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Carpet cleaning service alone is capable of bringing consistent revenue to a cleaning service company. Among all the cleaning and janitorial services, carpet cleaning alone holds 10% of the overall cleaning industry revenue. Whether you are providing residential cleaning services or corporate cleaning services, or providing both services, the carpet cleaning website template in this list will help you make a proper website.

The two main complaints that a local corporate cleaning service company receives are poor quality work, and the other is not showing up in the booked time. If you are launching a new cleaning service brand in your area, you have to address the two problems mentioned above. Thankfully the WordPress carpet cleaning website template allows you to install a tracking plugin. Users can easily see where the service is now and when they can expect it. There are many more useful plugins for you to run a transparent customer-friendly business. All these templates have a flexible code base so that you can add any custom features you want. Right from appointment booking to the customer satisfaction survey, everything can be done through these website templates.

Cleaning Company (HTML Template)

cleaning company and carpet cleaning website template

Cleaning Company is a feature-rich HTML5 carpet cleaning website template. Thoughtfully designed pages make the developer’s job simple. All important options and front-end elements are taken care of by the creator. Therefore, you get enough time to concentrate on the custom features and make the backend work smoothly.

Bright colors and crisp icons make the website look rich on high-res screens. Plus, the mobile responsive nature of this website template makes sure that the user gets the same level of experience on both computer & mobile devices. The default design of this template covers all types of cleaning services along with carpet cleaning services. Hence, the creator has given a filter option in the search bar to quickly filter the service they want.

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Pressure Washing (HTML)

professional cleaning and carpet cleaning website template

Pressure Washing is also a cleaning company website template that offers all types of cleaning services. Interactive animations and sharp-looking elements deliver an immersive user experience.

You can see that the creator has used corresponding icons in the service section to make it even more clear and engaging to the users. Since all animations and elements are designed using the latest CSS3 script, they look natural. All front-end optimizations are done properly in this HTML carpet cleaning website template. Therefore, you can work on the back-end part without any worries.

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Laundry (HTML)

laundry and cleaning service website template

You can infer that this is a laundry service website template from its name itself. Since the laundry is also a service sector website category, all elements and features in this template can be used for the carpet cleaning websites without any issues. Plus, the friendly code structure of this template will make the customization work easier. Once you add your content and change the corresponding icons, your carpet cleaning website will be ready. The navigation bar in this template is a smart sticky bar to make navigation easier. For more interactive navigation designs like this, take a look at our bootstrap menu examples collection.

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interactive carpet cleaning website template

Clany is a modern corporate style website template. The creator has given this template interactive layouts so that you can clearly explain your services. All seven homepage variations have a clever design. Important information is moved as high as possible; hence you can hook the user within a few scrolls. Each homepage design is unique and is designed to achieve a goal. Whether you need your website to clearly explain your services or you need your website to convert the users, this template has a perfect design for you. Patterns and background images are combined neatly with the scroll effect to give an immersive user experience. For more interactive pattern designs, take a look at our CSS background pattern collection. Overall, Clany is a feature-packed carpet cleaning website template that will help you make a proper cleaning service business website.

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Cleaning Services

conversion-centered website template

Cleaning Services is a professional cleaning service WordPress website template. Though this template has only two demo variations, the creator has loaded it with useful features. An RTL version is also given to reach all types of global audiences. Subtle and neat animation effects are used from header to footer to give an engaging user experience. Some unique features of this template are cost-calculator plugin and pre-integrated payment options. Since it is a WordPress template, you can use any plugin and add the features you want. Flexible code base and WPBakery page builder will make the customization job easier for you. Both layouts are powered by WooCommerce so that you can easily sell your services and products through your website.

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Queak cleaning website template will help you make a lively website. The clean layout and subtle animations keep the users engaged; plus, users can easily find what they are looking for. In the default main demo, you can see a big quote request form on the header section. The creator has smartly placed a video play button with a ripple effect near the quote request form; hence, users can see your intro video and can request a quote based on their needs.

Only a few carpet cleaning website templates have both trendy design and useful modern features, and Queak is one of them. This theme is equipped with premium plugins like the Elementor page builder for customizations, Slider Revolution to create interactive image sliders, and the Booked plugin to let the users easily book your services.

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For those who are offering both commercial cleaning website templates and residential cleaning website templates, the Klinixer template will be a good choice. The creator smartly designed this template so that you can use this template for all types of cleaning and repair services websites. This theme pack has three demo versions. All three demos have a bold design, which means users can easily read your content and interact with it easily on small screen devices and on big computers. The use of high-res colorful icons elevates the overall richness of the website. If you want a worry-free premade website, Klinixer will be a good choice.

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Clenoz is a crisp-looking website template. Each bend and line are sharp in this template. No element is out of place, and the precisely calibrated animation takes the front-end user experience to the next stage. The website admin side experience is also made simpler in this template. With the REDUX code architecture’s help, the developer has brought all controls and settings inside the WordPress dashboard. Hence, website admins can control their website easily from the dashboard itself. Speaking of dashboards, if you are planning to give your registered users a dedicated dashboard to easily manage their actions, take a look at our bootstrap dashboard templates collection.

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interactive modern website template

If you are looking for a modern contemporary style carpet cleaning website template, this template will impress you. Trendy color schemes and creative web elements elevate the rich look of this template. Though this template has only one demo variations, all elements and sections you need to make a perfect website are there in this template. A service appointment booking form is placed right below the header section, which is a thoughtful design. For appointment booking functionalities, you have to install a corresponding plugin. If the online booking feature is prime importance to you, take a look at our appointment scheduling website template collection. Over, the Moppers will meet your design needs and give a solid platform on which you can add your custom features without any issues.

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professional looking cleaning service business website template

Clengo is a fresh looking website template. The clean design of this template will let the user feel your work. Bold elements neatly highlight and show import content. A pricing table is also given to let you clearly explain your services. Since it is a WooCommerce based template, you can run recurring payments and subscription models easily. Basic optimizations are taken care of by the creator; hence, you can easily add your custom options. Though this template has only one homepage variation, it has multiple inner pages pre-designed for you. If you are a Shopify platform lover, take a look at our Shopify subscription themes collection.

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interactive carpet cleaning website template

CarpetServ is purely designed for carpet cleaning services. In this theme, carpet cleaning is the main service and is not treated as one of the services. Hence, you get a clear cut design that clearly explains your expertise. The creator has used modern funky colors to give a peppy look to this template. Since the CarpetServ uses the latest CSS3 script, the colors look more natural. Plus, you also get a fluid animation effect. This template has three demo variations. The difference between each demo is not that obvious because the creator has used only minor cosmetic changes. But, all three demos are properly equipped with the WPBakery page builder tool. You can easily edit the elements and change the looks easily.

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multipurpose carpet cleaning website template

CleanMate is not only a neat looking website template but also a functional website template. The creator has used modern web elements effectively to deliver an impeccable user experience. For example, this template uses a dynamic pricing table based on the service and area you choose. Interactive elements, like the dynamic pricing table, will impress the present-day audience for sure. Plus, the clean and subtle animation effects elevate the rich user experience of this template. If you are looking for a modern, intuitive carpet cleaning website template, this is the best option for you. Apart from the simple price calculator on the homepage, you also get a separate page for service calculation with lots of options. Overall, CleanMate is a friendly website template for both users and web developers.

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We Clean

colorful website template

We Clean is a colorful conversion-centered website template. This template has three homepage designs, and all of them focus on converting the users into customers. Through quick options, you can easily change the color theme and boxed-width layouts. Even if you don’t like the default color schemes, you can add your own colors. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, it can handle all modern colors and gradient color schemes. Big mega menu options are pre-built into this template to neatly organize the options intuitively. The dynamic search box will help the user easily find the service they want. If you want to make your search bar even more engaging, take a look at our bootstrap search box example collection for more inspirations. All these customization options and ready-made pages can be easily handled via the WPBakery page builder.

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Cleaning Company

flat-style website template

Cleaning Company is almost similar to the We Clean template mentioned above. This template also uses modern flat colors in an eye-pleasing manner. Important call to action buttons are bigger in this template to get user attention. The cost calculator design in this template looks like a conventional form with checkboxes and radio buttons. If you have a developer team, you can change the front-end buttons and radio buttons to give a fresh look. For more contemporary style radio button designs, take a look at our bootstrap radio button collection. Coming to this template, this one has three homepage variations. All three demos have important sections and elements you need to set up a proper website.

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best carpet cleaning website template for new brands

Klear is a contemporary style website template that promotes your service gently to the user. The creator has treated texts as a part of the design and used modern fonts. Hence, you get a clean website with which the user can easily read and interact easily. Most of the elements are designed using the code, so they look crisp on high-resolution screens and retina screen devices. For better results, try to use better quality images and icons. Apart from three homepage variations, this template has all inner pages pre-designed for you. Right from the contact page to the appointment booking page, everything is in ready-to-use condition. All forms are made using the Contact Form 7 plugin; hence, you can easily manage your forms and customize them easily within minutes.

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Service Master

website template for all types of service business websites

Service Master is a multipurpose service business website template. This template has website designs for almost all major website categories. Separate demos are given for corporate cleaning service websites and household cleaning service websites. Because of the niche-focused design, the detailing level is very high. This template uses the premium Revolution Slider plugin for creating image sliders. Hence, the users can create intuitive image sliders by themselves without even touching the code. Another useful option in this template is the Google fonts. There are hundreds of perfectly optimized font options to choose from. You can create reader-friendly texts easily using Google fonts. Overall, Service Master is a thoughtfully designed carpet cleaning website template.

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easy-to-edit carpet cleaning website template

Ituza is another multipurpose service business website template. This template also has dedicated demos for all famous service-related business websites. The default cleaning service demo meets all types of cleaning service website needs. By making a few changes to the design, you can make the website you want. Both front and back end customizations are made simple in this template. So the developers will find this template extremely easy to work with. Most of the minor customizations can be done through the WPBakery page builder itself. Unless you need to make any major customizations, you don’t need to touch the code.

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modern carpet cleaning website template

BeTheme is one of the best selling multipurpose website templates. With more than 500+ ready-made demos, you can create almost any type of website using this template. We do get a dedicated carpet cleaning website template in its vast 500+ ready-made demo collection. Since it is a multipurpose website template, you can’t expect any niche-specific features and options. Instead, you get a flexible design with hundreds of design elements and page pre-designed for you. The WPBakery page builder is well-integrated into the theme. Shortcode options are also given in this template to let you easily access the elements wherever you want.

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carpet cleaning website template with multiple cusotmization options

Jupiter is well-known for its friendly customization option. This template also has a wide range of pre-made demo like the BeTheme mentioned above. The default carpet cleaning website template uses a full-width layout. Images are a part of the design; hence, you get an intuitive design. Trendy looking fonts let you clearly express the meaning of your content. Design consistency is maintained throughout the template so that you can easily brand your website. If you have your own brand colors and fonts, the consistent design pattern lets you easily implement your brand element throughout the website. Just like its long demo list, this template has a long pre-bundled plugin. As a site owner, you will find this template extremely easy to work with in your day to day life.

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colorful poromtional style website template

Cleanora is a neatly organized, boxed-width layout. This template uses the space effectively so that the user can easily interact with your website. Logically arranged homepage sections let the user easily understand the service you offer. Bright colors are balanced smartly and highlight the important section without making them look odd. This template also has an estimation calculation form. You can integrate an email automation tool to the estimation calculator and smartly get the user’s email address. Since this is a WordPress website template, you can easily combine two plugins without any hitch. Speaking of email marketing, take a look at our email templates collection to make a successful email marketing campaign.

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multipurpose service business website template

Etalon is the best selling multipurpose service business website template. Since this template is designed for service businesses from the core, you get a user-friendly design. Users can easily see your services and book your appointment via your website. If you are looking for a carpet cleaning website template that can fully take your business online, this is the best option for you. This template has 20+ pre-made demos as of writing this post. You can expect more new demos in future updates. The creator is giving periodic updates to this template so that you get the latest and greatest features. Installation and updates can be done with just a click like on your smartphone. Even normal users can easily work with this template.

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traditional looking website template

Avas is a multipurpose website template. If you are a developer, templates like this will save you time and money. This template has nearly 40+ demo variations for different niches. A dedicated carpet cleaning website template is also given in this pack. In the default cleaning service website template, you get a bold full-width design. Chunky borders and regular icons give a traditional look to the website, but you can easily adjust the design. This template uses the famous WPBakery page builder for front-end customization. Since it is a multipurpose website template, hundreds of icons and elements are pre-designed and integrated into the page builder. All you have to do is to drag and drop the element in the place you want.

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carpet cleaning website template with useful elements

Clenix is a feature-packed carpet cleaning website template. This template has both multi-page and single-page website template designs. Modern elements are used effectively on all demo variations so that you can clearly explain your services to the audience. Subtle and neat animation effects are used throughout the template. The animation effects look more fluid because of the CSS3 script. This template has everything you need to create a proper business website. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like and customize it. If you want an easy-to-maintain website, you can go for single page design. All homepages are long enough to list all your services and pricings neatly on one page.

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Cleanco 3

cleaning service website template

Cleanco 3 is a modern interactive multipurpose cleaning service website template. If you are providing all types of cleaning services, this is the best template for you. Though this template has four demo variations, it has 252 section blocks pre-designed for you. With the given section blocks, you can almost create any page within seconds. Theme options and customization options are neatly integrated into the dashboard, so you control everything from your dashboard. The creator has given an appointment booking tool specially designed for this theme. As a result, you get a synchronized, seamless experience.

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minimal and clean website template

Cleanhome is a simple yet functional business website template. This template has all the basic elements and sections. Once the user gets into your site, they can clearly see your service, working hours, and other important details. Three blog page layouts are also given along with the other inner page designs so that you can run an active website easily. Plus, it is a WordPress website template; you can easily manage your content and write new blog posts easily. Shadow effects neatly highlight the important elements from the others. Overall, the Cleanhome will help you make a sensible website.

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