HVAC companies are largely determined by the regional climate. If you are doing business in a tropical country, definitely most of the services will be related to the cooling system. On the other hand, some countries experience both extreme hot and extreme cold. For example, the highest temperature recorded in England is nearly 31-degree celsius in 2003, and the coldest temperature was 26 degrees in 1982. India is another country that experiences both extreme cold and extreme heat. In countries like England and India, all types of HVAC services will be on-demand. The HVAC website template in this list will help you make a website that meets the needs of all types of audiences.

Ancient Roman architecture is always mind-blowing. Heating and cooling units were combined together in 1977, but the Romans have used a hypocaust system around 300 B.C to connect heating and cooling units in their architecture. Like Romans, if you are also using different innovative ideas to help your customers keep themselves comfy, the HVAC website template with an innovative design will come in handy. Most of the templates in this list are equipped with an online registration tool. Plus, other useful business tools are also given in this template to let you easily grow your business.


proper WordPress HVAC website template

MrHandy is a proper HVAC website template. The creator has covered all types of heating and ventilation services in its demo versions. Whether you are providing services for homes or providing commercial solutions, the templates in this pack will come in handy for you.

This theme pack has more than fifteen demo versions as of writing this post. Each demo is unique and will help your clients easily book your service. Since it is a premium WordPress template, you get few premium plugins as free in the bundle. With the help of the WPBakery page builder, you can customize the looks without editing the code. And the premium Revolution Slider plugin will help you create stunning sliders within minutes.

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Air Supply

modern interactive website template

Air Supply is a sensibly designed modern HVAC website template. The creator has used clean layout and pixel-perfect design elements to give a better user experience. Since it is a full-width layout, you have more than enough space. Gradient colors and elements with rounded edges make this template stay inline with the modern design trends. At the top bar, you have space to mention your working hours, contact information, and appointment booking option. This template has a premium booking plugin pre-bundled for you. Hence, your users can book an appointment via your website.

The straightforward calendar design of the appointment booking plugin helps the user easily pick the date they want. Users can hover over the date and quickly see the available slots, which is a thoughtful touch. If you want to create your own custom calendar, check out our Bootstrap calendar design collection. Since this template uses the latest web development framework, it can easily handle the modern design elements and effects.

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user-friendly HVAC website template

With its uncomplicated design, the HeaCool website template makes the experience easier for the users. Once the user gets into your site, they can easily pick whether they want heating-system-related services or cooling-system-related services. Frequently used elements like the appointment booking form, pricing table with offers, and lot more are given on the homepage itself. Hence, the user doesn’t have to jump to different pages to see basic information. Though this simple HVAC website template has only one homepage variation, it is properly equipped with the Elementor page builder to let you easily customize the looks.

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Plumber (HTML)

plumber and hvac one-page website template

As the name implies, this is a plumbing service website template. You can use it as an HVAC service website template as well because of its simple one-page layout. The creator has kept the layout bigger and bolder so that the audience can easily see and interact with your website even on small screen devices. Another advantage of this one-page layout is you can manage the website easily in the long run. If you are planning to use the website to simply list your services and let the visitors book your service, this template will be a good choice.

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modern HVAC website template

Aira is a contemporary-style website template. Tiles & card elements are used effectively to highlight the important content and present them in an easy understanding format. This theme pack has three HVAC website template designs. You can pick any demo and can use it for your website. Lots of image & video spaces are there in the default design itself. Plus, it is a WordPress theme, so you can add and manage multimedia contents from the gallery option. Design-wise, it is a complete website template; functionality-wise, you can easily add the features by installing the corresponding plugins. Overall, Aira is a user-interactive and modern looking HVAC website template.

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feature-rich HVAC website template

CoolTek uses a bold and attention-grabbing design. As soon as the user gets into your site, the contrasting blue and yellow color elements draw user attention on the required spot. This HVAC website template is a good choice if you are making a website for a new or upcoming brand. The long homepage design lets you list all your services and important elements on one page. Hence, your users don’t have to jump to different pages for basic actions. Though this template has only two homepage variations, it gives you endless customization options. Both front-end and back-end customizations are made simple in this template. For front-end customizations, this template uses the King Composer tool. If you need any other features, you can simply add it by installing the corresponding plugin. Since it is a WordPress HVAC website template, there will be plenty of plugins to help you.

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plumbing and HVAC website template

ProHauz is a modern website template for plumbing and HVAC services. Smooth animation effects and images make not only make this template engaging but also deliver the content precisely. Useful tools like service estimation calculators are given in this template. Hence, the user will get a clear idea before placing the order. The sales and order pages are powered by WooCommerce. Users can easily pick the service they want and order it through your website. Separate website templates are given for plumbing, heating, and air conditioning services. You can pick any demo and customize it to add the services you want. This template uses the Bold page builder; most minor customization can be done via the page builder tool itself.

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Air Conditioner & HVAC Repair

flat-style HVAC website template

This template uses the flat style design effectively to give a professional look. Screen spaces are used smartly in this flat style design so that you can fit all related content in one area. You have space to mention your services, your esteemed customers, and awards on the header section. Using a sensibly designed HVAC website template will improve your credibility. Plus, new customers will tend to spend some time on your website. This template is now using the Elementor page builder from the latest update, so you get a more flexible front-end customization option. The creator has not only given importance for the homepage and basic page but also given importance to the blog. Take a look at our blog layouts collection to make a reader-friendly blog.

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simple HVAC website template

Loazzne is a simple HVAC website template. The uncomplicated layout of this template lets the user quickly navigate through the website and find the function they want. Frequently used functions like the quote request, available services, and key highlights are shown on the homepage to help the new visitors quickly understand your services. Basic pages are included in this pack and all of them can be edited easily using the Elementor page builder.

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functional website template

AirCool is another multipurpose air conditioning and HVAC website template. Though this template has only one homepage variations, it ticks all the boxes of a perfect service business website. Users can easily see your services and quickly book an appointment through your website. Appointment registration forms are given in this template, but you have to install the booking software by your self. Since it is a WordPress website template, you get plenty of WordPress plugins to help you. If you want a website with online booking options, take a look at our appointment scheduling website templates collection. Onlne shopping pages are also given in this along with other basic pages, so you can easily sell tools and other equipment easily via your website.

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multipurpose house maintenance services website template

HomeFix is a multipurpose website template for home renovation and handyman services website templates. The HVAC service is treated as one of the services in this template. By making a few changes to the design, you can make it a proper HVAC website template. This theme is equipped with useful tools to help you reduce your work. For example, it has the Event calendar for online booking features and the WPBakery page builder for front-end customizations. The included custom layout builder will help you speed up the customization process and help you concentrate on the other custom features.

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website template with a promotional design

FreshAir is a simple and straightforward website template. The creator has designed this template to let you sell both your products and services. This means you can easily list the products you have and also list the services you provide. The unique design approach of this template makes it a perfect option for agencies. Features-wise, this template has premium plugins like the Revolution Slider, WPBakery page builder, and lot more. This template also supports WordPress’s latest Guttenberg editor; hence customizing this template and organizing on page contents will be an easy job for the users.

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handyman and HVAC website template

BlueCollar is a multipurpose handyman website template. If you are providing all types of renovation and handyman services, this template is the best option for you. Though this template treats HVAC service as one of the features, you can use it as an HVAC website template without any worries. Friendly customization options and the flexible code base let you alter this website template to your likings. Since it is a multi-page website template, the creator has given separate single project page designs to let you clearly explain your previous projects. Separate gallery pages are also given in this template, which will come in handy for you to showcase your works. Take a look at our gallery design collections for more elegant and engaging gallery designs.

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multipurpose service business website template

Ituza is a multi-concept service business website template. Since this template is designed for service businesses from the ground up, you get all the necessary features-pre-designed for you. This template has twenty demos; each one is unique and is designed for various purposes. All demos have an appointment booking form to let the users easily book your appointment. Plus, the creator has pre-bundled the premium Booked Appointment plugin to make your job easier. Images are used extensively in all demo variations so that you can clearly explain your services to the audience. Since it is a WordPress website template, you can even add videos to your website without any issue. This template receives periodic updates, so you can expect more new demos in the future.

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Service Master

website template for service businesses

Service Master is also similar to the Ituza template mentioned above. This one is also designed for all types of handyman and service business websites. This template has twelve demo variations, and all of them have a bold design. The creator has used modern, eye-catching colors to grab user attention as soon as they land on your website. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, the colors look more natural, and animation effects are very fluid. You can pick any demo in this template and customize it to make an HVAC website. The Service Master has all the features and options an HVAC website template must-have. Hence, setting up a website with this template will be an easy job.

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HVAC website template to provide better customer satisfaction

Airtech gives you a content-rich website template. Practically designed homepages let you show how your services can help the people. This template has five homepage variations, and all of them have an appointment booking form or a service request form on the homepage. All basic pages and elements are pre-designed in this template. This template uses the Elementor page builder tool, which is a friendly and straightforward page builder tool. Users can edit almost anything with the Elementor page builder. Since all the minor customizations can be done via the page builder tool, you don’t have to touch the code too often.

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conventional website template

Termosolar is a multipurpose website template for service and maintenance website templates. This template has three demo variations; all of them use a full-width layout. Lots of flashy colors are used in this template to highlight the important options. In between the section, you have big banners to show your promotions and offers. All three demo variations can be handled easily using the WPBakery page builder. The typical promotional style website design of this template will get user attention as soon as they land on your website. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 script, you can add your own custom colors.

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easy-to-edit website template

Ventus is a simple boxed-width A.C. repair and HVAC website template in a modern outfit. The sticky sidebar makes navigation easier. But, you have to recalibrate the scroll effect because it tends to bounce a little when you scroll through the web pages. Though this template uses a boxed-width layout, the creator has used the white spaces effectively to give a roomy feeling. Basics business website pages and shopping pages are also given in this template. Bright colors and shadow effects work smartly to give a floating feel. If you want a simple and easy-to-use website template, this one is worth a look.

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content-rich website template

AirPro is a well-equipped service business website template. This template is purely designed for air-conditioning services and HVAC services. Two website demos and four landing pages are there in this pack. Custom sections and elements are added to the WPBakery page builder. All you have to do is to drag and drop the element in the place you want. Apart from the regular plugins like forms and galleries, this template has a premium plugin for online booking. The creator has already taken care of the back end work and optimizations. Using an HVAC website template like this will reduce your work and let you concentrate on the custom works you need.

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plumbing website template

Though this template is originally designed for plumbing services, it can be used for other house repair and maintenance services. The creator has kept the layout as simple as possible so that this template can meet all types of audience need. You can easily edit and add your custom features. Like most other premium templates in this list, this one also uses Booked Plugin for online booking options. Other useful plugins like MailChimp email plugin, social media plugins, and lot more are given along with the booking plugin. This template is also available in the HTML version. If your needs are less and have a developer, you can opt for the HTML version to save a few bucks.

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multipurpose website template

BeTheme nearly has 500+ pre-made demos. Creators of this template tried to cover all major website categories in this pack. This is a true one-stop solution for all your website design needs. Hundreds of pages and thousands of elements are neatly designed for you. All these pre-designed pages and elements can be customized using the page builder. Under the housing and construction category, you have plenty of designs. Few dedicated demos are given for plumbing and HVAC services. You can pick any demo and work with it to make your dream website. Like its long demo list, BeTheme has a long equipment/plugin list. All basic functions are pre-integrated into this theme so that users have to think only of the custom features they want.

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creative website template with professional look

Bridge is also similar to the BeTheme template mentioned above. This template has 400+ pre-designed demos. You can use any construction business website demos to make an HVAC business website. The specialty of this theme is you get a creative modern design. If you are bored by the same old design and love to add life to your website, this template is the best option for you. This template has both WPBakery page builder templates and the Elementor page builder templates. Based on the workflow you like, pick the page builder, and start making your website. Plenty of icons and fonts are already integrated into this theme, so adding your own unique touches will be an easy job.

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