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With the invention and advancement of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets along with the easy access to the internet, the expectations of people have risen to a whole new level. The use of internet has been growing rapidly year after year and in such a scenario not having a proper website means losing your online presence through which you can reach out to your global targeted clients. No matter what kind of business you are involved in, having a website does wonders to help you and your business grow! Hence; today we have the list of the best free HTML5 website templates for you!

With the usage and the rate of creating online platforms increasing at an accelerated pace, the demand for quality and equally competent websites has also heightened. And to meet their demands and expectations, just appealing content and images are not enough. You need to make a website that is steady, feature-rich and visually stunning to leave a lasting impression on all your users. To compete in the long run, winning over tons of loyal customers is vital. And now thanks to the responsive HTML templates that you no more have to hire any designer to create a website nor do you have to make that extra effort to learn how to build one from scratch.

With the availability of the free HTML5 website templates, you can now create an outstanding website easily on your own without spending much of your time and effort. With these free ready-made templates, you don’t have to worry about what your site will end up looking like. But what is HTML5 and how the templates relies on HTML can be beneficial for us? Let me explain it to you in a nutshell.

What is HTML5 and what are its benefits?

HTML is the acronym for Hypertext Markup Language. It is the standard markup language for structuring and presenting the content for World Wide Web. In other words, it can be referred to as the primary markup language for web pages.  HTML5, on the other hand, is the revised fifth version of HTML. It was published in October 2014 by the World Wide Web Consortium.

In contrast to its predecessor, HTML5 is able to support the audio, video elements and is compatible with all the major browsers, old or new. In short, it comes in support of the latest, cutting-edge multimedia. Thus, it can be the evolution that resulted from the increasing demand of the modern technological world.

The templates that I’ve listed down rely on intelligent HTML5 and are absolutely stunning with loads of powerful features. And hence can be the perfect choice for your website regardless of the website niche.



Grunt is an incredible free simple HTML website template that is creative and unique to the looks. It is ideal for personal and portfolio-based sites for all creative individuals who wish to leave a lasting impression. Designed with minimal and simplicity in mind, this template is content-oriented. The highlight here is the full-screen split screen design that also features texts and a CTA button. Pretty responsive, this template also readily adjusts to every device screen size with ease. As it relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, this template is flexible and versatile. And as it is targeted towards novices and beginners, it is designed to be user-friendly as well. The great thing is that the template relies on CSS and HTML codes, it offers tons of creative components. 

This includes various hover effects, animations, and smooth scrolling. Minimal and simple, you can further personalize the theme to match your preference. It is also lightweight and fast loading. With support for multiple post types including media and videos, you can get as creative as you want. 

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Nissa is another free simple HTML website template, that is great for personal portfolio and photography-based sites. With an elegant design, this template is modern and impressive to look at. It is fully responsive, just like with other themes, and loads effortlessly throughout all of the device screen sizes. Clean and purpose-oriented, this template focuses majorly on the content you present on the site. Following all of the latest web standards, it uses the Bootstrap framework as a base. Another highlight here is the split-screen design featuring an image slider on one side and the texts on the other. You will also find sections dedicated to blogs, home, about, service, galleries and more. It is fully responsive, retina-ready, and offers HD imagery. The visuals are exceptional and versatile enough to match all your requirements as well. 

And the best part is that there are tons of customizing options this template offers from Google fonts, icons, color palettes, and more. With creative galleries, it is great for professional photographers to showcase their works. It features functional Contact forms, creative animations, smooth scrolling as well as CTA buttons and social icons all at your disposal. The off-canvas menu is one of a kind and makes for easy navigation. While it delivers a great first impression right off the bat, this template is pretty customizable. And the best part is that you get all these and more for free!

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creative photography and portfolio website template

TheLook is another stunner of a free simple HTML website template that is another great addition here. Whether you are an artist, photographer, or creative individual, this template is one of a kind. Simple, elegant, and minimal with the design, the template is pretty attention-grabbing. Fully responsive, retina-ready, and overall a great way to enhance your online presence, everything about this template is modern and stylish. The huge image header slider is a stunner and is sure to give your users an engaging feel right off the bat. In addition to the amazing-looking Home, there are tons of other pages dedicated to other niches. From blogs to the portfolio and even creative galleries, you get options for it all. All of these are further complemented with simple and chic styling elements. 

As it relies on the professional and secure Bootstrap, CSS, and HTML structure, everything here is well-commented. Following all of the latest of web-requirements, this template is surely trendy and up to par. Furthermore, with the simplistic design, it is pretty lightweight and fast performing. It features a unique sense of navigation atop it all. Cross-browser compatible and flexible, it is also SEO friendly and ranks higher on all major SERPs. Professional looking, impactful, and overall a great way to add in that creative touch, TheLook is another great addition. 

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Classy Ads


Classy Ads is primarily a directory website template. Since this one is designed for classified websites, the default features are related to the classified websites. But, you can use this template for other types of directory websites as well. Plenty of interactive elements are given in this template. For interactive search bars with filter options are given to find the ads easily. Icons and star rating elements are used smartly to help the user find the best deals and products. In the header section, you have a user login and register option. The best part is the designer has given you both login and registration forms in this template. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can easily integrate this template with any modern web applications and tools.

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Eiser is a clean-looking website template for eCommerce and fashion stores. On the clean white background, your products look very attractive. The developer has smartly used the hover effect to give quick options like add to favorite and add to cart option. Right from the product page to the checkout page, all the important eCommerce pages are pre-designed for you. Interactive sliders and filter options are given on the product page to easily filter the product. All the features and functions in this template are fully functional from the front end. Hence, backend integration and optimizations will be an easier job for the developers.

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Bakery, from the name itself you can understand that this HTML5 website template is made for food websites. The designer has made use of the full-width design with big web elements and image holders. Parallax scroll effects are used to give an interactive feel when the user scrolls down the web pages. Most food website gives you only a few spaces for the text contents. But in this template, the designer has given equal importance to both image and text contents. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you so that you don’t have to spend your time making one. Unless you have any special needs, the given web pages themselves is enough to set a proper website.

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Remake is a unique website template for salons and barbershops. This template is made to look stylish and modern to reflect the nature of the salon business. Very subtle yet attractive animation effects are used in this template to present the contents engagingly to the audience. The long homepage design gives you more than enough space to list all your services in one place. In between the sections you have big banners to add promotional content and video content. Since it is an HTML5 template, adding videos to this template won’t take much time. Special niche-related vector icons are used in this template to list your services.

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Though it is a full-width layout template, the designer has kept all the elements in a confined boundary. So you get a well-organized and clean-looking website with this template. This would be a perfect option for both well-established blogs and small blogs. Carousels and image sliders are used to add more content in one place. Since this one is primarily designed for blogs, the fonts are chosen with care so that the user will have good readability of texts.

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Finding a modern-looking good quality eCommerce website template for free is a difficult job. Only a few of the free templates give you premium quality and all the required pages pre-designed for you. Karma is one such rate eCommerce website template. Though this template is originally designed for shoe stores, you can use them for other types of online stores as well. The designer of the template has used plenty of modern design elements to attract the present-day audience. But the designer is very careful about the user experience while using trendy web elements.

All the elements and the features are placed perfectly at the required spot so that the user doesn’t have to waste their time in searching. Visual effects are smooth and fluid without any lag. You can expect the same level of fluid experience in mobile devices as well. Big banners and countdown timers are also given in this template to help you promote best-selling products and boost your sales.

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Loaft is a minimalistic website template for interior designers. Since this template is designed for creative professionals and creative businesses, you get plenty of unique web elements and different webpage layouts. The smart design of this template helps you to explain your projects and designs with images and texts. The full-width layout of this template is used properly by big web elements and large sections. Another advantage of the full-width design is you have plenty of screen space in both desktops and mobiles, so you can create impressive content for your users. Subtle animation effects are also used to draw the user’s attention to the required web elements.

A bright yellow color scheme is used in this template, which looks attractive on the clean white background. An ample amount of space is given for both the texts and the images in this template so that you can explain your project clearly to the users.

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Photon is a clean website template for photographers. The pristine design of this template gives an elegant look to your photographs and the colorful photographs look more vibrant. On the homepage, you only have a vertical slider to showcase some of your best shots. Mostly portrait images are used in the slider, but if you need you can add landscape images as well by making a few coding adjustments. Apart from the horizontal image slider, you also get a separate page for the gallery section.

The default layout of this template makes it a perfect option for personal websites. At the top right corner, you have the option to add your social media profile links. Other regular pages like services, about, and contact pages are also included in this template. Visual effects are kept very minimal in this template to give users a distraction-free environment for the users to enjoy their photographs.

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Present is a free HTML5 website template with a clean and minimal design. This template definitely has to be in your bucket if you fall into the category of those who want to create an awesome website but coding is not a cup of your tea! Present is the perfect option for apps and landing page websites. However, it is suitable for any kind of another business website as well. In addition to the HTML5 coding standards, it also uses Bootstrap 4 that makes this template more powerful.

This template integrates TweenMax that helps in creating tremendously smooth animations. Therefore, it ensures their high performance in all popular browsers. It is also fully compatible with ScrollMagic that aids in creating marvelous scroll interactions. It works by reacting to the current scroll position of the users on your website. Moreover, it provides you with all the necessary Call-to-Action buttons. The present is one of the free HTML5 website templates that will surely help you in boosting your online presence. The best part about using this template is that you will never get stuck in the process as it assures you the best template support.

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Frame is a beautifully crafted free HTML5 website template using bootstrap. And if you are specifically looking out for a one-page HTML5 website template then this is it. Being a multipurpose template, Frame is suitable for all kinds of websites. Be it a business ranging from small cottage industry to large corporation, or a landing page of any sort of website, this template takes care of it all. Besides, it comes with gazillions of tremendously awe-inspiring premium-like features. But trust me, they do come with this free HTML5 website template at no cost at all.

In addition, this responsive template renders the contents perfectly on all sorts of devices. Also, it comes along with the features section where you can showcase any features of your product or your company. Its modern amazing design is sure to keep your visitors engaged. The parallax scrolling that creates a marvelous 3-D effect makes your website even more visually appealing. The review and the pricing table are some other notable features in the template that make it the best choice for those who own a service company.

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Virb is yet another elegant free HTML5 website template. Super flexible and highly customizable this template provides you the easiest access to the fascinating features and thus can be personalized as per your requirement at no additional cost. It has lots of such features as pop-up video and smooth animation that will surely keep your users hooked. Moreover, it has a wide range of header, footer, color, and font options at your disposal. Thus, this template makes the task of creating a website hassle-free.

The versatility of this template allows you to create a website of any kind- business, portfolio, blog, and more. Google Map integration lets your user know about the whereabouts. Accordion, on the other hand, helps you in stuffing a cornucopia of information into your site for your users without making your site look disorganized. In addition, this template is fully responsive, retina-ready, and SEO-friendly. It is also well documented and assures you hassle-free customization.

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Pixel is a modern flexible free HTML5 website template under the Creative Commons 3.0 license for creating a dashing website. It is ideal for different kinds of portfolio websites including personal portfolio, creative agency, freelancer, and much more. Pixels relies on the latest Bootstrap technology. Undoubtedly, its features are surely enough to promote your services and advertise them online to get you more loyal customers.

The awesome slider makes displaying the major highlights of the website easier. In addition to its cutting-edge, fully responsive design, the chess design is just the icing on the cake. Not to mention, smooth animation and carousel give that professional look and feel to the site. All things said this template comes in integration with every such element or feature that one may search in a portfolio website.

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If you are in search of a clean minimalist website template with extraordinary features and functionality then this template will definitely put an end to it. Connect is one of the free HTML5 website templates that is created with the utmost concern for its design, ease of use, and minimal coding. Hence, no knowledge of coding is required to personalize this theme. From portfolio, creative media agencies to corporate websites, this template is suitable for all purposes.

This template is bundled with unlimited customization options and thus, reduces your design efforts. Consequently, saves you an ample amount of time to focus on other elements of your website. Connect is fully responsive and comes in full support for high-definition images and has a split-screen design making it a perfect choice for photographers and other media agencies to put their best works on a display.

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Fontanero is a fully responsive, versatile, and exceptional website template specifically designed for plumbing construction and repair websites. This template combines all the impressive feature that is adequate to run a website of such companies providing plumbing services. And the page load speed of this lightweight template is just unbelievable. It features a conversion-friendly header and social media-optimized footer. Testimonials help you gain the trust of your clients.

Besides, it is search engine optimized and so ensures you with the top search engine rankings. It is also modern browser compatible providing your clients the best browsing experience. As the further enhancement to the user experience, the template includes extensive code comments, documentation, and friendly customer support. Some of the other notable features in this free HTML5 website template include owl carousel slider, clean typography options, Bootstrap contact forms, custom Google map, and construction-oriented professional pages.

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Black is a profoundly designed and efficiently crafted free HTML5 multipurpose website template. Thus, it is ideal for creating websites of all kinds. Whether you want a website for your business, freelancing purpose, or for private use, Black has your back. It comes with an impressive set of splendid design options that are sufficient to fulfill all your website requirements. Not just the looks, it also includes tons of advanced features and customization options to create a functional site.

This template uses powerful HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, SASS and relies on the latest Bootstrap technology. Its minimal yet eye-catching design is further enhanced with the integration of a pop-video and smooth animation that appears upon the scrolling. Moreover, it also features an accordion and is SEO optimized to ensure the top ranks for your website on powerful search engines like Google. This template is for the ones who prefer a clean, less vibrant yet extremely powerful fully functional website!

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Atlantis is a free HTML5 website template that comes as good news to those who own a hotel or a tourism business. This template relies on the Bootstrap framework. Along with its profoundly mesmerizing design, it comes loaded with extraordinary features that allow you to showcase the services you provide to your customers. The unlimited designing possibilities that it provides make those services look extra appealing on your website.

What makes this template outstanding and unique is the split menu and off-canvas which enhance the mobile and desktop layouts. Moreover, you can showcase the accommodation and amenities that your hotel provides in the best way with this template. You visitors can make the reservation at any time through the reservation form easily. This template comes in full integration with the most responsive slider- Flexslider making it more convenient to display your services in the minimally designed clean and responsive slideshow.

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Instant is a beautifully designed template keeping food and restaurant business in mind. It is free HTML website template developed using the latest Bootstrap technologies, HTML5 and also includes CSS3 and Sass. It provides fully responsive layouts for showcasing the best your business has on all devices regardless of their screen size. The clean and modern interface makes every content you add look stunning on your site.

Since it was exclusively designed for restaurant and other food as well as bar websites, it allows you to showcase your food items in the most appetizing way. You can also add high-definition mouth-watering images of your food items to your website. This template is fully responsive and also SEO friendly, thus, is best for creating and increasing the online presence of your business. It includes a map to make your place easily accessible without any hassle. Furthermore, this template also features modal video and tabs to make your website look aesthetically beautiful and professional at the same time.

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Trainer is free HTML5 website templates with a clean, minimal yet modern design. It is ideal for fitness training-related websites. Hence, if your a fitness trainer, health coach, or personal trainer then this template is the perfect choice for you. This responsive and highly customizable template provides you all the features necessary to showcase the services you offer regarding health and fitness. Not just that you can also let your global audiences about your programs, skills, and works.

It features a JQuery carousel that enables the presentation of your selected and most important images, products, or blogs in an infinitely rotating interface. Another major highlight of this template is the parallax effect one of the trendiest features of web designing today. Moreover, if your potential clients like what you offer then they can instantly get in touch with you through the contact form and provide you the feedbacks making your site more interactive.

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Proximity is elegantly designed free under construction website template. Built using the latest and modern technologies like HTML5, CSS3 along with the Bootstrap 3 frontend framework, it is very effective and powerful. This template is most suitable for creating a coming soon landing page site. The countdown timer showcases the time and other information like the launching date for your official website or a product or other upcoming events is sure to catch the attention of your visitors instantly.

Its one-page responsive layout makes it look perfect on all screen sizes ranging from a small mobile phone to high-resolution screens. Moreover, this free HTML5 website template is lightweight and is also optimized for speeds meaning that the loading time of your website is kept to the minimum. The background video that it features aids in creating a remarkable first impression among your visitors. The subscription form, on the other, collects the email of the visitors to keep them well informed about the launching dates and other such information. The best part this template is well documented and contains clean code comments. Besides, the support team is up to technically assist you 24/7.

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Foto is a free HTML template that best fits photography websites. In addition to the photographers, this template is also suitable for creative designers as well as design agencies. Furthermore, it is perfect for creating any type of portfolio website keeping the images at the forefront. It provides you with unlimited opportunities to showcase your photography skills and establish yourself as a professional photographer!

This template is fully responsive, highly extensible, easily customizable and also highly intuitive, especially for non-coder photographers. The integrated social media icons provide more platforms to promote your work and also more options to stay connected with your clients. It also features stylish two different portfolio pages and a blog layout for creating blogs related to the topic like photo blogs, video blogs, art, fashion, etc. On top of that, the framed slider makes it a breeze to create photo stories that with without a single line of code!

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Transportation, like the name suggests, is a free HTML5 logistic website template. It is perfect for creating intuitive yet mind-blowing shipping websites. It is the perfect choice for creating a website for shipping or logistic companies including courier service, warehousing, transporting, and such. The features that it has allow you to easily manage both your local as well as international transportation company easily. It has a tremendously stunning design with beautifully crafted service pages and multiple blog layouts to keep your visitors engaged.

This template is fully responsive and also cross-browser compatible. Thus, your website’s content renders well on all devices and browsers no matter which your user chose to use. It features an off-canvas mobile menu along with comprehensive drop-down and mega menus. Not just that it also integrates different kinds of sliders like the testimonial slider, brand logo slider, and a responsive Bootstrap slider carousel. Apart from that, this lightweight template has a blazing loading speed.

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Technews is a free HTML5 tech news and magazine website template under the Creative Common License. Like its name, it is suitable for running technology-related news portals or tech magazines. It relies on the Bootstrap framework. This template is search engine optimized and ensures better ranks of your website on the search engines. It integrates the social sharing connection buttons to connect to a wider range of audiences. To give the typography a creative touch this template offers a wide range of advanced typography and Google font options.

Additionally, it also has a secure code base and is well documented. To ease up the task of creating a website, this template also comes loaded with other powerful features like cross-browser compatibility, responsive layouts, popular news sidebar, spacious advertisement space, and many more. Just a few tweaks and the online presence of your magazine site is ready for that instant boost!

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Glint is yet another super flexible, highly customizable free website template ideal for people who belong to a creative profession or someone who owns or thinking about starting any sort of creative digital agency. To be more specific, Glint is a perfect choice for creative designers, photographers, freelancers, and such. And the modern and stylish design of this template accompanied by the fascinating features is adequate for the purpose. This HTML also offers the best SEO practices. Hence, appearing in higher positions of search engine results is no more a hefty job.

This template is also fully responsive and retina ready thus ensures the perfect appearance on every device. The animated stat section adds up to its aesthetically alluring design making the site look more interesting. It comes along with tons of customization options. However, this theme is easy to customize and the clean, well-written and organized codes make the customization super easy.

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Booster is a free business website template. It is also carters the website requirements of different kinds of service companies like SEO consultancy, travel agency, real estate, institutes providing online courses, and many more. Besides, it is also suitable for landing page websites. It relies on the latest technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and relies on Bootstrap framework. In addition, it is valid as per the W3C standard. Like its name, this template boosts up your online presence and consequently the conversion rate of your website.

In addition, to be absolutely SEO friendly, this template is also lightweight and has an incredibly amazing site loading speed. It also seamlessly integrates with responsive carousels. This free HTML landing page template comes in full support for SVG icons and FontAwesome With Google Font icons and a wide range of typography options, you can give a more interesting look to your website contents. Best of all, this template provides highly dedicated technical support in no time if required.

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Haus is a free HTML5 real estate website template. This technically cutting-edge responsive template is the best option for all kinds of business ventures related to real estate. It can be the ultimate choice for real estate agents, apartment managers, brokerages, and residential and commercial developers. The responsive and intuitive features make it adaptable to any screen size and resolution. It offers numerous unique and streamlined real estate layouts for a clean arrangement of your property listed making it easier for your visitor to go through them.

It also has multiple design variations in store for the property detail pages to make it look more comprehensive. Apart from that, the awesome slider also facilitates you to display your best offers. Search forms and Google Map integration further enhance the functionalities of this sophisticated yet clean template. The searching and filtering mechanism that it offers simply makes your real estate website look beyond incredible. Haus is also great with speed and ensures high performance.

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Metallix is a gorgeous-looking ultra-flexible free HTML5 construction template. This template is pretty efficient. Not to mention, its developers have paid extra attention to its detailing. It profoundly speeds performance reliance and hence ensures the top-notch performance of your website. It offers you unlimited layout possibilities and customization opportunities to create a visually aesthetic, fully functional website for your construction and building services. Besides, Metallix is a fully responsive and mobile-ready Bootstrap construction template as well.

The developers have used the latest template development and best coding practices. Furthermore, it features conversion-friendly headers and owl carousel slider, and social media optimized footers. It has a logo slider to showcase your happy customers as well.  Mesmerizing color options, clean yet advanced typography helps in making your website look vibrant and graphically impressive. All in all, this free HTML5 website template is a complete package of all that takes to get your construction website up and running in no time!

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Corporate is a clean, minimal, and free business website template laden with extraordinary features. Whether small or big, fully established or a startup, this template is perfect for all kinds of corporate agencies. It is a fully responsive template including a galore of responsive elements making it look absolutely stunning on any device and all screen size. Moreover, it follows the best SEO practices. Best of all, you do not require any coding skills to create an appealing and engaging website.

The inclusion of animated stats adds a touch of professionalism to your site. In addition to the counter section, it also includes a gorgeously designed team member section, a service section where you can provide the details about the services you provide, and the recent project section to showcase the recent successful projects that you accomplished. All things said Corporate business template is all that takes to boost your online presence and create a strong business profile.

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