Photography website templates are the one in which you can find many creative designs. But when you become too creative the website becomes difficult to use for the website visitors. Wondering what is the right proportion of creativity in a website template? Don’t worry, to help you create an effective modern photography website in this list we have collected 20 free photography website templates with both creative style and minimal look.

Before getting into the free photography website templates list, these are some of the common mistakes we make while creating a photography website.

  • Optimizing the images is one of the basic SEO criteria. Because the bigger your image size, the slower your page takes to load. The best idea is to show the full-quality image on a separate page and add optimized images in the gallery page.
  • Don’t make your homepage longer. Sometimes we get over excited and want to put all our best shots on the homepage itself. The result is the user has to keep on scrolling and they will be stuck on the homepage itself. Other pages in your site will not have traffic flow. Instead, use homepage as a hook put only best of the best shots and take the visitors to the gallery page.
  • Every beginner will miss navigation control out by oversight. In the advent of finding a creative modern design, we miss to see the ease of navigation the template gives us.
  • If you are a professional and have tons of high-quality images, choose the best hosting provider and hosting plan. Since most of your images will take lots of space choosing a plan with more server space is a must.

We have managed to collect the free photography website templates that are creative and has clear navigation options. Some of the templates are minimal so they add more richness to your photographs, be it be a grayscale image or vivid color photograph these templates can handle it well. Saying that let’s get into the free photography website templates list.



Flash is a creative website template for photographers and creative studios. The designer of this template has used artistic image holder for the images on the homepage. On the homepage, you can list your best projects along with few words about it. Since it is a multi-page template, you can even use a separate page to explain your projects clearly to the audience. Sharing your story helps you to gain new users trust and also increases the chances of closing a deal.

A widget is placed near the footer to add your social media feeds. Since it is a Photography website, you can add your official Instagram account. A clean white background is placed followed in this template which adds richness to your photographs. Blog page templates are also included in this template to help you share some tips with your audience. Overall the Flash is a perfect website template for both personal websites and business websites.

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Photon is the best option for personal websites and for freelancers. This template follows a unique layout which keeps your photographs at the center of its design. On the homepage, you have a horizontal slider to list a few of your best shots. Since the image slider uses portrait orientation, some of your landscape images may be cropped out. Apart from the homepage image slider, you also get a separate gallery page to list all your photographs. If you want you can categorize the photos to help the user easily find the work they are interested in.

Making customization will be an easy job for the developers. The creator of this template has used the latest frameworks like HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap. So you can easily integrate this template with modern tools and applications without any issues. In the top navigation bar, you have space to add your social media profile links. A service page is also given in this template to let the user you are open for new projects. This template is the best option for freelance photographers.

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If you like to put your work at the center of your web design, this is the template for you. The homepage allows you to showcase some of your best shots elegantly. On the Windows tile-like design, you can easily showcase both portrait and landscape images. Hover effects are used to show the details related to the image. To give a distraction-free full-page experience, all the navigation options are added on the sticky right bar. Smooth scroll effects are used to present the images elegantly to the user. On the dark background, the photographs look very attractive. The special design of this template makes it a good option for freelance photographers alone. If you like the design and wish to use it for your studio’s website, then you have to make few customizations to the original.

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Proshoot is a simple and elegant looking website template. The designer has designed it from the business point of view, hence you can use this template for studios as well. Big bold letters clearly express the services you offer. Ample amount of space is given for the text contents so you can give a brief overview of your services. The designer has given you a pricing table thoughtfully so that user can easily pick the package they want. Both gallery pages and single project detail page are given in this template. With these pages, you can explain your work in a particular project and give a clear idea of your skills.

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PhotoGallery is another creative website template for personal photography websites. This template can be used by both hobbyist and professional photographers. The unique clean layout of this design, let the user easily navigate through your project. Flexboxes are given on the home page to let you add a few words about the image and a link to the project page. In this template also you get a separate project detail page. You can give some tips with live examples using this single project detail page. The sticky side navigation bar is designed smartly so that you can add your social media profile links in an easily accessible spot.

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Capture is an elegant looking functional website. The clean professional design of this template lets you use this design for both business and personal use. Ample amount of space is given between each element so that the user can easily interact with this template. It is a mobile-responsive website template, so the user can see your photographs without any issue. Make sure you optimize the images properly before using it on the website. Because images tend to load longer and mobile users will get annoyed if the pages took much to load.

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Alime is an interactive website template with modern web design. In the homepage, you get a big image slider in the header section and a small image gallery with filter option. The developer has used the latest web design framework smartly so that you get interactive effects in the default design itself. Even if you wish to change this template into a WordPress theme, most of your work will be reduced. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you, hence you can set your website in no time. At the footer, you have a full-width Instagram widget. Since this template uses the latest web development frameworks, you can easily integrate any APIs with this template.

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Pixel is the best option for creative agencies and photography studio websites. This template follows a creative layout which gives priority to the images. With this template, you can showcase your photographs throughout the template. Five pre-designed pages are included in this template and all of them follows the same creative design. Visual effects are used as a part of the design to give life to the design. As a result, you get an engaging template that presents your contents elegantly to the users. Another useful feature with this template is the mega menu option. Texts are made big and bold so that the user can easily interact with the template even in a small screen device. It is a mobile responsive website template with a properly optimized design for best results. All you have to do is to add your content and launch your website.

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Studio, as the name implies this template is designed specifically for the photography studios. From the homepage itself the visitors can clearly understand your work quality and skills. This template can be used for both personal websites and professional business websites. It is a multi-page template so you needn’t worry about the image slider only homepage design. The image sliders on the home page take the most screen space so that the visitors can clearly see and enjoy your photography. A small thumbnail row is given below the image slider to help the user easily jump between the pics they like.

In the image slider you have space to add bold texts and to the left, you have a static bar to add your social media profile links. If you are a freelancer these social media profile links will help the visitors to reach you easily. In the default design, you can give a fun fact in the preloader animation to give users some valuable information as they wait for the page to load. All the pages in this template are properly optimized so you needn’t worry about longer page loading time.

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Bato is a minimalistic website template which can be used for creative agencies and photography websites. Just like in the studio website template, this one also gives you only an image slider in the homepage. But the image slider in the homepage has a split screen design so you can give a gist of your project in the image slider. On the minimalistic design, the ink black texts look attractive and also gives a great reading experience on the websites.

Since it is a mobile responsive website template, you have all the elements scaled for the small screen devices. To give you more screen space for your project, all the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon. In the sidebar itself you have space to add a small preview of your galley, if you want you can use this for promotional contents of for your Instagram widget. Visual effects are very subtle and clean in this template, which gives an elegant look to the template.

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Sonar is the most creative website template in this list of free photography website templates. For out of the box creative thinkers, this template will impress you at first sight. The creator of this template has included all the trendy web elements and used modern web design in this template. Along with the creative design, you also get lively visual effects to give life to your photographs. Unlike other free photography website templates, this one gives you an ample amount of space for both image contents and text contents. Since texts are also a part of the modern creative design, the designer of this template has selected fonts with extreme care.

The best part about this free website template is you get all the images and the text fonts used in this template in the download file. Creative web elements and design are used in all the subpages as well, so you get the same design consistency throughout the template. The portfolio page in this template is the gallery page template. You get the same parallel line design with floating image blocks to show your photographs.

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Imahe website template is designed particularly for the photography studios. Since it is a business website template, you get elements to promote your business and also to showcase your best shots. The designer of this template has used casual style design which makes this template unique. Even if you need you can customize this template to your wish. The creator of this template has made it extremely easy to work with this template. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework with industrial code standards. The homepage of this template follows the normal homepage design with equal space for images and texts.

Blog page templates are also included in this template to help you run an active business website. The full-width design of the template is used effectively with the fully stretched web elements and widgets. Since it is an HTML5 website template you can even add videos to this template. In the homepage itself, you can see image backgrounds and video backgrounds. In all the subpages you have image banners in the header section, which you can use to show related images or promotional banners.

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Bitmap is almost similar to the Imahe template mentioned above. But this template follows a very simple layout with a straightforward design approach. In fact, both the templates are from the same creator so you can see some design similarities here and there. The regular style homepage gives you space to add your best shots, say few words about your business and testimonials to grow your business. Bright yellow colors are used for the web elements. On the clean white background, the yellow color scheme looks attractive. Lightboxes are used to show the images in the full-screen mode. Simple line vectors used in this template not only help you depict your services but also give a rich look to the service page. You have an Instagram widget in all the pages, you can make it a carousel to show more images within the given space.

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Photography 2


Photography 2 website template is the best option for the personal websites and freelancers. The entire design of this template revolves around your work and portfolio, hence you get plenty of elements to showcase your work. You have only image slider in the homepage with chunky white borders. Call to action buttons are also given on the homepage to take the user to the particular page. Since it is a multi-page template, you can explain your project in details to the users on a separate page. The designer of this template has smartly used the chunky white borders to show the navigation links, social media profile links, and contact details.

This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. The creator of this template has made this template easy to customize so the web developers will find this template extremely useful to work with. This template includes all the basic options and the basic optimizations are also done. You can use this template as a base to create your own custom website template in no time. We have made a complete list for freelancer website template, if you are a freelancer, take a look at it for more options.

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Beckham website template is for the dark theme lovers. As more and more famous websites and applications are moving towards dark theme mode, this template will help you set one like that. The Beckham template is a personal website template for web developers, but this template can also be used for photographers. Since it is a personal website template you have plenty of personal-brand boosting elements. The smart homepage design of this template gives an attractive intro of you. Logically aligned segments give a complete overview of your services and skills. Spaces for images are also given on the homepage to give a brief intro of a project, which you can use to show your photographs.

All the navigation options are given behind the hamburger menu. The navigation menu opens in a full page with your image on one side, which gives a better visibility of you. Another notable feature in this template is the visual effects. Though the effects are subtle and neat, they add life to the template and draws user attention to the required web elements and contents.

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Martin is a combination of both personal website and business website. This template is the best option for the freelancers who want to up their game. The Martin template includes web elements to boost your personal brand and also to promote your services. Big sections and bold texts in this template helps you to give a brief intro of you and your services. In the homepage header, you have a big image slider with split screen style design.

Call to action buttons for “Hire Me” options are also given in the image slider, to let the visitors know that you are open for new projects. The designer of this template has used two bright colors for the color scheme of this template. Both the colors are used smartly so that they don’t look flashy on this clean layout. All the navigation options are given in the hamburger menu bar. The visual effects in this template are sleek and smooth so that the user won’t feel any lag.

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Strategy is a portfolio website template with minimal design. Though it is a portfolio website template, the homepage of this template has designed like a business website. Big bold texts make readability easier and also make use of the full-width layout effectively. On the clean white background, the colorful images look more vibrant and lively. A bright red color scheme is used in this template for the web elements and hover effects. The portfolio page is designed like a grid with ample amount of white space between each cell. Image holders of all sizes are given in this template so you can add images of all sizes and orientations without any worries. In all the pages you have a “Start a project” call to action button to let the visitors know that you are open for freelancing and new projects.

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Tough website template is built for architecture and construction websites. Since this template is designed for one the most creative fields, you have plenty of beautiful web elements to show the projects. More than enough image holders are given in this template, in which you can add images of all sizes and orientations. The homepage of this template follows a proper business website layout; you can clearly explain your services, expertise, and showcase some of your best projects. Animated counters and other interactive web elements are given in this template to present your content engagingly to the users. Other pages you get in this template are portfolio, about, pricing, services, and contacts. The portfolio page follows a masonry grid style, which contains image holders of all sizes. Zoom effects are used when the user hovers over the images.

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Explorer is a best in class minimal photography website template. The clean minimal look of the template display your photographs elegantly to the users. Pristine design of this template gives users a distraction free website experience. Since this template has both landscape and portrait orientations image holders on the homepage, you no need to worry about displaying cropped images on the homepage.

Most of the photographers are also available for freelance work. This template also provides you web elements to promote your services. With this multi-page template, you can explain your services on a separate page without disturbing your photographs on the homepage. In the contact page, you have the option to include an interactive map and your other contact details. At the footer, you also have the option to include social media profile links.

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Aside is primarily a food website template. Since this template uses food images to hold the visitors in its site, you get ample amount of space to add images, which makes it an obvious choice for photography website template. This template uses a full-width design with a left navigation bar, so the users can enjoy your image without any interruptions and also can navigate around the site easily. The Aside template also supports portrait and landscape image holders, which automatically aligns the image based on the image orientation.

Like the Explorer template, this is also a multi-page template. You can promote your business and explain your services on separate pages. In the side navigation bar, you also have the option to include social media profile link. Apart from the homepage you also get a separate portfolio page, which also uses almost similar design that you have seen on the homepage.

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Connect is also a minimal website template, just like the Explorer template mentioned above. What makes this template unique from the Explorer is its layout and visual effects. If you are about run a photography blog then this template will be the best choice for you. The split screen design gives you space to add both the image and the related texts side by side.

Even if you run a photography studio this homepage design helps you to share some success story. The interactive hover effects make this template visually appealing. This is also a multi-page template, on the portfolio page, you can showcase your best shots. All the subpages in this template follow the same split screen design, on the service page you get customized line icons to meet the color scheme of the template.

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Format is a colorful website template. If you like to take vivid color photographs then this template will impress you. When I say colorful template don’t worry whether the color scheme of the template dominates your photograph. This template is form professional craftsman, so the colors are used only at the required places. In the image section, this template follows a clean white design.

The default color scheme of the template is pink color if you have any other brand color you can change it by editing few lines of CSS code. In the homepage you have a gallery section just below the header, following it you get service section, reviews, and features. If you are studio then this template will help you to elegantly display your photographs at the same time it also helps to promote your business.

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Foto is a brand new entry in the free photography website templates segment. You get a modern interactive homepage which shows your photographs in a slideshow. The animation effects in the slideshow are sleek and interactive so that it adds more richness to your photograph and give a lively feel.

Apart from the homepage, you get two portfolio page version. Each version follows the album look with different scaling. If you want to show more images in the given space you can go for the second version or if you wish to show your photographs clearly, then you can go for the first version. In both the portfolio version you have scrolling option so there is no restriction on the image count. You have the option to add contact email directly in the top bar and at the footer, you have the option to add social media link. Overall the Foto is a perfect photography website template for the freelancers.

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Photography is a perfect website template for both professional photographers and photography studios. The smart layout of this template makes it a perfect fit for both the personal and professional use. In this full-width website template, most of the space is reserved for the images. Be it a portrait image or landscape image, this template can flawlessly handle both types of photographs.

The template includes web elements for both the freelancers and studios. For freelancers, this template helps you to improve your personal branding and for the studios, this template helps you to promote your business. To give users clean experience this template gives a hamburger style menu which expands on the top bar and remains sticky. Both light and dark color schemes are used in this template to clearly differentiate each segment on the homepage.

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CoCoon is also a brand new entry in the free photography website templates segment. The intuitive interface of this template makes this template unique. The CoCoon is a pure photography template from the core to the skin. This template also follows a creative agency style website template with a sticky left navigation bar. In the navigation bar, you are provided with the filter options, which is a smart design idea.

Apart from the homepage you also have a separate portfolio page to elegantly showcase your photographs. The visual effects of this template are clean and sleek, you don’t even see a lag in this template. With CoCoon template, you get a premium quality template for free. The images are opened in a separate lightbox and the cursor changes to a plus sign when the user hovers over the image to indirectly represent that the images can be seen in a maximized view.

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Droppler is a creative album style website template for photography websites and digital agencies. The most common problem you see in an album style full page free photography website templates is, the user has to scroll twice or thrice to before reaching the next page. In the Droppler template, no such problem exists. The users can enjoy a smooth scrolling experience with this template.

Since it is a full-width album style website template, you can only display landscape images on the homepage. Still, you can use portrait photographs but the images will be cropped. Thankfully you get a separate masonry style galley page with this template. Based on the orientation of the image the template intelligently align the images accordingly. The Droppler can be used by both the freelancers as well as studios, it has all the necessary web elements to gently take your business to the users.

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Glint is also a similar style website template like the Doppler template. Both the templates are from the same developer. Instead of a smooth scroll, this template uses a scaled scrolling to get an apt feedback when the user scrolls on the site. The interactive scroll effects encourage the user to scroll till the footer and also gives you an option to say about your services interactively to the user. This template uses a hamburger style right side navigation bar to let the user enjoy the site without any distraction.

If you are looking for a creative one-page template for your site, then this the template for you. The gallery section is designed like a vertical grid with adjustable grids. Since the grid is adjustable you can add both landscape and portrait images in this template.

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Sun is also a minimal website template. But this template is primarily designed as a portfolio template. So the layout of the template and the elements of the template are designed only for single person use, which ultimately makes this template a freelance photographer template.

Design wise this template almost follows the Explorer template mentioned above. But what makes this template unique is the fonts used and the visual effects. The Sun template almost follows a boxed width design, since the corners are stretched almost to the corners the user won’t find any difference. The use of bright red color elements on the clean white minimal looking website template looks visually attractive and appealing. Talking about the fonts, the designer has chosen a perfect font which looks neat and also trendy.

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Portfolio, as the name implies this template is also similar to the Sun template mentioned above. Instead of a minimal design this template uses a normal trendy design. This one-page template can be used by both the freelancers and studios. In the header, you have the option to add hero image background along with an intro text and call to action button. You can use this template to put your brand banner and freelancers can use this place to put their own image.

In this one-page template, you get sections like a portfolio, services, and testimonial. In the testimonial segment, you also have the option to include star rating. The portfolio segment is designed like a tabbed interface, where the user can filter your work based on the category.

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Blanca is a photography blog website template. This is a hybrid template of the photography template and blog templates. Since it is a blog template you have lots of elements to increase your personal branding. The clean spotless design clearly shows the web elements and the texts. The layout of this template gives fifty-fifty importance to the images and the texts. As a result, you can share beautiful high-quality images on this site and simultaneously you can share your experience. At the top bar, you have the option to add contact details, social media profile links and search bar. At the footer, you have a fully-stretched image widget, where you can either add your Instagram feed or your own images directly.

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Pemodule is a simple straightforward photography website template. This colorful website template manages to compete with present-day websites with modern web elements. But the simple layout of this template allows only to showcase your services and your photographs. If you wish to use this template without any modification, then this template best suits for beginners and for the studios who are just starting.

If you are a developer and looking for a strong base template which uses a premium code standard, then this template is for you. The Pemodule template uses HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework. The gallery section uses a grid layout with an equal amount of space between each image.

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Yaseen photography website template is also similar to the Pemodule template mentioned above. Instead of using a solid color background this template uses an image background with color overlay. The blue color of the template gives a pretty look to this template and since it is a mild color, it does not over-dominate your photographs. With this simple one-page template you get animated counters, services section, gallery section and newsletter signup form.

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Go Crepe


Go Crepe is a trendy website template for studios and freelancer. If you are searching for a colorful boxed width template to showcase your work and services, then this the template for you. The cool color gradient gives a more lively feel to the template as well as to your photographs. With this template, you get custom line icons, gradient color scheme, and carousels. This template is mobile optimized, speed optimized, and also cross-browser compatible.

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