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Websites are no longer static brochures that simply showcase our products/services. Big brands create interesting and compelling design strategies to make their brand unique from their fellow competitors. Videos are one of the best performing content on the website. A stats from SearchengineWatch states that 6billion hours of videos are watched each month on Youtube. Now you may know how video content can change your brand. If you decided to use videos on your website, these WordPress Themes Video Background website designs will help you make a compelling website.

We have collected WordPress Themes Video Background designs for all major website categories. And most of the themes are multipurpose themes, hence you can use these themes for any website. Since these are WordPress themes, you get the drag and drop page builders. You can easily edit any section and add videos to them. All the basic optimizations are done perfectly in these WordPress Themes Video Background designs. The only thing you have to do is to optimize the videos before using it on your site.


WordPress themes video background design for agencies

Remake is a fresh and one of the best selling minimal portfolio WordPress themes. If you are looking for an innovative WordPress theme video background concept to make your portfolio interactive, this is the best option for you.

Two WordPress themes with video background concepts are given in this pack. Both of them use an interactive link concept that shows the corresponding video in the background so that users can get a better idea before seeing the full page. The default design of this template makes it a perfect option for creative agencies and videographers.

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filmmaker WordPress theme with video background

9Studio is a pure filmmaker and director WordPress theme. The creator has used different WordPress theme video background designs to deliver an immersive user experience.

Video background sections are placed smartly at the important places to grab the user’s attention as soon as they land on the website. Apart from the video background design, this theme has modern web elements and interactive sections to highlight your works. Overall, 9Studio is a smart WordPress theme for film professionals and actors which uses a video background to keep the users engaged throughout the website.

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WordPress video background design for photography websites

Snapster is a modern photography and videography WordPress theme. Therefore, you can naturally find WordPress themes with video backgrounds in this pack.

All eighteen pre-built demos in this pack have a clean layout to elegantly showcase the work. Plus, the Elementor page builder options to easily edit the web pages lets the user easily edit the sections as per their requirements. For example, if you want a video background between the sections, you can do it by simply dragging & dropping the video background section in the place you want. Apart from placing the sections, you can also add parallax effects and few other effects to make the webpage unique

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WordPress Themes Video Background for video production studios

Brooklyn is a multipurpose WordPress theme and it is also one of the best selling WordPress themes in the market. 40+ demo versions are included in this package and it has designs for almost all major website categories. Customizations are made simple using the WPBakery page builder. There are few demos with video background, but if you like other demos without video background, you can add video background by simply using the drag and drop page builder. A thoughtful touch in the default video background demo is the option to turn off the sound. Giving the option to play and pause the videos will also be a good option, but you have to work on it by yourself. A survey suggests most users get annoyed when an unexpected video played with sound; because of this reason only, the latest browsers have the option to turn off the autoplay option.

This theme is equipped with lots of useful plugins, you get both free and premium plugins out of the box. For example, you get premium plugins like Revolution Slider, Events Calendar and a professional booking application. Overall the Brooklyn is a good value for money and you get plenty of elements pre-designed for you.

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video background WordPress themes

Filmic is an interactive movie production and film creator website template. The clean image-rich layout of this template will help you showcase your works elegantly to the audience. Different interactive effects are followed in this template to get the user’s attention easily, and a video background section is one of them. You can manage the video background easily using the Elementor page builder. The page builder tool interface is direct and easy to use; hence, new users can also easily work with this template and can create video background sections quickly on any part of the website.

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video background agency and portfolio theme

Every creative professional wants their portfolio to be intriguing. Using a video background in the portfolio not only makes the portfolio livelier but also helps you to give a glimpse of your work. If you are a videographer, portfolio designs like in this WordPress themes video background will come in handy for you. This theme pack has more than 30 demo versions. All demos are properly equipped with the WPBakery page builder, so you can pick any demos and can add video background sections on any webpage. Speaking of videographers, take a look at our videographer web templates collection for more interactive websites.

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WordPress Themes Video Background for architecture websites

Prague is an architecture website theme. Architect websites always have a modern creative design that helps the website owner to elegantly showcase his or her designs. Using the videos to showcase the work will help the user to understand your designs better. Even if you can’t make real videos, you can use your 3D model videos to impress the users. Since it is a WordPress theme it supports all major video formats. 29 homepage variations are given in this theme and all of them follow a minimalistic simple design. This minimal design will help the user to concentrate on what they want. In the default video background homepage design, you don’t have the option to mute or control the video. But the controls can be added by making a few tweaks to the code. Flexible code structure will the customization part a lot easier.

On this clean layout, your work will look attractive and the user can enjoy your designs thoroughly. Since it is a premium theme, you can expect more WordPress themes video background versions in the future updates. This theme is equipped with Easy Digital Download plugin, hence you can sell your digital designs easily on your website.

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video agency WordPress theme

Oshine is a multipurpose WordPress theme for creative businesses and creative professionals. If you are a freelancer or a professional using your website to showcase your works, you will love this theme. In this theme package, you get WordPress themes video background for videographers and video agencies. Since it is a normal website with a video background on the header section, the user will have a familiar environment on the website. As a result, you get an engaging and user-friendly design. The video background is unobtrusive and runs silently on the header section. Designs like this are ideal and can be used for any type of website.

Apart from the video background on the header section, you have space for videos in between the sections as well. This theme uses the TATSU drag and drop page builder; though it is not a famous page builder like the Elementor or WPBakery, you can customize easily with this WYSIWYG editor. 50+ styling modules are given in the page builder, plus you also get live text editor. Hence, you can easily manage your web page contents. Since it is a multipurpose theme, eCommerce website themes are also given in this package. Therefore the Oshine gives an infinite number of possibilities with this theme package.

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WordPress Themes Video Background for portfolio websites

Uncode is also similar to the Oshine creative multipurpose WordPress theme mentioned above. You get multiple pre-made demos for different business and personal websites. This theme has 400+ ready-made pages for you. Hence, you can make any website within minutes using this theme package. As we are talking about WordPress themes video background in this list, this theme has a video background design for a portfolio website. Using videos in the portfolio website will help you interact well with the audience. Plus, the audience can also feel your work before giving you a project. This theme offers you two video backgrounds, one that simply runs in the background without any sound and the other gives you the option to play/pause the video. Based on your needs, you can pick one and engage your audience.

If you are a photographer or videographer, this portfolio design will be a perfect choice for you. Apart from the background video you also have the option to add a video link to show your welcome video. This theme uses the famous WPBakery page builder and is integrated well into the theme. Because of the proper integration out of the box, you can place custom elements using the shortcodes.

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website template for professional videographers

Ashade is an interactive photography website template with dynamic web elements. The portfolio-centric design of this template lets you add only an interactive slider on the homepage. Other inner pages have a normal design, so you don’t have to worry about clearly explaining your services. All pages and homepage variations use a dark layout on which the images and videos look attractive. Since this is a photography WordPress theme, the creator has given many niche-specific features. For example, you can password protect some of your images, and separate client settings are given in the gallery. Using well-optimized themes like this will help you successfully take your entire business online.

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professional WordPress theme for creative minds

Novo is another photography WordPress theme. A unique feature in this theme is it has all demo variations and pages in both light and dark skin version. If you want more flexibility in website skin options, this theme is worth a try. Since it is a photography WordPress theme, it naturally supports all images and videos. Plus, you get dedicated gallery pages to elegantly present your work to the audience. For your information, this theme has 25 pre-designed gallery design. Different types of homepage layouts are given in this pack. You can either pick a homepage that stuns your audience or pick a homepage that promotes your services. No matter what demo you choose, all of them have the WPBakery page builder tool neatly integrated into them. Hence, customizing this theme will be an easy job.

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interactive website template

SOHO is purely designed for image-rich creative professional websites. If you are making a website for a professional videographer, this theme would be the best choice. This theme has four demo variations, and all of them have an interactive image slider. You can either use a video from services like Youtube and Vimeo or use your own video. Like the Ashade demo, this one also has a dark layout. The creator has given different variations for the inner page as well. Hence, setting up a unique website will be an easy job.

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betheme wedding WordPress themes video background

BeTheme is one of the famous multi-purpose WordPress themes. With more than 450 pre-made templates, this theme has designs for almost all major website categories. Plenty of customization options are given in this theme. Plus, the WPBakery drag and drop page builder has made the customization job a lot simpler. Hence you can use any custom elements on the page you want. Simply choose the demo you like and place the elements and sections you want.

It has a default WordPress themes video background design for wedding videography websites. You get a video background in the homepage header section and also space to add a video link in the header section. With this smart design, the user can either see the full video without any interruption or can simply see your galleries and contact you. Apart from the desktop menu navigation design, this theme also offers minimal mobile navigation design. With regular updates, this theme gets better customization options so that even regular users can design their websites like a pro. With all these friendly features, the BeTheme is one of the best WordPress themes for both developers and common users.

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interactive portfolio WordPress theme

Grenada is an ajax based WordPress portfolio theme. The homepage itself is treated as a portfolio so that you can impress the users as soon as they land on your site. Five homepage variations are given in this package. Each homepage has an interactive design to keep the users engaged. Hover animations are used effectively to add life to the website. Based on the portfolio category the user selects, the background image or video changes. The clean black layout not only gives a rich look to the theme but also improves the visibility.

To make this website functional and easy to use, the creator has used the creative designs only on the homepage. All other inner pages follow a simple normal design with a dark color theme. If you are a creative professional like an actor this theme is a perfect option for you. Growing Digital agencies can also use this theme, the portfolio-centered design will help you impress your clients. Mostly Google fonts are used in this theme, hence you get a wide array of fonts to choose from. This theme also uses WPBakery page builder, so minor customizations can be done easily.

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WordPress Themes Video Background for landscaping

Gardex is a landscaping WordPress theme. Landscape designs make a big property complete and give an inviting look. Just like in the architecture website, just showing pictures of your work is not enough. Videos help the user to understand your work better and improve the chances of closing a deal. Just like all other WordPress themes video background designs in this list, this one also uses video background on the header section. With an open envelope header shape, this website clearly distinguishes the main content area from the header. Plus, the video background stands out from the rest of the contents. Apart from the video background design, there are two more homepage designs with image sliders in the header section.

The spaces are utilized well in this theme so that the user can easily access the elements on your website. Since this theme is originally designed for landscaping businesses, you get lots of green elements. This theme uses CSS3 script, hence you can any modern color schemes in this theme. This theme uses a lightweight page builder called, the Site Origin Page builder. In this page builder also you can expect the customization options that you would normally get in a famous page builder like the WPBakery page builder.

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construction wordpress theme with video background

Construction, from the name itself you can understand that this theme is made for construction business websites. Executing the job is the most difficult part than planning one. If you have done challenging constructions works and love to share the experience with your audience, this theme is the best option for you. Apart from the homepage header video background section, you have plenty of space to add video contents. Since this theme is running on the latest WordPress version, you can either use the video link from your YouTube channel or you can upload it directly to your website.

Parallax effects and quick hover effects are used to give an immersive experience to the users. Four homepage variations and four header variations are given in this theme. Based on your need you can pick one and start customizing it. Like most other WordPress themes video background designs in this list, this one also uses WPBakery page builder. In a construction website, the gallery section plays a vital role. This uses the premium Essential Grid gallery plugin, which gives you plenty of gallery designs and customization options. Megamenu options are also given in this theme to let you easily organize the options.

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multipurpose wordpress theme with video background

Jupiter is another famous multipurpose WordPress theme. Just like the Betheme mentioned above, this theme has also powered thousands of websites. 220+ website demos are included in this theme and the Ruminus creative website demo uses a video background design. Even if you don’t find a video background design for the niche you like, you can easily customize the theme to bring the elements you want. This theme uses the Elementor page builder. Right from header to footer, you can change each and every aspect of the design. To let you easily search and find the theme design with the features you want, this theme offers an advanced search bar. You can easily filter and narrow down your search with this advanced search option. If you are interested in making such useful search bars for your websites, take a look at our Bootstrap search box examples.

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video background web page with call to action buttons

Kenozoik is a hardcore portfolio WordPress website theme. If you are a creative digital professional like digital artists, graphic designer or illustration artist, this theme will definitely impress you. Fifteen homepage variations are given in this theme and each one has a different interactive layout. The main website layout and the navigation menu have a different design in this theme. You can either go with the traditional top navigation bar or can use a creative toggle menu. If you like to make your menu design unique and user-friendly, take a look at our CSS menu design examples.

Among the twelve homepage designs, you get one video background design. In the default video background design, you can only show the video and a few text lines for the welcome message. Since all the navigation menu options are given above, the user can easily jump to other pages on your website. Blog layouts are also unique and clean in this theme. If you are planning to run an active blog and give useful content for your audience, these blog layouts will be useful for you. In all twelve demo variations, you can see that stylish texts are used extensively. Since this theme uses Google fonts, we get plenty of stylish fonts to give a unique character to our websites.

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WordPress Themes Video Background for portfolios

Burst is a creative and digital agency WordPress theme. In web designing, digital agency websites always set a trend. The creative functional designs used in digital agency websites are loved by many users. Though modern designs and contemporary elements can make the website interactive and unique, using a video will enhance the experience. Eight homepage variations are given in this package and all of them follow a simple flat style design. In one example, you can see that the creator has used both images and videos in the header section image slider. Since the developer has used the premium Layer Slider plugin, you can add any videos and images to the slides. Plus, you also get the option to easily customize the slider transition effects.

The default video header homepage design is short when compared to other homepage variations in this theme. But you can easily add the section you want by using the WPBakery page builder. Custom elements are also added into the drag and drop page builder, so you can place whatever elements you like. The shop pages in this theme are powered by the WooCommerce platform to let you easily run an online store.

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full page video background homepage

If you are a photographer or videographer and take pride in your work, this theme is the best option for you. The first thing the user sees on your website is your photos and videos. Sixteen homepage variations are given in this package. You can use image sliders, photo walls, galleries, and videos in your homepages. In the default design, the texts and the icons on the homepage footer section are not visible. But you can easily fix it by changing the static and hover effect colors. If you are a developer you can use the CSS file to fix this, other normal users can simply use the WPBakery page builder tool.

To make give a distraction-free environment, all the navigation options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon. Another thoughtful touch in this design is the user can easily play/pause the video. Apart from the homepage variations, this theme has four portfolio layouts. The creative unique nature of this template makes it a good option for only freelancers or personal websites. If you are a creative or video agency, you can check other WordPress themes video background designs in this list.

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interactive multimedia rich website with useful controls

Vice is a multimedia-rich WordPress theme. This theme not only has the option to add video background in the header section but also allows you to add video background on any part of the webpage. Since this theme is originally designed for music band and DJ, you get a smart music player at the bottom. The default music player gives you all the necessary options. But if you like to be creative, take a look at our HTML music player collection. Since this theme is developed using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, it supports all modern third-party templates. This theme gives us the WPBakery page builder to make minor customizations easier.

All the menu options and buttons are placed at an easily accessible spot. Hence the users can enjoy your contents and can also easily share it to social media. Since this theme is made for artists, the social sharing options will help the artists to reach the global audience easily. Plenty of custom icons are given in this theme to give a unique look to your website. This creative WordPress theme even has a shop page powered by the WooCommerce. So you can sell merchandise and digital contents easily with this theme.

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simple and minimal looking multipurpose wordpress theme

Universal is a multipurpose WordPress theme with multiple demos made for business websites, personal websites, and landing pages. The theme creator has used different interactive effects to keep the users engaged. This theme package has two full-page video homepage demos; both have almost the same design. The homepage is long and the video background is used only in the header section, hence, you can use this theme design as a regular website. On the clean white layout, the texts are clear and the sections are easy to distinguish.

Apart from the main demos, this theme has 80+ pre-made pages. Whether you are making a personal or company website, this theme has proper web pages for you. Even coming soon and maintenance pages are given in this package. Once you buy this theme, you no need to worry about making extra pages or elements. The given elements and pages itself is more than enough. With periodic updates, this theme is now running on the latest web development frameworks; because of it, the core customizations can be done easily in this theme. For minor customizations, you get WPBakery page builder. Overall the Universal is an easy to use WordPress theme.

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design and creative agency wordpress theme with video background

One page website templates are becoming popular among users again. Most small business owners and professionals can’t spend much time with their website. Using a one-page website design makes the job simple without compromising the website goal. The Gedebvge is a one-page portfolio theme. The theme creator has given you the option to use both video and image backgrounds. Plenty of text space is given in this theme to let you explain your business or services clearly to the audience. If you want a simple website with a video background, this theme worth a look.

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WordPress Themes Video Background for blogs

Melissa is one of the few WordPress themes video background for blogs and magazines. The creator of the theme has given us both image and video background header option. Based on your preference, you can pick one. If you are a travel blogger, you can use the video background space to show some your adventurous trips. The main blog area follows a Pinterest style card design to show the posts. You also get the option to add the sidebar for the main blog area. Apart from the video background options, this theme has all the important features to make a proper blog. There are pre-made designs for different post formats. Therefore, this theme will help you make an engaging blog/magazine.

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