When Google launched the offline video download option on YouTube, they created an impressive ad showing how annoying the loading symbol is. Yes, in the fast world no one wants slow connection and slow web pages. But sometimes we have to deal with this loading issue. Rather than simply showing loading message with an animated circle, we can do something creative. In this list, we have collected some of the best creative CSS loading animations. Most of the effects are designed using the CSS3 script so it won’t make your web pages heavy. Some designs have minimal look, while some have really interactive designs.

Top brands even care about the loading symbol on their website. Logos and elements related to the business are used on the loading animation to clearly brand their website. In this list there are some loading animation designs for brands and business websites as well, so make sure you check all of them.

Gooey loader

CSS loading animations inspired from Google

If you are looking for Google-like CSS loading animations, this design might impress you. In this example, the creator has animated three circles combine together to form a single circle. Different colors are shown when the circles combine together. The color transformation is sleek and smooth so that the user can enjoy seeing the color transformation. Since this animation is made purely using the CSS3 script, it can handle all modern colors and gradient colors. Just like the design, the code is also clean so the developers can easily utilize this code on their website or application. Therefore, the Gooey loader is one of the best easy-to-use CSS Loading Animations in this list.

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Loader CSS

css loading animations for photography websites

The default design of this CSS loading animation makes this a perfect option for photography websites. Squares and focus point corners give the feel of a camera to this loading animation. Only the focus point corners are animated in this design, hence they are simple yet elegant. Not only the design but the coding is also kept simple in this example. Just like most other CSS loading animations in this list, this one also uses the CSS3 script. Hence, you can use all modern colors and other effects on this loading animation to make it unique for your website or application.

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Atom Loading Icon

revolving atom like loading animation

From the name itself you can infer that the creator has used the atom-like structure in this loading animation. If you are having a logo related to the atom design, using CSS loading animations like this will be a good choice. The animation effect is smooth and fluid so that the user will enjoy seeing this loading animation. Plus, it is simple and light-weight, so it will load easily on both mobile and desktop versions of your website. The animation effect is created using the CSS3 script and to make the result better, the creator has also used HTML5 code. Speaking of logo, if you are a logo designer, take a look at our Logo mockups collection, to show your design engagingly to the audience.

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Simple Pure CSS Loader

simple yet elegant looking css loading animations

This is another CSS loading animations examples, that use simple concept. With simple circles and arcs, the creator has made an impressive loading animation. The creator has used time intervals precisely in this animation, which gives an authentic experience to the user. Not only the design but the code script of this loading animation is also kept neat and simple. If you are looking for simple yet effective CSS loading animations, designs like this will impress you. Plus, the simple design gives you plenty of room for customization. By editing a few lines of codes, you can make this loading animation fit for your website or mobile application design.

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3D css loading animations

If you are looking for three-dimensional style CSS loading animations, designs like this will impress you. The creator has animated the cubes smartly to give a simple and fluid loading animation. The default cubes may remind you of some famous logos. If your company website uses cube-based logos, animations like this will work perfectly. Or you can use this design as an inspiration and create your own custom effect. The creator has shared the code script in the CodePen editor, hence, you can customize and visualize the results before using it on your website or application. Another advantage of using such pure CSS loading animations is you can easily utilize the code in your design.

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CSS3 Loading Animation


This CSS loading animation is inspired by the Google loading animation. If you are having a directory website, using this animation in your search bar will give a better user experience. The animation used in this design is simple and modern, hence you can use it in any modern web design templates. Since the whole design is made using the CSS3 script, you can easily work on this design. Plus, you have plenty of customization options and color schemes to use. In the default design, the developer has made loading bar big. Based on your design needs, you can shrink the size of the loading bar.

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Loading Animated CSS


The default loading design in this example might resemble the Windows logo. Unless you use the same RGB and Y color scheme of the Windows logo, it is just a set of squares. The effect is clean and very simple, hence you can use them easily on any part of your website. If you are having a geometric shape based logo, you can use it in loading animation to clearly brand your website. The longer and the better the visibility of the logo, the better the chances of you staying in users memory. Speaking of logos, take a look at our logo mockup collection to present your logo designs elegantly to your audience or client.

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CSS Only Loading Animation


CSS only loading animation is another set of colorful animations. The creator of this design has used the loading dots jump and transform in different shapes. Three different animations are given in this set. All three effects are made purely using the CSS3 script. The effects are fluid and smooth, hence the user won’t feel any lag. Plus, the code script is very light, hence these effects performs smoothly even on mobile devices. Choose the effect you like and work on it to make it fit perfectly in your web design. The entire code script used for all three effects is shared with you directly in the CodePen editor. Hence, you can visualize your customizations before using it on your website.

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Small Loading Animation


This loading animation gives a sine wave-like effect. You can use this effect as such in your music website. Transition effects mixed with gradient colors gives a dynamic look to the animation. You can even use this animation in the audio player visualizer effects. In the default demo, the creator has used only a part of the screen. But, you can resize it to the format you want. The bouncing effect is smooth and periodic, hence the user won’t feel any lag. Plus, this effect is made using the HTML5 and CSS3 effect, so you have plenty of customization options.

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Amazing Loading Animation


In all the above CSS loading animations we have seen the shapes and vector icons. The developer of this effect has simply used the text for loading animation. Since typography is also used as a part of the modern web design, effects like this will give a design consistency through the website. A wavy effect is used on the text and it very smooth and gentle. In the default design, the developer has used the “Loading” text. If you wish to be creative, you can use your own text here. The creator has shared the entire code script used to create this, hence you can easily scale and customize the effects based on your needs.

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Bowling Effect


Sometimes you can use your product or service itself in the loading animation. For example, in the restaurant website templates, you can use animated foods and vessels while the web pages are loading. Similarly, the developer of this loading animation has used the bowling ball. The finish of the effect may look a bit outdated, but the effect is smooth. If you use a high-quality vector, the end result will look good. For a smooth animation effect, the developer has used CSS and Javascript. Since the effect is simple, you can trim the code structure based on the code script you follow.

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Listening To Music While Driving


If you are making a website for an app based company, adding lively elements, will help you easily relate with the audience. Storytelling in website and application is made easy with the modern web and app development code scripts. The developer of this animation has given you a logical loading animation effect. The best part about this animation effect is the whole effect is designed using the CSS3 and HTML5 script alone. Hence it won’t take much to load, plus, it works perfectly on small screen devices as well. By keeping this design as a base, you can develop your own story using different vectors.

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Loading Animation By Carlos


The developer of this design has used a bounding triangle for loading effect. A two-dimension flat triangle is used to keep the shape-shifting and transition smooth while jumping. If you need to add a little more details, you can do it by adjusting the code. But, keeping it simple will save lots of loading time. You can use this effect as such in a kids school website templates, as fit the core theme of the web design. Not only the animation effect but the coding is also kept very simple. Hence, you can easily work on this design and use it in your project or website.

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SVG Loading Icons


SVG Loading icons give you a set of animated icons. In this set, you get eight loading icons and each one of them has a different animation effect. Mostly circular and linear line vectors are used in this loading animation set. As the given icons are SVG icons, you can easily scale to the size you want. Plus, all the animation effects are made using the HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence, you have innumerable customization options with this one. All eight animation effects are kept simple so you can easily use them on any website and widgets.

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Flat Loading Animations


If you are looking for funky loading animation effects, this set will impress you. In this set, the developer has given you nearly ten animation effects. All the effects use round icons, but each of them is different, so you get different variations in this set. Flat style design is used not only the icons but also for the color scheme. The developer has mostly used RGB color schemes, but you can add any color you want. Since this one is designed using the CSS3 script, it supports all modern colors. All you have to do is to pick the one you like and start editing it to fit it in your design.

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Authentic Weather Loader


Authentic Weather Loader, as the name implies, in this example you get a weather icon. If you are looking for a unique loading animation for your news website weather widget or weather forecasting mobile application, this one will impress you. In the default design, the developer has used a minimal black and white image. But as usual, you can change the color or use a different vector icon. The loading animation in this set is very simple so you can use it on any website; in addition to it, it takes only a few screen space hence you can fit it easily on any part of the website or mobile application.

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Hexagonal Loading Animation


Hexagonal Loading Animation is a beehive style animation effect. Several hexagonal shaped elements are combined to give a big hexagon image. The flash-in and fading out animation is smooth and timed perfectly. Hence you get a perfect polished effect out of this animation. The developer has used HTML and CSS script properly to create this loading animation. You can use the code scrip as such or you can customize based on your needs. The simple code structure of this animation makes it even easier to add it into an existing website. As each hexagon is treated as a separate element, you can customize each and every one of it.

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Loading Animation By Hafiz Fattah


The developer Hafiz Fattah has created a simple and functional loading animation. You can use this animation is any type of websites and applications. The effect is smooth and clean so the user doesn’t get annoyed if they happened to see the loading symbol for a very long time. Properly structured HTML and CSS scripts are used to create this animation effect. If you like to adjust the spacing between the loading circles or change the effects, you can do it easily. As it uses the latest scripts, it can handle modern colors and animation effects.

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Swing Masking Loader


Swing Masking Loader might slightly remind you about the Google I/O event. As the name implies, this effect has a masking color changing effect. If you are making a modern agency website or creative design website, animation like this will spice up your design. This effect might take a few lateral spaces, so make sure you give enough space if you are using it in a constrained space. As this effect is designed using the latest CSS3 framework, you get a fluid animation effect. Plus, you also get the option to use any modern animation effect. By keeping this as a base, you can even develop your own concept.

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CSS Dash Loader


This animation is somewhat similar to the classic Newton’s cradle steel balance balls. The effect is made so gentle and fluid, hence it a realistic look. Thanks to the latest HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks to make this beautiful design. The developer has given you a basic idea in this design with lots of room for improvement. If you want you can fill the space with your creativity and can spice up this design. The entire code structure used to create this effect is shared with you directly in the CodePen editor. Hence you can visualize your customization results, before using it on your website.

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SVG Infinity Loader


Infinity is a favorite symbol for creative minds. Not only the value of the infinity symbol is infinite but the creative design ideas with it are also infinite. A lot of designers and developers has used the infinity symbol smartly to show their ideas. Here in this design also the developer has shown his vision of loading animation using the infinity symbol. The effect is smooth and fluid without any lag. This effect is achieved using by properly utilizing the HTML5 and CSS3 modern features. The code structure used to create this design is shared with you directly. Check the info link below to get a hands-on experience.

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Gooey CSS Loader


In Gooey CSS loader you get a merging circle animation effect. The fusion and splitting animation is fluid so that it gives a realistic feel to the user. Two colors are used for the circles, as it uses the CSS3 scripts you can even use gradient color scheme. You can even add your own imagination to make this effect more lively. Since one of the circle is white, the developer has used a dark background in the default background. But as always you can change it based on the color theme you followed on your website or application. Overall Gooey loading animation is a professional looking animation effect, that can be used for any website and applications.

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A Fancy Spinner


A fancy spinner loading animation is a perfect option if you are planning to use your logo for loading animation. As many top brands have a single letter or initial as their logo, effects like this will come in handy for many business websites. The default design is sleek and quick so that it won’t take much time to load. You can either use this design, or you can customize it based on your logo. The creator of this design has given you a basic inspiration and basic code structure. You can use this as a base to create your own custom design.

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Fun Little Loader


The Fun little loader is similar to the Loading Animated CSS mentioned above. Of course, both of them have different animation effects. The only thing that is common between both of the designs is the square tile design. The fade-in and fade-out design in a wavy pattern give a rhythmic look to the animation effect. A perfect time scale is used between each square, when combined together you get a fantastic view. As each square is treated as a different element, you can edit and customize them as per your design needs. Check the info link below to get a hands-on experience of this design.

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Goo Loader


In the previous CSS loading animation example, we have seen the square design. The developer of this effect has used a circular design. Many circles combine together like a drop to make a full circle. The revolving animation of the circles adds extra richness to the design. The developer has used the CSS3 and HTML script smartly to build this beautiful script. Since it is developed purely using HTML and CSS script, incorporating this design in an existing design would be an easy job for the developers. The creator has kept the design very simple, hence you can use it any type of website and applications.

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