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Yoga is one of the most popular forms of fitness activity. Even the top fitness tracking brands are including yoga in their list. From watchOS 4, Apple Watch will automatically detect yoga activity like running and walking. If you run a business on this widely spreading fitness activity, these free yoga website templates will help you reach more audiences.

Yoga requires fewer instruments, a mat will do, that’s it, you don’t need big instruments. This is one of the reasons why 43% of the people do yoga at home and 40% do in the Yoga studio; a survey shared by the yoga journal. If you are running a yoga studio then you have the highest possibility of getting more students. The free yoga website templates in this list will help you create an effective template that clearly shows your schedules, services, and training.

We have also collected website templates from other niches that closely resemble the yoga website design to give web designers and developers design inspiration. A few hours of customization will help you convert these free yoga website templates into a perfect yoga website.


HTML5 yoga website template

Yogabest is the perfect HTML5 yoga website template for yoga teachers and yoga studios.

Carefully designed pages in this template help you brand the website and make a strong impression as soon as they land on the website. This template uses images and icons smartly to deliver the message to the audience. Plus, the neat icons elevate the overall look of the website. A video section is given on the homepage, which you can use to show your yoga videos. Since this is an HTML5 website template, you can share your videos and Youtube channel videos easily in this template. Once you have taken care of the backend work, you can even run online classes.

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free yoga website template with a relaxing design

Zogin website template will help you make a peaceful and easy-to-use yoga website. The light color scheme and smooth animations let the users fully feel the relaxed environment as soon as they land on the website. Since this template is purely designed for yoga websites, all the icons in this pack are related to the yoga niche. Site owners can simply upload their content and launch their website in no time. Animations are very simple in the default design. If you want, you can add custom animations and spice up the design per your needs.

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interactive website template

Ahana gives you a business-centric website template. The smartly designed homepage design lets you neatly organize the content. The homepage is long enough to accommodate your service information, pricing, and client testimonials. An attractive gradient color scheme is used throughout the website, and the colors look more natural because of the latest CSS3 script. Ahana uses a traditional navigation bar and a sidebar. The creator has smartly utilized the side navigation bar to place a small gallery widget and newsletter signup form. All front-end elements work smoothly; hence, you can concentrate on the back-end work with a peace of mind.

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website template with video options

Doyoga uses bright colors and an image-rich layout to get the user’s attention as soon as they land on your website. Smooth animations are coupled with images to give an interactive feel. The creator has wisely used both click and swipe gesture interactions so that users can easily interact with your website on the computer and mobile devices. Since it is a one-page website template, you can manage this template easier. You can elegantly showcase your work and let the user get in touch with you via your contact page. For first-time website owners, free yoga templates like this are the perfect option.

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yoga studio and coach website template

Meditative is the best option for personal trainers and yoga studios. The versatile design of this template will help you improve your brand awareness and grow your business. All elements and sections are neatly arranged in this full-width layout. As a result, you get an easy-to interact website on both computer and mobile. Each and every element is designed with care to give an interactive user experience. For example, the big schedule calendar with images will help the users to easily understand the available slots and daily classes. Since the creator has taken care of all the front-end elements, you can work on the back-end and launch your website in no time.

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Yogalax is a sensibly designed yoga website template. Everything is done precisely in this template from the color to the animation effects. This template is unique and attractive on this free yoga website templates list. The texts and the images are balanced throughout the template so that you can explain your services to the audience. You get a colorful schedule calendar in this template to show your daily classes. You can either work on the given calendar or use the CSS calendars we have collected for you. Simple code structure of this template has made the customizations easier.

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Yogalife is a clean and simple looking website template. The straightforward design of this template will help the users easily search and find the contents. Big image holders are given throughout the template to help you show your yoga classes and the facilities in your studio. Light color schemes are used for the web elements, adding richness to this template’s clean design. Basic pages are pre-designed for you, if you have special needs then you can add your own pages without any problem. Unique vector icons are used in this template; you will get these icons in the download file so you can easily work with this template.

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The designer has used several creative web elements and patterns in the Namaste website template. The thoughtfully designed homepage gives all the important information to the user. This smart design will save users time and help them easily find the content. Though there is a lot of scope for animation effects, the creator has kept the effects very simple. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, you can add your own animation effects. Look at our CSS animation effects collection for inspiring designs you can use in your projects.

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Yogaflex website template let the user feel the peacefulness and freshness with its clean design. The clean white background of the template and apt image selection gives a floating illusion to the template. Each section on the homepage is brief enough to give an overview of the services you offer. Equal importance is given to both the images and the text contents to help you create an engaging website. The best part with this template is you get all the images and the fonts in the download file, so you can easily set up and customize the template.

A CSS table is given to neatly show your daily schedule, so the users can easily pick and join the classes that they find interesting. In the top bar, you have space to add social media profile links, contact numbers, and call to action button. A separate page is given for the trainers, where you can mention their expertise along with their social media profile links. A dark theme is followed to distinguish the footer section from the main content area. This template is the best option for the Yoga studios and fitness centers.

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Yoga is a perfect website template for both personal trainers and yoga studios. The creator of this template has made it creative and easy to customize. Visual effects are combined with this creative design to give life to the template and they also help you to engage the visitors effectively. Lots of white space is given between each element and the sections so that the user can easily interact with the template even from a small screen device.

This template uses a table to show the daily schedule neatly; you also have a call to action button in the schedules to let the user directly join the class from the table. Texts are also chosen with care, giving this clean template a rich look. The template’s homepage is made long enough to list almost all the services and give a quick overview of other pages in one place. Icons used in this template are unique and mostly related to the yoga and fitness theme, which will help you elegantly list your services. An edge to edge stretched widget is given near the footer to share your Instagram feeds.

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Yogafun, just like the name, this template will help you show how fun is doing yoga. This template lets you elegantly showcase some of your best yoga poses with a clean, simple layout. An ample amount of space is given for texts to let you clearly explain your classes and expertise. A gallery section is also given on the homepage to give a sneak peek of some of your programs. It is a multi-page website template, so you can explain your programs clearly to the audience. You have space to add videos at the homepage header section to give a quick and impressive intro to your yoga studio. The default design makes it a perfect fit for both personal yoga trainers and yoga studios; which makes this template special in this free yoga website templates list.

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Yoga Studio

With a unique interactive design, the Yoga Studio becomes one of the best free yoga website templates. The creator has effectively used colors and background images in this template to differentiate the important section from the others. In all the pages you have a big contact form and a Google map widget near the footer to let the user easily reach you. The only thing you have to change is the font color and the font size. Due to colored backgrounds and image backgrounds, texts are not visible in some sections; Apart from that, all other features and designs are done perfectly in this template.

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Healthvest (Bootstrap 5)

Bootstrap 5 health and fitness website template

Healthvest is a multipurpose health and fitness website template that can also be used as a yoga website template.

What makes this template special is its Bootstrap 5 framework. Because of its latest web development frameworks, you can easily try many new designs and effects on this template. Design-wise, you get a refreshing design in this template. If your website offers all types of health tips and yoga, this one is the best option for you. The content-rich layout of this template lets you deliver an engaging user experience.

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video background fitness website template

Those looking for a yoga website template with video background options will love this template.

This template has a big video background on the homepage header section. All images and colorful icons look attractive on the template’s dark theme layout. Since this template is made for all types of gyms and fitness centers, it has a bold look. All basic elements are pre-designed for you; for example, you get a neat schedule table and trainer information section. Being a one-page template it will be easier for the users to maintain, and it also becomes the best option for first-time site owners.

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interactive and modern fitness website template

FitnessClub is a sharp-looking website template. The creator has played with images and scroll effects to deliver an immersive user experience. Since all elements are designed using the CSS script, the sharpness level is uniform on all devices. If you use high-res images and logos, then your website is retina-ready. All elements are intact, and the design consistency is maintained smartly on all pages, making this template a perfect option for making a brand-focused website. The creator has taken care of all basic and major options, so your developers can concentrate on the custom features without worries.

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gym and fitness website template

GymLife is a bold looking fitness website template. The dark theme and big fonts make this template look even more sturdy. You can see many image spaces from the homepage to the contact page. If you plan to use lots of images on your website, templates like this will be a good choice. You can add hover effects and auto-playing videos when the user hovers over the image/video. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap 4 frameworks, it can handle all modern effects and design elements effortlessly.

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multipurpose health and fitness website template

Slim2 is technically a general-purpose fitness website template. You can use this modern interactive fitness website template for all types of health and wellness websites. This one is also a one-page website template like the Doyoga template mentioned above. Mostly vertical tabs are used in this template to make the mobile interactions easier — it also makes the interactions easier on the desktops. Using a well-thought-out and well-executed design like this saves you time and money. If you have the resource, you can work on this template and can make it a proper website with multiple pages. The creator has given you full freedom to customize this template. The only thing you have to keep in mind is you have to leave the footer credit untouched.

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personal trainer website template

Healthcoach is purely designed for personal trainers. The content-focused design of this template will make your website an online marketing partner. This template has everything you need to genuinely promote your business. Bright colors and modern fonts are used effectively to highlight the important sections without making them look odd. If you offer personal training or online yoga classes, templates like these are your best bet. Simply download the template, add the back-end functions you want, and launch your website.

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TopGym is a multipurpose fitness website template. The creator of this template has added yoga as one of the fitness programs, but you can edit it to make it a perfect yoga studio website template. Like most other free yoga website templates in this list, this one is also made using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script. Hence, the developers can easily work with this template. Uniquely designed header section lets you list social media profile links near the top right corner. On the dull color scheme, this template looks different from other free yoga website templates. But, you can change the background color based on your needs.

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Endurance is a trendy looking fitness website template. Bold designs and bright colors give a sturdy look to this template. Lots of interactive elements and interactive animation effects are used in this template. Useful elements like the registration forms, pricing tables, and a separate fitness program pages are given in this template. Lots of space is given for you to add images to let you clearly show your yoga classes. This one will impress you if you are looking for premium quality free yoga website templates. The creator has kept the code script simple and neat so you needn’t worry about the customization problem.

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Crossfit 2

Crossfit 2 is also a multipurpose health and fitness website template. Design-wise, this template is almost similar to the TopGym template mentioned above. Since both the templates are from the same creator, you can see some design similarities here and there. Bright and dull colors effectively differentiate main sections from the promotional sections. But if you care about accessibility and readability, you must change the default color scheme. Other than that all other elements and animation effects work perfectly in this template. Like most other free yoga website templates in this list, the creator has made the customization easier.

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Crossfit is a bold and striking website template for gym and fitness studios. Since this template is designed for all types of fitness studios, you don’t get specific elements for yoga website. But never worry, the creator has kept the code base flexible for customizations. By making a few changes to the design, you can use this template for yoga websites. Texts are made bigger and bolder for better readability. Since it is a mobile responsive website template, these big texts will also give a better experience on mobile devices.

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Sportify is a colorful website template with a bold layout. All the sections and the elements are made bigger so you can add all types of contents in one place. Since the sections are bigger, the user doesn’t have to scroll a lot to read the contents. Bright gradient colors are used throughout the template. If you wish to use a light color scheme to give a relaxing ambiance to the template, you can edit the CSS file. As the creator has used CSS3 script, this template supports all modern colors.

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Bodyfit is primarily a fitness website template, but it can also be used for yoga studios. The designer of this template has used a dark theme, giving a rich look to the website. The contents can be read easily on the dark theme, plus the web elements are distinctive. Visual effects play a major role in this template to keep the users engaged. Though this is an animation-rich website template it loads faster and smoother, thanks to the latest HTML5 and CSS3 framework. Throughout the template, you have space for image contents. With these image spaces, you can attract the new users and if you are using your yoga studio images your brand will get better exposure.

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Sportsfit website template is designed for all types of health and fitness related websites. Logically arranged sections will help the users easily get important contents and have a better user experience. In the homepage header section, you not only have space to add images but also can add video links. After the header section, you have featured content block to showcase your best programs. Call-to-action buttons are placed sensibly in the right positions so the user can be properly guided to the corresponding pages. Beautiful vector icons are used in this template, as most of them related to fitness and yoga, you can use them as such.

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Fitness Gym


Fitness Gym website template is filled with useful features that you mostly see in premium templates alone. With the image and text rich website design this template will inspire the new visitors to join your fitness programme. As more than 50% of the beginners says that fitness success stories and transformation videos inspire them to join a fitness programme, this template gives you space to add video contents.

A gradient green color scheme of the template helps you to clearly distinguish important web elements from the rest of the web elements. The footer section of the template is made big enough, where you can add class details, few testimonial and contact information. Promotional ad banners are pre-designed in this template so you can use them during the offer seasons. What makes this template really unique is the chat option. Tawkto chat tools are integrated into this template out of the box. All you have to do is to link the application with your support system. Other useful features in this template are the mega menu option, sleek animation effects, and ready to use icons.

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Aerobics Fit


Aerobics Fit is a colorful template in this list of free yoga website templates. In the homepage header section, you have a big image slider with bold texts and call to action buttons. Just below the header section, you have you have space to list all your services. Beautiful icons are used to show your services. In between sections you have a full stretched banners to show promotional contents and call to action buttons. Big image banners are pre-designed in this template for promotional banners.

In the top navigation bar you have space to add a call to action button to let the user easily join in a programme, no matter which page of your website. Blog pages are also given in this template, if you are investing in creating worthy contents, this will help you a lot. In the blog page also you have space to add promotional offers and promote your business. The default text looks neat and easy to read, so the users can easily read and interact with your contents.

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Flawless is a modern and attractive website template. The designer of this template has put the most important and frequently searched contents at the top. Promotional elements and sections are not shown directly, it is shown informatively along with other contents. This gentle approach tends to reach more audience than other designs. You have the pricing table on the homepage, just below the header section. The pricing model depends upon our target audience. By putting the pricing table at the top you can make your target stay on your website for quite some time. The clean design of this template keeps the user for a longer period.

On the clean white background, the orange color scheme looks attractive. The icons are also customized to match the modern clean design of this template. In the homepage, you also have space to add your daily class schedules in a table format. Daily workout classes are indicated elegantly with corresponding icons in a tabbed interface. Though it is a multi-page template, the creator of this template makes the homepage long enough to accommodate all sections. In all the subpage you have a subscription box just above the footer to improve the chances of getting the user email address. If you are serious about email marketing, check out our free email marketing templates list for some creative conversion oriented design.

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Robust is also a content focused website template just like the Flawless template mentioned above. In this template, you get plenty of space to add images to encourage and inspire the users to your yoga studio classes. The gradient color scheme of this template adds more life to this creative design. The homepage header has a big image slider where you can add bold texts and call to action buttons. Adding color shifting hover effects for the gradient color call to action button will be more attractive, but it is not given in this template.

If you want you can change the effects, this template uses the latest CSS3 framework. So you get more number of animation effects and natural color options with this template. In between sections, parallax images are used to add interactive promotional banners. Apart from the homepage, you get other pages like classes, schedules and event pages pre-designed for you. All the subpages follow the same clean design.

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Big bold texts are a part of modern web design. The Fitnezz template handles the texts and presents the contents effectively to the users. In the default design of the template, more importance is given to the image contents. If you spend some money on custom image and video of your yoga studio, template design like this will effectively make use of the images. Since it is an HTML5 template, you can add videos and other types of multimedia contents easily.

Each section in the homepage is made big enough to accommodate bold texts and large image holders. The call to action buttons are placed in the most obvious positions where the users will see a lot; it increases the chances of getting higher click-through rate. Just like in the ecommerce website, attractive price badges are used to denote the pricing. Other pages you get with this template are about, services and contact.

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Fitness as the name implies this template is purely designed for the fitness industry. The designer of this template has used images a lot than the icons, so you can use this template as it is with less effort on customization. With the full-width design layout, this template gives you plenty of room to all your contents and web elements. All the elements are scaled to perform better even in small screen devices. As more and more web traffic is from mobile devices, a responsive website template must be used. The bright red color scheme for the web elements gets user attention easily as soon as they land on your website. Another advantage of the bright color scheme is you can easily highlight the important contents on your website without making them look odd from the overall design of the template.

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Gym is almost similar to the Fitness template mentioned above. Both the templates are from the same creator, so you can see the same design hue here and there. At the top bar, you have a space to add few lines of welcome message to give a personal touch. Personal messages also help you to get a better impression on the users. Modern design combines intuitive visual effects to keep the user engaged. This template uses shadow effects to highlight important blocks. Red shades are used for the shadow effects, which goes well with the overall red color scheme of this template. You also get a useful BMI calculator tool on the homepage, but you have to manually code it to work perfectly. The top navigation bar is made sticky for better navigation and also to let your contact details always visible to the users.

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Trainer is a primarily a personal website template for personal trainers. If you are making a website for a small business, this template can handle it. Since is a personal website template, you get plenty of personal brand focusing elements. Texts are bit different from the normal font you would expect in a professional website. But the readability is great with the font used. Lots of white space is given in this template to present the contents elegantly to the users. The big footer section holds all important links and class schedule. At the top bar, you can add social media profile links. All the subpage have an image section in the header with bold texts.

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