your contents properly organized. You have space to add social media profile links in the top bar and in the footer section. In between sections you have a banner section to show promotional contents. All the features in this template are completely working from the front-end. Once you have integrated this template with your tools, it is set to launch.

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Game Warrior


We can’t remove gaming when we are talking about entertainment. Most of our time on smartphones is spent on gaming and social media. To cross check you can see your digital wellness dashboard on your iOS and Android devices. Now we are in a multiplayer era in almost all famous games. After the improvement in AR technology, we can game with our real-world friends. The Game Warrior website template is designed exclusively for the gamers. You can use this template for gaming news, gaming reviews, and gaming collection websites.

The designer of this template has clearly understood the taste of the present generation gamers and designed this template accordingly. Animation effects are used extensively in this template to give life to your contents. You get all the review elements and magazine elements with this template. More than enough image spaces are given in this template to help show game banners attractively to the users. In the top bar, you have space to add user login and registration options. Login pages are not included in this template, take a look at our free login form template for user-friendly designs.

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The Game warrior template is a mixture of review and news websites. If you are more into a news website, then the Newsbox is the best option for you. With this template, you can run an entertainment magazine website. Since this template is designed for news websites, it supports all types of contents without any issues. If you are running an active website and Youtube channel like the List 25, this template can help you manage all types of audience. A separate section for Youtube video is given in this template, it will come in handy to grow your audience.

Spaces for ad banners are already reserved in this template, so you need to rearrange the contents for ads. The designer of this template has given ad banners of all famous sizes used by most of the news site, so you can use them without any worries. Category pages and single blog post pages, both are included in this template so that you can share contents easily. Subscription form widgets are spread throughout the template to increase your subscriber count.

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Podca, as the name suggests this template is designed for podcast shows. Podcasts are one of the top streaming services, users often use. Whether you are driving or taking a short train journey, podcasts will help you spend your time meaningfully. Lots of experts share their experience, strategies to help the newbies grow in their field. If you are running such a Podcast show, then this template is the best option for you.

The designer of this template has designed it like an audio blog. So you have ample amount of space for text contents as well. You can transcript your audio show for other language people to read and understand easily. The footer section of this template is used effectively to show quick links, a quick intro of you, and social media profile links. Big web elements and fully stretched elements are used to make use of the full-width layout of this template. The only thing you will miss in this template is the sidebar and personal branding elements. Other than that, this template is the best option for you with all the features you need to keep your audience engaged.

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Quite Light is a creative website template designed specifically to manage multiple contents simultaneously. The smart design of this template helps you list all the contents in one place with an interactive feel. Content blocks of all sizes are given in this template so that you can add both multimedia contents and simple text contents. Texts are made bolder and cleaner so that they look distinctive among the image and multimedia contents.

In the homepage, you have a creative carousel in the header and also in the section banners. The carousels are used to show the featured contents along with the image thumbnails. In the top bar, you have space to add a search box to help the user easily find the topic they are interested in. If you are making an online streaming site, providing an advanced search bar helps the user to easily filter the contents.

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Viral is a colorful website template is a modern full-width layout. If you are about to create an interesting entertainment website like List 25, Bore Panda or anything else like that, then this template is the best option for you. The flexible layout of this template helps you to add as many contents as you want. You not only can list the contents, you can also organize them easily in this template. Just like in all other magazine website templates, this one also has places reserved for ads to help you monetize your website.

Animation and visual effects are used to effectively to show multiple contents within the given space. Bright gradient color schemes are used for the web elements to easily draw the user attention on the important elements. In the top bar, you have space to add a personalized welcome message, along with it you also have space to add social media profile links. Other useful elements with this template are mega menu options and trendy looking subscription form.

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One of the biggest advantage of the modern website design you give equal importance to both text contents and image contents. Content blocks in this template are designed to handle multimedia contents as well, so you can add video and audio contents directly. In the homepage, each section is designed to handle different categories. If you have a Youtube channel, there is space to add your playlist directly in your website so that you can improve your reach and view counts.

The creator of this template has also utilized the sidebar to show more contents. Overall the design of this template enables you to squeeze many contents in the homepage, but it’s been handled smartly so that the website doesn’t look clumsy or crowded. This template uses AJAX-based design in the homepage; as the users scroll down the web pages new contents appear so that you can keep in the loop for a longer period of time.

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Stuff template uses creative block-based design to manage multiple contents by consuming less space. A cutout like design is followed to show the texts which look elegant on the clean white background. The creator of this template has used the flow of design in both the background and in the web elements, which makes this template unique in this list of free entertainment website templates. Content blocks in this template are designed to manage all types of contents. There are spaces to add images, image carousels, video contents and text posts. All you have to do is to add contents and amaze the visitors. Instagram is one of the most famous social media for visual contents; just above the footer, there is an Instagram widget stretched to the edges of the screen. Another advantage of this template is it is a multi-page template.

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World is a complete website template package. The creator of this template has given you everything from header to footer and you also get page loader animation with this template. If you are in search of a fully functional website to start your website straight away, then the World is the best option. This template is full of animation effects which keep this template lively and also helps to present the contents engagingly to the users. A three column-like structure is followed in the home page to list many contents within the given space. Carousels with sleek transition effects are used to organize the contents and put them together in one place. Videos on the homepage open in a separate lightbox. In the demo video from Youtube are used, but you can use video from other platforms like Vimeo or you can add your own video directly.

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If your entertainment website is going to cover a wide range of collections, this template is the best option for you. Neatly segmented homepage design helps you to neatly organize the contents and present them as a pack. This organized structure helps the user to easily search and identify the content they are interested in. In between sections you have image banners to show promotional banners and ad banners. Other useful options with this template are mega menu options, where you can add images and banners to show the categories, just like in the e-commerce websites. Along with the homepage design, you also have pages for about, contact, categories and single article page. In the big footer section, you can add page links for other important pages and contact details. You can even add widgets for social media profiles to show your social media activity dynamically.

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Megazine is a unique masonry grid style website template, which gives importance to image contents. This template is a perfect choice for video-based and photography based entertainment websites. With masonry grid design you gracefully highlight the important post in the bigger space and the rest of the contents in the regularly sized grids. Spaces between cells are given uniformly to make the homepage appealing and easy to interact. In the header, you have a big hero image slider with bold texts to feature the best and recent contents. All the navigation options are pushed towards the sticky right sidebar. The sidebar not only helps the user to navigate easily but also improves your brand visibility throughout the template. To give you more page design options different page styles are followed for each category; based on your needs select the one that best suits you.

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Webmag is a minimal looking colorful website template for news and media websites. As this template is primarily designed for news sites you get elements to highlight important topics. Each section in the homepage is treated as a separate page with its own categories and topics in the sidebar. Colorful tags are used to differentiate the categories, even in the middle of hundreds of contents the reader can easily identify the categories. Fonts used in this template looks professional and also makes readability easier. Texts of different sizes are used to elegantly highlight the important texts. Apart from the top navigation bar you also have a hamburger menu on the side, where you can add recent posts and social media profile links. The side navigation bar can also be used for adding promotional elements and special contents.

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Ednews, as the name implies this is a news website template by default. Properly organized structure and flexible layout make this template a perfect option for the entertainment websites. This template gives you space to highlight important contents, add advertisements banners and lead capturing elements. Overall the Ednews is a perfect business website template which not only helps you to run a website but also gives you the option to grow your website. The bright blue color scheme of this template gives a royal touch to the template. A two column structure is followed in the main content area, allows you to list the latest articles and videos. As like in many professional blog and news media websites, the sidebar is used for promotional contents and social media profile link. In between sections you have featured content area with a blue color background to highlight viral and popular contents.

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Newsbit is almost similar to the Ednews template mentioned above, but this template has its own layout style. Though it is a full-width layout all the web elements are organized within a borderless confined structure. To encourage the visitors to view a content, trending scores and number of comments are shown on the homepage. With the simple neat design, this template gives a distraction-free content focused environment. As usual, this template also has a sidebar for promotional contents. Apart from the main navigation bar you also have a separate bar for adding contact detail for advertisements, partnership, and other such links. You also have space to add social media profile links.

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Force is a professional website template with a familiar layout. All the elements and sections are well ordered that you have seen in all famous entertainment sites. At the top bar, you have space for adding and just below it, you have image slider to showcase featured contents. Bright red color scheme of the template looks vibrant on the clean white background. Based on the category of the content, each section has different column design to incorporate as many contents as possible. This template is very professional and the visual effects are used in a proper scale and that too in required places only. Ad spaces are given at the top bar and in the sidebar, to help you easily identify the size of the banner, dimensions are given directly in the template. It is a fully functional website with all the basic subpages pre-designed for you.

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The Gazette


The Gazette is a proper news website template from the core to the skin, but the easy to edit code structure of this template makes it a perfect option for an entertainment website. With bold texts and big sections, this template gives you ample amount of space to add all types of contents. Just like in all other news websites, tags are used to organize the contents effectively. At the top, you have an interactive bar, which you can use to show the latest addition to your collections and upcoming events. In the header you have big image slider with a bold heading, all the images in the slider are in portrait orientation, so make sure you use images with proper orientation. In all the subpages you have a header image section where you can show related images and the web page breadcrumbs for easy navigation.

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The Conference


The Conference is a business class event website template. As an event website template, you get both promotional elements and the elements neatly explain your services. If you are about to start a subscription-based online entertainment website, then this template will help you give a corporate look to your homepage. As this template is designed to manage all types of contents in a large volume, you can also use this template for the main entertainment pages. In the homepage, you have pricing table and calendar listing elements. You can use the calendar listing to show the upcoming events and entertainment programmes on your website. The pricing table is made long and big enough to clearly mention the features of the plan. Each section in the homepage is separated by full-width image banners to highlight important contents and promotional contents.

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Sunfest a modish looking website template with full of colors. If you are looking for a casual template with lively web elements, then the Sunfest is the best option for you. The creator of this template has used all the major modern web design trends to attract the present-day users. This template not only shows your contents but also reflect the soul of your website. This template does not follow the traditional sectioning and layout style in this template. The unique style of this template is not the advantage and the disadvantage of this template. This creative design is not suitable for all types of entertainment websites and you have to work on it to bring the elements you want. Customizations won’t be an issue in this template, as it follows the industry code standards, developers will find this template extremely easy to work with.

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Agenda is another creative website template for those who always think outside of the box. Unlike the Sunfest template, this one has a proper business structure so you can use it for regular website needs. The creator of this template has used modern web elements and patterns to make this template look unique. With the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, this template brought this creative web design to life. Instead of using the same old horizontal line sectioning, this template uses creative shapes for each section. Ample amount of space is given for both the text and multimedia contents. The only small bummer with this template is it is a one-page template. You have to manually take care of the subpages or you can use this template as a base to create your own custom website template.

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Conference is a properly designed multipurpose website template for event websites and entertainment websites. On the homepage, the designer has used different styles for each section to help you present the content engagingly to the users. Carousels with split screen design are used in this template to give you space to add a few lines about the particular topic. Since this template is designed for the corporate event, you get a countdown timer with an address for the venue in the header. You can easily customize the header section to the way want. Other useful features you get with this template is a CSS table for listing the schedule and neatly designed pricing table. Again this one is also a one-page template with HTML5 and CSS3 framework; you can easily add web pages to this template with the help of a web developer.

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Tour is a fully equipped website template for travel websites. The creator of this template has filled this template with lots of useful features and pages, which will help you set up an entertainment website as well. This template filled with promotional elements, neat layouts to clearly show the images and the related contents. If you are going to set up an online streaming website for movies, this template is the best choice.

One of the major thing present-day streaming site misses is the filter options. They categorize the contents to narrow down the search but it really doesn’t help you to find what you want. The Tour website template has an advanced search bar with filter options, which you could use to increase the content visibility. Plus this template has awesome visual effects, which gives lots of user-friendly features. With few customizations, you can make this template a proper entertainment website.

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Dorne is fundamentally a directory website template. With a cool modern design and stylish color scheme, this template set up the party mood as soon as the user gets into the website. As this template is designed to manage multiple contents at the same time, you can add any number of contents as you want. Ratings and price tags are given in this template, which you can use to show the movie or album rating and its price. Neat line vector icons are used in this template, which you get along with the download file for easier customizations. In the listing page, you get an interactive map widget to show the places near you. This template is full of features, based on your need pick the one that you want.

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Bluesky is a colorful real estate website template. If you are about to make a website to show the latest events and festivals, this template is the best options. This template gives you an ample amount of space for both image and text contents to help you create engaging contents. With line icons, you can show the special features of the events within the given space in the homepage. The designer has used the trendy gradient color scheme elegantly throughout the template. Visual effects are used neatly throughout the template to add richness to the template. Latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework are used in this template, so you can easily customize and integrate this template with other tools.

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Voyage is another travel website template, just like the Tour template mentioned above. Both the templates are from the same author so you can see some design similarities. This template is also filled with lots of functionalities and options; with which you can set up any type of website as you want. In the default design you have space to add both multimedia contents and image contents. Each section in the homepage is made big enough to add big web elements and texts. The red color scheme of the template looks attractive on the clean white background. As all the basic optimizations are done in the template; you can customize and set up a website in no time.

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