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An important part of any website or application design is the navigation menu. The user must know where they are and where to go when they click a link. People have tried several new ideas and stick to a design that gives better results for several years. The hardware design of the machines is no longer the same. Every day we get new devices and designs. Websites and applications are accessed through smartphones, smart wearables, and, recently smart home devices. If you are planning to make a unique navigation system that fits all these devices, the CSS menu design in this list will give you some inspiration, or in other words, you can use it as a muse for your custom design.

The basic principle in any menu design is listing the options you need. Some websites, like magazine websites, must manage multiple categories and sub-menus. Whereas for a simple business or personal website, a single horizontal menu bar will do the job. No matter for what purpose you are making a menu design, there will be a design inspiration for you on this list. Make sure you check them all.

Free CSS Menu Examples

Easy-to-use and implement CSS menu examples with source code are collected in this list.

Whether you want a smart mobile-responsive CSS menu design or a full-screen animated CSS menu design, there will be a design for you in this list. So take your time and find the best concept for your project.

CSS Menu V17

CSS menu bar example

V17 is a CSS menu bar design example. This template has almost all the elements needed on a top bar—for example, social media icons, search bars, and a logo space at the center.

The menu bar has a dark theme, and it neatly separates the bar from the main content area. Contrast colors like white and bright red for the menu texts and highlighting manage to get the user’s attention. Plus, the contrast color improves the overall aesthetics of the website. The source code of this template is given in the download file to easily edit this template.

Info / Download Demo

Menu V20

full-page CSS menu example

The V20 CSS menu example gives you a hamburger-style full-page design.

Though it is a free template, the creator has given you a fully functional design. Right from the transition effect to the hover effects, everything works flawlessly. Even the minute animations when you hover over the hamburger icon and cross icon are done neatly in this template. This is the best option for you if you are looking for a fully functional CSS menu example with source code. Code-wise, the creator has kept the code as simple as possible so that you can easily utilize this design on your projects.

Info / Download Demo

Website Menu V06

CSS website menu example

As the name implies, the V06 is a CSS menu example for website menus.

This hamburger-style menu slides from the left. The menu options are listed neatly in the hamburger slider. More than ample space is given between each option, and after that, you also get plenty of space left to add your own custom elements. For example, you can add an email subscription form, social media icons, and many more. You can easily scale these menu options as per your design requirements.

Info / Download Demo

Website Menu V03

Simple CSS menu

Website Menu V03 has a plain CSS menu bar example. This menu bar’s transparent design shows the audience the background image. A blue highlighter is used to show the selected/interacting menu option. This one will be a good choice if you are looking for a professional-looking CSS menu design example. A drop-down menu option and submenu category are also given in the default, which will come in handy for big websites with lots of pages.

Info / Download Demo

Pure CSS Full Page Menu

CSS menu with smart and sensible animation

This one is a sensibly designed CSS menu. The creator has used the hover effects to show the related information and link details. For example, when you hover over the contact link, a quick overview of the address is shown along with the contact details. A sensible CSS menu design like this will make your website easy to useando smarter, which most modern users will love. Since the whole design is made using the CSS script, you can easily add custom elements and animations to this design.

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Menu with Awesome Hover

CSS menu with hexagon shape

Those who want a unique CSS menu design will like this concept. The creator has used a hexagon pattern for the menu options and bright, attention-grabbing hover animations. If you are planning to use a full-page navigation design, this concept will fit perfectly in your design. Since all elements are designed using the CSS script, they look crisp on all types of screens. Plus, the user can see the details and interact with the menu options without issues.

Info / Download Demo

Randomly Generated CSS Blobby Nav

CSS menu with bubble animation

This CSS blobby menu concept gives you a full-page animated menu concept. Menu options are shown in animated bubbles when the user clicks the hamburger menu icon. The default concept makes it a perfect option for cleaning, laundry, and plumbing websites. Of course, you need to tweak the bubble designs to fit your concept. The given code structure is flexible enough to handle your custom effects, so you can use this code snippet to create your unique CSS menu design. Speaking of plumbing websites, look at our plumbing service website templates which have several creative elements like this pre-designed for you.

Info / Download Demo

Inspiration for Menu Hover Effects

menu hover effects examples

In this CSS menu design example, the creator has given different hover effects for the menu options. Nearly eight types of hover effects are given in this pack and all of them are different. The creator has kept the hover effects quick and smooth so the users won’t get annoyed by the animation effects. In this pack, you get both creative and simple effects. You can pick the effect you want based on your need and tune it to fit in your design. You get the complete code script in the download file so you can easily work with this CSS menu example pack.

Info / Download Demo

Draggable Menu with Image Grid

interactive menu design

In this CSS menu example, you get a creative design. If you are looking for something different from the usual design to give an interactive feel to the users, this example might inspire. The default menu design makes it a perfect fit for digital agency websites with creative design. As the name implies drag interface is used in this design. The drag interface will be a good choice for touch devices, but for computers, it is better to include keyboard input options. The corresponding image gallery is shown in the default design, but you can map it to the page or any other element you want.

Info / Download Demo

Line Menu Styles

line style menu design

This is another hover animation example for menu options. As the name suggests, this example uses line menu style. More than ten types of line style animation effects are given in this pack. If you like to use creative and simple animation effects, it is good to bookmark this page. All animation effects are simple and neat so you can use this line menu style in all types of professional websites without any hesitation. The properly structured code script will help you easily utilize the code in your project.

Info / Download Demo

Multibox Menu

full page menu design with multiple boxes

If you are planning to use Windows tile style navigation menu for your website, this design will impress you. The creator has used a full-page menu design for this example to give you more space to add menu links and creative stuff. The creator has also given hover effects in this example along with the creative tile style. This script will simplify your job if you are looking for a fully functional CSS menu design. Since all the basic optimizations are done perfectly in this example, you can concentrate on the customization and adding the features you want.

Info / Download Demo

Animated Border Menus

border navigation menu concept

This example might give you some fresh ideas if you plan to use screen borders for your navigation menu. Six demo variations are given in this pack, and each one is unique. The screen becomes dull so the border navigation menus look more evident to the users. All four corners are utilized smartly in this example. The creator has kept the animation and transition effects as simple as possible so that the menu design doesn’t weigh a lot on your website. Plus, users can also easily access the menu options. The whole code script is given as a download file to let the developers easily utilize the code.

Info / Download Demo

Distorted Link Effects on Menus

animated menu design

This example will give you ideas for menu hover effects. As the name implies, this example uses distorted effects for the menu options. The creator has included six demo variations in this pack. Each effect is unique and will give a different character to the website/mobile application menus. Since the effects are bold, it is better to use them for full-page menu designs. Well-written code script makes the animations swift and smooth. Mostly modern animations are used in this example, so you can use them for contemporary web designs without any hesitation.

Info / Download Demo

Menu 1

navigation menu for mobile devices

The developer Virgil Pana has given a concept for hamburger menu designs. Though the original design is displayed on a mobile screen, you can use this pretty damn quick animated menu for all types of websites/applications. Both folding and unfolding animations are given in this pack so you can get a better idea of the design before implementing it on your website. A few lines of javascript is also used in this example to make the animations even smoother. The entire code script is shared with you on the CodePen editor. You can trim the code per your needs and visualize it on the editor itself.

Info / Download Demo

Mobile Navigation Animation

animated mobile menu design

This example also gives you an animated mobile menu concept. The quick-moving split-screen transition effects will surely give an engaging user experience. Menu option hover effects are also included along with the transition effects. If you are a beginner, codes CSS menu designs like this will help you understand the whole design concept. The code script is kept as simple as possible so the developers can easily understand the code. Since the default design is complete and works properly, you can use this code snippet directly on your project.

Info / Download Demo

Colorful Flower Popup Menu

popup menu concept

A radial menu design concept is used in this design. The bubbly effect and drop shadows give an authentic radial bubble effect. Different colors are used for each bubble so that users can easily identify the menu options. Icons are used for the menu options to make the menu design even more appealing to the eyes. Since this is a concept model, you still have room to add your own custom features and options. Another advantage of this design is it is made purely using the CSS3 script. Hence, you can easily handle and use the code on your project without any hitch.

Info / Download Demo

Expanding Grid Menu

colorful windows tile style menu design

Expanding Grid Menu is also similar to the Multibox Menu mentioned above, but this one is more similar to the Windows tile interface. The creator has given you a solid color design and image background design in this example. If you like to spice up the design, you can add video and image slider backgrounds in the tiles. You only need to fix the menu folding and unfolding timing. Though the animation effect is smooth, the unfolding effects take a little longer than usual. Apart from the timing issues, this menu concept will help you make an interesting and applicable menu design.

Info / Download Demo

Menu cpc-Menus


This CSS menu design is built purely using HTML and CSS3. The visual effects are smooth and you can expect them to perform better even in small screen devices. As most of the effects are sleek and quick user no need to wait for the option to appear. A gradient color scheme is followed in the demo, but you can add your own color scheme. As this menu uses the latest CSS3 framework, you can add any trendy colors based on your requirements. This type of menu suits for any modern and creative website template designs.

Info / Download Demo

CSS Menu By Adam


If you are making a cool looking restaurant website or fast food, using a menu like this will make the users awe-struck. This menu design is full of cool effects and the sub-menu options jump out of the main category. The creator has treated the menu like a mega menu with an option for adding images. If your restaurant offers different services and different types of foods, having mega menu option with images will help you properly organize the options. Since the developer has used only HTML5 and CSS3 framework, you can easily incorporate this menu in your project. By making a few customizations, you can easily add this to your project.

Info / Download Demo

Sticky Navigation Menu With Smooth Scrolling


Sticky Navigation Menu With Smooth Scrolling is a design which you can use on any website. Menu designs like this will be a good option for landing pages and one-page templates. The menu bar automatically expands and contracts as the user scrolls down the page. This smart navigation bar behavior gives you enough screen space to see the contents without any issues. To make this design, the creator has used HTML5, CSS3, and a few lines of Javascript. The entire code structure used in this design is shared with you directly so you can trim the code as per your preferences.

Info / Download Demo

Pull Menu – Menu Interaction Concept


This Pull menu concept is an interesting design. When the pulls down the menu bar the navigation menu will change. The developer has smartly put the interaction area at the top so that the user won’t accidentally trigger the menu. The only downside of the design is you can’t jump to the pages with a single click. You have to pull down and hold until the desired menu option appears. Which makes this menu concept a perfect option for short menu navigation lists and not for long navigation menu lists. The developer has used HTML5, SCSS, and Javascript to make this design.

Info / Download Demo

Touch Device Jelly Menu Concept


Touch device jelly menu concept is a navigation animation effect for mobile menus. As most smartphones, even the budget ones offer a good quality touch experience, animation effects like this will look great. If you are using a full-screen style for the menu, this navigation animation effect will give a lively feel to your design.

Info / Download Demo

Floatting Draggable Menu


This design is inspired from the Facebook messenger chat head concept. You can easily drag and place the menu bubble at any part of the website. This menu concept is good, but practically it fits only for mobile applications. If you wish to make the menu options easily accessible for the users, this design will help you. Since it is a dynamic design, the developer has predominantly used the Javascript and the CSS script is used to refine the result. Though it is a demo concept, it works perfectly and the menu unfolding directions changes as per the screen space. Hence, you can use this code without any worries and customize it as per your requirements.

Info / Download Demo

Recursive Hover Nav


This minimal looking menu can be used in almost all websites and web applications. The visual effects are sleek and subtle without making any fuzz. As the name implies, the drop-down menu appears when the user hovers over the menu. Multiple sub-menu options are also given in this demo to get a clear idea before using it on your website or project. As the developer has shared the coding directly, you can have a hands-on experience with this menu design. The Codepen environment helps you to visualize the changes as you make them.

Info / Download Demo

Mobile Menu


As sliding gestures increase in the mobile UI you must make your mobile applications accordingly. For example, switching between apps and getting to the home screen in iOS (after iPhone X) and in Android P has changed to gestures. The latest swiping gesture interface inspires the menu animation effects in this mobile menu design. In the default demo itself, the transition effects are fluid and clean. You can use it as such in your application. Even if you need you can make little improvements. As the code used is shared with you by the developer of this menu, you can customize it easily. Speaking of iPhones, look at our iPhone mockups to elegantly showcase your designs.

Info / Download Demo

Mobile Menu Concept


This mobile menu is got inspired by the Android P interface. Google is known for its smart AI features. In the Android P version onwards Google will suggest some of the application you frequently use, before jumping into the main app tray. The designer of this menu has given you similar quick menu options at the bottom. Sliders accommodate more options in one place, and search options are also given in that small area. This design not only looks beautiful but it also practically works. The whole coding used for this beautiful menu is given in the info link below, check it out to know more.

Info / Download Demo

Mobile Menu Animation


As the latest smartphones are getting taller, keeping your menu options at the top will be difficult for the users to reach. Edge to edge screens are becoming popular and a standard now; in smartphones like this, you can keep all your important menu options at the bottom. The designer of this menu has put the menu options at the bottom center of the screen instead of keeping it on the top. Still, it has a minor fault, users will find it annoying when the scroll through the pages. So you can keep the menu at any one side of the bottom corners. The menu options open in a full screen, so the user can easily pick an option.

Info / Download Demo

Animated Mobile Menu Step by Step


You might have seen this menu style frequently in many modern websites. One of the biggest advantages of modern web development frameworks is using any shapes in your design. Consistently you can carry those shapes in your menu options as well. Adding a few animation effects can give life to your menu option. Since the mobile screen space is less, mostly the menu options open on a full screen; this reduces the chances of false clicks and annoyance. You can use this menu style in all modern websites and applications. Though the creator of this menu has shown it in a small screen device, you can use this menu even on the computer version of your website.

Info / Download Demo

Pure CSS Mobile Nav Animation


The creator of this CSS mobile menu has given you three variations. All three variations are clean and subtle so that you can use this for any professional websites. This menu design best suits for blogs and small eCommerce stores. As the name implies, the developer has concentrated more on the navigation menu animation effects. You can use this concept and can add your menu options. The developer has shared the entire code used in all three variations. All you have to do is to pick the one you like and start working on it. You can easily edit and see your results on the given Codepen editor.

Info / Download Demo

Mobile Menu Slider Prototype


As the name implies, this menu design has menu sliding effects. This menu design best suits for image-rich websites and photography website like Unsplash. Without any disturbance, the user can easily enjoy the photographs on the full-screen mode. As this menu pushes the main screen away, you can’t use this menu design on all screens and web pages. You can use this on full-screen mode alone or other types of animation. The developer has shared you the code directly, you can play with it in the way you want.

Info / Download Demo

App Navigation By Ian Turner


Though this navigation design is made for applications, this can be used for websites. All the menu options are treated as cards. To make it look more beautiful, different color schemes are used. Using color scheme for different menu helps the user to easily identify the options or the pages they are in. The effects are smooth and clean so that user won’t feel any lag. For a buttery smooth effect, the developer has used a few lines of Javascript. This menu design is the best option for digital agencies and other creative websites. You can easily use this menu on your website or project by making a few adjustments.

Info / Download Demo

Purple Sidebar Menu


Purple Sidebar Menu is a simple menu bar that you can easily use on all type of website. If you wish to give more space for the contents and make navigation menu easily accessible, sidebar menu is the best option. As the name implies this menu design uses a purple menu color scheme. But, you always can add your own color scheme based on your website or application design. Navigation menu animations are not given in this menu design. If you are looking for some cool effects, keep reading this post, there are more for you to get inspired.

Info / Download Demo

Menu Hover Line Effect


This menu design gives you inspiration for hover effects. The creator of this menu has used simple yet effective animation in this one. You can use this animation as such on a music website and on a hospital website. The sine wave like design will match the core theme of a music website and a hospital website. Effects are kept sleek and simple so that user will notice them easily. This effect best suits for main menu options, if you are planning to give sub-menu options, you may need to tweak this menu design a bit. The developer of this menu design has purely used HTML and CSS3, so you can easily use this in your project.

Info / Download Demo

Clip-path CSS Menu Concept


Clip-path CSS Menu Concept is a lively menu design with fun-filled clean animation effects. You can use this menu design in kids school website and in event websites. Each shape is treated as a separate element so they change shapes when you hover over the menu. You can keep them wriggle around all time or can keep them still and animate only when the user hovers over it. Animation effects like this will get user attention easily even on a content-rich website. Since the designer has done this purely using CSS, you can work with easily and use it in your design.

Info / Download Demo

Lavalamp CSS Menu


Lavalamp CSS Menu is an interactive menu design. The designer has used colorful highlighters to show the users which menu they select. Different color tags are used on magazine website templates to easily organize the contents by its categories. Using the color code itself the user can easily find the content category. You can use this colorful CSS menu design in websites like magazine and news websites. The transition effects are fluid and snappier so that user can interact with your menu without any issue. As the name implies, this menu is designed using only the HTML and CSS framework.

Info / Download Demo

Slide-Menu 2


Slide-Menu 2 design is perfect for one-page website templates and landing pages. Neat icons are used along with the wording to elegantly display the menu options. Combining smooth scrolling with this menu gives you an impressive page navigation effect. Like most other CSS menu inspirations in this list, this one also made pure using the latest CSS3 framework. As most of the effects are a default effect in CSS3, you can easily make a menu design like this in no time. Or you can simply use the code used in this menu design and tweak it to save your time.

Info / Download Demo

Another Menu Concept


This menu concept is a more common one and can be used in all type of website navigation menu design. The creator of this menu has followed hamburger style menu and the menu options open in a full-page. Effects are kept very simple, which makes it a perfect fit for all type of website. By default, you get the menu options arranged in a horizontal line. But if you need you can arrange them in vertical alignment as well. The coding is shared with you in Codepen editor, where you can edit and see your results simultaneously.

Info / Download Demo

Full Width Menu & SVG Animation


The developer of this menu has given you a fully functional menu design concept. You can use this menu straightaway on your website by making a few adjustments. This colorful menu design is the best fit for portfolio websites and for any website with creative design. The developer has followed the modern design trends in this menu design. Texts are made bold and stylish with cool fonts, bright colors, and neat animation effects. Latest frameworks like HTML5 and CSS3 are used in this menu design so you can bring the latest design and colors in this menu. The entire code used to build this menu is given in the info link below, take a look at it to get your hands on it.

Info / Download Demo

Pure CSS Fullscreen Navigation Menu


While the previous menu design consists of a colorful menu concept, this one has a clean circular menu effect. As the name implies, this one is also a full-page navigation menu design. The developer has taken a more practical design concept in this menu design. So you can use this menu in all types of websites with hamburger style options. This menu design is lighter than the previous Full-Width Menu & SVG Animation menu design mentioned above. The developer has used only HTML5 and CSS3 codings to build this beautiful menu. Based on your requirement you can go for the menu design that suits you.

Info / Download Demo

Gooey Menu


Gooey Menu has a fun concept in its design. Without taking much screen space the menu options are shown neatly. Since the space is very limited you only have the option to add icons to the menu options. This type of menu design best suits for applications and for showing settings option. The effects are smooth and fluid so the user can feel a complete effect. Circular design elements are mostly used in this design which looks neat and also contains the elements properly. The best thing about the menu design is the developer has kept the menu really light by using only HTML5 and CSS3 framework.

Info / Download Demo

Fully Responsive CSS3 Menu


Fully responsive CSS3 menu is a concept design for your admin dashboard menu navigation. The creator has added colors to the admin template to make it more presentable. The navigation design is kept very simple as you would normally see in all web application dashboards. If you are a beginner, you can start with this template. The developer has kept the coding structure really simple so you can find and edit the parts you want. Only HTML5 and CSS3 frameworks are used in this design. You can keep this is a base and can create your own custom design.

Info / Download Demo

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