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Simple website templates help you stay focused on the content and improve user experience tremendously on your site. But simplicity is always a complex thing. In this free simple website templates list, we have collected some of beautiful website templates that are simple and elegant.

To use a simple website template, you must be precise with your goal, content, and what you expect the user to do on your site. Properly aligning web elements and contents is crucial in simple website design because even a single misalignment may make your whole effort end in vain. Fear not, all these free simple website templates are designed specifically for different niches, so you get all the web elements and content blocks placed at the most obvious spots. All you have to do is add your content and enjoy the simple website.

Best Free & Simple Simple HTML Website Templates

This list of free simple website templates has professional design and responsive design right out of the box. All simple website templates have their corresponding HTML and CSS script in the download file, so you can work with these templates easily. To help people from different niches get a simple clean design, we managed to get templates for all famous niches in this free simple website templates list. Try it out and enjoy a clean website.

Academia (Bootstrap 5)

academia - bootstrap 5 template

Academia is a Bootstrap 5 simple website template for online education websites.

This template uses the latest Bootstrap 5 framework, you can try any new modern design elements and effects to make your website look unique from others. The modern layout delivers an interactive user experience, and the subtle animation adds a lively feeling to the website. Mostly texts and icons are used in this template to make it look clean. Another advantage of this template’s uncomplicated design is a simple code script. Even new developers can easily understand the code and customize the looks without spending much time.

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Axole (Bootstrap 5)

creative writer personal website template

Those who want a simple website template for their personal blogs should shortlist this template.

The creator has utilized the full-page layout effectively to deliver a reader-friendly user experience. The design and the default font are also chosen carefully so that the audience can easily read the content on both small and big screen devices. Since it is a blog template, animations are used only at the required spots. You can add your custom effects to make your blog even more engaging. This template also uses the latest Bootstrap 5 framework, so you can expect a more friendlier mobile responsive experience with this template.

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simple website template is for cleaning services business websites

You can infer that this simple website template is for cleaning services websites.

This template has a little creative touch to its design, but still, it is simple and easy to use from a developer’s perspective. Lots of wavy patterns and elements are used in this template to match the cleaning services theme of this template. The creator has included all the icons and other images in this download file; therefore, developers can easily work with this template and make tweaks without risks.

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simple business website template

Gravity is an ultra-clean business website template. The creator has kept the design simple so the audience can interact with your website easily. Modern web elements and effects are used smartly in this template, which makes this the best free simple website templates for startups and new businesses. Mostly light color backgrounds are used in this template to make the images and texts look crisp and more lively. Like most free simple website templates in this list, all elements and effects are made using the CSS script. As a result, you get a sharp-looking website that delivers the same user experience on both computers and mobile devices.

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free simple website template for architect websites

Making an aesthetically beautiful website by maintaining the template’s simplicity is a challenging job, and this template’s creator has done a great job in it. Alpha is primarily an architect website template, so the creator has balanced the user-experience and the architect’s creative nature elegantly throughout the template. It is a multi-page website template with basic pages pre-designed for you. The entire code script and the design assets used to make this template are shared with you in the download file; hence, developers can easily work with this template and add custom elements without spending much time.

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image-rich simple website template for farming websites

Farmie, as the name implies, this is a farming-related business website template. Lots of white and green elements are used in this template to give a refreshing look and make the color scheme match the template’s farming theme. The creator has included shopping pages in this template and other basic inner pages, making it unique from other free simple website templates in this list. A reasonable amount of hover animations and scroll effects are used in this template to maintain a professional look. You can add custom effects to spice up the design if you want.

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Stack is a minimal clean business website template for creative agencies. It is a complete package that includes all the options and pages pre-designed and developed for you. The visual effects on this template are also minimal to match the simple design of this template. One big challenge while designing a simple website template is the selection of icons. For most of us when we say line icons all are same. But there are different styles and designs of line icons available out there. Here with this Stack template, the designer has selected appropriate icons, that looks simple as well as meets the business website standards.

The smart top navigation bar remains sticky. When the user is in the header section the top bar remains transparent. When the user scrolls down, the top bar automatically changes to a black opaque bar. In the top bar, you also have the option to include Login and signup options. The good news is, the stack template provides you pre-designed simple login and signup form. Check out our admin page template collection list to better understand creating an effective user management site.

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simple website template for architecture business website

If you want free simple website templates for architect and construction company websites, this template will impress you. The creator has kept the design simple and neat so the user can concentrate on the content they want. The creator has used ghost buttons to add elegance to this simple design. Neat hover effects and swift animation effects are used to add life to this simple design. Basic pages like the about, contact, project, and single project detail pages are pre-designed for you. All pages follow the same simple design with an elegant look. Using a fully equipped free simple website templates like this will make your job simple and let you easily set up a website in no time.

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simple portfolio website template

Stunning portfolio websites always help us impress clients and improves the chances of getting new projects. The creator has handled the template elegantly so that you can stun your audience with your works and can genuinely promote your services. Smooth animation effects make this template livelier and also engaging. Everything in this template works perfectly from the front-end side, so you can concentrate on the custom features without any worries. Basic pages are included along with the portfolio pages to make a proper professional website. Since this is a professional’s personal website, the footer section is slightly different from the regular ones. You can only add contact information on the footer section. For more sensible footer designs like this, look at our bootstrap design collection.

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finance and loan website template

Making a service website as simple as possible is a crucial task. Users must clearly understand the services you offer and how to get in touch with you. If you are making a financial website, free simple website templates like this will be the right choice. This template uses crisp icons and neat patterns to highlight the important sections. Since this is a finance website template, the creator has kept the color scheme professional. Quick application form with drop-down options and the tollfree number given at the top navigation bar will help the user request your services easily.

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content-focused website template

Accounting is a content-rich website template. The creator has given more than enough space for texts and images. Hence, you can clearly explain your accounting and tax services to the audience. Eye-catching icons and properly structuring the sections will help the users easily find the services or content they want. It is a multi-page website template, so you needn’t worry about making basic pages for your website. If you are in a hurry and need a more readymade solution for your website, take a look at our tax service website templates and WordPress themes) collection.

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feature-packed website template

GiveHope is a straightforward non-profit website template. This template will help you explain your causes clearly to the audience. Simple and easy approaches are made in this template to let the users easily pick the program they want and can volunteer or donate to the program. Since this is an HTML template, all elements work perfectly from the front-end only. You have to take care of the backend work and integrating your payment services to the website. This template uses the latest web development framework; hence, you can easily integrate any modern tools and services to the website.

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professional-looking website template

The uncomplicated design of this construction website template lets you elegantly show your works. The whole design is from a corporate perspective, so you get professional-looking website design. All elements and sections work perfectly in the default design itself. But still, if you want to add your personal touch to the design, you can do it by easily editing the code. The creator has included all the icons, images, and code scripts in the download file. Developers can easily work with this template and make a beautiful website quickly.

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clean website template for spa

From the name itself you can understand that this website template is primarily made for Spa and beauty related websites. With a warm color scheme and parallax scroll effects, this template gives a relaxing experience to the user. Using free simple website templates like this with a premium-quality design not only helps you save your money but also gives a pixel-perfect design to your website. The creator has used the full-page design effectively to present the content engagingly to the audience. Like most other free simple website templates in this list, this one is multipage. On some pages, you can see the creator has used promotional banners, which will be useful for many business owners.

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Capture 2

simple website template for photogrpahy websites

Capture 2 is a wedding photography website template. The template creator has elegantly used the simple design layout to add life to your photographs. Because of this simple and minimal design, the user will have a distraction-free environment and can enjoy your photographs fully. You also have space to add video contents in this template which you can use to showcase your showreel. Even if you plan to run a raw HTML website, free simple website templates like this will deliver a better experience. Since it is an HTML5 website template, it can handle audio and video contents easily out of the box. The header section is cleverly used to mention that you are open to new projects and is used in all the inner pages to improve the chances of getting new inquiries.

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simple and elegant looking business portfolio website template

Mighty is a minimal website template design agency and web development agency. By making a few adjustments to the design, you can use this template for a freelancer website as well. The Mighty is one of the best free simple website templates that have used simplicity ver well in its design. With almost zero animation effects, this website template loads considerably faster than other free simple website templates in this list. You can animate the web elements to add life to this simple design. All the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon so that the user will have better visibility of the contents on the web page.

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hotel website template with simple design

Montana is a beautiful looking image-rich website template for hotels and resorts. Especially if you are making a website for a resort in a vacation spot, the relaxing simple design of this template will inspire travelers to visit your hotel. Big letters and big image sections will deliver the content neatly to the user and keep the users engaged. A modal window is used for the room reservation form, which is a smart design because the user can easily access the form from any part of the website. If you are looking for a premium quality free simple website templates for your hotel website, this is for you. Using free simple website templates will save your time and money.

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Resto is a simple website template for restaurants. Clean simple website templates are the best companion for the food related websites. The reason is that most food websites let the users feel their food through vivid colored food images. A simple website template helps you display your food image elegantly to the users. The use of handwriting-like fonts makes the typical restaurant website template mark. The chessboard-like specialty section is a fun design idea, you can add both images and text in this design. Parallax effects in between each segment give a lively feel to the users when they scroll down. The reservation form you get with this template is completely functional from the front end.

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Safario is a clean modern website template with lots of colorful vectors and icons. If you plan to make an illustrative design for your website, this is the best option. Since this template is originally made for travel websites, all the icons are related to the niche. You can either design your vectors or buy it from Shutterstock to meet your niche needs. Animation effects are used carefully on this template so that you can have a lively website on both desktop and mobile version. Colors are used smartly in this template to elegantly highlight the important elements and buttons.

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Sneaky is a modern contemporary style website template for food-related websites. On this simple clean website, you can elegantly showcase your food images. Trendy fonts are used in this template to express the content properly to the user. In between sections, you have colorful banners to promote your special offers and dishes. You have static content with links on one side of the homepage header section and an image carousel on one side. This smart homepage header section helps you to present the content engagingly to the audience. Since it is an HTML5 template, it has natural support for the video content.

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The previous Sneaky is a restaurant website template, this one is a food blog template. Food blogs are different from regular blogs. The website has to clearly express and let the user feel the recipe before the users try in their kitchen. If you are looking for such a modern reader-friendly blog template for your food blog, Stories is the best option. Though this template is designed for food blogs, you can also use it for other types of blogs. The creator has given you a solid design base and a flexible code base. Hence the developers can easily work with this template and make it fit their needs.

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Yogalax is a soothing website template that gives the user an instant feel of relaxation. The simple clean design of the template gives a positive aura to the users. To match the simple clean design of the template, the fonts are chosen great care. The letters are neither too bold nor too skinny, users can read the contents easily on this template. Ample amount of space is given for the image contents so that you can give a quick overview of your yoga studio. A colorful schedule table is given in this template. The designer has used different colors on the schedule to easily group the entries. You have to work manually to make the schedule table work properly.

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Funder is a clean corporate style website template for finance related websites. Proper sectioning of the contents in the homepage let the user easily understand the services you offer. On the clean website, a user can easily search and find the contents they are interested in. An orange color scheme is used for the call to action buttons and other important links. Elements and color schemes are used smartly in this template to highlight the important contents without making them look odd. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you, hence setting up a website will be an easy job with this template.

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Farmie is a multi-purpose business website template. The simple layout of this template makes it a perfect option for all types of business websites. Ample space is given between elements and sections so that the user can easily interact with the website contents. Since this template is designed for farming business you get the icons related to it. But, you can always add your own icon set by making a few changes in the code. Parallax scroll effects are used extensively in the homepage to give an interactive feel to the users as they scroll down the pages.

Another unique feature of this template is it includes pre-designed shop page for you. If you plan to sell your products online, these shop pages will be useful. As this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework you can easily integrate this template with eCommerce platforms.

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Photon is a simple website template with a unique layout. In the homepage, you only have a horizontal image scroller to showcase your photographs and projects. This template is the best option for professionals like photographers and architects. If you are making candid photographs with unique requirements, you can showcase your works and explain it clearly to the user using a separate project page. It is a multi-page template so you can explain all your services clearly. Even if you need a unique page you can add to this template, as it uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework you can easily customize it. Other subpages included in this template are the about, services, and contact pages. Lots of white space is given between the elements and sections so that the user can easily read and interact with your website.

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Eighty8 is a dark theme minimalistic website template for music and radio station websites. In the homepage header section, you can jump between stations at different locations. But this is a free HTML websites template, you have to make the integration part by yourself. The dark theme gives a clear view of the content, and the web elements are also distinct. Since this template is designed for music websites, you have plenty of space for image and audio content.

A bright yellow color scheme for the web elements looks attractive on the dark theme template. Since it is an HTML5 website template you can easily add multimedia contents like video and audio to it. In the top bar, you have space to add social media profile links along with the navigation options. The footer section of the template is also used effectively to let the user know the stations at other locations and upcoming show list.

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Atomic is a multi-purpose website template for business websites. The pristine clean design of this template makes it a perfect option for any type of professional websites. On the homepage, you have ample space for both images and texts so you can explain your content engagingly to the audience. On the clean layout, bright blue color web elements look attractive and easily draws user attention. In the header itself, you have space to add video link, since it is an HTML5 website template it has native support for multimedia content.

Visual effects are also kept minimal to match the overall simple design of this template. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages like about, services, and contact pages predesigned for you. The footer section is made big enough to help you add a short note of your business and page links to other important pages. Call to action buttons are placed in the header sections and in the footer sections. If you are using this template for a software company, you can root the call to action button to the application demo page or download page.

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Papers is another content-focused website template with a simple design. If you are a startup, who wish to put a ding in the universe with your innovative ideas, then this template is the best option for you. Interactive scroll effects are used in this template to keep the users engaged and present the contents interactively to the users. You have a big hero image in the header with enough room to add texts and call to action buttons. The beautiful header section will help you clearly explain your goal and mission.

Professional looking fonts are used in this template, so the readability is great in both small screen and desktop devices. The fresh green color scheme of this template looks very appealing to the clean background of this template. Modern web elements are used elegantly in this simple website template, which helps you to easily maintain the website on a long run. Customized line icons are used in this template. Most of the icons are normal and can be used in almost any type of website.

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Stellar is from the same creators of Atomic template mentioned above. You can see little design similarities here and there on this template. Most of the space on the homepage is reserved for the text content. This text-rich design will not only help you to explain your services but also will help you with SEO. Sprinkling the keywords in the homepage will make your homepage indexed for multiple keywords at a time. Another best part of this template is it is a one-page template.

Solopreneurs searching for a perfect website template that requires less attention, this template is the best option for you. This template can be used for both professional and personal websites. The sticky top bar not only makes navigation easier but also improves the visibility of your brand logo. Visual effects are used effectively to help you share more content within the given space.

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Transcend is a simplified version with a different layout style of Stellar template mentioned above. Since both templates are from the same designer, you can see minor design similarities. Texts are the center part of this template, hence the designer has selected the fonts with care. Fonts are bolder and thicker, making readability easier across all devices. In the header, you have the option to add links to the important section of the homepage.

Apart from the header navigation menu, you also have a hamburger menu option to list all the page links. You can use widgets in the hamburger menu to show your social media profiles and images. Other useful features in this template are animated counters, carousels, and gallery section. Speaking of the gallery, the designer has used masonry grid-style design so you can add images of any size and orientation without any worries.

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Eatwell is for restaurant owners who want an impressive online presence. As more and more users prefer online services and booking options. Taking your restaurant online will help you reach more audiences. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks. Hence you can easily integrate this with any modern web tools and add Yelp widgets. This is also a one-page template, but you get all the options needed to set up a proper restaurant website.

A separate section is reserved for the food menu, along with that you also get carousels to feature your best recipes. As images are the best medium for restaurant websites to make the users feel the food, this template has plenty of image sections. On the clean white background, the food images look more vibrant. In the contact section, you have an interactive Google map widget to help users easily find your restaurant location. We have made a separate post for restaurant website templates, take a look at it for more useful templates.

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FineOak is an interior design website template. The flexible design of this template makes it a good construction website template and architectural website template. Interior design is an artistic niche, the more simpler your site looks it will be easier for you to elegantly display the structures. The minimal visual effects add extra elegance to the minimal website template.

The FineOak is a complete package, with this template, you get the necessary subpages pre-designed. The subpages with this template are about, services, and portfolio. In the footer, you can add social media profile links. The menu bar also supports drop-down menu option, so if you have more subcategories, this will help you to give better navigation option. FineOak is optimized for mobile view and the performance of the template is also tuned accordingly.

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Connect is a portfolio website template. The creative design of this template makes it the best choice for digital agencies as well. The template’s homepage has no promotional elements, the users directly land on your projects and case studies with this default homepage. The template’s split design allows you to add images and texts. Speaking of the visual effects, the animation effects are limited on this template. Since it is a creative design minimal template, effects are used only at the required spot. Full-width design with lots of white space makes the contents appear cleaner in both the small screen and the big screen devices. All the web elements are scaled for the mobile view, so you can also expect the same performance on mobile devices.

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Frame is one of the best multi-purpose business website template from us. The template is super clean, all the elements and the texts are scaled in proper sizes. This template ticks all the boxes of a modern web design. The Frame is a landing page template come one-page template. All the web elements and the sections are placed at the right spot, which improves user engagements rate and conversion rate. To match the overall minimal design the color scheme used in this template is also minimal. Instead of going for a full white minimal look the designer has chosen minimal blue shades, on which the texts and the web elements look cleaner and is also legible. Other useful elements you get with this template is pricing table and a neat contact form.

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Instant is a restaurant website template, just like the Resto template mentioned above. But the Instant is very minimal than the Resto. With a clean design and trendy web elements, this website presents the content directly to the visitors. Visual effects are used only for the hover effects. Each segment in the homepage is separated by an image banner, which prevents the user from getting bored by the same white background until the footer.

This one-page template includes segments like about, menu, gallery, events and contact. With the Instant template, you don’t get a reservation form as you have seen in the Resto template. Gallery can handle both portrait and landscape image effectively and this is the only place where the user will notice the hover effect easily.

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Explorer is a photography website template. We have shared the characteristic of an effective photography website in our photography website template collection, please look at it to know more. This template has all the characteristic of a photography website template. One of the basic criteria is the homepage should not be longer. When you put all your photographs in the homepage, the page takes time to load. By keeping this in mind the Explorer template allows you to add only a limited amount of photographs on the homepage.

The simple minimal design of the template adds more richness to your photographs. Since it is a multi-page template you have other pages to promote your services. In the footer, you can include social media profile icons. The template is perfectly optimized for mobile devices and speed optimized.

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Fplus is a fresh new entry in the free simple website templates category. This creative website template is designed for corporate and business use. Those searching for a simple yet different website template will find this template interesting. Texts and fonts play a major role in the modern web design. Since the mobile users are increasing in all niches, selecting legible fonts in small screen devices is important. With the FPlus template, you get bigger and easy-to-read fonts.

The protruding menu bar is a creative element in this template. Developers have made this creative menu bar unobtrusive while scrolling through the page and it blends well with the overall design. Orange is the primary color scheme of this template, which looks attractive on the clean white background.

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For those people who always think out of the box, the Rea template will impress them easily. The creative design of this template best suits for a community and digital agency. Rea is the best choice for creative people like graphic designers. The vibrant graphical designs will look great on this simple minimal website. On hovering over the images it shows the number of views and downloads. At the top, you have the space for adding a logo and interactive text typing effect to give an interactive intro about your brand. The visual effects of this template are creative and subtle.

The navigation menu option is hidden behind the hamburger menu. The menu opens in a separate window in which you also have the option to include social media profile link. Since this template uses a very creative layout, presenting all the section on the homepage is a tedious job. With the multiple subpages, you can explain your services and about you in separate pages.

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Reopen is a minimal looking creative portfolio website template. Creative web elements are spread throughout this website template. Like the FPlus template, this template also did great in the text and font work. The texts are crystal clear in both small and big screen devices. The balanced design manages to show the bigger texts clear and clutter-free. In this template also the menu options open in a separate page, the submenus are creatively indicated by a plus sign.

In the homepage, you have masonry style grid to show your portfolio. On hovering over the images the details about the image is shown. The full image open in a lightbox and from there users can jump to next images easily.

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Sun is a minimal creative agency website template. On the clean white background, the red color web elements look attractive and manage to get the user attention on the required elements easily. Like most other portfolio website template, on the homepage, you have grid style gallery section to show your product. The best part of this template is like the premium template you have four homepage variations.

The sun template has a traditional top navigation bar. Just like in the Reopen template, the submenu options are indicated by a plus sign. Apart from the four homepage variations you get other subpages like about, portfolio and blog.

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Art Museum


Art museum is another simple website template for artists and creative peoples. Fortunately, this artistic website template is a multi-page website template. So you are not stuck only with the homepage; since you are having pre-designed subpages, you will have a design consistency throughout your website. In all the pages you can add image background at the header, you can use this space to add your brand banner. In the header section of the subpage, the page name and the breadcrumbs are shown to let the user know from which page they started their website journey.

It is a feature packed complete website template. You get plenty of functions and content blocks with this template. This template also supports events, so you can use Art Museum as an event website template.

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Car Rental


Car rental is another premium class free website template. Why pay a lot when you get all the premium features in the free templates themselves? Car Rental is one such template that provides you pixel perfect design, strong well-written code, multi-pages, modern web elements and the list goes on… All the front end works are completely done with this template. For developers, converting this template to other CMS platforms will be easy.

In the header, you have a big static hero image, a call to action button and a booking form. The booking form is in complete working condition from the front end. You can easily integrate with your booking form system easily. The yellow color scheme of this template may remind you of some construction website templates, it is clear and looks attractive on the clean white background.

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Book is a simple clean website template for writers. Though this template is primarily designed for the authors, the web elements are versatile enough to be used in almost all categories of websites. Use of trendy color gradients give this template a lively feel, plus the gradients look more vibrant on the clean background. Another useful element with this template is animated counters big pricing table with a call to action buttons. In the footer, you can add about, newsletter subscription form and social media profile link.

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Coffee is another best free simple website templates for food-related websites. This template is completely designed for coffee shops. This is a simple and elegant looking website template in which all the web elements are placed at the right spot. So the user will get the required detail from your site easily. The logically arranged sections help the user to get more out of your site. At the top bar, you can indicate the shop opening and closing bar. Other useful web elements with this template are animated counters, review stars, and neat animation effects.

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Portfolio, as the name implies is a trendy-looking portfolio website template. This template ensures all your works are correctly displayed with an elegant look. The Portfolio template also provides ample space to improve your personal brand within your site. This simple website template uses only subtle animation effects to ensure that your works are present neatly and professionally to the visitors. The card-like design not only help you to add images and texts easily but also they help you to align the contents neatly on your website. You have the service section below the portfolio segment to help you promote your business. Use of line icons in the service section makes it look attractive on a simple website template like this.

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Watch is a product landing page. One major thing about landing pages are, clear-cut intro and the entire design must revolve around the particular product. In the Watch website template, this is done perfectly. All you have to do is to add your own contents and product images. As video contents are preferred more by the audience, this template also gives you space to add video contents as well. On the simple clean design of this template, your product a or services will look great and is easy to read in both small and big screen devices. The watch is the best free simple website templates for product launch websites.

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Startup is a clean and simple website template for corporates and startups. One big challenge that lies before any startup is convincing the user and prove your credibility to the visitors; With the free simple website templates for Startups like this, you can easily achieve this. This template’s spotless design layout helps you stay focused on the website content. The clever design of this template helps you to highlight the important features to the users elegantly without disturbing the clean design of this template. Other useful features with this template are pricing table, testimonial, and neat visual effects. In the footer, you can include Instagram feeds and newsletter subscription form.

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Blanca is a blog website template, it is pristine and clear. Since it is designed for personal blogs you have plenty of personal branding elements. Readability is the first thing that we have to consider when designing a blog website template, with Blanca the texts are clean and legible. If you are searching for free simple website templates for your blog or photography website, then Blanca would be the best choice. This template handles both the image contents and text contents equally. On the simple clean layout, the images look even more appealing. The right sidebar allows you to provide recent articles, tags, and about section.

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