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With the subscription food box models, online food orders, and quick door deliveries, Restaurants have evolved a lot over the past few years. Most restaurant owners think it is a purely local business, but it is no more. With the power of the internet, you can take orders from any part of your location. Taking your business online improves your sales and makes your income more stable. Shopify has powered many online stores; when you make a restaurant website with Shopify you get plenty of in-built options to manage your orders easily. These Shopify restaurant themes will help you make a beautiful website with useful options.

Shopify has many useful apps in its app repository to help you add the functions you want. The Shopify restaurant themes in this list have a flexible code base, allowing you to install modern tools easily. Plus, you can also add any custom functions if you want. Images and videos play a major role in a restaurant website design to let the user feel your food. Using Shopify restaurant themes with big images will help you easily get user attention. As most Shopify themes are designed from the online store perspective, you get glimpses of online store designs in the Shopify restaurant themes. But the friendly customization options will make your job easier.

Keeping that in mind, let’s look at the Shopify restaurant themes you can use immediately.

Ap Sharon

site owner friendly shopify restaurant website template

Ap Sharon has three beautiful Shopify restaurant themes in its pack.

Whether you want to make a classy seafood restaurant or a cozy restaurant with a bar, there is a ready-made demo for you in this pack. Apart from the multiple demo versions, this theme also has various header & footer styles, blog page styles, and product page styles. Therefore, you can make a unique-looking Shopify restaurant website in no time using this template.

All these customization options and the friendly Bootstrap 4 framework make this template one of the best Shopify themes for restaurants.

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Shopify restaurant themes with simple design

With more than 200 pre-made demos, the Lezada is one of the best selling Shopify theme. Among the 200 pre-made designs, we get four Shopify restaurant themes. The restaurant themes are beautiful and have lots of space for images. The creator has used image sliders and hover effects to liven up the design. Since these themes are purely designed from a commercial point of view, all four default Shopify restaurant themes have a store-like homepage design. But fear not. This is a section-ready theme. You can easily drag and drop the sections you want in the demo you like. On the clean white layout, the food images look vibrant and beautiful. If you use original custom images, this theme will add richness to your effort to make a perfect shot.

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colorful Shopify restaurant themes

Wokiee is also a multipurpose Shopify theme with multiple demos pre-designed for different online stores. For the food category you also get multiple demos, you can pick any Shopify restaurant themes in this list for your website. Fast food themes with a bold attractive design are also given in this theme. Since this theme uses the latest Bootstrap 4 and CSS3 script, it supports all the latest fonts. You can add character and feel to your website using modern web elements. 100+ content blocks are given in this theme to let you easily add the sections you want. All minor customizations can be done easily without even touching the code. Since the default food themes are designed like an online store, you might need to re-design the homepage a bit for business use.

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Shopify restaurant themes with a trendy design

Local is a simple and elegant looking Shopify theme for restaurants. The creator has used only the necessary elements on the homepage to get a clean homepage design. Three demo variations are given in this theme and the Light demo version will be a perfect option for the restaurant websites. Big images and food menu sections are also on the homepage to let users easily pick the food they want. Opening hours and contact information at the top bar is a wise move that most users will find useful. On the clean white layout, the image and the texts are visible. Because of this simple design, website owners can easily maintain the website without spending much time. Plus, this theme is from Shopify’s own theme repository, hence, you will get regular updates.

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HoloFood is the best Shopify restaurant theme for fast food restaurants. This theme pack has five demo versions as of writing this post, all made for pizza & burger stores. Like in all food-related website templates, the creator has used many images. Plus, the hover animations liven up the website and let the audience feel the richness of your food. If you use custom images for your website, templates like this will be a good choice. Since it is a Shopify restaurant theme, you can manage online orders easily. Overall, HoloFood is a smart, fast food restaurant website template with a flexible code structure to help you easily expand the functions you need.

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Chik is a promotion-focused Shopify restaurant theme. This template’s bright red colors and swift animations effortlessly draw user attention to the required spot. Though this theme has only one demo version, the default design has more than enough space to list your food and also has all the basic elements to make a proper restaurant website. If you wish to have a more interactive image slider on the homepage header section, look at our bootstrap image slider collection. Since this theme uses the latest web development framework, it can handle all modern web elements without any hitch.

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brand-focused shopify theme

You can understand from the name that the Launch theme is for new business websites. This theme not only helps you to showcase your foods but also helps you to clearly explain the services and facilities you have. Big image spaces and parallax effects deliver an impressive storytelling experience. This theme gives lots of white space, and you get acres of space between each section. Using Shopify restaurant themes like this will make the interactions easier even on the small screen devices. Very subtle and mild animation effects are used in this theme to give a professional look to this theme. If you like to liven up things with animation effects, look at our bootstrap animation effects collection.

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shopify theme with a unique design

If you are looking for a colorful and easy-to-interact Shopify theme for your restaurant, this is the best. The straightforward design of this template put all important information on the homepage itself. Hence, the user can easily find what they want and jump to the corresponding page. A detailed food menu and drinks menu are given in this template. Since this is a Shopify theme, a dedicated online food ordering page is given where users can pick the food they want and place the order. Small text space is given on all the pages to let you add special notes so new users know what they can expect.

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brand-focused store theme

Loft is a brand-focused Shopify theme better for small stores and service websites. Content blocks are used wisely to manage images and texts. The creator has used drop-shadow effects to make the content block look different from the plain background. Three demo variations are given in this theme, and the Lawrence demo will be a perfect option for the restaurant websites. Many images are used in this theme to make the website engaging. If your requirements are less and you use your website simply to showcase your foods and services, this theme would be a good choice.

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Shopify restaurant themes with useful options

Basel is a professional-looking Shopify theme with multiple demos for almost all major online store categories. Based on the niche you pick, you get corresponding icons and elements. Two Shopify restaurant themes are given in this pack. This theme’s default design helps you run both small and big stores without even breaking a sweat. Lots of customization options are given in this theme. From the header to the footer, you can customize almost everything in this theme. Minor customizations can be done easily by without even touching the code, which makes it a user-friendly theme for all types of users. Core customizations are also made easy by using a simple code structure. The creator of this theme has met the code standards followed by professional developers and the Shopify platform.

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clean and simple food shopify theme

With the mobile-first design, this theme is one of the best responsive Shopify restaurant themes. This theme also has more than 100 pre-made demos. Five demo variations are given under the food category and you can pick one for your restaurant website. Different layouts are used in each design so you can make a unique looking restaurant website in no time using this theme. Another advantage of multipurpose themes is that you get plenty of pre-designed sections. You can use these sections as your business grows to meet your demands. Everything is given in this theme from the mag menu option to the login page. Hence, you can fully concentrate on your custom needs.

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fast-food Shopify restaurant themes

Fastor is also a multipurpose theme like the Blackery theme mentioned above. With 87+ pre-designed demos, this theme will help you make striking websites. Three demo variations are given under the food category; You get a theme for a bakery, a coffee restaurant, and a grocery store. The dark theme bakery store theme has an attractive look. To give a casual look to this theme, the creator has used an unconventional style font. But, you can easily change the font as per your likings. Since this theme offers you 660+ google fonts, you can easily change the fonts with just a click. Social widgets, mobile menu bar, and adjustable mega menu options are given in this theme to give an interactive experience for both mobile and computer users.

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multipurpos shopify theme

Kala is one of the best selling Shopify themes. Fresh designs and trendy elements are important reasons for their sales. If you like to create a modish looking website for your restaurant website, this is the best option for you. Most Shopify restaurant themes are designed from the online store perspective, but the creator of this theme has also given you businesslike homepage designs. Even if you don’t like the default food Shopify theme design, you can pick other demos that meet your need and customize it. Simply drag and drop the sections you want and your website is ready for launch. Lots of ajax functions are given in this theme to give a dynamic experience to the users.

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bakery shopify theme

Naturecircle is primarily designed for organic food stores. But you do get demos for restaurants and bakeries in this theme. Since this theme is made for the organic store, the creator has given a refreshing-look to this theme. The ambiance of this theme will make the user comfortable and encourage them to spend more time on your website. As a result, you get more dwell time for your website, which is a good thing for your websites’ SEO. You also get different designs for the shopping and product pages along with the multiple homepage designs. Spending a few hours can make your dream website come to life using this theme.

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Shopify restaurant themes with flashy animation effects

Tittos is a flashy and interactive Shopify theme. Since this theme is designed for fast-food restaurants, the flashy animations and bright colors are industry characters. If you like to make your website simple, you can slightly reduce the animation effects. Since this theme uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, animation effects can be handled easily. The thoughtfully designed homepage lets you add all your food menus, reviews, special recipes, and offers in one place. In this fast-moving world, using Shopify restaurant themes like this will save the user’s time and help you get more orders. In the drop-down menu options also you have space to add banners to improve your conversion. Along with the restaurant demos, you also get a fashion and jewelry store demos in this pack.

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clean and refreshing Shopify restaurant themes

Organicfood is also similar to the Naturecircle theme mentioned above. In this theme also you get lots of green elements and a refreshing layout. The creator has used the full-width layout effectively so that you get plenty of space to add images and banners. An ample space is given between each section and element so you get a clean tidy look. Again, the homepage of this theme is treated as an online store. If you want some branding elements, you must edit the homepage design. Simple and neat code script is followed in this theme, hence the developers can easily work with this theme.

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retro style shopify theme

You can understand from the name that this theme is made for a Japanese restaurant. The creator has used a retro design in this theme if you are into such designs, you can have a look into this theme. Though this theme uses the latest web development frameworks, it lacks many modern elements. If you are planning to use your website to simply showcase your menus and services, this theme would do. To attract modern users and keep them entertained, you can choose other Shopify restaurant themes on this list.

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