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Bored by the same old design and the same templates repeatedly mentioned in all the free fitness website template lists? Well, we managed to collect some of the fresh new free fitness website templates that you can make use of for your fitness website. All these free fitness website templates use the latest web design and web development framework. So, with these free fitness website templates, you can easily create a future-proof site. Before getting into the free fitness website templates list, let us see all the important elements and features you must see in a fitness website template.

When we speak of the fitness website template, personal and business templates come on the list. If you are a trainer and looking for a fitness site, make sure you have the features to brand yourself (one of the main principles of a personal website). Second, the template must have interactive web elements to share your experience. Since most fitness services can be explained clearly with videos and images, make sure that the template you select supports multimedia elements.

For the business sites and the fitness clubs, the elements you need to see are; interactive visual effects, classes and schedule tables, a service section, a testimonial, pricing table, and an interactive map in the contact section. The Gallery section and the videos are additional features you can expect in free fitness website templates.

Since fitness classes are one of the services in that people prefer by location, providing an interactive map in the contact section helps the user to reach you easily. If you plan to run a membership site then adding a user dashboard is a must, check out our dashboard template collection to select the best dashboard for your site. We have managed to collect the free fitness website templates that have almost all the features mentioned for both the personal trainer sites and the business sites mentioned above. Without further ado let’s get on to the list.

Trainer – Free Fitness Website Template

free fitness website template for personal trainers
Trainer is the best free fitness website template for personal trainers. The neat design of this template helps you to make a strong personal branding. With the full-width design, you get plenty of space to add more about you and your services. White spaces in the design add more richness to the template and also give a clutter-free visual experience.

Since trainer is a multi-page template you can be more elaborate about your services, pricing, and your experiences. You also get a gallery page with this template to visually interact with your audience. The grid design with ample amount of space between each cell in the gallery page helps you display as many pictures as you want. Big footer at the bottom gives you enough space to add important links, contact info, and Gym working hour.

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image-rich fitness website template

The Activitar fitness website template has all the elements you need to make a modern fitness website.

You can elegantly list your services, programs and also list the class schedules as a table. Since this is an HTML template, you don’t have the option to book classes directly from the table. But, you can edit the code and easily integrate your booking system into this template. A dark theme is followed throughout the website, and the gradient colors will mesmerize first-time users. Overall, Activitar is one of the best premium HTML fitness website templates in the market.

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brand-focused fitness website templates

Muscle is a brand-focused fitness website template. You can take your brand to the audience with confidence. The intuitive layout of this template will help you inspire users to join your fitness program. Lots of image and video spaces are there in the default design itself. All you have to do is to add the images you want.

You have sections to showcase your best fitness trainers, membership plans, customer testimonials, and a lot more in this template. Basic pages are pre-designed for you, and you can use the sample pages design as a base to create your own custom page. With Muscle template, infinite customizations are possible.

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modern fitness website template

Fitzone is a peppy and youthful fitness website template. If you are targeting the current generation of users, this template is the best option for you.

Cool contemporary color schemes and user-focused design will attract the present-day audience for sure. The creator has even given us a working BMI calculator in this template, which is something you normally won’t see in an HTML fitness website template. All the elements and pages are working flawlessly from the frontend side. If both looks and functionalities are important to you, this template should be on your shortlist.

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one-page fitness website template

Stamina is a simple one-page fitness website template.

Not all gym and fitness center owners want a fully-equipped website. Some might just need a clean website to neatly list their programs and let the audience quickly book an appointment. This template is for such types of site owners. Even though it is a single-page template, the creator has given this template all the elements you need to create a proper website. For instance, you get a video background on the header section, a neat schedule table, and a lot more. You can simply add the content you want and launch the website in no time with this template.

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Fitzone 2

dark-theme fitness website template

Fitzone 2 is a sturdy looking fitness website template. The creator has handled the dark background and bright red colors effectively in this theme to give a stunning look. Lots of images are there in the default design; therefore, you can showcase your services and facilities smartly throughout the website. This template’s versatile design allows you to use this fitness website template for personal trainer websites and gym websites. The latest HTML5 and CSS3 scripts are used in this template, so you can integrate any modern tools into this template without any issues.

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modern fitness website template

FitnessClub website template is designed to fully understand the present-day user needs. There is lots of space to add videos so that you can give a clear idea of your fitness programs and training schedules. You can even add a section to show your YouTube channel videos. Since this is an HTML5 website template, it can handle all multimedia content easily out of the box. The creator has kept the code structure as simple as possible to make your customization job simple. Once you configured the backend part, you can launch your website straight away.

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Fitzone 2

fitness website template for online fitness programs

Fitzone 2 is a bold looking fitness website template. Those who are planning to run online courses and fitness programs will find this template extremely useful. You get schedule table options, forms to book classes, and a lot more. All you have to do is configure the backend part, integrate your booking system, and finish the website with the features you want. The creator has included all images and icons used in this design to make the customization part easier for the designers. Overall, the Fitzone 2 is a customer-friendly website template that is easy to setup.

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dark-theme website template

With a strong motivating design, this template will help you bring more new customers to your gym. The creator has used images and videos effectively to let the user fully feel how great it will be to be in an active lifestyle. Modern web elements and sensibly used swift animation effects add life to the website. It is a multi-page website template, so you can explain your fitness programs clearly to the user. Since it is an HTML5 website template, you can add videos to your website and build online courses. The creator has given you a strong platform on which you can develop a website with all the features you want.

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interactive website template

Gutim is a colorful & image-rich website template. Like most other modern free fitness website templates, this one also uses a full-width layout. Hence, you get more than enough space to list all your services and offerings in one place. Though it is a free template, the creator has given a premium quality design. Even the icons used in this template are high-res icons. All icons and images used in this template are included in the download file. Therefore developers can easily work with this template and can make a client-satisfying website in no time. This template’s flexible code structure still has lots of space in it for you to add the custom features and options you want.

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profesional-looking website template

Ponigym has a more mature design. Elements and features are designed carefully to meet the needs of both the present-day audiences and the gym owners. Homepage sections are organized neatly in this template to clearly explain your programs to the user. Plus, you have video spaces to make the message even more precise and direct to the audience. A big schedule planner is pre-designed for you to list all your classes in one place. You can integrate the calendar into the booking form to help users easily book the slot and class they want.

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image-rich website template

If you like the Ponigym template mentioned above, but want it to be a little more sturdy and powerful, this template will impress you. This template also has all the commercial and user-friendly elements to make a proper website. The theme of bright colors and dark colors gives a dominant appearance, which goes well with the fitness theme of this template. Though the creators have given you a complete HTML website template, still they have given lots of room for you to add your custom features and options. By making a few changes and taking care of the backend work, you can make a friendly website with this template.

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user-friendly website template

Gym2 is a bold and straightforward website template. Lots of images are used in this template. This template will be a good choice if you promote your brand by keeping you as an icon. You have more than enough image spaces throughout the template to show your workouts and skills. If you want, you can even add a video background to a section, and the users engaged. Pricing plan pages, gallery pages, and blog layouts are also included in this template along with the basic pages. Hence, you can easily set up a website using this template.

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professional looking fitness website template

Fitfloss is a simple and practically applicable fitness website template. The creator has utilized the full-screen design effectively so that you get plenty of space to add your images and contents. A bright red color scheme is used as a primary color in this theme, which can easily turn user attention on the required elements and sections. On the homepage, a neat CSS table is used to clearly mention the daily schedule and workout programs. If you want, you can add a call to action button to this table so that the user can easily enroll in the fitness program they want. All the basic pages are pre-designed for you so that you can concentrate on the custom pages and features you want. Overall, Fitfloss is one of the best free fitness website templates that will save you time and money.

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fitness website template with a trendy design

TopGym is a unique looking brand-focused fitness website template. If you have an active fitness YouTube channel and planning to have a website for your channel, this is the template for you. The creator has given an ample amount of space for images and videos, so you can share your posts and videos easily in this template. From the ground up, this template is designed for easier and quick customization. Hence the code script is made flexible enough for you to easily convert this template into any CMS theme and also allows you to easily integrate any third-party tools. If you are looking for free fitness website templates with a well-written strong code base, this template is for you.

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bold and fresh looking fitness website template

The creator of the Endurance template has given it a fresh and youthful appearance that will inspire the audience to join your fitness program. Gradient colors and bright yellow color elements are used effectively throughout the template. Hence, you can elegantly highlight and show the important elements from other elements on the webpage. Mild and simple animation effects are used in this template so you can use this for professional and business websites. A BMI calculator is given in this template, but we must keep in mind that this is an HTML template, so we have to work on it manually to make it fully functional.

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fitness website template with video background

Workout is a modern fitness website template with all the necessary elements you want. The creator of this template has used video background sections, parallax image scroll effect, interactive tabs, and many more modern web elements to give an engaging experience to the user. Not only the design but the code script is also very professional in this template. The creator has given us a premium quality template for free, which makes this template unique from other free fitness website templates that you would normally see. Since it is a one-page template, it will be easy for you to maintain the website. If you want more pages, you can work on it by yourself, as mentioned before, this template has a well-written code base which will make the customization job easier.

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Crossbody is a motivating website template that will encourage the user to stay fit. Right from the fonts to the images, everything in this template gives energy to the users. On the dark theme, the images and the visual effects look attractive. Bright red colors are used for the elements and the important block to draw the user’s attention to the required web elements. Instead of giving a simple pricing table, the designer has used images and tags to show the pricing of a program. Plenty of space is given for the text contents so that you can explain your fitness program clearly to the audience.

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Crossfit is a bold website template with big sections and text content. The designer has effectively used dark and light color schemes throughout the template. All the traditional web elements are given in a modern form factor. Hence you get a practically functional and attractive website template. Properly designed homepage lets you give a brief overview of your programs and pricing. In all the subpages, you have a big banner near the footer section to encourage the user to enter your program. All the fundamentals are done perfectly in this template which will greatly reduce your customization and integration work.

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The above-mentioned two website templates will awake the beast in you, well, this template will help you find peace in yourself. As we have said in our CSS glow effects post, lighting gives a new dimension to your design. This light theme website template will give a soothing experience to the users. Combined with subtle animation effects, this template becomes lively and attractive. Though this template is designed for yoga studios, you can use it for other fitness studios. Customizing this template won’t be a tough job, the code-base is kept simple so the developer can easily work with this template.

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The colorful layout of the Sportify website template makes it stand out from the rest of the free fitness website templates in this list. The designer has smartly handled three colors in this design and combined them to give a gradient effect at certain website spots. Text letters are bolder and bigger to be legible on the colorful background. It is a multi-page template with the basic pages pre-designed for you. Along with the other web pages you also get blog templates to share your updates and news easily with your audience.

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Namaste is another website template for yoga studios. This one is simple and straightforward so the user can clearly understand your services without issues. The designer has used creative arch shapes instead of using the same old parallel lines for the sectionings. The default light yellow color web elements are not legible in some parts of the lighter background. But this can be fixed easily. Apart from the colors, this template works perfectly and will help you set up an attractive website for your fitness studio.

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Many beginners share that seeing people working out and knowing their success stories helps them to be more in the fitness program. The designer of the Ironmuscle template has given you more than enough space to add images and video content. You can use this simple layout to show your fitness program engagingly to the users. Equal importance is given to text contents as well, so you can explain your program clearly to the users.

From the properly organized homepage, the user can easily get an overview of your program and schedules. The testimonials section is also given on the homepage to let new users know your customer satisfaction. Mostly fitness-related icons are used in this template, so you can use them as such. An interactive daily schedule table is given in this template so that the user can easily pick a class and enroll in it directly from the table itself. It is a multi-page template with all the basic pages pre-designed for you.

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Bodyfit is a dark theme website template with a rich look. This is the best option for you if you are specifically looking for a dark theme template. On the full-width layout, the contents and the visual effects are clearly visible. The user also can easily interact with the website, even on small-screen devices. The homepage header section has a big image slider with bold texts and call-to-action buttons. After the image slider, you have an info bar to give your contact details.

On the dark theme template, the texts are visible and the web elements are distinguishable. The long homepage design of this template gives you more than enough space to list all your services, programs, and other promotional content. From the logically organized homepage, the user can clearly understand your fitness center. It is a multi-page template, so you can use a separate page to be elaborate on your services.

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Sportsfit is a trendy looking modern website template for all fitness centers. With the precise design of this template, the user gets the required contents easily. Images and video contents are used as a part of the design. If you are using your own custom images, this template will help you neatly brand your website. Big bold texts make sure that the user sees the important contents. Bright orange color scheme draws user attention to the required web elements. You have a space to highlight the contact number in the top navigation bar itself.

You can even add a chat tool to this template to engage with your visitors directly. Since this template uses the latest HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap frameworks, you can easily integrate this template with other modern tools. In the download file, you get all the images, fonts, and icons used in this template, so you can work with this template easily.

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Fitness Gym


Fitness Gym is purely designed from a business perspective. If you are planning to increase your customer base and monthly entry rate, then this template is the best option for you. This template not only has elements to show your services but also has elements to collect leads. In the homepage itself, you have image banner elements to highlight some of your latest plans and offers. With an ample amount of space for image holders, you can add impressive images and encourage visitors to join your classes. Even the icons used in this template are selected with care that depict the services related to fitness training. Long pricing tables are also given on the homepage, where you can add images, and neatly mention the pricing and the features related to the plan.

A neat CSS table is given on the homepage to clearly show the classes and schedules for the day. To the right side of the table, you have a newsletter subscription form. If you adopt an active content strategy with blog posts and YouTube videos, the newsletter option will help you engage your customers effectively. Take a look at our (email templates collection) for more creative newsletter designs.

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Aerobic fit


Women fitness is rising; every big sports brand concentrates on women’s market share. Yoga, jump roping, and aerobics are one of the most famous fitness exercises among women. If you are running a fitness center for women, this template will be your best option. This template is also like the Fitness gym template mentioned above, but it has a unique style and web elements. 56% of the women say that seeing a successful athlete motivates them to be active. The Aerobic fit template gives you plenty of image space to add encouraging images to make your target audience join your programmes.

The homepage header has a big image slider with card flipping-like cool transition effects. Lots of colorful line vector icons are used in this template to elegantly depict the services you offer. In between sections, you have full-width banners to add promotional content. You have a call to action button for membership registration in the top navigation bar. Along with the call to action button, you also have space to add social media profile links in the navigation bar.

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Storytelling is one of the most effective strategies used by service-oriented websites. In a fitness website, storytelling strategy will improve the chances of getting new customers. To help you create engaging contents, this template gives you an ample amount of space for images and text contents. Visual effects are combined with this logical design to present the contents interactively to the users. Instead of using the same boxy buttons and content blocks, this template uses some creative designs. On the clean white background, the texts and the images are visible so that the users can easily interact with your website in both desktops and mobile devices.

Only a limited amount of colors are used in this template. This minimal design gives users a distraction-free environment and you also can stay on your website goal. In the header, you have a big image slider with bold texts. All the navigation menu options are hidden behind the hamburger menu icon to give you more screen space. It is a multi-page template, so you have more than enough pages pre-designed.

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Flawless, to justify the name this template is perfect with a crystal clear design. With this template, you can convey the message to the users and create a proper strategy to get more audience. In the top section itself, you can mention your packages and subscription plans. If you have subscription plans for all types of budgets, this strategy will help you hold the new visitors for a longer period. Light colors are used for the background so that the web elements and the texts are visible to the users. The bright orange color scheme looks attractive on the clean background. A neat daily schedule section is given in the home page with a tabbed interface. You can use this section to clearly show your schedules for the whole week.

Though it is a multi-page template, the homepage of this template is made long enough to accommodate all the web elements and give a brief overview of all your services in one place. In all the subpages, you have a big newsletter subscription form just above the footer section to increase the chances of collecting new leads.

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Robust is a colorful version of the Flawless template mentioned above. Since both the templates are from the same creators, you can see some design similarities here and there. The Robust template has its unique web elements. Based on your needs, select the template that best suits you. Images are used extensively throughout the template. If you use this template for a personal trainer website, you can use these image spaces to increase your branding.

In the header, you have a big image slider with bold texts and call to action button to take the users to the corresponding service page. This template even has event sections and event pages in its package. If you are creating a fitness community, these event options will help you reach more audience base. The footer section is big enough to handle all the important page links, recent posts, and social media widgets.

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Fitnezz website template is designed by keeping modern users need in mind. The creator of this template has followed the trendy web design followed by most top designers. Most of your friends won’t believe when you say it is a free template. The creator has given us a pixel-perfect design with a flexible code based for free. You can still use this template for commercial use by getting a license from the template’s creator. All the details are given in the info link given below, check it to know more about this awesome template.

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Gym is an attractive website template with loads of useful features. This template gives you all the necessary elements to create a proper fitness website. The creator has even given you a BMI calculator on the homepage. But, this one is a free template, so you must work manually to make it fully functional. Neat CSS table with highlighter is also given on the homepage to let you list all your classes in one place.

Info / Download Demo


Fitness is almost similar to the Gym template mentioned above. Since both the templates are from the same creator, you can see some design similarities. You can expect the design quality and developer friendly code structure in this template as well. Plenty of space is given for images, with which you can showcase your facilities and encourage the user to stay fit by joining your gym.

Info / Download Demo



Frame is a business style premium feel template you get for free. Being a professional website by default with Frame template you get all the features and web elements you need to set up a site for your gym. It is a one-page website template, so the users need not navigate to different pages to find the content they want. The template’s logical design helps the user understand your services at a glance. Each segment in the homepage is elegantly distinguished by using clean white background and light blue color background.

This long homepage gives you segments like features, pricing, reviews, and contact. A small user interface fix needed in this template is to make the top navigation bar sticky. Since we give only one long page to the user, by providing a sticky bar the user can easily jump to the segments they want. Other useful features you get with this template is custom made line icons, pricing table, and testimonials.

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Corporate is a colorful website template for creative agencies and modern businesses. With this template, you can create an impressive and modern looking fitness website template. All the segments and the web elements you get with this template are versatile and can be used for various purposes. All you need to do with this template is to add your contents and images to personalize the site. The rest of the elements and features are already taken care by the developers of this template.

The corporate template is also a one-page template; so you can impress your visitors by providing necessary info about your gym and fitness training without wasting their time. With this single page template, you get segments like about, services, portfolio, contact, and testimonials. You also get animated counter to share some interesting stats about you to the visitors. The only thing you might need to add to this template is the pricing table, other than that you get all the features you would normally need to create an effective fitness website.

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Classic is the best interactive website template on this list. This template not only helps you to share your expertise and pricing with the visitors, the design of the template also engages with the visitors. The logical arrangement of the segments gives visitors the required information beforehand. As a result you get high visitor retention rate and dwell time, both are very important factors for the site’s SEO ranking.

Useful modern web elements with this template are; creative line icons, animated counters, pricing table, and portfolio. The pricing table is designed neatly with a black and white color scheme. The interactive map at the contact section will help the visitor to identify your gym location easily. Again it is a one-page website template and you get sticky top bar navigation for better user experience.

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