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Animations help us to relate to the audience easily. Whether we are making an illustrative design with complex animation or a normal website with simple animation, it adds life to the website. Though animations are good for interactions they tend to slow down the website. But with the modern web development framework, we can easily make an interactive lightweight website. If you are looking for creative Bootstrap 4 animation examples to add meaning to your website, this list will rev your creativity.

We have included bootstrap animation examples for almost all common web elements to make this list useful for you. Take your time, check all the examples, and find inspiration for your design. Most developers have shared the entire code script to let you easily utilize the code.

Here are the best bootstrap animation examples to add life to your designs:

Bootstrap Bounce Animation Example

bootstrap bounce animation example

The creator has given us a bootstrap bouncing arrow animation example in this snippet. Arrows are used on different parts of the web and app design. Since the arrows are natural pointers, they help the users easily understand where to go next. Adding a little animation to the arrows will simplify the user experience. The default design is made for the scroll arrow animation. You can take this concept as a base and create your own custom bouncing animation according to your design requirements.

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Bootstrap Background Animation

bootstrap background animation example

Those who are looking for interactive bootstrap background animations will love this concept. The particle-like background animation elements lit up when the user moves the cursor over them. Interactive Bootstrap animation examples like this will be good for using on the header and other important sections. Since the concept is very simple, you can fit this animation background easily on any part of your website. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor, so you can edit them per your requirements.

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Curve SVG Bootstrap Animation on Scroll

bootstrap animation on scroll

Bootstrap scroll animations are one of the most commonly used animation types. As the name implies, this bootstrap animation example uses a curved SVG element to deliver an immersive user experience. The creator has utilized the curved nature smartly and used elastic-like curvature animation to give a natural way of using when the user scrolls the page.

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Organic Shape Animations

animation effects for organic shapes

Organic shapes are used extensively in modern web design. Instead of using the same old shapes, you can use organic shapes based on your design concept and space. Thankfully the modern web development frameworks help you create any shapes easily. You can add animation effects to these organic shapes to improve the design. The creator has given different types of organic shapes in this organic shape, bootstrap animation examples collection. All animation effects are very fluid and simple to use on any website. The animation effects are so smooth; hence, you might even remember amoebas that you have seen under microscopes during your school and college days.

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Scrolling Letters Animation

scroll animation effects for letters

Modern typographies have unleashed many creative ideas for the developers. Letters are treated as a part of the design nowadays. One such creative idea for the letters is this scrolling letter animation. This bootstrap animation on scroll best fits in interactive homepage designs and in modern one-page website templates. The letters change according to the section title as you scroll down the page. The letters are made bigger and are kept at the lower-left corner of the screen to make it unobtrusive when the user reads your webpage content. You can easily change the text font and size to fit your needs.

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Decorative Letter Animations

typography animation effects

This is another typography animation example. Modern creators use typographies as a decorative element for content-focused websites to deliver an engaging user experience. The creator has given different bootstrap animation examples for texts in this example. The default design makes it a perfect option for the slider concept. This bootstrap slide animation can also be used for interactive menu and category option listing. The entire code script used to make this design is shared with you so that you can easily edit the code as per your needs. If you want, you can use the designs as such by making a few optimizations to the code.

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Bootstrap Product Page Animation

bootstrap animation for product page

Online stores are becoming livelier, and developers try different techniques to make the shopping experience engaging for the users. In this example, the creator has used swift product page animation to present the product elegantly to the audience. Since the animation is short and simple, you can use this animation even in a shopping app. The only thing you might need to add in this animated shopping concept is the product image carousel; Other than that, everything works smoothly. Look at our bootstrap carousel design collection for a more interactive design that goes well with this animated product page design.

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Button Selection Type

interactive button animation

This animated button design might be handy in many modern web applications and mobile app UI designs. This button selects different options without any unfolding animation or checkbox element. The rubber band effect when the options change gives a realistic touch to the design, plus, the user can easily note that the options within the button are changing. If you have only a limited amount of screen space and have to list a few options, animated buttons like this will take your design to the next level. The creator has used a few javascript in this bootstrap animation to make the animations fluid.

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CSS Animations with SVGs

lively bootstrap background animation

This bootstrap background animation might help you make a lively homepage header section. Animated header sections tend to get user attention more easily than other header designs. This light-weight background animation keeps the design simple and also loads faster. Hence, you don’t have to change the design or code when working on mobile responsiveness. Since this theme uses the latest CSS script, the colors look vibrant, and the animations look natural. If you are ok with this background animation, you can use this code snippet in your design without any issues.

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Submit Button

meaningful animation effects examples

Micro animations are taking user experience to the next level. Modern designs use animation effects to add meaning to the design. For example, in this example, the creator clearly shows that your information is sent to the server. The creator has kept the progress bar animation as sleek as possible so that the user doesn’t have to wait much. The creator has used both CSS and Javascript frameworks for smooth animation and fluid transitions. Because of the simple animation and compact design, you can use this concept on any part of your website. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor; hence, you can easily edit and visualize the results before using the code on your design.

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Snake highlight

interesting animation concept

The creator has given this name with a purpose. The line highlighter moves to the next form field like a snake you might have played on your earlier mobile devices. This snake animation is not pixelated; it is smooth and has a modern appearance. In the default design, the creator has used a login form concept, but you can also use it for other types of forms. The code script is simple, just like its animation concept. The creator has kept the code script as direct as possible so that you can easily understand the code and use it in your project.

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Material Design & Bootstrap 4

bootstrap animation example for scrolling

This design is an example of scroll animation. As you scroll down the page, you can see many different slide-in and jiggly movements. The designer has used a gallery page design for the demo, but you can also use this animation for other types of contents. Another advantage with this design is it is made mostly using the HTML5 script. Hence, customizing and implementing this bootstrap animation in your project will be an easy job. The script used to create all these animation effects is shared with you directly in the CodePen editor; you can edit and visualize your results in the CodePen editor before implementing the code in your design.

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Stripped Diagonal Button Single Border

button animation examples

Elements can serve better and can get user attention easily with the help of animation effects. Hover effects are used smartly in modern web design. In this example, the creator has used subtle yet eye-catching hover effects to add life to the buttons. If you use a straightforward brutalist design for your website, animations like this will give a new look to your website. The shared code snippet shows that the developer mostly used CSS3 script to make this bootstrap animation. Since it uses the latest CSS framework, it supports all modern colors.

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Button Hover

simple bootstrap animation for buttons

This one is another example of bootstrap hover animation. This bootstrap animation is made purely using the CSS3 script and a little bit of HTML code is used to make the design precise. The hover animation used in this design is fluid and neat. Since the effects are simple you can fit it on any part of the website. The transition not only includes button expansion but also arrow transformations. If you wish to make the arrow animation even more appealing, take a look at our CSS arrow design collection for more inspirations.

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Aperture Video Play Button

animated video player button

Video contents dominate the internet and users also love to watch videos on the go. If you use videos on your website and love to make the video player blend well with your design, this button animation will give you a new idea. As the name suggests, the play button is treated as an aperture on the video background. The transition of the button is quick so the user can see the videos easily without interruption. Since the whole concept includes lots of complex elements, the code of this design is also a bit complex. The creator has used HTML, CSS, and Javascript to make this design. By keeping this design as an inspiration you can recreate it with the code structure you prefer.

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Button Border Hover Effect

hover activated button border animation example

You don’t have to animate the whole button, some times you can choose the minimal approach and button border animation effects. In this Bootstrap button border animation effect, the creator has used a color-changing effect. Since the button’s shape remains unchanged, the user knows there is a button. Only the way the button reacts to the hover is changed in this design. Overall it is a simple design and can easily sit on any part of the website. This bootstrap animation is made purely using the CSS3 script, hence handling this code will be an easy job for both new and experienced developers.

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fluid bouncing ball loading animation

Another most commonly used bootstrap animation is loading animation. As the name implies, this animation includes a bouncing effect. Most premium themes and some good quality free templates give pre-loading animation in the default design itself. This example will inspire you if you wish to be a little creative with the loading animation. The default animation is simple and clean so you can use it for any website. Since the developer has used the latest web development framework, you can feel the fluid effect. The design and the code structure are also kept simple to let you easily utilize the design.

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Loader CSS

materail design animation example

Rather than using a simple generic loading animation, some websites use elements relevant to their design and niche category. For example, you can see foods and vessels in the animation in a food website template. In this example, the designer has chosen the isometric design in a material design format. The circles smoothly come one over the other and the shadow effect is used smartly to add depth to the effect. This bootstrap animation example is also made mostly using the CSS3 script. If you are following an isometric design on your website, then you can use this design as such without making any customizations.

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Spinning Liquid In Box

liquid in box loading animation

This one is another simple and elegant looking bootstrap animation. As the name suggests, this animation has a liquid moving in a rotating box. The animation flow is fluid so that the effect gives an authentic look to the design. This simple animation can be used for both web and mobile application. Since it is a light-weight design with HTML and CSS code, it will work smoothly on computers and mobile devices. The entire code structure is shared with you so you can trim the code as per your requirement.

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Floating Animation

floating profile card animation example

Floating Animation is a perfect example of profile widgets and profile pages. This animation keeps the user’s profile image floating to highlight it from the rest of the web elements. Since the effect is simple, you can use this on the widget and a profile page. Shadow effect is used effectively to give a real floating feel and you can adjust it based on the design you follow. If you are looking for modern profile page designs for your website or your users, take a look at our bootstrap profile page collection.

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Arrow Animations

bootstrap animation example for simple arrow animation

Arrows are an inevitable element in modern web design. Right from smartphone applications to simple websites, arrows are used to guide the users. When the arrows are combined with animations, they become more meaningful and gives a better experience to the user. In this example, the creator has used subtle animation for the arrow click effect. The default design makes it a perfect option for the toggle arrows. The given effect is sleek and quick so the users will barely notice the arrow design transitions. For a buttery smooth animation effect, the developer has used a few lines of javascript along with the CSS3 and HTML5 codes.

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Animated Back To Top Arrows

bootstrap animation for back to top buttons

You can see back to top arrows in many blogs and listing sites. Though these back to top arrows are not used much on desktop design, these arrows are very useful on small screen devices. The user doesn’t have to keep on swiping to reach the top of the article, they can simply click the back to top arrow. If you like to animate the arrow and let the user symbolically tell the arrow’s function, this animation effect will be a good choice. Originally this design is made for the desktop version, hence the animation effect is triggered on hovering over the arrows. This simple bootstrap animation can be easily customized and used on any website or applications.

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CSS Animated Arrow Icon

bootstrap animation for minimal designs

This bootstrap arrow animation is similar to the Arrow animation example mentioned above. But this one has a bouncy effect when you click the arrow. If you follow a minimal website with a colorful design, this arrow effect will fit in perfectly. This arrow is also made for toggle option. This effect will work neatly whether you use the arrow for the accordions or the drop-down menu. Like the design, the code is also kept very simple. Mostly CSS script is used in this design and a few lines of HTML and Javascript is used to add perfection.

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Arrow Loading Keyframes Animation

bootstrap loading animation

In this example, the creator has used arrow animation for loading effect. But, you can use this type of designs on landing pages. Since we have only a few seconds to grab the user attention on the landing page, animated elements like this will help you focus the user attention on the desired content. This effect is more or less similar to the neon signboards used to show the stores. Since this design is made for loading effect, it is not triggered by hover or click action. But, you can customize the character of this bootstrap animated arrow easily by adjusting the code shared with you.

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CSS Chevron Arrows

bootstrap animation example for depth effects

These animated arrows are the best option for carousels and image sliders. On hovering over the arrows you get double arrows showing the slider direction. The whole arrow is designed using the CSS script, hence you can easily customize the arrow size, color, and everything. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor, hence you can easily edit and visualize the results before implementing the design on your project.

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Reveal Animation Text And Image

reveal animation example for scroll effects

This is another reveal animation you can use when the page loads or the user scrolls down the page. The creator has used both texts and images in the demo to give you a better idea. Since this bootstrap scroll animation uses a thick color overlay to reveal the content, it can easily handle any type of content on the page. But still it has its limitations, you can’t use it for homepage page with pricing tables, accordions, and pages with lots of elements because it will annoy the users. This bootstrap reveal animation is good for pages with fewer elements. For example, you can use it in a product description page or your single project page on your portfolio.

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Shatter Text Effect

animation hover effects for texts

Texts are treated as a part of the modern web design. Thanks to the more expressive font designs we have now. Combining these expressive fonts with interactive animation effects will give depth and character to the design. In this example, the creator used the texts’ hover effect. From the name itself you can judge it uses a shatter effect. But the shatter effect is handled properly to maintain the readability of the texts. Like most other bootstrap animation examples in this list, this one is also made using the CSS3 script. Hence, you get the flexibility and versatile character to easily utilize the code in your design.

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Direction-aware 3D Hover Effect

interactive direction aware animation example

With the help of modern powerful code scripts, the user experience has become more natural and easy to use. In this example, the creator has used direction-aware hover effect to show the texts. For example, if you are moving from the top, the box unfolds from the top. And if you are moving the cursor from the left, the bold flips from the left. Interactive smart animations like this will add extra elegance to your design. If you plan to tell a few words of your work on the portfolio, this effect will be a good choice. You can use it on your existing website by making a few adjustments to the code.

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10 Stunning Hover effects

interesting bootstrap hover effect concepts

Hover effects don’t need the same color changing and depth effects. With the help of modern bootstrap animation, you can be more meaningful with your hover effects. In this example, the developer has given us ten hover animation examples related to the word. All the hover effect concept given in this example is minimal and loads quickly, so you needn’ worry about the page load time. Another notable feature in this example is it is made completely using the HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence you can easily utilize this code even in your existing website.

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Image Hover Effects

easy to apply image hover effects

Image Hover Effects are one of the most commonly used bootstrap animation effects. In this example, the creator has given us color overlay effects, zoom effects, and text effects. The animation effects are simple and don’t take much time to load. You even get a 3D card flipping effect in this example. If you are looking for gallery designs with smart animation effects like this, look at our gallery page design collection. In this example, you get nearly seven hover effects, all made purely using the HTML5 and CSS3 script. The code script used to create all seven hover effects are shared with you in CodePen editor. You can edit and visualize the result in the editor before using it on your website.

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Border Animation

simple border animation for cards

Border animations are used effectively in modern web design to distinguish the important elements from the others. Especially if you are making a website with many card elements, border effects like this will come in handy. In this example, you also get a continuously animated boundary and a hover effect. The given animation is light-weight and straightforward, so you needn’t worry about the page loading speed. The simple code structure of this design makes it fit easily even in an element and content-rich web page.

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