Today’s web designs are mostly visual oriented. That’s because people love to read less and to see more. Right from the eCommerce websites to portfolio websites, images help us to gain the initial trust of the user. No matter for what purpose you are looking for a gallery design, there is a bootstrap image gallery example for you in this list.

With the present-day powerful coding architectures, we can add life to images and let the user relive the moment. Some of the galleries in this list use attractive eye-catching animation effects to present the images elegantly to the users. Galleries are not only used to showcase your photographs but they are also used for commercial purposes. If you visit any car website, you can see a gallery section or a gallery page to promote their cars elegantly to you. Companies use the gallery to show the elegance of their product and all the related visual contents in one place. As video contents are preferred a lot by present-day users, the galleries must be smart enough to handle both images and videos. These bootstrap gallery examples will help you make a powerful and elegant looking gallery that will meet the present-day user’s need.


bootstrap gallery with userful options at the top

Photon is a thoughtfully designed photography website template. Along with the gallery, you also get other website elements in this template. The original gallery page is designed like a grid with thumbnail images. When you open the full gallery, you get galore of options. In the full-gallery view, you can switch to a full-page view to see the images clearly, sharing options, and zoom-in options. The gallery page is almost treated like Google Drive’s gallery view with thumbnails below and useful options at the top. If you are making a gallery page for a professional photography website, this one will be a good choice. Another useful feature you get with this gallery is the slideshow option. With a single click, the user can switch on/off the slideshow mode and can enjoy your photos.

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bootstrap gallery with big image slider

Thumber is also a photography website template by default. The creator of this template has designed it from a business point of view. You have a special place at the bottom left corner to add a few lines about the image. The homepage itself is treated as a gallery page to curate the users. Apart from the homepage, you also get a separate gallery page. In the gallery page, you can simply see the images in full-screen mode. Navigations are made simple in this gallery; you can either scroll to see the next image (which is too sensitive) or you can click the thumbnail options to quickly jump to the required image.

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bootstrap gallery example for portfolio website

Strategy template gives you a bootstrap image gallery example for portfolio websites. With smooth scroll animations and hover effects this design will present your image/designs elegantly to the users. The designer has made a practical gallery so that you can share a few words about the project. If you want, you can add a text link to take the user to a separate page to explain the project clearly to the users. Take a look at our CSS text link example to make a professional looking links that add richness to the overall gallery design. Since the Strategy is a fully functional website template, you get plenty of other features along with the gallery design.

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gallery with flexible grid

Riddle is another portfolio website template, but this one follows a minimal design. On the clean white background, the images look vibrant and clean. The designer hasn’t followed a uniform grid layout in this gallery. This freestyle gallery design allows you to add both landscape and portrait orientation images beautifully without cropping them. At the top of the gallery, you have space for filter options. The transition effects are kept smooth and clean so that the user can easily filter and see the related images. You get gallery design in both, the homepage and in a separate gallery page. Images open in a full-page view to let the user clearly see the images. If you need you cand few extra features based on your needs.

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gallery with hover effect

Halo uses a very simple bootstrap image gallery. To let you easily add portrait and landscape images, the designer has used a closely packed irregular grid system. This closely packed grid system uses the space effectively and lets you show more images in one place. Though it is a closely packed gallery design, the clean white background avoids the cluttered look. A glass-like semi-transparent hover effect is used to show the related texts and links. Since it is a CSS3 based design, you can use any modern colors and animations in this design. The developer has made the code structure really simple for future customizations.

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smartly used gallery on the navigation menu

Bato is a creative and unique looking website template for creative design agencies. Right from the homepage, everything is quite different from the usual design. The designer has used minimal design effectively to present the contents clearly in this creative website layout. In this template, the gallery is placed oddly in the side navigation bar. Though the placement of the gallery is odd, the gallery design is neat and functional. In the default design, there isn’t a separate gallery page, but you can create one and link it to the gallery widget. By placing the gallery design in the menu are, will increase the visibility and also will curate the users. Plus, when you add a new image, the user can easily notify it.

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contemporary style gallery design

Sonar is a creative business website template for photographers. Throughout the template, the designer has followed the trendy vertical ruler design. This creative design is popular for the past few years and is now mixed with brutalist website design for better results. If you are planning to use such a design in your gallery, this design will give you some ideas. The creator has used the vertical lines smartly so that they don’t disturb the main contents on your webpage. Ample amount of space is given between each image on the gallery so the gallery looks neat on this creative layout.

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bootstrap gallery with tags

If you like to make a well-organized gallery with tags and categories, this gallery design is the one for you. This bootstrap image gallery has a well-packed irregular design without any space. The image name and the tags are shown on the image itself. If you don’t want to show the tags always, you can use hover effects to show the related information. The pagination at the bottom of the gallery lets you easily navigate to see a huge list of images. For more creative pagination design take a look at our pagination CSS design collection.

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bootstrap gallery example for one-pae websites

Single page website templates are giving a big come back. The ease of use and the modern design’s ability to show all the contents neatly one page, make the one-page templates popular. If you are making a one-page template with a gallery in it, this template is a good place to start your work. The whole layout is treated as a slide so that all the related information can be seen clearly without much scrolling effort. The gallery section is made big enough to let you show your images clearly to the users. If you are planning to use your single page website as a resume, this design will help you impress the people.

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gallery with image slider

Studio is a perfect website template for photography websites. This smart HTML5 website template can handle images and videos easily, which will be a great feature for professional photographers. As video contents are growing a lot, modern galleries must be able to handle videos. The homepage of this template is itself a small gallery page. The creator of this template has used smart interactive slider on the homepage to elegantly present the best photographs and videos of you. Apart from the homepage small gallery slider, you also get a dedicated page for the gallery. Both the gallery designs look great, based on your needs pick one and start working on it.

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3D Gallery

interactive rotating gallery design concept

From the name itself you can understand that this is a creative gallery design. The developer has used three-dimensional rotating carousel-like design to showcase your designs/photographs. Mostly thumbnail-sized images are used in this design so that you can add multiple images at a time. The developer has also made it interactive to your cursor movement, which gives a unique feel to the gallery. This bootstrap image gallery is fairly responsive, but it needs to be tweaked a little for better result. There is no option to control the gallery movement, this might be something you have to work on.

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Pure CSS Albums Gallery

gallery example for albums

As artificial intelligence can detect the images easily, now organizing images in the gallery is done automatically. If you are using albums in your gallery, then this album gallery design might impress you. The original design is almost similar to Apple’s Stack feature in Macs. Behind the featured image, you can see the edges of other photos. Hover effects are used smartly to unfold and show the photos in the gallery. Since it is a demo, the developer hasn’t given us a full page album design. But, you can use the code and create one by your self. Speaking of Mac, take a look at our iMac mockups and MacBook mockups to present your designs elegantly to the users.

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3D Cube Image Gallery

gallery with interactive cube element

In this bootstrap gallery design, the developer has used a different three-dimensional concept. As the name implies, an animated cube is used to show the selected images. Since it is a 3D cube concept, the developer has used only six images in the demo. But you can use this animation and can show even more images. The 3D cube rotation animation is smooth and clean so that the user can feel the transition of the images. Thumbnails of the images are given at the bottom of the page. If you have only a few images to showcase, this gallery design would do.

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3D Carousel Gallery Concept

easy to control rotating gallery design

3D Carousel Gallery Concept is a simplified version of the 3D gallery design mentioned above. In this design, you can showcase big landscape images. The developer has given us both manual transition and automatic slideshow option in this design. If you are making a gallery page for wedding websites or event websites, this interactive gallery design would be a good choice. By making a few changes to the design and the code, you can use this design on your website. This bootstrap image gallery design is made mostly using the CSS3 and Javascript to give you a smooth animated gallery design.

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Classic Flexbox Gallery

simple and functional gallery design

Classic Flexbox Gallery is a responsive simple gallery design. The designer has used a split screen style design to show the full image on one side and thumbnails on the other. Smartly designed gallery lets you easily add both portrait and landscape images without any issues. The original design is very simple and the code structure also needs some improvement. By keeping this design as a base you can create own custom gallery with a sturdy code base. As the whole design is made using the HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript, you can easily work with this design.

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Parallax Image Gallery

interactive prallax style image gallery

Because of the increased use of touch devices, the parallax effect gives a natural look to your design. In this image gallery design, the creator has used the parallax effect to give life to the images. The movements are smooth and clean so that the users can easily navigate through the images. The gallery design is also optimized for the trackpad swiping movement, but for global usage, try to include arrow key controls. Since you can see only one image at a time, the user can really enjoy the image without any hurry and any distractions. This entire design is made using the HTML5 and CSS3 script, hence you can easily adapt the code as per your requirements.

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interesting gallery concept

Seasons image gallery is a creative and well-executed gallery design. The creator has used the ribbon design smartly to display the images. Because of this creative design, the usability of this gallery design is very limited. Unless you have a special need, you can’t use this gallery design on your website. Though the practicality of this bootstrap image gallery design is less, the concept is really an interesting one. Hover effects are used smartly to show the images. This gallery design has plenty of room for improvement. By using the code you can easily develop your own custom gallery design.

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Gallery Hover Effect

gallery design for neatly organizing images

Gallery hover effect is almost similar to the Pure CSS Album gallery design mentioned above. But, this one is a fully functional design example. The developer has given you both hover effect and expanded album design. The calendar style upward movement hover effect gives a cool look to the albums. Also, the card expanding animation is done carefully so that images will be shown quickly to the user. Perfectly timed animation effects make this gallery a user-friendly design. To make this swift animation effects the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript frameworks. The entire code structure is shared with you in CodePen editor, so you can edit the code easily before using it on your project.

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simple image gallery with cool transition effects

Simplicity, as per the name this is a simple and elegant looking bootstrap image gallery design. The clean design of this gallery allows you to use it as both full-page gallery design or as an element on your web page. Fluid animation effects are used for the image transition animation. Elements like this will help you add life to eCommerce websites. One of the biggest issues faced by online shoppers is the inability to feel the products. To compensate for the physical touch, effects like this might come in handy for you. The default design is a bit responsive out of the box but can be tuned for better result.

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gallery with a fun concept

Guided image gallery uses subtle animation effects to add life to your images. As the user scrolls down the page, images randomly transform from greyscale to full color. Though the given animation effect is simple it gives a unique look to the gallery. Since it is a bootstrap image gallery, the images easily adapt to the big and small screen devices. In the default design, you get an ajax style automatic loading, but you can add paginations if you want.

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