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5Microsoft traditionally dominates the desktop and laptop market. Last year Microsoft claims it has over 400 million active Windows 10 users and it is likely to reach a billion users in the upcoming years. Powerpoint is the default presentation tool in windows, most students and businesses rely on PowerPoint slides for presentations. We have collected some of the best free Powerpoint templates with modern design on this list.

The problem in finding free PowerPoint templates is there are numerous templates with outdated designs. But don’t worry we have done the toughest part for you, after using thousands of templates we have listed some of the best free PowerPoint templates in this list. Some of them can also be used in the Google slides, giving you the freedom to select the platform.

One quick pro-tip; Microsoft itself provides some free templates on its website, you can check it here. Most of them have a modern design and are also easy to use. The only small problem with these Microsoft free templates is that you only get many slides and elements to use. If you are in a hurry and need to make a quick small presentation, you can use Microsoft’s own free templates or bookmark this article and refer when you want. Saying that let us get into the free PowerPoint templates list.

Here are the Best free download PPT templates 2022

Cranford – Free PowerPoint PPT template

free business PPT powerpoint template

If you are looking for the best free PPT PowerPoint template for business purposes, the Cranford template will the one you have to download.

You get nearly ten pre-made slides in the free version. But you can opt for the premium version if you want more slides and want to finish your presentation quickly. All slides in this pack are in a 16:9 ratio, so you get more than enough space to showcase your texts and images clearly to the audience. This presentation template is also available in the Keynote format and Google Slide format, making this template a friendly option for all types of users.

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Raymond – Creative PowerPoint Template

modern powerpoint template free download

People in all fields and professions expect a trendier design nowadays. Raymond will be a good option for those who want a free modern PowerPoint template.

All slides in this pack are in high-definition quality; hence, your content will look crisp and sharp on the slides. Organic shapes and smart image holders distinguish this template from other regular free PowerPoint templates. The creator has kept the elements as simple as possible so that you can edit them and resize them easily as per your requirements.

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free ppt template for corporate businesses

Howard is another professional PowerPoint template that is free to download. You can use this template for all types of business and academic purposes without any issues. The creator has given more than enough space for both images and texts in all slides; therefore, you can explain your content engagingly to the audience. When you want to change an image in the slide, simply click the corresponding image holder and add your image; the creator has kept the editing part as simple as possible. Because of this template’s simple layout, you can fit any type of content on its slides.

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Kula – Simple PowerPoint Templates

free powerpoint templates with minimal design

If you are looking for free PowerPoint templates with minimal design, this one will impress you. Lots of white space is used in this PowerPoint template so that you can present the content neatly to the audience. Even the audience at the last can see your content easily with this template. The pitch-black texts provide better visibility and readability on the clean white background. This template also has slides for portfolio, team members, and charts, apart from regular slides. If you are making a presentation about your new startup free PowerPoint templates like these will come in handy. This is a free version of a premium template, so you get only a limited number of slides in the free version.

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Voodoo Presentation Template

professinoal-looking free keynote templates

Voodoo is a contemporary style modern-looking free Powerpoint template. With bold texts and creative content blocks, this template will help you present your content engagingly to the audience. In the Kula template mentioned above, the creator has used only white spaces and dark letters. But in this minimal design, you get colorful elements to add some character to your design. Premium looking icons are used in this template and depth effects are used smartly to highlight the important content from the rest. This template also has a premium version, if you need more slides and elements, you can opt for the premium version. Overall, Voodoo is one of the best free powerpoint templates with a premium quality design.

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Blockchain Presentation

contemporary style business keynote presentation

The Voodoo and the Kula templates are purely made for professional use. If you are looking for free powerpoint templates with creative design with a casual look, this template will impress you. This template is one of the few free powerpoint templates that use many images in their design. Images always make the presentation engaging. If you add animation to the images, your presentation will make grab user attention for sure. Many trendy new colors are used in this template, hence you can elegantly highlight and show important sections from the others.

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Roderigo-Free PowerPoint templates for teachers


Roderigo is a professional vector-based PowerPoint template. This template is an apt option for startups and businesses to explain their project neatly to their clients. This template gives you more than enough space to add important content with the neat bold texts and split-screen design. The pagination is shown to the right holder to help you easily identify which slide you are currently working on. The neatline vectors are the unique elements of this PowerPoint template. The creator of this template has shared the icons and the fonts used to help you easily customize the template. This template can also be used in Google slides, the default slide layout is 16:9, hence you get full page design and an ample amount of space to present your content neatly.

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colorful and bright looking keynote presentaion

The creator has used trendy colors only for the important sections in the Blockchain template. But in this template, the creator has made the entire template colorful and vibrant. Though the entire template is colorful, the creator has used modern fonts effectively to make the texts legible on the slide. Plus, the readability is also great on this template. The only thing is you have to increase font size in a few areas to make all the contents visible to the audience. This template is available in both Keynote and PowerPoint versions, so make sure you download the right one.

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colorful presentation template

If you want to present your ideas with colors, this PowerPoint template will be a good choice. The creator has chosen the color smartly, so they present the content elegantly to the users and improve the slides’ visual aesthetics. More than enough room is given for both images and texts so that you can explain your ideas clearly to the audience. Though this template pack plenty of slides, you get only ten slides in the free versions. If your demands are high and find this template extremely useful, you can opt for the premium version.

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powerpoint template with a minimal design

You can understand from the name itself that this template is made for minimalists. The creator has used different geometric shapes and creative elements to make minimal slides visually attractive. Mostly vector elements and modern fonts are used in this template; hence, you can easily edit the slides and add your contents without any worries. One of the biggest advantages of using a minimal PowerPoint slider template is the content on the slide can be seen clearly. Plus, audiences can easily read and clearly understand your presentation.

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unique presentation template

Color is a unique template is this free PowerPoint templates list. The creator has not only given importance to the content space but also given equal importance to the slider design. Each slide is unique and lets you create a strong impact on the audience during your presentation. This template is available in both the Keynote version and the PowerPoint version. You can pick a version and start working on it based on the workflow you prefer. As in all freemium products, you get only a limited amount of slides in the free version. You have to go for the premium version to get the complete pack.

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presentation template for business purposes

Pattern is also a minimal-style PowerPoint template, but the creator has used creative patterns to make it stand out from other minimal free PowerPoint templates. The creator has followed a uniformity in all the slides so you can manage contents easily throughout the slides. For example, the left sidebar allows you to add your brand name and other details. If you are making a professional or corporate PowerPoint presentation, this template will be a good choice. Since this one is a freemium template, you get a pixel-perfect design and premium quality elements. The only complaint you will have in the free version is you will get only a handful of readymade slides. Apart from it, this one is one of the best free PowerPoint templates.

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Colorama is a multipurpose powerpoint template for business presentations. The creator of this powerpoint has kept the main slides simple and clean so that the users can easily read the contents on it. To add justification to the name, the designer has used many colors for the charts and other elements. Default texts itself look clean and has good readability, based on your need you can always change the font. Since it is a free template you get only a handful of elements predesigned for you. Check the entire slide before settling on this powerpoint.

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Wart is a professional looking modern powerpoint template. Instead of using a plain boring background this template uses a triangle neural network-like pattern. The pattern is used consistently throughout all 25 slides, but the usage of pattern varies based on the content. Creators of this template gave you the complete set of icons and fonts used in this template to help you customize the template easily.

With this template, you get charts, tables, flowcharts and line vector like mockups for mobile and laptop. Presentation with texts alone won’t make it interesting for the audience, in this template you get space reserved for images of all size. To give a more lively feel, in some slides you have the option to add images inside a triangle, which looks elegant along with the triangle pattern.

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Eglamour is an artistic powerpoint template. This template uses brushed paint like effect throughout the slides to make it look distinct from other normal templates. By this paint brush-like designs, you get a clean area to add texts and add colors to the template. To match this creative simple design, the fonts used are also clean and easy to read. Creative image holders are the unique design that makes this template standout.

The creator of this template used this pattern smartly to highlight important points. Fonts are used at right size and thickness so that it is legible and easy to read even on an image and color background. By default this template is designed in 16:9 ratio. You can change the size to 4:3, but some of the design patterns may be cropped out, so check all the slides when you change the size.

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If you are looking a powerpoint template for a nonprofit organization or event related to nature and green, then this template is for you. Since eco-green is the theme of this template, the designer had used leaf pattern to give a meaningful design. This template uses both color background and neat white background to avoid same boring pattern throughout all the slides. The fonts are also used smartly so that the readability remains the same in both clean pattern and colored pattern. With this template, you also get diagrams related to greenery and eco-friendly. Other useful elements you get with this powerpoint template are tabular columns that match the template’s design, maps and icon set. You can use this powerpoint template for Google slides as well.

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Wolsey is a simple and clean powerpoint template. With bar charts like patterns, this template becomes an obvious choice for statistics related presentation. Even construction businesses can use this template because the symbolically represents buildings. The consistent usage of only limited colors makes this template look professional. This template uses blue, orange, and dark blue color pattern, if you have a different color option you can change it easily. The creator of this template made it flexible enough so that you can customize it in few seconds. Since all the fonts used and icons used are shared with you directly, you can use this template as a base and create your own custom template. Like most other free powerpoint templates in this list, this one also follows 16:9 layout.

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Rosalind template does not use any creative stuff or fancy patterns. Instead, it uses colorful gradients. This gradient color scheme makes your template look beautiful and adds life to your slides. If you are making a pure content focused presentation then this the template. This powerpoint template is designed like a landing page, in which you get a distraction-free design and can pinpoint important contents. This template also allows you to add image background, but to maintain the design consistency and text readability this template uses a gradient overlay. As most modern companies and startups are using a gradient as their brand color, this gradient pattern will be of great use to brand your slides.

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Dumaine is a creative pattern based powerpoint template, just like the Wart template mentioned above. This template uses slanting rectangle patterns with sharp edges. Different gradient colors are used for the shapes. At some spots, the transparent pattern looks like a floating glass which improves the visual aesthetics of the powerpoint template. If you are a creative agency, then sure for fire you will love this template. Like in the modern creative agency website templates, this one also uses creative image holders to give an interactive feel. The images and texts are clearly visible on the dark solid color background, plus the gradient patterns look beautiful on the clean background. Fonts used in this template are bold and big to give better readability so that the person even at the last can read it without any trouble.

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Geometrical shapes do play a major role in the modern web design. With the help of latest HTML5 framework the developers able to give us more interactive web elements. But with the powerpoint we don’t need the HTML and all, we have to spend some to create an interactive template, or you can simply use this template and save your time. If you have attended recent Google and Microsoft developer events, you might have noticed that they have used geometric shapes in their slides, this template doesn’t give you such awe-inspiring design but close enough design pattern. On the clean white background, the colorful circular geometric patterns and texts look elegant and it is also easy to read texts.

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Snug is bright color powerpoint template. This template only uses two color schemes, yellow and black. The designer of this template has used both colors smartly to highlight important point with visual aesthetics. If you are a lover of extreme color combos, then you will like this template. This template uses google fonts, so you have more than font options to choose from. Icons used in this template is also shared with you directly so that you can create your custom template in no time. Another advantage of this template is you can use this template even in your Google Slides. The only thing you need to add to this template is the animation effects, as this template is meant for the generic purpose it does not include animation effects out of the box.

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At the first glance of this powerpoint template itself, many of you might remember lifestyle blog website templates. With the floral design and bold texts, this template stands out from the crowd. The default design of this template makes it the best option for floral related presentations and for botany students to explain their projects. To give a unique look the floral pattern used in this template have drawing like effect. One small bummer with this template is you get only limited space to add texts, so be precise with your content before using this template. This powerpoint template also uses 16:9 layout, when you want to change the layout to any other size please make sure that all the slides fit well with your layout size.

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Dolabella powerpoint template uses an old manuscript like design. If you are making a presentation on any history or museum-related topic, then this is the template for you. Since this template is designed around the old ancient look, it follows a dull muddy color pattern. The texts and the images used are also customized to match the dull color scheme of this template, which looks visually great but at some spot, readability becomes really difficult. The unique point of this powerpoint template is its pattern, which includes image and elements related to ancient time. Fonts and icons used in this template are shared with you directly, so you can customize this template without any worries.

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Escalus is another pattern based business powerpoint template. Instead of using pattern at the corners this template use it at the center of the slide and in some slides, full page pattern is used. Design aesthetics are followed neatly on this template so that it looks attractive and also helps you to share the content interactively to the audience. Font selection is also done smartly with this template so that it is legible in both clean backgrounds and in color backgrounds. With this template, you get twenty-five pre-designed slides, which is easy to customize and use.

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Lear is a 4:3 layout powerpoint template, if you are in search of a creative template in this layout, then this template is the one for you. This template does not uniform pattern or color scheme in its design. To keep the audience engaged this template uses different gradient color schemes. With the sans serif fonts this template gives a bold neat typography, which makes readability easier. To the bottom right you have the option to add pagination number. This template provides you both image background and split screen design to add related images. The Lear is a simple template for general purpose so you can use this template for any purpose.

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Trinclo powerpoint template is basically designed for schools and other children education related sites. With this template you are actually getting a mockup style layout, on the folded paper you have space to add your contents. Since this template is designed for schools, more casual fonts are used than professional fonts. In order to get the attention of the children, bright colors are also used in this template. Handwriting like typography makes the texts look natural on the folded paper background. This template also gives you space to add images in both within the content space as well as in the background. Regular 4:3 layout is followed in this template.

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Chinese New Year 2018


Chinese New Year 2018 as the name implies this template is purely designed on Chinese new year theme. Since the Chinese use Dog to represent their 2018 new year, this template also uses Dog. This is a rich looking powerpoint template with an artistic touch, the bright red color gets user attention as soon as you switch on your slide. Since this template is purely designed from inspiration, it is not designed for any particular purpose. You can use this template for any purpose if you find this template fits your need. Creative design of this template makes use of more space, to give you enough space to add content to this template follows 16:9 layout.

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Olivia is a perfect business and instructional powerpoint template for presentation. With bold texts, this template only gives you space to add an important title and few lines about the topic. To keep the audience engaged this template reserves more space for adding vectors and images. With this template, you also get image background slides. Other useful elements you get with this powerpoint template is maps, charts, tabular columns and customizable icons. This template uses yellow color scheme, but it is customizable.

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Banquo is an image-rich powerpoint template. With the neat image background and colorful content blocks, this template stands out from the crowd. On the grayscale images, the blue content blocks look attractive and also make readability easier. To avoid audience from getting bored by same uniform content blocks, different shapes are used. Fonts are also selected smartly to match the simple elegant design of this template. The Banquo is an elegant looking multipurpose powerpoint template. All you have to do is to select the images that match your content. The creator of this template gave you 25 slides with the same simple design but with different patterns, with this, you can create your own custom template in no time.

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Ragonize is a powerpoint template for photography. Since photography is the main theme of this template, you get plenty of space to add images. But the designer of this template also gives equal importance to the text contents. In order to make readability easy on the image background this template overlays are made. To make the template modern, slanting overlay shapes are used. With this template, you also have the option to add vectors and icons. Pagination is given at the bottom left corner to help you identify the sliders easily.

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Nestor is another professional looking presentation powerpoint template. This template can be used for explaining products and also give an intro about the courses. Split screen style design is used in this template, which helps you to explain content with texts and images side by side. Use of blue color scheme gives a professional look to the template, on the clean white background the black texts are ink black and other colorful web elements look more vibrant. Like most other free powerpoint templates in this list, this one also has 16:9 layout.

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Gertrude is also an image-rich powerpoint template, just like the Ragonize template mentioned above. This template does not follow a uniform pattern, based on the content of the layout changes. Since this template has different layouts you have more options to choose from. The Gertrude is a package of 25 slides with useful elements like charts, maps, icons, and image holders. This is a hybrid template, which means you can use this template for both powerpoint and Google Slides.

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