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There are many free Bootstrap hospital templates out there in the market. All have a full-width layout, big images and web elements spread over the pages. But if you are looking to make a hospital website with a patient-centric design, where all the elements are placed in the most appropriate position. These handpicked free Bootstrap hospital templates will help you.

In most templates, you get a beautiful web design but not a properly designed template for that particular niche. Most top brands not simply design their website, they incorporate a strategy along with the design; the strategy that will lead to their goal. For example, Ann & Robert H.Lurie Children’s hospital in Chicago, not only provide health care service to the children but also collect donations to help them.

In Lurie Children’s hospital, charity and hospital websites design overlap. The creator of the website has handled the structure carefully so that the user will gain trust, understand the hospital services, and can select the service they want. The navigation is also made easier for the user to easily find what they want.

North Western Medicine is a pure hospital website, with all the necessary elements in the header section itself. For example, in the header section, you can find call-to-action buttons to book an appointment, find doctors, and find locations. The free Bootstrap hospital templates in this list follow these logical patient-centric designs to give a delightful user experience.

Health [FREE]


TheHealth bootstrap hospital template is for the hospitals that have several departments and provide different services.

The smart design of the homepage helps you to list all your services neatly in one place. In the header section, you have space to add a few lines about your hospital, you can use this space to add any recognition or awards given to your hospital. Below the header, you have quick info-boxes showing the opening hours, special features, and appointment booking option. In most other free Bootstrap Hospital templates, these options are given in the top bar, which will be hidden in the mobile view. By putting the quick info-boxes in the main content area, users can see it even on their mobile phones. Split-screen style design in the homepage helps you to show different contents in one place.

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bootstrap 5 hospital template

Toothcare is a special bootstrap hospital website template. This one is designed using the latest Bootstrap 5 framework. As soon as you get into the website, you will be welcomed with big sections, creative elements, and crisp icons. The creator has utilized the Bootstrap-5’s smartly in this template to deliver a visually stunning experience.

Apart from the Bootstrap 5 framework, what makes this template one of the best hospital templates is its logical design. You get an appointment booking form and service highlights right below the header section; this is one example, you can see more such sensible design throughout this template.

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bootstrap hospital template for chriopractic

You can infer that this bootstrap hospital template is for the Chiropractic hospitals from its name itself. Right from the web elements to the icons, everything is related to the spinal, back, and bones, so you can deliver a more authentic experience to the audience. Plus, you can deliver the message clearly to the audience. The creator has included all icons and images in the download file, so you can work easily with this HTML template.

Design-wise, this hospital template is slightly different from other bootstrap hospital templates. The creator has tried funky color schemes and swift animations for a livelier experience. If you want a unique website template for your hospital, this one will be a good choice.

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fully functional medical website template

Medex is a premium quality bootstrap medical website template that is free to download. Attention to details and the use of high-quality icons make this template as one of the best-looking free bootstrap hospital templates. Right from the button to the registration & contact forms, everything works smoothly from the front-end side. The creator has taken care of all the front-end optimizations; hence, your developers can work on the back-end part with peace of mind. An appointment booking form is placed on the homepage header section itself, where the user can pick the department they want and can start booking their appointment. Overall, it is a smart website template that will make your job simple.

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content-rich hospital website template

Medically is also from the creators of the Medex template mentioned above. You can expect the same level of quality in this template as well. The creator has used a different design and layout in this template. Lots of white spaces and images are used in this template, which gives a premium finish to this template and elevates the website’s professional look. The code script of this bootstrap website template is kept simple, just like its design; hence, developers can easily edit this template and can add their own custom features in no time.

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beauty and healthcare website template

Aesthetic template is specially designed for plastic surgeons and other related hospital websites. Since this template’s core theme has to deal with lots of content and need to deliver the message clearly to the audience, the creator has used lots of images and videos. Properly handling of the HTML5 script lets the user easily interact with the videos and other multimedia contents. Even if you plan to keep your website as a raw HTML site, you can use this template without any issues. Professionally written code structure will handle all your customizations effortlessly and will make your work a lot simpler.

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free hospital templates with one-page design

DrCare is a feature-rich free bootstrap hospital template. With big sections and bold texts, this template presents the content clearly to the audience. Pixel-perfect design and plenty of useful elements make it stand out from the rest of the free bootstrap hospital templates. Smooth animation effects and vector icons give an extra bit of premium look to this free template. The long homepage design helps the user to have a quick overview of the services you offer and facilities your hospital has. An appointment booking form is also given in this template to let the user book an appointment on the go. Only a handful of free bootstrap hospital templates are loaded with plenty of useful features, the DrCare is one among them.

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professional looking bootstrap hospital templates

Medcare is a professional-looking multipurpose hospital website template. The versatile nature of this template lets you easily adapt this template for all types of hospital websites. Right from the card elements to the accordions, everything is designed with precession. Hence, this template not only gives a professional look but also delivers a better user experience. The default accordion itself manages to organize the content properly. But if you like to add a personal touch to the design, take a look at our bootstrap accordion design collection. Like most other free bootstrap hospital templates this one is also made using the Bootstrap 4 framework, hence it can handle all modern designs and animation effects.

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responsive free hospital templates

If you are looking for free bootstrap hospital templates with modern and youthful design, this template will impress you. The creator has used trendy color schemes and beautiful looking icons to give a premium look to this free template. Just like in this Drcare website template mentioned above, in this one also you get an appointment booking form. Until you tell it is a free template, no one will ever know it. That much level of optimizations and quality is given in this template. Unlike other free bootstrap hospital templates, this one doesn’t restrict you in the features and customization options. The creator has included all the code script, fonts, images and other design assets used in this template. Hence, you can work easily with this template.

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free hospital templates with one-page design

If you like the bold design of the DrCare template mentioned above, but want it in a one-page layout, this template is the one for you. Since the DrCare and Mediplus templates are from the same creator, you get the same level of design quality and code quality. Though it is a one-page website template it has all the options and sections you need in a hospital website template. Just like in all other free bootstrap hospital templates, in this one also you can clearly explain your services and let the user book an appointment. Since it is an HTML5 website template, you have to take care of the back-end integration part. From the front-end, it is one of the best free bootstrap hospital templates with fully functional elements.

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user-friendly website template

Medi is a premium quality medical website template you get for free. Right from the icons to the images, everything in this template is high-quality stuff. Hence, your users will enjoy using your website. Modern web elements are used effectively to organize the content neatly within the given space. Each and every element in this template is designed sensibly to deliver a better user experience. For example, the lightbox popup for the booking forms makes interaction more comfortable, and the user can resume using the website without leaving the page. If you are looking for a website template with a better user experience, this one will be a good choice.

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clean medical website template

Docmed is a clean content-focused website template. The straightforward design of this template helps the user quickly understand the services you offer. All pages, including the blog pages, are included in this template. Hence, setting up a proper website will be an easy task for you. All you have to do is to add your content and launch your website. The creator has taken care of the basic optimizations so that you can use this template as such for your raw HTML website. Even if you are planning to convert this template into a CMS theme like a WordPress theme or Drupal theme, the flexible code structure of this theme will make the developer’s job simple.

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multipurpose dental clinic website template

Dento is primarily designed for dental hospital websites. The creator has given more importance to the content in this template. Elements like tables, tabs, and carousels are used to organize the contents neatly. Hence, the user can read more information without scrolling a lot. The usage of high-quality icons elevates the premium look of the website. And the best part is you get all icons and fonts used in this template in the download file. Developers can easily work with this template and make a custom website quickly. If you want to deliver your message and service details clearly to your audience, free bootstrap hospital templates like this will be the right choice.

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dentist website template

Prodent is also a dental hospital website template like the Dento template mentioned above. This full-width layout template gives you more than enough space between each element. As a result, you get an easy-to-interact website template. The contact info bar right below the navigation bar helps the user easily see your working hours and contact information. Many sensibly designed elements are on this template, so your users will find your website easy to use.

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contemporary style medical website template

Medico is another trendy looking free bootstrap hospital template like the Medisen template mentioned above. The long homepage design of this template lets you list all your services and hospital facilities in one place. Plenty of call to action buttons are given in this template so you can direct the user to the desired pages easily. The sticky top navigation bar not only makes the navigation easier but also make your website logo and helpline number always visible. Like most other good quality free bootstrap hospital templates in this list, this one is also mobile-responsive out of the box.

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Medicare 2


Medicare 2 is a colorful website template, purely designed by keeping modern day users needs in mind. Logical sectioning of contents will help the user to easily find what they want. In the homepage itself you have space to add reservation forms and daily working hours. The developer has used vector icons to clearly represent your services. Animated counters are also given to share some interesting stats about your hospital. In the top bar, you have space to add contact information and appointment booking call to action buttons. All the animation and transition effects are smooth and clean. The best part is the user can get the same fluid experience in their mobile devices as well.

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Medino is a clean version of the Medicare 2 website template mentioned above. In the Medicare 2 website template, the designer has used a modern gradient color scheme effectively throughout the template. If you want all the options in the Medicare 2 website template in a simple clean layout, the Medino is the option for you. Since both the templates are from the same creator, you get the same pixel perfect design with a properly written code base. In this template also you get the appointment booking form pre-designed for you. All you have to do is to take care of the integration and customization part.

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DrPro is a clean modern looking website template for plastic surgeons. Though this template is designed specifically for plastic surgeons, it can be used for other medical websites as well. The designer of this template has included useful web elements and options. Using these features you can provide a friendly user experience to the users. Since the frequently used elements are placed on the homepage, the user can easily interact with your website. For example, the appointment registration form and the emergency numbers are given on the homepage.

With this sensible design, users can easily get what they want, even in a hurry. Near the appointment booking form itself, you have space for animated counters. The counters can be used to show some interesting fact like the number of patients cured. By showing facts like this will improve the credibility of your hospital. The footer section of this template is also designed thoughtfully. You can clearly mention your working hours and list other important page links. Beautiful line icons are used to depict your services. As most of the icons are related to the niche, you can use them as such.

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Hospice is a minimal looking multipurpose website template for the medical and healthcare industries. Since this template is designed for general purpose, you get plenty of web elements. The creator of this template has made this template flexible for future customizations. You can easily add an element or integrate this template with other tools. Lots of white space is given between each element. No matter how many elements you add to this template, the proper spacing will show your content neatly.

In this template also you get the appointment booking form on the homepage. The designer has thoughtfully placed the working hours near the appointment booking form. Users can have a clear idea about the time before making an appointment. The form is also fully functional from the front-end, once you completed the backend integration, it will function properly. It is a multi-page template, so you have more than enough space to explain your services. You have space to mention the emergency contact number and email in the top bar and the footer section. Another useful feature with this template is the blog template. To help you easily share the contents, the single blog post page is also pre-designed for you.

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Dentacare, as the name implies, is designed specifically for dental hospitals. Hence, most of the icons and options are related to the dental clinics. The designer of this template has used gradient colors for the web elements and important sections. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 framework, the colors look natural. Ample amount of space is given for both texts and the images so that you can create an engaging website content. In between the sections you have full-width banners and parallax images to elegantly highlight the promotional contents.

The creator of this template has given you different forms in the homepage. Based on your needs, you can choose one. You also have a separate section listing the best doctors and their social media profile links. Apart from the appointment booking form on the web pages, the designer has also given you a lightbox form for easier access. Using multiple forms on your website is a good idea, but you have to manage it properly to know which one performs well.

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Dente is a unique website template in this list of free Bootstrap hospital templates. If you are looking for something different from the usual professional style design, this is the template. The layout of this template is kept simple so that you can use this one for any type of professional websites. Big web elements and large sections are used to effectively manage the full-width layout of this template. Instead of using the same clean white background from the header to the footer, this template uses other light colors in its design.

Since it is a multi-page template, the homepage of this template is kept very simple. You can list your services, unique hospital features, and an appointment booking form. Space for video contents is also given in this template, with which you can give a quick intro video of your services. Visual effects are sleek and quick in this template so that your pages load faster even in the small screen devices. In all the subpages you have a bright promotional section near the footer. If you organize a free camp or charity programme, you can use this space to get more user attention.

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Remedic is a premium class website template you get for free. The pixel perfect design and smooth animation effects help you set up a professional website quickly. The smart homepage design of this template helps you to neatly list all the services and departments in your hospital. Color scheme of this template is another unique feature of this template. The gradient color scheme of this template is balanced well with the simple neat layout of this template. In the top navigation bar itself you have space to add a call to action button for making an appointment. The registration form opens in a lightbox so that the user can see the form clearly and will the fill in the details correctly. It is a multi-page template with loads of modern web elements, based on your need, select the feature you want.

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Creative style designs are one of the modern design trends followed in almost all industry websites. If you are looking for such a modern creative website template for professional websites, the Caremed is the best option. The creator of this template has used creative web elements to give a user-friendly experience. Latest HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework are used to bring this template to life. Lively colors and cool animation effects keep the user engaged and also direct the users towards the important contents on your websites.

Customized line icons are used to neatly depict the services you offer. In the top bar, you have space to add quick links like emergency number, appoint booking option, and FAQ. A bright red color highlights the emergency number so that the user can find it even if they are in a hurry. Caremed website template has clear branding elements throughout the template. If you are an upcoming organization, this clear branding design will help you give a better impression to the visitors.

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Health is a brand new entry in the free Bootstrap Hospital templates category. In a neat professional layout, this template uses modern web elements to help you present the contents engagingly. The uniqueness of this template is the neat segmentation of contents. Important and most searched contents are placed at the top and other business related contents are added next to it. Light flat green colors are used for the color scheme of this template, which gives a refreshing look to the simple layout design. Carousels and accordions are used to add more contents by consuming less space. Parallax image sections are given in the homepage to add promotional contents. The footer section is used effectively to show the opening hours, quick contact form and other important page links.

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Medart is another creative website template like the Caremed template mentioned above. This template has more colorful elements in a clean layout. Bold texts with ample spacing make readability easier in both desktops and mobile devices. Creative design web elements are used for the important contents and also to make it look distinctive from the rest of the web elements. Different shades of blue colors are used in this template to help you elegantly highlight important contents. Emergency contact number is given in the main navigation menu bar, so in mobile view, it will be in the hamburger menu. You also have a blog template in this package to share health tips with your visitors. More than 60% of the users try to get online help to know about a disease. Running an active blog will help your audience get correct advice.

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Modern users prefer multimedia contents more. All the businesses are investing in video contents to reach a larger audience. If you are also investing in such video content strategy, then this template is the one for. Though all the HTML5 website template has native support for the multimedia contents, this template has elements for multimedia contents in its default design itself. Sticky top navigation bar not only makes navigation easier but also increases the visibility of the emergency contact number and appointment booking options. Giving online scheduling options improves your booking rate and fill your time slots easily. Some modern websites even provide chat support to help the visitors. As this template uses the latest website framework, you can integrate it with any modern web applications. This template keeps Visual effects very mild and are used only at the required spots.

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Dentist is a pretty straightforward website template. With the precise design of this template, you can nail the goal of your website and give users a better web experience. The smartly designed homepage gives you an ample amount of space to add both image contents and text contents. Shadow and depth effects are used to highlight the important content blocks. The shadow effects on the clean white background give the elements a floating feel.

It is a multi-page template with all the important subpages like about, services, pricing and contact pages pre-designed for you. In all the subpages you have a web page breadcrumbs at the top to help the user easily track their way back to the previous page. In the footer, you have bold texts to show the emergency contact numbers, links to other pages and social media profile links. You also get the images used in this template along with the download file. If you are setting up a dentist website, you can use it as such.

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Medilife is a content-rich colorful website template. With a bright color scheme, this template gets user attention when they land on your website. Visual effects are combined with this bright color scheme to draw user attention to the required web elements. In the header, you have a big image slider with bold texts and call to action buttons. Just below the header section, you have an appointment registration form.

To the right side of the form, you can see the hospital working hours and contact details. In an emergency, the user can use the alternate contact numbers near the form. All the form fields in the appointment booking form are perfectly working from the front-end side, all you have to do is to integrate this with your appointment management system. This template also provides you blog page design in its package. In the blog page, you have a sidebar to show your opening hours and appointment registration option.

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Medi Plus


The modern web design allows you to use animation effects to share your contents engagingly to the users. Storytelling is one of the most effective content strategies to keep the user on the web page. When storytelling strategy is used with visual effects, sure for fire you will start getting leads. The Medi Plus is one such template, which uses visual effects effectively throughout the template. With the help of the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap framework, this template gives sleek and quick animation effects. The long homepage design of this template allows you to give a complete overview of all your services. Since it is a multi-page template you can use a separate page to explain your services in detail to the users. Professional layout design and neat color scheme of this template make it a perfect option for any type of business websites.

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One of the major goals of a hospital website is giving hope to the people. Showing some happy faces and success story will make the patients feel better. The healthcare website template has animated counters in the header to show some interesting stats about the number of patients admitted, the number of patients cured, and the number of critical operations performed. If you are making a website for a hospital providing major services for critical diseases, this template is the best options. In the header, you have an image slider with bold texts and a call to action button to book an appointment. The appointment form is given in the footer section, try to make a separate page for booking appointment, if you are going to put links in other pages. Enough room is given for the text content to brief your expertise and facilities.

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If your hospital is providing service for one particular disease and have all the specialty to cure the particular disease, this template is the best option for you. Logically designed homepage of this template helps you to clearly explain your treatments, facilities and the best doctors in your hospital. In fact, you have a separate section on the homepage to feature some of your best doctors. People trust social media a lot to get advice before visiting a doctor. Providing social media profile links not only help the doctors to grow their network but also help the people directly with valuable advice. The gradient color scheme of this template is used elegantly throughout the template so that you can highlight important contents from other web elements.

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Medicare is a fully responsive and well-optimized website template. The well-written code of this template helps the web developers to easily customize this template. As most of the basic optimization is done in this template, developers can concentrate on customizing the template. The contents are arranged properly in both the desktop view and in the mobile view. All the features in the desktop version are carried on to the mobile version also. So the user will have a seamless experience across different devices. Other useful features you get with this template are animated counters, smooth animation effects, and accordions. This template gives you a separate page for the appoint booking form, so you can simply give the link in other pages.

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Medical is a simple one-page template for both business websites and personal websites. This template is an apt choice for small hospitals and for owners who want to easily maintain a site. Though it is a one-page template this one has all the elements and options you need to create an effective website. Even you have an appointment booking form with this template. You can also use this template as a base to create your own custom website template. This template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, with the code standard followed by web development professionals. So a web developer will find this template to work with this template and also to integrate this template with other modern tools.

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Fitness Gym


As I have said before, some big hospital websites provide chat supports for the visitors. Adding chat support to your website isn’t a tough job anymore, there are several tools to help you. The Fitness Gym template has a pre-integrated chat support tool Twalkto in it, all you have to do is to take care of the tool setup part. Though the Fitness Gym is a fitness website template, it has the structures and features closely related to a hospital website.

With few minor tweaks, you can make this template a perfect option for a hospital website. You have a neat CSS table design to explain show your daily schedule. Instead of the newsletter subscription form, you can add an appointment registration form. In the top navigation bar, you have the option to include contact number; the best part is it is carried over in the mobile navigation menu also so the user can get the emergency number easily.

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Sports fit is a health and fitness website template. As this template has many features related to the health industry, it can be used for the hospital websites as well. This template has an alluring design with a sporty look. If you expect something different from the usual design, this template will be the best choice. In the header section itself, you have widgets to list your services. Call to action buttons are placed at the appropriate positions so users can easily navigate the pages.

You have spaces to add videos and video links. As video contents are the most preferred contents among the current users, having a video for your hospital will help the user easily understand the facilities in your hospital. A neat timetable element is also included in this template, which you can use to show the daily sessions and available doctors. Icons are the only thing you must change in this template. Other than that this template can be made into a hospital website by making few customizations.

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Yoga, as the name implies it is a yoga website template. Just like the Fitness Gym template mentioned above, this template can also be used for the hospital websites. With creative design and interactive visual effects, this template helps you to present the contents elegantly to the users. Neat segmentation of the homepage helps you to neatly list all your services and features. With this template, you also get pricing tables. The visual effects in this template are very subtle but interesting. As soon as the user starts to move the cursor on this template will see some cool effects. You also have space to add video contents in this template. With minor tweaks, this template can be used for a hospital website.

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As we have seen in the Lurie Children’s hospital website, if you are also doing a charity programme, this template is the best option. The pristine design of the template helps you to clearly explain your cause and goal. In the top bar, you have a clear donate call to action button, to let the users know you are accepting donations. Since this template is primarily designed for the non-profit organizations, you have the homepage with all the elements related to the niche. But, few customizations will help you set up a proper hospital website. Other pages you get this template are gallery page, testimonial, and contact page.

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Charity 2


Charity 2 is also a non-profit organization website template, but with different layout design. This template is closely equal to the hospital website template, so your customization works are minimized. On the homepage, you have a big image slider with a call to action button to tell about your services and charity programme. Just below the header section, you have space to say about your hospital and the journey of your mission. There is also a space to add video content in the about section to give a clear idea of your work to the users. Just like in the Lurie Children’s hospital website, you can show the charity options along with your medical services. It is a multi-page template so you can use a separate page to talk about your charity programme.

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If you expect a more modern and lively website template for your charity hospital, Giving is the one for you. With a neat layout and modern web elements, this template takes your purpose neatly to the users. Animated slider bars show how much you have achieved towards your goals. On the homepage, you have elements for explaining your hospital and services. Animation effects are used smartly throughout the template for a better user experience. Even the icons used in this template are closely related to the hospital and charity website. Flexible code-structure of this template will help you customize the template to your wish.

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Unship is a multipurpose business website template. Since this template is designed for multipurpose use, you get plenty of useful elements. As your website grows, you will find these elements helpful. The template gives you enough room to add both text contents and image contents. Image holders are made big in this template so you can add images of any size and orientations without any worries. This template is purely built over the contents, so you have less elements to customize. All you have to do is to add your content and make it optimized for the look of the template.

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Transportation is a website template for logistics and travel websites. With this template, you have two homepage design with different layout design. Apart from the main navigation menu bar you also have a secondary navigation menu behind the hamburger menu. You can use the secondary menu bar for promotional options. Other useful elements you get with this template are animated counters and sleek animation effects. This template uses HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap framework with industry code standards. You also get mega menu options in this template to list all your services neatly under one option.

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