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We spend countless hours creating beautiful artworks. Even a simple word gets new visual meaning when it gets in the hands of designers. But without showing a real-world example, people can’t understand it clearly. We in this list have curated some of the best free mug mockups to present your design elegantly to your clients and other users. By using these free mug mockups you can save much of your time and use it to create another beautiful artwork.

As Steve Jobs said until we show the product in the real world, people won’t see it or accept it. These free mug mockups help you to showcase your design on photorealistic images. We have also managed to collect some mockups with human models so that you can give a casual and realistic view of your design. All these mockups are designed using Photoshop, in order to edit these PSD files you might need a Photoshop version of CS4 and above. Smart objects are used in these PSD files, so even the general audience with basic Photoshop knowledge can work on these free mug mockups easily.

Christmas Eve Free Mug Mockup

free mug mockup for christmas sales

With a well-decorated Christmas tree as background, this free mug mockup will be a good choice for presenting your Christmas day special sale mug designs.

You get two mugs in this mockup, and both of them are treated as separate elements. Hence, you can add two different designs in this scene, or else you can simply use the same design. Customization controls are very straightforward. Even new users can start using this mockup generator tool within a few minutes.

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Person Holding Mug While Reading

woman holding mug mockup

This mug mockup has a real-world photograph of a woman reading a book and holding a coffee mug.

Having a hot cup of beverage on the one hand and a good thriller book on the other is the best thing one can do on a rainy day or on a nice cold winter day. If your mug designs are targeting readers, this mockup will be a good choice. Since this is a photograph image mockup, you can edit only the mug on the scene, and other elements can’t be edited.

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Unique Free Mug Mockup For Presentation

easy-to-edit free mug mockup

In this free mug mockup, you get a woman turning and holding a mug.

Those who want to present their mug designs in a unique manner might love this mockup. The creator has given the option to change the dress color of the woman to make this mockup extra-special for the creators. All optimizations are taken care of by the mockup editor tool itself. You can simply upload the design, choose the colors you want, and download the mockup.

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Mug Near Laptop

mug near a laptop image mockup

If you are targeting work from home people or remote employees, this mug mockup will be a good choice. The mug in the image can be seen clearly; hence, you can show your work from home concept designs elegantly to the audience. Reflections and sunlight are handled smartly in this mockup to help you make a realistic mug image. Since it is a free mug mockup generator tool, basic optimizations are taken care of by the mockup generator itself. All you have to do is to upload your design, pick the mug colors, and make your product image within minutes.

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Travel Mug Mockup

woman holding travel mug mockup image

In this mockup image, you get a woman holding a travel mug. If you are making handy and easy to carry travel mugs, this mug mockup might come in handy for you. The mug in this mockup has a slightly different shape; the top part of the mug becomes wider, and the lower half has a narrow shape to help the user easily hold the mug. You can change every aspect of this mug mockup apart from the shape. So if you want a different shape mug mockup, you can check the other free mug mockups in this list.

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Free Realistic Mug Mockup

real world mug image mockup

Using real-world images for your product will help the user better understand your product. For example, rather than mentioning the dimensions in the description, showing it clearly in the real world condition will help the user imagine the size. You can see a black tea/coffee being poured into a mug in this mockup image. The optimization level in this mockup generator tool is very precise, so you don’t have to tweak it later. Once you add a design to the mug, the reflection on the table also changes immediately. Therefore, you can create photorealistic product images easily with this mockup tool.

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Black Mug Mockup PSD


This is an elegant looking black coffee mug mockup. In the default design, the mug is given in black color, but you can change the color of the mug. The best part of this mockup is the creator has shared the font files along with this mockup, so you can use those fonts to create your own wordings. Layers are well organized to make customizations easier even for the beginners. Like most other free mug mockups in this list, this PSD mockup also uses a smart object for quick edition.

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Mockup of a Couple Holding a 15 Oz Coffee Mug

This mug mockup featuring a couple will get your design and concept across perfectly. Since boy and girl hold their own mugs, this means you can also create two different designs, for her and for him. Change the color of each mug, upload your design and attach a text overlay, these are all the possible options you have with the wonderful template. In just a few short moments, you will have the outcome ready to go.

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Mockup of an 11 oz Mug and a Book on the Floor

This wonderful mug template is packed with goodies. Along with stuffing your design on the mug, you can also create the cover of the book. Both, the mug and the book allow you to change the color. Just like any other mug template on Placeit, this one also gives you a chance to edit and correct it in-browser. Once you are done and satisfied with your photo-realistic presentation, download it and use it for social media promotion or to showcase it to your client. You can also put together multiple variations and let the stunning mockup help you decide on the final design.

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Woman Drinking a Hot Beverage Mug Mockup

Using this awesome mug mockup by putting your nifty design on it or a simple quote on it. That said, if you are in the process of designing a mug, this mockup template will surely do the trick. It features a young lady enjoying her drink, looking you directly in your eyes. As far as the designing part goes, upload your image and you are done. You can also change the color of the mug and include some text overlay if you wish.

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Customizable Splashing Coffee

easy-to-edit mug mockup

If you are looking for a mug mockup to make beverage product images, this is the best option for you. Though this is a mug mockup, the creator has given you the option to add different types of beverage splashes. You can even add custom beverage splash images to create a unique product image as per your demands. Since the Placeit is an online mockup editing tool, all editing and image corrections are done through the algorithm. Users can add the colors and images they want and can create a unique mug image in no time.

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Coffee Mug in a Customizable Scenery

mockup with art elements

In this example, you can add a creative hand-sketch like effect. If you want to make your image stand out from others, free mug mockups like this will come in handy for you. Mockups like this will also come in handy for you to explain your idea clearly to the sketch and animation artists. If you don’t find a suitable drawing in the default image set, you can upload your own sketch. Overall, Placeit is a friendly tool that will make your job simple and easy.

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Coffee Mug Mockup Featuring Some Plants

mockup with neat background

This mug mockup gives you a beautiful image from a photographic perspective. Clean background and decor items in the scenery elevates the look of your mug design. The online tool takes care of neatly adding your design to the mug without disturbing other elements in the scenery. If you want a fully customizable scenery and more freedom in the customization, check the PSD mockups in this list. For quick customization and if your requirements are simple, you can use this mockup editing tool.

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Coffee Mug at a Mechanic Garage

coffee mug in a garage

This mug mockup gives a casual image background. As you can see, the creator has used a blurred mechanic garage background image. If you want your product image to relate with the user’s day to day life, free mug mockups like this will be a good choice. The mockup tool lets you change the mug color, add graphic designs, and texts easily with just a click. A whole bunch of other garage related mockups is there on the page, take a look at it if you are making garage-related websites or products.

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Promotional Mug Mockup


In this mug mockup, you get a woman with a laptop in the background. If you are making designs and accessories for the offices, this mockup is the best option. This mockup can be used by both designers and store owners. The high-quality image of this mockup can help you make a real product image. Plus, the user can also zoom in on the product to see your product clearly. Only one image mockup is given in this free mug mockup design. The reflections and the shadows of the mug are captured properly in this mockup so you get a realistic image out of this mockup.

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Mug Mockup – Forgraphic


Mug mockup by Forgraphics is a quite familiar mockup. The showcase quality mockup helps designers to elegantly display their mug design. Even small store owners can make use of this mockup to showcase their products. The smart object used in this mockup is large and clear to cover the coffee mug. With this mockup, you get three sets, based on your need you can use the one you want. All the mockups are made flexible enough to customize almost all the elements like background, mug color and of course the mug design.

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Set Of Realistic Mug Mockups


From the name itself you can infer that this mockup has more than one image mockup. If you are making mug designs based on the holiday or festive theme, this mockup is the best option. The background and the atmospheres given for the mug set the festive mood. All the images in this mockup have properly organized PSD files and layers. Working on this mockup will be a child’s play even for the beginners. The reflections on the mug are preserved well in the smart PSD layers to give a realistic look to your design. Overall this mockup is the best option for gift stores and images for festive sales.

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Free Chipped Coffee Mug

unique free mug mockups

If you are looking for something different from the regular free mug mockups, this chipped mug mockup might inspire you. In this mockup, you get a high-quality image of a cup and saucer. On the elegant looking marble texture background, the mug image looks clean. Plus, your design will also look attractive in this image. If you like using patterns in your design, take a look at our CSS background pattern collection for inspiring design. Since this is a PSD based free mug mockup you can edit the layers to change the background, shadow, and design on the mug.

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Personalize Mugs

free mug mockups for products

If you are planning to use the free mug mockups to create product image, mockups like this will come in handy for you. In this free mug mockups set we get a mug and a box image, and a man holding mug image. Each element of the mug is treated as a separate layer, hence you can easily customize it as per your demand. For example, you can not only change the design on the mug but you can also change the design on the box. The PSD layers are handled properly so that even the shiny nature of the mug is preserved well in some images.

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Mug on Female Hand

female holding mug mockup

As the name suggests this mockup has an image of a female holding a mug. The images are taken in perfect lighting conditions hence your designs will look elegantly on this mockup. Like most other good quality free mug mockups in this list, this one also has a well-handled PSD layer. Any person with basic knowledge can work with this mockup and customize it with the design they want. The creator has used an image with 3000 x 2000 px resolution, hence you can use this image for printing purpose as well. Plus, users can zoom on the image freely without any loss in the image quality.

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Free Mug Spilling Milk

free mug mockups with milk

Most free mug mockups in this list are empty mugs. In this mockup, we get a mug spilling milk image. If you are looking for free mug mockups to use in your dairy product, this image will come in handy for you. The mug, milk, and the background are treated as separate layers hence you can customize this mockup without disturbing other elements on the image. Because of this useful customization options, you can use this mockup with other elements to create a custom scene for your product. If you are looking for other such designer-friendly mockups for your product, take a look at our mockup collection.

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Free Beer Mug Mockup

free mug mockups for beer mugs

As the name implies, this mockup is made exclusively for beer mugs. If you are making a product image or poster for beer products, free mug mockups like this will come in handy for you. Since it is a free mockup you get only one image of a hand holding a beer mug. Though the image count is less, the creator hasn’t compromised with the quality of the mockup. You can expect all the basic customization options that you have seen in other free mug mockups in this list. Speaking of posters, if you are a poster designer, take a look at our poster mockup collection.

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Metal Mug Mockup


Metal mug mockup is a minimal looking mockup. With the clean white look and neat background, this mockup gives a clear spotlight to your mug design. The reflections on the mockup are surreal so most of the users won’t find this to be a mockup. This mockup is completely free and lets you use it to showcase your projects. Most of the layer customizations part is already taken care by the creator, which saves your time. You can concentrate on your design and add it to the mockup directly.

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Mug Mockup With Poster Frame


With this package, you get two mockups, a photo frame mockup, and a mug mockup. If you specialized in designing products for living spaces, this mockup will help you showcase your projects. The creator of this mockup has taken immense effort to make the elements look realistic. In order to download the mockup for free, the creator expects a small favor from you. You have to share the posts in your social media profile to get the download link. Other than that, this mockup is free to use.

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Floating Coffee Mug


Floating Coffe mug is a photorealistic mockup. On a neat studio background and perfect lighting, this mockup gives a life to your design. In the default design, you have a typography design, but you can add both full body design and typography design. Shadows in the mockup are managed properly so that it gives a realistic look to the mockup. All you have to do is to replace the smart object with your design.

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Lovely Mug Mockup


Lovely Mug Mockup gives you the property of the kitchen in the mockup. Most of the mockup for mugs have properties of the living room. If you are expecting something different this mockup may satisfy you. The tray elements give a split screen style look to the image so that your mockup gets a neat highlight. Every element on the mockup is completely editable so you can adjust the mockup to elegantly show your design. You can even change the colors of the mug based on your design. The layers are maintained properly so that the reflective surface of the mug is maintained.

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Elegant Brand Mug Mockup


For a brand focused mockup design, this one is the best option. If you are making a merchandise or giving a freebie to your loyal customer, your brand should be clearly shown. This mockup will give a clear understanding of your design on the final product. Solid color backgrounds are used in this background, so based on your design nature you change the color to enhance your mug design.

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Enamel Mug PSD MockUp


Enamel Mug PSD MockUp is from the creators of Graphic burger. As the name implies it is an enamel mug mockup, reflections on the mug and the shadow effects make this mockup feel like surreal. Since this mockup is designed on a studio quality image the lightings are perfect so that the product is visually appealing to the users. This mockup gives you the option to add your design on the body of the mug and as well at the bottom. Smart object part is done carefully so that it matches the reflective enamel mug.

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PSD Graphics Mug Mockup


With reflective enamel finish, this mug mockup gives a natural look. This clean mockup will give you an idea of how your design looks in a day to day life. Lightings are adjusted properly so that your design can be seen neatly without any disturbance. Shadow of the mug gives a realistic touch to the mockup, the best part is you can even adjust the shadows. Neatly arranged layers help you to neatly customize and add your design easily.

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Coffee Cup In Hand MockUp


Coffee Cup In Hand MockUp is also from the creators of the Graphic Burger. Instead of a coffee mug this mockup includes a coffee cup. If you are designing a restaurant website template or other food-related website template, mockups like these will save your time. This mockup has a human element in its design to give a human touch. The original image is taken under studio lighting condition, hence the image adapts well to any types of background you use. Even in the default mockup design itself you have other backgrounds options included. This mockup has images taken in both long shot and close range, based on your need you can use the one that fits you well.

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Free Awesome Coffee Mug Mockup


Free Awesome Coffee Mug Mockup is a premium quality mockup. In fact, this a freemium mockup, in the premium version you get extra three mockups along with it. This mockup contains floating mug image taken in different angles. If you are selling a product like this, by providing images at different angles will help the buyer to understand the product better. In the free version, you get five mockup variations as a package. The designer has created a layer by layer mockup to help you customize almost every element in this mockup. In order to use this mockup effectively, you might need Photoshop version of CS4 and above.

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Graphicpear Mug Mockup


This minimal looking white mug mockup is from the Graphicpear designers. With this mockup, you get a simple minimal white mug and customizable background. This mockup is best for the graphic designers who want to give a preview of their design to the client. The simple clean design of the mockup highlights the design of the mug. This mug mockup is better for both creative designs as well as text design. Since the mockup is made of a high-resolution image of dimension 2500 pixels, the mockup looks crisp and clean in both full stretched view and shrunk view.

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Mug Mockup 01


Mug Mockup 01 is one of the famous free mug mockups in the internet world. With over 95k downloads, this mockups proves its quality and ease of use. This mockup gives you a close range image of the mockup with a dimension of 3000×2000 pixels. Image quality is high so that it doesn’t pixelate even when you zoom closer. The close-range image gives a better visibility of your design. This mockup not only gives you space to add texts in the body of the mug but also at the inside of the mug. The smart object part in this mockup is done really well to give a natural look so that it can handle all types of designs well.

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Enamel Mug Mockup By Bulbfish


Enamel Mug Mockup by Bulbfish is simple, clean showcase style mug mockup. This mockup is the best option for designers to give a preview of their designs to their customers. With this mockup, you get two PSD files. This mockup is another version the enamel mug mockup given above, this also has reflective and shadow effects. Layers and the smart objects are handled smartly in this mockup so that it looks realistic no matter what design you add to this mockup. This is primarily a free version, but if you wish you can support the creator with the amount you like.

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Minimal Coffee Mug Mockup PSD


Minimal coffee mug is also from the graphicpears, just like the mug mockup mentioned above. This mockup is also a minimal looking white mug, which helps you to elegantly showcase your design work. The mockup is created using different layers, hence you can change almost every aspect of the mug mockup. In the default design, the mockup shows vertical design, but the given mockup image s big enough to handle all types of designs. The creator of this mockup gave us a big image of dimension 5000 x 3750 pixel, so you can even print and publish this mockup without any worries.

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Mug PSD MockUp #3


Mug PSD MockUp #3 is from the Graphicburger creators. This is one of the best easy to use and customizable mockup. Creators of this mockup have organized the layers well so that you can change almost everything in this mockup except the mug. The bigger 4000 x 2800 pixel image gives you high-quality mockup so that you can create a crisp sharp illustration of your design work. In order to work with this mockup effectively, you must need a Photoshop version CS4 and above. This mockup is the best option to showcase your design work in the portfolio. If you are a graphic designer looking for a creative portfolio website design, check out our free portfolio website template collection.

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Enamel Mug Mockup Set


The designers from the mockupworld gave us this amazing mug mockup for free. With this mockup, you get two mockup design. One of the design has a tilting mug on a glass table with a plain background. In the other design, the mug is placed on a table with nature background. Both the mockups gives you the option to add and customize the background the mug design. Layers and the smart objects are used effectively in this mockup. For example, when you change the mockup design of the mug, it is also reflected in the glass table. With this mockup, you can save lots of your time. The original dimension of the image is also big so that you can stretch and shrink the design easily without losing the quality of the image.

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Woman Holding Coffee Mug


Sometimes adding a human element to your mockup gives a more realistic look. In this mockup, the design includes a woman holding a cup. The creator of this mockup gives you the option to customize the mug design alone. You can’t change the background image or any other elements with this mock. Hot steam over the coffee mug gives a more realistic feel to the mockup. The layers and the smart objects are handled well so that the image reflection on the coffee mug is not disturbed. Even though the smart objects are done with extreme care, in some design the mockup looks artificial, so take a preview before using this mockup.

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Cube Mug Mockup


If you are looking for a something different from usual mug design, then this mockup is for you. As the name implies this mockup includes a cube-shaped mug, on which you have more plain space to add your design. The benefit of a cube cup mockup is your design blends well with the given image. On a curved object sometimes the smart object layer look artificial. In this mockup, the designer manages to give you more realistic view with the help of latest Photoshop version. Since this mockup is build using latest PS version make sure you use Photoshop version CS4 and above. Overall it is a creative and different mug mockup on this free mug mockups list.

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Simple Coffee Mug Mockup


As the name implies this is a simple mug mockup that you have seen in the mug mockup by forgraphics. This mockup uses a clean solid color background with little shadow effect. In the mockup pack itself, you get three background variations. If you have any special needs you can change the background easily. Since this mockup uses smart layers, in a matter of second you can swap the existing design with your own design. The smart object section is handled well so that it matches the curvature of the cup and looks natural.

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Classic Mug Mockup Free Demo


Classic mug mockup is one of the personal favorites for many designers. This classic style mug mockup handles all sorts of design like vectors, patterns, text designs and logos well. Since the original image is taken under perfect studio lighting condition, the product is captured perfectly without any flaw. Hence adding virtual layers over the original became easier for the designers. There is also a premium version of this mockup in which you get a complete set of mug mockups with a different style. This free version includes all the premium features so you no need to hesitate to use this mockup.

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Ceramic Mug Mockup


Ceramic Mug Mockup is similar to the classic mug mockup mentioned above. In fact, both the mockups are from the same designers, so you can expect the same design quality in this mockup as well. This mockup gives you the option to change the background image, in most of the part it looks natural. But in some background images, the mockup looks artificial. So please take a look at the image before you are going live. Other than that the mockup is completely customizable and easy to use. All the end user have to do is to change the existing design with their own design.

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Free Clean Coffee Mockup


Free Clean Coffee Mockup is a perfect studio style mockup. With the modern trendy background, this mockup becomes an easy pick for eCommerce store sites and other fashion related sites. If you are running your own brand store, then mockups like these help you to easily showcase your products. You can save your time and resources for creating studio-quality images like these by using this mockup. The image used is taken from close range, so you have enough space to clearly display the mug design to the users. Like most other free mug mockups in this list, you can customize almost all elements in this mockup.

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PSD Coffee Mug Mockup


The default design of this mockup makes it a kids friendly design. But you can customize the existing design with your own custom design. The circular gradient pattern used in the background displays your design elegantly plus, it also highlights your design neatly. This mockup is created using a previous version of Photoshop. If you are using the latest version of Photoshop, then you can customize this mockup without any issue.

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Coffee Mug Mockup


Coffee mug mockup by Mockup Free is a simple clean mockup. In the default mockup, you get inner mug color similar to the design color, but it is customizable. You can add or change the mockup color based on your needs. This layer based mockup gives you more customization options, all you have to do is to change the existing design with your own design. To use this mockup effectively you must need Photoshop version CS3 and above.

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Smiling Woman With Mug


Smiling woman with mug mockup is a casual looking mockup from freepik. Most graphic designers and professional bloggers must have come across the freepik. If you need high-quality graphic elements for free, then freepik is one of the best platforms. This mockup is no different from the quality of the freepik design elements. All the layers are properly arranged so that you can straight away edit the mockup without any worries. This is a PSD mockup so obviously, you must need a Photoshop version CS4 and above.

Info / Download

Female With Mug


Female with mug mockup is a fresh new mockup from the freepik creators. Rather than just showing the mug design to your client, you can use some real-world elements like in this mockup. In this mockup you get a women model with files along with the mug, to give a workplace feel. With this mockup, you can customize the mug and the background.

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Two Mugs


Two mugs, as the name implies this mockup gives you two mugs tingling to each other. On the clean blue background, the white mugs look attractive and the user can also see your design without any distraction. This mockup is perfectly layered to give you a realistic feel. The smart object goes well along with the rest of the elements in the mockup, so when you add a design, it doesn’t look odd or artificial. This showcase quality mockup can be used in your portfolios as well to elegantly show your design work.

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Cup Mockup With Floral Decoration


Cup mockup with floral decoration is a photorealistic mockup. As the name implies this mockup has floral decoration as the background. The smart object is created smartly so that it fix well with the curvature and shadow effect of the mug. In this mockup, the image used is a long shot image to show your design clearly. Since the image used is a high-quality image, you can zoom in and show the design without any loss in quality.

Info / Download

Man and Mug


Man and mug is another casual looking mockup from the creators in the freepik. Blurred background with the clear subject, otherwise known as bokeh effect is one famous photo effect you might see in many social media posts, thanks to the modern smartphones. This mockup also uses the bokeh effect, with which you can clearly display your mug design. In the default mockup, a text design is used, but this mockup can handle all other types of designs like pattern, vectors, and drawings as well.

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Four Mugs


Four mugs is actually another version of the two mugs mentioned above. In this mockup, you have four mugs placed at different positions. The designer of this mockup done an excellent job by providing clean mockup that fits well and does not overlay on other images. Just like in the two mugs, this mockup also uses clear blue background. In this mockup also you have the option to change the background color. This mockup designed using the latest Photoshop version, so make sure you have PS version CS4 and above to edit this mockup.

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Coffee Mockup With Steam


Coffee Mockup With Steam is a bit artificial looking mug mockup, so only we are adding it last in our list. When you add perfectly balanced color scheme the mockup looks awesome, but when you add different color combination, your design looks artificial. Most designers can manage with it but general users like store owners, will find it bit difficult to handle that. Other than that the background and the steam effects are great and will give your design a real-world look. This one is also from the fellows at freepik, so the editing work is pretty similar to their other products if you have used any of them before.

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