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So you need to create a website like Craigslist? What you need is a good hosting provider, WordPress installed in your server, and a proper classified ads WordPress theme. Once you have taken care of the first two needs, you can simply pick a theme from this craigslist templates list and launch your website. The reason why we’re recommending WordPress is you get a ready-made solution. Unless you have a dedicated developer team, you can’t make a fully functional craigslist type website using the HTML templates. If you have a developer team, take a look at our free directory website templates list to save some extra bucks. Others continue reading this post.

The craigslist templates in this list will help you create a beautiful and engaging website. Since it is a WordPress template, basic backend functions are already taken care of by the developers. Some templates use premium plugins to give you an uncompromised user experience. For example, interactive map widgets are given just like on the Craigslist website. Powerful search tools and mobile-optimized designs will help you satisfy the needs of all types of audiences. Payment options are pre-integrated into some themes. Even if the theme doesn’t have the payment gateway solution you prefer, you can easily integrate it using a WordPress plugin.


feature-rich Craigslist template

Lisfinity is one of the most flexible craigslist templates on this list. This template’s creator has fully understood the directory website owners need to the core and developed this template. As a result, you get a directory WordPress website template that will let you create a directory website for almost all niches.

Directory website related features are also given along with the design customization options making this template a go-to option for first-time website owners. Making sensible custom elements alone is not enough. Creators have to make the custom elements easy to access, so all custom elements in this template are neatly added into the Elementor page builder. Customers can simply drag & drop the elements in the place you want.

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colorful directory website template

Golo is a colorful craigslist template. The creator has combined the modern web elements and trendy color schemes to make an immersive user experience. Different types of booking options and package options for commercial purposes are given as built-in options. Hence, the site owners can add or remove the features they want with just a click of a button. Another advantage of choosing a craigslist template with lots of built-in options is you can manage all the functions from the dashboard itself. Those who wish to make a trendier directory website template will love this template.

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flexible craigslist template

Classiads is a complete package. The creator has given you features right from adding lists to receiving payments from the users. Since it is a WordPress website template, the creator has utilized the WooCommerce platform for online purchase-related tasks and item management. Another advantage of using a flexible WordPress website template like this is you can add custom or third party plugins in the future as your demand grows. This pack has more than twenty demo versions and all of them are designed for listing ads.

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multipurpose classifieds website template

Classiera is purely designed for classified ads. All the elements and features are designed by keeping classified ads users’ needs in mind. Hence, you get a friendly website template for both site owners and audiences. Lots of useful features are pre-integrated into this template. You can simply install the theme and launch your website after importing your content. The creator has made this as a WordPress website template to give you a fully functional website. This template has biding systems and user dashboards with inbox facilities to improve user interaction. As said before, the creator has thought about each and every feature. Hence, you get a readymade solution for all your basic needs. Speaking of dashboard, take a look at our free dashboard templates if you like to give a powerful dashboard for your users.

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craigslist templates with trendy design

AdForest is one of the best trendy looking craigslist templates. The creator has elegantly balanced the visual aesthetics and listing website features. This template has 20+ pre-made demos, and each has different designs and layouts. The WPBakery page builder is used in this template to make the minor customizations easier. Simply drag and drop the elements you want on the web page. For example, if you need a form, just select the form element and drag it to the place you want. This template also provides a dedicated messaging system, like in the Classiera template mentioned above. This template has lots of powerful tools. Radius search works right out of the box, which shows information based on the user’s location. Using fully-equipped craigslist templates like this will save you time and money.

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interactive craigslist templates

Adifier uses a clean and simple layout. Users can easily find the information they want because of the template’s clean design. This template has more than ten demo variations, and all of them follow a tidy design. The creator has used the white space effectively to give a visual break and also to highlight the important contents neatly. Apart from the design, this template has a feast of features. You can host bid ads, exchange ads, and lot more on this template. This template has a user verification feature and bad word filter options to give a safe and secure user experience. Since it is a WordPress website template, all the features are fully functional and ready to use. Simply install the demo you want and start working on your website.

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craigs list website templates

Classiads is one of the best-selling Classifieds and directory website templates. Trendy design and useful features make this template a favorite option for many developers. This theme pack has nearly 20 pre-made demos as of writing this post. Each demo has a different design with a clean layout to make the user interactions easier. Plus, it is a WordPress theme, so most of the features are in perfect working conditions. All you have to do is to configure the plugin as per your requirements and launch your website. Front-end user dashboards are also included along with the other inner pages so that your audience can manage their listings and activities easily from one place.

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website template with interactive map widgets

Classifieds is one of the best selling craigslist templates. Users love this template for its straightforward design. Though this template doesn’t have different demo variations as in other craigslist templates in this list. The given default design is fully functional and will meet all types of user needs. Cards and banners organize the content neatly. An interactive map is given on the homepage header section, which is a thoughtful design. Right from submitting the ads to payment, everything is fully functional in this template. This template uses the Ajax search form so that the user can easily search and find the result without loading the page too often. For more interactive search forms, take a look at our Bootstrap search box examples.

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neat and simple craigslist templates

Classima is an Elementor page builder based website template. Modern design elements give a friendly user experience. This template has five homepage variations, and all of them have a trendy clean-look. Visual effects and animation effects are used smartly to give an engaging user experience. Images and banners have lots of space in this template. Hence, the user can see and interact with your ads. Star ratings are also given in this template to let the new users easily find the best deals. Take a look at our CSS star rating system designs for more expressive rating designs. If you are looking for craigslist templates with a modern and clean look, this is the best option for you.

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craigslist templates for job listing

As the name implies, this WordPress template is made for job listings. This template has almost 15 demo variations, and all of them are job listing website designs. Each demo has a unique feature and a different layout. Based on your needs, you can pick one and start working on it. Modern web elements neatly organize the content. Plus, they are also placed in an easily accessible position so that the user can interact with your website without a hitch. What makes this template unique from other craigslist templates is it has an Android app. Yep, this template has a fully functional Android app. If you are planning to carpet-bomb the entire segment, a well-equipped template like this will help you a lot.

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interactive directory website template

Reveal is an interactive multipurpose directory website template. The creator has kept the design and the code structure as flexible as possible so that you can use the template to create any type of directory websites. All seven homepage designs are designed by keeping the friendly search options at the center. Hence, users can easily search and find what they want. Smartly handled card elements and carousels let you squeeze more relevant information in one place. More than ample space is given between each element to make the interactions easier on both small screen and big screen devices.

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directory website template

Direo is a simple & straightforward directory website template. Each and every element is designed with precision so that the overall website looks premium. Users don’t have to click too many buttons to get to the page they want _All important options are kept in easily accessible spots to make the navigation flow easier. This theme is also equipped with a drag & drop page builder tool like in most other WordPress Craigslist templates in this list. Hence, website owners can easily arrange the elements and change the looks as per the requirement without even touching the code.

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colorful and interactive craigslist templates

If you are looking for user-interactive craigslist templates, the MyListing is the best option. The creator of this template has given plenty of interaction options. Users can share their reviews, and they also get a dedicated dashboard. Hence, messaging and handling other activities will be an easy job for the users. Since most of the basic features are pre-integrated into your system, you can concentrate on the custom features. The code structure is simple and flexible so that the developers can easily bend this WordPress website template as per their needs. The Elementor page builder is used to make minor customizations easier. Normal users can edit the look of their website without getting any help from the developers.

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job listing and classifieds website templates

Jobmonster is a bright and crisp looking job board website template. Rounded edged elements and shadow effects give an appealing look, which most modern users will love. Most of the basic features are pre-built into this template. Hence, you don’t have to install many plugins unless you have any custom requirements. This template has multiple application submission modes. Users can either log into your website and submit the application or log in to their Facebook account and submit via Facebook. All these friendly features made this template a goto option for all types of users. Whether you are a developer or a general user, this template will make your job easy.

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craigslist templates for job listing

This is another job listing website template with multiple demo variations. The clean layout with lots of white space will help the user easily find the job they want. Neat pricing tables and subscription options are given in this template to give a smooth user experience. This template has 15 demo variations and one RTL demo version. Two separate dashboards are given for the candidates and employers so that both of them can easily manage their tasks. User login options are given on the info page; you can log in and see the features for yourself. One of the unique features in this template is you get Indeed Jobs import option. This template has tons of useful features; click the demo buttons and see it for yourself.

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listing website template for local businesses

TownHub is a lively website template for local business listings. The creator has used modern web design effectively to drive user attention as soon as they land on your website. Hover effects smartly show the related information and options. Since this template uses the latest HTML5 and CSS3 script, the animation effects are smooth. Hence, your audience will get the same snappier experience on both computers and mobile devices. Map widgets help you to show location-based listings clearly to the user. Some ReactJS elements are also used in this template to deliver a dynamic user experience.

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craigslist templates with useful features

Listify is one of the best selling multipurpose directory website templates. Users love this template for its friendly features and straightforward design. Even new users can interact with your website because of the familiar layout. All the elements are placed where they should be so that the users can always navigate through your website. This theme has several built-in features developed by the in-house developers. Hence, you can expect a smooth synchronized experience in this template. Instead of going for a third-party page builder, this template uses its own drag and drop builder and style kits. The advantage of using craigslist templates like this you get all the features from the template author itself. So if you have any issues, the template author can easily fix the issues for you.

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classifieds website template for motors

Motors is a car rental and cars classified website template. The smartly designed layout will help you make a proper car listing website. Carousels and modern card elements neatly align the content. If you like to tweak the original design, take a look at our carousel collection and bootstrap card collection for more inspirations. Since this template uses the latest CSS3 and Bootstrap framework, it can handle all modern design elements. This template has 15 demo variations, and all of them have a friendly search tool with lots of filtering options. As all the basic optimizations are already taken care of by the creator, you can concentrate on the custom features.

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thoughtfully designed classifieds website templates

LISTABLE is a multipurpose directory website template. This template has a simple and flexible layout that you can use for almost all types of directory websites. A professional look is maintained throughout the website. So even if you are planning to use this template for a corporate purpose, you should be fine. Cool fonts and neat icons increase the visual aesthetics of this template. In the default design, you have a video background header section. If you don’t like to consume lots of your user’s data by using a video background, you can always use an image background. This template supports all famous page builders. Based on your needs, you can install one page-builder and use it for quick customizations.

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multipurpose craigslist templates

Javo is a multipurpose directory website template. This template has demos for almost all famous listing website niches. Each demo has its own unique design and elements. The creator has pre-integrated the famous Elementor page builder into this template. So even if the demo you like misses one or two elements. You can simply drag and drop them using the Elementor page builder. This template gets periodic updates so that you not only get a strong code base, but you also get some new templates. After a few years, if you are bored with the demo design you choose. You can simply swap the old demo design with the new design you get in the updates. The bbPress plugin is pre-integrated into this template to let you easily manage your online members.

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location based craigslist templates

Wilcity is a place and local business listing website template. Bright colors and funky design elements make it a perfect option for events listing website templates. If you are particularly looking for event website designs, take a look at our free event website templates collection. Plenty of options are given in this template to customize the look of your listing page. You can neatly highlight and show the paid/sponsored listing. In the default design itself, you have space to monetize your website. This template also has a dedicated review and rating system. The creator has tried his level best to make this template a one-stop solution for your craigslist website needs.

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craigslist templates for coupons

CouponXL is from the creators of the Classifieds templates mentioned above. You can expect the same design quality and code quality in this template as well. This template is specifically designed for coupons listing. The creator has thoughtfully designed this template so you can neatly highlight and show the useful coupons. Colorful tags clearly distinguish important coupon listings from the others. If you like to try some new tag and ribbon design, take a look at our CSS ribbons design collection. This template uses the latest Bootstrap 4 framework. Hence, it can handle all modern smart device screens and new design elements.

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directory website template for food and restauratnt busniesses

FoodBakery is designed for restaurant listing and food delivery websites. The sensible design of this template helps you easily promote your foods. Important elements like call to action buttons are placed at easily accessible spots so that the user can easily place orders on your websites. Plus, it is a mobile responsive website template. Hence, the users can access your website on the go without any issue. This template is made GDPR ready out of the box to meet today’s web standards. Since this template allows the user to place orders, the creator has powered this one with the famous WooCommerce tool. Speaking of fast foods, take a look at our Food truck website template collection to make a brandable website.

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sensibly designed craigslist templates

FindMe is an image-rich website template. Right from wish list to reservation, this template has everything you need. A powerful user dashboard is pre-designed in this template to let your users easily manage their activities. The creator has already done 75% of your work. All you have to do is to take care of the integration part and fine-tuning. The WPBakery page builder makes the minor customizations easier. Hardcore customizations are also made easier by keeping the code structure simple and flexible. If you are looking for craigslist templates that can handle large users and listings, this is the best option for you.

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craigslist templates for local businesses

UrbanGo is primarily a places-listing website template. If you are maintaining a huge directory to find the best places in your region, craigslist templates like this will be a good choice. Cool fonts and icons improve the rich look of this template. Though this template has only one variation, it is more than enough for most users. The long homepage design with neat sectioning will help the user easily understand how your website can help them. This template will reduce your design work and let you concentrate on the backend features. This template is underpowered in the plugin department when compared with other templates in this list. But hey, it is a WordPress website template. There will be tons of plugins out there to help you.

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