Accordions are used widely across all types of websites and applications. When we need to crunch multiple contents within the given area that too in a properly organized way, accordions are the best choice. As responsive designs are becoming a must, converting traditional elements into mobile compatible elements is a challenging job. The accordion is one element which you can use in both computer version and mobile version of your design. In this list, we have collected some unique accordion designs for websites and mobile applications. Accordion designs in this list also have sleek animation effects so you can make interactive elements for your project.

Pure CSS Horizontal Accordion


In most cases, we might have seen accordion in the vertical format. But in this one, you get a horizontal accordion. For just demo purpose the developer has shown social media profile links. As usual, you can always add the elements you want. When you go for a full-page design, elements like this will not only save you screen space but also give a unique user interface. In the given demo the accordion expands on hovering over the elements. Animation effects are done carefully for each tab in the accordion. Since it is a pure CSS element you can easily edit and integrate this into your project.

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Product Template


Product Template accordion design is inspired from the product brochure designs. In the original brochure designs, paper quality and foldings are used smartly to present the products. With the help of modern web development frameworks, we can bring the same level of creativity in digital design as well. As the name implies, this accordion is used for listing products. The creative design of it makes it a perfect option for any website design. From the demo itself, you can see that the developer has used it as a website template. Speaking of brochure designs, take a look at our brochure mockups to present your design and also to get some inspiration for your next design.

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Flat Accordion


Flat Accordion is a colorful accordion design concept. If you are looking for some accordion design inspiration for your mobile application, this will help you. The creator of this accordion has followed flat style design. The simple design of this element makes it easily blend in with other web elements. Shadow and depth effects are used to differentiate the tabs from the main content area. The content area in this accordion has ample amount of space for texts. But still, if you need you can adjust it based on your needs. Colorful flat icons make this design more attractive. If you are using it in a mobile application, icons will definitely help you make the design more elegant.

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Responsive Accordion


Responsive Accordion is made purely using HTML and CSS framework. This one is also a horizontal accordion design. As the developer has used the latest CSS3 code, you can witness a fluid and responsive animation effects. In the default demo, you get a small widget sized element. But of course, you can resize to the size you want. Ample amount of space is given for both images and texts, which makes it a perfect option for photography websites. If you are using this accordion design in a website, you can link the content in the accordion to a separate page.

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Accordion By Lewis


Accordion design by Lewis is a more practical one, which you can use for all types of website and application. The creator has not only gave you main accordion but also sub accordions to list the related elements. This type of design will come in handy for FAQ sections and product feature listing sections. Since it is designed for professional use, the creator has followed a businesslike approach. All the animation effects are kept sleek and smooth so that the user no need to wait for the contents to appear. Hover effects are also taken care in this design. Overall it is a well thought out design, which you can use it as such in your website or application.

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Accordion Menu By Benjamin


The developer Benjamin has given us the accordion menu for dashboard design. Due to the nature of accordion to save lots of screen space, they are the best option for navigation menus. Especially in dashboards, we have only a section reserved for listing the navigation menu. Accordions will help you organize the navigation menus and keep them under one hood. The drop-down effect is smooth and clean so that it shows the options are revealed with grace. If you are making a dashboard design, Take a look at our dashboard template collection. All the basic options including accordions are given in that, which will save a lot of your time and money.

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Funky Pure CSS Accordion


This funky looking accordion will inspire many mobile app developers. As mobile users spending more time on their mobile phones, the mobile application need to be more interactive. Lively animation effects like in this accordion will make your application stand unique from the rest. By being creative it doesn’t mean you have to compromise with the functionalities. The developer of this accordion has not only made this an interactive one but also gave space to add features. In the demo, a scheduling app design is used. You can use this design for other types of applications as well. It is a pure HTML and CSS application so you can work with this easily.

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Pure CSS Accordion


The Pure CSS accordion is almost similar to the Product Template Accordion mentioned above. But, this one takes a more vertical approach than the Product Template accordion. Shadow and depth effects are used to differentiate the highlighted tab from the rest of the tabs. Animation effects are kept bold and aggressive so that the user can feel it easily. At the same time, the developer has kept the animation effects smooth and clean for professional use. Ample amount of space is given for the text contents. A full-page view is followed in the demo, but you can scale it to the size you want.

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Flexbox Accordion


Flexbox Accordion will remind you a bit of Microsoft’s fluid design. By making a few tweaks, you can make this one a perfect fit for modern Windows devices and computers. As Microsoft is moving towards a single operating system for all devices, you can see this interface in Xbox, Surface devices and tablets. Coming to the Flexbox Accordion design, this one also follows a vertical accordion. The tabs in the accordion are made wide enough to add long texts. Users can read the contents on the tab without scrolling. If you are an app designer or responsive website designer, take a look at our computer mockups to showcase your design elegantly.

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Accordion In Vanilla Js


From the name itself you can infer that the user has used Javascript in this design. The Javascript is used for an extra smooth animation effect. But, you can edit and use the code structure you prefer based on your project. Design-wise, this one is similar to the Accordion By Lewis design mentioned above. Except in this one, you have more audacious animation effect. Though the effects are vigorous the developer has managed to make it pleasant and kept it within the professional standards. So you can use it easily in your applications and website designs.

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Pure HTML and CSS Accordion


Pure HTML and CSS Accordion is a simplified version of the Accordion In Vanilla Js design mentioned above. The neat unfolding animation and big cards make this design a perfect fit for professional use. Along with the text cards, the developer has also given you checkboxes. As checkboxes are made for binary functions, you can add other actions into it. Based on the user’s response on the first accordion card, you can change the accordion cards appear next; just like in the Google search result showing suggested queries. It is a very basic accordion element with lots of room for improvement. The coding is also kept really simple, to make the customizations easier for you.

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Expanding Horizontal Accordion


Expanding Horizontal Accordion is a combination of accordion and slider. In the previous horizontal accordion, the contents are shown when the user hovers over the tabs. But in this one, you have to click and see a tab. To navigate to the next tab, all you have to do is to click the next tab. This dual characteristic of this element makes it a perfect option for both accordions with texts and to show images. The expanding animation is smooth and clean. All the text space areas in this accordion follow portrait orientation with limited space. This limited text space may be a slight issue for you, but you can adjust it in the coding.

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Pure CSS Accordion 2


This Pure CSS Accordion is the best option for photography websites. When you have to group a set of related photos, elements like this will help you keep them organized elegantly. This design is not only organized but also gives a pleasant look. Rather than keeping the photos in an old grid style or using a separate page for a category, this element might keep things in one page. As the accordion tabs can be adjusted based on the images, you can use both portrait and landscape orientation images. Another advantage with this accordion tool is that it is made purely using HTML5 and CSS3 framework.

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Accordion Image Gallery


This is one is almost similar to the Pure CSS accordion design mentioned above. But, this one has a different animation effect. In addition to expanding animation, this accordion also has image zooming effect. You can use this element to showcase a few of your design or photograph. If you are a freelancer, having a proper homepage that explains your services and showing some of your best work is a must. You can use this accordion effect on your homepage and use a separate portfolio page to list all your works. Plus this element will save plenty of home page space for other elements without damaging the quality of your image.

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Accordion Slider With Transitions and Flexbox


This is another version of the accordion gallery design mentioned above. If you are an architect or interior designer, you can’t simply show your designs. You have to explain your role and your client requirements to the user. For that purpose, you can use accordion with flexbox. The flexbox gives you space to add a few lines about the project and a link to the product page. Another advantage with this accordion set is the developer has given you five different variations. Based on your need you can pick one and start working on it. Since all the variations are designed purely using HTML and CSS framework, working and integrating them with your project won’t be an issue.

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Accordion With Input Edit


All the previous CSS accordion designs were made to show the contents. But, this is designed for getting the content. From the name itself you can infer that this one has an input text box. Accordions are not only used on the front side of the website, but they are also used in the tool designs. If you have worked with WYSIWYG editors like WPBakery editor or Elementor editor, you might have seen many accordions like this. For a step by step input process, you can use accordions in your tool design. The developer of this accordion has given you both the option to add an entry and to delete an entry.

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Accordion Details and Summary


The most common place where you see an accordion is on the FAQ and in feature list sections. If you are looking for an animated accordion for such sections, this design will help you. Minimal design, rounded edges, and drop shadows used in this design makes it a perfect option for modern websites. The transitions of the elements and the texts are sleek and neat, which users won’t even recognize. Since it is a demo, you get only a few texts used in the accordion boxes. But you can add as many texts as you want by making a few adjustments in the coding.

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Responsive Animated SCSS Accordion


Responsive Animated SCSS Accordion is a colorful version of the FAQ style accordion mentioned above. Sometimes we need more space to answer a question, in such scenarios, accordions like this will help you. The only thing you need to add to make it perfect is the scroll bar. In the default demo, you can see some of the texts got buried under the boxes. Other than that this accordion is fully functional from the front-end. The expanding and collapsing animation is done smoothly. You also have the option to keep all the accordion tabs expanded. If you need can give an option at the top corners to collapse all the accordion tabs in one click.

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Swanky Little accordion List


Swanky little accordion list is a simplified version of the Responsive Animated accordion design mentioned. If your requirements are less and expect a simple design, this design can help you. The developer hasn’t kept everything simple, he had handled visual effects smartly to give a better user experience. Hover effects are used to show the selected accordion tab. The bouncing effect of the accordion tabs shows how fluid the modern CSS3 framework can be. In the demo, you only have the space to list the options. But you can make space to add texts if you want. The codes script used to make this accordion design is shared with you by the creator. You can play with it to add your own features and options.

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Accordion 2.0


Accordion 2.0 is the best option for both mobile applications and website elements. Since the developer has used Javascript in this design, you get a clean and smooth animation effect. But still, you can make edit the code structure to the way you want, by taking this as an inspiration. Since most of the transition and animation effects used in this accordion can be done in CSS3, you can make this one lighter from the script side.

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Accordions Pls


Accordions Pls is an interactive accordion for FAQs and features listing. If you are looking for an interactive accordion to list your product features, this element will impress you. For easier access, the developer has given you “expand all” and “collapse all” option at the top. The card expanding and shrinking animation effects are smooth and clean. To give a clean animation effect, the developer has used CSS3 and Javascript framework. In the accordion space, you have more than enough room for text contents. In the demo, you get a big accordion section but you can resize them to fit in your design.

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Pure SCSS Accordion Tabs


Pure SCSS Accordion Tabs is the best element for a review website. If you compare products side by side to give a clear understanding of the products, elements like this will help the user select a better product. The developer has given facial reaction elements and rating circle elements. Another advantage of this feature-packed accordion design is it is made purely using the HTML5 and CSS3. Hence, integrating this element with your review and comparison tools will be an easy job. The developer has shared the code in the CodePen editor for easier and quick customization.

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Published by Girish Karthik