The classified advertisement has been a concept of advertisement in Newspaper for decades now and for good reason. The medium lets people put up an advertisement for their products, used goods, services, hotels/restaurants and more for an extremely cheap price. At the same time provides buyers a section they can view to instantly find something they want. This saves time and is quite cost-effective. But like all advertisement, Classified advertisement has also migrated towards the digital medium. Advertising through Classified ( or Classifieds for short) and websites has become more common these days and the rise of amazing classified ads website templates aims to support this popularity.

Using Classified ads sites and categorized advertisement, the online marketplace has soared over the sky. eBay, craigslist, Rakuten, and many other such websites are now considered the prime marketplaces for the online trading. Statistics suggest that Classified ads acclaimed total global revenue of over $20m in 2018 and this number is expected to rise with an annual increment rate of 8.1%. It’s safe to say that Classified ads are the future of online and digital advertisement.

We can understand the growing interest in the field and if you ask us, we agree that doing so now is a good choice. Even more so, considering how much influence the mobile industry has in online trading and advertisement. So we present you with this list of feature enriched, expertly designed classified ads website templates! Check them out and try it our for free!

Locals Directory


First and foremost, we have the option for Locals Directory template that is ideal for any type of listing and directory based websites. Fully responsive, retina-ready and overall presenting the visuals in an incredible manner, this template is surely one of a kind. It features an image background that is highly customizable. Not only this, but the template offers plenty of easy to use options that adds to the appeal. Perfect for any local or international directories, classified and more, you can set this up pretty easily as well. The template relying fully on the powerful Bootstrap framework, makes for an amazing overall experience. Not to mention the secure and valid code structure provided with CSS and HTML. The Home page also features a functioning search bar making the process easier for users.

You can add in custom logos and switch the outlook entirely using the personalizing options available. Not to mention the range of typography options and color schemes you can choose from as well. In addition the stunner of a visual, you also get a cross-browser compatible interface so that you have no issues no matter which browser you prefer to use. Another great thing is that the admin panel it accompanies is super user-friendly. Adding and editing anything here is a piece of cake. Plenty of useful elements like CTA buttons, social icons, search boxes, header variations and even a contact form is included. It is also integrated with the Google Maps, so that adding custom locations is also a breeze. There are sections dedicated to blogs, news, contacts and more. You can even start adding members through using the register and login forms.

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Another one perfect for out list today is this free directory and classified ads website template. Created by Colorlib, this awesome template package offers the users with an awesome range of features and customizing options. The design is pretty modern, versatile and flexible so that it goes with the theme of anything you are looking to start. The huge image header is a stunner and makes for an amazing visuals. It is fully responsive, and also executes a fully retina-ready imagery. There are user-friendly personalizing options that you can get started with to add that custom feel to the site. From the fonts to the typographies, color palettes and so much more that you can change.

The sections for featured ads is amazingly designed. Not to mention other useful sections dedicated to the blog, contact, about and more. It is also cross-browser compatible and fully responds to every browsers out there. In addition to this, the fully functional search bar makes it so much easier for your users to find what they are looking for. The whole structure is based off a solid and secure foundation with Bootstrap framework and relies on the CSS and HTML code structure. it is also amazingly fast loading and overall provides an amazing performance overall.

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Rehomes is a traditional website template that is designed more towards the real-estate classifieds and directory websites. It is stunning with the visuals and comes with a list of amazing features that adds to the efficiency. Perfect for various different niches, it is pretty flexible and versatile with both visuals and features. The template is also pretty unique with the layout style and comes with tons of creative elements to help you get started. It is integrated with the Google Maps and makes it easier for the users to add locations with ease. Not only this, but users can also move around the map to find the exact ideal locations and accomodation. The stunner of the map background is pretty efficient in that manner.

Great thing about this template is that it is fully responsive, retina-ready and overall makes for a great visual impression. It also features a functional search bar that is customizable with the elements. With both search buttons, sliding tabs, and more, the overall search box is pretty out of the box. There are tons of other sections for blogs, galleries, featured ads, and even pages dedicated to the about and contact section. The header also features an appealing variation for social icons, contacts and more. It is also cross-browser compatible so that effortlessly loads throughout all of the major browsers. Not to mention the smooth parallax sections, animations and effects it executes. All in all a pretty great deal for a free template package, this template is surely one of a kind.

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Jobportal, as the name would suggest is a job listing classified ad website template. It is ideal for anyone who owns a job listing agency or company. This template offers a hefty list of options to get you started. Completely responsive, retina ready, mobile friendly and professional looking, start your job listing project to attract more clients. The design is complemented with the free Google fonts, icons, and various other purpose based elements. Each option are also designed with beginners and mind, which means it is all extremely user-friendly. Does not matter whether you are a professional or a beginner this template is the ideal start.

Thanks to the well commented, clean, and advanced CSS and HTML coding structure this template offers stunning range of animations. This includes stunning parallax effect, engaging scrolling effect and more. You also get a fully functioning contact form which aids to the user interaction on your website. To make it more effective we can also add social media integration, newsletter subscription, and even a custom Google Map. Personalizing the elements are also super easy. Add or remove widgets, switch the Google fonts, change the background of the colour schemes within a matter of minutes. This website template is also cross-browser compatible. So, it also ensures an amazing online experience.

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Another great option for those looking for a professional and clean classified ad website template, job finder is ideal. There is no need to waste your time and effort creating a website from scratch. This free template package comes with everything to help you get started. And by this we mean incredible visuals and amazing options to go along. Not only this but the layout is also completely responsive which means that your website will adjust to every device screen size effortlessly. This includes laptops, desktops, and every handheld devices out there. Reach out to your targeted audience, with the efficient result only with jobfinder. It is optimized for speed. This ensures optimal performance and user experience.

However that’s not the last of it. Amazing personalising options to get that unique custom feel. The advanced search option makes it easier for users to find exactly what they are looking for. And the full screen parallax banner makes it easier to focus the users attention to important contents. Furthermore, the multi level dropdown menu, sticky menu option and on scroll content load aids to the effectiveness of your website. To keep things interesting you can also post the job listings as a accordion. And the fully functional contact form, newsletter subscription, social media icons, and integration with Google Maps makes it easier for your users to find you.

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Job start is yet another amazing completely responsive, HTML based classified ad website template. It is perfectly create any type of job boards, job portals, job listings and similar nature of websites. However, as it follows a directory or listing purpose you can easily used for other types of professional websites. Powered with the advanced bootstrap Framework this template is versatile, flexible, and effective to get your results. And as options are extremely user-friendly even beginners will have no problems to get started. Get a head start from complete scratch and reach out to more potential clients with minimal effort.

Talking about the effectiveness this template is completely responsive, retina ready, and mobile friendly. To ensure the your website always rhymes hair and all SERPs, is design with SEO in mind. Another great thing about it is that this template is also cross browser compatible, translatable, and versatile. Other advanced feature of this template are the well commented and clean HTML and CSS coding structure. This enables extra features like parallax effect, stunning animations, onscroll loading feature, useful widgets and more. You can also make use of the testimonials, fully functioning contact form, newsletter subscription, and extra appealing blog sections.

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First on our list is Listing, a free to use HTML classified ads website template designed to give your online marketplace an easy to use yet classy design and feel. The Listing provides tons of web elements, parallax effects, animations and hover effects to give an exquisite style to your website. You can add various sections, Icon boxes and advertisement review in highly structured grid layouts. This will visually implore a user to continually search for an item until they are satisfied. You can even categorize these listings in individual sections, listing pages and also on Featured advertisement section. Each listing can have a service rating alongside customer reviews, price rating, contact information, location and opening/closing time.

The top section of the Home page section features a powerful search bar to help your viewers easily find whatever Item they’re looking for. As for sellers, a simple and easy to spot Add listing buttonis available. Navigation throughout the website is quite simple thanks to the various icon buttons for categories, a highly customizable sticky header and more. You can also create various Classified ads and use sorted sections based on Popular or recently added submissions. The entire website suits even mobile platforms because of its Bootstrap framework design. This provides viewers with the power to view various respectable establishments during their travel. The web template is completely free as well so you can’t go wrong by trying it out.

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Dorne is a travel and directory listing based classified ads website template built with maximum functionality and features. The entire design is extremely impressive and breathtaking and the wide range of interactive elements and graphical items will make your viewers browsing experience so much better. You can us Dorne to set up well categorized, sectioned advertisement joint for various organizations and business units. Hotels, Restaurants, food outlets, shopping locations, beauty & spa resorts, entertainment centres, you can build separate section for them all in no time whatsoever. Potential consumers and shoppers will greatly appreciate how well designed and minimalistic the entire site layout is. Additionally, the sticky-transparent header can be quite a boon as well.

Using the highly detailed search bar, consumers can easily search what item and service they are looking for, with their price range, location and categories as well. You can also easily enable personal recommendations and picks to promote specific advertisements even more and setup featured image and additional information alongside it. For sellers, the Add listing feature can be quite helpful as well. The clear, easy to view button alongside the Header menu and the entire process of uploading a form, product details, and personal details is as easy as can be. Furthermore, your website users can also register and login pages so that they can have a better handle over what they are buying and selling. The social bar can help you spread your website’s influence over social media as your users can easily share content when needs be.

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Jobslisting is a free website template built specifically to help you build online job listing and vacancy announcements related classified ads. The web template offers features that make it easy to create online job advertisement websites where users can easily fill in ‘Now hiring’ and ‘Vacancy announcements’ ads for specific categories. The classified ads website template features an easy to view, clean and highly minimalistic web layout. The home page features a powerful search section right off the bat and lets the users easily search for well-fitting jobs. This search system comes with specific category searching, location specification and keyword searching. The template also sports features for paid and featured advertising. With its highly responsive slider, you can set up a slider section with featured ads.

Jobslisting also provides a featured job categories section to help applicants find featured ads based on job categories and qualifications. You can sort the ad listings with recent sorting, Full-time and part-time only listing and internship ads. You can also enable a well-managed listing for jobs by location as well. In order to improve website usability, Jobslisting features a user system as well. This user system comes with rating system for jobs, submitting CV and notifications for posts you apply for. The users can save the ratings as data so other applications can see how many ratings a job and has received. You can also enable helpful blogs to help your readers learn more about job processing with Jobslisiting’s inbuilt blog section. Jobslisting uses the Bootstrap framework so you can depend on it to function on mobile platforms.

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Classified_ads_templates-ListedListed is a free to use, highly responsive and flexible classifieds website template built using advanced HTML and CSS coding. Help your customers advertise their hotels, resorts, cinemas and other exotic locations is a highly fashionable manner using Listed. The directory and listing web template is also fully customizable and is quite flexible to accommodate all manners of a directory and classified ads. Listed sports an impressive, modern design that is sure to view any first viewer on your website. This well-designed template features a parallax background, perfectly customized transparent menu, responsive search bar, and retina-ready web elements. Listed can help you advertise ads for your customers in a fashionable, categorized grid sections with adjoined featured images.

Furthermore, you can provide paid promotions using the Top recommended/ featured listing sections. Even for users looking for advertisements, the website is easy to use. Listed comes with various easy to use navigational features with quick links section. Easily setup a blog to inform your viewers about exotic destinations and outlets to visit with detailed descriptions as well. Listed was also build using the Bootstrap framework. This ensures that your mobile platform has maximum usability and the responsiveness for web platforms is off the charts. Moreover, since it uses the CSS and HTML codes, this lets you easily customize any elements with no difficulty at all.

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Built for Real Estate agencies and listing websites, this highly accommodating classified ads website template sports tons of useful features to improve your website’s usability. Leramiz’s proper HTML/CSS coding and well-designed elements ensures the users with maximum website speed and optimization. Easily place Real estate and land property advertisement with various details alongside a featured image in a beautiful manner. Customers can also use the powerful search bar to search Real estate properties in specified locations as well. The web template offers User registration, login and options to manage accountfeatures as well. This helps your customers track their listing, what properties they viewed and are interested in and receive notifications. The entire template, including all its web elements, buttons, navigational components, headers and menus are customizable and very flexible.

The Retina-ready template elements and parallax effects ensure that your website is usable on all web platforms. As for useful templates for your customers, Leramiz contains a wide range of them. You can use its Featured listing section and page to place commissioned advertisement. Additionally, use the blog section to advertise specific real estate products and display important news. You can place custom forms on pages to receive user response for your services as well. Additionally, you can place user testimonials and review statements on Testimonial sections too. You can place Newsletter subscription forms and buttons both on the blog and various website pages. And if needs be, you can also set-up a services advertising section to attract potential customers.

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Another great Real Estate and property listing website template, Bluesky separates itself from he rest of the pack with its distinctive design style and layout. The mix of blue and green colours all over the website template, from buttons to interface and menus gives your website a comfortable feel to it. The transparent, blue header is highly responsive and can help your viewers navigate through your entire website at all times. The search bar not only sports a top-notch design but also features specified searching with multiple designated fields. You can easily advertise Real estate properties based on cities and locations individually as well as recently added listings.

The testimonial section on your website can be easily enabled and modified to place user reviews about various properties as well as your own website. The search feature is further extended using powerful widgets to help you specify costs, property ids, bedrooms/bathroom count and more. The template also provides you with well-designed custom pages as well. Provide information to your website viewers about your own organization and website, provide contact information and team members alongside a highly responsive number count for website statistics. You can use the blog section as a News media to inform your readers about recent huge listings, premier locations, commissioned advertisements and more. Spread the news through emails using the Newsletter subscription form with ease. The Bootstrap powered template is suitable for modern purposes. It also fully supports mobile platforms for maximum user accessibility.

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Carries is an amazing free website template built for transportation agencies, shipping companies and related fields. The classified ads template was built to allow your customers to provide specific shipping instructions as well as allow you to reassure your customers with a wide range of services and references for quality. This includes complete service listing with custom buttons and featured images, client testimonials and more. Quote, forms can easily enable you’re your customers so that they can detailed forms for inquiries regarding their shipping needs. Carries provides 3 different templates for Service pages as well as a service details page for further clarification. Furthermore, you can not only build detailed About us pages for your website. You can also do it for your team members, support system, report, history and more.

It is evident that this template was built for organizations with huge aspirations. Furthermore, the template also provides you with a custom 404 page as well as a coming soon page to help you build services for future plans. The various prebuilt pages come with various designs and changes and this includes the home page, blog page and the contact pages. You can use the Blog section to talk about various recent issues, informative posts or blog based advertisement as it is very flexible. Since the template was built using Bootstrap framework and contains many Retina-ready elements, your website will be completely functional on all mobile platforms and you can ensure that your customers can hire you for your services straight from their phones.

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South, is an HTML website template created for Classified ads listing for houses, land property and Real estate properties. The template contains tons of useful features that can help your customers endlessly browse for possible options and view the property features at a glance. The powerful search feature lets your viewers for house properties using location specification, offers, listings, bedroom/bathroom count and more. You can extend these filters even more using the powerful search feature. South contains various custom page templates for various website sections such as Homepage, about us, full listings and individual listings.

The individual listings section is especially impressive as it can contain detailed information regarding the property, pointers and bullet points for property details, Google map embed, as well as Contact form and contact information for the property realtor. The website is itself easy to use and manoeuvre through. The sticky header with a Mega menu for navigation and a search feature enhances te navigation features and quick links sections. You can also enable various customized interactive elements on your websites such as buttons, accordions & tabs, content loaders, milestones sections and icon boxes. All these elements are retina ready and use the advanced Bootstrap framework. This ensures maximum performance on PC and Mobile platforms.

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Sel is an aptly named Classified ads website template built to connect realtors and real estate agents with potential buyers and customers. It features a clean and highly minimalist design that feels extremely comfortable to use. The various distinct website sections filled with various elements help your customers find the exact kind of house they dream of. The template features a white background design by default with accommodating button designs, custom icon posts and featured posts with images and more. The search form is extremely easy to use and contains various sliders and drop-down menus to help your customers. To promote various realtors and agencies, you can set up a Top-rated section, premiere city locations, and list of reliable customers with their logos listed.

Furthermore, you can also place customer testimonials in a fabulous manner using a slider section as well as a short informative section with milestone counters enabled. It also comes with blogging ready features with tons of typography options, custom elements, image gallery section, switches, checkboxes and more. You can also enable custom forms for your customers using Sel as well. The template comes with pre-built page templates for various parts of your website such as Team members page, about us page, properties listing and more. The HTML based web template is also completely mobile friendly as well as social media friendly. It comes with an inbuilt Instagram widget to help you advertise even more, a custom social bar and a Newsletter subscription to help you promote your blog.

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Thestate is an extremely responsive HTML template built for classified ads websites built to fit all your real estate and property management needs. The highly responsive web template can help you create an amazing and highly efficient marketplace for realtors to sell and preview real estate properties. Similarly, the template is user-friendly and comfortable for customers as possible. It contains tons of features to help them search for their dream houses. Thestate was built completely built on Bootstrap and contains retina-ready key elements. This ensures that your website can be accessed directly through mobile platforms without any issues. Thestate ensures that your site management is made a breeze with tons of customized sections and page templates. The theme contains an impressive functional header and homepage design.

The header seems to blend indirectly with the top slider which also contains a powerful search bar filled with tons of advanced filtering options. Promote your key features with the client testimonials section with user reviews and quotes. Furthermore, you can set up a featured product and locations section. The listings pages are quite accommodating where your customers can continually scroll to view their preferred types of housing using the searching feature. The listing itself can easily show a preview image, important key feature, area, bathroom/bedrooms in a compact section as well a single listing page. Theestate also provides you with an internal blog section for paid promotions, news sections and informative posts. The blog itself is powered by tons of typography options, custom buttons, elements, featured images and blog formats.

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Real Estate


Similar to some of the other templates on this list Real estate is a template built for Real estate property advertising. The name makes it seems obvious but it’s strength lies in its ability to give your website a very professional feel. Realtors, renters, real estate agencies and more can use your website to advertise their properties. The search bar is one of the prominent features of this template which can choose various search filters. Furthermore, searches can be narrowed down for either renting or sale ads. Users can logon and post ads for their housing properties whenever they want and can manage their applications through it. Real estate can help you setup a page or section specifically made for featured

advertisements in a distinctive style. Each ad can have multiple information in it alongside comments/reviews and a like count. This integrates quite well with the account system. Real estate also provides you with options to improve user communication and interaction on your website. This is done through the use of the pre-built contact form, social media integration, and Newsletter subscription form. The images for your products can be directly previewed through the inbuilt Gallery as well as using Instagram feeds in the footer section. Due to these reasons we consider Real estate to be one of the most convenient classified ads listing template.   

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Created by our own house developer team, Haus is one of the most accommodating, easy to use yet powerful and feature enriched classified ads web template available on the internet. The HTML5 bootstrap template is completely free and yet contains tons of features that could rival a premium web template. Built for maximum advertising, searching optimization, content management efficiency Haus also functions flawlessly on PC and Web platform. The clean white/black minimalistic website design can help your customer feel more comfortable. The Featured Slider is highly responsive and the animation on all sliders, hover effects, buttons, loading animation, scroll effects are crisp and clear.

You can use icon boxes to promote a product, services, sales and more. The real estate properties can be clearly categorized location sections and featured advertising as well using customized buttons with parallax effects. Haus also provides a distinct Agents page template where you can provide contact details about various realtors and agents. You can also create a separate About Us Page using this web template. And that too with a Featured image section, team members section, contrasting and unique visual designs and more. The website itself is built for maximum user experience with its Quick links section on the footers alongside a location listing and an Email subscription form. Haus uses the most advanced HTML5 and CSS3 technologies which enables maximum SEO ranking, content compatibility and user satisfaction.

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Car Rental


If you own a company related to Car rental, automotive sales and customer transportation services industry then Car rental is a great choice for you. The free advertisement listing website template sports a modern-esque visual design with various versatile options. The customized booking form can help your customer’s search/book for the renting service/vehicle they are looking for easily. Car rental features a beautiful call to action buttons with parallax effects as well as a customizable slider section for a featured listing. The sticky header can improve your viewer’s website experience while maintaining readability and usability.

You can advertise the services your organization can provide using the alongside a statistics listing as well as testimonial section with various quotes and comments about your services as well as user ratings. Car rental not only comes with a Blog page for your blogs and reviews but also various typography options to spice up your blogs. You can further improve your user’s reading experience using Post categories sections, author bios, recent posts widget and more. Inform your users on the latest blogs and news by providing them with a customized Newsletter subscription form that fits the template perfectly. Finally, you can expect maximum SEO optimization, compatibility and consistency as the template uses the Bootstrap framework as well as HTML and CSS coding.

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Carries is an amazing free website template built for transportation agencies, shipping companies, and related fields. The classified ads template allows your customers to provide specific shipping instructions. Additionally, you can reassure your customers with a wide range of services and references for quality. This includes complete service listing with custom buttons and featured images, client testimonials and more. Quote forms can be easily enabled you’re your customers so that they can detailed forms for inquiries regarding their shipping needs. Carries provides 3 different templates for Service pages as well as a service details page for further clarification. Furthermore, you can not only build detailed About us pages for your website. You can also do it for your team members, support system, report, history and more. It is evident that this template was built for organizations with huge aspirations.

Furthermore, the template also provides you with a custom 404 page as well as a coming soon page to help you build services for future plans. The various prebuilt pages come with various designs and changes and this includes the home page, blog page and the contact pages. To improve user interaction, Carries also provides blogs with arranged comments sections, Newsletter subscription forms, contact forms and more. The advertisement template is completely social media friendly and comes with a Twitter integration to view latest posts. The template was built using Bootstrap framework and contains many Retina-ready elements. Your website will be completely functional on all mobile platforms. You can ensure that your customers can hire you for your services straight from their phones.

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Catchy Carz


Catchy Carz can be a great choice for websites made for classified ads sell/buy as well as renting of cars. The flat responsive category advertisement web template uses the powerful Bootstrap framework plus CSS3 and HTML5 which ensures maximum performance and compatibility for your website. The website design and layout of the web template is simply majestic and is sure to raise eyebrows at the first sight. The powerful web template contains over 24+ web pages for various purposes. You can enable car listing categories, used cars, brand new sales, dealer searching, insurance pages and more. The custom menu can help your website viewers easily navigate throughout your website as well. Car searching and category management can be set using location Your viewers can also custom set their current location at any time.

Easily set up multiple sections with Featured listings, popular listings, recent additions with parallax effect buttons that provide a contact form when you hover over them. There are tons of responsive slider options available all over the website that you can enable with just a few clicks of buttons and various other user interaction effects are great to use as well. The website itself is completely mobile friendly as it was built using the most advanced HTML and CSS coding techniques and more. The blog posts features, as well as typography options, are a great feature to help you discuss and advertise various car models and new listings. The website also comes with a Flickr widget to help you preview various Car images and photos straight from Flickr itself.

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Roadster is a Bootstrap Classified ads and Listing website template that provides you with a clean and sleek grid layout with vibrant visuals and graphic design. The fluid and responsive flat design is a great. And structured grid layout and masonry-esque design add up to that quite well. It is built for Car rental services and second handed sale advertisement listing. Your users can simply fill up a booking quote using the responsive quote button on the top of the webpage.

Similarly, browsing through the rest of the webpage is extremely gratifying. Everything is structured in a great layout. Roader contains tons of flat based preview sliders for the paid advertisements. Not only that but it offers section for beautifully listing out special services. It provides a powerful blog section with various editing and typography features. But it also lets you share these blogs and news using an integrated preview section for latest posts as well. You can embed the useful contact information on the Footers alongside a pre-built contact form template. Furthermore, Google map integration allows you to show your company’s location. The HTML web template also comes with a Portfolio section to show all the cars available in a grid layout with parallax effects on top of them. All the images, web elements and more are completely Retina-ready and displays perfectly on even mobile platforms.

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If you are looking for an HTML web template for your listing and ad business, Resale is a perfect choice for you. This Bootstrap template can help you create a platform to allow users to buy or sell any kinds of goods. It is completely responsive on mobile web browsers. Furthermore, it is even compatible with both Android and iOS as well as Windows apps. You can categorize each item in various sections and users can browse through them individually to buy their item. The search feature improves a buyer’s experience on the website. It can help them search for items with specific filters, price ranges, and more.

The account-based system can help users manage their products on sale and track their payments and bought items. The listings page for individual products ensures maximum clarity and identification. The page can include description information, view count, seller contact and image viewer with high definition zooming. Additionally, the web template comes Paid-advertisement ready features such as Featured sections with sliders. The web template is very versatile and you can enable any type of ad on your website if necessary with the necessary information for all of them. You can create ads according to their location. The web template supports multiple languages and regions. This means that buyers can search for products in their vicinity as well. Other advanced features include: Contact information, website shortlinks, location maps, privacy policy, Terms and Conditions links and more

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This minimalistic flat design Bootstrap template does an to create an amazing job searching and listing websites. You can categorize the job listings based on locations, countries, and job function and companies. This can help viewers find appropriate job designations in their vicinity, job qualifications and preferences. The Featured employee section can help you promote prominent companies and associations. The HTML template not only provides you with an Account management service linked to a Social media account but also a feature to upload CVs. The Custom menu has tons of options to allow proper website navigation. You can customize them to separate links and more. A logged in user can follow recruiters through the website. They can aslo receive periodical updates to check when a vacancy is posted.

For promoting your website itself, you can use the pre-built Services page to list off all the features of your company. You can use Text boxes with custom icons, featured images as well as customer testimonials on this page. Seeker is also completely ready-made for user responses and communication. You can set up a poll section on the Widget if necessary. Furthermore, show recent tweets on the Footer using the Twitter integration. You can also start and manage a blog by using the web template itself. Additionally, with the Newsletter subscription forms, you can email your subscribers the blog posts whenever necessary as well.

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Are you looking for elegant HTML web templates built for Transportation and Goods transport advertisement listing? Then Transload might just be the pick for you. This stylish, responsive theme is quite a powerful template but highly versatile at the same time. Freight services, cargo moving, warehouse, delivery services; you can promote them all on your website using Transload. The entire template uses the powerful CSS3 and HTML5 coding as well as a Bootstrap framework. Multiple scripts and plugins provides you with tons of features to increase your website’s traffic accumulation. Transload provides you with the tools to enable carousel sliders, and milestone tracking. Additionally, it has impressive hover effects, progress bars, pricing tables, image galleries, and more.

Moreover, all these elements can be enabled throughout your website without any difficulty. The smooth scroll feature, as well as the grid-based well-arranged layout, displays your ads effectively. The image gallery and Contact form for effective result use the Lightbox plugins as well. It also includes Google map widgets to show various location. Add information regarding the entire goods transportation service your customers are paying for. The website is completely Social media ready and provides you with various widgets and features relating to it. All the elements are high resolution as well as Widget ready. With its Bootstrap framework design, this ensures that your website will work perfectly on all web platforms.

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Land Investors


And finally, we have Land Investors, a professionally designed category listing website made for rental and real estate agencies, property realtors and investors. The web template itself is highly flexible and accommodates various purposes for your website. Whether it is an investment in land and house properties, Land Investors supplements them all. This flat Bootstrap powered template features an impressive header section right from the get-go. It features a slider to preview various property advertisement and a search bar right below it. You can customize the search bar and find properties according to their location. Website navigation is made even easier with the use of the highly functional menu. The navigational menu in the footer is also quite helpful.

The free to use website template helps you cultivate trust in your customers on your website. This can be done using the dedicated service listing, various contact information section, a dynamic milestone tracking segment and a slider based testimonials section. The gallery is a great feature for your website because of its impressive, structured format. You can also integrate your website with various social media platforms. You can also place recent tweets directly on your website footer along with recent Instagram posts. Land investors also provide you with custom icons and typography options to supplement your text as well. This can be quite beneficial to submit News regarding land and house properties on your website. You can place a convenient and highly customized Newsletter subscription form on your website as well. This can help you promote your content using News and blogs.

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community ads website template

Community is a classified ads website template that is specifically developed for corporate websites. It has a very elegant design that can go with any sort of website you desire. This can really help your website look more professional. It will help your website with not only the appearance but also with the functionalities and navigation as well. It consists of very cool animations as well. When you look at the demo, you are provided with a header section where you can add your contact details and name of the corporate. Their font style and family can also be changed according to your needs.

Community also has a header menu section from where you can select various pages that you want to visit on your website. You can also see a special page for the classified ads. This classified ads website template also has other pages for news, forums, articles, and database. The header menu is then followed with a marquee sliding animation. The strips of text can be displayed in this section of the website template with the animation. It is then followed by the header image section. Here, you can easily add the header images with various texts of multiple font formats.

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tract classified ads website template

If you want a classified ads website template, then Tract can be one of the best companions for you. It is specifically designed for a real estate website. With just a few amounts of tweaks here and there, you can easily make use of it for any type of website related to real estate. It can be used as a real estate agency website. But, it can also be used as a freelancer real estate agent website. This template has a very useful homepage. You can add all sorts of sections and elements within the homepage itself like about us, blog, contact form, google maps integration, and newsletter.

Tract also has multiple pages to help you create web pages for your website. You can easily construct web pages for your website using the prebuilt pages of this classified ads website template. This can save a lot of your time as you won’t have to create them from scratch. Some of these prebuilt pages include the homepage, about page, shortcodes, web icon, categories, and contact. The contact page has an additional form that can go very well with your website. You can easily edit the contents of the form as well.

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Real Gage

real gage classified ads website template

When it comes to classified ads website template, you can never go wrong with Real Gage. It is the real deal when it comes to real estate websites with classified ads. You can create your real estate website in no time and easily grow your real estate business with this website template. The website can also be quite useful to boost your profits. This website template is developed very smartly. So, it can be useful for almost anything slightly related to real estate. They might even be stockholders, shareholders, brokers, investors, and so on.

Real Gage also has some outstanding and very smart design elements as well. It starts off with a separate colored block for the name of your organization on the top left corner of the header. The header menus are on the adjacent side of the name of the organization. The menu titles are also filled with subtle animations of their own. They can be seen when you hover the mouse over the header menu titles. This classified ads website template has a one-page layout. So, you can directly go through different sections of the website within a single page. You are redirected to various sections of the website with smooth scrolling when you click on the menus.

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Grand Villa

grand villa classified ads website template

As the name suggests, Grand Villa is a classified ads website template for real estate. But with the help of a few modifications, it can be multipurpose for any business websites. It has a very clean and flexible design that is strong enough to hold on a lot of functionalities of your website. It has multiple color option for your website. This website template doesn’t support custom logo. However, you can easily display the name of your organization with multiple color variations and different fonts.

The header menu section of the Grand Villa also has multiple color options. You can have different colors for the menu bar. The color of the highlighted menu can be set to change automatically when the mouse pointer hovers over a menu. This classified ads website template also has a beneficial header image section. Obviously, you can add images on this section. But, you can also display texts with animations. In this way, even the texts of the website can be made attractive. This website template also allows users to post about available properties. This can make your work as a real estate agent very easy.

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prefab classified ads website template

Prefab is a classified ads website template to help you advertise on your website. It is primarily made for real estate agencies and agents. So, it can come very handy to grow your real estate business through the online platform. This website template has a very elegant color combination which can go with any type of website template. The design of this website template also looks quite furnished and clean. The visual representations are very important to attract a lot of audience to your website. And with the help of this template, you will never have to compromise the appearance of your website.

Prefab has an excellent homepage layout that has everything a home page should need. A large header image section with image and text options is one of the major elements of the homepage. There are also sections for brief information on the services that you provide on the homepage. Along with it, short about us sections are also present on the homepage while the detailed about us section can be displayed on a whole entire webpage. This classified ads website template has left no stones unturned for the betterment of your website.

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