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Industrial and construction company website templates are the key tools to create an incredible platform to represent the construction business. With these free HTML5 bootstrap templates, you don’t need to consider your construction site design and content flow. These are available with all possible content elements that can easily fit with your business concept.

If you’re here to download a construction business HTML5 template for your personal business or client website, you’re in the right place. The bootstrap html5 templates are easy to use, highly customizable, most popular, lightweight, responsive, cross-browser compatible, and load inside any of platform swiftly.

The best of these free themes are — highly adaptable, can use these free construction company website templates as plumber/plumbing website template, general contractor website template, electrician website template, electrical contractor website template, oil and gas website template, building construction website template, and plumber website template,

Furthermore, you can also tailor the website as engineering website template, general contractor website template, home builder website template, powerpoint engineering template, roadworks construction website template, Civil Engineering website template, Heavy Equipment HTML template, Painter HTML website template, Worker HTML website template, Heavy Machine web template, Heavy Cranes web template, HandyMan CSS website template, Renovations HTML website template, Manufacturing website template and a lot more.

Key Feature of Free Responsive HTML5 Construction Company Website Templates

Before taking to each template individually, I recommend you to gather some experience and get familiar with the key aspects of free Bootstrap themes for industrial and construction company. For your convenience, I’ve put together all the key features for your consideration, get through them deliberately before downloading free construction company website template for your industrial business.

Construction Industry Oriented Design

Either you’re going to a website for handyman, heavy equipment, electrical construction or building construction, manufacturing, roadworks, and petroleum firm, your design should make your visitors understanding about your business niches perfectly.

  • Industry Specific Content Flow: After adding revolutionary design, it comes to following the logical content flow. Content flow should be followed according to your website goal. Suppose, your construction company offers welding service or sell heavy cranes, your website content should be convincing so that customers can get impressed instantly and take your offers with making any significant delay.
  • Equipped With Modern Technology:
    Free industrial bootstrap html5 templates come with all possible arrangement of your industry-specific contents, but you seldom find website theme that gets fit your need perfectly. So, it needs customization. When it comes combined with technologies like Bootstrap 3 framework, HTML5, CSS3, responsive slider, and other essential tools, you can customize those template according to your requirement and be away from devices and browser compatibility hassle.
  • Search Engine Optimized / SEO Friendly: Free business html5 templates for construction company should be W3C validated and coded efficiently following the best practice of semantic markup. It makes the website perfectly visible for modern search engines and helps you easily rank your competitive keyword high.
  • Mobile Friendly / Readily Responsive: Free Responsive bootstrap html5 templates for construction company comes packed with high adaptability for viewing devices. So, it should be responsive and mobile friendly, can tailor with iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Windows Phone, Smartphone, Android Phone, BlackBerry Phone, and another resizing point of high-resolution devices.
  • Cross-browser compatibility: As a frontend developer, I find it elusive to ensure top-notch browser support for each free construction HTML template. The process becomes more challenging when it comes to supporting Internet Explorer browser versions. But when you have access to these free Business Bootstrap website templates for a construction company, you don’t need to worry about providing support for IE, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox and more.

Though there are many of checklists like social sharing, well-documentation, clean typography, color combination lightweight and blazing fast loading speed, W3C validation, timely version update and more, I’ve only shown the prime features that are considered must-have features. Without keeping you waiting, let’s get into the themes.



First and foremost on our list of the best construction company website template we have Archlab. A free template dedicated to the niche of architecture, design, construction, and more. Great for those beginners and novices starting out, it is designed to be super user-friendly. Not to mention the amazing layout styles equipped with various elements and components to give you a head start. It features options to showcase all of the services you provide, most engagingly. For this you get plenty of creative components like sliders, galleries, pre-built pages, and more that gives you a head start.

Demo & Download



Engineers, as the name pretty much sums up, is another great creation by Colorlib and an excellent addition to our list today. Sophisticated, professional looking and creative with the visual, the whole interface is creatively crafted to meet the niche. Based on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this theme is as flexible as it gets. Equipped with more than enough customizing options to personalize the site to your preference, you can get as creative as you want. It is fully responsive, retina-ready as well and pixel perfect ensuring an excellent visual overall.

It also supports multiple custom post types, so you can add texts, quotes, media files, and more. Showcase the services you provide with a massive slideshow, testimonials and more. Keep your users engaged while luring in more clients easily only with Engineers. It is also amazingly fast-loading and offers the users a wholesome experience.

Demo & Download



Next in line, we have Braxit; another free option by Colorlib. A creative and immensely stunning visual accompanied by niche-based features. Powerful with features like amazing responsiveness, smooth running speed, and useful components that get you started, it is pretty much everything you need. Braxit is also highly customizable and you can alter and change any elements to your own preference. You get everything from advanced components like galleries, sliders, CTA buttons, video banners, and more. It is ideal for all manufacturing companies industrial, and construction websites.

And the best part here is that this template is completely cross-browser compatible, and loads throughout all major ones. You also get access to amazing pre-built pages for home and inner sections. All of these, equipped with a sticky menu, smooth animations, effects, and more, take the whole site to a whole another level. It has a straightforward code structure; it is pretty secure and reliable, to say the least. And all that, is free to download and install and set up.

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This is the latest and greatest free construction company website template made by Colorlib which is known for its stunning looking templates and clean code base unmatched in the market. It is a feature-rich website-creating kit complete with everything you might need. From visually stunning design and style elements to the amazing responsiveness, it has it all covered. And because it uses the creative Bootstrap framework, it gives the users all the flexibility they are looking for. In addition to this, all of the codes as we have mentioned before are pretty upto par and uses CSS and HTML.

Demo & Download


Arcade is a minimal and simplistic HTML construction company website template. And by this, we mean that it offers ample space and design solutions for you to highlight and focus on your content. The visuals professional and organized are all responsive and pixel perfect. Not to mention the retina-readiness the graphics offers Although the design is kept minimal, don’t be fooled as the features are plenty to back it up. It is ideal for any architecture, building, construction, interior and similar niche of business sites. The template is cross-browser compatible, optimized for speed and lightweight compared to other templates. Overall a pretty great start to what your next project can be, elevate your site to the next level with Arcade.

Demo & Download


Just as the name would suggest, Architect is an awesome HTML construction company template fit exactly for the niche. From building, and construction, to interior and architecture, this flexible design suits every category. Organizing and managing a website has never been so easy, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who lands. Thanks to the ultra-responsive interface, this template readily adjusts to every device frame with ease. In addition to this, the visuals are further complimented with retina-ready and pixel-perfect graphics. Each of the web elements placed relies on powerful CSS and HTML. And to ensure optimal performance, it features an amazingly clean and organized coding structure. Although the design looks professional and stunning, making changes is a breeze. Keeping in mind even the beginners, all of the options are pretty user-friendly.

Users can access tons of awesome variations by getting into the easy personalizing options. You can choose from several free fonts and icons you can use throughout the site. Not to mention the amazing slideshow you can create with custom images revealed in full-screen. The smooth parallax effect, animated elements, hover effects and transitions and more furthers the visual appeal. Apart from this, you also get access to fully functional contact, newsletters and subscription forms you can use. The on-scroll loading feature also adds to the speed and overall performance. Furthermore, the Bootstrap-based template is cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and meets all the latest web standards required.

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Another one featuring professional design and specifications for the construction company niche is Construct. And you can pretty much guess it by the name itself. Whether you own a construction, building, architecture, or any similar niche or category, this template is ideal for it all. Flexible and versatile with the design, the template uses the powerful Bootstrap framework as a base. The overall outlook is pretty professional and appealing for the users to see. The signature yellow and white color scheme is used to denote the niche of the business. However, with a few tweaks here and there, modifying these smaller elements is a breeze. Apart from the color scheme, users will also find options to change the fonts, and typographies, add in custom logos, and more. In addition to this, there are plenty of CSS-based animations, effects, and transitions that elevate the visuals further.

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TOPBuilder is a stunning HTML construction company website template that is practical and efficient in all its ways. The template is amazing considering all the effort the creators put in with styling and designing. It is responsive and retina-ready, making for a flawless interface that users can enjoy. The whole design is appealing and the creative use of elements throughout the site makes it more approachable. It is also cross-browser compatible and readily loads on all web browsers with ease. From a variation of Home Pages to a range of other useful Inner Pages, everything you need to get a professional site started is on your disposal.

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Clean, professional, and pretty stunning for a simple construction website template, Celt is a great option for those looking for one. It comes with tons of amazing features, as well as styling elements, that make your website stand out. The template is completely responsive and retina-ready, readily adjusting to every device screen size. Push your services and engagingly showcase your business with Celt. And considering this template is FREE to use, it makes for a pretty competent option from available ones. The stunning full-page design is great as you can add in custom backgrounds, images, and even create appealing slideshows. In addition to this, you can also add in all the details, creative CTA buttons and more. Making use of every small detail, users can opt to change the color schemes, fonts, typographies and more.

Demo & Download

Metallix – Construction Company HTML5 Bootstrap Template


One of our in-house website templates aiming at the niche of construction and building companies in mind. A free theme comes with everything you need to start a professional site. It features amazing design with great attention to detail. As this template is flexible and versatile, it is ideal for manufacturing, steelworks, welding, fabrications, industrial construction and even equipment, engineering and more. The interface is completely responsive and retina-ready, ensuring that the site you build is flawless. It is built on the powerful Bootstrap framework, and features all the latest web structures.In addition to this, it is also backed up with amazingly powerful CSS and HTML coding.

Demo & Download

Fontanero – Responsive Plumbing Construction & Repair HTML5 Website Template

Fontanero Free-Plumbing-Construction-&-Repair-HTML5-Website-Template

Aiming specifically for the niche of industrial and construction companies in mind, Fontanero is another fantastic free option. With a design that is intuitive, graphically advanced and visually stunning, this template sure is perfect for plumbing, construction, interiors and similar niche of businesses. The whole design is engaging and executes a responsive and retina-ready surface for the users. This ensures that no matter which device your users are on, your website looks flawless every time. There are a huge range of Google Fonts and icons you can use. Not only this, but there are multiple Home Page and Inner Pages at your disposal. In addition to the impressive design structures, there are plenty of amazing features to back it up.

Demo & Download

Automation – Industrial Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template


Automation is another awesome template that is the perfect addition to our list of the best free responsive construction company HTML templates. Scalable and flexible, this template is ideal for start-ups and large-scale businesses. A fancy and professional-looking style and design is used throughout the site. This ensures that the whole site is pretty engaging and appealing. Complete with retina-ready and pixel-perfect graphics, everything you place on the site looks flawless. It is also highly customizable, so everything you wish to do with the template is unique and custom. It uses the amazingly flexible Bootstrap framework as a base, which makes it upto par on all the latest web standards.

Demo & Download

Technical – Industrial Company Flat Bootstrap Responsive Web Template


Technical is another free option perfect for our list today, as it makes for an amazing website template. It is responsive, retina-ready and amazingly creative. And because of this, it is ideal for multiple niche of businesses. From tons of styling elements to easily modifiable blocks to use, the visuals are impeccable. Built on the powerful Bootstrap framework, it comes with all the scalability you need. Not to mention the valid, and clean CSS and HTML coding structure. For a custom feel to the site, you can add in creative fonts, and typographies and choose from various color schemes. It is well-suited for industrial, construction, steelworks, and similar businesses. However, the template with a few tweaks can also be used for other business sites.

Demo & Download

Power Grid – Construction Industry Flat HTML5 Bootstrap Template


A professional business website template, Power Grid is another addition to our list today. With a simple, clean and super engaging interface, branding and promoting your services has never been easier. With a multi-purpose design structure, it is ideal for any type of business website, whether it is industrial, corporate, construction, and more. Various elements are efficient and useful to get the site up and running within minutes. The template is amazingly scalable and customizable using the impeccable Bootstrap framework as the base. The template is also completely responsive and effortlessly loads on device screen with ease. In addition, tons of creative animations, effects and transitions are also there to elevate the design further.

Demo & Download

Welding – Industrial Portfolio Flat Bootstrap HTML Website Template


Just as they would suggest, Welding is a professional HTML website template perfect for the steelworks and welding niche. However, as this template is pretty flexible and versatile, you can use this for multiple design and concepts. And thanks to the effective and useful features included, this template is pretty amazing. Because it aims at even beginners and novices, this template offers a user-friendly aspect. The beauty is surely the full-width header slider that allows you to highlight the site’s specialties. In addition to this, the template also comes with tons of easy customizing options. This includes various fonts, typographies and color scheme options. Adding a custom touch to a website has never been easier.

Demo & Download

The Factory- Industrial Manufacturing HTML5 Bootstrap Template

the factory

Powerful, engaging and robust with all of the features backing it up, The Factory is an awesome free HTML website template. Perfect for any type of websites related to consctruction, industrial, interior, and architecture, this template is pretty flexible. The whole interface is pretty awesome visually and is ultra-responsive and retina-ready. In addition to this, each PSD files used for demo purpose is included with the package. Another great thing about this template is that the unique design and styling that adds to the appeal. The template also offers a full-width hero section where you can add custom images, slider and more. And for the ease of navigation, you can add in the sticky menu which also includes the effective search bar.

Demo & Download

Oil and Gas – Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template for Construction Company


Now aiming for a more secluded niche, oil corporations and gas industries, this is yet another amazing addition to our list today. With an interface that is practically flawless with the design and creativity encorporate into one, get amazing results. It is completely responsive and retina-ready. Not to mention the pixel perfect graphics that makes the whole interface. This makes way for any element you place on the site to look amazing. The style is kept pretty simple and organized, giving the user ample space to work with. Not only this, but as it is pretty lightweight, the template also features an amazing loading speed. Coming to the structure, the template uses the Bootstrap framework as the foundatio. This ensures that everything about this template follows all the latest web standards.

Demo & Download

Capital – Construction Business HTML5 Bootstrap Template


Last on our list of free construction company website template is Capital. Responsive, retina-ready and visually engaging, everything about this template executes perfection with great attention to detail. It is professional looking and neat to provide ample space to showcase any content you desire. In addition to this, the template also features easy customizing options to help you get that custom feel. As it aims at even beginners and novices in mind, this template is also extremely user-friendly. Not only this, but all of the strategically placed elements also feature the same ease of usability. It uses the awesome Bootstrap framework as a base. Thus, it meets all the latest web standards with ease.

Demo & Download

Premium Bootstrap HTML5 Construction Company Website Templates

Premium HTML 5 Bootstrap template for the industrial company come with an extra opportunity that is seldom found in free solutions. These are well-documented, efficiently coded, frequently updated and ultra cross-browser compatible, SEO friendly and readily responsive to mobile devices. The fun part of this best selling responsive construction HTML CSS template is its highly aesthetic look and a pack of modern equipment.

BuildPress – Construction Business HTML5 Bootstrap template


First on our list of the best premium HTML based construction company website is BuildPress. And it is definitely worth the mention as it comes with everything one might possibly need. The template with amazing flexibility comes with responsive and retina-ready interface. It is ideal for any type of industrial, construction, architecture and similar niche of business. The creators have created this template after an extensive research on the user interest. This ensures that the users have nothing but the best premium experience. It uses the powerful Bootstrap framework as the base which makes it extremely easy to manage and personalize. Furthermore, there are also tons of exclusive features the template executes making sure you come up with a one-of-a-kind website.

Demo & Download

Renew – Renovation, Repair & Construction HTML5 Bootstrap Template


From construction, building, industrial to repair, renovation and similar niche of business sites, Renew is a great option for you. It is exactly as the name Renew suggest which helps renew a website to a greater length. The engaging layout structure uses the Bootstrap framework as a base. Not to mention the powerful CSS and HTML code structure. And to ensure the best performance with the site you create, each line of code is also valid and clean. It is also ultra-responsive. This means that the template readily adjusts to every device screen. With over 10 HTML pages fit for Home and other Inner Pages, the template offers everything.

Demo & Download

Plumberx – HTML5 Bootstrap Template for Plumber and Construction


Using the latest Bootstrap framework, PlumberX is a premium HTML template is another great option. The design is clean, professional and pretty organized making it perfect for business and corporate sites. It is perfect for as the name suggests for plumbing and construction based businesses. However, as it is pretty flexible and versatile, you can make a few changes here and there getting a range of unique result each time. The layout is also super-responsive in turn making way for a stunning design. Not to mention the engaging graphics which are all retina-ready and pixel perfect. In addition to this, vibrant color schemes throughout the site adds to the appeal.

Demo & Download

Builder – Responsive Building Construction HTML5 Bootstrap Template


Next in line, we have the premium HTML website template Builder for you. Perfect for building and construction website template, this is certainly a perfect fit for our list today. With a responsive and mobile-friendly visuals, all of the components included serves the niche in mind. It comes with intelligent features that all aid to your requirements. In addition to this, you also get a range of awesome personalizing features. Builder uses the professional Bootstrap framework as the base giving the users the freedom of flexibility. Demonstrate your business in the most engaging and attention-grabbing way possible. The template is also completely compatible with all the web-browsers, offers a SEO friendly interface and so much more.

Demo & Download

Freebuild- Responsive Building Construction HTML5 Bootstrap Template


Freebuild is a premium HTML construction website template that is visually impressive. It is ideal for construction, building companies, renovation, remodelling and similar niche of websites, this template is pretty versatile with the features. Fully responsive, retina-ready and pixel perfect, this template offers an awesome imagery. The template relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework and makes for a versatile website. It is also highly customizable and offers plenty of amazing options to do so. This includes multiple Home and Inner Pages variations. An array of color palettes and other useful components. In total there are over 12 awesome HTML pages that are available to get you started.

Demo & Download

Banao-Responsive Building Construction HTML5 Bootstrap Template


Banao is another professionally designed construction website template developed with a modern design. Perfect for any type of construction, renovation, interior designers, and all of those sites with a similar niche, the interface is pretty versatile. And the best part is that it is designed with beginners and novices. That’s right, this amazing template is pretty user-friendly. It also features a highly customizable interface that offers plenty of personalizing options. With Google Fonts and Font Icons, you can access many awesome fonts and icons here. Not to mention the 6 different color palette that you can choose from. Not only this, but there are variations with the menu styles and other creative components.

Demo & Download



Raxena is another construction website template we have in line for you. Pretty amazing with the price it offers, the template package is definitely worth the investment. It is visually impressive and is flexible with the purpose you are designated towards. Industry, construction, renovation, remodelling is the ideal niche to get started with Raxena. And all of the options and the components are based on providing the users with exactly what they require. Fully responsive, pixel perfect and retina-ready, this design easily adjusts to every device screen size. The fluid design is appealing and super engaging for anyone who lands on the site. And the best part is that this template is highly customizable. Which means that each section of this template offers multiple variations and can be changed to your preference. The structure relies on the professional Bootstrap framework, which makes it upto par with all of the latest web-standards.

Demo & Download



 A clean and organized design, Sanat is one that gives a professional vibe towards your website. It is structured so that all of your contents are highlighted and with an amazing display. And the visuals are no-doubt amazing considering the full responsiveness alongside the pixel perfect graphics. But the design is not the only thing the creators have focused on. For an optimal online experience, you will find Lazy Loading option, fast loading speed, cross-browser compatibility and more. And when constructing your site, you get multiple variations for almost all the components. To start off, you can choose the style, whether you want to opt for one or multi page design, then you can get on to the details of fonts, color schemes, page designs and more. And if you are looking to skip these steps, you can choose from over 60 pre-built HTML pages.

Demo & Download



Another professionally built template we have in line for you is Droled. A powerful and advanced option for anyone who is looking to get a head start with any of their web design projects. It is best suited for any business related to the construction, industrial, and architecture niches. Great with responsiveness, it also features HTML and CSS-based elements that further the visual aspect of the site. In total, you will find 29 HTML pages which include options for home, blog, services, shop, team and more. And another great option here is that you can choose whether you want a one or multi page design. The professional interface has plenty of creative elements like galleries, sliders, carousels and so much more. Saving you both time and effort to look for a plugin, it comes featured with Revolution Slider worth $14.00.

Demo & Download



A dedicated, niche based industrial website template, we have Gothic next on our list. A stunning home page implemented with several useful and advanced components, this template is ideal for any websites related to the niche. It features a single Home Page design but is as flexible as possible. You can create, personalize and customize each element to suit your needs. Completely responsive, it is powered with the Bootstrap framework. This allows you all the versatility required when starting a site entirely from scratch. Another great thing is the lightweight size, enhancing its fast loading and performance.

Demo & Download

Bottom Line

I’ve tried to include only the best responsive construction company website templates. If you find that I’ve missed the name of the amazing industrial website theme, a suggestion for the template you like. I’ll add them to this review list.

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