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Entrepreneurs who run an online business must take care of many aspects to turn his dream into reality. Among them having high quality and a fantastic business website is mandatory. Without emphasizing the excellent interface and powerful feature, you can’t reach your goal timely. So, when it comes to choosing professional website templates, find the best free multipurpose website template. Selecting a free multipurpose website template has lots of advantages for you. The most important among them is that you can use it for any business website. And, if you run more than one business, this would be your best decision! It can save you a lot of money, time, and effort.

Websites are considered the front-face of a corporate agency. It communicates with potential customers virtually. The high UI and UX enabled website provides all information that a client needs to decide to reach out to you or purchase from your website. So, it can be summarized a website can make or break an online business agency. A professional business agency site is capable of convincing visitors with ease. Furthermore, It boosts conversion and revenue. On the other hand, The website doesn’t come with an intuitive and extraordinary interface and user experience confuse visitors and create high bounce rate and exit rate.

Why Opt For a Free Website Template?

I believe now you have understood the importance of the best business website. If you aren’t paying heed to your business firm site. Don’t have enough budget for your startup website? Don’t Worry about making your corporate business website high converting; uiCookies has created may of free best html5 website templates. The business HTML templates are beautiful, mobile-friendly, readily responsive, lightweight, fast loading and equipped with Bootstrap 3 frontend framework.

In addition, Free Bootstrap HTML templates offer high customizability, full-width and box layout grid system, speed development, responsive slider, tabs, accordion and more. I think you can assume the importance of Bootstrap in business html5 templates. At uiCookies, We try to bring essential resources that our readers find helpful. So, besides introducing the best bootstrap corporate HTML5 website templates, we’ve decided to bring some free bootstrap templates of competitors so that you can find your best-suited website theme for your company regardless of the business niche.

Best Bootstrap Templates For Corporate Agency

The website theme, I’ve listed here is the best fit for corporate, business, product, photography, digital marketing agency, photography, business portfolio showcase, individual site, graphic and videography studio, web development, and web design firm and more. Don’t forget to tell me about the Bootstrap HTML5 template you would pick for your business website.



On the top of our list today, we have the professionally crafted food website template AllFood, as the name pretty much clarifies. Packed with unlimited possibilities you can end up with, this theme is great for food blogs, restaurant and cafe business sites, online recipes and similar niche. Thus, we are the first on our list of the best free multipurpose website templates. It features stunning visuals, with elegant and stylish contemporary design to it. Complete with ultra responsiveness alongside excellent graphics, anything you add onto the site looks flawless. Making use of simplistic and minimal color scheme, and elegant fonts, another stand out here is the use of creative animations, effects, and transitions.

Based off the advanced Bootstrap framework, it is pretty flexible and reliable. Not to mention the efficiency considering the cross-browser compatibility which ensures that it loads throughout all popular browsers. It is also cross-browser compatible and super fast loading as well. Pretty great for those businesses offering online delivery and ordering, it even has online order and contact forms. The filterable portfolio section is another highlight where you can showcase all the products. All in all, a complete and free theme package is one to start with.

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Next in line, we have another stunning free multipurpose website template; Unfold by Colorlib. Dark and creative with the design, this template is one of a kind. Completely impeccable with the visuals, it is ideal for personal, resumes and portfolio based sites. Whether you are a professional photographer, designers, visual artists, or anyone involved with creative niches; this template is pretty flexible. All of these also execute a flawless interface with completely responsiveness and amazing graphics. Strong and impactful, this template is one to leave a lasting impression on anyone who lands on the site.

Getting onto the details, Unfold features amazing sections dedicated to portfolios, gallery, blog, contact, about, service and more. For additional creative flair, you can also access parallax effects, beautiful animations and page transitions. And because it is based entirely on the advanced Bootstrap framework, this theme is pretty reliable and secure. It even features sections dedicated to testimonials to help you easily lure in more clients. The whole theme is also cross-browser compatible, smooth loading, and even designed to be SEO ready.

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Listingo is a creative listing website template that is ideal for multiple different website niches. From directories, property listing, job listings and more, this is a great way to get started. And for this reason, this template is a perfect addition to our list of best free multipurpose website template. As it is a listing based sites, everything here is pretty clean and organized. And all of the elements implemented are fully responsive and retina-readu ensuring a great visual overall. It is also amazing to work with as it is pretty user-friendly. The huge image header containing both the search bars and the texts and filter buttons is the highlight here. Atop it all, you will find easy navigation that takes you to your designated page easily. And the great thing is that you can also enable the sticky menu that stays intact.

The layout is also cross-browser compatible, and loads effortlessly throughout all of the web-browsers. It also supports multiple post types and features sections dedicated to the listing, gallery, about, service, property detail and more. You also get a functional contact form that makes it easy to stay in touch with your users. Perfect for any type of listings, this template is unique with the visuals. And with the use of the CSS and HTML codes, you also get smooth animations, scrolling and effects on hover and click. This further enhances the looks to keep things engaging for your users.

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Creative Agency


Another free multipurpose website template we have in line for you is Creative Agency. And with the name itself you can pretty much guess the niche it is dedicated towards. Versatile and flexible with the layouts, you will find options that is ideal for all kinds of creative agencies. Whether you are start-up, or an already established business, this template is great to create landing page, for creative, digital, SEO or media and any other sort of business. It is fully responsive and loads effortlessly throughout all major hand-held devices. Not to mention the impeccable visuals thanks to the retina-ready and pixel perfect graphics. As it is user-friendly, the design is ideal for even beginners and even novices to get a site up from scratch. Modern, and stylish the template is pretty appealing for any who lands on the site and will leave a lasting impression.

And to add to this, you get plenty of creative elements you can use to stylize the interface further. From stunning array of fonts, icons, CTA buttons, animations and effects on hover and click, you get it all at your disposal. It features an awesome Home page and in addition, you get pages dedicated to Home, About, Portfolio, Services, Pricings, Team, Blog and more. Another great thing is that this template is cross-browser compatible and has no issues when browsing through any major web-browsers.

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Another one that falls under the free multipurpose website template listing and is aimed towards the agency based sites is FPlus. Creative, stylish and visually impressive, this template is ideal for those who wants to make an impact. Remarkably designed, it relies fully on the professional Bootstrap framework. It is responsive, retina-ready and the graphics are overall impeccable. And in addition to this, the template is flexible and versatile which means that it is ideal for multiple niches of sites. From digital, start-ups, and any of the creative agencies, this is the perfect start. As it is also user-friendly, it offers options that are all pretty easy to work with. This also includes a huge variety of customizing options you get to choose from. From an array of Google Fonts to the icons and even the color palettes, you can easily change it.

The template is furthermore based on the CSS and HTML codes, making it super reliable and secure. Not to mention the lightweight packaging which ensures a faster performance overall. You also get integration from Google Maps which allows you to track and map your business for others to find. Other mentionable components include creative galleries, newsletter subscripiton options, filterable portfolio, image sliders and more. It also supports video files which you can add to keep your users engaged onto the site for longer. Another great thing here are the options like Contact form, social icons and CTA buttons to make it easier for your users to find you. 

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Uza is the best free multipurpose website template for businesses. With trendy new design and stylish fonts, this template will explain your product or service clearly to the audience. Lots of white space is used in this template to present the contents neatly to the audience. As video contents are preferred a lot by the present-day audience, the designer has given you plenty of space for video contents. Right from homepage to portfolio pages, contact pages, services, and a lot more subpages are pre-designed for you in this template. In the top navigation bar, you have space for a call to action button, which you can map to any option you want.

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Chimper is a sensibly designed free multipurpose website template which both freelancers and companies can use. The designer has used the full-width design effectively to promote your services. At the header and at the footer, you have a call to action button to notify the user that you are available for new projects. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you in this template so setting up a website will be an easy job for you. Trendy looking fonts are used in this template and the ink-black texts look very attractive on the clean white background.

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Funder will be a good option for financial websites and charity websites. The designer has handled the template carefully to get a pixel-perfect premium quality template. Though it is a free template, you can see a professional design and professional handling of code. The texts and the images are balanced elegantly throughout the template. With this template, you can explain your services and products clearly to the audience. As this template is originally designed for finance websites, you get all the icons related to the finance niche. By making a few adjustments to the design you can use this template for your website.

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Interior Design


Interior Design, from the name itself you can understand that this template is made for construction businesses and interior designers. The simple minimal design of this template makes it flexible for all types of websites. Since this template is designed for creative business minds, it has an artistic touch in this design. Each line and icons are selected with extreme care so that the user can have a luxurious feel on your website. Visual and animation effects are scaled properly so that you can use this template for all types of business websites. Apart from the regular pages you also get a gallery or portfolio page in this template.

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Landerz is a simple one-page template. As many small businesses are preferring one-page templates due to its flexibility and easy to maintain character. Very subtle animation effects are and lively colors are used to present the contents engagingly to the users. The code structure is kept simple for future customizations. As your demand grows you can easily add pages and features to this template. The developer has used HTML5 and CSS3 script in this template, hence integrating other tools and applications will be an easy job for the developers.

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Farmie is the best multipurpose website for all type of businesses. The creator of this template has included all the pages you normally need to set up a proper business website. In addition to normal pages, you get the shop and product pages pre-designed for you in this template. So if you plan to sell your products online in the future, these pages can come in handy. With the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework the creator of this template able to provide you with engaging elements and useful widgets.

In between sections you get parallax scrolling effects; which you can use to add promotional contents. Properly organized homepage lets you give a clean glimpse of all the other pages in your website. Since this template uses the latest coding frameworks, you can easily integrate this template with other software and applications.

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Casahotel is a premium quality website template for hotels, restaurants, and other related business websites. The designer of this template has taken full advantage of the full-width layout of this template. Since this template is primarily designed for luxury hotels the design elements and visual effects are very soothing. Web elements are placed sensibly at the appropriate positions, for example, the search widget for rooms is placed right below the header section. All the navigation options are put behind the hamburger menu icon to buy you more screen space. The navigation menu opens in a full page mode, which you can use to add other promotional banners if you want. An equal amount of space is given for the text and image contents to help you present the contents engagingly. A reservation form is also given in this template, which works perfectly from the front-end.

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Vogue is a trendy looking modish website template with lots of creative web elements. Images have played a major role in this template so if you had spent a lot in taking original images, this website template will give the best result for your money. Though this template is designed for spa and salon, it can be used for other websites like photography studios and personal websites for artists. The creator of this template has made it completely flexible so that you can customize it the way you want.

As this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, you can easily integrate this template with other applications. A pre-made appointment booking form is given in this template. All you have to do is to add the fields you want and integrate the form with your reservation system. Visual and transition effects are very fluid and can load easily within seconds.

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Unlock- Free Responsive Multipurpose Bootstrap Website Template


Beautifully crafted, simple yet sufficiently powerful, Unlock is one of the best website templates that impressively cater the needs of all business websites. Regardless of the niche, it fits is all sort of business, app showcase, portfolio, creative agency, and others. Along with an intuitive and elegant interface, it comes packed with powerful features to make your website one that creates a lasting impression on its users. This responsive and SEO friendly template is just everything for creating a website that your visitors can’t get their eyes off.

It has a gazillion features you can take maximum advantage of. Not just an eye pleaser, your website also will be highly functional providing the best user experience. Impressing everyone with a website is quite a daunting task but not with Unlock. Grounded in the Bootstrap 4 framework, it is equipped with all the required elements for the purpose. Moreover, it offers unlimited customization options along with an efficient codebase. Since this template is optimized for the speed, it reduces the page loading speed to the minimum.

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Cachet- Free Bootstrap 4 Multipurpose Website Template


Crafted on the latest practices of HTML5 and based on Bootstrap framework, Cachet is truly one in a million kind free responsive website template. This multipurpose website template is a decent match for all kinds of websites. Whether business, landing page, freelancing, product showcase or something else this template fits in perfectly.  And you know what’s the good news is? Well, it is available in two versions: one page and multipage. That means you can either stick to a minimal website or opt for the multipage as per your requirement and convenience.

Furthermore, you can add a relevant video and set is as the background for your website. The video background gives a professional look to your website. However, the most impressive part of this template is surely the smooth animation on the scrolling. And most of the website users find this feature quite interesting including me. This template is also responsive, SEO optimized, retina ready, enhanced for optimum performance, and cross-browser compatible. Having said that, this free multipurpose website template is determined to provide the best user experience!

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Virb- Free HTML5 Multipurpose Bootstrap Template


Standing against the stereotypes, this free template is feature dense and unbelievably beautiful. It is professionally crafted, graphically stunning, technologically sophisticated, visually stunning, versatile, powerful and whatnot. Moreover, the features are not just there to make a list longer but are also premium-like. Hard to believe but it is the truth that you do not have to pay a single penny for it. If you need a website and a streamlined web presence, then this template is a the one you should opt for.

It has been based on the latest web technologies like HTML5, Bootstrap3, and CSS3, this template has many features at your service. This template has a pop-video that adds the extra glow to the website interface that will surely allure the users. Not just that, it includes smooth animation and the accordion. Google map integration, on the other hand,  make the website more lively and acts as an infrastructure for convenient location tracking. Furthermore, the responsiveness and easy to use features of this template are just commendable.

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Black- Free Responsive Multipurpose Website Template


Black, unlike its name, is one of the most colorful and vibrant website templates. It is simple, elegant but sophisticated, ultra-flexible and highly customizable. However, modern and minimal are the two words that perfectly describe this template. Furthermore,  this template comes loaded with all the features required to create a jaw-dropping website for your business. Being a multipurpose template, it is suitable for all kinds of websites, including business, creative agency, blog, portfolio and such.

It also incorporates a pop-up video, cool accordion and smooth animation upon the scrolling. Not to mention, it is fully responsive and profoundly optimized for all search engines bots and speed as well. For your convenience, it has been built using all the latest technologies like  HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Sass. In addition, it is based on the Bootstrap framework. Overall, this template is just so amazing that it will surely make you feel that Black is colorful.

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Bold- Free Responsive Bootstrap Multipurpose Template


Bold is deeply powerful, modern, attractive, well design, visually cohesive, professional, polished, well-designed HTML5 multipurpose website template. It is perfect for all kinds of websites. However, it is best suited for portfolio sites, creative agency, art galleries, photography and personal blog. It comes with a unique interface and optimized smartness in the list, ships with a revolutionary page layout. Bold has a large heading and subheading that gives your website a neat and clean look.

The best part of this free Bootstrap based template is its attention-grabbing centered menu. Bold assure the incredible compatibility of modern browsers. With the single template; you can cover users from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera, IE (Internet Explorer), and Microsoft Edge. This template also sports the off-canvas menus, parallax effect, pop up video and more!

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Sublime- Free HTML5 Responsive Website Template


Sublime, the free responsive multipurpose template is the creation of efficient frontend coder who has assured W3C code validation and attractive, impressive, striking, astounding and lucrative user interface design. The website theme has meticulously crafted to attract the vast level of visitors very much. Sublime is simple, modern and a free responsive HTML5 Bootstrap template which offers an extensive range of features along with its mobile-friendly layout.

Additionally, it is W3C code validated and hence is profoundly well structured. Also, it included the commented codes to make the customization process a breeze. To keep visitors engaged it has a working PHP contact form, elegant login and signup, Font Awesome and more.  Moreover, it is built using sass and gulp for making the customization task hassle-free!

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X-Corporation – Free Bootstrap HTML5 Template For Business Agency

X-Corporation is creatively crafted, graphically impressive, technologically sophisticated flat HTML5 website template. The template is clean, visually aesthetic, graphically enriched, well designed, lightweight and fast loading website template. If you are looking for a technologically sophisticated, polished and intuitive responsive website template for your business, you did awesome to land here. X-corporation is a completely gorgeous and is smartly developed template. It is packed with excellent features and a fantastic interface. With this theme, you can effortlessly and quickly make your site ready for public release. To simplify your website needs, we, the developer of uiCookies.com has provided functional and pliable contact, service and about page.

On top of that, the responsive HTML template offers bootstrap slider, sticky menu header, sparkling tabs and a cool accordion. Moreover, it has a section to display refined service details and client convincing team. Some other notable features are testimonial, full-width grid system, and customers logo slider. The SEO friendly and well-documented website template are saturated with elegant typography and cutting edge parallax animation which helps you to turn your professional business website. The Bootstrap HTML5 template shipped with features that can easily bedazzle your site audience and convey your business message.

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Marketer – Free Bootstrap HTML5 Advertising Agency Website Template


Marketer is the second creation and release from uiCookies. It’s is based on bootstrap frontend framework. You can term this template as well-organized, graphically intuitive, visually glossy, modern and extensive, tech-savvy, highly engaging, and an easy-to-use responsive digital marketing HTML template. If you are looking for a professionally outfitted and creatively shaped bootstrap HTML5 advertising agency website, you can go with Marketer template. The marketer is the packed with all feature that website needs to run online marketing website seamlessly. As the customers and clients are highly professional and prudent business owners, we’ve assembled the template with extensive care.

The fold of an advertisement agency website is crucial.  Almost 80% advertising agency customers spend their time here. So, we bottle the social media marketing agency theme with a vibrant slider. When you scroll down to the hero area, you will find comprehensive service details, trust boosting features like satisfied client testimonial, showcase to the logos of big brand you serve satisfactorily, Case Study and content packed footer. As we emphasize on the enhancement of site usability, we included a fixed header with drop down menu, scroll to top button, industry-oriented color and typography, extensive about, service and contact pages. So, whatever your business demand and requirement is, it can fit with any marketing business planning.

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Interbizz – Free Bootstrap Corporate Agency HTML5 Website Template

Interbizz-Free-HTML5-Responsive-Bootstrap-Themes & Templates-For-Business- 2018

Interbizz is gorgeous, elegant, versatile, high quality, feature-dense, clean and responsive HTML5 CSS3 website template. The template looks minimal and simple, but server your vast interest in the website with ease. The developer has crafted the template for cover the business and corporate business website. But change the images and rearranging content structure you can create law firm, consultancy, business portfolio, and other service websites.

The codebase of this template is lightweight, optimized, SEO friendly and secured, offers flexibility over your limitation of developing a website. Simultaneously, when it comes to fitting inside the modern handheld devices like iPhone, iPad, tablet, notebook, windows phone, android phone and more, free responsive business website template extensively handles everything.

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Metallix – Free Industrial & Construction Company HTML5 Bootstrap Template

Metal-Free-HTML5-Responsive-Bootstrap-Themes & Templates-For-Business- 2018

Metalix is one of the most unique, elegant, clean crisp, amicable, ambitious and cool bootstrap template for creating highly sophisticated, luxurious, beautiful and stylish bootstrap html5 templates for industrial and construction website. We, the developer of uiCookies crafted and ground up the bootstrap business theme with excellent care. Consequently, You can tailor the Metalix with the website that provides service like steelwork, fabrication, welding, subsea, profile cutting, mining, rail transport, oil, gas, and petroleum industry.Moreover, the interface looks clean, fresh and refreshing, comes with conversion friendly header and bootstrap contact form. On the other hands, Above the fold are the crucial area in this industrial web template.

It provides dazzling carousel slider to warmly impress visitors in few seconds. Furthermore, the template is the best free construction bootstrap template because it provides team member showcase, social media optimized footer, convincing about page, bootstrap search box, and more. Metalix is built with Bootstrap 3 frontend framework, optimized for search engines. Thus, it offers a conspicuous visibility over search engines and modern browsers. Thus, It allows you to create responsive construction website for architecture, general contractor, mechanical power plant engineering, roadwork construction, civil engineering, heavy cranes, renovation and more. Download the theme and enjoy the fun.

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Fontanero – Free Plumbing Construction & Repair HTML5 Website Template

fontanero-Free-HTML5-Responsive-Bootstrap-Themes & Templates-For-Business- 2018

Fontanero is clean, minimalist, cool and great Bootstrap 3 HTML5 template for plumbing service website. The is lightweight and load quickly so that visitor can view your website within 3 seconds. The code is optimized and saturated for optimal performance throughout modern devices and browsers. The latest construction web template comes with the Bootstrap navigation bar, responsive bootstrap carousel slider, and plumbing contractor details with the bootstrap call to action buttons.

The best part of Fontanero theme is its service gallery; it comes incorporated with service details nested bootstrap columns. It cites the feeling of ultimate elegance and sophistication. The responsive plumbing contractor website template also provides unmatched elements that boost site trust and credibility. It adds client logo slideshows, bootstrap contact form, an area to provide a physical business address. If you are looking for best bootstrap templates for your handyman service, give it a go without further delay.

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Primex – Best Responsive Business Website Template Free Download

Primex-Free-HTML5-Responsive-Bootstrap-Themes & Templates-For-Business- 2018

Primex is beautiful, extremely helpful, carefully crafted, aesthetically accomplished, feature-dense, amazing best business website template. If you are looking such an brilliant and efficient theme that can cover your website need for training center, law firm, couturier service, logistics company, business consultation, ads agency, marketing firm, video production, freelance portfolio, banking and finance, plumber service, travel agency, personal service, construction, renovate and transportation, you are in the right place. Undoubtedly, Primex is going to cover everything that you need.

Free responsive website template for business is sufficient to serve all the feature that a small and medium business website needs to be popular and conversion friendly. Furthermore, the availability of modern and incredible website elements have made it easy for webmasters to create an amazing and elegant looking website. Moreover, you do not require any knowledge of graphic designing and frontend coding. In addition, Primex is meticulously coded. Developers try to assure the single template can fit inside modern browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Opera and more.

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Booster – Free Simple HTML5 Bootstrap Landing Page Template


Booster is another fantastic, meticulously designed, impressive, mind-blowing, stunning, visually aesthetic, SEO friendly, free multipurpose website template. The landing page template is crafted with great care, offers a high optimized interface. Thus this template helps to maximize your site conversion and revenue as well. The booster bootstrap html5 template is an amazing website solution to create high converting and sales landing for real estate, travel agency, web app landing, startup, health, expertise, professional, online courses, SEO consultancy, web development firm and more.

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