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Taking care of our home is quite a difficult task in our day-to-day busy life. Even though we do regular cleaning and maintenance, we have to deal with pests now and then. Hiring a professional pest control service saves our time. Plus, we might get a better result than handling the pests by ourselves. If you are running a pest control service, these WordPress themes will help you showcase your specialties and let the user easily contact you.

Most pest control service providers schedule their plans based on their customers’ likings. Hence, these pest control WordPress themes are equipped with calendar booking plugins to schedule an appointment easily. The cost is another area where the user hesitates to hire a professional pest control service. Maintaining transparency in the pricing will help the user know how much to pay. Most pest control WordPress themes in this list have pricing tables to let you mention the features in each package.

Some pest control companies provide eco-friendly products that are safe for the home and environment. For such companies, these WordPress themes have online store options. Your customers can buy it directly when they decide to handle small issues by themselves. Since the pest control website is a micro niche and falls under the service businesses, we have included WordPress themes from other service providing categories.


user-friendly pest control wordpress themes

Anona is a pure pest control WordPress theme from the core. The creator has given you all the necessary elements to take your services fully to the modern-day audience. Twelve homepage variations are given in this theme and each has slight variations in the homepage sections. A dedicated service page is given in this theme to explain your services clearly to the audience. Out of the box, this theme supports WooCommerce tool, hence you can sell your pesticides and other equipment you recommend. This theme uses the WPBakery Page builder and is well-integrated into the theme. So you can easily call custom widgets and elements using the shortcodes.

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professional looking pest control wordpress themes

BugsPatrol is a trendy looking flat-style WordPress theme. This theme doesn’t have many homepage variations and pre-designed inner pages, as you have seen in the aforementioned Anona theme. But the given pages have a professional look and can be used for all service-oriented websites. As most pest control WordPress themes have, this one also has an appointment booking page. For the appointment booking page, the creator has used a calendar design. If you plan to integrate appointment booking plugins like the Events Calendar or the Easy appointments, this calendar design will come in handy. For more creative and user-friendly calendar designs, look at our HTML calendar collection. Since this theme uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, you can easily integrate third-party template without any issue.

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multipurpose service providing company wordpress theme

Ituza is a multipurpose WordPress theme made entirely for the service-oriented business. Hence, you get plenty of elements and multi-concept demos in this package. It has a dedicated demo for pest control. You can either pick the pest control theme or any other theme and easily customize it to your needs. The Cleaning and the Handyman demo versions will also be a perfect option for the pest control website because they all have almost the same structure of a pest control website. You get a modal window for the registration form in some demo versions. A modal window clearly shows that the booking process is simple and the user can return to the page where they left. All you have to do is add your contents, integrate the tools you want, and launch the website.

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trendy pest control website template

Bugster is a clean and interactive pest control WordPress theme. Images and icons are used effectively to explain your services clearly to the audience. This theme pack has four demo versions. You can pick the second version if you are targeting the present-day audience. An advanced search bar is placed at the Second demo’s homepage header section and a services category bar is placed right below the header section. Hence, the user can easily pick the service they want. A detailed pricing table is another useful tool that will come in handy for you. Strangely, this premium WordPress theme does not include WooCommerce shopping pages. If you plan to sell tools and pest control-related chemicals, then the WooCommerce absence may be a bummer. As a whole, you can use Bugster for business website purposes.

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multipurpose pest control WordPress themes

BeTheme is one of the best selling multipurpose WordPress themes. With more than 500 pre-made demos, this theme can help you create any website. This template supports two famous page builders; the WPBakery and the Elementor. Thousands of elements and hundreds of pages are pre-designed for you. You can pick any demo and customize it to make your website. Under the service business category, you get lots of readymade demos. Useful plugins like the Event calendar for appointment booking, form plugins, and lot more are pre-bundled in this theme. All you have to do is to install the demo you want, activate the plugins you need, and launch your website.

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Cleaning Services

feature-packed pest control WordPress themes

Cleaning Services is a feature-packed WordPress theme. The creator has used a bold design to promote your services and offers easily. This theme supports coupons out of the box. If you provide any discount coupons to boost your sales, users can easily use the coupons during the checkout. A dedicated cost calculator plugin is also given in this template to calculate the pricing before placing the order easily. As you can see, this theme is loaded with lots of working options. All you have to do is customize the theme according to your needs. Hence, you can set up a proper quickly using this theme.

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user-friendly pest control WordPress themes

Greenova is also a gardening and landscaping WordPress theme. This theme has all the features and options you expect in pest control WordPress themes. Seventeen bold, readymade demos are given in this template. Because of the straightforward design, users can easily interact with this template. Thoughtfully designed homepages have important elements at an easily accessible spot. For example, you get a booking form right below the header section to improve collecting leads. Smooth animation effects and interactive layout will deliver a top-notch user experience.

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gardening wordpress theme with useful features

Though Buisson is primarily a gardening service WordPress theme, this can help you make a proper pest control website. This theme has all the elements and options you would normally expect in a pest control WordPress themes. You can clearly explain your services, list your pricing and the features in each package. The full-width layout is used properly to present the contents engagingly. The creator has used patterns for elements to add character to the design. If you wish to use some other background pattern, take a look at our CSS background pattern collection. Animated counters are used to show some interesting stats like the number of customers you served, the number of skilled professional you have and a lot like that.

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Service Master

user-friendly wordpress theme

Service Master is another multipurpose service WordPress theme like the Ituza theme mentioned above. This theme also has multiple demo concepts for service businesses like cleaning, tech repair, gardening, and car service. You get a clean businesslike theme and bold creative themes in this package. As usual, in the multipurpose theme, you get plenty of elements and widgets pre-designed for you. With the help of WPBakery page builder, the creator has made the customizations lot easier. All you have to do is to pick the theme you like, drag and drop the elements you want and launch the website. Like most other pest control WordPress themes in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce store out of the box.

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clean and fresh looking modern wordpress theme

Gardener is a bold and straight forward WordPress theme. It is a gardening website theme by default, it falls under the service sector WordPress theme. Hence, you get almost similar elements and features. Even if you don’t get the sections or feature you want, this theme has plenty of customization offers to make your job simple. The smartly designed homepage gives important information readily to the users. For example, the contact information and opening hours are given on the top bar to access the information easily from any part of the website. The designer has given lots of text space to be very clear and precise with your information.

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modern lively wordpress theme

If you are looking for a contemporary style WordPress theme, this theme will impress you. With the neat clean design and big bold texts, this theme gives a better user experience. Since this theme is originally designed for gardening businesses you can find an image related to the gardening in the default demo. But, you can easily add your contents and use this theme for your pest control WordPress theme. This theme has three homepage variations, and all of them are unique. You can either go for a simple promotional design or choose the conversion-focused homepage design.

A separate section and a page are given for the gallery to show some images related to your niche. The contact page is doubled as the request form in this theme. The user can choose their purpose and can send the request to you. You can use this theme for a pest control website without any hesitations by making a few minor customizations.

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gardening wordpress theme with plenty of customization options

This theme is designed purely from the business people point of view. Right from the header to the foot, you have elements to convert or collect leads. The theme designer has utilized the full-page design effectively to present the contents neatly to the users. Since this theme is originally designed for gardening, you can see many refreshing green color schemes. Since this theme uses the latest CSS3 script, you can use your colors if you want. Different gallery designs are given in theme to show pictures of your products and your team in action. This theme is equipped with bbPress, so you can let your users easily share their thoughts and discuss their issues.

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Garden Care

bold looking garden and service wordpress theme

Garden Care is a classic looking business website theme. With big bold elements and swift animations, this theme promotes your services elegantly to the users. Lots of space is reserved for the images to let the user easily understand the information you share. Sharing case studies will help the new users to understand your experience and commitment to your work. What makes this theme unique from other pest control WordPress themes in this list is the project page. The creator has given you a modal window to show the project detail in the default design. But hey it is WordPress, you can add the pages you want and link to the desired location.

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The Landshaper

easy to customize wordpress theme

The Landshaper is an interactive and animation rich business website theme. This theme gives you lots of space to add text contents and image contents. In each section, web elements are used smartly to break the contents and present them in bite-sized form. With this theme package, you get premium Revolution Slider plugin for creating impressive image sliders. The biggest advantage of the Revolution Slider plugin is that you can create animation without any coding and adjust the existing effects as per your needs. Like most other service-sector WordPress themes in this list, this one also supports WooCommerce out of the box.

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wordpress theme to clearly explain your services

Greengia is a feature-rich WordPress theme. This theme gives all the basic features you want in a service offering website. All you have to do is add your contents, do the customizations, and launch the website. Both, hardcore customizations and simple customizations are made simple in this theme. The creator of this theme has given us King Composer page builder to drag and drop the elements in the place you want. Since this theme uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts, you can do any hardcore customizations. Though this theme has only one homepage variation, multiple inner pages are pre-designed for you to set up a proper website easily.

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service providing wordpress theme with appointment booking option

The GRD theme is from the same creator of the Landshaper WordPress theme mentioned above. You can also expect the same design and code quality in this theme. This theme is more professional and clean when compared to the Landshaper theme. In addition to the Revolution Slider and the WPBakery page builder, this theme gives you MailChimp and Paypal support out of the box. Speaking of MailChimp, if you are into email marketing and want to create attractive emails for your campaigns, take a look at our MailChimp email templates collection.

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html pest control website template

Joshua is an HTML pest control website template. This template pack has three homepage versions and all basic pages pre-designed for you.

Developers looking for complete freedom and a solid HTML base to develop their pest control WordPress theme will love this template. Bright color web elements catch user attention easily on this clean website layout. You can use your custom color schemes and gradient colors and give a unique touch to the website if you want.

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