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Getting your website on the list of residential plumbing services or other directory websites alone won’t bring customers to your site nowadays. Tuning your website perfectly for the customer’s needs is the only way you can convert a visitor into a customer. A customer should be able to see your services and book your services easily on your website. Some websites even provide live tracking services. To make a powerful feature-rich website, you don’t have to spend much money. Modern plumbing website templates are loaded with tons of useful features that you need to make a successful website.

We have picked WordPress website templates in this list to make your job even more simpler. Right from the appointment booking to the live chat, all types of plugins are pre-bundled in these plumbing website templates. Based on your requirement, pick one and start making your website.

If you want a readymade solution and the install & forget convenience, keep reading this post and find the best plumbing website templates for your sites.

Plumber (HTML)

plumbing website template

Plumber is a plumbing website template with a simple design.

The straightforward design of this template highlights your services as soon as the user lands on your website. Plus, the single page layout of this template lets you keep all relevant information in one place. A Service booking call to action button is placed on the header section, which is smart. All you have to do is to attach a booking form or integrate your booking system into this template. The latest HTML5 and Bootstrap 4 code scripts are used in this template, so integrating the latest tools and plugins will be easier for the developers.

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Pivot (HTML)

plumbing company website template

Pivot is a multipurpose construction and maintenance service website template, which can be used as a plumbing company website template as well.

The clean layout of this template lets the site owners explain their service professionally to the audience. Fonts and icons are chosen brilliantly in this template so that it looks crisp and easier to read, even on small screen devices. If most of your website traffic is from mobile devices, then well-optimized plumbing website templates like this will be a good choice. A quote request widget is placed near the footer section to let the users easily access the form from any part of the website. Overall, it is a professional-looking plumbing website template.

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Plumbing WordPress Themes

Following are the best plumbing WordPress themes filled with useful functions and features. Most plumbing themes in this list are equipped with the necessary tools; therefore, you can create a professional plumbing service website and plumbing stores in no time with these themes.

Plumbing Repair

plumbing website templates with business-like look

Plumbing Repair is a feature-rich WordPress plumbing website template.

When you choose a WordPress theme, you obviously get a fully functional website design. All you have to do is to activate the features and run your website. The creator has given online booking options, online shopping options, and MailChimp email tools. Whether you are just offering the service or planning to sell plumbing tools on your website, this template will come in handy for you. Design-wise, this template has a very simple design. Hence, you get a familiar layout on which a user can easily find what they want. The mobile version of this template is also tuned properly for a better user experience. As a result, your audience can access your website easily from any device they have.

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plumbing website templates with online booking optionsProHauz is a multipurpose home repair and service WordPress theme with a dedicated plumbing business website template.

This theme pack has six demo variations. Each demo is unique and is made for different purposes like — plumbing, heating, AC repair, Power, and a few more. Like the Plumbing Repair template mentioned above, this one is also packed with useful plugins. This template has online booking options and costs calculation options right out of the box. Using plumbing website templates with built-in features saves you time and money. Plus, you can have a synchronized environment where you can manage orders and payments easily. Since this template has WooCommerce powered pages, selling services and tools on your website will be an easy job. Speaking of heating and cooling system services, take a look at our HVAC website templates collection for more such templates.

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Plumbing Spl

website template with useful features

Plumbing Spl is purely designed for plumbing services. Each website will have its own goals. The most common goal for a service website would be — promotions, collecting new leads, and make the service readily available. Five plumbing website templates in this pack are designed to meet the goals mentioned before. No matter which demo-version you choose, you will get a friendly interface design. Plus, the creator has equipped this template with the WPBakery page builder. You can simply drag & drop the elements in the place you want. Core level customizations can also be done easily in this template because of this theme’s simple code structure. Overall, it a friendly website template for both users and site owners.

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feature-rich plumbing website templates

For those looking for a content-rich layout for your website, this is the best option. Five multi-page demo versions and one single page demo is given in this pack. Whether you need to make a complete website or an easy-to-maintain website, this theme has perfect designs for you. The default design’s bright colors get user attention easily as soon as they land on your website. But if you like to use a different type of color scheme for your website, you can do it easily with the WPBakery page builder. Most cosmetic changes can be done via the page builder tool itself even if you like to make more complex customizations, the latest CSS script in this template given you full freedom to try all modern designs and effects.

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handyman website template

BlueCollar is a multipurpose handyman and house maintenance service website template. If you are providing A to Z services, this is the best option for you. This template’s straightforward homepage design highlights your services and lets the user quickly pick the service they want. The creator has cleverly balanced the conventional look and modern design in this template. As a result, you get a familiar layout that is easy to use. Niche-specific inner pages are also included in this template to make your job easy. For example, if you are providing bathroom fittings as a separate service, you can use the service page in the website template to clearly explain your services.

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website template for plumbers

This template will surely make your website stand out with its contemporary style design. Everything on this template is precise. Right from the colors to the animations, each and every part is handled with care to deliver an impeccable user experience. What enhances the experience even more is the crisp looking icons and web elements made using the code script. This template has not only sharp looks but is also retina-ready. Hence, your audience can enjoy your website on high-res screens without any issues. Speaking of retina designs, take a look at our retina Shopify themes collection if you are planning to make plumbing equipment selling stores. Like most other plumbing website templates, this one also has WooCommer store pages, so you can sell equipment on this template as well.

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Plumber Pro

clean plumbing website templates

Plumber Pro with its uncomplicated design, delivers a buttery smooth experience to the users. Images and icons are used smartly in this template so that you can neatly organize the related content. Since this theme is purely designed for plumbing services, all the icons in this template are related to the plumbing niche. If you are looking for plumbing and bath fittings website templates, you can use this template’s default design as such for your website. Customizations are made simpler using the WPBakery page builder. All custom elements and sections are added to the page builder. Therefore there won’t be any need for you to touch the code unless you need to do any hardcore customizations.

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multipurpose handyman website template with plumbing services

HomeFix is a bold and interactive website template. The creator has used bright colors to get user’s attention and swift animations to keep the users engaged. Everything is executed well in this template. All elements and sections are intact so that users can easily interact with your website. Like few other plumbing website templates in this list, this one is also a multipurpose handyman service website template. Hence, the plumbing is treated as one of the services. By making a few changes to the design, you can make it a complete plumbing service website. The BuddyPress plugin is bundled in this WordPress to let you easily manage your online customers. As a whole, HomeFix is a well-executed website template that will help you set up your website in no time.

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Service Master

multipurpose service business website template

From the name itself you can understand that theme is made for service related business websites. The creator has given readymade designs for major service businesses. All you have to do is to pick the demo you like and start working with it. Since this template is purely designed for service businesses, the design is very friendly and straightforward. Even a new user can easily find and book the service they want. There are twelve demo variations in this theme. You can see that the creator has used card elements in all demo variation to neatly organize the content. If you like to make the card element even more attractive, take a look at our bootstrap card design collection.

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website template with multiple demos

Jupiter is the best option for you if you are looking for endless customization in plumbing website templates. Being a multipurpose WordPress theme, this one has a huge 300+ demo variations. Almost all types of websites are covered in this pack. Each niche demo is designed carefully to meet the niche audiences’ needs. Hence, you can expect Plumbing website templates to be properly optimized for your needs. Jupiter is one of the few WordPress themes that has demos that support the Elementor and the WPBakery page builders. Both page builders have their own pros and cons. Based on the workflow you prefer, you can pick the demo and start working on it. The creator has included the PSD file for all demos to make your customization even easier and more precise.

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modern plumbing website templates

BeTheme is one of the go-to options for many professional web developers. Because of this template’s huge demo collection, you can create any type of website in no time. This template has 500+ demos as of writing this post. More new demos are being added to the inventory in each update. If you are a freelance developer or an agency, WordPress themes like this will help you skip the basic chores and concentrate on the custom functions. You get two plumbing website templates in this bundle, both of them have a professional design. But if you prefer a contemporary look, it is better to opt for the Plumber 2 demo version. This theme supports both WooCommerce and Easy digital downloads. Hence, you get a lot of flexibility in setting up an online store.

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trendy-looking plumbing website templates

Those who are looking for plumbing website templates with a fresh new design must see the Bridge theme. Though this theme is originally designed for creative professionals, later it evolved into a multipurpose website template. The creator has maintained the fresh peppy look in all demo variations. As a result, you get a unique looking niche website design. Among the 490 demos, we do get a dedicated demo for plumbing services. Swift animations and bold elements draw the user’s attention on the required spot. Hence, you can elegantly promote your services without making them look odd. As a whole, this is the best template for revamping existing websites and new brands.

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multipurpose website template

Avada has been downloaded for around 600 thousand times as of writing this post. It has powered thousands of websites in almost all categories. From the download numbers itself you can see how reliable and flexible this template is. Avada is one of the few multipurpose templates that uses its own plugins and page builder tools. Hence, you get a well-synchronized environment and work seamlessly. If you want flexibility and a smooth experience, Avada is the best theme for you. Though this theme has fewer demos when compared to the BeTheme, this theme’s flexibility will help you create any website in no time.

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premium-quality plumbing website templates

Images and videos play a major role in modern web design. Most users want to know more in less time. Presenting the contents in bite-sized format with images help the user to grab the information quickly. The creator has smartly made the sections bigger enough to make the interactions easier on both small and big screen devices. With the help of the well-integrated KingComposer tool, you can easily customize this template without even touching the code. Another useful tool in this template is the Slider Revolution premium plugin. You can create stunning slides with a smooth transition effect with the Slider Revolution plugin. If you like to make your own custom transition effects, take a look at our bootstrap slider design collection.

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Plumbing Store

plumbing equipment online store templates

If you are offering both plumbing services and selling plumbing parts & tools, this template will help you make a perfect website. Since this template is treated as a store, you get a neatly organized homepage design where you can list all the bath fittings, sanitary wares, and other tools. WooCommerce is well-integrated into the theme, so you can easily set up your store in no time. It is a multi-page website template, so you can use a separate page to list your services. You can even give users the fitting services as an addon when they place the order. No matter what type of business model you plan, flexible plumbing website templates like this can handle it easily.

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Plumber Zone

straightforward website template

Plumber Zone is a very simple website template. The creator has kept the design as direct as possible so that it can appeal to all types of audiences. Plus, you can bring custom features easily in this simple layout. Only two homepage variations are given in this pack, which might be a tad less when compared to other plumbing website templates mentioned in this list. But, the given design is more than enough to make a simple plumbing website. This template’s homepage design concentrates on promoting the services and lets the user get in touch with you easily. If you like to engage with your audience directly, you can add chat functionality to the website. Since it is a WordPress theme, there are plenty of good-quality plugins out there to help you.

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sensibly designed plumbing website templates

Plumbit has a fresh web design that most modern users will love. Subtle animations and bright white layout give a welcoming environment to the user. If you are launching your first website for your plumbing business, this positive energy filled template will be a good choice. All important information is shown on the navigation bar itself. Hence users can easily call and book your service easily. Color schemes are also chosen smartly in all three plumbing website templates in this pack so that the website looks attractive and appealing to the eyes.

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construction and services website template

Manzil is a construction company WordPress theme. The use of subtle animations and bright gradient colors make this template fresh. Three demo versions are there in this pack; each one of them is unique and uses the web elements differently to deliver an immersive user experience. This WordPress theme uses the famous Elementor page builder, which is known for its sleek nature. Hence, you can create a custom website in no time by simply dragging & dropping the elements in the required spots.

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Air Supply

service business website template

Air Supply WordPress website template is for HVAC and air condition service business websites. Since the core of this template is similar to that of the plumbing services, you can use this template for plumbing websites as well. Minor Customizations can be done easily via the WPBakery itself. Therefore you can change the looks without even touching the code. More than enough space is given for each element and section. As a result, you get clean looking website design. Plus, the user can easily interact with the website on both big and small screen devices. An RTL version is also there in this template, which will come in handy for companies having customers in Arab regions.

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Factory Plus

industrial work website template

Factory Plus is a multipurpose industry and construction website template. This template’s flexible layout and friendly customization options will help you make your dream website in no time. Since this is one of the best-selling WordPress themes in the market, you get periodic updates. You even get new demo versions in the updates, so you will have a future-proof website with this template. Speaking of industries, take a look at our free industrial HTML website templates collection for premium-quality pixel-perfect web designs. For those who are on a tight budget, you can see our free website templates collections, download our templates for free and spend your money on other unavoidable expenses.

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